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  1. 95.7 The Game Morning Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    Joe, Lo, and Dibs September 29th, 2016


    Charles Haley joins the show to talk about his playing days, and the affects of football on the body. Kyle Juszczyk also comes on the program to talk about the Raiders vs. Ravens, and what it is like to be a Harvard grad in the NFL.

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  2. The Afternooon Delight with Greg Papa

    Latest Audio Clip

    Matt Maiocco


    Our 49ers insider & beat writer for CSN Bay Area, Matt Maiocco,

    » More from Papa

  3. Damon Bruce

    Latest Audio Clip

    Rich Aurilia


    Former Giants shortstop & analyst for CSN Bay Area, Rich Aurilia, joins the Damon Bruce Show.

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  4. The Towny & Zakariah Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    Brett Martel


    AP Writer in New Orleans joined Zak and Guru to preview the Raiders and Saints Week 1 Matchup.

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  5. 95.7 The GAME Weekend Shows

    Latest Audio Clip

    Zak and Guru - Final Hour - 9/25


    Zak and Guru are joined by Carl Steward (Sportswriter, Columnist for Bay Area News Group) to talk about Raiders dropped passes, Kap being better suited for Chip Kelly's offense and the Giants bullpen woes this season. The rest of the hour included 49ers talk, Vin scully, and recent sports highlights in sports.

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  6. Franco & Kags Podcast

    Latest Audio Clip

    Franco and Kags September 23rd, 2016


    Tara Byrnes (wife of Eric Byrnes) comes on the show to talk about the zoo at their house, and running insane marathons. The ladies also break down Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie officially breaking up, and Colin Kaepernick's beautiful afro

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  7. Matt Steinmetz

    Latest Audio Clip

    Chad Doing


    The host of Chad, Joe, and Lo joins Matt Steinmetz on Dubs Postgame to reflect on the Warriors loss in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

    » More from Matt Steinmetz

  8. Reporter John Dickinson

    Latest Audio Clip

    John Dickinson After Game 7


    John Dickinson joins Matt Steinmetz on Dubs Postgame to talk about the Warriors' loss in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

    » More from Reporter John Dickinson

  9. JT The Brick

    Latest Audio Clip

    Podcast 9-29-16


    As the race for the WIld Card tightens JT admonishes the Giants for their loss and thinks they dont deserve a spot! JT looks at the rest of the MLB with Chris Rose and wonders how the Giants will fare against a dominant Cubs and a hot Mets team. Then Raiders legend Fred Belitnikoff joins to relive the good old days with JT and talk about his experience with inducting Stabler into the Hall of Fame. JT gets the inside scoop from Baltimore with Ravens beat writer Jeff Brebiec joins to explain the Ravens great start and how tough they think the Raiders will be this weekend. Then local Baltimore radio personality joins to talk about the unlikely rivalry between the Raides and the Ravens and gives his insight to the Raiders potential franchize move. Finally Chris Simms of Bleacher Report previews Niners and Cowboys.

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