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Franco and Kags Podcast December 2nd, 2016

Dec 2, 2016|

The ladies bring a condensed version of the show featuring an amazing and empowering interview with journalist extraordinaire Christine Brennan, and they also have a 5 Guys vs. In-N-Out Burger fight, and pay homage to the Brazilian soccer team that perished in a terrible plane accident.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On. I. The welcome to Franken tags in 957 game I'm Gionta Franco and I am and it and it has still to come pop client tweets of the week but right now we're very excited it's you have Christine Brennan joined an escape she is with USA today's sports. And Christine I should say he also worked with CNN NPR ABC the list goes on in on howry you. I'm create these guys would like to be on your Allan Ingraham. On over a year on the air until we're yelling you're out and and I keep up the great work it's an honor to be out with. Ain't you so much you know we've been reading a lot about your biographies and just information about all the books you've covered. I mean you read the work around breaking for women working in sports especially when he started kind of your regular gig with the Redskins in 85. Alitalia it I have been a few years ago. Every economic or which meant that there by them being club in that is your career you really can't. At they have the ambulance in until it never worked that day. And I deeply about them so what. I'm lucky in many ways and bad. So I you know it. Think it is a while ago now but when I was my new album. Out there and that should. And Ambien about about you know it. That they that they didn't work sort of in the locker room and mom's uncle school that the team you know I hear another. And we thank you didn't by the people without issuing edicts saying that ball. Reporters are you now I'd be treated equally with. Our eyes and the at a palace the last minute or big age you. A lot women have equal access to the workplace which courts. But our workplace not the last the locker room and so you know that that they were talking over thirty years now and almost as good at eleven sportsmen and our country and culture and you can't insulin an extraordinary and I'm I'm very optimistic that we got up quick. All I kept on TV and in that you guys are coming. Tradition built about it and got open opportunities in the that the court. Would you definitely an advocate for women in sports and then you brought so many important issues over the years one notably was calling out of gusting national forest lack of female members. You know why was this what did this come from basically how to discount go personally for you. What age you gain from may it you know just. Was it kind of a sense of accomplishment for you. I thought it was gentle at the end I know you don't understand that question on. I never had any agenda without national. To sit back actor Robert masters at 98 and I agent on the you know it day after much on the most of and some books haven't been abducted and then the best dollars and and I'm glad. The end of the pack. On a lot of ideas on the golf writer Merrill about the mutual he had not purport achievement than me bunker Bernie cheap or whatever you know it. All these all questions and I hit. At the end like that you have to get a job with the chairman at that. Haven't you remember and how many and it's happening in America. And basically haven't told that the crowd matter of matter I. Without get on the told that it like that voted them accurately and loaded the debt but that column and got. A lot of Havoc with any weapons and that it. A question of excellent journalism one know why did a couple. Out for a plate you know at that point he let up the stove of course at school. Would never be able to opposed to culture and couldn't click on optional creek on the PGA about it back then I beat up. I adapt with out on Long Island. And those that started that story and I was happy to over the course of the next twelve years continue to ask the question what Puerto on the case. I will probably what kind the problem and I would. This year and yet there are some people outlawed them. Shock you hear that that we're like all you think the root. Quality out of Brooklyn did not read on target or not they that I would work out our didn't even know much. Look I know all the leaders of Mike Allen. National on the ground in that people that are probably ridiculous motive. That simple question moment follow up questions I would guess what is coming out of northwestern. Very proud of that yeah that would be something that such as well the senate to. About 88 the question at park at it. And I was asked and answer to when I was able to actually break in news if you remember including arguably. I'm wrong the person remember the captain Ian. Like the Olympics in London Berlin August 20 well. And I was after the break that story early that I would trust critic of the got out and got a little help. To be able to break. I'm very. Is really just I didn't know much of the back story just outside of what I read. You know in the news and not knowing that he you know the relationships of people were advocating for a do you not necessarily. You're just delivering the news which is what we try to do is journalists these days. The project say it again I would. It was it was but the yeah there's a lot of journalism breaking out in golf. And I've been on everybody's. I'm know what you do Elop we do add up questions. Haven't legally you have planned giving at the Arnold was triggered it right were they over the years there golf writer and hey layup with let's look at it of course it is. I bet that they'll bring her to the add back on some culture. I I think that the culture there and mindset of this sport. Where people are really thinking through it and logically what's going on and trying to figure out on the witness stand that they are culture and you know the call. I'm very private. Good that I could wave our mission would call moving forward and let on the open golf tournament next year's going to be alphabetical international. That. Naslund had been a while now without some of about an during the campaign. I didn't have column about the now. I think the basic movement obviously the product in the US golf association increase. If it. You know membership and increase the participation of girls and women. Whether that it isn't like and I think moving forward Paul is. Desperately need and you offer an average temperature and women and girls are the quote it this week golf. I get all that really put itself all are out there are adequate to really get a call. Eliminate optimism that the women got and that but I'm thinking. I played my whole life I'd like it I decked out that they went to a girl he never good at what I should doctors couldn't tell either Iraq or republic. This is the he's got did. The weight he thought the well our own like 3040 years after the game or not at all on the court exit. And so I keep him on the credit that the Republican as a minute now I. That I was writing and gall to basically. At a stop sign for women. And now with the opt out. We have gridlock and getting women designing the game alcohol. And I think got a real problem at all if they try to twenty and thirty something billions of these young women. I'm involved with title nine and now want a ticket what you have to realize they're doing marathon not a mark on it I think. We have triathlon. Ideal guy evening but not going to ball. And I think at the ballpark park on the same conversation which is that. App so it makes sense that you did mention your dad your love of sports kind of generates from your father in your relationship in fact a little bit from best seat in the house it's kind of the father daughter my mark. I talk a little bit about that and just kind of you know. House sort of your dad kind of just blot you know created this level sports for you. Well didn't you bill that aren't so lucky ones. That are reproductive. Quietly let it potluck. At a time when you get you up on that and don't. I am I. You know growing up in the 60s70s. And it's time to go out when I'm occur so while the sports. Am my father. You know the floor and my ball on my problem in the cap and I was that product back on board and my dad the sanction but I'd. I have no data with other didn't we didn't after he suffered a lead now I don't on the idea that they were very few others. Or mom and I'm on the court it's. Like what I like it didn't and hit a very different. Now but nothing like what goes on our I didn't have a lot of these type. You know did it with extraordinary epic battle that it's happening what probably was it via the web. It is my aunt in that I was the great couldn't I didn't get on like a cat with them a copy that brought the ball properly. The term a throw like a girl was so popular back and should definitely take it and well that out now because that you know like a girl out of content in particular the ball properly of course. Knowing the girls. I have learned a lot of but back then it was that bad old. Old with an art than the true it. I never like a girl boy a lot of it what that means I have I am a bit on the anyways the strategic initiative upon them we got the ball. When tiger came by and gave the global sport with a merchant with my dad on that might have been long after that. That no water no I don't I'm not out of social network. Of these sport and gave me every app. My mom to follow victory in the act at a time when. It would have gone about the creeping in the world. I can understand the honesty because my dad died at his own business. And at best times that we had together are watching sports and I think that's where my love for sports actually come from as well. It's like losing an item he with with all that now back to your work. I say even a child lazy you really are a true journalist. And I can't bring up. Social media and how it's changed the industry rang out feel like. It seems where cup not as much covering stories more about being the first to get out there routed and getting right. He just talk about the importance of journalistic integrity and we seem less ethics considered. Outlined article that you're asking that the divine concerned about the and you know it is great to order and I love breaking news don't get me wrong I realize it's a quick break a lot of the Michael felt like there and kinds of things issues before the Rio games in terms of their credit. Concerns currently are so. Topic is getting it right that it captive and I think you're right we are where were we do that. And I thought that are out there won't look at it it still leading. And I understand like that way it is bad journalism. Journalism and doubles acting triple checking quadrupled checking. My column. Whatever that Tiger Woods' return that is it. And about their alternate. Yesterday I wrote it in the morning and I was reading it I went back and double check accusing. But I am mad at him yesterday and it's wanted to make sure that that up in the thirty. There's no note that in. The double and triple what it would ever checking and make sure your eyes and I'm the advocate we are. When I'm leading I'm gonna play on now. I want to read out loud I felt the flight ended and that I'm in a practice round at the Olympics the typical of the masters there where I am. And I'm around people want it to the outline out top isn't it in my literally need every syllable that's because there goes your career. You know people want jobs because between it and it is at the latter are developed at apple but I think that don't work out. It their city's great pride again journalists out yeah this is your name on this is on the golf that he didn't get. And the way I'm able to break actually do some of the things I'm doing work Ian mark agency and I'll buy it used. More tedious like if you don't ever get my 23 imported. It because. I thought whatever reputation I've got it is that work of art. And make sure that. That I'll be able to without that kind of in its reputation on the Arctic are wrong and there's no my on the money. That they can buy you that. And they didn't you know heartbeat and I have great script would respect for the privilege what I have been given our outlook Alia and probably true and the talent in my life I'd I'd in my career I don't know. And that is why you are wary you are actually I think a lot of you know. Younger people forget that you just privilege it is a privilege to do what we do and offer this information all they care about is that hash tag and what's trending what's happening in how I make this the next thing that everybody wants to look at whether it's completely writer largest. A perspective your opinion isn't necessarily news. And I just think it is just a fine line we locked now with social media these days it's it's good and bad you know I love the reach it gives us that. I also it these mile and sometimes because it really can products on information. Oh yeah and that that I'd be happy. Cult of personality. I mean I get in I'm very involved at our alma mater are dying out Latinos seem to. Alan. General news that another I don't let it is an impact on our parent. And it didn't happen that. The gluten videos. Panel and I I'm average on that all of our presidents on dollar and that. But if that note I posted on the book report for fifteen years we've been in big. I can turn it on and on with 35. Report by the Washington Post about a year. That was I don't report that apple pie and that really he'd need. Will be on it and I believed to have opinions that matter and even though and I went back out. And yet without putting on and then it. Haven't been written on the mountain when I'm up. The bottom line here again we're talking about your years of recording. On the notion of going to want to be a rock star lineup that won't like what one it's. They are still there at northwestern we both looked at it and they will come back in the right on the back. That that because I couldn't keep your radio cord both sport. On that day. Did not do that. But be careful. About the notion that you're going to be among our way up and down and do a lot of good work. And then when you come up for air people be ready to do you do about that indeed are important that everybody. It is nice ad definitely some great advice there and I can tell that you're deathly somebody that people would love to come and see you do a lot of speaking engagements as well. Not just working hard in the workplace to get their day at work your way up. But what are some what's your advice do you have to women in general when it comes to tackling sexism in the workplace like I said Europe TrailBlazer here. Well you know IE that there's certainly a lot of issues we in the Manila and and those that did not have a surprise or. Anybody that should some that didn't deal. I do you think there are a much better than ever world war and one that don't work for a talked about it in detail what about the problems that page amendment to Pakistan. Women. You cannot you don't want to talk. Obviously trouble I used and that this is something. It is untoward and wore it on illegal about it. I'm not saying except that. That moment what with the idea that it would be great I. I did I'd never vote for trouble and even when there were problems. You know whether it would be some of the popular you on the screen you know one. I know you typically didn't like. You know even more and I it was like that they are okay what it would or Al Gore back. I'm Bob won now by. And the district in an election with some part and some at some point the sound and but I think it is important. To. Understand that there aren't you learned your current topic slightly by. Also if you're going to do that in the locker room certain of you're going to be they're demanding an advocate that they want it delivered. Although women violence. So that covered or not behave because can do much better role model over almonds and not have. An announcement in one of the worst. But I and that I think the other thing I would say there were he did. If people you know I just on TV I'm not going to look our apartment. But I am like market. And HBO did something that long ago I was cold apple is again longevity. I want equity I don't walk on the sideline. That particular problem on my team and I just women but. I want them to count on. And if you like snapped relying. You know. Being young and beautiful which is great advocate that or that. Acute and difficult economic it's a line and that we're not going to be a by. Your thirtieth that he thought by the next when it. Got to have talent. And it rained relying on that I don't lot of bought say galaxies are you know. That. That it really puts in ninety what happened to each hit a lot. But I encourage them that in the dollar jacket I'll do that at bat. It actually. Trying to appeal the twelve year old girl on the outs on the growth growth industry or television in sport. Carlton women don't live around acting like it's not a party that I'm not a thing about everywhere but I. Bet that is not going to be. And I can get it in my body cavity that in a career at all. It applies. It's about doing something that's not why. We the demographically really want to be in the cardinal as well. And without merit watching the Euro or whatever who will are looking prospective deal and looking wonderful. While reporting on men and women in sports. Taken more seriously absolutely and I think that that's a wait and still laid to teach and be courageous and confident. You know did you did you not eat aren't just pretty can be Smart to. Well I've actually got gala what not a gap can that I put that up very. Happy with you know I am not a government of Eric I'd. And I look to get anything rolling out. There are with all about I look at on it but it is dial and it hadn't been there and hard work won't agreed academics. Of course achievement oriented and you know it. Liked it when we didn't tackle or you know if he had it. You you're allowing that now that I can. You're around your belt is put into the certain egg. Well then loudly your options are minimal and that is that really bothers in architecture are gone against an implement both. Two. Not yet be drawn into a certain categories. Like to break out of that category what they're Smart. It rains and Charlotte what you now and again I think that we're in right. And if you can be behind the camera closet on the she didn't you know write for the web site that you keep inflation of course with the newspaper beyond traditional eternity. On without its say up. They're the ones that kind of Korea where. And an hires that are we want people who are multi dimensional. It could do all kinds of them in what what it can and will incredibly changing golfing world that you won't orchard. Absolutely Christina talked to you all do able that we probably have to let you go here's to you can get back to. It's so much with your books in the year USA today column and so forth like that how spending holidays. Christmas well. And they're coming up quickly I say I like. That I'm. These where I have. He. A lot product and bombs on the I had a beat up on our beat. It's family here in the DC area to your wife and her family. I'll be with friends and then all did you Ohio to we go and there. A couple days and it not let into the ballgame. Have a problem with that distorted what they're back at it. Yet you probably did it. So great on land rent and national best selling out at seven bucks named one of the top 100 sports books of all time news story. So accomplished you're such an inspiration to all of this year especially women in the sports industry. Paddle out to we're very happy on today thank you so much for joining our team. Lester thanks so much luck on your salad again thank god you're dealing with respect to civil. I built getting to the media into a debate work. Absolutely it is so much. It. Christine Brennan USA today you know if some press this is why it. When someone when you hear this interview afterwards. It as a journalist and as. That is the type person you want to entry because she did it right she knows exactly. She's evolved with the times considering where she started and how much she's for just. In sports and how much her career so right and she cents a she's in her fifties and marketers in fourteen Ian. Appearances and things like that and she ever hats and she's well respected that at least he's not test the pre eighty's now she's beautiful and Smart she's and she knows how to tune. It covers sports story did you eat in general topic as well into the and it's. About her current pastor pastor the interesting things it's gone. It's great Christine and it also one of look at Christine Brennan on her and am happy you know. So I think if you are a parent daughter or and you haven't or is she says it to someone who's up and coming. In the industry journalists especially sports in her box of great read great example party trying to cope in an empty yet Harry and I am I I'd love to have her back to priest so many questions and ask. Him because she's she's entry it's an ass is ankles thank you Christy for joining us our right we'll be back its bank of tags at seven game. It's. We're back it's going to tags and 957 game I'm G out and and Christina so wonderful attention she is such a grade and excited tucked her and really an inspiration that's absolutely I hope a lot of folks you are coming happening industry pay attention listen her. And what she had to say so. Pop fly typically we talk about some fun silly stories but there's a story this week that really captivated. Everyone's attention and justly. It broke my heart and soundness the Brazilians have resigned soccer team has charter plane crash in the outside in Columbia they are on the way to a yeah it was their biggest matches of the teens histories ranked. Does very sad how it all went down one at the hearing that the plane name gas there's a few different things coming it it's heartbreaking yet I did explode on impact certificate to me that there may have been some issues with the fuels that there wasn't enough on board 71 people. At last check died in that accident six people survived one of these soccer players that it did survive Los is leagues in the accident. And it's just a read me he eat a really brings home. You know how much how every game matters and he rocket factory to perceive them. You know you make it matter anything about you know we just had our art our readers you know the readers just went to Mexico Texans are like the rely on these sports teams and it's just. I don't know it's it's it's sad. It's sad to think that it's this happened in the families that 71 families lost a loved one day it's a scary so sad and just. Prayers and thoughts go out to all their families right now it's it's shocking. It it really sends a shock wave not only to put Brazil but just the sports world and the world in general absolutely absolutely so we just wanted to bring that happen. Odyssey our thoughts and prayers are with those families and so forth and again it's it is a holiday is everywhere dazzle is a little nicer this time a year it you know just remember. Today's today at a ticket tomorrow's not promised to lighten things up a little bit. So one of the things like you do in the holidays because people are kind of crazy right now driving down the street yeah so instead of people yelling like. Expletives at somebody like you'd use for it whatever you know what I do now somebody's mean to me on the road they yell back Christmas shop. What happened what happened that person like. That I I think. And it's. Been mean to learn. And a yes and now I mean if if you do the Chanukah at peace it's a day holiday. Ever have each from there even when it's hard to do that at a price making a man and that person's. Making. So somebody who has kind of mad at all happy. The same time have fun little treat for you what that's the week's death curry says he'd actually campus and Carolina. He's from a from Carolina as he was actually at the game. Raiders against Panthers and he came in first is a picture of him and I each where he was wearing a Panthers Jersey. Well the raiders won and he actually made a bet with somebody that if they lawsuit where raiders jerseys after the game is a great picture out. Of him wearing a their car Jersey seat to a gallon never a doubt I'm writing with my Panthers thought and a passion keep pounding in my blood. But a debt isn't that hash tag greater nation Yana how to do. That all our key appreciate ticket came in good team and yet he lost a back. Qaeda and it's a team right here right next door right exactly next our show little John Kerry. Canseco. We always love his tweets that it is interesting he has Yates from Cuba and this last week yet Fidel Castro passed right he said I was born in Cuba and Fidel Castro was a leader came to the USA because of you have told you what he felt interest and then inducing comments cabernet. That's surfaced everywhere with him during the Fed Castro shirt everything surrounding that some keeping activist that's pictured as. Funds to. Yep on tweets. Like that let's get happy with quiet on the angels' front you know they had a few low key signings winter meetings everything getting ready. And a suit and but can the judging you the picture for the angels he's still. With a simple tweak that he put out he ignited a war and not just among angels and that also be angels pitching staff. Here's cancer marks keep that I'm sorry if this offends anyone. But it's time to stop lying to ourselves. Five guys make it better burgers and great. Now here's the exit shots totally fired he flat out declared war on jet. Burger loving soul count and a note here in the Bay Area we lover it well. Now a lot of people were reacting had an interesting reactions including an eighteen year Richards. Now Garrity says I can make a five guys in my backyard I know it's the best you got in mistakes but let's be by the cams from George. Is this of guys is kind of East Coast and right it's cut its travel that skewered. Me fairly recently. Mean. I thought I did ten years maybe so but it's it for me personally popped up down and you know can't Fran Wragge occasionally in their bye guys there. But not that often eyesight yours on a few years back. Now has been a staple here for what twenty years there equity you're still lines at like 2 in the morning at Parker it's the best burger in. I mean that it's the best Urquhart the best fast quick go to burger animals. And politics shake the secret menu. And what's great about it's only keeping them that's your. Mind can be a line it goes very fast and never get discouraged by my. And a quick people know that they want guys they have three choices basically. I love in an operator I've only had five guys want it. But nothing that Amy ran back and I his good good prize is great they do great Fries but there six tries so if you don't even when they're hot bass taste will try. At the end but then again in an out if you don't finish the Fries hot they get a little too high soggy an expert like Jimmy edges aside in the middle. There's options there you get hot auger grilled cheese. You know other and the GDP units when you sit down a week for your and I forgot about that includes pre options. Was it a habit also noticed you haven't had placed these chains like there is probably somebody listening right now who knows the best burger in San Francisco. It's probably some. Yale restaurant that's just that restaurant. I'm sure that they were talking about just chains like this is not. It now we'll shadow then to rod council Livermore California and I those burgers are they get I think it's again it's something the surfing how does this now with so this matter has now as a way athletes or enter now at big without it I can't even remember which one it was just nine order that every time that one has pineapple. Sounds very ethical line enemy. It's so we don't agree and in and out. Yet when it out past and I'm definitely in it now taken the way of life in and out survivors fresher yes cash tank. That's how it is in California we stick by Mary that's right sorry did you. But can the Trojan again. Also I mean that's not as bad as will Myers with the next Intel I had idea that waste hours I mean he's the that he is winner of losing yet he's host Mexican and better than soak up. Like ease those people would be disagree with them yes I mean c'mon. You can't be standing ego Korea sorry eat that you can't expect it to. Ask tag it's a fact. IRA it is a fact age it was funny as I places thank you for joining us on Franken tags you can find us online at at night after the game dot com. And on FaceBook and Twitter Gianna underscore Franco and in an. And you wanted with Twitter Jacob Bulent today the Anthony agony out for yourself. Yup which and a tweet out he had a picture of him with his hair straight and long. Luxuries curly hair re only hit it in the Austin that talent but that. It was Michigan has stated I had Michigan winning and what was on the line was I had to curl my hair. Or my friend had to jump in the Lake Tahoe while it was snow. Boone. Yale is tough either way. So I mean it was an the stomach flat I get here in the crowd at the current and colleagues there I cycle athlete under the influence of alcohol but it is really fun in the longer and they suite that happened certainly elements grandma treated outsells thank you all in Palo retreat yeah and now also receive all the Xiamen. With it and we retreated from the 97 again twittered and why nine wonderful light more the merrier. That I had a great day everyone associate extent.

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