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Gregg Rosenthal

Jan 9, 2017|

NFL Writer for Gregg Rosenthal went around NFL Wildcard weekend w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gregg Rosenthal NFL network and a fullback Tom one of the best in the business. Joining Jolo in dibs on 95 point 7 the game good morning Greg how are. I'm doing well let's go to net. We appreciate your time very much I wanna start with what happened in meat packer giant game or more to the point what didn't happen and that is showing up. By O'Dell Beckham one of the worst games he's had. As a professional. Some are gonna try to tie it to the Miami situation earlier in the week do you think did that really affected his performance in any way shape performance. It does he deserve to be is criticized as much as he is self confidence. I actually now be it would not get game or. Couple you know he had a couple of props absolutely it dropped some passes throughout the year using this special plays that you expected and some of the accident Eli Manning mentioned. I'll work really great throws on target. Diet couldn't run the ball dietary defense first team defense played great most of the game kind of collapsed at the end and that. Seen all year it's not a good up and vote out usually bails them out. He didn't say he's one part bigger problem coming up and is gonna travel a lot in the playoffs regardless. It ain't exactly when you look at oh build you know miss and a touchdown pass him you marry me and do you think after the drop toe do you think psychological physical Mike got a little people going to start talking in this because at a trip even though we maybe didn't partied all but he seemed come out who was in on his mind though because you seen come out before the game shirt off run and around the field. It think psychologically it has an effect on the. Well an analyst Kurt went out in black and get him back and in terms of thinking about what people are gonna say about the athletes down. Could be someone who is extremely remote and so. That word about the Ellis evidently very much pressure on themselves by a guy who reportedly. Was inconsolable. Very emotional after the game you know are partly on all the law he's got to get that together. I think he wants the wind doesn't like the guys that you can roll it but this is adamant in an immature guy really not stepping up in the biggest. And and frankly speaking at play as best at that scene I know they are. Dominated early in the game at the play a perfect game and notes you're right he cut that cuts down if it's separate cut that maybe it's different. Green Bay Packers turned it on in the second half and looked pretty impressive do you give them the greatest chance of. Going on the road next week getting and getting a victory advancing the conference champs to game. That's that's a great question and even thought of that. Well it's great ticket even not that it technically favored inactive I like that she team. I'd love it out in team I think as actors tablet it is not that matchup cowboys walk through that the jets and the Super Bowl they're gonna have. Beat two of the best three quarterbacks. In the league two of the best. Hot and is intimately and kept out of the waiting for that he spends. To be exposed does not agree abstract and I think it's gonna be in the thirties and forties that ouster would not at the game they did against Pittsburgh and comfortable that sort of game and that's gonna happen in the broadest common. Gregg Rosenthal NFL network would Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven the game. Very rare is it that a team will win double digit games and make changes to the coaching staff but what do you think is in store for the Oakland Raiders twelve and four on the regular season but some questions about a defense that ranked 26 I believe in total defense. An offense that's got when he a weapons but at times looked a bit stale how do you think Oakland approach is the offseason. Yeah it'll be interesting as salary you know. No relief well and it's so on and currently you know obviously wants improved defense in defensive guy. And it wouldn't totally shocked me they looked around right and I think because it's a back seat in this organization. At one time. You know we are related there are injury almost acts or what happened the last couple weeks of the season. That there and it moves forward. Witnessing coaching spats that that positive acute real and you cannot make an event not tired yet acting rightly got tired in Cleveland back. Basically. He's got their act in a while now know it snapped and have collected about people or wait around you look at a capitol upright and why. But it's been a slow process of hiring coaches. When you look at this raiders team you think okay. Drafting and picked going forth what is what would be the dire need to be saying this is a needed to I think that they need to address when one talks in new area. Well that they have such an awesome roster I really do this exercise class like that right opens today what. What each team that lots over the weekend needs to do. And for the raiders you know it's it's not as pressing as the other teams I would start with the linebackers. And safety position in general I know Reggie Nelson may have trouble I company's long term solution that gave up too many plays. At. The position that respects this secondary awhile I think it may get progress I think they keep doing it. And I think about that there's a guy and in general that their. You know linebacker position you're not talking never had a rosters but that you know the weeks that the middle linebacker that's about it and I. They couldn't look at to improve the compared to some of these other team. They've got one of the 567. Best prospers in the entire. The San Francisco 49ers are embarking on a very thorough and exhaustive search for not only their next head coach but they're next general managers well I believe fifteen candidates between the two positions. Have been interviewed or will be interviewed over the next week plus. Do you think when it comes to Jed York and pride Marat say that based on what's happened the last few years they have to do a little bit of selling it in some of these meetings I mean Josh McDaniels and Kyle Kyle Shanahan. They're gonna have their pick of the litter but when you look at the niners it's a team that had a bit of dysfunction over the last few years. Yeah I mean that it might be might be generous really if you. If you look back to that treat our there. The way that they changed coaches the last you know this'll be the port street here that look and her coach at third straight year. It stopped but what they do have to offer that I can that be and you liked and what I think other coaches alike is. Is AdSense network starting perhaps you know I think when you look at dot lately and popped a all are idiots at Alaska at San Diego is well respected and they haven't ordered back there or tape problem in Jacksonville. I think it's always what problems lenders are ready at GM there who's been through so wars is lost a lot of games. And he's trying to save his job you'll look in her head coach. That's a problem look it seems that right now I don't think they get a lot that other head coach and their GM even other winning zealots can't resist that opera obviously is a tradition. I have a winning franchise and an oppressed are and I think that that appeal to guys like CNN and and that any herb I don't watch as much say they can possibly have. You want to say and you wanna be able to do well does that make severed Cisco a place where you you can't really have both this looks like a franchise it's going to be. Two years of struggles how much of a risk should you take of the young head coach going to what's gonna be a losing situation for two years. Well. Yet get your there's different types of act towards candidates most of them would be thrilled that take any trojans got yet now it's up. Any head coaching job in the NFL again and beggar you know Rex Ryan and what was operative and happily take unit itself. Wanna be aggressive to get aggressive and jacks and I think I would have been thrilled to take the 49ers job if they were aggressive and in going after him or. In general McDaniel and Shanahan might feel like they're such a situation that big contingencies that that that Israeli air for the most part. At forty niner zero in on someone even as McDaniel and nickel after a heart I think mitigate chizik. Gregg Rosenthal the NFL network would Jolo when did is on 95 point seven the game Greg dynamite stuff is always thank you for your time and we look forward to catch a beat down the road. It.

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