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    Susan Slusser Recaps Wild Card Loss in KC


    SF Chronicle Beat Writer Susan Slusser joined Haberkauff to recap the tough defeat in the One game Wild Card Playoff Loss to Kansas City

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  2. Damon BruceLive Interviews with Damon Bruce on 95.7 The GAME.stxkgmztrueKeith Law is critical of some of the moves made by Bob Melvin against the RoyalsThe ESPN MLB Insider talks about the regrettable moves made by both Bob Melvin and Ned Yost in the wild card gamePubDate2014-10-01T20:01:00-04:00Wed, 1 Oct 2014Created2014-10-01T20:01:36-04:00Wed, 1 Oct 2014Updated2014-10-01T20:12:57-04:00Wed, 1 Oct 2014audio/mpegSTX97428723 Law is critical of some of the moves made by Bob Melvin against the Royals1636615c176be1291887ec969035bc179437a141348/Audio#/EZNavType/Audio Law is critical of some of the moves made by Bob Melvin against the RoyalsThe ESPN MLB Insider talks about the regrettable moves made by both Bob Melvin and Ned Yost in the wild card game2014-10-01T20:01:00Z2014-10-01T20:12:57Z97428723Before we preview what's coming up tonight in Pittsburgh we go over the corpse resident autopsy leader. Keith ESPN county's power demands on our whole lot. I mean that was. I am I mean how long you been watching your baseball life are all united Arab Arab. Number 1981. Mom swears I was watching it before that the let's say 34 year. And Ellen yeah that levels of pain not too many games approach Woody's stands fueling. After that I meet they had they had they had. Them and it just all got coughed up let's go through let's go through the wise to go through the moments. yet but we're into San Francisco say you know masochistic thing going on I'm actually doing this interview and zipper mask. So are you can see that Kenya bomb. Would you have pulled Lester when Melvin did you think he stayed with him too long and gotten into trouble or they went to go too fast and that I'm in trouble. I thought if anything it was a little too long only because I thought. Maybe the last two batters are so it became more and. That Lester was the key there. The velocity seemed to be fine but all of a sudden missing spot by a lot more than he had been at any point McCain he would not pitch. Most of them might get stretches but certainly compared to typical Jon Lester that's what command line and. When he seemed to be missing more and more. Getting more at the plate with the with the cutter than he intended wore when he was trying in this missing by way too much. The royals aren't super disciplined but they were gonna chase that's that's pitches. Back to me was the immediate warning signs where. Between at times but now it seems. In virtual he should be perturbed he looked like. He what you're seeing what was happening in part he may very well and thinking that you know he's kind of impassive but I think. If I work in that situation that would panic on think because I'm watching Jon Lester. Slowly come apart the feed and quickly come apart at the scenes at how can get out there to get him. And that. Which in the now in its first. We need to stick to the question noble. could deliver you know one one their to criticize pitching change. On that basis but it was the first time I thought. He's not doing the right thing. I thought that maybe an inning two earlier. When on it if you had four stolen bases on you in a week you had a rough week captured. In an ending it's unthinkable in the post season it's just inexcusable. And the whole Lester thing like I don't throw over to first we're joking around that's like you know I don't on shop us what are you talking about it and bomb. It at least call a pitch out and they didn't call a pitch out until the fatal pitch out which put the we'll go ahead winning run on second base. In terms of helping you or. Having trouble getting throws off catcher Melvin left Norris out to dry. I agree and say what you will excessive throwing over our first base but at least to the It can be the lies the Lester making no attempt. To hold the runners when you know what kept he can't he just to throwing catcher and I think it's more my arms strength. It takes too long to get rid of the ball and let's not holding runners on. Did not help lead the worst combination I understand so I heard didn't have a lot of here twice. I've earned my place at the defender giving her an important in this situation a force depend on the that is not on about and however. At some point. You've got to recognize the world essentially just taking second base. Forcefully. Which was why don't make that you'll keep kept biting. They're giving your second best. Paradise is on first you could just walk repeat of the head and then turn and walk overtake And eventually did he stole third but later on in the second day we to net not understanding. How that works but. That was another that was just sort of white problem failure to adjust to probably the worst combination. Pitcher doesn't hold runners had to completely thrown out to begin. And he's not doing anything. Just to trying to hole the occasional weather to much without in as a booklet that. Everyone else you've got to get those guys and he didn't make any kind of small adjustment. Just increased there ought to. Keep on last night's game gets its own thirty for thirty to lead in will be. What I told you eight Geovany Soto broken thumb would derail Oakland's playoff to react it's amazing some guy who wasn't a team. On the team a total afterthought a that came with out circumstance attached to a was the devastating injury that really unraveled an entire season's worth of work for the Oakland days and obviously Did an awful lot to put themselves in a game that they should not have been in in the first place back to the wise why didn't. Adam take a swing with the bases loaded in the ninth I couldn't believe that. Melvin said I think that today not yesterday that he just couldn't find the right. Opportunity be used on. We're. He wouldn't be better defensive player of the game we're getting bad matchup but the There wasn't really perfect spot the one you just mentioned would probably the one. He needed an insurance run at that point not against too little he's just. You want an extra run. And so. It was the one time we but Adam Dunn is what. 34% chance of hitting one out of apart it would have a partner 76 to 116 and you just one McGee cell. Yet that was the time to depleting and you break the glass to deploy the emergency Adam To me Adam Dunn has got three results you can get a strike out walker home run to those generate are run in this moment. Why not why not. Still. We haven't reached what I thought was the ultimate senior Y Jason Campbell's throw a single pitch in high leverage moment I don't know he's an awful release since they traded forum. And and I couldn't believe if you don't want somebody you know like some was even dressed and on the active last night bring that guy and forget about game one starter got to do it tonight gotta get there but a public that to me the ultimate is and I know you're gonna agree with this because I know what you think about these things now. I am not saving too little. I'm bringing him in in the that is the highest leverage moment in the entire game that's when you go to your closer in the post season not the ninth go to one in the oh my god moment and they went to breakers and. Right they have left these you know the and it's going to what he's mentioned it to look fairly certain lack the killer he's just every killer. He's got to like indicators. Particularly. And so. You can mean it would actually surprised because Milton going back to his time in Arizona has not typically been eight. My god apple you know that the guy I couldn't tell them sex because the exit into the seventh incident. that seemed to fall into that crap. Last night and it was very surprised. To see I would try to do little even war I think you just get it would. it was distort the matter. Even if your intention to bring Greg in her. What I have two little pale. And committee doesn't hit the media and that green's plan in the top of the night that you can roll went off topic for the But he didn't even give himself the option that sort of open. Dusty Baker. In the cup meltdown game at the Marlins where prior in the sense that rolled up and start the day. That was an out but the ball was like but he was involved too to go nine innings. And when we'll start off he couldn't get a fast enough to get into the game and salvage a win. Now while someone who lived all that me today I think dusty had a prior penciled in for 233. Pitches that You know he still didn't get to his limit as far as DOS is concerned it should have been able to go eleventh. We're talking with Keith law about last just the bombed and the truth is I think if there's any. Maybe you know prevent you from drowning yourself today takeaways from the game for race fans. I would go look without Soto or crisp who clearly was not right and it command of the game last night in SE angels anyways. If got to give it up to somebody. Let beat the royals those fans deserve a moment. They act and they showed up last night two useful it was a loud it was rocking exactly what you want it. I think give them credit to verbally videos. In the middle of the playoffs for recognizing. That there were twenty but I dug out who we're doing everything they could to win the game but the royals which I'm definitely doing everything he could to lose. When he pulled shields. What did you do at that time what was key flawed doing worries that we standing up in your living room we parading around Bristol throwing things breaking high definition screens. You seem like a guy who's normally Tom I'm guessing that tested you. It was that sort of thing that I do that mode on the iPad. Sort of walk around my house while I'm watching the game and I was on tweeting on the phone watching it see it happening in my. It would it would just stuck right compound did if you really doing but I just went to get to pitch in. And you take him out at eighty something pitches when I didn't think. He'd shown any signs that the team could be that you'll never say anything about that the court he can't explain decisions. Without what color was good idea it. There was. There was no sign that she'll have to come out and why are you replacing him with. And sure if they'd gone the is one of lefties coming up here let's go get him again. It's a little later it was pretty good or expertise for months college. If you went for that to I want the left of the lefty killer pretty good. But then again as the left him a breaking ball gonna be really effective that's not what he did he went and got to ensure that kind of unbelievable. But does have a single secondary pitches change. And who as you know as much you know going to throw hard his command is position so it was a bad decision. For about seven different reasons but and that even before we get into the white over There is never AA in in the history of watching baseball I've never seen victorious manager take more heat. follow and then what Yost is taking and rightfully so and rightfully so he really is lucky to be moving on the days. Unlucky to not be moving on what they bought their own unlock off just a terrible sixth inning and on last night. On apparently forgot how to bend at the waste there were balls that went past him that I couldn't believe. I can't you go without asking you a little bit about what's about to get going tonight in Pittsburgh everyone's talking about bomb garner but there is no hotter pitcher in the National League not named Clayton Kershaw the Edison does is the difference maker tonight against the giants. Now it really Edison has been hot is much more kept out. The amazing Pittsburgh defense and to me that's what this game is about it is Madison Baumgartner is the target greatest strength tonight because that strong. The problem for the giants is you put the ball play against the pirates there's somebody here they might be the best team in baseball putting their fielders in the right places to make place. And that's cute credit to the proper credit to Clint Hurdle told a lot over the years for some of the dumber decisions often involving the bullpen. Q what he bought into the office giving him. Information on way to tradition field they've got a guy analytic Skype traveled with the team and helped them work out positions for each opposing hitter. They do it as well in the other club in baseball and you're gonna see a lot of it's like your principles that are smoked and you look up there's somebody there. To convert it went out baucus has been the biggest beneficiary of the pitching staff of anyone apparently could keep them. Behind him and I think the giants strategy against them. Had to be trying to him out keep them below average command guy fringe control and I try to get ahead in the count. Tried let me give you a few extra few extra a few free passes. And maybe get into account when you can really drive the ball to somewhere where nobody can catch He enjoyed tonight's game I guess I didn't think I'd like a one game play in but the drama. Was undeniable last night too bad DA's on the wrong side of it we'll see if the giants are on the right side of it we will talk to you next week win lose or draw thanks very much our chief law.The ESPN MLB Insider talks about the regrettable moves made by both Bob Melvin and Ned Yost in the wild card game
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