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Every team. It's exciting for the opportunity to come in here and knock us off got a target on our backs we didn't play buffalo. Fans of the rim does. Deep three right. That's overboard about whether. Pick up carry. You could break. It's time for the warriors wrap up. Just stunning in its very take that live report coming up with the rebound mentally it's the right. Com fight that says Iran has savage does have a lawyers leave wanna let them that he won't. But everybody welcomed the warriors wrap up Matt Stein mats along with few in the Golden State Warriors. Rebound from their long one game losing streak. And beat the Sacramento Kings 117106. Tonight at the golden one setter in Sacramento. The most important part about tonight. Wasn't that the warriors beat the kinks. That secondary. The most important part of tonight was that they can officially put Fridays to back Kolb behind them. And for the first 24 minutes tonight. It looked like we might not be able to put that collapsed to the Memphis Grizzlies behind us. Quite simply it looked like the warriors wore into it in the first half they got down sixteen. They were still down seven at halftime. And it was lead you know wonder if something funky wasn't going on with his team. But they came out in the third quarter and put together. A strong twelve minutes outscored the Sacramento Kings 3922. In that period. Took control of the ball game and then 1117106. Pat. Old ones that are almost at the ARCO Arena of course it's a new arena and by the way I was up there this afternoon. And hit some nice arena it is a really really nice arena. I think the Golden State Warriors would do well this and some of their executives there check it out maybe get a couple ideas are too. Because. I liked it it was nice and tidy it was nice and tidy the Golden State Warriors were nice and tidy though that first half got down sixteen like I said. But the second half came morality and they put it together. The starting five was very very good. As a whole but particularly in the third quarter whether it was curry Thompson derailed greener Pachulia. Each of those players was a positive tonight curry finished with thirty points. Six assists. And Kevin Durant with 287. And six Klay Thompson finished with eighteen points tonight. To remind green nine points ten assists seven rebounds. And even Pachulia ten point seven rebounds but the biggest thing Pachulia did tonight. Was the friend DeMarcus Cousins. And the bottom line with the Sacramento Kings. Is that the markets cousins and Rudy Gay they played their best basketball the evening in the first quarter. The first twelve minutes when the kings went up 3324. That's when cousins in gay. We're factor when the kings needed them to be a factor in the second half. Neither of them really came through. That's the Golden State Warriors win tonight but I like I said more important they can now put Friday's game behind them. Or ten day. Can you. Can you as a warrior for and put Friday night's game behind you with just one win. Or was Friday night so. Catastrophic. In a way that that loss is gonna linger. One good thing about the NBA they always say is the gains come so quickly CK it linger on one too long but that's if you're player. If you're a fan. And Miami's common name here this week in Detroit coming in here this week in you know he got Cleveland coming in next Monday on Martin Luther King Day. Delegates outside the realm possibility to think the data loss of the Memphis Grizzlies. He's got a hole on some Golden State warrior fans. There's no getting around. That fourth quarter collapse there's no get around that this team has. Decisions to make down the stretch of the game. About who they're gonna go to who they wanna look to. And how they wanna try to get big baskets. It also may hall watching that Zach Randolph. And Marcus all completely had their way with the warriors interior. So can you put Memphis is game behind you because it tonight. Or doesn't that do. Or is that Memphis game gonna linger. 8889579570. Is the number the Penske auto sales tax line 95795. You also hit me up on Twitter at Stein Mets NBA the Golden State Warriors beat. The Sacramento Kings tonight 117106. In Sacramento. Next up the Miami Heat on Tuesday but the Golden State Warriors tonight get back on the winning track. The victory over the Sacramento Kings will take your calls right after this. We'll put some really didn't. I didn't design. Moon. You weigh on me. Do we know. And you know I was. That won't make right might not that with a lot better. Derek curry goes all the way Atlanta and it. Don't like double. Bottom line today. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game. He is and that's kind mess. Welcome back everybody to warriors wrap up and that's assignments on 95 point seven the game. The warriors get back on the winning track with a 117106. Victory over the Sacramento Kings tonight. Good balance from the Big Three Stefan curry with thirty Kevin Durant with 28 Klay Thompson chipped that in with eighteen. And the warriors overcome a sluggish. First half one in which they got down by as many as sixteen points. To beat the Sacramento Kings and either yes or no depending. Put Friday's tobacco against the Memphis Grizzlies behind them. Well let's go out to the phone lines brought to you by nation's giant hamburgers keep it real making it nations. Let's go out to leave and Santa Clara what's going only. It. You know enter your question I would say those machines. Brought up by that game on Friday. Money it can go away in two days that you. Back within the see how they do over the next couple weeks particularly in Cleveland. And actually like to me it was all about recounts. I think we've seen at about. Maybe three or four steps that we need to look at the warriors game turnovers. It or retreat. Not three point shooting percentage. Word that rebound between 46 to 31 tonight. Did you go to somebody offensive rebounds that came got. I didn't nots. While looking at it now but LHU deliver the punch line. 11. One it's incredible. Yeah but we're out rebound them on the offensive boards and the one. And Unita as part of the game out of action in the when those gains when you know content those forty something. They. That there's missed them and the other thing I want it to took when I didn't I mentioned that yesterday at increasing the the rabbit and you will step curry. That starting about war games ago he's really turned it up. You know three point light on pick 2% shooting. You stick with it my all around game from him and the question now one you tonight and at all all law and take about your your yard where it's at. Do you think the warrior we're gonna make any trade in them at all. It's good good question earlier thanks for the call to I think the warriors are gonna make any trades I think they're gonna try. I think they're gonna try but I think he got to look at it realistically they're not gonna trade any of their big four right to take those four guys out of the equation. Other getter. Could they trade which Julia or JaVale McGee. I suppose but is there clamor for either of those guys I would say no. If you take a look at the Golden State Warriors roster in your another team but if you're young team. You have any interest in David West Shaun Livingston. Or Andre Iguodala. Probably. I wouldn't think so if you're young team. Then if you're a veteran team and you wanna get over the hump. Maybe you have an interest in one of those three guys but it's gonna have to be the perfect player I think for the warriors. It took part with one of those players now what I will say news. Living stay in and Iguodala are free agents at the end of the year. It's a good chance you're gonna lose those guys they're gonna be hard to re sides of the warriors think that they're gonna lose those guys for nothing. And maybe you do tried to get somebody in here who you think can help by. As a lot of things that got to come together right there if the warriors go get somebody. I don't think there's any doubt. The players they get will be a physical. Type player. Whether he's a perimeter player or even an interior player. It's going to be a guy on the strong side may be a defense of type player. As opposed to an offensive type player. I think what happened against the Memphis Grizzlies was alarming. How the warriors got beat up on the interior was was incredible. And for his good is Kevin Durant has been on defense. And for as good as he's been as a weak shot. Weak side shot blocker he was overwhelmed. Trying to defend Zach Randolph. In the low post now you might say you'll sold so a lot of people yes or a lot of people but they've got to be careful. About going of that small lineup if Kevin Durant can't guard those kind of force and that's one thing. Brought up earlier on the NBA this week say which one about Harrison Barnes. Kevin Durant obviously a much better player all around that Harrison Barnes and Carson Barnes was better at defending back to the basket forced. Kevin Durant he's infinitely stronger than Kevin Durant. So that's one area that scared me but the other thing is even a player like Tony Allen. Who strong and tough and physical. Takes its soul on whoever he's garden in the warrior backcourt whether it's current or Klay Thompson because they're both. Somewhat slight of build let's go to Anthony in south city Anthony. You are warriors wrap up. Other account signing and I got to be operative finals King and I would. That is the real there to don't know where you want. I. Why are these guys you know get the coaching start and gotten in the want people. Why are they letting the young talent development CP happen. There Plante Anthony Paul Byrd Garrett Temple older I mean it may be that rocket players. It will recall by the that play out I'll get it. It's funny I haven't written down here I said that's the game that's ahead scratch her if your Sacramento Kings fan. Dot dot dot Willie Cawley Stein and Maclin more mallet Kai Richardson. What why you would those guys not be playing in your fifteen and 22. But that's where they are they're halfway in a halfway down. And it's where the Golden State Warriors used to be. For a lot of years. Lot of years the warriors would be at fifteen and 22. Trying to sniff an eighth playoff spot. For why. I don't well I you know I also see both sides to on the one hand I'm thinking what do you do go for the eight spot on the other hand I say. At some point. The markets cousin tasked to experience some kind of success and he can't be in the league ten years with up on the post season. In other words get to the post season one time give them a taste of it and then hopefully build from there are but. Again your ride out I don't see how that happens either because gays are freeagent. I think nick Darren Collison to freeagent. And you're gonna build around cousins saw it's you dumb with yeah I don't I don't like we're the kings are even a little bit. Yeah outside I just take a look at their dropped district who Jimmer Fredette Nextel. And to beat her daughter develop. Just. Don't get it by. In the shoulders. I don't have. Mark brought out you know battle I think the biggest news that we can biggest thing or HBO are. Is that how corporate deal that care. That scares me. My you can are certainly. Cleveland Cavaliers have a better report you can move warriors now and that scares the living you know only because you know on. Carrier gonna drop the ball kicked out to the parameter these guys should be ought not. The pure pure point out there to police said. I'd like if you get someone to pick up I don't know. You know if you offer first round pick or 21 and sent and I don't know sought to bar which you're hopeful you can answer. You're probably not. But you're right I think we need to get another veteran gonna have to branch and another way in order it. I gotta be honest and re gonna trust in Clark crunch time playoffs. Scared. I mean that's a good that's a good point thanks a lot for the call Anthony I area if there's one thing about Korver and I think it helps the cavs I don't think there's any doubt about it. He has been making shots the last couple years like he did prior to that. He was up around 50% I have to look at the numbers now but he's not quite as automatic. As he used to be. Why it. She's a little more consistent than liked JR Smith. You could say that the other thing is. I agree really helps the cavaliers to was just gives them one more. Player depth wise. Because Mike Dunleavy wasn't play in Mo Williams wasn't gonna apply and so Kyle Korver. He's now all body you can use Korver shoot 41%. From three point this season that's still pretty darn good obviously but he was in the high forties. Few years back let's go to up Patrick give Hayward. Patrick you're on warriors wrap up. Airbags were grim beyond Ireland Q war and women ever take for granted. Then you are. I'm starting to kind of catch the Maghreb award was watching them play in the and watching the game more consistent. You know all in wonder how much you know why they do loot the Baghdad in the evidence. Acknowledged at Bagram where there's almost around the court. Why they moved back game. And and sometimes you know you gotta have a lot of us that by. And I'll look at the war did not say where there are Shaquille O'Neal. You know where's that one guy who nobody wants. You know due to lay up against it and does. Shipped in places around the corners are compiled privileged and can because it's popular pitched on the bar and I won an angry player. And I loop and we need that guy back. I leave Baghdad again it didn't matter and one intention to mister Lehman because you are imposed numerous amounts are. Our senior contributor three dimension and the ball in the end they're really good slew orders to me and so. It's your hat off and aluminum and I thought he. Bye thanks a lot for the call appreciate it. It may come down to the interior it may come down to can they rebound with the big boys. And they prevents second shots. And it ten may respond to win a team plays physically not just up front but in the back court to on the perimeter. Because look when you're playing in look at the warriors three best players. Staff curry. Klay Thompson. And Kevin Durant my three best scores let's say it that way rather than three best players. They're all slightly. They're all pretty skinny. You have to play physical against them and if you can play physical against them within the rules. The warriors haven't proven. That they can be as effective against that style. So that's what teams are gonna have to try to do and I think the warriors know it's coming and it's going to be a matter of whether or not. They can adjust to our we come back we'll take more your calls you listened to warriors wrap up on 95 point seven in the game. WB it's. Like I think I read to them all worked up about they deal like that want I'll lock flights were able. Hillary's speech regret my dream my coach Natalie. That's society is now up to operate it took three and it's money. Gold card that can. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game here is Matt Scott next. Welcome back everybody in the Golden State Warriors 17106. Winners tonight at Sacramento. And they can put Friday's collapse behind them to the Memphis Grizzlies. Tonight's key to victory brought to buy American Express the proud sponsor of the Golden State Warriors will go with that third quarter. The warriors were excellent in the third quarter. How score in the kings' 3922. And making up for a very sluggish first pamphlets go to Marvin in east. Oakland Marvin you are on warriors wrap up. I'm all right hey yeah. You know we we chat you know our portal at and about a trade. Can't do they have an okay. It would be restored and so that for us clearly. That and I think you normally don't know. What it's not which there and that guy at a Hamid thoughtful. You don't. There aren't Jeanne and and and and more blocker and they have to that spot that we can't. Don't. Take it. Click and Billy. And in. The eight. It is you didn't get that. We we we didn't act we meet you. Hi I'm Barbara I hear you know what Marvin I'll I'll just. All throw that out there people can hit me up on the tax line 95795. They like better not I'm not crazy about it. I don't know wells young I don't I don't want another skinny guy. I don't know you know they have JaVale league he mean and I realized we geese 28 or 29 no wells got. His whole career out of him he's probably going to be a better player than McGhee. But. I need some bulk go to Dre in central Cali what's up drag. You bought Marvin courageous vote. Yeah I don't think I'm trade callais. Unless I get somebody completely proven. Back. Not at this point no sir yeah they. They have a lot to their role in why aren't going to my game yeah wants one or. Very nice I like the way to play in the fourth quarter. Already get a chance to contribute he wasn't on ones thanks. You know we had a special time. We we did it today from one to 430 before the game. Because the raiders preempted his yesterday without. Wu which is fine so you didn't if you go to go online you can get the you can get it if you won 957 game. One that they belong cool to like what have you had a union energy culinary. Yet we're talking about our fans appreciate you lose. But anyway. I was still mad about Friday I mean the total collapse but once they got these remote you know. Clay at one that we wrote yeah morning acutely. Most of rose at 30. Yeah. I don't like it's called a pre roe and drag them. They're look at that although it alive just ridiculous yeah I mean. Well that'll happen sometimes straight eight straight thanks for the call appreciate has always dumping a stranger I hear yeah. I hear you have to work for if award to rent and Klay Thompson at probably complain about a little more but those guys are really good free throw shooters it's gonna happen every once in awhile. It's not it's not. It's not the end of the world the free throw shooting. Pilots go I'll go back out to Sacramento and hear from Dray mind greed and won't make this brought to you by Walnut Creek. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram were savings is simple online at Walnut Creek Jeep dot com. We flew around Zaza was incredible those are costly turnovers. They were to get out or insurance or send you some bogus ones that have been there we've got a rhythm. Those truly do portion of their heart. Very hard. Trying to figure out I'm like cause some good. I know my history right now. No good old get another he's like well. I thought she was doing was available so random and haven't again I said no longer have. So called music I'll give you two improvement is due pulling out our crew be compromised through that predictive. Surprised yes. But. I knew exactly Loudon because if we had a game plan going and of quote the way to undergo Archos the first wave as I did his job and nobody was there open. You know it deadly. There's Lewis Booth whose group veterans. And you feel a little more you play Wii so the more comfortable you did you know. Can't say that we've didn't like about. He notes that we've played it was for the last 45 years so. You know you do more cause was season grown and you know he's getting more comfortable you start to grow where you like the ball that where he's going to be. You know you do a better job for finger as of late you know we've been doing a better job of it. Or more holes. You've played with the Americans and against. In the past couple of years where's your favorite thing. He's incredibly you know it is horrible I think the margin is the person and and I think a lot of times you try to. A lot of times you don't give them their credit and of part of it is you know they shut it down. Play his status because of you know his reputation you know are considered local files or they've I think he is the best big man again. And he knows there's always instant watch you know us in the play here so it's in the play where it. He's so incredibly talented and excuse you can see 23 and our lives over the years he's been added that's his name is always really had to be raised. The only thing guys of the drew was pushing a full court into the hole in the hours go to the polls. You know he's he's done you know he's an incredible player. And you know he continues to get better you're hero regardless of what credit you were trying to take wrong you know tried not to necessarily give him. He's the best you to listen to this big men entered. Yeah houses and I co words we're gonna. But moviegoers. I can commissioner elect must put our kids. Hayward himself as early Ruiz Ferro import defense in this disarmed the very first look at. Then. We do so that was that a sign that could very in his way we try to do with some Sony gave a corner there. And so we started off the important things than we elect because they cut out some players over there. Lego has given rhythm they're gonna make Sosa rose and those of us are so tough so. All of us you know assay about a five minute mark in the second quarter restarted the Phyllis in the third quarter we are took it to a completely different level book. You have to break the rhythm or you know you levitating your room like that propagate. Sometimes tough to break sometimes you can't bring you rim would do it a little bit third in that happened in tears over there. All right that's straight mine green talking about tonight's ball game the Golden State Warriors. Once seventeen in the Sacramento Kings 106 that's brought you by oaks card club play it Smart play and oaks and remember. Remind greens sounds better and JBL speakers and headphones the official Sam of the Golden State Warriors and 95 point seven the game when we come back we'll check in with our very own John Dickinson. Who was at the golden ones that are tonight than any to the team's locker rooms. We're right back. Aaron. You might think that the plot yeah. Hot and very coming out all the way a lot and yeah I'm an electrical. Bottom line today. And eighteen seconds to go all the way deputies who dropped the word. Avoid being the bounce back where they get it up their mind up that third quarter were they scored thirty boys. They won't go to 32. AM at six. I think because that's been okay. Now back to the warriors wrap up on 95 point seven big game. Here's Matt Stein next. Welcome back everybody. The Golden State Warriors bounced back from Friday's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies they beat the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento tonight once seventeen. 106. But let's head out to the golden one sooner. Talk to our very own John Dickinson who was there what's up John you doing man. I thought Matt. Apple camper on a nice long data warriors victory here in Sacramento. Yeah let's not let's start with the beginning of the game. I believe it was eighteen seconds into the game Steve Kirk calls a time note. After a DeMarcus Cousins. Don't I guess so what what was that all about. Yeah I was sick of constantly and it wound up being somewhat on contested and on the clay yeah they were supposed to have help. That the base one side and not perpetually 1000. Did. Are you that based on its side and you want righted for a layup that we're supposed to be at double helped me actually. At that point they had their day in the pregame huddle with the first post up for content they want to rob a double. The double never game. Acute. Let him go picketing was gonna Appel. And it wound up Ian oh way to Steve Kirk is called a timeout to count whatever but he noted immediately. And they drain on green repealed but on the second possession the warriors actually. We're supposed to do it again. And they went a little too soon which led to an open three pointer in the king got up all on the border efforts by a point that way. The warriors that would reveal where they they really ready to go at the beginning of the game and I and the trauma so out sixteen because the. Well I thought maybe midway through the first half when they were down sixteen. They work quietly playing one of their worst pay offs of the year. They got some of that back at the end of the second quarter they went into halftime down seven but I thought. All in all it was a pretty poor effort that first half then they save at all with the great third quarter what was Steve Kurz overall valuation. He actually thought that they they competed pretty well on the defense and oh all those first couple that should not ending in and the sentiment was more. That the king made up shop at one on or at least in that quarter when they put up thirty points. After the warriors 24 bit yak as the half went on you could start to see the warriors find themselves. More competitively on the offensive and and you figured that the office. It was going to come eventually. And it came with that rot in the third quarter when the three point shots start a one candidate they relief well that that. Eat at the intensity of mean it probably second quarter ended early in the recorders what what really got a role and enable them have it right the oxman. What was the question. It's that chicken in the conversation with the warriors. Want it to go there's the three point shooting and Colin that it. Defense didn't go to a band and I that the police fought the war players he'd heard that the defense is what ignited. The off. I'm in that order. Yeah I guess we're to talk about defense we gotta talk about Zaza Pachulia did. A nice job on DeMarcus Cousins cousins finished with seventeen intend. Five a serious split. He had seven turnovers the only was four for eleven from the from the field tonight up for pretty good effort from Zaza on the defense event. Yeah we ask the question today or do in the NBA this week out here. You know could the truly. Could frustrate the market cousin and I speak immediate proximity to markets cut the with the way he played have been and I think that's always Kiki and cousins to withdraw its gains early for the better part of almighty Kevin Durant. Had a big blockage against him which that they. You know help help turn things and the warriors favors as far as momentum goes in and it shouldn't really come along you know. The wasn't too long ago we have in the conversation you know. You warriors may be need to upgrade a little bit at that position accurate they're going to be lingering concern that they played really well and everything they could possibly want. Really the last five games are so we score the ball fiction. He's play in that position defense and and just looking more comfortable in what they're in a while Albert I light and I eat with that over the head. That wound appeared stepped curry layup off the back about a turtle. You don't I think it's interesting though was JD is is as I remember. Which Julia being effective defensively. Most of the time it came with DeMarcus Cousins facing up. When he's facing up by it just doesn't seem like they use cousins. As much as maybe they could in a traditional back to the basket role. Yet you don't want it to mixed bag in and I thought we talk a lot. A lot of gains that watch soccer on a whole lot in see that the coast bias between the warriors may play. It. Go stretches where they really feed it to a lot out there. Ended April stretches where they. Don't provide rides in almost an NF LP bit. That doesn't commit to that they don't stay committed to the on the other OL and in the running game even though or. And I think seeking to times go away from confidence or because he's such a skilled player. They want to run offs and stuff the dollar in the high post to let him drive or will he get probable three point app yet on which it there's some gains he did it. A bunch of them and that becomes the secret weapon but I think at times between. Yelled go back in the game against Portland a couple of weeks ago when he we have that 55 point eight in. It was 62 point gimmick ever called the if it was again in the east against Portland and he would just Domenici. Inside weather with Myers one murder. Were formally. And Beijing sculpture stretches where they just don't quite stay committed to it and it became one month and I needed to spot like you've worked with a more on the orbiter which. Which gives it seems to chance it could defend him like you're talking about. John Dickinson joining us from the gold once that are alas one John. Did did you sense of that or your locker room tonight after the game there were. Any lingering issues from the Memphis loss not not not a feeling but. What were they still talked about was that game talked about his leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Now that they they moved on from EE LL from. That pregame press conference. That it was that it was done and it was done yesterday at practice. It would Kevin Durant out of it addressed it again and said that he thought the treatment green made. Oh good point with the fact that you know he thought they did need to be rotted could control or that need to be romantic girl not isolation player other. Italy met game I. He does a pretty good job of of moved autonomy if anything it was a little bit with a little bit surprised that they didn't come out play better in game. Because you know the team usually. Well when their angry are off about law and Friday night was that off a rare pat blocked with a speed. You think they're gonna come out they're just gonna really be not been like almost like it it in the third quarter. In the first quarter. And it took probable while we did go on which may have been a little bit surprising at all at all. I don't think it's a pretty good win. From warriors really. You know given that fact it that the king's work at a lot of shop early and in like you said a minute it looked like. The warriors were really gonna be in danger it would in this game four for two and a half quarters so. JD thank you so much we appreciate it. It all right that's John Dickinson from the gold once setter. That is going to do it for warriors wrap up the Golden State Warriors beat the Sacramento Kings tonight. 117106. They raised their record. 232. And six next up. The Miami Heat that'll be Tuesday. Coverage starts at 6 PM. You've been listening to warriors wrap up on 95 point seven a game I'd like to thank David Feld house and Ben Shaw. Thanks for listening and everybody.

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