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  3. Damon BruceLive Interviews with Damon Bruce on 95.7 The GAME.stxkgmztrueBilly Beane is in disbelief that things have gotten this badThe A's GM joins Damon after being swept by the Rangers and talks about the crumbling seasonPubDate2014-09-18T21:23:00-04:00Thu, 18 Sep 2014Created2014-09-18T21:23:13-04:00Thu, 18 Sep 2014Updated2014-09-18T21:34:37-04:00Thu, 18 Sep 2014audio/mpegSTX96945835 Beane is in disbelief that things have gotten this bad1636615c9daf265ccd10ccfaf4dc1f0c8d68daf1348/Audio#/EZNavType/Audio Beane is in disbelief that things have gotten this badThe A's GM joins Damon after being swept by the Rangers and talks about the crumbling season2014-09-18T21:23:00Z2014-09-18T21:34:37Z96945835Welcome back to the Damon her show it's good to have you along a's fans are reeling and they definitely wanna hear from Billy Beane who joins us for his weekly conversation. Courtesy of the California grand casino went up Billy right now this is just bad baseball needing to shake off the funk. Your team gets swept at home by the worst record in baseball man what do you think is happening right now. it is you know they have appeared tired about quite a bit and David bar and it capability all right drivers really being. I haven't seen it you inherited didn't have very difficult to explain how and you to about the really have a lot of coverage that the players put you know I've. But it did in the did so until October from the duck question. Any kind of the same admitted it's really hard to blame you know you know we've. They're not because he's it sort of picked out for individual performances that are current and white you know guys that are performing and but it really hard to explain why guys who have perform at a very high level that suddenly you know hit did you know and start collegiate all part of do. You know it did what did didn't updating it and Elizabeth pitching you know I think didn't have argued that affect the game last night. as advertised but you know what I did today you know struggle then they're really good start in everything else that. We did in that would really poorly played. In. But you know both sides of so very very disappointing inducted into the You know on the loss today means your swept by the Rangers Doolittle last night this just been wanting your you've leaned on all year. I mean if he's leaking oil now is that I mean there's some some symbolism to him now starting to fall apart don't just think. And you're gonna happen really. You know about be perfect you know we came back really quick. That the brilliant that game was blocked it debate loaded nobody out. You know. And we didn't add on that was the one that was really that was part of that gave with dignity and everybody draw a little bit what that. You know we got one that would lead you know margin of just give them an unbelievable anything ever. And then we don't score one run and so popular shot back be perfect game but what can You know he came back pretty quickly and hopefully they'll. You know beginning with the appointment figured make mistake but it won't we didn't really third score more runs a lot of. It just sets up what is the scenario I think everyone fears you know that one game wild card playoff game means if Doolittle. Has the performance he had last night instead of going forward in October it's all over right there that's why winning the division. Was such an important thing to do this year how tough was it to watch the angels pop the champagne last night. Watching you lose on their own Jumbotron. You know that the announcement that it really pay attention but it does point out that hey I think that. You know obviously. They deserved it they certainly deserved it more than we did. And they earned it though. You know my focus really what the you know you know what they haven't exactly they've played a double double a ball probably bought themselves. They've that I I think at this point we're just worried about ourselves the try to get actual vote chip adore it remember a couple of weeks ago I think we're talking about you know numbered you know we have to win this thing like and I about being out of the event that can help. We're very concerned with the where we're where we're headed in that the dignity I've show. Did it or you are courier going. You know there was concern definitely they And it could be you know we're worried about. You know we've we've got a very few games left and we're gonna have to play that we are we're gonna I want to put up. Yes absolutely I mean this could really unravel and that would be a disaster almost participating in the one game playoff. Is already being talked about like it would be a disaster it's the only life available to you right now so I think fans better change the mentality towards it. And you know if you make that game it better be a golden one. expert like you said we're talking with Billy obviously general manager here on the Damon Bruce show this lost eighteen games in the standings and in two months. What when you came out of Seattle after winning a game that Felix started in that winning that game after that did you think you were back on track here for a second. You know. We get a little bit yeah I mean you know happening out today recuperate swearing on the peace our third nemesis surely winning a game that he pitched. You know I think that there was certainly a much better feeling. Coming into what Tuesday's game. You know we have behind it we thirteen games at home. You know keep that had struggled coming into here so Setup so that's why it was so disappointing on Tuesday. To play the way that we did. And Doug could be give people where we didn't and quite frankly you know. There's really a one man effort. That marchers yesterday ethnic group a little and over during yesterday's game and you know Jeff you. We put everybody back for eight innings and gave it for almost a hundred 118 pitchers. And then that we gave it away in the night it was predicted that is love. So yeah it mutate it was a real real disappointment for us. Starting up all that in and quite right that it's obviously carried over the last couple days and you know. We're running out time and opportunity quite frankly earlier or perhaps simply played better. You know where earners earn our right the and posted. Days GM Billy you know aid there's a lot of different ways to measure how a team is playing you can use statistics you can use advanced Saber metrics. You can also use your own wise and and I'm a big believer in body language and when I saw gray give up. The four run first inning today. I thought the whole team's body language just coming off the field looked defeated wondering if you see that too if you talk to Bob Melvin about that. And if this might not you know carry some repercussions in the way you think about some of these guys don't forward. Yeah you know you gotta be careful. That kind of attitude not. You know to look. Those things you know it will to tiger at the short answer is there you know let you know let's get the into the seat and let. You know trying police. Pull this thing out. It you know we've got to beat Carol probably not appropriate at this point that. To make sort of public evaluations. You know during a time like this but you know at some point there will be a time it's just probably not right now but not to get emotional he. is saying paying them and you know that it lets you know what if I don't I'm not on the players on certainly a lot more that I but. If these guys are frustrated there's there's no question I mean sometimes they look like you're black effort but I can that certain that's not the case. It just when things when you're not winning. They look a lot worse than maybe there really are. And right now Billy I think if anything you need all hands on deck and you're not even gonna have that with Jason going on paternity leave this weekend he was used today out of the bullpen why not if he's not going to be around for a start. How do you feel about a guy leaving the team during a wild card race to of the birth of his second child it's. very tough touchy subject denied a tough situation. For him to the end for him to put his teammates and for me to put UN by asking you to question. God I actually curiosity did and I actually given a significant amount of time and at that he has done it. On his original schedule. Figured that that would be in between so. You know I've certainly never the of anyone's child. The I absolutely should be there are quite frankly. But ended up happening was the change in the rotation. In an effort. Sort of the Jon Lester if in case we had a one game playoff. No doubt happen later by an out point the appointment with the other document that was already. It was not something that could be moved them it's not at all delighted I'd like it at all it was. It was very late change in the scheduled to give us playing time that it and so and we want to get the trial. Always sort of president anyway but he won't the other you to drop that the other day it was a couple of weeks. I was going to ask you next week about what your scenario would be for the one game playing and obviously with that being a do or die situation you gotta do. So Lester makes sense but there's no way you treated for Lester I think really believing that you wouldn't see him in games one possibly four of the Diaz and I know you go back and say game and I didn't trade from for the postseason record formed when the division and I know I know but. To say to see Lester going in a one game wild card plan. That wasn't planned Will listen you know once again I've never taken anything for and it's it's obvious so probably pretty good approach. But if you're gonna have one guy is human one game playoff. About a group you can get and it doesn't necessarily you know you could still. Accurately perhaps with with a win. About a guy like that he's built did you you know start school or dispute that the postseason but. I a better way to look at even better to have them you know you're going to be in the back kind of situations so. You know we have we we didn't make it play out plan into the truth is larger out of it about. And same thing we Draper Jon and and that they're here now there's no guarantees we're gonna from that gave up a lot we play better is talkative deeper about. Let me ask you about Redick who hit first base and just an awkward hard fashion last night. I guess he had an MRI how's it feel it. Yeah I happened occurred the result of that you know he was pretty yep he's got a couple spot quite frankly is that that was pretty short suit so La. You know we're not sure you know how many days it's going to be to united still waiting the results of the umpire myself. you lose the Sacramento River cats we learned this week the giants are going to use that is there. AAA affiliate you're going to be the first team to a new ballpark in Nashville which is absolutely going to have its advantages. Geography for you however will not be one of them. Yeah. But you don't also remember to about 50% or when you're on the road insurance that that it in the center of the country. And so that we sometimes will be easier to number nationalism would people not Sacramento's so. Yeah they're they're building a new ballpark there we have of relations. Did you want a relationship with Jim wooten sacramental moved there. And two great cities so well you know we're we're actually pretty excited about it and into it Greg Sacramento. Let you look important Nashville. How inconvenienced or use this just hop and in your car to go you know catch a game catching Manning's doing evaluation of the players. You know nowadays. what you're you're you're you're out you're out on the road it's so so watch that you know what good thing about nationalism. But yet it's certainly it's convenient to go up sacramental and needed. But you blow up plenty of opportunity that we need. Even know nick is now we can political play the other Sacramento River kept giants whoever has the system. And so we it is it. What about at convenient but we'll plenty of opportunities. Because of you know rational being up there and it will not so hard to get to. a couple of months ago out never thought our conversation is we're gonna feel like this this time a year I'm sure you did neither. I thank you for coming on still is always Billy I got to wrap up with something positive a little fund so. Tomorrow's Star Wars fireworks night do you think Han Solo shot first in the bar. have to. Let you know what. Yeah sure but that's not the besides it'll be let's let's hope that it say. It's a great show the great crowd at the start of the a very good week the last couple as you know we both open. Very very challenging for these these players and he's front office members. I'm sure it has been Billy appreciate your time is always we'll catch up again next week and hopefully. baseball teams going to be pointed north when we talk next. At David partner. Next Thursday.The A's GM joins Damon after being swept by the Rangers and talks about the crumbling season

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