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  1. Bucher, Towny & Huff

    Latest Audio Clip

    Bob Melvin says Stephen Vogt has been this good since spring training


    The A's Manager talks about Vogt's success at the plate, Coco's injury and the danger of playing bad teams this time of year

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  2. Haberman & Middlekauff

    Latest Audio Clip

    Shawn Estes weighs in on the NL West pennant race.


    With the Dodgers in town for three, Shawn Estes hops on the line with Haberkauff to give his thoughts. Plus talk of a possible Dan Uggla sighting..

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  3. Damon Bruce

    Latest Audio Clip

    Ken Korach


    The voice of the A's joined Damon to look ahead to the teams' 6-game road trip in Texas.

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    Audio & Video Topics

    What Was YOUR Reaction To The Jeff Samardzija Trade?
    Thumbs Up - No Question The A's Are World Series Favorites
    ( 84% )
    OK - Won't Affect How Far They Go In Postseason Play
    ( 7% )
    Thumbs Down - Trading SS Addison Russell Will Come Back To Haunt Them
    ( 9% )
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