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Scott Bair

Jan 7, 2017|

CSN California Raiders Insider Scott Bair talks to Dibs, Lo and Guru about Raiders-Texans and discuss Mario Edwards, Jr.'s status for today's game @BairCSN

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Scott bear from Comcast sports entities are raiders insiders got good morning into what can you tell us. About this illness that you've learned from Houston. Yeah I won't they would act and the injury. Record at this stage if it wasn't something now the weird thing is that I talked to Mario I believe on. Mine went there Thursday any and he was stealing a lot better than everything was behind him so they haven't had a comeback at this point really isn't a good thing in this. But I'm not saying that that would not going to play because I know the Oakland Raiders are very careful with their injury you know now. Add it up they'd get after. Alexio family. You know what it was when it was a late scratch again achieved and they didn't let people know I think that maybe they're just trying to. You know doctor rising prosperity here but if he can't go. It's yet another bad factor this team that kind just eat the this keeps on didn't hit in the gut here. Yet he has guided we just saw it yesterday Governor Palin you know and a wonderful streak on not them them play. You know this team is just like this last two weeks is really really just somebody entry boats injuries and everything just happened this team. How was the psyche of this team what was the mood on the plane and what school or mentally it is his team a little fragile today. I think that that has finally gotten over the hold here car day. You go back there last week's game against Denver they were clearly you know in that mourning period but in talking to guys all week is really seemed kind of move beyond it. How to pick up where they were. They knew Connor Coke was going to start for the whole week. And they seemed OK there. Battle head saying I think was it was a real disappointment now nothing you'd you've heard that you and he wasn't going to be anywhere close to 100% humidity did play. But this is another one of those most of the guys that you really rally around anybody in there and early thirties. That he was only a couple even last Westwood Donald head and Helen played one playoff game goes back in 2007. So. I think everybody was really disappointed. For a dot desperately wanted to play and I think if it I mean their resolve has been tested might. Like no other team over the past two weeks and it really. I'm not sure that it would it according to Luke Donald ten but there is also that the undercurrent of it's hard to get the playoffs not dispute the raiders haven't been since 2000 you know. But just because a lot of these young guys it's their first period and abet know how hard it is yet you're so I think they are still looking at this game. Competently and been hoping that did they can turn around. And shall better than what they did again everybody at this point it. Is how they played the raiders themselves were incredibly disappointed and they wanna turn this thing around and not and even with a whimper. Yes got the I I went back at what re watch that game that debacle last week you. But I saw Carter could make some good throws and I was just tell the guys here. Musgrave. And it JP ourselves and confident to cook it gives him an opportunity to pick with these great receivers. Down field because I believe he asked the art talent to do so. Are you give this tips that the raiders game plan won't be conservative that may be be aggressive but enough to licked the drop takes shots downfield. I think it they are going to be meeting more balance in what some people think he tries against Houston if you go back there last meeting. Elliott thirty yards rushing and there's two gaining ground in 04 and though Whitney mark Barcella and guys like that it was tough to run on you think that they are right but not along throw the long road but not some sort of thing. But I mean I watch every single road that likelihood of Carter Cox. And it's weird because during training camp out by at and have a lot patched. But over the last week you really see his arm. If accurate is actually not that we definitely had a unit so you might use once things are. Time and again when trying to research on the diet we don't know very much about. Is that he can throw guys know him but he track that from me like Marc Cooper or Michael Crabtree maybe they're covered he's gonna put in. Lot where where where they can be open when the ball topping 88 yards after that so I didn't think it built but they are looking at the situation. And it's sort of like you guys are in Reno right he can't play with scared money you're guaranteed to lose your money but yeah active. You gotta put your kids and see what happened in this bill or go home with the arts regrets. Study some of what went into the thought process of the head coach him. In the organization. To go would cook over mom going even though he's going to be backing up today. Yeah eight it was sort of weird thing because they were saying well it's mostly because of health but then. I thought Matt thrown up balls all week so I think what it was one that went back and opening salvo before he got her. Map wasn't. Very competent he did in you'll confidence in the huddle and I think it's not something that in the playoffs you simply Kiet rip you can't afford to have. That the question mark in undercooked meat means not Iraq right maybe not now we've you know cheery and smack you on the bus. But he's definitely focused and confident and I think that's something that they like that something that they want. And that's something I I think the main reason why they chose stability in the if you look at the three passes before Matty got her. They were all inaccurate to open receivers and again in a playoff situation you just can't afford that that they took a gamble. And they went with the eye on it. Scott Mayer and Comcast sports net joining us here on that if 570 game these are. Raiders inside her Michael Crabtree did not play well in Mexico City when the street two teams. Matt how motivated are he MR Cooper to work themselves open and really help Clark took out today. I think that that's going to be such a key day in the need to create separation quickly at the very get accused intact capped peak at. You look at Marc Cooper numbers. Using you know we have more than sixty yards once in the last day. That's not what you would consider a political elite receivers type of. Production and I know he knows he needs to be better in this situation now Michael Crabtree to do list. Our finger issue he's been dealing with an ankle update eight about slow it down. But again it isn't a time when you wanna hear about why injury that slowed you down or whether this is retirement you wanna keep those guys. You know really make plays you know and I I think that Michael Crabtree have to be that safety net if you look at their tight and yet. Beijing and meet dynamic in college reliable. Connor of all people. Needs stability from the wide receiver course but from Michael Crabtree who had such a great catch radiate. And is normally sure it'd be an apt to be this afternoon. We were looking at the number raiders' leading the NFL in it dropped passes these years ago during these past Monica obviously. He used today Scott thanks for coming on and enjoy the game and double talk yet when we all get back to the Bay Area. Gentlemen.

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