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Jan 4, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This is that this town's Michelle yeah I'm not like point seven. I can't tell you how proud I am myself right now and you have no idea. It is a Chris downs Joe's actor Ryan. There is a Bay Area 2016. Sports trivia. And contest in any sports quiz in the chronicle. Why are and right now that our good friend Steve pearl. I was six or 76 and seven on six is sad it's all warriors. There's thirty years ago know the rest of being on board style just don't just don't warriors on six for seven yep. Only when you did not get was who they seat him for win number seventy degree yeah. I just cannot Mike Cameron LO wants what's funny because there's three for questions were every answer is either Celtics and grizzlies pelicans and hit all fourteen of the same in three different course. Oh speaking of the same. Ottawa for anybody caring was the grizzlies. Agree it's too but I got the other six are. If she did. Email you got some good ones yeah. The Donyell Marshall Kobe Bryant was good on the three's yeah I'm surprised I got some of those that was curry had shared the previous mark of twelve. Which to with with which to other players. When he set the record for most recent was Ray Allen Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant Donyell Marshall Kobe Bryant Reggie Miller Michael Jordan Steve Kerr and the answer was Kobe Bryant Donyell more Don Omar I had a buddy who love that god for no reason. He made a sign and went to Ward's game it's a Daniela is god that he signed was a big UConn fan I don't know what he liked him so much that you like there. Audio that's great error over the years. Don't sleep on done it by the way he resurrected his career as a cab with LeBron. Three point specialists are looking at this or buddy Daniel brown from the Bay Area news group. Did this thing about. Jed York and his last three press conferences after firing the head coach can come back here for this he said three of them. Our rights December Torre ninth 2000 court CNET three fired Jim Harbaugh lockquote. I want to thank our great fans and forty niner faithful. We didn't give you enough to cheer for this year with debt didn't stop you from coming out even in the last two games. Where we really didn't hand didn't have anything to play for January 4 2016. Thompson look. Here rat here on the where we are on here that day I was pointed mark my favorite show and his show that I've ever done. Cold this season was frustrating on number of levels we took a step back from our ultimate goal. Of winning a Super Bowl for that I want to apologize to our fans. And for everybody that's. The design just a little bit short downing just a little bit short of the Super Bowl cares deeply about this team the way ideal. January 2 2017. Chip Kelly shown the door quote. First I wanna look the fans know I apologize for the two and fourteen season. I apologize for being back here again and making it changed. I think it's very important. That we re established by a championship culture garden we need to make sure we move forward. And find the right head coach and general manager two guys. That can work together and reestablish. The level we all expect and want for the San Francisco 49ers. And how about the old Super Bowl standard. After Harbaugh was fired. It's up to us to make sure we compete for and win Super Bowls that's our only goal. After Tom sowell was fired. Worrying need somebody that can win Super Bowls. After Chip Kelly was fired we need to know that were going to build things and it's going to be a step. Bomb it's going to be a step function and we're getting our way back to a Super Bowl level. And there are pieces we need to fill on the coaching staff on the roster in the personal department. Everything across football ops. It's amazing. It's basically. Like he took the same speech. And he's done the same thing three straight. Years. Actually reminded me of something that I was gonna suggest for the show to get like the best I've seen Groundhog Day but I know the premise of it. I was gonna get like the best clip from Groundhog Day because when he runs and that guy is. What. Isn't that what it feels like it's totally it it feels like 2016 and 2015 all over and it's all the same stuff. And that's why. Where and when. When we spoke with wanted. His thing was. Why not do something different why not bring in somebody that's gonna make the decisions that not only make you look good but to benefit your franchise the fact that he just keeps going down the path of me and Al Guido who sounds like good Jersey Shore cast off member by day's out boy you know I. It was like boy did G did exactly him in the situation. He is keeps going down that path it it it it doesn't give the nine or any hope if you don't change anything that is a great name what it's it's amazing how Guido much and it had a and I have alienated. He was one of the guys that was with the Italian embassy that tried to fight against Jersey Shore as it was offensive to Italian Americans. Up. The point is. You have to do is a bit what's the definition of insanity. Trying to same thing twice and opened for different results if you have to change something in your process you can't just keep doing and having these press conferences at some point he's got a note that. I'm just gonna go back to deal family business. Now 49ers. And the whole the Bartolo empire. And all the building and everything they've done is hold different than my family's little family restaurant mean. But if my brother and I am running the restaurant. Had a general manager. That fired a Shas. And three straight years. I was looking for another chef in the fourth year. I'll let you know right now I'd be looking for new gene I'd be looking for new GM before we look at for my four chef from four years with you plus of that and I don't care who's the GMA is yet. If the GM was related right now my sister in laws are GM knew my sister in law fired the shaft. And go back to the dates here you get revealed he votes in my GM fired the shafts are fired GM fired 72014. 20152016. Women. Some team in this case doesn't matter I get it I'm here to send the GM's outlook for a billion and the chassis even and I don't care how relate yeah that's when you're gone. She hadn't gone after the second checked out daughter and brother. All my brother he would've made a third chef. He would've fired himself. That's the other part that's interesting but at what point is gonna look at himself forward. But it's it's also it's the things that he says in these press conferences Tony that does not lead the fan base to be competent or us as the mediacom is delusional well. Listen to these quotes quote by a on this football team we've already talked about venom from Boston you don't dismiss owners. Any go back you look over here we have a president whose name is Al Guido and I don't make football decisions. You have the marriage didn't work I should have probably seen it ultimately the decision will rest with me he's talking. Out of both sides of his mouth piece saying that he doesn't make football decisions and he's saying ultimately the decisions gonna arrest me. How much both the take that up on the fan how much hope to be confident in a leader. About leaders bosses whatever that parents you want your leader you wanna be overlooking your leader and be confident I can't be competent when he says ultimately the decision will rest of me and I'll make football decisions in the same pressed NL's final day. We're just talking about Tom Sula and Cali are Bosnia. Samurai. Mike. People kind of forget about that one. Mil lion OS singletary and he'll suspend his nicknamed samurai and summer in my hand. It's amazing who's playing it's a middle linebacker or the Chicago Bears like monsters of the midway between the guy dropped his draws and one of the greatest linebackers of all time yes but people for so look at we'll look at me head coach this guy has made it made a mistake yeah singletary. Tom solo. Kelly the only guy you didn't get right ER was Harbaugh any pink yellow Harbaugh. My job of that first step at the end and pay. Remember he smoked some light on the lighten. Because he knows sincere minutes that I just I I really don't I mean these personal time he's getting to the podium after you buy these guys seen the exact same thing. No he's got to figure something out right the ones that he gets along with have not turned out to be successful on the field. So he his his not his first requirement for the job. Johnny if you're applying for the job and yet to put down what you need to do to get that job you know when you apply for job. It should be that we we don't like each other he should get somebody that he does not like. The last time we didn't like it coach. They were success there and he loved jelly memory and it didn't balky the dog on his lap electorate daughter you know it was a minor or was it Henry. L football guy earlier here in unemployed and employed full bald guy I was reading for him. This reader at the it was like hello this is Bleacher Report all that all the talk about Super Bowls and I know bill rom announced he will toilets on the goal has got to be the super bull. A man you keep kidnapped and talking about it and you keep hitting further and further away from it you've you've been talking about Super Bowls. And your team regressed Seoul march. You were here worse now than you were with Jim Tom Sewell. But Willis got a bill and Campbell are longtime friend bill. As somebody in your business now who evaluates human beings. When you see what's been going on before we get the rays when usually can bring you see Jed York red how do you view him. But yeah I could say there's tegra. That aggressive because but look at that this committee it's obviously such a flip flopped. And it just so much that GM hadn't coached me into an organization. And because I couldn't I remember talking to you about a call that incident wouldn't have been great. It Harbaugh decided just across the table original imagine that publicity for the raiders. They shipped to and an attitude. And so forth and so on and of course the 49ers would. Be a bit embarrassed by that. But you know what change these young guys and I think. Yeah I mean that conversation which YouTube every year we're Georgia can do it would be talking about when in the division I management which just get a team. They can go nine and so open again and can get over 500. I think if and I was advising. Jet I think look I stopped to talk consumables. Until we can put the team back together they can be winning. And and get to nine and seven and then go from there. And you know when you say it's been a buck stops with me to address the press you know don't confuse the products they look. Under the conditions and I'm doing the best I can. I am the owner I've made some errors. But I told you that I would. Address it in and do what you guys so here I am. You got complaints. Yeah sort of thing happens with an Arab but just. Straightforward. But we you know we we really see that in sports you know to be honest. Yeah bode gasoline and Connor cut. Well he has to think I think that I'd really disagree with Rick but you know you go to that thing out about. I don't care about injuries I don't care about players just get him out on the field and he was really upset that the raiders drafted Carter cook. Because they could fort. We're in the fourth round the could've got a good running back. I wish thrilled. When they made a move to get Connor cooked because. Going into the season Beckett was expected to be a number one draft. No he apparently had legal problems so looking at data to the post they take to work that's work with the a lot of quarterbacks have been yours. I think it's great that. I eat he got his feet wet because if they are going to be Houston which I think there's the possibility that he can you not so much just on his. Performance but the fact making they're going to be motivated to show they're not a one man team. Connor cook. Played in big games to get a hundred dollars and I think that play in Michigan and Ohio State it's not like he's just an incident on its hands. He's got ability he's so good he was about six board needs to talk about another 1015 pounds but. He shows he can throw that ball downfield and coaching staff has some guts here. And let him throw that ball a little bit down field and open it up. The running game will be successful. You know it started the game up Chris force surely runs. It's like come on you can get them going in there. Let him throw a little bit act like you think you can win this game don't kick a field. And just play Woody's would probably expect the defense stood to hold them down and and I'm wondering that's my question you. Why he's attended since the raiders have one point three more games in Houston and why aren't quite as in Houston have to come to Oakland for this case. From mouton can't think they say it's not our worst. Bill you're always the best tapped into your body will not disown. OK you know what I thought it was too wild card teams couldn't you just won again now. Now there's also the zoo wild card but there's four divisional winners and and Houston one south. Oh that's right that's right okay yet I was wondering whether you have weather to wild card twenty okay. Look at the records you got a point now or should be all business it is what it is. Who is always going to be without divisions. And happy new year and let's hope we can get one win out of there. He had no doubt about it I mean there's always a chance it's a way to play the game love bill is therapist and you know he breaks down step all the time and not. You never know hell you never now. Shock somebody you're not doing you're not done to read his post game you want one war. Is that they go to knowing what's that line going to be you know go to bed the money why don't yet know you know the sad part is taken us that credential. After the Indianapolis game and put in my bag. And gone man brought on compassion for another football game. When Derek got hurt you. We know here's the thanks and gets out of the state and and the team and on on this open that that was a hangover and that they can get back this is what I said. After the raiders loss in Denver. San when they get off that plane. Every single guy on the offense rather it's the offensive coordinator down to all the coaches and to all the players. The number one job of everybody this week. Is to do whatever you can to help Connor cut get ready for this football game because he is not played since pre season. Think about debt. So this was his first action so all the wraps. All the getting him ready you know all the auto bulls all the language every scene to give him that confidence in the huddle and to give everybody in the bottle. Confidence in him that is the number one thing. He's got to be ready to play at this level they're gonna have a chance if he goes out and make some throws the defense sacks up there able to run the football the lavish I have to disagree with you but I'm worried about everybody else but him. I would assume the minimal. Out of him and I'm hoping that the rest of thieves you don't get it he'll get a perform you can't win. Can't win. Can you win games in the NFL low walled would you say what did you just say. And not lose games and Rihanna well and still win that gives me hope that is unbelievable. That so is Leo lose the game they can win and I wonder when deals percent debt did you like suffering dealt with religious about the people around him. What did it eating get called out on that it is let him roll with that piece of philosophy because we've all done our careers and you talked reliving corps he'll say something go. Each was complete nonsense. What that's like the pinnacle complete nonsense. I don't think I don't think you Islam as you've been doing this what is it 97 I don't think you've said something that done I have to have drinks in me to say something like the dumbest thing I've ever in the back of Timothy. Lou we have to be like AFL and still win we'd be doing all those close games she goes vs miserable and even had a double drags on yeah argue I had. You know it's got to be fireball Friday via. Our ball everything far ball to get you to say that. The lambs trying to like fire ball really yeah cinnamon. Are fighting to get to my you know bring a save my. I have a story. For all of you. Earn. That. Basically says tequila is good for you. I mean I was shocked is nothing really good is ever come out drinking tequila from now. Where I'm trying to get the we're trying to get the author on it's good for you and it's like nine. I went home as Warren to. We're talking about tequila. Which we all know nine different things of why tequila is good free. I like it I'm not good to keep mom board I yeah I I want to hear why that's good. It can change my mind on tequila is you know I've always that's been my go to their reserves shot and I that's I've always. Yes you like the trump. Like in Malvern Don Julio Erin young will really high in Monaco would you room on this when back when that are watering hole was still available. Is high end. Stay focused each hour and a but I haven't oral watering hole which is used to be she heavies Miguel yeah calls us to just the sheer dishonesty. Is it rated got a raw. Yes and then go do a show right now in the course and after after the show activists are we. You know that we're gonna do we're and a where's my Omaha we Oman. Grant to com home on here are the so I'm looking at shirtless giants wide receivers ready for my work for your reading it so I want to give your time. Jan cannot make it for pocket tonight she didn't just know c.'s. Deal or listen thanks okay. Soul. She will not be here tonight. So will do the worry 'cause I wanna give you ample time to that we went to the word right now we wouldn't have that time no doubt. And normally a muscle that anyway so we'll do that and 45 yelled that 1045 and then now we're gonna talk to your boy Khieu. I I can't make that up. Your boy key him who is on ESPN. Central Texas. AM 1660. He's from the day he host a black hole banter podcast. Via. It's from the bay he loves the writers that hells he doing in Texas he's in Texas and he's our work on behind enemy lines because we're playing the Texans will central Texas really is in Houston and for the Buick hours south east I think he's one hour away from every big city in Texas now it's our expert state and ask uterus there but we know chief trophy and now you tell me directly. I. Do you want you wanted to go the rest are right around six or seven right now both are the ones I got right all right you got the award to set the NBA regular season record for consecutive home wins with 54 which team ended that streak April 1 there was the Celtics got debt you did not get 9596 polls had the NBA record for wins. Who'd they beat to win that it was the grizzlies well the options on that against self entitled to same fourteen Celtics grizzlies pelicans temple he had no idea you didn't get any 108101. Victory at Oklahoma City in game six in the finals Klay Thompson set the NBA mark for most reporters and game how many did he make 91011 or twelve alone you gotta with the eleven. You've got with a little less than a minute ago which player at the tiebreaking three pointer that put the cavs ahead to stay in game seven we all knew that Tyreke. Step Curry's at the NBA regular season record for three pointers. Against which team did he do it you've got this to was cell Celtics grizzlies pelicans timberwolves. Elegance pelicans are you got curry had shared the previous mark of twelve of which two players Kobe Bryant Donyell Marshall I knew Don yeah well. And this was the last one for six for seven. Thompson scored sixty points and did not play in the fourth quarter and 142106. Blitzing of Indiana which had been the last warriors players score at least sixty in a game. The options and Rick Perry Wilt Chamberlain stepped career purpose shorts I believe it was 1974. Rick there is like 7470. News I was a lot and it's a war is 7474. Nights that's like a bonus point for Ankiel. And which placed the sharks finished in the Pacific division and 20152016. For second third or fourth. Second. They finished. Third error Byrd stadium which of these teams that the sharks not be in the Western Conference final playoffs in there. On the way to the final. Lose kings predators wild. Which team week which team did they not beat the lose kings predators wild which team did they not be on the way to the final. Blues. Change beings editors wild. I'm blanking. He plays zoom zoom yeah. You should know the Western Conference finals the end tankan now the predators was wildly held Minnesota and it and they did not play the wild I learned who scored the sharks' first. Ever gold the Stanley Cup finals in game one at Pittsburgh. Jonas almost. Thomas Colin Patrick Marleau or two Orton. You need those again the first goal via. Hurdle doesn't seem like for an hour ago yes it does on scored Angola hurdle to mock turtle. It was Tomas. Tomas and our local and columns. Powell who scored the overtime goal that gave the sharks their first ever win. In the Stanley Cup finals he keeps saying finals and here but I got killed by a hockey people for calling it finals is and it's Stanley Cup final. Well they keeps the NBA finals. Local mass though it's the Stanley Cup final I knew that I'm just correcting that seriously who cares. Don't tolerate or a little more Lu worked in these are all more lower Jordan. The overtime goal give it to me AM. On school way hurdle more low earth Horton on scored. He was don's going to. This thing you and so what you're see your nine for eleven on nine for eleven Madison bomb garter struck out 251 batters in 2016. Who was the only in SF giants pitcher with more strikeouts in a season. Lincecum mayor cell carrier Schmidt. Rules Lincecum. Hairy merit she dollars meant. I'm an adult Harry Lincecum twice Lincecum and always handled nine member when he was good. As long time ago flamed out quickly didn't it yeah really sort Ron. In the giants' Jason Schmidt was pretty give the giants tonight terrorism he was that he was of the usual those guys got there's some burning in asks yes. Yes and shelling in them he had some yes and actually went to the Dodgers and we share. In the giants' 30 win in the NL wild card game in New York who hit the three run homer in the ninth inning Brandon belt Madison bomb garner Brandon Crawford or Connor collapsed. Says Ian. In the giants' 30 win in the NL wild card game in New York against the Mets who hit the three run homer in the ninth inning Brandon belt Madison bomb garter Brandon Crawford or card left Conner policy. Mean yes you were correct and by Dele. I was a rookies we have too many of these by the way and I. And I and I'm I'm glad I got that because I I was I was a few deep you with it he receives the way it was a Hoover right home that night. Come back and dark the and you remember that the fault this happened like like he had Kana. Thousand new overnight. I can tell you worry about it I'd tell a story about that please. Soul back in 99 when I went back to watch George Brett Nolan Ryan Robin yeah I'll go to the hall of Santa. We did this whole East Coast trip on backs on my family mass chooses who to Fenway Park community Yankee Stadium. Wit to the hall of fame induction and Cain came back down only to Shea while and I remember I bought this red. New York met sure it could always buy something from where you go right how was it red ice through red. Yeah their orange and I I was a red met sure fair enough there was a reds it will is a red mets' Shea share okay. Soul I went to this so you know it was everybody was giants showed up to that game and match. It. I'm not go Keating hi. Future oldham yet have so naturally. It's guys showed up at a Mets owners won't right. You will like this season like terrible players the games do they like you know what I'm bus and out you know on a bus now for Saturday for good luck mullah. The Terrelle Pryor. Got clubs you do this often I'm on Boston now got to old school rolling it. Out. These guys armor abilities these guys energized and you should've seen the look how locked in. Everybody's got giants gear on everybody's his and here comes this guy locked and I the biggest smile on my face I'm locked in a Little League eating. Them met cheered on the best party that is unless it's neat the Mets as part of that it was red. Some patrolling ball and I was so too early to another level that's. Basically I would to a giants party in a Mets shirt. So yeah. I am that guy yes I am that guy so there's like thirty of those but you did him well and it pretty good idea that you're rainy days once. Are you won thirteen of sixteen is what I think he finished. Was there any aids ones yes Chris Davis led the days and home runs of 42 who was the last Oakland hitter with at least forty homers and a season. Jack Cust Jason Giambi Miguel Tejada or frank Thomas and be Jason Giambi. Would have guessed Frank Thomas but let's see. As I. Who great radio here that was question number fifteen and the answer was B. Jason Giambi forty Hillary 2000 during thank you. He had like 36 I hear all it was like 39 it was closer to forty word heading to Texas are you ready of course. Your boy Q he's the man. Your it it's this is named your boy cute not telling my boy cure your boy cute he's just your boy kill ya here and nineties he's yours. But that you could say that his mind because you could say he's yours and it's the it's everybody 957 again. Now back to decrease counts and show on 95 point seven big game yeah level the word coming up here. At 1045. And I got to figure out. Hasn't guys grows up in the Bay Area as a raider fan he's living in the middle of central Texas. You gotta give work for you can give it my area your boy Q joins us here on 9570 game. Was sucked she'll. What level of which got really excited beyond which it now he could that be that true men and and I found out that well lately you know what you get them actually going to be talking. On Wednesday here at sixes and talking to date in the bay area of Arctic well on their than that or were you saw. I'm currently on the Bay Area I'm opening guy. Our area that that won't let because the radio you know radio is you know I'd go just ended up at that OPEC and really got to. Opportunity to Sports Radio about a minute on the so you know it is it is what it is you know you think it is good critically. Now I hear you I totally understand and has a long time raider fan. I mean this sink where this franchise where we were two weeks ago riding sky high on in the playoffs for the first time. Since 2002. And two weeks later it's doom and gloom was still a chance in the playoffs. Yet today it's crazy nick about the epic game typical and out here on the side in Mumbai and there they are in the wind at her greater player out for. The first summit they'll remember in their lifetime and been all that we know how how it went down with their car and I never let the column Ian. Feel in the way I did I broke victory at a never let that like. Usually Wear chicken little and talk about your team young now raider O I mean all of it. Alt pop up and excited and believe the way we view it is is a route be alien and now it just kind elect. The code and end at L game in which had been a while I. Of our lives there are at least in the last fourteen years. Any chance. That he he's feeling like man it's not how this dream speed and magical speed well and you never know how these games go the so in our they would. The rock a terrible it really is terrible feeling you're gonna like man that's not gonna go away do it. They're the other day maybe they open at shell out a little bit and play real rate. Or get to my football question here and a second Q brownie today help me out with a little credibility here my my part to make fun to meet meet based on my lack of geography knowledge but I was telling him that you're basically in central Texas. You're close to everything right like all the big cities Houston San Antonio. All that right. Absolutely doubt Obama on the hour and a half away from one way. And it ought Obama hour and a half way or another another direction in Hispanic audio is about read our and you've been there three hours it kind of like. Editorial gonna like that that go. The Fresno about three hours you know so well. I can you anywhere really want you into that out but all pretty pretty quickly. OK so help me with this your Texans insider we're going behind enemy lines bill O'Brien. Said Monday he's still doesn't know whose gonna starting quarterback now I know let's come out and Tom savage will not and it will be Brock also while I was the whole figuring out who was gonna be the starting quarterback for the Texans go to. I mean it would help it injury and and build it out savage because. Rock out while in the worst. He. Oh witnessed evidently they. Are that happened that growth were no apparent. Back at the guy that the Arctic and at that the oil that other more. Because in whitbeck wilder and you know. And it came around that you know that guy may learn a little bit open. And it's kind of like. Manny didn't get relaxed on the best rock out while they'll feel like rocket going to be get the job not terrible quarterback but he's been clean air and there's always it would need to understand or get depressed or. Happy feet. And that would take that and you're worried about that detects that you were not happy beat because of the bar really high. Because I'm out the ball pitcher or a guy like sort out field in that a ground ball you know eat it's. Off his game when he gets pressured the network will Mac ever really an app I mean the play they're gonna get that pressure on the quarterback. Your boy cute joins us here not about point seven again reiterate the little raiders and Texans. Today being cloudy we knew how special he was coming out of South Carolina knoller forget that bowl game and that big hit against says brain back against Michigan but just couldn't stay healthy but finally this year. He's truly showing his special talents. What's it been like watch and finally put it all the other. It's been amazing you know and I. You know all the hype was about pepper the longer they had a bit cloudy article one. We'll really see. And we've been great coming apart even greater South Carolina after that the level of expectation that every it was gonna be. You don't act not really beat when it. He was he was while we bring you strap number 10. Try negated it and let you know I don't buy that it well this guy at work get your primary you'd be not on the they can okay. It can't work ethic into irrigated and maybe you know. What it'll highlight. And and that was it but now that you. Actually helping any plane like they expected at the plate where he was trapped in outraged why. That's a scary thing you know he's he's. He's that guy and forget. We'll backward trap that view a view pics after a antech who spent all I'm always oh we made you really get better after that deal quite. It ought to act and to get beer cart that we got clown out. Well they're not in it now while these shall we really can do. What do you make about Saturday. And the Vegas is calling it dug a coin flip but but they're given Texans the Texans streak is there at home a horrible quarterback matchup booty like in the game Q. Is going to be a couple of could be epic game governor. Is pretty bad at the saint. It's it's kind of cuckoo never had a career arc written Brock Rottweiler coming up you know well I mean. I do you protect credit and I give him credit because they are called but don't think that matters aren't rated only grew when they went on the road but I in. In their credit because they have a eat at that well. They have beaten them. Number one leak into the economy you know. Raider up at the line and if Donald and an anomaly that other than that be a long long damn it really can't think on a good. Is just being thrown into the water rather that. Water. Well Oakland brown well you'll. Get that the actual content is all about that. Believe it's going to be a league game ultimately got the raiders beat probably become an. You know you never know with. And it felt so great. It raiders who wrote in the critic or rock and roll couple picks. Kidnapping you know I'll probably get that ten point of turn over. In the game and they take the victory but it just. Not counting on the turnover happy you'd take it in the game. Some people out here they have really no idea how big the Dallas Cowboys are. To where they dominate the news coverage 365. Nolan even sniff some. What's it been like is your station as the Dallas Cowboys what is this Jack press got Tony romo's season been like. It's been amazing I mean relief depth the work and they may he was dooming the movement Tony wrote it down and creepy the game gives yet. It was a lap in net during the pre we've been in the quarterback with out worry about. They're packer quarterback went down in and hit the panic and already an app what was the tablet market and they're back up went down. Are we get all panicky and in economy by the ultimate party well. Well. You report well last year apple better then you know they intend this year India as an actor got dated one trap. They passed on time. I'll debate perhaps they went into our country you're from other. Art trade and the treatment art in a court. I like well it's all right you'll get it it in the game. Oakland with a good luck of the draw and it Aqua will wider. The other year and and the Euro itself. The team that may mean they can't record on. Or. Eleven games and wrote. Ever been on Rhett and I beat the cowboys. That it took company and rarely Jerry don't know Ottawa and the oval. Real or is it took the ball cannot celebrate at the verbal are probably all induction as well. That's making him talk about it. No doubt about it IQ you've got to go down to Houston get us some love down there and help the raiders get a victory. Well I'll bet on an intimate way break. I'm Margaret are a lot of raider at. An all out and in 08 in Atlanta enemy and it. They shall and so out and enjoy the game because they you know. Would it all out to date there playoff game because they've been there lab where teen years. We in the straw I would ever been in the lead the worst there's a nasty. And the building at least. Love this game which are gonna have that he had a playoff game. IQ enjoying it as a victory. At CQ. We're doing it back to the view that we now he's I mean Phyllis we bring Philip. League's turner and do incinerator for C would fit in permanently. Seal and should fit in perfectly with raider nation Jared. And that's what I'm ready. You know there's something to be said about you being attracted her. You know line you need to see a shrink about that. Not that's not how does that two stages does. It really didn't really be professional about that why cut that sounds like the most poles at least attractive. Least of feminine thing in the world are her and I ages I mean just just gone through Jim beam in cigarettes and Nintendo my pickle on that tackles pink flamingos on the long and a camper. In the summertime it's really hot and the little kiddie pool. She's enough on all. Fronts the E. Coli OK don't don't don't don't. But such a bad visual looks at a bad visual element to the pole and airmen and. In the long does that not turn you on movies that it's it sounds horrible just think about just think about being in Alabama. And it's almost that humidity. A hall. And you're in a trailer park. Chief in the accounts and did she she smoked again. With a glass of Jim beam sit in a little kid had a little to no chase or no on all god knows his right out of its warm and you're locking out of that trailer GO. I. What's left hook up a bet that. Go neck kid's league on alert may be the word. On nine Verizon in the game. Now back to decrease towns in shells. On 95 point seven big game. Salma counselor at Townsend radio I just reach weeded me story by Charles Robinson. About Chip Kelly and taking the job and the disaster that is the San Francisco 49ers. Unbelievable. I mean really unbelievable. And and it's going to be increasing army these candidates. Are gonna read this article. Are you ready for the word always do you know why it's important to it. It. Wouldn't work. So that it. You know obviously not so pardon me yeah just song if it involves it was a black you can spot anyway our Washington can't shut out Oakland California data out hope of California to them. In his early in the. So Charles Robinson Yahoo! he has this weed out how 49ers Chip Kelly rose and then sell. And only 347. Days not so that wasn't even a full calendar reader. Big. Are you ready yeah our guys bombed Clemson head coach this damn well know for basketball act's own. We went ham bone his name is Brad brown male not wells Brownell. Are upset with the loss. And apparently stuck a finger in war William's face after losing in North Carolina I like it you win flyers tonight. It exchange in the you know the in the coming adds there was not shaking hands there was finger pointing why it reminded me of the I thought he was that president. Waited day and did you know sometimes people get it so sensitive elective and the games like did you see the was it. Who was that the with the linemen that do that to the chiefs. Against the Broncos criminal linemen through the past for the touchdown of the into the game yet and uncles brought that about that. Not people get sensitive to some of the games. Like in reminded me of who was the idea that. Was it Schwartz and our balk at the end lions and tigers game yeah that was after running down the field part politicians remember the imminent back. Did you know little or swords with Jason. He signed some key guys as you linebacker duke Riley and Oklahoma university wide receiver data Westbrook. Two YM CMB sports I believe. Correct me if arm wrong young money cash money. Is the filling out of the acronym for that term. Anyways. The fact that little winds and agent daisy little wind like really. We can't be done or write your your body is an agent Marshawn Lynch is agent. Yeah console all of Smith's agent although again or some you don't want masterpiece of years and never that deal that he's that he got for Ricky Williams the added we're outside despite. 2500. Yards on sixteen touchdowns and and he gets a base of whatever. Always remember this I'd pinky swear among pinky rings today facts thank you drink. The Seahawks signed Devin Hester for the playoffs but he's got anything in the tank. Now. Here's Johnny man's health thing and this is the onetime nominee defends Johnny puts don't know what's wrong to me. Part so he he had the domestic violence case we have also learned so part of that is that they can't be in the same place now he went to a club in Las Vegas. And then she showed up to it but now police are looking into it that he might have violated his his probation terms geno she was gonna be there. Whom about slamming the infected and it did you (%expletive) I just sort of knowing that she could get him in trouble she did. Where they live he got there first is all I'm saying the first journey was their first asks the but he might have shame they tell us live today is another island Texas. Okay that's fishy weren't able to Vegas. Why well it's a distinction can be fishy on either way but yet Johnny for its man issue if they change that was fairly though at least. Let's solve a holiday pictures on instant. They're like one big happy combed by a family again not scrape your color Johnny football answer Graham let's get of course you're kidding. Who doesn't wanna fall Johnny thoughts on instant physical rates fall. While the giants are taking their good luck Teddy bear to Lambeau Field Downey. Apparently this bear was a big part of their championships in 27. Or 2007. And 111. You believe in good luck Teddy bears dating the any staying. Begging you to victory I believe then can we get the raiders a Teddy bear outlook on I won out violent give it to Del Rio tomorrow did you see the Minnesota gophers players getting their coach is back. After he was fired after a night in four season. You see this get a one freshman life they fired him after 94 season and the players went on Twitter and got his back. Linebacker. Carter Coughlin how can someone make such an idiotic decision. Defend you remember they have the issue with the they had some big issues senior defensive back Jalen in my Rick fire the coach that stuck with his players it's out of this administration doesn't care about the players at all. Freshman running back Tyler Johnson shaking my head and an animal OG. Technology is really sad how we communicate now anyway is. If you Minnesota are you really upset with a 94 season. Yes. More than they start out five and no yeah. Artsy recant but not only are your some of the gophers you know Alka. Because some of the old there's major issues with all the guys sleep with a girl was not on the on the field to an end this stand down then it then they said they weren't gonna get the ball game down at San Diego. EA did it is an S bomb triggers it and I'll be OS bombshell for the gophers it was off the field they had some they had some major. Major. Dysfunction inside the program they are reporting now that. The chargers have two weeks to decide if they're gonna move to LA or not he had them Payer orgasm beat. The paperwork has been filed by the fifteenth they're going they're doling out. Did you seek Curt Schilling not regretting wincing journalists and blaming Obama for not being in the whole thing. He's crazy he's lost his mind he's trees got fired from ESP and he had a sweet gig to. He did he just couldn't keep his mouth show it can say asked didn't stay up to it area that before he hits and I can't predict spent his first day of his offseason handing out books clothes sneakers and hats and supplies to orphans. Sampras is not as rapidly Tony sixteen season on Sunday or Monday cavern it was keeping busy spent part of the day. Going to shelters in orphanages to donate a variety of materials he passed along books clothing bedding in more in the know your rights campaign. On and the grip account as a couple of videos from the day the million dollar play it's going to be inch industry has some GMs are out there saying. You know it's all sources but they won't touch him. Someone's gonna bring a man that I don't believe Jamie's gonna go you know here's affect your contract your quarterback I don't think that app would you rule would you do an incentive laced Eagle Forum. I dig you sign on and say your fight for a job and if you're not doing while you do it cat Serena Williams off the market. Much tomorrow IE. Anger and disappointment she's too much woman for wanted to see is so I wanted to play she would she'd rip you apart she you're not man enough to. He's been out since 220 I got them I know she would written in a little. Here's skinny south basketball player I am a rail odds she's engaged to ready founder Alexis. All funny in. All you say is rich guys follow god it super rich guy. The golf hall of fame finalist LaDainian Tomlinson Jason Taylor Brian Dawkins. Terrel Davis Joseph Jacobi John Lynch Kurt Warner TERRELL OWENS Morten Andersen. Alan Faneca Tony miceli Isaac Bruce Ty law and Kevin Waugh. Any of those guys that should definitely be an ongoing. They're squad this year TERRELL OWENS needs to be more LaDainian Tomlinson LaDainian dollars and Warner. Presidency when I wouldn't put him as a first ballot guy but I can see him getting it I don't think so Isaac Bruce. His team. And while we'll talk about this on Thursday you and I will be back on Thursday you're damn right we will tomorrow night we'll have warriors Stein it's an item warriors wrap up fox sports together just the way have a great night everybody. Well I'm opinions.

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