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Joe, Lo, and Dibs - Full Show January 9th, 2017

Jan 9, 2017|

The guys recap the Raiders loss to the Texans on Saturday as well as the Warriors games from the weekend. Also in the discussion - where will Chip Kelly land and which coaches are on the hot seat for the Raiders? Clay Travis, Lincoln Kennedy, Garry St. Jean, and Gregg Rosenthal join the program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. We hope you found a way to stay dry over the weekend thank you for tuning in Jolo in Dave's Maggie five point seven in the game stoked to be here gentlemen. Gentlemen gentlemen let me get back boy unite kin big weekend in Reno. I know that there were some concerns about the weather obviously in the Sierra the Donner pass did you may. All we did make gated now without the guidance in the strength of Michael pilots guru. And of course Lorenzo Neal I was the man behind it behind the wheel. Things got a little Dicey on the way moment. Low with a steady hand and such shouts of encouragement is. Hang you and gives all of their coach has a couple we know in a four wheel drive vehicle that we rented it stated the Atlantis it was wonderful. But Hydro playing don't care via four wheel drive eight will drive twelve wheel drive there's a couple of Dicey spot. Did he bring the giant bag of beef jerky in knots are no we didn't they didn't bring DO didn't bring you that it was two it was it was a jumble that's kind of like here that's like your signature move his co pilot. And falling asleep but he's also yet you still got it covered not way up the way up a fell asleep on the way Beckett couldn't policy do it was the roads are really way. Mikey I guess it Joseph it was who Tubbs did did a great job up a couple of times he was. Did on the edge of the road they aired this kind of needed those bumpy lines and you can't just jerked the wheel because you'll allied Indians. He may he may Jody was he leaves owners are else like it gives it he. And as a whole Gaza border that hurt to hurt and he's brought it back up front about something more of a distract. In Manet words of encouragement but his work you are hollering Jack hold on did slightly different yet it was it was deathly Dicey than knuckles were white and I needed that support because that. Deep down I know they bunker I think you were one inch away from careening in this this snow banked. At any moment was more scared that's this year how of how how the tables how the tables did you there. A pretty good late rally late blackjack rally shout out to the Reno Kate Upton. Who is our dealer lot he Leno Kate Upton just half they surely she looked exactly like Kate beautiful. But in that kind of girl next door way and nice out too good really got out of the Matt did the Asian Fella got on agent Matthew from Seattle yet on the re not that we almost forget that the real Kate Upton by going throws a lot like John Connor cook unfortunately their cards flying all over the place in my around. But it looks like she did was right not. Not very accurate. She couldn't go to the tight windows are now. Yeah they regards that's going to be the key today good spirits positive frame of mind because unfortunately the raiders' season has come. To its conclusion 2714. Houston wins in the first wild card game of the week and we will be diving into that about a minute the first here comes your update and our top. Story jolly is the Golden State Warriors they get the balance back to win with a determined that second half defensive effort over the kings 117. S 106. Deaths curry. Love the way with 3048. To fourteen quarters they read the lawyers very public doubts great wife I've got married to upgrade. Apple ended up put it back side and the Peoria. That nasty period at different. They come back for a four game home stretch tomorrow it's Miami Joseph took some time yesterday but date finally righted the ship bottom line the win. The wind and we're gonna get into a lot of border discussion at 645 today namely what happened Friday night when there is a growing trend with this team as it pertains to the fourth quarter and assist. And we're gonna wanna see moving forward they get this thing corrected because in doing double. In the playoffs last year against Cleveland it to him against Cleveland on Christmas Day and hurt him big time Friday night against Memphis you. Don't have to tell me that geo story never sooner you're done over the final eight. I of the divisional round playoffs it's all set Green Bay will be one of those teams left standing. He created. The Super Bowl super. The you gotta love seeing the big man get a low as Green Bay pulls away from the giants they'll take on the Atlanta. In the next round Dallas hosting Seattle New England faces Houston and Pittsburgh which knocked off Miami. We'll take on that she story number three the niners interview a tour continues today back east Jed York rock rock days interviewing candidates for the GM and coaching vacancies the update brought you by the Golden State Warriors join no lawyers on Monday for an exciting rematch against the cavaliers. Every fan will receive a warriors splashed out or get tickets at Reuters dot com I'm Dan diddley. On your hope the lawyers back at it tomorrow right here. On 957. Game. Thank you did is speaking of the forty niner coaching and GM search Matt mail goes gonna join us at 730 for all the latest on that clay Travis coming up in 25 minutes. He is live in Tampa. At the site of tonight's national championship game we'll talk a little bam we'll talk little Clemson. We'll talk a little Miami party boat and how it may have affected O'Dell Beckham and the giants yesterday. At Lambeau but we begin. With the end. That's the end of the raiders' season twelve and Ford during the regular season. Comes Stew we screeching halt over the final nine quarters of the year if anything gentlemen and I'm not the first to say this this is a common theme out there. Derek cars MVP case was made for him over these last couple of games this team was lifeless this team was sold less they had nothing in the final quarter against the colts not think in the four quarters against Denver and then they went out and got ruled. Against oss Wyler and the Texans. Interestingly enough this was technically the most competitive game of the weekend. Based on final score but low it's kind of a thought of away for the season to end in. Basically an exclamation point on an injury that leads to the question what do what could have been. Yeah yeah it is so it's injures you know you you you be that you stated that and I saw an emotional leader and Carl once he left the teen. It in major wonder who's really. Dad who is the most in if it's effective person on that team coach is probably even included. And it's probably car. Because a coach can be it would motivate players it would make plays I get that. But to see coaches also make adjustments and do certain things even in tough situations to make guys in our situations at overcome certain things. With car. The team was cycle lost of life not have a mag guy not having their emotional leader not haven't met a guy that can make plays. I have it was just a team to choose new you'd seen the fans it is just it didn't just affect. Players and coaches but even affected us it affected the fans this guy his sphere of influence on this raider whole organization. It's unbelievable. It went so far Jodie and in the fourth quarter with the woods I six minutes left offenses on the pill. In your moves to most prolific receivers side to say no more no moss Broder ran. Marc Cooper was on a feel crap she's injured now I don't feel. Guys when they have hope. In you have a car that gives them hope it and make them pay to injuries. Play through certain elements of your good mentally psychologically when you have an emotional leader and a guy they can make things happen. Guys who will in the make more of a sacrifice in you solve a joke how much of a sphere of influence our head what a Marc Cooper and Crabtree both taken out of the game. One of the big questions during Saturday's 2714 defeat in Houston was whether or not Del Rio should have made a switch at some point. Ten magma going Connor cook struggled mightily in the first half. He's on the road his first career playoff start is a play off Gingrich first career start excuse me. Is a playoff game and it's it's league's number one defense he is Del Rio on the possibility of changing quarterbacks. I asked the halftime you know culturally felt like that there were other things or kind of contributing in the it was going to be a big change based on change course so we stayed the course with a. Sound courtesy of CS and Bay Area did right decision there. I made it hard to say it's not the right decision mean he asked and that's really just thinking about that quote for me as he asks. He is offensive quote coordinator ostensibly in the quarterbacks coach and the offered the staff as they should make you change and I don't think it would make that big a difference and what does that say about. Matt McCoy and what they saw. In Denver those two hits that he took in Denver you can see them kind of take that the life in this whole Lotta Matt we'll glowing in if he was. Healthy enough to be the backup. And healthy enough to be on there on the field obviously the enamel a faith in him otherwise they would have given him the start so I think you got to ride it out with Connor cook. The easiest way to look at it is that the going is a free agent after the year he's going to be gone. How far you really going this season. Let cook at the raps he's going to be your backup and you're going down in flames Rodney Hudson got hurt Donald Penn didn't play receivers were dropping like flies out there you got behind in you never were able to making competitive. Let him take the reps. Get something out of it bringing the blame in all you're doing is allowing him to audition for his next team back in Indiana yet. The best you know might do is have some miracle comeback only to get waxed at New England. This coming weekend and rest assured you would have been wax that New England if you got through it used to look good. They're a sixteen point underdog at New England next week you don't see that often in the divisional. I think it's the biggest number since 98 on. And a playoff game at this level I think it what you saw from memo glowing GO against Denver. Was not enough to it to make you wanna make that switch and Connor cook. He wasn't terrific he was better in the second half but that game was lost on Tuesday when he found out the Donald that was going to be out. More on this coming up here's the question for you what is next for the Oakland Raiders are going to be changes to the coaching staff how do you wanna see them approach the off season. Jack Del Rio spoke on the coaching staff and isn't exactly re affirming all that's coming up Jolo and its 95 points of the game now back to reader Monday's here's show low and did its. Good morning Joseph blow and gives 95 point seven the game the right there. First ever Super Bowl I covered. In Miami saints colts this is the halftime act they were lost them now lied in the stadium. I don't know how it plays out for everyone at home because I was also in Dallas. I believe it was the following year in the Black Eyed Peas and on yeah they were pretty good but when I was on Twitter everyone was bashed in the heck out of action I'll. So you now have no idea but The Who were fantastic sonogram on TV as or call. Go home back to that halftime show dozens down as one of the all time great ones not. Certainly get one that's a very iconic song as well on this raider Monday brought to buy any act Toyota go to any act say that company and the oaks card club. All right it's money even though they played Saturday you know how we do at this time each and every week. Readers on the. Raiders on the fifteen brought to you by dole and lumber doors and windows lower prices better service higher quality low. This season came to an end. Obviously we were hoping it could have gone much much further but it was still a remarkable year twelve and for what stands out Tia. I think it's not to crash securely it's a sudden stop. It just stopped joke all of a suddenly abruptly the last five quarter he knew that it was skating toward his weight in it would stop. Bullets not to worry about the playoffs that's not everybody knew that that was then this is now. Look what this team has been able to accomplish look at they want from their dog house in to the White House they are playing at a higher level so many more players. Raiders fans in raider coaching staff and players have a lot to be thankful for because this next couple years are going to be exciting for briefings this how you feel. I'm still not entitled little sad obviously over the loss but don't reflect on Andre homes and just tip my cap to the young man who was able to achieve something that. Will last a lifetime he scored a playoff touchdown even though it came in somewhat garbage time the game has mostly decided. He was a receiver who showed up he played pretty well the receiving corps didn't have its best game but for Andrei Holmes. One day carry with him the next year and a memory that lasts a lifetime. This is a season that. Exceeded all expectations. All expectations twelve and four was outside of the guru a pipe dream for Manny. Eight Nate was right from the baseline most felt that this team could get in the playoffs and that's exactly what they did you lose your franchise quarterback it's going to be tough to win a game. Ask Al Green Bay would have faired against the giants there's no Aaron Rodgers slicing and dicing 8200 million dollar defense to shreds Sunday afternoon. Roethlisberger did the same thing in the first quarter to the dolphins that was pretty much all she wrote in that game. And then Saturday night Russell Wilson played as efficient as could be eight Stafford couldn't carry the load. Quarterback play is what determined wild card weekend totals console advantage ex senator except. Next year it's gonna be a vastly different story for the steam. The expectations are going to be. Let's see we get to the playoffs you have now raised the bar. You are now going to be expected by many. To challenge deep into the post season possibly the AFC championship game I can smell it now come next August you're gonna have a lot of people. Picking this team to win the AFC. I wanna get your thoughts on that just a minute but Anthony in San Jose's on the line we'll take calls all day long AAA 9579578. Anthony good morning gut. Hey good morning so. That you picked McConnell Miller you're. All about attributed much broke. Don't really see it peaked and grumbled about two weeks. Car covered a lot of of the bat decent this year man if you are Smart enough. Wish you and I guarantee you actually will be fired and people are. Currently albeit possibly do with that because of course there are. And try that one. Well. And the issue swallow it and give them two weeks ago I became born here and working now. I'm really crushed. Them by first. Picture strong network that. You two at the thank you so much for the phone call lol I wanna get your thoughts on that but first this is an interesting question Del Rio was asked. If there were any possible changes coming to the coaching staff this off season here's what he had site. Well we'll see how it goes you know on. Opportunities come up for it's we do that the last year and it's. Breaks were stitched so. Got a good group of guys who were Harvick here so. Those who do. Do you think the team he's going to handle the coaching that any changes in your mind coming or let me rephrase that should any changes becoming. Well I'll say this too that they changed economy. Yes. In have a date set on every day joy came over here in Saddam didn't hold on to a second. In what turned to when he went in a statement that. But I never did you do you see signal under I mean you show in due to school here and I am answer questions and I'm an indirect this. If I did that often. You'd be to be like you'd die underwear might say no joke. Seems tackle those taken a lead it seems maybe we should point a new direction or gives it doesn't matter in dibs at tickets a better driver Joseph and movie in his seat we're gonna do certain things. It be an animal that you know what's coming. If they head coach. Which is defense of minding guy grabs a clip clip board. In says okay I'm gonna place you sit down you take a playoff. I'm going to takeover game. Which Jack the real deal and Ken Norton. If I'm that coach. From a player. Whatever it may be felt threatened. Look for another job. Maybe I don't say it publicly. Maybe I'll do anything publicly. But I put my feel is out there because I know. If a man takes something from you he feels that at that time or there's something going on May be you're no longer capable. Of doing the things that he feels it needs to be done in order to have success in company in any different deals. Especially Ken Norton this is not a first year coach this is a guy who's been around soaring like a young coach he says he jacket take this Uga Duquette is when should we had to do this. So I really believe the Ken Norton is going to be out. And I think he's a good coach and I think he belongs to be in this league but it Wade Phillips is available. I'm born after an and overcame. Wade Phillips because I know without a shell of a doubt. This defense will be top ten in so many different categories will Wade Phillips noticed suspected Jack. But you seem Jack when he was in December. Same weapons in what he wasn't able to do what he was able to he would move now let's be real in Wakefield came in with the same guys. In May. A top top five top one defense to me immediately won the suitable thanks to the defense Canadian have quarterback play let's be honest that was not Manning and his fine I agree or oss Weiler. Did how much is eagle playing here because a lot of raider nation is suggesting the same thing that low suggesting. That of a change is gonna come defensively Wade Phillips is the got to bring in his track record as a defensive mind. Speaks for itself 34 defense but considering the fact that. He took over for Jack in Denver and immediately went on the what is suitable as they're an ego thing at play that could prevent something like this from happening. That ultimately can only be answered by Jack Del Rio for myself would I be able to step aside and bring in the best possible person. Absolutely and I think looking at Jack Del Rio from the outside and the kind of leader he is being in the surety as he yelled everyone has eagle and everything they do we all have on the show and everybody in their world. No matter what you do you feel good about it you have that sense of ego but can Jack del real step out and bring in somebody who ultimately was his replacement in a previous job. I think he can if he sees Wade Phillips is the best possible fit. Keep in mind that you tried to improve upon this team the raiders rank in the bottom five at the moment and available salary cap space roughly four million in the Derek Karr contract is. Coming so free agency is not need to be a place where this team can upgrade its gonna have to be through the draft and it's gonna have to be through coaching. You're gonna have to improve because. As a bottom five overall defense. Coaching got to find a way to improve that the talent is there you spent the money on Sean Smith you've got talent is a little Mac's gonna be considered a top five defender. You can't have a defense led by that guy that finishes in the bottom five Italy more on this throughout the show will be taking your calls all day triple late 957. 957 on this raider Monday brought you buy at age daily Chevrolet. Drive a little save a lot and Dolan lumber doors and windows clay Travis he's in Tampa for the national championship. What do you think about that is it gonna be ban on five titles and eight years or. He had an even better opinion on what happened with the giants and that little Miami boating trip all that's next to a low and in 95 points of the game now that. Reader Monday's here's show low and did its bit once tonight Clemson that Alabama the rematch from last year. The BGG going nuts and it hung out a lean on what they like tonight. Yeah I like climbs and I'm like I'm it's. Quite as a deal wake us up to get to get ready to just write tickets can you like I know those are about his game and as some as the mouse opening to throw the common it's like you ask you about that nice big guys against a little bit it's that is the definitely take the national champs ago I mean you got to realize. I'd be we even talk about we don't talk about them what they've been able to do it's unreal. Would get in that more and actually we're gonna get in or right now clay Travis one of the absolute best in the business you can catch him on before us fox Sports Radio. Out kick the coverage dot com joining Jolo Indians on 95 points of the game clay how's everything in Tampa right now. Everything you're good old pole a year ago I would. Should go people are excited about the eagle. Article that reichert org than your hundred dollar. Per game. No culpable because political outlook break her. All right and we're gonna get back and that just a moment but I wanted to get your thoughts Sonny dykes was dismissed surprisingly yesterday by the University of California you know we're a month away from signing day that that bears haven't played football and over a month did this catch you off guard and did think there's some suspicious going on here could it be a Chip Kelly possible sighting. In Berkeley. I I totally caught me off court I mean the timing on this does that usually you're gonna fire coach you make your Beagle and a fired. Oh a month ago. And debt Meachem well although go out and worked at 8 am. I don't know where Chip Kelly what your record but certainly they kept Elliott a bad job it would be total current. If you're going to make that decision to fire somebody like that. And it could intriguing figure that made it don't have somebody yell already lined up at jobs that right. The real quick Arctic are higher week. In order the article or whatever record glad they got in a boy take you know. Well in OPM and a great time they're down there and Florida can't wait to watch is great game tonight. I have some stock and must be missile go by you can. Up. There. Mama and I breezed into a that is true that it would lead to a big hit midnight. It would tell when Alabama either could save what he's been able to do have you ever seen what's what we live in a country now when you tournament Alabama. Do you know we don't even necessarily know he can probably name 56 players on the team but is this are to be one of the best teams ever right now anything about college in. Look at this record to they have. How good is this team and how good is his coach. I think it Alabama teen ago you would happen today and waited and that they would vote. That they're the best college football ball park and certainly they're never panic that ball go out now. Last year on that with trying to become the team to go it you know Alabama beat them but. He's one treatment. In the history college football. Like what they won't hurt at all in order air scene where your only your quarterback Gregor obviously all about that. You're not a record you know he's been to OK and but he could have been the dominant and special algorithmic a couple of good up about it. The word. He decrypt it specialty cut down. Right now. I think all around at best college football team we ever see it they complete the cycle. And beat on the right. If Clinton can win this game than clay what has to go their way on both sides of the ball and obviously in special teams as well. OK so don't want to earn double that he can't turn the ball are right at all because Natalie earlier that it. And out payment they're secondary that guilt that they immediately herded or potential player they would be a they altered it on ought to recover Al well. Work org and on the other by the ball. I need to turn over. The decree that the Al particularly he'll. It could tailor regret quarterback at quite like true freshman quarterback it are frequently fumbling indoor during the all oak Brady could turn over to her ball park. Not all that though I don't believe when we can win that game without at least have marketed to probably in the turn over well. So yeah aren't wrecked out or an old law. Post about it the coverage on fox Sports Radio six to 9 AM eastern Monday through Friday right before us. As all the founder about kicked the coverage dot com clay Travis Wood Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game wild card Rican in the NFL is anything but for home team's winning four home teams covering MI ED giant packer game last night. It was supposed to be closer than the final result photo Beckham did never very good game. Now everyone's gonna focus on what happened with the giant receivers early in the week going down a Miami party on the boat during the off day what's your take on that did that have an effect should they be criticized that. I don't think that technical field Beckham junior dropped back. India and I think he got head like people ordered eatery after a pat on well. My position on the apple are you get saw several months and yet I'll see the ball though. I don't have a problem with anybody or their eyeball. You'd take that time and videos on or QB yet everybody's here. Your. Game basically played all pretty much. Dropped them back belliard dropped early in the game. I think it's perfectly reasonable that the question I did that in the overall out of body though. There's nobody. Packer Ebert mayor Roger wall. But I do it at your question or thought about your at it that are all eager to protect the impact. And get the app later in the game in the game aren't there are probably yeah. And so. You know. If your gonna make it got to be like Michael or allow all out and show up the next day at all like performance. If you're gonna get it right or better hope that work and what you call it. All we write like you gotta open war and needed jolt or certainly out current. That's a great point and now Michael Irvin on the short list of all time greats and being gambled bounce back after a long night Wednesday and still yeah Lawrence Taylor Diaz certainly a gallery for a a category. One I think it all back to the white. And you can do whatever ward off the old out bigger it got a lot bigger lot alcoholic out here. Currently you know alcohol that would become the go out or boy you know work. Doctor out like you know Barry their third report like they're not there all the revenue. You can perform and offered feel that the matter be it football I think all feel that. And there might be some sports talk host asking you questions on who fall under the same umbrella held by the way I click here in the Bay Area credit channels I was out. During I would doubt during what I act like electric. I would create a picture without drinking pickle after it right you're up early are or shall. It's an awful lot of people partly there are all right thank you really think you should doctorate in last night before you went to show them. Are wondering could it show up a good show and you know that that you archive your title do whatever you want it that they're correct orbit who want the Specter orbit. I think it's what their epic caveat. Play one more before we let you go of the four teams who won yesterday was the best chance to win next weekend. Who I would probably it two lead at the bit of pocket yet. I think you are not expecting it to go on the road and beat you Ichi. You know I think the fact that particular rod. I would be on honestly accurately. That that Roger's point. But at all the lying I think that yep they're the area where there I was at. But I think it is yours at that can't pull the upset. Post about kick the coverage on fox Sports Radio also the founder and I'll take the covers dot com. Jolo clay Travis Wood Jolo and its on 95 point seven a game clutch as always a pleasure speaking with you enjoy the game that I with a four to catch up again in future. I personally enjoyed that the richer. Thank you Clayton. The best the business that's going to be a fun game cover tonight Raymond James Stadium depending on where you look Alabama anywhere from a six and a half to seven point favorite over Clemson. In the re Max Friday night. At oracle what happened was not a fluke it's been happening for a wild. The question is how to fix it. And when this team will be ready to move for Bergen go over all that next with the warriors Jolo and it that if I would have yet now Gupta reader Monday's fierce show low and did us. Kids not to pick get a fresh wound but they say it's it's good on radio while we share a little bit of ourselves behind the scenes yes. The warriors Friday night the this is where a gallon tees again mom gets the Memphis Grizzlies guys were watching in Reno you guys at the Atlantis this week in your great show. From what I heard Saturday killed and thank you to welcome you to in the guru Tom. Just watching all that on full 824. Point lead kinda eerily reminiscent of what we salt. Christmas Day against the caps big lead look like it was all. Handled and then. Again yeah that goes wrongly and much like my Christmas was ruined my Friday night was all but ruined because it's funny. What illegal gambling establishment the Atlantis casino resort and spa wonderful location great people shot on the real Kate Upton like Dick dealer. But I digest. We're watching I got a three team teaser Johnny gives you so I jest yet like I I digress but I digest is my own life of yes he's got to yell at low weekend what happens is you start being created with the language like our guys. Lorenzo Neal yes a lot of three team tease and joke as you said teaser is. Our great way to go the clipper receivers in the NFL yes and it's an NBA three teamwork and clippers come home to roost at. The lakers with a blowout win there's ejection and Fiserv client I got the. Lawyers in the third ad there 124 joke. All of given to seven points because as you told us tees that they be down from thirteen. Figured that they can hasten the part Jodie days in a bar. Come to find out at one point lead is not safe acting got down eighteen. To fourteen it's down to nine this game is tied and also not open for overtime. And they go to OT ending a motor voted. Absolutely motor blow losing is one thing. But at the end of that game you saw Kevin Durant despite the huge game from staff curry forty points. In that match up Friday night on fifteen of 27 shooting four boards six assists to rant wanted the ball called for the ball the end of the game the try to win it. In even consider passing working in around it was straight ice so. Miss the shot and then drain mine green got right up in his face and started giving him the business. Late in the game here's to rant on the heated exchange would drain money in a Friday night's game. A hundred miles. It's. Voice and. Now low in the way. Of what happened Friday night I'm following along on social media and again here come the scorching hot takes. Well this is the first I saw the word seizure the first seizure in this war years marriage that now there's an issue. During trying to do it to rant does and not fitting in jiving with the way things are done in gold stayed in this is the first Fisher. Should we read into this is that to stay scorching hot take from the national media or is there more here than meets the. I think it's good I think it's bad how how dream I'm probably went to Twitter in you know to let everyone know how he felt. I think that social media sometimes can hurt eighteen. But I think that I saw I think it's good in the good fact is that it should've. In these scum because. When you look at a toady at this today clay that's it staff has want to start pushing the gas right. Why because he's go to show that he's worked at 200 million dollars. 35 the other night forty why he's being more aggressive USC I can still go to rat pack and still score points I can do all the things. Right now is about Justine jelling. When you solid. KD take the ball and you saw pre injury money in a corner waving you should see you know you can see the video he's wave and he's waving mop. He wants Kate Katie wants him to come over set a screen that I forget it I'm not coming out to help. So that's a bad thing because emotion when you let the public milk sometimes things need to be handled behind closed doors in the and he said this is curse fought. During my calls out Kurt he calls out basically snack Claes Saudi decision over the corner in its wrong. He's think he's saint issues that are wrong but. At the same sits in her cause you hurt Kirk amounts it while not management democracies you know he's there now as well this is where a head coach has a stepping in. And sure the show that is certain is that I on the head coach you don't need air model onto on the media you need to come behind closed doors and talent. But now you need to see how occur is as a leader because he's got some superstars that he needs and make sure that he can control this environment biggest. From this team has at the moment is the fourth quarter. You see and losses dream I even talked about and everyone notices the offensive struggles in the fourth quarter. When the team loses last year in the playoffs against the cavs December 25 against the cavs this game against Memphis offense goes stale. Dream my talks about how he sees it in the winds as well he's right. There's a metric to try to normalize and create balance between all the teams it's about figuring out how many. Points a team scores per 100 possessions some teams played a slower tempo like you talk some teams played a faster tempo late Houston. The weighted normalize that is to do eight average based on a hundred possessions making it even. In the first three quarters of games this season the warriors averaged a 116. Points per 100 possessions. All you need to know is it that's number one in the NBA by a mine. In the fourth quarter plus should they go to overtime they ranked 23. In the NBA. In swore. Her 100 possession now many people come out and say well they're blowing people out there not keep it all the starters and rent it. About 20% of the time curry clay Jamont and Iran or on the court together. In the fourth quarter of games. But this team stops passing the basketball in the fourth quarter. Take a look at the assessed it happened last night against the kings gap you know how many assists they had the fourth quarter last night. Fly. Why this is routine that routinely puts up thirty plus assists per night. Five gives you an average of about twenty per game that's gonna put you below the league average five last night and in the final I think it was seven minutes of that game. David have a single assist Friday night. Against Memphis they ended the game on four consecutive ice goes Klay Thompson was just standing around. And Raymond green this season when he's got ten or more assists and game they're eleven and well but when he's got less than five assists they're five and four. The ball movement is the hallmark of what makes this seem so great but for some reason in the fourth quarter of games he gets stale and that a lot of that is the addition of TB. Everyone's trying to figure out who's gonna be the top gun Lleyton games. That's what you've got huge used to playing style where it was gonna be roster until the final second on the shot clock and then he might get the ball. Now everyone's trying to figure out who's going to be our guy. Who's gonna win the game Presley and the start to go iso in the start to tighten up because they haven't jelled yet. That's why as dream on say Friday night losing games like that. Good thing because you gotta figure that out between now and the playoffs on the. Slightly disagree with dream on the losing games like dad is a good thing I don't think dream on had the minus seven personally he's playing have 124 point lead. And completely turning up offensively. And losing in overtime maybe it's a wake up call for them and I get that but you've lost twice in Memphis now is a team that you very likely could face. In the post season in your point Joseph about fourth quarter of efficiency or inefficiency. In this case. That's a real problem load we we saw on Friday that we're watching the game. This ought to get last night stagnant offense late. I'm glad I had been with dual melon that's when I did that I kept my short I know that was ugly for a 124. Joseph what it is and in minutes honestly. Like to remind did say in it's I don't think you come Republicans say it's on Kirk. This he got I mean in in these head coach he's got he understands it because one need to call time out. Can you say this is not happening even enforce sacrifice a lost and you take all the stars say guys move the ball around. They need to move the ball around and a fourth quarter and show is big it's shown immensely that when they don't there's they're struggling. You look no further in their to their nemesis the cast. Why did LeBron saint wanna point guard when I finish give me another point guard. 'cause he has the played point guard even want to. Whiting LeBron doesn't this simply because he comes out he steals balls wide because he hasn't he can fall off complete pick him he goes he loves that. LeBron he hasn't won a ticket if you that you planned them against that team you want LeBron to score 4050 point. Could you want them to take over as everyone else does not then and that's why they lose games but when tiger he's going. That's what LeBron is more effective that's what everyone else is more effective because Kyra we doubt can distribute to pass the ball move the ball around but LeBron just takes over and gets his 4050. No one else is doing it and that's what three months saint Intel this team gets that won't continue for the fourth quarter. Those struggling tucked into their job. On assist opportunities. From Dray mind green meaning when Fremont said she watt. Should the basket going it would count as an assist should it doesn't should miss obviously it doesn't but on assist opportunities direct passes from drama on green. This team shooting. 58%. From the field. When he setting you while 58%. They went five for 22. In that game late against Memphis the other night not a single field goal attempt came on a passenger in my. They just get away from what works first three quarters of the game you see. Great ball movement setting each other up working the ball around finding the open shot in May get more open looks than anybody in the business. For some reason late needs games they start to tighten up stop moving the ball around. Like I said Friday night they added that fourth quarter on four consecutive ice those cannot even work in the ball around coach ray might not even involved needs a clay was just stand in her. They got to a point where he was completely useless out there because they were even put the ball on a saints not to shoot not the past not to do anything. That's what you figure they've got to work on moving forward and you are hoping. That that would have been put in play for the kings game last night while they still won because an explosive third. I have total assessed in the fourth quarter fox. And that's just stagnation it's a stagnation sensation as Tim I probably wouldn't say. On the broadcast and the thinking part that I think is a lack of close games in the fourth quarter you haven't had that night after night experience as a unit. To figure out how you gonna be successful in the fourth quarter but that's already lopsided games and Memphis is one of those ones I think the biggest. Because shut off the faucet too early up eighteen. As a as a fourth quarter started and you didn't do anything off. It doesn't let them they're latent. Individuals try to win the game Branson the ball when winning game Joseph Lech you're alluding to by moving the ball around. Open guys get open shots by trying to do individually. Good normal wind and it's hard Indian people can defeat to better. Being a listener of 95 point seven game kind of like being a part of a celebrity athletes aren't arise because the 957 game. Dream a sports experience gives you. They shot to rub shoulders with celebrities and sports heroes beginning Tuesday January 17 that is one week from tomorrow. Go to 957 game dot com. To make a bid on your dream sports experience unforgettable life than sports experiences. Thank you when your friends will cherish forever all proceeds go directly. To the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in need. I have gotten a look at some of these prizes you can bid for. They are awesome and they've only got some of them up on the website right now. You've got an opportunity with the giants you will your body your names will be up on the board I got on the field before the game that we could be up in the suite for the game. The days are thrown some great stuff in there the warriors have some very unique things that are beginning becoming a forefront did you've been a part of this before how cool is something like made soup. We're cool and if you're looking for a bucket list type item to either give us the gift or would take for yourself and your buddies. This is once a lifetime stuff as a sports fan. There are certain things you want check off your list and some of these items that we have are straight off the bucket list I actually pitched one do joke. Any low O'Neal can't hall of fame induction experience. So of LT gets didn't look for that package to may be yes. This great idea right I'll thank you great idea. But it raider fans triple 89579570. Season's over. Twelve and four great result but. The expectations are gonna be even higher next year what changes does this meet team need to make. To get to the AFC championship to take that next step Tripoli 9579578. That's all coming up in one minute don't go anywhere Jolo Indians 95 points of the game. The. I'm sorry you. It's not the played. June oh yeah. The game. This guy needs unbelievable. Enthusiasm is just exploding through your radio dial that tell you bring it home. That they're assigning a ha that's bringing home what's up everybody generally didn't 95 point seven game. Thanks for hanging out we got a big show in store for you today Matt mail goes coming up in about 29 minutes with all the latest on the coaching and GM search. For the 49ers have you seen this list. The candidates everyone's on it it's everyone. I mean did I think your next Thursday high hopes so I mean you gonna have a list and serious it's about twenty names apiece. I control ticket window at 845 we get a pair of tickets to see Green Day. At the Oakland coliseum Saturday August 5 leaky Kennedy's gonna join as one hour from now. 8050. Here comes your updates. Let's talk Golden State Warriors gentleman named rally in Sacramento after a rough start they get the bounce back victory Kevin do rain contributing. Very great for her life straight vodka down the lane after deciding it now up after grant it to three and it money. All the hard. Cash. General the call they are not at 570 games staff with thirty Katie had 28 Boyer is BB king's. 117. 106 Joey bounced back. Victory but not. Necessarily a terrific performance a wins a win but for the warriors it's gonna come down to what happens in the fourth quarter specifically ball movement that's been the Achilles heel this year especially in their losses they go iso basketball too frequently but I don't think it's a major concern at the moment you have a new score in Kevin Durant quest to break some bad habits and playing in Oklahoma City along static dialing Russell Westbrook who loves to drain that shot clock before either taking a bad look or before passing it to the rant but no time left that puts you in a bad spot you gotta break that habit and once this team figures out ball movement late games they're gonna be cooking just like they've been through the first three quarters of every other game. Warriors back home for a four game stretch starting tomorrow against Miami story number two if we're down to the final eight. In the NFL after the wildcard weekend has concluded they'll be some Fresno state represented. Joe Buck economy of words with that call as green today. Beat the giants slow load of us stay out of the governor looked pretty good that's that we do from Fresno but it was it's easy to watch it and Rogers antsy right now I'm event. His pocket presence. Is it Dini enix. His ability to buy time. There's like Millen man book but the flip position is unbelievable. And Green Bay advances Pittsburgh advances as well as do Seattle. And Houston and story number three the 49ers interviewed tour continuing today. Back east Jed York. And Barack Murase set to interview Redskins OC Sean McVeigh for the head coaching job Panthers assistant GM Brandon being with. We'll get a GM. Interview more on that throughout the morning the update brought to you by big O tires big O tires the team do you trust I'm Dan deadly. On your whole lawyers Miami down tomorrow right here on 95 point seven game. Thank you did so on ms. rader Monday brought to you by any act Toyota go to any act today and the oaks card club. We can have rehash what happened in Saturday's game but how much is there you'd really like to discuss 12714. Loss that brought an end to date. Fantastic. Twelve and four regular season so we're gonna go ahead look to the future what is next for the Oakland Raiders. Some of your gonna be lighting up the falls we wanna hear what you think about the roster what you think about the coaching staff triple 89579570. Low right out of the gate. Do you see the coaching staff remaining intact. When I talk about coaching staff I'm not talking quality control and near the boxer who I'm talking about head coach. Offensive coordinator defensive coordinator those three back next season. No do I think there's some hot seats I think both offense and defense coordinators on the hot seat I think one seat is out of the other. In his defense. And I'm not to sandal Olerud Buddhist saying this because he doesn't like it or not I like Ken Norton played against a guy I think he's a good coach is a great linebackers coach. But here's the facts. Jack Del Rio took over. He said no can't argue tomorrow DC my deepest corner but I'm gonna take over a play call that's they head coach taken a job that he hired a coach in San. You're not cable this game you're not doing a good enough job. And I'm taking it. That bit that does not happen often in a National Football League. That doesn't happen so I'm Ken Norton I'm putting my name out there and didn't killers are welcome further jobs because if you look akin org Ken Norton a couple of years ago was. Talked about as they head coach potential. So Ken Norton wants to be head coach when all these danger and so when if I have that opportunity. It'll give Wade Phillips. Absolutely I'm getting Wade Phillips and I'm overpaid for in people are gonna say or he's one who took Jack's subjects gonna feel inferior. No we won't why because. He doesn't want a boy always fills what to do was Decourt. DC he's not trying to be head coach Jack should not feel threatened in this guy would change their defense because he knows how to run that 34 defense. He's one elite coaches when you spend ten plus million on Sean Smith. You have one of the league's elite pass rush isn't Khalil Mac you go out and spend quality money on Bruce Irvin. You spent quality money earlier on a Malcolm Smith who was a Super Bowl MVP he's been a first round pick on a guy like Carl Joseph. You've addressed you spent money and big time resources on the defensive side of the ball so when you worry twelve and fourteen that finish is 26 in total defense a lot of people are gonna question. What went wrong and it's one thing when Cleveland stinks on defense it's another thing when a twelve enforce squad. Stinks on defense markets in San Francisco thank you for calling the show how do you feel the franchise should handle the coaching staff moving forward. Gentlemen good morning or. Boy out and mark about. I'm surprised that you are given up like in junior now I know DeWitt goes via you know special aren't worth it to grab. But you know don't think Nokia and as a player you know but to think cookies in Edmonton reporters problems and personnel on staff player. Acute but if you want you can grab. Cohesion did you see the unit that that it coached and budget they impact the players. To lose a DC up once he didn't mean I'm I'm more disappointed with the people wore padding up. Putting on the on the blog planet into orbit and apple. You don't department that that there are gaps you got chucked at who the dark dark orbit on jamming it but people aren't. I think it import play. And you know I get one shot one more year because you want people. Notre I'm in order spokesman on the up and make it happen I am disappointment in fresher. On the quarterback on Saturday I was surprised that we couldn't get there it's from what I'm gonna put that on the players on the do you see. I think that we have a really good court you look at. You look at it through approach for at free agency and bit about it in twelve or thirteen creating art it bring back wrong. Bring back out but I do agree you know addressed in side middle linebacker. You'd muted throughout the and DB the short. And do we keep. That it is more along the train but the rumor and I'd crawl. There and and what you think about you know a lot bigger with street is to keep. On our own here before look elsewhere to. Get the compliment you're certainly didn't make the big question here. So they're call markets lot to digest there let's start low with what he was addressing with you one more year continuity with the coaching staff. It it sounds good and in Jack's got to have that decision but this has not been one year this has already been several years with the defense. In when you say okay workers and I weigh in you'd do that you have to put the onus on players I get that. But you also have to put onus on coaches coach's job they're called coaches because they pose a coach players up in gay guys in position to make the place. And you look at Wade Phillips and that's arms and if you look at Wade Phillips and see what he's been able to do. Jack Del Rio was a defense according to for the Denver Broncos. He had almost pass rushers he had that same defense of guys that were there. Wasn't able to win a Super Bowl his defense what the top five. Wade Phillips come in one year in the 34 the same defense. In these are top defense you defense when your Super Bowl so it goes to show you. The next coach is to have a huge impact on to determine an outcome of the games if you have the talent. I believe that the raiders have some talent I still believe that they ask mulls. I distinct as a coach and as a player if someone replaces you. Is a head coach says I want to do your job Ken Norton. You're my DC but you don't seem Europe why would you take over the play calling if you believe this coach is good. What did he have a cold DD you have the flu PD have a bug in his eye Joseph. Why would you why would head coach take over political. An excellent point Jack Del Rio was asked over the weekend if there were any changes coming to the coaching staff here's what he had to say. Well we'll see how it goes you know opportunities come up for it's we do that the last year much of it. X force the issue so. Got a good group of guys who work or weaker Euro. Those who do. Com if you love your assistance my thought process would be no no no changes are coming. Someone might get an opportunity to take a step up I can't control that but that's not that's not without laws right that was the we haven't made any final decisions yet that's what that says right there. And two lowest point in me that at sends a pretty clear signal when you take away play calling from. The guy who whose job is mainly to be the play caller on defense and you. You take that away from him. Because you're unhappy with the way things are going in to anti markets with the caller correcting his point about continuity. Low is it more of of an issue with the offense to have continuity that is the defense because from my viewpoint of the outside. EDE talk about the offensive coordinator of the quarterback it's important that they have a long see any relationship but does that carry over the defense aside as well. Here's a thing when you're on a 3434 is still 34 defense she's got three down linemen you have four linebackers. So yep may be a little different terminology but you're still going to basic 34. Wade Phillips is at 34 title coats so the way that this team has built the raiders and his it's got 34 personnel. Great outside pass rushers they can get drafted a quarterback that's the kind of defense that you want. Sophia built that way if you go bring in another guy who specialize in the 34 ala deductibles. However when you see the Wade Phillips both are guys it's still. Can enhance your 34 packets so I just look at San hey look. Here's a guy that's out here here's a defense that coordinator that's shown that he can win here's a guy did you look at his track or what he's been to wanted to 34 scene when he didn't San Diego gold continued to start his defense when Wade Phillips was a DC. He's not a guy this point to threaten the head coach he just wants to do we does well and that's may defense is great again. I believe it all starts with the question any decisions that are going to be made overt raiders these fuels are to the one question. What do we need to do. To make the AFC championship game next year. Because next year making the playoffs will not be good enough. Next you're making the playoffs and fizzling out the first game no matter who's hurt won't be good enough you have now moved the ball or one step further. That's what you've been trying to do over the last few seasons Eric's article in ten the one year in and they got the win over Kansas City and you come back in you start to get competitive. Two years ago I talked about dropping that scoring differential you're outscored by an average twelve points per game let's give more competitive lasted he came back they were outscored by less than a fuel per game. This year it was about learning how to win the late. He couldn't do it against Pittsburgh last season Chicago we remember all those games what do they do this year they won gains late. Right out of issue they did it into wallets needed it throughout the season on way and wrote. Two and a remarkable 124 record. But next year twelve important enough next you're getting in is gonna be enough next year the expectations are gonna be the AFC championship game that's a fact. That's a fact no one's gonna come back next year when you sign a quarterback to twenty million dollars a year and did what you did this season. And they're gonna say getting it's going to be good enough. Gonna have to be the AFC championship. So what do you need to do and Ken Norton get your defense as it is to the NFC champ AFC championship excuse me because he can't. You gotta make it change the reason for that. You don't have a ton of money to spend on the defense side of the football. This is not a team that's gonna be able to go out sign AJ boy from Houston to play corner. And some other road graders write the middle who could eat up space and free up the linebackers you will not have those resources. You are bottom five and available cap space at the moment. But you release some players make some moves will be able to free up some cap space they're car's about to get a big contract. How will Mac is a year away from getting a big contract Marty Cooper is a couple way yours away from get a big contract. You gotta think about the future you can't go lock yourself in all types of big time deals because you won't have the space for the guys you drafted. Where young. And big time contributors that's what this is all gonna come down to more on that in just a bit but for now you know how we do every money at this time. It's. Raiders on the day teams have brought Dubai. Dole and lumber doors and windows lower prices better service. Higher quality twelve and four was the final result of the regular season in low while the playoffs didn't go as people were expecting there's still a lot to look forward to next year with this team. No question in my guy is simple it's that guy that everyone talks about a week in and week out BC can change games in the drop about. Jump up ahead he's a guy can get after the quarterback. That's none over the Cleo Mac people talk about this guy's defensive player of the year he's continued to show why he's being leaked. Pastor Russian elite defender this is even though they came up short in the playoffs. You know one thing you've got a guy that's a pretty political pass rusher that's going to be here for awhile. Did what he got. I've got a positive from late in the ball game and you know you look at a loss like this it's hard to find things to really. Hang your hat on but here's a moment that both of these men will forever remember. First building like that in the cut assured it was left homes right slot Lynn told the inside of sorry here's what's going for the back touchdown. Andre of old school that we'll there like Goddard the it was a nice roads around the red zone to come. That ball it right through that accident collective effect not the signature touchdown raiders we are open for but that game was already. Well lost but for cook in Holmes certainly do know one for the memory banks and maybe some momentum in the offseason for both. Absolutely thank you did on this. Greater Monday brought to you by at staged daily Chevrolet driver little save a lot and Poland's lumber doors. And windows Reggie in Philly Reggie in Philly thanks for calling god. I looked it up on what. Are ones in the junior that he wore her position because they have no record low for. Everybody here I'll call them where abouts in the lord and all people actually from. Outlook while all that he. What they're caught now that it would bill Mott street out all the critic who you who work. People looked at all and what it looked particularly grateful that war at all that they would stop the war all that well the world with. Derek Karr Covert. For a lot of Bill Buckley decision we talked to order a proper way to start low and it may have become more in the game late. Jericho onto the scene one back on the win games late. The daughter chart below do. In the India could not talk about the raptors lack of its original web. But it was the play caller ID Whitner called out of it and there were at that point. What. Dark with terrible quarterback he dropped back to pick one out. Update their lack of creativity. Because the article reduction outweigh now. So well that boat OPEC on. I wonder how productive when everybody in this made note that in the ball because they've got to do. Pocket litter bug up. Got wild at bat. Boy called little lined up on re on the table all the provinces like. Lot of them mr. mayor welcome the output in the lot. Not with the auction spot on the merits of does it goggle. Architect of the lack of awareness and a lack of creativity or built up. Part it was met by Eric Carr. Sitting in these seven and BP nervous here are our problems are not all of them. I haven't been although all year not that you didn't need to go to operate effectively it would welcome to separate their car put up a topic is built well nor. Thanks Reggie appreciate the call Caldwell. Rob musgrave we focused on the defensive side of the golf ball but bill musgrave is. In individual that's going to be able to take this offense to the next level if you got a franchise quarterback MVP candidate quarterback. You should be able to get a lot out of this offense reds I I agree with you we all talked about that he wasn't on the ball well on the should have been right and because they're running the ball well on the kept on the ball. And wasn't wise. So when you talk a mob musgrave will you correct absolutely. Now here's a question here's a here's that here's what I'm do you get rid of two coordinators in one year. That's got a tough in here's why I think that musgrave has gone get another year I think to Ken's gone this year and have to make sure. May be musgrave but here's agenda if you have a quarterback. Airline and Rogers what does he do he checks out of place he takes over. He makes it happen Brady play comes in Brady doesn't like he's able to do Bigby and all these guys they have that ability. Because they're students of the game Drew Brees. Don't like a situation guess what coach gave me to play but I'm gonna Alter out of it because I know what to do. Your car that's what you got to relax in that and a bridge that's which you have to rulers to. Because like you alluded to. The air car can hide a multitude of faults by coordinator he by getting guys in position to be successful no matter what the play becomes it. So that's why I think you can hold on the musgrave for a year but this Ken Norton. Had the ability are the talent hide imperfections of those calls that they nickel defense. That's the million dollar question that's the coordinator question and I think that answers no but you have car that can hide a lot of different things defense they can't. From the 510 on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex NHL are you ready to give us Weiler any credit yet know. I'm a day of this as it pertains to bill musgrave coming openings do we have for each seat jobs around the NFL right now. Sanjay herself seven and a bunch of them 49ers are open San Diego's opened go all the way around the league a lot of head coaching jobs open. Who are the guys being interviewed for these jobs. Coordinators. Highly thought of coordinators. Josh McDaniels is hot kept commodity is any well he happens to be the offensive coordinator a one of the best offenses in the business Kyle Shanahan. Hot commodity yet pins to be the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons one of the best offenses in the business. Bill musgrave is the offensive coordinator for one of the best offenses in the league the Oakland Raiders he also oversaw the development of Derek Carr from second round pick out of Fresno state. Two MVP candidate in the NFL. Has a single team reached out to the raiders about interviewing bill musgrave Frey head coaching job. I haven't seen that story known case I missed it I think the answer that would be no has a single team reached out to the Oakland Raiders got interviewing Ken Norton. For a vacant head coaching job I'd refer you to my previous answer your honor. I think that it I'm I'm either I miss that story or it's not out there are certain actions or lack of actions in this case may speak louder than words Jack in Cordelia. Thanks for waiting on hold please go ahead. Good morning guys. Well no I don't Kendall and read little I don't let bureau of our but odd report you know I I think you're awful I don't like. I don't like making. Cogent scapegoat that we're both in case where. Yeah the biggest and head coach Eddie go to it could have used to be a lot with a scheme and not an undeclared yes. And Ken Norton in love with its key you'd you'd big. Yeah that'll. You know I report or not it I don't like let's put it on board not getting the quarterback all of the law. We're Bruce Irvin is not a doubt play like I keep under side. You get swallowed a byline at that point you gotta stop the move guys around vehicle that back position it'll create an award or. But not all were now we need to get there at the bad. Thing you can do to make it's deep that not so that Noah and then. But then again I totally understand like the why the Marty disappearing. In the rademan. At Wal-Mart group were. They tonight audible dot net what. I want a little bit even that guy he's the man. You know that god and black guys like. The big was he was pointing out come get the ball they want the ball they demand before and horrible. Didn't the ball. And Marty. Know you gotta be one step opposite gimme the ball. Great I mean. At what point attic or get the ball and yeah you can market bought up by a team like you know the giant. Well that's what we've got all ought to get when you go to the need to go to crap you Romario and light. Written they've. You gotta gotta op that they can shoot it could shoot up on you not perfect but it in the lead off. Jack appreciate the phone call thank so much rub against it didn't mean to cut you off well I didn't cut you off there and nothing personal like the phone call we just all Jack have a break coming up on a with a Morey just be careful what you wish for you one O'Dell Beckham now guy makes plays but on the biggest of stages in his first career playoff game how do you look yesterday. And that is a lousy. Packers secondary don't get confused they didn't just play the Texans or the Broncos they went up against a lousy packers' secondary. And owed DB was nowhere to be found that entire game that was one of the worst performances he's had his career. That's we get the wide receiver that's what you want uncle with a mark being quiet IE you know what that's the new age of NFL wide receivers. All right we're gonna have way more on this throughout the show we're gonna break down the old Dell Bakken situation in about twenty minutes the mat mail goes up next regarding everything that's taking place at the 49ers. Fifteenth. Is the number right now of candidates who either have been interviewed or will be interviewed for two open vacancies fifteen. Justine gonna get it right we'll find out next Jolo and at different points of the game. What are the raiders' biggest needs heading into next season. Lincoln Kennedy joins us coming up at 805. Now back to reader Monday's here's shill low and dips. Fascinating conversation at the break and actual birth Percy section. Which way do you go. Jolo and did not find points of that today's a take you pick poll question. Because it might should've been. You know while we might have to call audible on that particular poll question coming up in fourteen minutes. At 745. Very happy right now go to the phones Matt mail go forty niner insider CS and Bay Area would Jolo in dibs. On 95 point 7 the game good morning Matt. Everything though it looks like we've got fifteen total candidates. Who have either interviewed already or will be interviewing. For the vacant head coaching and general manager job moving forward any timeline on when we might be able to expected announcement with a either job. Well I it's played certainly not for the now. We can apt to be I think the at this gala guys scheduled next week with our cable unexpected dinner beyond Sunday in the in the GM candidates train. Kirchner Iranians Scott bitter scheduled interview on Monday. The it is no longer that goes you know in. It basically goes up toward super mobile community tell you one thing that make it that. Whoever is still out there. In the billable. To be hired but not. LD boy yet to be hired because he is still playing. Lose to the top of the list to well. You know properly Daiwa's I have thought that one guys who. Probably looked the most attractive. This. Current head coaching pool is Josh McDaniels. If the 49ers won just beat the angels. And you know there's no reason to think that. He's he's not in that running at a few other teams an interview in two. In the got to wait and made it it doesn't make any sense to say well you know he's in the Super Bowl with a one week that. Let's just hire so many now I think that part of the reason. They get that beat the coach general manager. Of fusion if you will is that. It. If you match and a guy who's going to be coaching in the Super Bowl with that GM. You can hire that Gian weeks earlier in the Aegean start scribbling out and in giving things lined up so in this they had coached signed on the dotted line. Some of the pieces already in place some of the workers are ebitda. So so Matt what is gonna come person taken vague you think this team has gone higher head coach before the GM because they brought in head coach is there any coach is candidates their. Party think they're gonna go GM first. You know and I think being interviewed her I think they basically pirated. The two positions at the same time. You know whether it's now that the same time. There remains to be seen but I don't think that they're going to hire. A one position without already having the other position. In places well I think tells the whole thing that that you at York was trying to impress on people a week ago today. What did he didn't want. They are to be. In your level of mystery where you know the head coach not knowing what he's gonna get from the general manager. From the general manager not knowing what he's getting it from eight coached. So he locker symbiotic relationship with these guys. Where in maybe not necessarily they've they've worked together in the past but they certainly know each other respect each other. Thank you get along. In the work toward one goal rather than. You know when when things start yourself. You know there's there's not the finger pointing there's not. You know all he would. Because of the players that took it head coach it's it's it's not my fault because the players over the or the general manager today and the players are good attitudes. The coaching staff doesn't put him in the right positions they'll. You I think that the one thing they Jed York wants to do what this does is make it very clear. The book the coach in the Gian that you guys are in this together into pure in a wanna be fails. Both the tail. A judge you or to drug rot they are back east and doing these interviews right now Matt is there any outside advisement that they're getting on this interview process or they just doing the interviews themselves and and basically deciding between the two of them. Well I think union by using it would would have been kind of put together a list of people they want to talk to deal. I think what you get in the room you know to my knowledge solely Italy Jed York in Prague rock a during the interview so I think probably what about any job opening. You know the outside and buy it comes from. Well let's put together our initial list of interviewees. Have been once you. Yeah you know what you're looking for and then you get in the room. And on. Sunday or Saturday for that. You know that just regain. Decided interview retains a bank or military team with an opening wanted to talk to except for Denver so. We gain ordinary because listing on the preteens. That he felt like I can work for. And the three hour interviews. Each of these teams tablet and the jaguar brands in the 49ers last. So you know that that the coaches. Know what they're looking for. I think these teens know what they're looking for it and he died in the case with the 49ers I'm sure. You know that they're looking for stopping by all of these candidates are talking deal. You know it is especially in the case negate. I would say about me being hosted more interviewing forty better or just arch. And the 49ers did interviewing him probably he's been through this process. 49ers and he know them. May Ali have a pretty good relationship because there is some history there so. I get the thing. Pursue this opportunity again and I think it becomes a more attractive situation now. That a guy like him. I won't have to do catering to I union with trip balky that the person you know the coach will be able. In essence go into it knowing who the general manager's going to be feeling confident that he can work at general manager. Well when you say that they know what they're looking for these most these teams know what to look for. Do you feel comfortable saying that when you look at the San Cisco for united Jim Harbaugh Garland. Are you say you know you heard you know Jed York's I wanna teacher won a leader Tom sowell gone. Brings in Chip Kelly on after a year so what gives you confidence in Mitch you know it Jed York knows what he's looking for and do you feel that. Do you feel that their cable or do you feel that they want to make the right decision in this. Of course not now at eight now. Adult picky UT and at competence in the because of the track record the 49ers have been you know there's the one thing though it. You know it it would balky who made those calls on. You know hiring Jim Harbaugh which obviously very higher. And blew up at the end there and you know for whatever reasons a lot of and I'm sure we don't know. That the decision was made it figurative hand and then the other disastrous decision. The hired Jim Johnson Lula instead about a gate although at a decent college pretty happy it turned out that way retrospect. In the last year with Chip Kelly and those were those are all he's Asian and I think pit. Maybe get York feels like you know I could have done better. I can and better than that balky. It and I want to have. Or today in the matter of who might head coaches so but I mean is there any reason at competent now of course. But I get off at a quote. On that day to make anybody believe. That he was going to to do the right thing diskette at this speed inkling so I mean I have got to beat in the the same approach I mean there's certainly enough and I could say you're would even want a prayer you know what I wanna put my name behind saying. Well there's no question he's going to be Brokaw means you'd never know if he's make right call and and it bit the track record necessarily hasn't been very good. Of the deal. The immediate results were very good and that being Mike Nolan and it's got fluent. But you know history kind of proved out that. You know they they did a pretty good job as far as lining up the talent in getting them ready. Perk for the next and even the next regime is that the regime after the next three so. You know that Opel committed the players that. Jim Harbaugh want to let then turned balky was the executive the abuse that he's been. You know those are players acquired. By it by head coach and general manager. At least for a couple of years worked pretty well together so. We'll be you know that that timetable. It took a long time for the for that group acted to get. Players together for the prayers are winning that epic where's that would much. More detail than they don't want to take that. Matt or a big city here I wanna jump that we as one last question. The Senior Bowl practices start in thirteen days and that's the last of the college football star games who is gonna handle the scouting. If you don't have a coach and GM hired by that point. That it collection and enacting public gamble and party organization I would imagine that he played a huge role in getting access but. You know everybody's jaw and nobody knows it is they're gonna be working its gonna be too and actually engine and exit coach. It to. To decide who works but I would I would do. That they'd wonder how did you manage. And in that that would probably appear to be the most likely scenario that I hate to head coach is still. In the playoffs and not there'll be higher than they would have their head coach in line with the or sorry their general manager. In the building was the next head coach just waiting in the final about it. Forty niner insider from CS and Bay Area Matt mail go Jolo in dibs on 95 point seventy Matt thank you so much for the insight and your time we appreciated. Good luck we'll all this stuff and we'll catch up with the again next week. Here's a question for him. Does O'Dell Beckham and the New York giant receiving unit deserve the blame for what happened at Lambeau yesterday. You wanna put on a Miami and party that's one thing but you got to show up over the weekend that more next Jolo and in 95 points and the game. What are the raiders' biggest need heading into next season. Lincoln Kennedy joins us coming up at 805. Now back to reader Monday's here's shill low and dips. Not exactly the most compelling. Of wild card games this weekend we pretty much went four for four. In terms of the favorites won all four games. They covered all four spreads your scoring differential. Was in the neighborhood it was actually plus 76. While the four losers were outscored by 76. Points in these four games. 121. A 45. You take Alabama's win over Washington and Clemson went over Ohio State we're not exactly getting a whole lot of great playoff action that's RI. Tonight there's still an opportunity to have a great game and I think will get a great game tonight. And next week with a divisional round and everything coming I think we're gonna get more competitive football but not it not an exceptional weekend for the NFL again. So ignore the college football playoffs as well as six up and six down a wall blowouts and if memory serves me correctly normally the divisional round which is coming this weekend. Is where the blowouts happen wild card weekend you normally house and closer game so they did a trend to be revert. This year that be nice is this is a fun weekend but. You got all these teams coming off the by here's your early look at the four matchups you're gonna be face with. Starting Saturday 1:35. PM it's gonna be Seattle Russell Wilson. At Atlanta and Matt Ryan and the only play off victory of Matt Bryant's career came. In the divisional round against the Seattle Seahawks that was the year for the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Atlanta open is a three and a half point favorite they are now a four and a half point favorite over under a 51. Just initial no one's gonna be held to these but your initial thoughts on that game. Very now I have to say Atlanta and you look at Atlanta Falcons. Their plan at home the problem when little revenge. They've been in this situation before. Many crisis he's learned these easing compensations about even in BP. They can run the ball who heels held the they got receivers. Defense is playing better. And that amendment turf and at home so let initial I would have to take that home team optical Anna did your initial thoughts Seattle. At Atlanta same thing you know and Seattle normally is a pretty good road team and an unbelievable home team this year Seattle did not do. Very well on the road three form one away from home in the regular season. And Atlanta that offense with two had a monster running back very good especially indoors I like Atlanta and I really like the over the. Houston and brought us Weiler traveled to New England to take on Tom Brady and the patriots. Fifteen and a half point favorites New England is 815 and a half point favorite now a few years back. When the Broncos and Tim Tebow five years ago five years ago yesterday I believe the ones knocked off the Steelers in overtime of the wild card round. They travel to New England the following week they were two touchdown underdogs and got blown out of the water at Foxboro any reason to believe the Texans will make this game competitive. No I mean Roma details that have his hands full you know as a defense it. Guru defense of minded guy and so he he he coached under Belichick that he was there's. And they play good defense Houston Texans playing good defense but they're going to be a motorboat at this. The great yet I do agree in the New England defense I think is one of the more underrated units in the NFL this year. They've been terrific I can't see Houston getting into double figures. On points that game feels like 28 and nine or 35 to nine kind of drubbing Norah a motor boating as well as some would say. Leading Kennedy's gonna join us in about ten minutes talk about the raiders 1005. AM. Sunday it's Pittsburgh at Kansas City the bookmakers got this Brad wrong I said yesterday I said this morning and now the corrections are taking place. In Las Vegas. Kansas City pits were open is a pickup. Any read live an extra week to prepare at. At home and all that ballots on his team against the Steelers and a banged up Ben Roethlisberger and you're gonna send that out up pick gum. Will guess what here comes the money Kansas city's now two point favorite IDC this one this be the most competitive game of the weekend hurt the Las Vegas points rent. Yeah yeah I look at this gaming that he Kansas City in the home of the chief step place is tough to win. You see the way Cannes he's playing defense you see that and you read how he's coaching you look at Alex Smith. At first gonna have a hands Phil I'd I think is can be good game two got to take the home team Kansas City did this Pittsburgh Cummins for upset. I'd like Pittsburgh in the upset here and what I saw from the Steelers yesterday outside the box score. Is Pittsburg was out there playing for keeps not only to win that game that they are looking to knock people out. They hit on that more. Was one of the biggest hits you've seen in the past five years and it's that mentality. That Pittsburg brains and ultimately. Kansas City is still Alex Smith. And it still Indy reading guy who tends to come up small in January. I liked Pittsburgh in the upsets straight up. Miami's got no chance of winning a Super Bowl ever. Unless they grab one seed. You soul exactly why yesterday. There in South Florida they hang out on South Beach there in the nice weather they couldn't get to the heaters and their jackets fast enough. As soon as those guys came up the field they went running for coats it was like guy. It's excellent beaches in Normandy that's the way to make him look at what this is it's us it's of the football game what. How is going on out there it's a football game to those guys that would they couldn't have gotten out of that game. Fast enough that secondary was hideous. That was a team that had no they didn't wanna be there. That's Miami for. You don't grab one seed you'll never win in Baltimore you'll never win in Pittsburgh you'll never win in New York against the jets if they ever get good buffalo new England and you name it they are not built to go play in the cold weather you saw yesterday scared scared of the weather. Miami Pittsburgh came out pop them in the mouth and that team was is looking up at the scoreboard thinking how long until we can get out of here. Lady on bell by the way he's on video game yeah that guy is on he's not even though video game. PlayStation mode. To the point where behind the line of scrimmage sees it or want to suck right I don't want to shuffle left and many see the opening and that connects exactly regular anchor it. The birds is also running I no one's got vision like that nobody in the NFL has vision like nobody running back position final game Sunday 1:40 PM Pacific Rogers in the packers'. Traveling to Dallas vague on the number one seed Dallas Cowboys. The cowboys are 84 point favorite over under 52. Dallas. I still like Dallas like they like you alluded to having to ask noted though the ball over all over the feel. I don't I'm not sold Green Bay secondary I'm not so long green Bay's run defense Aaron Rodgers each show me a lot of things yesterday what he can do. You know in the pocket in a messy there's one game didn't think the upset it be more Pittsburgh but at all the ressam I like the home dogs. It's dream hey. I mean no team playing better right now offensively. Then the Packers and I don't think that Dallas is that. Daunting of a defense Ezekiel Eliot obviously a big factor if they given the ball thirty times they keep Aaron Rodgers off the field they can beat the pack. But I like Green Bay with a road upsets and more Dallas disappointment. Time did he take your people questioned about you buy at these daily in the bought those Chevrolet and a good morning. Good Marta bus today's question which team had the most impressive win over wild card weekend was the Texans the Packers the Steelers of the Seahawks. He has no weeping but when a nanny by sending in dot com also go to Twitter at nine by send the game used hash tag take you take it personally think. It'll start with you today who had the most impressive when this past weekend. Go go with the Green Day it was a game that everyone said it was gonna be the closest in the giants got within one and and Green Day. Flip the switch offensively and took that game over Aaron Rodgers play it was an unbelievable confidence right now. The Pittsburgh win was impressive but I think Green Bay the way they completely. Polished off the giants late that's one dollar its low for me as. Pittsburgh man Pittsburgh you know you look at Bigby and he's elected guy the seven step drop and blow the ball vertical they didn't. They motorboat to meet. They forget it was three steps he got the ball at the hand there and a lot of quick screens they they they hit the parameters quick. They put a lot of pressure on Miami they said no more now hold the ball when I don't let Cameron Wake give to us. We're gonna get the ball in the hands quick they ran the ball he saw mammy sit back their plan to deep they ramat attitude deep prompt for guys didn't show up. It was pretty impressive what do sought expert silk Pittsburgh to me was more impressive and a. I got I got the Packers on this one it was her that close early on then that when he had that he'll marry. At and a half from Aaron Rodgers he's white hot right how right now so got to pack. Ers all right. Photo Beckham and the giant wide receiving unit made some headlines big time headlines early in the week after they took out the Washington Redskins in the final game of the season. They decided they were gonna go to out of Miami had a little boat trip they decided it was Smart to post it on social media. They opened up pandora's box so in the wake of all that all they needed to do was go out on Sunday against the Packers and perform. And then everyone would forget about this trip because this is what guys do on their off days when you have means you're gonna do things like go to Miami and hang out on a boat while they didn't perform. The giants got shellacked at Lambeau and oh BJ had arguably the worst game of his career. Here's Beckham after the game when asked at the Miami trip had any bearing on his performance whatsoever. I think it did a great job it create distractions trust. And it's unfortunate assist that's just the way this world is. Does does is no way you can connect something that happened seven days ago to today's game today and how we came out of played and how. The Packers have won seven in a row and how they scored thirty points and how they executed it came up with a third downs. They they did what they needed to do so the connection is just not there in my opinion but there everybody's gonna have their own opinion so well. Does he deserve criticism duty in the giant receivers deserved criticism for just when some on their off that Elliot they do. And don't get me into you know this what do you do when your off days no heed to our own now when it's the playoffs you know hard took me eight years to get to the playoffs. Shame on immune shame on the leaders on that team gets it didn't grab this guy I'd say don't do this and this is not this is a selfish act so. Look right after the season like today you know how long this guy's guy you know and that any victim January February march. A march OO TAs offseason program and start to march mid march April. So different march April so you got three formats he can go to Hawaii go to Africa go to Houdini and go anywhere he wants to go. And go he can go sit parties go to Brazil he can do when you think. But he chose last weekend. And I saw plays in the game. Yes indeed it affecting. Don't get affected. He dropped touchdown not just steady twenty dropped the first ball he was in shelter come out before the game run around to sure up trying to make a mark because you think about whatever once said. It's a distraction in an affected his ball game that Al. I don't think you can say that I mean guy's job football's all the time just because they spent time in Miami a week ago I admitted to bad luck. But I don't think you can necessarily connected dots from. And off seven in a whole year and he got three. You don't think that it mess what does psyche what to drop you'll take. What do people think why would you run out there would your shirt off beginning Mozy trying to what was that was that correlation you're you're being I mean I think when you have a body that that's that that's that good at. I can barely keep my shirt on it's a gift that we it sculpted bodies have to give to society low on daddy. Put it like best. Nice I love you guy but outside a sixty at 10 AM I don't give a damn what you do on your free time outside of six to 10 AM you go do whatever you wanted to be with your families go out drink have a good time do whatever you want. But six to 10 AM in this room bring your a game and if you don't you'll get criticized as I'd expect to be criticized the working with anyone else when you're on the clock you paid to produce. Simple. He wanted to go to Miami I don't think any direct effect on vacation at six days though you're an athlete but he didn't show up imply. You didn't perform what you did was you gave the media and you give neighbor body out there fodder to take you down if you didn't perform. You can go up their play well and lose it people say well you know what. He was just hanging out it's an off day he's got means he is the ability to fly to Miami and hang out on his off day don't we wish we could do that. All that's that's fine as long as you produce when you don't produce people look to take you down and you gave the media and the fans. The perfect reason to come after you. Because you were screwed around on your off week. That's all well and all willing to it as long as you show up. On Sundays we could now they'll do that. Failed to show that many punch holes in the wall after the game the guy is a loose cannon. He's a great receiver but he's a loose came in and ultimately he'll be just like a Pacman Jones wearing a very crucial moment you'll need him. He'll lose his mind a pick up the flag and it'll cost of the game. He could Helen mentally joke that's a difference Michael ever go on do whatever he wanted to do but he would come in to perform. Income in the end Lawrence Taylor would garden party into this thing and still bogeyed 2456. Now here's a Dane did it did affect him he couldn't handle mentally because he went out there on a film after he dropped eighty start thinking about the things that he did. So that was a cause and effect and allowed this guy to not perform well Michael Jordan we drinking gamble all night play golf in the morning and dropped 50 in the evening no one cared because he produced. It's a results oriented business when you don't produce results. People are coming out yet that's on LBJ that's on the rest of the receivers for the New York Giants Lincoln Kennedy in one minute don't go anywhere Jolo in bids 95 points and the game. Good morning Joseph what windows 95 point seven a game Lincoln Kennedy set to join us just a moment. Garry saint Jean 845 when we're gonna give away two tickets to Green Day who will be the Oakland coliseum in August but more importantly voice. You went to Reno. You went to the Atlantis you wet with guru and you made it back from the weather congratulations I feel. Tag the job feeling good feeling really good I was happy did to be there with low in the guru command in the the four wheel drive vehicle which was a rental. Beautiful drive up till blue sky. On the trees had all the snow in and it was wonderful. The way home man it was rain again and if there is such a thing it was. Horror and sideways the vehicles going to and fro I had lo and gurus scared to blank list. It was a thrill ride on the way down low one. They feared what happen when you drop who rule office car. So we Wasilla might goo. Are we talking about the caddy rice who get my job my caddy Cadillac in your opinions that caddie so I'm like dog man. She told you broke that you refuse pulpit has got the catty mean as rain and winds blowing this like going. And so holds open the only man known that raising it I don't worry guys he goes. No ranking gated that they his water proven with him would look me in Gibbs looked in he says. Gives like why did you post about a dozen gloves it was like one out every ticket my Minnesota sun moves open. Raining like cats and dogs out there monsoon going near. It was that simple musical piece. So let me let me back backtrack just the matter. He says even when it rains it doesn't get end it yeah yeah. It's okay talking about the sunroof was open a split you know some of them pop open yeah. And it so it's not like fully opened it has not know the rate gig you did. I'm look at thinking we're about three inches of rain sideways up lays down ways. Diagonal horizontal ability to at least don't always strive and it gives noted. I Sid go eat you gotta be kidding me with a view to school this week you want to assist more on this go to Q school about the guest this weekend you to read a school that I go beyond guru good. The guys on the rationalize it what side of the gas tank gun and he said. Just look at the digital display and there's an arrow that points on what side it's not first time you found that doesn't shop off my legs he's. How how how and why. Barry patient that was very yet thank you thank you know it was a teachers. I wanted to be clear teacher did your many dire you stated teachers linking Kennedys and it teaches what the raiders are up to for the offseason and about a minute but for now here comes your update let's start by the lawyers in need of a bounce back after the Friday night's debacle they got its. It's Sacramento Kevin Durant close. Average throat now very big this plot record of luck with the Hillary now battling. Right. I'll find that as Iran and haven't done. And the lawyers they've won Olympic that he won't they take you know 117106. Jealous slow start for Golden State but eventually nice bounce back we need to act now. Big third quarter for the warriors but keep an eye on the east fourth quarters in wins in defeats there's an issue developing. All movement comes to we screeching halt for the warriors in the fourth quarter we saw obviously. Friday night in the collapse against Memphis but even against Sacramento. Five assists in the fourth quarter I'm not necessarily sure what it is I think maybe the addition of TV. Late in games they're still trying to figure out who's gonna be the main man taken the big shot the big spot but for now not in a ballroom in the fourth quarter to developing trends and we'll keep an eye on that tomorrow with Miami John first of four games they resume this California stretch story number duke Purdue out of the final eight. In the NFL divisional round matchups are set Green Bay will be there. There. I Joe Buck five word call courtesy. Fox Aaron Rodgers in the pac Loescher looks like they've got their a game on and yeah album home folks who was that Dovonte AM that was unbelievable with Fresno state was able to do you gotta watch Ian Rodgers and guys footwork was impeccable. Big time play big time win. Fallen and slam them giants tells night's game by Green Day. Green Bay taking on Atlanta doubtful host Seattle Pittsburgh advances to play Kansas City and of course she is didn't. Beating the raiders travels to a New England story number three the 49ers interviewed tour. Continuing today back east. Jed York and brought brought day interviewing candidates for the GM and head coach vacancies. The updated rusty by your nor cal Toyota dealers Toyota is known for their dependability are for people who are going places and doing things. Right now get 0% financing on twelve different Toyota models. Where will you go in your new toyotas go now I'm candidly on your whole little warriors the heat and down tomorrow. Right here on nine to 57 games. Good stuff Denis thank you on this raider Monday brought to you by any act Toyota go to any actually at a dot com today and the oaks car club. Lincoln Kennedy former raider great on the phone would Jolo in Gibbs 95 point 7 the game good morning like California. Very good thank you let's start with a reflection of the season twelve and four on the year and while it certainly didn't end the way anyone was hoping this teen did it take a big step forward what are reasonable expectations. Going to be for the raiders next year dare I say an appearance in the AFC championship. I mean I think the obvious progression mystical people in the playoffs and Vietnamese made a wild card game I guess that the next progression Q well. Would be to win the division and also playoff game. And then you know that the thing is that you don't really have the the benefit of sitting back in being able to build a franchise and keep it together it just doesn't happen that day visit with my trees and so. You got to capitalize on the window. So you know at reflection looking back what to register and obviously twelfth before was far surpass. Expectations but the into the wild card and in some beset well for awhile cart. But you won that we also playoff game it definitely win your division look at yourself two games closer to the Super Bowl rather than avatar a lot of which the league. Link watching this team played the last couple games the last 56 quarters. How much do car hire a lot of imperfections. On their offense and defense. I don't think he he hit the imperfections I think. Carl was the catalyst that ultimately these guys gave them the ability to play better. He's he's a true leader and and the fact that they lost their leader. This team was without definition that was out is without structure it was without drive. A hall of an Internet to show you how valuable this quarterback into the thing. Link looking at the quarterback position going forward with the back up in mine that Matt McCoy they're free agent not likely to be back did we see enough. Positives from Connor cut to think that he should be the number to work with the raiders look to draft a quarterback. And maybe instill some competition for the backup spot. No doubt others their weight but he told the street as easy you don't go for another quarterback I think comic book. Chilled that with two what time that he can be Lou Lisa good back up. You'll franchises is is that what they're cart help that's what you're you're concentrating on so. Look for the raiders have to sign him to long term deal but for the raiders to try to keep as much of the foundation places possible. And in what that means says you know you'll have to give little back a lot of money eventually got the call Maricopa a lot of money. He's still have some pieces they've got the pieces they got to the got to figure out especially because side. Lincoln Kennedy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game do you see the organization. Retaining both Ken Norton junior and bill musgrave this offseason. I you know what I actually called that to be honest with you guys I don't know what's going through del real mine are like a said you know you look at it. You can speak on the say well what about what we expected but. Like twelve games guys it's hard to be critical that type of form of political for the space as we see less sweeping coaches they arrive and organizations don't what. Are they might not have always been as glamorous as you wanted but they they need to get the job done so. I'm not in the position to say whether or not he's going to have more people or dictatorship. Blink when you that you talk about don't get a quarterback has just firing. Weaknesses is they need maybe offensively defensively in since you named defense will be your number one interest to chew it in in in the draft or as deep as what that's 14 pick. Mark Becker. These are about. There's a Mike dropping you say slow and it sucked a Lincoln Kennedy joining us there I'm not a 57 the game just saw a note. On Twitter linked it to a couple of coaches on the raiders' staff have expiring deals bill musgrave and. Mike Tice as well plus the quarterback coach Todd downing how. Worried would you be about these coach is going elsewhere if there isn't an ability for them to move up within the organization. I mean that's all the business side of it in and be honest with ya and look. You'll look at that is you break it down look at the job that Mike ties that would be off its line of advances in medical Madeleine plots may also have decision maker of the right tackle position. I'll both with the fact that scrambled around and they put you know they had three guys ought to focal. I'm not mistaken all the opera plot that's pretty impressive so you might you want to give a guy that you want to take but he was critical elected. So I mean they're they're a decision like this government that serve a purpose to make because. Doesn't you have to look at the performance you know look at the overall performance of this he. Etiquette it's not as glamorous as one would like but they didn't win twelve games. Lincoln Kennedy would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game if you're on the New York Giants and your veteran presence. When you see the wide receivers go to Miami on the off the earlier in the week OK that's one thing but then if they show up and perform the way they did in the playoffs New York hadn't been in the post season for like five years. If that's the performance you get are you gonna feel that locker room after the game. Well it felt like crap because loss. Which you know what would have happened I didn't see anything wrong with it because the government. Cleveland's season. I was. Remote generational apartment pretty darn cute guys cells duplicate that they call the kettle black when I do what I do back in my day. But we also have to play it's it's a learning experience and it here's the thing we saw the officers struggled. Throughout this year it wasn't just one match short time for that one playoff game. New York Giants and had their struggles offensively all here our initial up it was blatantly obvious in the final certificate that you wish you. More maturity. Something you veterans committee conceded that it and that it. Blanco can due to more demanding we you know we talk about that. It's a week of the playoffs though and you look at you say okay Michael Irvin we knew freed in you know Lawrence Taylor he's got us the party with the best of them still on put the numbers. In not saying that Odeo Beckham drinker inning but after he missed a touchdown pass to start drug test do you think there was any. An effect though because psychologically because it effect the now he's think it everyone's gonna say that I missed this boost party and that's why these are happening. Well that's like that that's quite you've got to beat make better to do well let me think about it if you go a lot get caught paying about social pictures that you were taken out shot to chip out everything else. You played like crap. The people to come back to. I mean I think if you wanna go out party you've got to play like you I looked and I thought party ought to play and not do at all and that's that's what it comes down to because everyone's always looking for an excuse. To take you down on the page or the option to admit it you've got to do themselves a favor by playing like crap on the heels of what they. It. Give Kennedy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game Blake always a pleasure catching up with you great interview today thanks for your time we'll catch up with the again next week. Both good he's here it's like Rick you know what linebacker and there yet and that's it say well let's well I was like yeah I was like OK what does she got a bit because that's. They don't cover linebacker you saw last time you saw yesterday aided Saturday rather. Where you can't your linebackers couldn't covered tidy and in its heard all year. And that's why differ a little bit wounds in Lincoln when he talked about what can or you won twelve games. I mean did you who did you really went among defense. And here's the thing when we talk about when you when you're stuck in your ways like OK this is common corny this when I'm gonna do. That's UK you've got to be able to be diverse and say. You know I'm not gonna go man to man coverage with Mike linebacker because he can't Tebow wouldn't had to put speed I'm a bracket that tidy. Almond take him away. I didn't see that in those are things that you have to do is it as a coach too to make adjustments when your athletes are you players can't play defense to general jail. Excellent so we'll jump right back into it if you wanna weigh in Tripoli 957957. Before right now as we do everybody at this time. It minute. Leaders on the. Raiders on the big deal for a few by dole and lumber doors and windows Lorenzo Neal tough ending to an otherwise. Fantastic. Regular season give me some you'll love yeah. Love this year you know light comes on the one guy guys and a Teddy guy zealots it all the time when SE Fresno do you Stacy Fresno state and who was it our big MVP of the league he wouldn't got hurt this guy show to why he's such an electrifying quarterback why he's gonna be won and eyes played quarterback. This guy was imparted in of the Oakland Raiders Udall the great place that he did for the fans and for the team. In this was a big loss but the raider fans in organization to be happy because Fresno is in the house did zodiac. I've got a positive on the offensive side it's the ground game with javy is Murray was ice to Denver but he found his way to pay dirt in Houston second. It goes two yard line drive behind the presumptive Senator Obama had a very negative very often writes I've. Yeah I'm happy about it. So well there right now. Crack addict and drag top of the call here or not if 57 game they were right back into the game and for that brief and fleeting moment you thought maybe just maybe. The raiders can do the unthinkable they obviously fell short but let's Davies Murray. Found his way to the end zone and Greg pop was last touchdown parade nurse call. Of the season but don't twellman four regular year you lose on the road the wild card game with your third string quarterback. You can't beat yourself up too much over that. And post more guys on the call as well he got in their little bit in the end he's an. On me. Penske auto sales dot com text line. And a 510 Romo for raiders defensive coordinator low O'Neal as offensive coordinator. Wrong. A couple of gonna be a lot of hollering over there that be sure that's for your hollering and percentages would go up dramatically just by. I can win coaches offer to coordinator coli goes against Fresno state I get car. I don't item can manage the offense like a no win you capable of running offense and when I say that not calling you out. What I'm saying is. You don't have any experience running an offense and is it the natural progression work with a transitional group then work your way Utley did you needed to jump in right now as an OC some argued that you could you can handle absolutely all that real. You know of eagle MBA whether it's to sit back some offensive linemen can be often corners some. Some defense and guys could be office cord which you have to do is an offensive coordinator Joseph you've got a first know your talent and it's about. Haven't played but I still have played this from every team that I played with. I kept on. I wanna make sure look at different formations priceless turn those in RJU war. Kept not what I did Dojo is at what rate when I'm Raquel my photo copy all of them I have make sure that I kept my books for a MI and I would still tournament. 'cause people call him that don't different things. I wanna know what he'd do against cover for what are you doing its covers the cover three cover six so all you do that you look at and you go from two aggressions music. Okay in third and long third down losing teams don't play cover four. Using their ignorance early doubts tunes playing cover two. You go through and go percentages NASA coordinators do you get a list of plays. In that you don't have against tendencies in all you do would you column according to what it is that plays into going insulin you ask could do it. In what I know how to do it the reason why. Yeah I could. Keep a positive throughout the day because they know that was a top speed on Saturday have a few great pop calls we sprinkle some of the police would do it our right. Let's start with Crabtree. In the shop yeah. Movement driven movement I kept my computer and I can't believe. As soon. That was good stuff that's obviously I know our last game we want what apple pepper few more in here throughout the break. Car throughout the show. This is that this is an issue when we talk about the defense when you face Drew Brees who gave up 34. When you face Matt Ryan he gave up 35. When you face Joseph Flacco he gave up 27 when you're faced Philip Rivers the first time he gave up 31 Alex Smith tag you for 26. Cam Newton got it for thirty till. Ager luck got it for 25 from. Every time you went up against a big time quarterback you ran into some issues they hung points on you you didn't limit these guys now you did limit Blake portals to sixteen points and needed limit Trevor Sydney into. Twenty points and then 24 in the finale. But even Tyrod Taylor got two for 24 bottom line they need to be improvements on that side of the ball. At the moment you are a bottom five team in terms of available cap space so we have these discussions from now. Until free agency in a month or so. Raider fans are gonna wanna hear about who they can pick up every time I met him AJ boy the quarter and Houston will we could use them not to be a little Florida. Not only are no one tax based you got a monster quarterback contact your about the handout. They're gonna follow that up with a monster pass rusher contract and that a monster wide receiver contract. Free agency is no longer place were you can solve problems you'll be able to compliment your team like the giants did last off season and like you've done in the past and that's all right. But that's why the draft and coaching are gonna be so important. And right now I did you have a lot of people that between del Rio's comments over the weekend well you know I'm not really sure some guys leave. If you guys or stay and you command say no what's going anyway absolute their stance even like well you know I can't really speak to that come on. You know what he's on he's kind of floated out there he's he's not gonna come comment on it and understand his position. But there's not a whole lot of assurance out their right now if your ten nor her bill musgrave. And I name ask link about Mike Tice for example what a great year the offensive line had you know three pro bowlers teams are gonna come calling for Mike Tice. As an offensive coordinator or head coach a guy who's got. Head coaching experience so the one will lose a guy like Mike Thai ace. And keep bill musgrave. If other teams are gonna come cherry pick some your coordinators your position. Coaches changes come and yet change changer coming you'd have to do you alluded to all the offense and I mean talk about the defense given Apple's points. I'd give dad and so you're going to have to make sure that you can teacher defense to be better. Because you can't allow you can't think it 34 and 35 is okay. And that's the biggest difference about the offense the reason why it's not oppressing deal with the offense guys I can keep alluding to. You have a Smart quarterback you have a Smart young quarterback. Edit the play if the plays brought in wrong arm it's a wrong play because car conceded defense he understands that commits the medics a defense. He's not on those quarterbacks is that okay play comes it or coach you called a play adamant change. Car has the ability in the knowledge ode to be able to look at the defense and change it to good is often it's in a fable position. So offense according yet maybe they're gonna change but it won't be I don't think it be this year. Defense you don't have that over there you'll would you like you talked about you'd have a certain amount of money you have a certain amount of players. Everything counts Faris cap space so you naturally have to make sure that you find so when did you believe that is gonna make your defense better. Any pop against him the bag. OK okay again Cooper goes in the right slot and Washington now wide right and really go out tomorrow Cooper three covered up another silly. It's. Yeah. Iron. Rule approved since the drawbridge fluid big. More on that throughout the day and coming up next how a car accident I was in relates big time the 49ers coaching search. I'll explain to low Indians 95 with the million. The saline one Gary saint Jean recaps warriors and kings coming up at 845. Now back to reader Monday's here's shill low and dips. Like five years ago I'm moving to Las Vegas from Pennsylvania. And mile Mans with me and we get like. 45 miles outside Lehigh Valley. A cross country trip and it's in Vegas where about 45 miles outside Lehigh Valley it's rain in like it's been a all weekend here in the Bay Area and on the highway we spit out. Driving wasn't reckless we were going below the speed limit eligibility little flick of the wheel and boom part is 2360s. Yeah. Act and smashes into the guardrail and then whips the car around in the front and that's the hard way. Apart cars banged up now no injuries the old man no injuries to me you're a little shocked but to get out of the car pouring rain. Part of look at all you digging yourself I think those drugs that cross country. We come down for a few moments jump back in the wet. Drove all the way today it's not only that I drove that thing like another two years without fixing doing anything to it and it never gave up. Who was driving. When it when he did the spin I spoke at islands. So we make our way out I ride this thing up for two years but eventually make the decision you need to get a new car. Did the thing was on its last legs and had like fourteen years it was a great call I can't believe I gave up on it before it gave up on me. So when you're gonna make a purchase like that when you're gonna make any reasonably big decision you're like what you do you put together some sort of plan right you put together some sort of criteria. It's pretty basic for me. I was making no money at all the time so I need something affordable. I want it for hours sitting too because it's annoying as hell when people are trying to get him behind you you got to put your seat op then they get it and now you got to move up to make them comfortable. And not no more two hours I thought that was cool back in the day that's out. So four doors affordable. Good gas mileage economically from the that's really. Went identified it had a car in Germany into the day new weeks. Bottom line is when you're gonna make a big decision like that got to put together some sort of criteria. The niners for as much heat as they've taken in this last few years they're coaching search their GM search. Send me appears somewhat organized. Look at the candidates what do they have in common. Anthony Lynn Kyle Shanahan Josh McDaniels Sean McMahon Tom Cable all offensive minds. Got a couple guys McDermott. And Vance Joseph were defense of mines but Joseph doesn't even have an interview scheduled yet based on what you solid Miami yesterday I wanna pass there. But the bottom line is they are looking for offensive minds and then what are the ages. Shanahan 37 mcdaniels is forty nikkei's thirty Sean McDermott's 42 bands Joseph 44. Cables 52 at the England's 48 but for the most part. They're aiming younger. The coaching search for the niners it looks like it say. Younger guys they're interested in and offensive mind that's the criteria at the very least before they started this process it appears as if the decision makers down there. Got together and said what are we looking for. Well maybe we'd like an offensive minded head coach and we'd like in the B a little bit younger. That's what the blueprint says right now. Given credit for at least identifying something they want it similar. When it comes into GM search your brain into executives in the Packers to executives from the Seahawks then a couple other guys here in their but mostly younger. Eliot wolf 34. Green Bay executive 43. Jimmy ray 48 he's from Indianapolis Brandon being from Carolina 39 Louis Riddick 47. You're going younger. And you look at the offensive side of the ball give them credit to the extent that there are at least putting some criteria together because if you look at the rams right now has anyone seen their pattern. Defense a guy here old offensive guy here young. Old offensive guy old defense of the guy they are all over the map they have no plan whatsoever they never sat down as the organization said. What do we want to head coach C that's the first question you got past. Or if you're hiring a general managers seem thank what do we want our general manager well. We'd like him to be Smart we'd like and think outside the box we'd like in the come from an organization that's got a great track record with likened to be younger we'd like can be hungry we'd like and have ties the organization. Well whether it works or doesn't lay out some criteria. And then I McCain it's who fit that criteria don't play battleship football where you're just that you're saying mad beats it. Mess came OK let's go back to drawing board. Od. PR let's go ahead to avoid that lets try something different ray don't have a plan. They're bringing in everybody there tested a net role these guys. Not organize and inevitably that will be your downfall maybe their. Just getting some Intel like your sand last week do you bringing Diane pretty interview a lot of times just to get the intelligence and pick their brain. On what they'd taken the cynical viewpoint gel of what the 49ers are doing. The cynic would say these younger inexperienced candidates are the only ones they can get. For an organization that is basically. In shambles he's got no GM you've got no head coach and you've got a reputation. Of having an owner who over metals and areas he shouldn't be involved in so the cynic would say you can't debt. Bill cal heard Jon Gruden to come in an interview for the spot you're a situation where the best you can do is to get a young unproven dot. Shanahan mcdaniels though too highly thought of candidates in fact we Daniels according to reports finds the forty niner job to be the most attractive. Can you believe that. Is it because he's met with pride and jet and feels that you know what. I'm gonna have enough control where they're not gonna metal or is that just something you go out and try to sell them on so that you can get the job that you may feel is truly the best one out. I think and then you write you look at Josh disguising you know have a pretty good track record and only filled before but he yeah I think it. I think when you when you the next coach that they bring in new GM. I think they're gonna have to get away and know they say they gonna be a ball you can BM fall in you don't wanna be involved to a fault. I think the head coach and the GM they're gonna have strong ties they're gonna say look this is the plan what is what is your plan your if your gonna go over this job it's what is your plan. For a four for the ownership is sane. Is this a two year build here's what we have here is a talent this is Allen was gonna be we're gonna draft gonna draft Eminem a free agency. How long is it going to take how patient age will do legacy for wins. Six points eight Lance. Make sure this coach in this GM they make sure they sit down would this owner and says. Here is the planned this is how we're going to build here's what we think we cal we're going to win. They got to be the ownership got to buy into what did GM in the cold to sell and not the ownership in the they have a vice Versa. Speaking of plans or lack thereof I got to know account was thinking this weekend firings Sonny dykes head football coach yesterday. Jake's battled the offensive coordinators gonna step up and be the interim head coach. At the moment but you are about a month away from national signing day. And cal hasn't played a game in what is it gets seven weeks or seven weeks why is this decision coming now that's question number one. And number two. How likely is it that chip. Kelly lands at the bears because that was the speculation yesterday chips on the market chip already lives here this is the pac twelve. How open up out of nowhere. I think it's great for chip I really believe that he's going to be the next head culture it's so many reasons joked. First let's talk about everything and that's may talk about what makes horrible MO NEY money. He doesn't meaning he money the 49ers are still on a hook. He still get paid from these other institutions is still in pain at thinks he'll get money from Philly so right now Chip Kelly you fire sunny dice like they did now you go to Chip Kelly and say look. We don't have the money he is it. I don't mean money I got money. He could probably take a million dollars which would be nut in the count and now you've got a guy that you know who's gonna be good for the pac twelve you know you've got a guy it's created you know we got a guy that would his offense was able to do. Everyone's talking about it. You do know you could be able to steal recruit these young guys. He's going to be able to even take kids because it affects who he is in what he's meant for the college or what the college is a bit about so I think this is a at it too bad for Sonny dykes but as terrible as horrible it's horrible what I really believe decals and grab the Chip Kelly. Kids if you're at how were able to land a guy like Chip Kelly Hugh he would have pretty much as long as he needs to get the situation right knowing fake I mean it's not exactly like this is. This isn't to take a shot or anything but it's not. Alabama but Georgia you're not expected to produce big results right off the back. You're not expected to produce big results period you'll get cal little bowl game two consecutive years and now would be. Raising the bar considerably this is team that is not. Normally in the Rose Bowl picture they're almost never. In the top 25 but it's still pretty coveted job it's still pac twelve job you recruiting in the Bay Area which granted is not Texas or Florida. Or Southern California or even Pennsylvania. But it might be next on the list as far as talented hot beds. The only problem is here at a public university where you're not gonna be supported a 100% it's more of an academic institution it's never going to be. Football first to your point about Sonny dykes before we. We field two to bed let's remember Sonny dykes is openly looking for other jobs for the better part. Of the last two seasons even though he was under contract. He was out there his name was out there he was you know sniffing around for other openings and I'm looking at day. And posting here on California golden blogs. Dot com saying that if dikes were terminated. With three or more years left in the deal the buyouts around two million. Termination with one to two years left he would get a one and a half million dollar buyout so sunny is not going away empty handed. Why. Is wrong with the gold state warriors in the fourth quarter is significant question because we've seen another meltdown the second. And pretty much as many weeks Gary say gene's gonna help us say it's of that plus we've got Green Day tickets to giveaway next it's Jolo and in many high points of the game. Now back to reader Monday's here's show low and did. Talk to you guys this morning. Senior all weekend got to hear all about the Reno trip sounds like you had a great time. Superfund laid out the point spreads for the four games for the divisional round this week in and I kept telling you something stinks the bookmakers made a mistake. Kansas City Pittsburgh pick them. Andy Reid with two weeks to get ready. At home break ballots playoff experience from your quarterback in the majority of your Ross during its a Pittsburgh team that. While good has struggled this year has been inconsistent had submissions on the defense side has a quarterback who might be banged up. Heck don't really. Well guess what the action pouring in right now on the cheeks from pick them up to two and a half tuna. Happy now been on the cheese it's gone now it's got a full point absence we came on the air I know he's an open to pick and it was minus 1 this morning and about. 445 when I walked in the door now in. In just four hours but things got a point and a half just strictly from a value perspective what are you doing. You tell me that she's aren't good enough to lay three at home awful I. The acting that's trading any Andy Reid. He's been pretty golden especially joining portal those numbers what this guy's been able to put together after having a week extra week to prepare. He's been un African unbelievable question is is it regular season I we can be read or is it playoff and you read we all know what happens. When things get Dicey in the playoffs for Andy Reid are right 845 ticket window is open here's what we've got. A pair of tickets before you can buy. See Green Day at the Oakland coliseum Saturday August vet tickets go on sale this Friday January 13 Ticketmaster dot com. Just a little observation here but if Green Day is playing it. The Oakland coliseum Saturday August 5 that's generally right around the time outside lands takes place I wouldn't be surprised the headline Friday or Sunday. And then ended up doing this state on Saturday though that big draw they can hit two nights and good instincts Jeff just an instinct just float it out there because the outside lands lineup hasn't been announced yet Coachella is out there about rocks out there. But no outside lands at the moment just throwing that one out their cell triple A 9579570. Got a call and you got to answer the following question correctly. How many games have the Golden State Warriors recorded thirty or more assists this season. Triple 89579570. How many games of the old state warriors recorded thirty or more assists this season. The phone we double asking the question as well one of the all time greats Gary saint Jean would Jolo in bids on 95 point 7 the game good morning saint how are. Happy Monday to you is well I wanna start and I know it's a negative connotation I wanna start with Friday night fourth quarter. Things did not go according to plan for the warriors but so be it it's still a team with thirty or more wins already on the season but what is going wrong with these guys. Late in games when you look at the ball movement early it's a thing of beauty but when they get to the fourth quarter it becomes more isolation basketball. Is this just a situation where they're working out the kinks with Kevin Durant trying to find a great way to close out games together. Well a couple answers here once incurred as a like Jake timeout but he may be forced to get each. What you want to get across here and you know it situation in the air where. Yeah that would amidst met with Kevin Durant against their Zach Randolph so he wanted them all the things flattened out call like the one horse that. And you know trigger shot and and frankly I would like to drive the ball on Randolph could Natalie Randolph can guardian. And it beat drove the ball in May beat each century. And helped him. Then he could kick out the players step or whoever. And we knew isolation like acted T shirts as stagnant. They're locked in the eye on the ball. But if you get all the particular role situation like we saw last writer on the games. Then you're making it decrypt you into rotations to all mobile. It's not just one against one or wanted to fight so you know I. Productive radical way. It's been you know a great Monday at this point at that it took it well. And in all these things happen with peeps that move forward. Violent bigoted position Kurds being in there coaching. Dornan and at that my favorite is always. Situations like dead in three month comes up publicly and you know and he's you know same things he's said I didn't. Italy those nortel's hurt its purse far. You know I like that the postings in house and you know play the ball game and would like people main house I understand it but as a head coach caddie and that it troops and make sure things also fallen to the cracks. You don't want the team that simplicity of coaching it's communication. And you know after Ernie tremendous trust and respect. It yet or speed Kerr just magnificent off the charts. That bill premarket. Demonstrably. And they can't beat green at two lecter rant on the court in May be in the locker room as well. Thank you want to players to speak up but they're kind of place and that several errors each other so. Welch right in what you say you'd like it to be in the locker in the old adage goes on an accurate statement. But today wrote the heart rate attitude out all guys in if you election to go in the old ski. You really sit read any brought down YE he's felt the way he did about that right. And I I think you know I I scenes and broke it in anti cats are. I seen him. Non confrontational. With the officials. I'd scenes and situations where you might have reacted Wiki. And kept it cool. You know at an isolated situation and added that the worst problems. I think we're doing just fine. Garry saint Jean joining us here on 9570. Game they go against the kings yesterday saint another. Little sleepy. First order are now one is it tough to find motivation when year having this great of a year topped up come out and give your best ever night after night. You know if you don't pick these sites is a lot of sort. It's a lot of focus. And it's city to being seen itself as when you're that good you think you can carry at all but with a switched. So they about it and not bring your a game defensively. All of a sudden you'd award rhythm. King got in red they were having to take hard shots they were getting good chat page in that may be in the first half. Was it anger toward the end that the first half they started the locked in at beat carry the third period. They had an explosion on them but it just goes to show you that. Each each team capable every night you're letting it go and to get on a roll and and the King David are great new buildings obviously it started. Cleveland game yet but that's the biggest game of the year there evening and you know we are fortunate it that. Content got a foul trouble and you know at seven turnovers. Garry saint Jean would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game. How much better does that Kyle Korver trade make the Cleveland Cavaliers. Or paper right that it's terrific that we get at least thirty cyber secure all. I don't think yet consistency that he wants at. And the other and he's good defense and liability but do it Channing Frye they speak to court now from the blog. And or high rekindled when one can't help is much shooters. So eat it too good what they're part they still get another back up a veteran backup point guard. Anger look it up could they know they're gonna bring it they won't repeat. Mike Dunleavy not thrilled about reporting to Atlanta he wants to get bought out in an ostensibly. Join a team for the stretch run with the warriors via fit saint for Mike Dunleavy junior to come on the former number three overall back in the blue and gold. What you know he can't back surgery and I don't think the saint then the last couple years. Yet to play a lot. Why I don't see the warriors tinkering with their rocks right I really don't think they're. They've got these young guys are trying to develop it that are eager nightmare Asian. You know stepping in yet. All keep in mind it's a great name but how to what it's affected the salary cap and a lot treat acts an epic huge. Factor in any meet those as we approach to treat it like that work. What's going to be the key you think mu went four for this war your team. You know to make sure they continue to stay on course for a championship for their re peat. What is what is won an integral things right now a juicy for this team to improve on in two would and in in a timely fashion. What you know it's all your ears on the gridiron. After being helped eagle and into the play out look at the raiders yes. Saturday. And key for the warriors edit these guys stay healthy I'm extremely confident. That that probably he's in big games play out that defense is gonna get more consistent. I feel like you opt for it to you guys late game situations. Ample better and they keep the turtles are in check. They keep their turnovers and checked. Or their heart to beat because they pretzel he playmaker and so scorers though. You know that more ago 01. Work answer but you know tiles in and I just think it's we it perhaps wait all year. They're right schedule there's no glitches every these earnings over the long way. Saint Dre my green said yesterday that he believes bogey cousins is the best big man in the NBA hands down. Regardless of what credit people try to take from him do you great. No I lean more toward Seoul. Because I think he makes other guys it's he better on the floor. And I think we yours start at got it via a factor. You know president at all technical and these gyrations. And try and cheer in the game. You don't take it from I'm not taking any weight from Al. He's a tremendous might be the most talented they are talking about impact on your team and and that's still not to the level that I hope BP. Awesome stuff Garry saint Jean would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game saint. Thank you so much for your time we look for to catch up again next week. It he's mainly Garry saint Jean ladies and gentlemen Gregg Rosenthal from To talk about the raiders about eight minutes on this raider Monday brought to buy at the age daily Chevrolet driver little save a lot and dull and lumber doors and windows. We've been talking about this for a few days now being a listener 95 points in the game kind of like being part of a celebrity athletes on drugs. Because the 95 point seven the game dream sports experiences and gave you the shot to rub shoulders with celebrities and sports heroes market down beginning Tuesday. January 17. Which is one week from tomorrow. You're gonna go to our web site 957. Game dot com where you can bid on your dream sports experience unforgettable life than sports experiences. Bet you in your kids will cherish forever all proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame. Doubt kids in need. I've checked out a few of the items that are on the list at the moment dad's grave once giants VIP experience a giants luxury suites experience. Eight golf experience. I love that one. Involving the US open it Erin hills in Wisconsin. Multiple golf experience is a chance to hang out the task from modern family down in Los Angeles. Sonoma Grand Prix and NASCAR that's an experience the Oakland a's are involved. Golding gate fields is involved dollars Sunday's trip a little bit. Bigger than that but you can gets me over there on some dollars and is no doubt a visit to Dr. Phil loan to hang out. He'll demand baby you know him. Mean don't we Phil when we press voters couple times we actually I don't knowing what we brush shoulders until we know meet its ill DelHomme. Beautiful stuff well that Phil Niekro tomorrow 957 game got dot com check it out there's only hit a couple of things we're looking at right now. There are going to be dozens. Of kick butt awesome experiences and that brings us to today's. National past contests that on this thing you don't really have anything more creative than that is national past contests this. National national anti national mashed contest like the Nazis it won the war that's what we call this the national tax contest well brought to you I. You are here. I'm. What I said the man and a high castles anyone seen that on Amazon no it's not just an OK based on. What would happen what Google Earth what the world would be like. In the wake of an axis of evil win in World War II could face up look it's really really he's not so far. All right so the national cash contest the all day national cash contest on 957 the game you just heard the code worked hard. CA RED card. Texaco worked card. And we can do better that's a 72881. Before fifteen past the hour for your chance to win 1000 dollars be listening every day at 9 AM. 11 AM 1 PM and 3 PM to your chance to win 8000 dollars text message and data rates may apply. Gregg Rosen balls up next don't go anywhere we're back in a minute Jolo and his 95 points of the game. Tell works right there. We disappear for a minute we come back a minute later that's it. Quick success against other radio shows you know hang out listen to their commercials for 8910 minutes when you rather have some sports talk. Although and its 95 point seven a game Gregg Rosenthal from the NFL network good friend coming up in a few minutes. What's he think of the boat party in Miami whether or not. Do you agree or disagree with those guys O'Dell beckoning company going down there to do that got to show up on Sunday bottom line it's a results oriented business. And they did not produce results. They doesn't have a good secondary. You want to beat the bookie Friday which stock sterling Shepperd a go over the receiving arts and they can't defend in the slot you know what ended up happening. Separate cash that bad. In less than thirty minutes thirty minutes a game time. You guys are back to Reno how does the experiences we. It was great it was great you know we survived the drive home amid and heavy storm it was warm so we didn't have snow issues on the past but other standing water. Well I didn't know that snow melts when the weather gets warmer. Order opt in out exactly it was done those. Little ravine which is she saw the water just movement itself it's great speed it was a while now. In you saw the snow just Millen and kind of right in front of your eyes those pretty amazing watching the force of nature of what he can do. Really amazing just so I tee two up for an entire week in Reno when you tell me about how it. And some intervenes carrying. Waters that that's about how a black. You know what happens in Reno stays in Reno the thumbnail suggested that doubt though is those a lot of fun to hang out with guru had a little La. I was telling a story about. About an animal that he has that lost in the year I was all could slow might go under the nationalized. You're still with elaborate story about how his cat lost in a year because it was near the fireplace and I thought the whole time and it was a real cat twenty minutes story. Jo to friend to friend feels like twenty minutes or right now. USP. Don't have a boat went wrong about an update how about that day means. You can't please does is I. And get on it's I've got to say cat and Marines. Put out an authority probable every I mean doesn't stuffed animals he lost the edge out. Glad to spoiler Oilers not a giant now is that it is the warriors got it done TV get median exact down. Very speak for very much straight month goes down the latest fast society is now up job to grant it took three and its money. All the hard it can. Tim earlier on 9570. Game the final 117. At 106. The lawyers flip the switch Joseph in that second half. They figured it out against the kings last night but again look at the fourth quarter. Five total since they were on cruise control with this is going to be something you wanna pay attention to moving forward you notice that the losses but like dream and said. He's still paying attention to what happens in the wins the ball movement in the fourth quarter is not we've seen first three quarters. As a result the metrics drop and that's why Memphis game back on and that's why Cleveland came back on the warriors back data tomorrow hosting Miami in the first for that or go all the final eight is set. For the NFL divisional round of the playoffs green Bay's will be there thanks to a Fresno State Bulldogs. Joe Buck to call on fox Aaron Rodgers looked good finding the you're Diallo Neil Fresno state baby to about Seattle had a big David in Raja was unbelievable really really more of a fan watching this guy's pocket presence of footwork. Amazing this Dallas hosting Seattle New England will face Houston and in the divisional round match Jeff Green Bay. Taking on Atlanta and Pittsburgh winter over Miami they'll play Kansas City on the road story number three the 49ers interviewed tour continuing today. Mac east Jed York. And Barack Marat today interviewing candidates for the GM. And head coaching vacancy that your update I'm Dan deadly on your home of the warriors 95 point seven a game. Thank you bids. The winner of the Green Day tickets know what in San Jose to trivia question how many games have the warriors had a this season with thirty or more assists the answers 26. No way in San Jose when's the tickets no other team in the NBA has more than seven games while with thirty or more assess. And that was immediately followed by Garry saint Jean a terrific interviewer is always that was brought you by your northern California Acura dealers and as always all warrior guests always sound better if you're wearing JBL headphones the officials sound. Of the Golden State Warriors. And 95 point seven the game raider Monday brought to you by any act Toyota go to any actor or back up today and the oaks card club. The phones we go. Gregg Rosenthal NFL network and a fullback Tom one of the best in the business joining Jolo Indians on 95 point 7 the game good morning Greg how are. We appreciate your time very much a wanna start with what happened in meat packer giant game or more to the point what didn't happen and that is showing up. By O'Dell Beckham one of the worst games he's had. As a professional. Some are gonna try to tie it to the Miami situation earlier in the week. Do you think that that really affected his performance in any way shape performance it does he deserve to be is criticized as much as he is so far for this. I actually now be it would not get game or. A couple of drops absolutely dropped some passes throughout the year using its special place that you expected and some of those passes it Eli Manning mentioned. Were really great throws on target. The giants couldn't run the ball to right their defense first team defense played great most of the game kind of collapsed at the end. And it does. And seen all year it's not a good shot and out usually bails them out. He didn't say he's one part bigger problem coming up and is gonna travel a lot in the play out regardless. It ain't exactly when you look at O Dell do you know miss and a touchdown pass hitting my knee and do you think after they've dropped oh do you think psychologically that oh my god and hope people going to start talking in this because it to trip. Even though we maybe didn't partied all but he seemed come out who was in on his mind though because you seen come out before the game shirt off run and around the field. It think psychologically it has an effect on the. Well and and the first play out in black and didn't and in terms of thinking about what people are gonna say about he would at least on the beat someone who has a extremely remote and so. It worried about that he Ellis dominant player too much pressure on themselves by. Importantly. Adding insult. Very emotional after the game in our partly on all the law etiquette that together. I think he wants the windows in the types of guys that you can roll it but this is kind of in an immature guy really not stepping up in the biggest. And and frankly. At that place has basket that team I know they are. Dominated early in the game at the played a perfect game it didn't note you're right he cut that adds that it gives shepherd cut that that that may be different game. Green Bay Packers turned it on in the second half and looked pretty impressive do you give them the greatest chance of. Going on the road next week getting and getting a victory advancing the conference champs of game. That's that's a great question and even thought of that. Well it's great ticket not that it technically favored inactive I like that she team. I'd like this out and steam I think this Packard tablet it is not that matchup cowboys law. That the jets and the Super Bowl they're gonna app. B two of the best three quarterbacks. In the league to the best. Hot and is intimately and kept out of the way into the east and. To be exposed does not agree abstract and I missed it got to be disparities in the sport at that balanced when not at the game against Pittsburgh but they are comfortable with that sort of game and that's what's gonna happen brought this summit. Gregg Rosenthal NFL network which Jolo Indians. On 95 point seven the game. Very rare is it that a team will win double digit games and make changes to the coaching staff but what do you think is in store for the Oakland Raiders twelve and four on the regular season but some questions about a defense that ranked. One. Yet it'll be interesting as salary you know he. Note currently well and it's so on yet. And currently you'd obviously want to improve the defense in defense of the guy. And it wouldn't totally shocked me it looked around. I tend to think because it's the best seat in this organization. At a long time. You know we waited there are injury almost acts or what happened the last couple weeks of the season. That there and move our. Saying coaching that that that positive that you're out real about making that Ella. Having brightly just got tired Cleveland back. Chapter in a wild no no snap and go to people are way around to see. Brian why but guys gonna slow process of hiring coaches. When you look at this raiders team you think okay. Draft and picked point fourth what is what would be the dire need be saying this is a needed to I think that they need to address where one pops and you hit. About that they have such an awesome roster I really did this exercise that like that right opens today what. What each team that lots over the weekend needs to do. And for the raiders you know it's. It's not as pressing as the other teams I would start with the linebackers. And this safety position in general I know Reggie Nelson may have trouble I don't need a long term solution they gave up too many plays. At the position they can fix this secondary awhile I think it made good progress I think they keep doing it. And I think about the so that is a guy and in general that they're in a linebacker position you've got. Talking never had a rosters but that you know the weeks that the middle linebacker that's about it and I think they couldn't look at to improve the compared to some of these other scene. I think they've got one of the 567. Best rosters in the entire about. The San Francisco 49ers are embarking on a very thorough exhaustive search for not only their next head coach but they're next general managers well probably fifteen candidates between the two positions. Have been interviewed or will be interviewed over the next week plus do you think when it comes to Jed York and pride Marat say that based on what's happened the last few years they have to do a little bit of selling it. In some of these meetings I mean Josh McDaniels and Kyle Kyle Shanahan. They're gonna have their pick of the litter but when you look at the niners it's a team that had a bit of dysfunction over the last few years. Yeah I mean that it might be might be generous really if you. It looked back to that region are area. The way that they changed coaches the last you know this'll be the port street you're looking for a coach their third straight year. It's top but what they do have to operate acting again you know like in what I think other coaches alike is. Is a sense that we're starting grass you know I think when you look at dot lately and possible. All are in Alaska and San Diego's well respected in the have a quarterback there or tape Caldwell in Jacksonville. I think it's always what problems lenders are ready at GM there who's been through some wars is lost a lot of games. And he's trying to save his job you're looked in her head coach. That's a problem look it she's at right now I don't think they get along that well and coats and their GM even the other winning zealots ever discussed opera obviously is a tradition. I have a winning franchise and at a press are adding that that appeal to guys like CNN and and that any herb I don't watch much say they can possibly have. You want say and you wanna be able to do well does that make severed Cisco a place where you you can't really have both this looks like a franchise it's going to be. Two years of struggles. How much of a risk should you take as a young head coach going to what's gonna be a losing situation for two years. Well it yet get your there's different types of act towards candidates most of them would be thrilled that take get a head coaching. Now. Any head coaching job in the NFL again and Becker you know Rex Ryan and what was opportunity abruptly taken it out. You ought to be aggressive. To get a grasp that means your accent I think I would have been thrilled to take the 49ers job if they were aggressive and in going after them or. In general McDaniel and Shanahan might feel like they're such a situation that big contingency is that that. That is really rare for the most part is that 49ers zero in on someone even if it's McDaniel and they go after a heart I think there's packages together. Gregg Rosenthal the NFL network would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game Greg dynamite stuff is always thank you for your time we look forward to catch W down the road. It. Mixing it just in point how difficult it is to get a head coaching job thing you'd like best you have the better chance of becoming the United States governor. Then you do an NFL head coach. They're fifty opens at governor jobs only 32 NFL coaching ups. Eternal over in the NFL little quicker than that with governors but but really it's all on just how are how precious these gigs are. Well what better way to segue into raiders of the fifty. Readers. Without question that was the worst segue in the history of modern radio. Raiders on the fifteen brought you by dull and lumber doors and windows lower prices better service higher quality. It all ends Saturday in Houston but twelve and four on the season. Plenty to like about what you solved she no question I like to say that king is the king is here mark. Kicked keying in that league that this guy I was able to show us and show some in the fans what he was able to do that twists in the turn in the ride and don't eat he was like the little maker disk I was absolutely amazing when he putted the ball you gotta look forward to this guy continue to kick in the raiders are in good hands with the team is here. Dips special teams. A young quarterback and young receiver who were able to make a memory wanna kill bill to keep with them forever. First building like that in the gutter assured it was that homes right slot a little too excited sorry there's stuff. Touchdown. Andre of old school that we'll there like calendar cook it was a nice to protest over the red zone found. That called it right through that Texan. Collecting fat. Joseph the playoff dream for raider fans and discarded Cooper in Crabtree it wasn't cooked Holmes see that but for those two young men it's definitely Wanda. For the trophy case one for the memory banks and I'm happy for Connor Coco had a tough tough day used to but he did get the one touchdown throw. It was a solid season it was a solid C great season. And eight Sox to come to an end the way in which it did the thing that stands out for me the biggest bomber of the whole thing. Derek horrible and her next year with zero. Playoff games of experience. At the very least that's what I was looking forward to this season seeing if they can get in. And then no matter what happens at the very least get some play off burn you understand with the situations like with the coaching is like but the atmosphere is like. And then when you come back the next year building upon that working your way to an AFC championship game. I wanted to see them in some tricky late game situations. In which coaching would have to be at a premium quarterback play would be at a premium. Defense would be at a premium a lot to like about this past season. But expectations next year. Will be even higher how big an AFC championship how many people do you think national media lies come August are gonna be picking this team to go to the suitable. I think maybe fifty times more than did this year. Ultimately. You need to win the AFC west in order to have a pass that includes go to the AFC championship game if you don't win the division. Then you know your plane wildcard week another road if you win the AFC west. You know you're gonna have a home game at the least and at the best media have that first round byes so. Twelve and for next year Joseph might be good enough to win the AFC west I don't think you have to think in terms of fourteen or fifteen. Regular season wins be competitive tried to win the west and get a hole playoff game that's taken the next step next year. Greater Monday brought to you by FH daily Chevrolet drive a little save a lot in Dolan lumber doors and windows. Romney 95 on the Penske auto sales that context line there are more than fifty governors in the US check your facts. About those one per state fifty governors are wrong. No I think me and my box the Mona Lisa the other day but I figured I've I came back pretty strongly that fact I thought maybe there is vacant senators and there's a hundred senators yeah hundred sent dobbs has yet to meet state senators or does it think it's just 11. Governor the governor of California you're ever hear the governors of California. Guts Yang governor lieutenant governor. I've you know I think maybe somebody had their on the wires crossed the 95. All I have to say about that is if I could see right I think energy and exceed putting you should beat. Daddy here at that. Governor baby. Buildings around here. O'Dell Beckham. This is and it's going nationally for us doesn't seem like it's that big here in the Bay Area I think that's is that I was trying to avoid getting washed. Off the peninsula but. OBJ and the giants they go to green bag they're going against one of the worst secondaries in the business Eli in the receiving unit should absolutely feasted in this game and and they didn't. And now everyone's looking to the Miami trip the wide receivers took on their off day. Pointing to that is the reason putting to that is a distraction pointing to that as a problem here is back and after the game on the Miami trip. I think it did a great job it create distractions trucks. And it's unfortunate assists that's just the way this world is. Does does is no way you can connect something that happened seven days ago to today's game today and how we came out of played and how. The Packers have won seven in a row and how they scored thirty points and how they executed it came up with a third downs. They they did what they needed to do so the connection is just not there in my opinion but that everybody's gonna have their own opinion so. Four catches. For 28 yards. Zero touchdowns. On eleven. Targets low how much heat is Nobel O'Dell Bakken deserve this morning. That I mean Michael Germany instigated and McLaren go perform. Lawrence Taylor get it and that you go perform. Beckham brought this awful the self you know you're going your party do the things. If you miss hot reads a song plays that he missed Todd Reid. Not to see any can't have fun I'd get that we all take trips us up but it's the playoffs you got four month to get ready get off you go do whatever you wanna do and here's what I eat when he talked about people don't say it's a distract us it was the media I get that okay you're right no doubt but why don't run out there way out to shirt. What you what are you trying to per straight you're trying to portray the show and hey look I learned a trip but I got my shirt off and a Mormon sentiment clown boy goalie. Coach signal that I'm not it would sure Tom what do you do. Understand now you go god they would no shirt you'd think the other team look at this at the clout. It was warming up I'm like dude I'm walk out of Rambo I am a moderate or an album warm and up our ambassador in your immediate. You're if you're on his team merger on the other other team on the other team in Europe you're out they're doing laps would you like to do three laps Borge yes yet do three to four last four game about would've seen the warming up like that. I looked at shook my head music what was it like you know had guys that do. What what what are you looking hello Neil I don't know like you're crazy SS and edits an academic dude. It's hard here you use you silly you're you're you're silly I mean it was just sit and meet. Watch inning guy and with that much at stake in now you got that out there on the field. Dallas out a shirt about Mormon about looking to do Millen dude really. What are you saying if your the veteran presence on that team say you're the full back of the New York Giants UN Eli you've been through although Super Bowl runs together you've been there as long as he has. You see these guys on Monday doing one thing now you're gonna go out there and they're going out on the field would no shirts on all the young guys a for the game. You've played at Lambeau before in the situation that it's been called have been married Eli what do you do what he's saying is that we don't get pretty pretty much of that. That would shut winning game what life that's that's bulletin board material. Why are you gonna get a teen fired a human out there when other teams I think guys learned he shouldn't you know guys as you see those idiots you suited to appear. OK if you get guys fired up you brought that OK you think it's funny to bless you that's exactly what they did it did is all warranted. Yeah he's doing way too much and that's what I would say if I was a veteran and to me you got to look at their head coaching you have the situation though they'll Beckham junior. One of the three or four most talented guys in the league but a girl was his year like. He had the big drama with the kicking net. First he assaults are taking net Denny proposes marriage to the ticking at this guys put himself out there. In the wrong ways and again it's it's one thing if you haven't got a Jerry Rice like season and it's got a 120 catches and 21 touchdowns in your. Europe a beyond reproach. But that's not the situation. And then you have this picture that by the way they posted on mr. Graham it was like it was a secret trip. You put yourself out there right he's still way too much in to meet. They head coach should've reign this in a long time ago. To where you say look O'Dell you put yourself above your teammates. This is a bad look and it's bad for our team. And I'm thinking about that I'm also big and when it comes to the hell Mary at the end of the half and we please do two things in so many teams don't get this number one. Stop rushing just three gaffe it's remember when Rodgers completed hail Mary against Detroit to. Stop rushing three guys in the blitz don't get the guy an hour and a half to let his receivers get on the field that's number one number two. Photo Bakken should be in the game. In the end zone jumping up to knock that ball that Detroit didn't do it Calvin Johnson so many teams do not understand this concept of taking your most athletic. High point guy on the team and letting him go up and make apply. It was Eli Kapalua one of those quarters to watch that play. He's facing the back of the end zone he's not down to the ground he's like bent over he's completely worthless on that play. Get to the end zone. Jump up knock it down. I cannot believe Rodgers keeps completing these passes I cannot believe this and you saw that one coming. You know don't just say that they're praising Jared Cook off the big cooked drop that pass otherwise the clock ran out they didn't know that. You know that. And Jillian Wichita on the and that's what that's another prime example attention detail. As a defender you said. Do you never argued state deeper than the deep his main. You have two layers. You gotta make sure the one in your defender he's going to be deeper than the deepest meaning you can't let anybody get about IG because it has gotten the ball game as a chance to go over the top. Seized a deeper to the deepest man in mean you have to have guys in front and so that means there's a window you've got a bullet or it's in front. And you can't go too far back because guys behind. So you got to put it in that Wendell drop it right in there. Which is at a position hold your. I believe we have some breaking news here. According to reports Ricky Ross LO is the governor of Puerto Rico Colorado had the governor's call there are more than forty governors. I asked the cracks that the backed me up on the fifteenth they said yes I went on there and made fun of that guy. Then it turns out there's more than fifty governors 51 governor take on my face may be well now here in there's more than 51. There's Puerto Rico and other territories that have governors not to moral of the story don't trust the crack staff number one. Number two don't go out there assuming there's only fifty governors because there's more. Who's the governor of Guam Jodie you know offhand that is a great great question how backcourt next a look at that five points and the game. Now back to reader Monday's here's show low and dips. Jolo and gives 95 point seven game tonight the game of games the rematch Alabama. And Clemson dish on Watson taking on Jalen hurts and perhaps. The nasty is defense in the country kick off 505 PM here locally. I'm stoked about this game I know there's the people driving around who are fired up about this game I do realize that college sports don't play huge in this town. That demand would talk and actually. Welcome guests special title house jacked up for you for tonight's game you were going on and on about damage this morning feel free to go on and on right now. I just think it's crazy Joseph you'd think about the great teams you know college history you think about it. Using you can name guys on eighteen when Michael Irvin was only eighteen when ray Lewis and quick was on a team all those guys they had and a player but their team. But at about Alabama. I mean Saban is bigger than any player you don't have necessarily a great quarterback but look at fifteen and all right now what they've been able to do fourteen wins. I mean this may. People running talk about this that this may be the best college team work. Even though both are a good quarterback. It's just amazing what this coach is being able to do joke in gay guys able to be able ready to play. And tonight the national the national championship. And people thought this Alabama team by the way boys is still undefeated. Clay Travis fox Sports Radio out kick the coverage out to the coverage dot com joins us this morning hear his thoughts on Alabama if they find a way to eagle fifteen you know by beating Clemson tonight. I think at Alabama to repeat it show you what happened today especially the way to be sent back they would vote it appeared that call. The ball the ball hard core leader never been a college football go out. You're great at. It's it's crazy that we're talking about the no one's really really say this I mean think about with this coach has been able to do. His track record here any near route and maybe it portable fifteen and oh with a four game with a with a playoff system in place so they. He is without question in my opinion the greatest college football coach of all time this would not be the greatest college football team of all time. You take this team yet and you throw them up against the yield. Jalen hurting do enough and you had a serious quarterback probably be convinced they're gonna win the night right forget about the fact that did fifteen you know what their place in history as. I don't even think they'd be a top three team in history for eagle fifteen and I'll grant it the records never been done before death but Jalen hurts. Against a Miami hurricane 191990s. Defense. Sorry he's not gonna be able to put up points you're gonna see him tonight. He's very explosive in the run game he's a lot stronger and more powerful than anyone thinks over under one on the matter at times they talk about when he showed up as a freshman how we could dead lift 500 pounds and the strength and conditioning coach said all right you're good we don't want a bill I'm not why are we wanna focus on some other stuff. This team is the real deal. But they don't have the quarterback play hurts can't throw the ball down the field with consistency. They can run it with the best of them but you're gonna see it tonight it hurts to be you it is armed Hudson's gonna be right in this football game. This quarterback plays what would have doomed them in the national picture all time going up against teams from the U possibly some of those Nebraska teams at Lawrence Phillips. Those teams were nasty on both sides of football. This team is undefeated yet you can't take that away from almond you can only play the teams on your schedule but the SEC this year a little bit down I saw. Texas Sam go up against Tennessee. In person cane and beat them and they go Alabama. A battle of unbeaten and they got motor boat the boat race and you look across the SEC and there wasn't a second. Great team LSU was the team that could challenge they actually played Alabama very competitively. That's dean fired their coach and they were in shambles so. As much as we wanna look at the undefeated record if that happens and I joke. I look at the caliber of the opposition this year and the fact that offensively. They don't have any real world beaters on that team the defense is the lead. But I can't say it is the best team ever in college football. SB five titles in. Eight years Nick Saban. Five titles in eight years I believe he's a bit is insane when you're in the SEC competing with all those other teams for all that talent to go and when you talk about. This team you say maybe not the best team of all time. But you look at those other teams I agree with the Lawrence Phillips you talk about a different them that you would Florida State when he had these great teams but. Talking defensively collectively just the CIA's. That these guys head budgeting go to polls said that in that county task for these other teams have moved the ball as well. Asked why I think this team still. Even though they don't have the offense the quarterback you alluded to they're still just the physical Dominic teen. Just all across the report offered to line defense allied US athletes that change games I get that. But this is just think a total team to me that you saw on dominant. It's gal still take Jerome brown and that defense from my dad and that they'll be barking in there are so much that we get to these -- it's true freshman he is going to be something special this year he is not tiger he is absolutely not watch him try to throw the football early in Clemson rattles him he will committed turn over in the first quarter. This year he's just not a great quarterback there's not been wrong with saying he's got an extremely bright bright future this team can run the ball as well as anyone in the country. But it's a big test sending its clubs and you're telling me about. Put them up against some of the all time greats my Miami would eat this team's launched this kid wouldn't be able to move the ball. And when you can't move the ball what do you do. Putting and your job or they just fired their OC because they could hammer Washington late that's a good Washington team. But really all you needed to do was give the ball Scarborough every single down and you win that game here yet they weren't able to figure that out they had problems this Miami team is not indestructible and that's why you're seeing the betting action this morning bringing the line that Clemson money early Clemson money often they move up the Q number seven it's either 66 and a half across the board. They're going to be interest of test tonight and your beat the bookie pick if I'm not mistaken was it did take. The point state clubs and of the points or were you just hope a fan of the under Euro to tote on the under renal Clemson plus the seven to Shawn Watson over total rocked out. That's what it was Alabama's struggles with mobile quarterbacks two games against man's Al. Watson last year go back through history it's not that they lose to these teams but they are much more competitive than anybody else can give them. Big statue Wes quarterbacks see you saw what happened to Jake brown in two weeks ago he couldn't do anything from Washington not. You go up against the mobile quarterback though you've got to contain and this guy can buy 456. Seconds all of a sudden that secondary comes unglued. They Amazon machine but every domino has to do its part for the other Don and go to work like none of these running backs work in new at the pro level you've got to also offensive line. And when they mow people down their giant holes revel in the run through well guess what when you go pro that's not how it works so Mark Ingram doesn't justify the number one pick TJ yelled and doing nothing in Jacksonville Eddie lacy is gonna be a free agent Green Bay nobody even cares about resigning him. Trent Richard Trent Richardson legal mind. While fascinating and I'd rather you know that well then look at the defense side of the ball Mark Barron was the best safety in the country. I think he came out with Eric Berry so Eric Berry was the best safety in the country but Aaron was right up there with so hired him late breaking trade the guy to the arrangements. These guys are all dependent on every cog in the machine doing its job and everybody does their job. And mobile roll yeah but once you find the one domino that you can knock out of whack the rest of the cards come tumbling down. There as well coached and well prepared as anybody in the league but they've got. Shortcomings and you can get him on offense with the quarterback position if you can contain hurts they run the inverted beer which looks like an option with a gonna bring out. And that hurts easy to gonna pitch it or he's gonna run essentially the option overs and a power. And dump right in between the tackles. Very good at doing Scarborough is very tough to bring them when he gets the ball. But Clinton's got some man bullies up there in the front seven and they are able to limit that. And they're gonna stack that box they're gonna try to get it hurts to beat him deep. And don't forget the fact the he got an offensive coordinator. Dialing up plays tonight who hasn't done it with this team this quarterback once in his life. Steve got Steve sorties in a good coach but he's never once worked with Jalen hurts as is offensive coordinator you had one week to get ready. They're gonna be some missed communications out there when that clocks run and watch hurts he takes that clock down way too far. And you get into a situation where this team picks up a lot of delay of game penalties. And that the snap the ball a little time remaining they're not lined up properly look at the gaming it's washing and they had the whole damn stadium quiet for them. And you had receivers looking to the sidelines he didn't have the play until three seconds left. That's an issue this a great football team they can be beaten JT the brick crosstalk raiders up next Jolo and it was 95 point seven a game. Now that reader Monday's here's show low and did its. He's got a matte here this week and with the rain Bachmann to Arab Western New York got like four feet of snow in four days at one point over this past weekend I like seven feet total on the year on seven snowfall. While cars get stuck out to sell kids get stuck in school. Schools not want to cancel. So they try to keep the kids in there to the point but it did so get so bad our mom and dad kids not stay overnight we can't get a map out. At school. Yes it at school I. I had just been laugh at my principles house and eighth grade in the flow and 82 in marine county is that like oh it's a nightmare. An absolute nightmare stranger danger shout out to mr. McEntee he was also my basketball coach so I knew him fairly well but. Yet it's never fun to spend denied the principal's house has taken on is flawed. JT the brick tentative and joining us now JT at twelve and four regular season fantastic. Of course it is disappointingly when you lose your franchise quarterback. One of the big questions from a lot of listeners this morning do you see any changes taking place for the coaching staff. That's a good one Joseph will have Derek are coming up here a little bad and bad injury caused chaos absolute chaos. On the field I don't think off the field look I think must grades five and I think if you look at his entire body of war and all the numbers that the writers put up offensively. He was placed nationally over the last two weeks by a lot of people who know. More about football the way do there and they love the fact it will be around. Defensively. I think it's fair I'm Ken Norton junior guys that are my first show we got hammered on the first show I ever did the New Orleans game all the points and from then on. It looked I believe in his principles of competition Thursday what he brought from Pete Carroll how great hopes Larry was the schemes he's worked with Jack Del Rio but the defense. Really let this team down in big spots all year long that they played well. At times in bunches and some games and turned over the ball and got off the field and as you saw they need to change the defense they need at least. For reduced orders I believe on defense to interior linemen. Linebacker or to an end I think we can debate the coaching issue on defense but I think everyone will be back. Because that's what the raiders are doing now what Reggie it's continuity it's bringing people back in building for something bigger. Then an injury to a quarterback that derailed decision. JT the brick today ten to noon break what do you think about the future of the tedious to Murray in the backfield of the time for the raiders to move on and and going to the two smaller younger guys I would be good that gives because I think. With davis' elbow player they can bring him back at the right price it's nice to have. You know three or four guys who can run the ball especially guy like what Davis around the goal line but they do have insurance I mean they nailed it bring in India Andre in Washington and Jalen Rashard that gives the writers some flexibility is right he's got to have to continue. To find a way debt to cap space to pay card to pay. Mac in the future and all these other big con contract went to Maine. We'll get into it today it's about what has to happen on this team defensively because when Derek sell their healthy. This offense is going to be fine they're gonna be a leaked for years to come they just got to make a couple personnel moves. On the defensive side and I think we're talking about another season next year joke that's probably eleven or twelve wins all the within that schedule. Which is harder than the schedule that we saw this year than all the travel those opponents are going to be able to tough. I agree TJT we talk about the schedule next year. Here's a thing when you look at this team you know and hey they're a strap for the cash because of the free agent acquisitions they went out. Here's a guy this guy on this team but sometimes things happen not to say he's not playing well. Jake could genachowski is this guy now hazard timely save money makes almost four million dollars a year do you think they're gonna go on new direction we have a younger kicker to save money. I hope god I'm just I'm my rate that they can't put him in field goal position in these last couple games and have him win the game with four field goals are three and not be able to do accuse the offense struggled with the third string quarterback in Connor cook who played with a lot of heart they just couldn't get genachowski in a position. To be an impact guy late in the season when they needed the two seed they needed the bye week they needed a home game where he's good kick in at home compared to the opponent. Everything guys fell apart. And the only thing I'm disappointed that I will hammer. Hammer at starting at 10 o'clock. Is why this team without their quarterback couldn't do more to rally around on the field and play better against Denver and Houston especially against Houston that wasn't gonna run away with that game. They want a great elite offense and they may gosh why don't look good and now all the heat is off a box wild as you wanna game we didn't turn it over. And played really well the big spot there are so I think the writers it was a great year twelve enforced fabulous side that with the team for nineteen years and a lot of those seasons they really struggled but now they have got to build on it believe me from Mark Davis down to everyone and that organization. Not winning a playoff game. Not winning any game in the postseason is nothing to celebrate the French should celebrate twelve and four but the organization's got to get back to working get better. JT the brick coming up an eight minutes left Scott Mayer at 1015 Derek Karr at 1045 in Roxy Bernstein 1130 thank you wreck it thank our guys. We talked about this before but he got to gear up one week from tomorrow. The 95 point seven a game dream sports experiences can give you the shot to rub shoulders. With celebrities and sports heroes one week from tomorrow Tuesday January 17. Good and I fives and the game dot com to make your bid. On your dream of sports experience unforgettable life than sports experiences. That you when your friends will cherish forever all proceeds go to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in need. Gentlemen. Surprised. At how made the decision to move on Sonny dykes yesterday. Was yeah did I was did I thought that he would think that you know this guy's going to be there it's already. College season's been over for what 6567. Weeks a bank and all of a sudden you come on you you fire him I just I just think it was shot an immediate. I'm just surprised the timing because you're right love mean their last game was back in the early December. You weren't going to a bowl game you knew this season was over. You figure you would make a move then but perhaps they. Held back because they were holding it against Sonny dykes the fact that he was out there. Interviewing for the job his name had been mentioned it for the Baylor job among others and. Maybe university officials that you know what. You were shopping yourself order to hold you as long as we can before getting radio at a time where most of the good jobs thirty take it. Cut off your nose to spite your face because signing these in a month and that's not gonna go well with some of these recruits Jake's battle all the offensive coordinator is interim head coach at the moment. Keep an eye out on defensive coordinator from Wisconsin Justin Wilcox he's a former DC. At USC. He can be a hot candidate for the job less miles is out there and obviously the big game everyone's been floating Chip Kelly. A former pac twelve coach or again available as well that. And he wouldn't require moving boxes if you would imagine he can stay in his current domicile and just commute over to Berkeley and take a job that is. As far as low pressure jobs go it's got to be one of the best low pressure jobs in the country you're not expected to win. Ten or eleven games you're not expected to be in the playoff. Conversation. You're not even really expected to be the Rose Bowl conversation have a winning record at. Get to a bowl game and be somewhat interesting that's for the bar is set over in Berkeley. Greater Monday brought you buy at face daily Chevrolet drive a little save a lot in Dolan lumber doors and windows Derek horrible joined JT the brick at 1045 for an upper low for dibs on Joseph Ford ball. Thanks for tuning in everybody be good stayed dry will catch tomorrow at 6 AM 95 point seven a game.

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