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Chad Doing

Jun 20, 2016|

The host of Chad, Joe, and Lo joins Matt Steinmetz on Dubs Postgame to reflect on the Warriors loss in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To head out to ORACLE Arena array now we're gonna be joined by our very own Chad doing Chad is the host Chad Joseph blow in the mornings. He'll be with you tomorrow morning talk at all about game seven from six to ten on 95 point seven a game Chad thanks for joining us are human man. I do very well and you know you got a balanced idea myself and everyone you know that was in that oracle tonight. Each Iraq and to the point where. You don't carry it that streak no wait that is gonna Apatow does that botched on the individual all around but they like. Governance in the into entering Amman to yeah just up curry and then of course LeBron James Roche to target senior the two different perspectives from each side. The wanna buy great down. About victory in of course the other night at deplete. What's what will it was a big picture take away I was always mine mine. If I have to encapsulate the series or my team would be that you know LeBron James was the best player on the floor in this series which. Still wouldn't have been enough to win this series for Cleveland the problem was is cut was carrier ring was better than stuff curry and that's one thing we didn't expect. Not right and in fact that during migraines like about the two game work. Immediately out of the final buzzer went into the locker room about. You know taken a moment to say congratulations to you look at any that there are nuts in a moment and it got to thinking about the series and he named LeBron and battery as you guys to. He said that it would be. It would have been wrong for him not to walk back out and congratulate you on the way to. That performance and thought that forty dot and I I look at it big shots those guys do what they respond to those yet completed so. Not just. During my bit steep current and Currie Chinese to borrow. They all have moments to like congratulate the way that those two guys play and. And since that's credit he did use the injuries at an excuse he's like look I I didn't get the job done I didn't play well enough that for us to win the game and and carry. Was able to hit that shot no but no no wonder that three career. Iraq were brought out an incredible shot. What what was the cracked the warriors didn't score in the final 435. And on what could I know it is for the warriors to date they may they well for five from three point range in that time. Iguodala got blocked on that incredible play by LeBron James could you feel like detention and the uneasiness. Growing at ORACLE Arena as as buckets got tougher and tougher to come by. Yeah it it once and you could hear me there are times where it is that gap of out of. All of you know 20000 ones you can hear people get quiet your pupils screen itself retention. And on the final games against haven't situations I mean you've seen year after year to year. Often in the fourth quarter of game seven in it I can get like this can be hard to come by and I thought it was amazing to see like you you talked about broad plot but. I thought ball teams the way that it ended down the stretch in that pork or it was incredible a lot of hustle plays but. The opted to target combine and and I think even what you Perry admitted that when he was sergeant of that story against catalog. At a market like searching parts are. Egos aside I I was rushed in and take my time when it would probably be better to go out and get that you at that point. Yeah and then and that that that one ended up being a tough three and that he had a real good look before that with four minutes ago it's. It's his bread and butter shot from the right wing he had even at a second line it up but it it it he just wasn't fallen form. Double teams down yet uptight LeBron missed a couple of shots. I was audio warriors missed a shot that that bookings like right down the stretch with a big at Christmas. You know LeBron jeans make him a couple of plays like he's had carry with the enormous stories coached in the hand like we saw through especially games. You know 56 and seven tire in the probably the difference and Dutch. There was this last Brothers and and who couldn't make shots consistently enough protection whatsoever during my green peppers that they might have been down my candidate that up by park. Teddy think this year gets remembered. Or this two year stretch almost. Ron I think peculiar stretch will go down as you don't want to better cheers stretches. You know in the NBA and it's been the problem is that it at him on championships so the cemetery went well particular accomplished and it's still. You know I ya community they can be critical proud about their accomplishments mean. When you compare yourself against the best in that in matter you know because you didn't wanna championship doubles once and community. They cap that's in opera title so option that the title at all these pictures about their number one goal and extra the year when the championship and it felt sort benched by during much you know they expect to beat. Acts here in the second position next year because they're young nucleus so I think what really it's YouTube hit in the long run maybe the plot will be good for them from the standpoint that. It will clearly motivate them to focus on their shortcomings to do whatever it takes to get over that opt next year that there are fortunate he's back in his stock. They Chad thank you so much for joining us really appreciated and will be elicited tomorrow from six to ten new Chad Joseph lo and see how you guys sum up this disappointing night. Not that there are many of the best and that no one better to lots. To walk got nations in this there are lots and I can you met your demand. Thanks man have a good which that was Chad doing you can hear him in the mornings on 95 point seven a game.

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