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Jan 4, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now back to decrease Jones and show on 95 point seven big game. Love the word coming up here. At 1045. And I got to figure out. Hasn't guys grows up in the Bay Area as a raider fan he's living in the middle of central Texas. You've got to give work for you can give it my area your boy Q joins us here on 9570 game. Was so she'll. What level which it got really excited beyond which it doubted it would be that true men and and I got up that well lately you know would be dead and actually going to be talking. On Wednesday your taxes and talking on to date in the bay area of Arctic well on their than that or were you saw. I'm currently on the main area on the opening guy. Our area out not that won't play because the radio you know radio is now ago just ended up at that OPEC and really got to. Opportunity to Sports Radio equipment in them so you know it is idiot what is you know they radio executive at the critically. Now I hear you I totally understand and has a long time raider fan. I made it sink where this franchise where we were two weeks ago riding sky high on in the playoffs for the first time. Since 2002. And two weeks later it's doom and gloom was still a chance in the playoffs. Yet and it it's crazy nick about the epic game get occult and two on the side in Mumbai on there earlier in the wind at her greater player out for. The first summit they'll remember and they're like time India and all that we know how how it went down with their car and I never let the column Ian. Feel and the way I did apt broke. Victory at never let that like you leeward chin out and talk about your team young and out greater order I mean all of it. All pumped and excited and believe the way we view it is is a route BO in in now it just trying to elect. These code and end at L game in which the of our lives or at least in the last fourteen year. Any chance I had that he he's feeling like man it's not how this dream even magical speed well and you never know how these games go the soul and the rock a terrible really terrible feeling to get. Like man that's not gonna go away it knew it I hit another day maybe they open at shell out a little bit and play real rate. Or get my football question here and a second Q brownie today help me out with a little credibility here my my part to make fun I mean we based on my lack of geography knowledge but I was telling him that you're basically in central Texas. You're close to everything right like all the big cities Houston San Antonio. All that right. Absolutely Dallack Obama on our outweigh rub one way. And it ought on the hour and a half way or another another direction and it then at the audio is about read our and you've been there three hours it kind of like. Editorial gonna like that that go. The threat now about three hours you know so. It anywhere really want you in check it out but all pretty pretty quickly. OK so help me with this your Texans insider we're going behind enemy lines bill O'Brien. Said Monday he's still doesn't know who's gonna starting quarterback now I know it's come out and Tom savage will not and it will be Brock also while I was the whole figuring out of what was going to be the starting quarterback for the Texans go to. I mean it went out. Injury and and went out savage because rock out while in the worst. It's. Whipped evidently they open market well that happened that broke were you know but I'm. Back at the paper guy that the Arctic and at that well there are no question it went back wilder and you know. And it came out that you know it got me where it opened. Up and it's kind of like. Manny did and it reflects. The best rock out while. Don't feel rocket going to be get the job. Terrible quarterback but he's been clean air and there's always it would need to understand or get depressed or. Real happy. Because the out the ball pitcher are dialect sort out field in a ground ball you know it's. Off his game. When he gets pressured the network will Mac are really an app I mean the way they're gonna do that pressure on the quarterback. Your boy cute joins us here not about point seven again reiterate the little raiders and Texans. Today being cloudy we knew how special he was coming out of South Carolina knoller forget that bowl game and that big hit against says brain back against Michigan but just couldn't stay healthy but finally this year. He's truly showing his special talents. What's it been like watch and finally put it all Leo. It's been amazing you know and you know all the hype was about an expert a lot they had a big crowd part of what it will really bring it. We've been great coming apart even greater South Carolina after that it over the level of expectation that every. It was gonna be you know an active not realistic when it. He was he was while we bring he was strapped to Little Rock. They can okay. We'll be at work ethic into irrigated and maybe you know. What you and although I like. And and that was it but now that you actually helping any plane like they expected at the plate. We've got it out why. That's a scary thing you know in eat eat. You pick our and you forget. We'll backward rapid view a view pics after room and Texans fans well I'm always all we may you really get better after that deal quite. It got to act and get beer cart we got clown outlet by. Well not in it now while these so would you really can do. What do you make about Saturday. And the Vegas is calling it dead dug a coin flip but but they're given Texan the Texans store because there at home a horrible quarterback matchup Houdini like in the game Q. It's going to be a couple of could be epic game covered radio station property out that at the saint. It's it's Conner could never had a career start written Brock out well and come up you know well I mean I view you tech that credit. And I give them credit because their home because I don't think that matters aren't right only they grew and went on the road. But I give them credit because they have a eat at that while they beat the number one leak it today economy and you'd. Raiders up at the life and if Donald and an anomaly that other than that be a long long am really can't think on a good. Is just being brought into water. That. Water. Well Oakland at ground well you'll. He could pick out the actual content is all about. I believe it's going to be a league game. Ultimately got beat rated speed probably can become an aunt and it. You know you never know edit out soaker in the it writer and critic of rock N roll couple picks. It can happen in our public if they can you pinpoint the turn over. In the game and they victory but it just. Not counted on the turnover happy detect it in the game. Some people out here they have really no idea how big the Dallas Cowboys are. To where they dominate the news coverage 365. Nolan even sniff some. What's it been like is your station as the Dallas Cowboys what is this Jack press got Tony romo's season been like. It's been amazing I mean relief depth the work and they may. It was dooming movement Tony Romo went down and creepy the game against Seattle. It was so that we laughed when net during the pre we've been in the back at quarterback went out worry about. They're packer quarterback went down in and hit the panic and already inept what was the tablet market and they're back up went down. Are we got all panicky and an economy by the ultimate party problem. Well. You report last year idol be better and you know intent this year and in as an actor got it in the water trap. The apple on time. I'll debate apple when it at that our country you're from other. Art trade and trade art in court. Like hit by a lap at it in the game. Clinton with a good luck of the draw and it act with will wider. The year and and Elliott helped. Subpoena them if they can't go on the witness at work or. Eleven games wrote. Ever been on Brett I beat the cowboys. That it just I'm great at rarely Jerry don't know finalists and a well. Will it make it to put the ball cannot celebrate it's admirable that are probably I induction as well that's amazing write you talk about it. No doubt about it IQ you've got to go down to Houston get us some love down there and help the raiders get a victory. Well I'm that we can go out an intimate way break. I'm Margaret are a lot of it. All out and and 08 and an enemy and it. They show up in so loud and and enjoy the game because you know. Would it all out to patent their playoff game because they've been there lab where years. Win lose draw I whatever they admit you lead the worst there's a nasty game and the building the lead. Love this game the chicken adult that he playoff. IQ enjoying get us a victory. At CQ. We're doing in fact. You don't actually matched these I mean Phyllis we bring Philip. Les turner and do incinerator C would fit in probably. Should feel and should fit in perfectly with raider nation during. And that's what I'm ready. You know there's something to be said about you being attracted to our. You know line you need to see a shrink about that. Yes you did. Now that's hot how does that turn stages does. It really unique really be professional about that why cut that sounds like the most repulsive least attractive. Least of feminine thing in the world are her and I ages I mean just just gone through Jim beam and cigarettes and and Nintendo might nickel on that tackles pink flamingos on the long. Camper. In the summertime it's really hot in the little kiddie pool. She's an a farm all. Funds the E. Coli OK don't don't don't don't. But such a bad his legs out of bad visual element of the poll in the airman and in the long does that not turn you on movies that it's it sounds horrible just think about just think about being in Alabama. And it's almost that humidity. A hall. And you're in a trailer park. Chief in the accounts and did she she smoked again. With a glass of Jim beam sit in a little too beautiful to know as chase or no on all god knows his right out of its warm. And you're locking out of that trailer GO. Hook up at that. Then it's legal. Alert baby the word. On nine Verizon in the game.

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