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John Dickinson Post Game - 1/8

Jan 9, 2017|

John Dickinson joins Matt Steinmetz after the Warriors 117-106 win over the Sacramento Kings

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back everybody. The Golden State Warriors bounced back from Friday's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies they beat the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento tonight once seventeen. 106. And let's head out to the golden one sinner. Talk to our very own John Dickinson who was there what's up John you doing man. Thought Mac apple camper on. All night long days and orders victory here in Sacramento. Yeah let's not let's start with the beginning of the game. I believe it was eighteen seconds into the game Steve Kirk calls a time note. After DeMarcus Cousins. Don't I guess so what what was that all about. Yeah it was a get constantly and that wound up being somewhat on contested and on the way yeah they were supposed to have help. A debate one side and not look at Julia let doesn't spin. Not do that based on its side and you want righted for a layup that were supposed to be a double company actually. At that point they had that day in the pregame huddle with the first post up for content they want look at Robert double the double never game. The truth. Let him go think it was gonna Appel. And it wound up Ian oh way out to Steve Kirk is called a con about the cap whatever but he noted immediately. And injuring nine green repealed but on the second possession the warriors actually. We're supposed to do it again and they went a little too soon which like it would open three pointer and the king got on the border efforts by a point that way. The warriors that would reveal where they they really ready to go at the beginning of the game and I in the troubled helped out sixteen because the. Well I thought maybe midway through the first half when they were down sixteen. They worked quietly playing one of their worst payoffs is the year. They got some of that back at the end of the second quarter and they went into halftime down seven but I thought. All in all it was a pretty poor effort that first half then they save it all with a great third quarter what was Steve Kurz overall valuation. He actually thought that they they competed pretty well on the defense and oh all cop session ending in and the sentiment was more. That the king made up for shopped at the top one on or at least in that quarter when they put up 33 points. Not to the warriors 24 but yeah. One on you start to see the warriors find themselves. More competitively on the defensive and and you figured that the office. It was going to come eventually. And it came with that garage in the third quarter was three point shots start colony of the date they relief well that that. Eat at the intensity of needed totally second quarter. Ended early in the third quarters what what really got a role and enable them out I got you know what was the question. It's particularly a conversation with the warriors. What it could go to the three point shooting at them go at it. He picked it and go to a man and I is that the week for the bond or later beat Kurt that the defense is what I. The opt. In order. Yeah and I guess we're to talk about defense we gotta talk about Zaza Pachulia did. A nice job on DeMarcus Cousins cousins finished with seventeen and ten. Five a serious split. He had seven turnovers the only was four for eleven from the from the field tonight were pretty good effort from Zaza on the defense event. Yeah we ask that question today or do in the NBA this week out here. You know could the truly. Could frustrate the market cut that night that he he would prefer it to markets cut the with the way he played have been and I think that's always. Key and content with office gains early for the better part of almighty Kevin Durant. That the big blockage against them which that they. You know helped helped turn things and the warriors favor as far as momentum goes in and it shouldn't really come along you know. The wasn't too long ago we have a conversation deal. Do the warriors may be need to upgrade a little bit that it is accurate they're going to be lingering concern that they played really well and everything make up. We walked reveal last five games are so we score the ball fiction. He's played in that position defense and interest looking more comfortable in that book that. He would put the wild moment I light and I eat with that over the Ed. That wound appeared stepped curry layup off the back about a turtle. You don't I think see pictures sting go JD is is as I remember. Ritual you being effective defensively. Most of the time it came with DeMarcus Cousins facing up. When he's facing up by it just doesn't seem like they use cousins. As much as maybe they could in a traditional back to the basket role. Yet you know what you had expected and I thought we talk a lot. A lot in that watch soccer on a whole lot in to eat that the coast by the scene that the warriors may play. It. Go stretches where they really needed to normal lot out there. Ended April stretches where they don't provide rides in almost at an LP bit. That doesn't commit to that they don't stay committed to run the other OL and in the running game you know or and I think picking at times. Go away from cut and so because he's such a skilled player. They want to run and bought some stuff the dollar in the high post to let him drive or where he gets a three point app on which if there's something to get hit. I apologize on the net becomes with a secret weapon but I think at times it means. Yelled go back in the game ticket Portland a couple of weeks ago when he when he had the 55 point eight in. Could you point gimmick ever called the if there was yet in the fifties. Against Portland. And he would just Domenici. Inside weather was mired Weinberger. Were formally. And they can go through stretches where they just don't quite stay committed to it and it became one month and I needed it to stop like what Livermore on the perimeter which. Which gives that seems to chance it could defend him like you're talking about. John Dickinson joining us from the gold once that are alas one John. Did did you sense of that or your locker room tonight after the game there were. Any lingering issues from the Memphis loss not not not a feeling but. What were they still talked about was that game talked about his leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Now that they'd they'd moved on product at EE LL from the pregame press conference. That it was that it was done and it was done yesterday at practice. It would Kevin Durant out of it directed demanded and said that. Not to try Ahman Green made a good point with the fact that you know he thought they didn't. Need to be routed pick and roll or they need to be romantic crawl not isolation play or other. It only met game my a team does a pretty good job of of moved autonomy if anything it was a little bit with a little bit surprised that they didn't come out quite better he'd do it because you know the team usually. When they're angry off the outlaw and Friday it was that lost a rare pat blocked with a speed you think they're gonna come out there just get a really beat up and I don't like it it in the third quarter. In the first quarter and it took probable while we did go on which may have been a little bit supply at all at all. I don't think this was a pretty good win. From warriors really. You know given that fact is that the kings were hit a lot of shots early in and like you had admitted it looked like to. The warriors were really gonna be in danger it would in this game four for two and a half quarters so. JD thank you so much we appreciate it. All right that's John Dickinson from the gold ones that are.

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