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JD Post Game - 1/6

Jan 7, 2017|

John Dickinson joins Matt Steinmetz and Chris Townsend after the Warriors 128-119 overtime loss to Memphis

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Everybody's open right side great. As Bob let them play the golf headquarters David overtime. Laid back stuff that they. Drive left and silver lake township I had finally. Has won a seventh another tough but mentally kind of negate this that its own. Now that the county is signing on 95 point seven games. Gag EH EQ here's some of those highlights and a lot of good through this game but the fourth quarter was absolutely miserable so was overtime. As the warriors were outscored count fourth quarter and overtime. 49. To 21 in this loss and all snapped a nine game winning streak it is one to eight. 2190. It is meant there's now 20. They were angry I think from from Steve Kerr take two staff carry to dream on green. They were irritated by the fact that they let this one get away in the way that they did it. By essentially. You know just you know get pushed a little bit and then you know not been able to push back not been able to have an answer drip or green said flat out. He was happy they lost that they need to work on some things we need to get better late in games. They need to. Not have leads slip away. The way that they haven't Steve Kerr reference body language in heated like the body language of the team once the grizzlies really got after him. And made a run to make it big game. He felt that early in the third quarters where the game turned as well they could have been its want your 25. You know. Point game again and they let it get right down today at ten point range. But looked anytime years. You're leading by nineteen go to the fourth quarter you think you're gonna win that game. Oh by the way quickly yeah that yeah the netstat yeah I can dig down and up for in sighting is that you see this you you like that yes this is this is one of those three go. How bad was this lost it gets a loss it's only January. But when you look at. ESP stats and it always has great not CNA at a bunch of them offer this game but yet teams had. Had one aren't lost rather teams that lost 662. Straight games. When they were down nineteen go to the fourth quarter in the NBA as a whole so 662. Straight games the teams got and lead. They win. Nineteen go to the fourth quarter and if you do and you lose it in the grizzlies in the warriors that that streak was snapped tonight and amount of cells. Now a disgusted just telling usually don't want to let what was the last time it happened. The 662. Games over the course them a year that's a good question they dated put that in the in the note. I sales lot and again we're only talking about nineteen point so yet. I get straight month probably wasn't asked about this after the game but made maybe will be in the next next day or two bullet. I think that I that we saw. One of the challenges that Steve Kerr and some victory in my teammates. And that experts greatest use for it's important to use this team. It is that last possession thought acceptable. Just unacceptable what he did and I think it got lost. And I didn't see it happening live like I saw it on the replay when in essence they had the camera focused right on them. But again what essentially happened was staff curry gave the ball to streamline. To derail it. To it to make the play at the top of the that the court. And rave mind woods. Emotional visibly angry you now histrionics. Goes over to the quarter then down grab you shorts. During that takes the shot and he never move he didn't go for the rebound and then he goes over to the yes the walk the length of the court. After the timeout and he was just visibly. Shaking his head disgusted. It's just not a good look. Yen and he was asked about. That did the exchange yeah Kevin Durant gave way you're right yeah and he and he would said that it was sucked and internals of the between them that they'd already you know talked about in the locker room and heated wanna make it a public issue Kevin Durant was asked about it he said it it was a really big deal he said it looked. Funny it just because Dray mind green is so passionate obviously was get after them so we say you know the red essentially said it looked. Bad but it's just straight month in and the way he would see what what do you think it was say in there. I think they wanted to run he wanted to run a different why fired and that that would trait was telling Kevin Durant was. You shouldn't have asked for the ball from staff her. What I think it was also he was more more frustrated by the outcome because it wanted it one at the end and I so want a pianist at three. One of being a minister Kevin Doran he missed a number of open looks. You know and he's missed a lot this season when he's been ice sowed in late game situations like like that. AMD's missing free throws tonight we can rant for is good as he is and as good as he was even in this game. He used. He's missed some big shots early on this season as have. All of the warrior because they're waking makes a huge mr. support in this issue now this is something that is being discussed yet Steve Kurds said. That he felt they're still working through things they're still tinkering a little bit trying some different things. Lleyton games but it MITRE about green he called out everybody including himself. For the pour XEQ should and they think that they can get fixed after he believes it can get fixed. But hey. You look at it there is a common theme and all these losses and it had a drink onset and after the game as well. But the warriors are not they're not where they need to be if they're gonna win a championship he said it flat out. This question what what good is haven't three prolific scorers on the floor. If you're gonna give the ball that the rate at or curry. At the top of the court and say go make like well I think look. I think run in the pick and roll with Korean dream on green is different in the sense that. Let's say that yet I know. Anybody that's why you they need to do that because that can either get the ball the terrain where he can make a play where it's not just him in an isolation situation. It's get the ball make a move or Klay Thompson's get the ball on the spot up for shot. But now I I think. Look you see it across the NBA night in and night out teams do that and they do with a lot of success. But I think what you've seen is the margin for error on that type of a play. Is is it's more significant. It really is speaking and teams that go to that a lot. Guys don't it's a make or miss game at that point to make your mislead entering its missed a few of those at the give and now if he hit a couple of them. He'd be a hero a lot of these nights. There right but it's not it's not the way the war I think it's even more awkward to go to your point about. I think it's more awkward for the warriors to play that way. Because they typically don't play that way for a majority of the game so to get to a point where you play one away for. The whole game and then say okay now we need to be in isolation team because that's a Kevin Durant is best that. I think that's what becomes a little bit from. You know the thing that's gonna get lost in this game. Is that through three quarters. The warriors were phenomenal offensively. The grizzlies are a great defensive team they are. Among the best team in the league. And the warriors late 98 points on through three quarters they were shooting 50%. From the floor they were not hurting the ball over. They all of their way to what I thought was going to be may be their most impressive waited a year. They were they were 24. That they were nineteenth in the fourth quarter there was nothing to suggest entering the fourth quarter this might happen. Well in the war on give me the number that tells at all the warriors didn't have an assist in the entire fourth quarter they had zero assists. Zero since they only two buckets they had a boy yet they were two for thirteen AM they had zero assists. They ended up with two in overtime but it was it was late later toward the middle toward the end of overtime. But now the you're right I thought they were they were attacking you and this it wasn't just the ball movement and a Italy's real daddy were driving to the paint it or get to the foul line. Dhabi they were doing a lot of things very well that wasn't just to assist hunting or move the ball take in the three like you're talking about but yeah. Zero assists in that fourth quarter. John bigots and Matt Stein its first thousand words wrap up right warriors wrap up right here on I 570 game. He noted game like this does because we've heard so much just get to April. It's just about the play house it's just about going to the finals of basically. Games like this. Make the regular season interest once again it gives us something to talk about as we let we can say. VO for five. Against Cleveland Houston. Memphis San Antonio we look at the way they played the fourth quarter Cleveland. It also losses like this you'd a yeah aided. But it makes the regular season a little more interest once again actually look at how this team has progressed. Yeah I think another thing that comes into play is what Memphis is beat him twice and lost to Cleveland. They've lost that Houston Rockets they lost to San Antonio Spurs to me those are essentially. You looked it a few of those Steve's for those teams of the top four teams in the league other than the warriors and admit this is a team that's. Middle of the pack on down in the Western Conference but a team that's shown that they can beat the warriors and and teams have been able to come back from the warriors which I think is different. From the last couple years amid the worsening had a fifteen point lead they would never lose. A dying right and now teams are run and I'm down from 24 the second half for nineteen in the fourth quarter that beat cabs from fourteen down. It's a little it's a little different I think the other thing that becomes interesting about it is. Does it start to create. A little bit of doubt our ticket already had us. And it really didn't think it already had as Steve Kerr was asked about that too after the game about the 015 against those teams right and he brushed he brushed it off he did he said they were thirty wanna I wanna gets everybody else he didn't wanna go there. So much in which the opponents. I know it's what it's the way it is it the way it's not like they've got a they've got to figure out how to score points in the last 35 minutes I'll tell you. Today who hated this game. I'll tell you who he needed this game. The Sacramento Kings. The Sacramento game did not like the result of this game because you don't wanna be player in the warriors after they 24 point second half we. Well and things that starts with a little bit for them as well they've they've laws in 156. It lost 45 and is DeMarcus Cousins read some of the the quotes from there I guess he left the locker room tonight without speak into the media. So wait there's always that shocker. All is that roller coaster ride that goes on with the Sacramento Kings look like they're about to be edit and then they just fall off the map. Here's Upton Matt and I talked about and I've asked him a couple times now last year. Without these blowout wins. And we've talked so much about how great it is they shared the basketball. And so many passes. And that we look at actual shot totals out close call today it is bad. But at the end of the game housing go to work. And we're seeing at the end of the game these close games. They haven't figured that out yet so it's great to blow somebody out. But who's to who's really going to be taken a big shot who we call the plays were of the game you'd meet Apple's pockets. Yes and I think it a lot of it comes to Kevin Durant got a ticket in it to some of the mismatches that there I mean if Kevin Durant being guarded by Zach Randolph. He Kevin Durant static. Got to score right and it at least not settle for 22 footer that. Terrible shock I mean you are 24 footer I mean even at. Ed I think that the but I don't try to driving it that but I think it comes down to what we were just talking about county. Which is with the warriors. There's ways to get Seth Curry the ball as simple way that picked general there's a way to get to Raymond green involved in the action. Klay Thompson is a spot up shooter. How do you how do you make their hand. A part of that win it's the curry. Dream on dream pick and roll which is terrain it's a super star. You know how do you make the ramp part of what you gotta run now why were he's not part of the initial well. Everybody wants battery goes one game while it works. What the accurate accept any. So it's. Occurring look like. He was aggressive he was three he had some heat checks that went in. That Dockery look like curry more than we've seen recently. And I think that was the story of the witness game even bankruptcy ten points that's the story lines are light Curry's act. Perry looked great. Curry was aggressive. Well Memphis comes back and it becomes slow orders aren't. There late game and things that they have to fix they wanna be too well gentlemen I'd love to sit here and talk about this all night long but I have raiders come up here. Today and 11 AM raiders' opening drive from its exports out they'll be down in Houston. Wild card weekend and NBA this week which should let you know yes. Rate. Yeah factor I don't live from the capital yes dude dude the raiders game tomorrow idea this weeks in aired its normal time and don't on the news and work in a move at the sun day or two ago. From Sacramento. Oh lead up to the warriors game against the gains beyond one to 430 on Sunday. From the gold once and in Sacramento and I teams. Coming up following I can't believe I'm saying this later this morning I'll be with you get ready for raider football counts its picks exports out it pleasant and it's got to be raiders in the post season for the first time since 2000. And we start at 11 AM. Bill rove announced he and myself lawyers with a loss that he does want it to one I needed overtime. Makes it checked these guys out on Sunday have a great night everybody this warriors wrap up right here. Five point seven game.

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