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  1. Mornings with Chad, Joe & Lo

    Chad, Joe, and Lo July 27th, 2016


    Chris Simms joins the show to talk about the Raider season looking promising behind an improved defense and Derek Carr potentially making the leap. Javier Lopez also joins the program to talk

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  2. Haberman & Middlekauff

    Latest Audio Clip

    Haberman & Middlekauff interview Joe Panik 7-26-16


    Giants second baseman Joe Panik joins to talk about the status of his concussion rehab, talks about Pences rehab, and about how the team plans to right the ship.

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  3. The Afternooon Delight with Greg Papa

    Latest Audio Clip

    Afternoon Delight - Hour 3 - 7/26/16


    Towny & Papa joined by Eric Byrnes & the caboose pistol.

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  4. Damon Bruce

    Latest Video Clip

    Tony Bruno


    The one & only Tony Bruno joins Damon and talks DNC, Chris Sale, Aldon Smith & more.

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  5. The Towny & Zakariah Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    Matt Steinmetz 7-25-16


    Our 95.7 NBA Insider joined Daryle "The Guru" Johnson to discuss the impact of KD, Draymond Green's suspension in the Finals, and how the Warriors Starting 5 will compare to the other starting lineups in the Western Conference.

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  6. 95.7 The GAME Weekend Shows

    Latest Video Clip

    Zak and Guru-Hour 3-7/24/16


    Zakariah and Daryle "The Guru" Johnson are joined by Daniel Brown (Mercury News) to talk about the giants road trip, 49ers QB issues, and what Kevin Durant brings to the WarriorS. The guys continue following the Aldon Smith story. As usual, they do "Guru's Gripes" and "The Word"

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  7. Franco & Kags Podcast

    Latest Audio Clip

    Franco and Kags July 21st, 2016


    The ladies discuss Lil B lifting the curse off of Kevin Durant, the Olympics looking more and more like a nightmare, and what should Klay Thompson and Odell Beckham do when they run into a Kardashian. Christine Samra also joins the show to talk about all the summer hot spots where athletes and celeb's are hanging.

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  8. Matt Steinmetz

    Latest Audio Clip

    Chad Doing


    The host of Chad, Joe, and Lo joins Matt Steinmetz on Dubs Postgame to reflect on the Warriors loss in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

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  9. Reporter John Dickinson

    Latest Audio Clip

    John Dickinson After Game 7


    John Dickinson joins Matt Steinmetz on Dubs Postgame to talk about the Warriors' loss in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

    » More from Reporter John Dickinson

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