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Best of Joe, Lo & Dibs: Monday, January 9th, 2017

Jan 9, 2017|

Joe, Lo & Dibs recap the Raiders' 27-14 Wild Card loss to the Texans and discuss whether or not the franchise needs to make any coaching changes. The guys also hit on the Odell Beckham Jr situation in New York after the Giants' loss to the Green Bay Packers. Former Raider Great Lincoln Kennedy joins the show and reacts to the Houston loss and also discusses possible offseason changes that may need to be made. In addition, are the Warriors having chemistry issues just 38 games into the season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. I'm sorry you. It's not the police. June oh yeah. We gain. This guy needs unbelievable. Enthusiasm is just exploding through your radio dial that tell you bring it home. That there are signing up front that's bringing home what's up everybody generally didn't 95 point seven game. Thanks for hanging out we got a big show in store for you today. Matt mail goes coming up in about 29 minutes with all the latest on the coaching and GM search for the 49ers he's seen this list. The candidates everyone's on it it's everyone. I mean did I think your next Thursday high hopes so I mean you gonna have a list and series it's about twenty names apiece to control ticket window at. 845 we get a pair of tickets to see Green Day at the Oakland coliseum Saturday August 5 leading Kennedy's gonna join as one hour from now. At 805. We can have rehash what happened in Saturday's game but how much is there you'd really like to discuss 12714. Loss that brought an end to eight. Fantastic. Twelve and four regular season so we're gonna go ahead look to the future what is next for the Oakland Raiders. Some of the you're gonna be lighting up the falls we wanna hear what you think about the roster what you think about the coaching staff triple 89579570. Low right out of the gate. Do you see the coaching staff remaining intact. When I talk about coaching staff I'm not talking quality control and near the boxer whose turn I'm talking about head coach. Offensive coordinator defensive coordinator are mostly back next season. No do I think there's some hot seats I think both offense and defense coordinators on the hot seat I think one seed is out of the other. In his defense. And I'm not to sandal Olerud who who's saying this because he doesn't like it or not I like Ken Norton played against the guy I think he's a good coach is a great linebackers coach. But here's the facts. Jack Del Rio took over he said no Ken Norton earmark DC my deepest corner but I'm gonna take over a play call. That's a head coach taken a job that he hired a coach in San you're not cable this game you're not doing a good enough job. And I'm taken. That bill that does not happen often in a National Football League. That doesn't happen so I'm Ken Norton I've put my name out there and didn't killers are welcome further jobs because if you look akin org Ken Norton a couple of years ago was. Talk about as they head coach potential. So Ken Norton wants to be head coach when all these danger and so when if I have that opportunity. It'll give Wade Phillips. Absolutely I'm getting Wade Phillips and I'm overpaid for in people are gonna say or he's one took Jack's objects until unfair. No we won't why because. He doesn't wanna going all Wade Phillips what to do was Decourt. DC he's not trying to be head coach Jack should not feel threatened in this guy would change their defense because he knows how to run that 34 defense. He's one elite coaches when you spend ten plus million on Sean Smith. You have one of the league's elite pass rush isn't Khalil Mac you want to spend quality money on Bruce Irvin. You spent quality money earlier on a Malcolm Smith who was a super wal MVP he's been a first round pick on a guy like Carl Joseph. You've addressed you've spent money and big time resources on the defense side of the ball so when you worry twelve and fourteen that finish is 26 in total defense a lot of people are gonna question. What went wrong and it's one thing when Cleveland stinks on defense it's another thing when a twelve enforce squad. Stinks on defense markets in San Francisco thank you for calling the show how do you feel the franchise should handle the coaching staff moving forward. Gentlemen good morning or to blow up and mark about. I'm surprised that you are given appointment Norton junior now I know that way it goes via you know special aren't worth it to grab. But you know don't think it. As a player you know that cookies and had been reporters problems and personnel on staff player. So cute. But if you want to keep them out cohesion to be CDO in the that it coached and budget in pac the player. To lose a DC up once he didn't mean I'm I'm more disappointed with the people wore padding up. Putting him on the blog planet into orbit and tackles. People in the department the mr. there are gaps you got shot at who the dark dark orbit on jamming and by art. I think it wouldn't pork play. And you know I think to get one shot one more year because you want people. No they're I'm in order spokesman on the up and make it happen I am disappointment in pressure. On the quarterback on Saturday I was surprised that you couldn't get there it's not what I'm gonna put that on players and on the do you see. I think that we have a really good court you look at. You look at it through approach for at free agency and we brought in over thirteen free agent mark it bring back Hong. Bring back Malcolm Smith but I'd do you agree muted threat inside middle linebacker. He's huge union address. DB the short. And you keep. That it is our outlook the strength but the rumor and I their crawl. There and and what do you think about you know a lot of these guys with street is to keep. Our own here before look elsewhere to. Get the pop mr. certainly didn't mic because it's here. So they're call markets lot to digest there let's start low with what he was addressing with you one more year continuity with the coaching staff. It it sounds good and in Jack's got to have that decision but this has not been one year this has already been several years with the defense. And when you say okay waters and I weigh in you'd do that you have to put the onus on players I get that. But you also have to put onus on coaches coach's job they're called coaches because they pose a coach players up in gay guys in position to make the place. And you look at Wade Phillips and that's arms and if you look at Wade Phillips and see what he's been able to do. Jack Del Rio was a defense according to for the Denver Broncos. He had almost pass rushers he had that same defense of guys that were there. Wasn't able to win a Super Bowl his defense what the top five. Wade Phillips come in one year in the 34 the same defense. In needed tub defense your defense when your Super Bowl so it goes to show you. They're coach is to have a huge impact on to determine alchemy gains if you have the talent. I believe that the raiders have some talent I still believe that they ask mulls. I distinct as a coach and as a player if someone replaces you. Is a head coach says I want to do your job Ken Norton. You're my DC but you don't seem Europe why would you take over the play calling if you believe this coach is good. What did he have a cold PD you have the flu PD have a bug in his eyes Joseph. Why would you why would head coach take over political an excellent point Jack Del Rio was asked over the weekend if there were any changes coming to the coaching staff here's what he had to say. Well we'll see how it goes you know on opportunities come up for it's we do that the last year it's. X force the issue so. Got a good group of guys who work hard they care. Olson goes. If you love your assistance my thought process would be no no no changes are coming. Someone might get an opportunity to take a step up I can't control that but that's not that's not what that was right that was the we haven't made any final decisions yet that's what that says right there. And two lowest point in me that at sends a pretty clear signal when you take away play calling from. The guy who whose job is mainly to be the play caller on defense and you. You take that away from him. Because you're unhappy with the way things are going in to anti markets was the caller correcting his point about continuity. Low is it more of of an issue with the offense to have continuity that is the defense because from my viewpoint of the outside. The. Here's a thing when you're on a 3434 is still 34 defense he's got three down linemen you have four linebackers. So yep may be a little different terminology but you're still going to basic 34. Wade Phillips is at 34 title coats so the way that this team is built the raiders ideas it's got 34 personnel. Great outside pass rushers they can get drafted a quarterback. That's the kind of defense that you want Sophia built that way if you go bring in another guy who specialize in the 34 ala deductibles. However when you see the Wade Phillips those guys it's still. Can enhance your 34 packets so I just look at San hey look. Here's a guy that's out here here's a defense coordinator that's shown that he can win and here's a guy did you look at his track or what he's been to one of the 34 -- when he didn't San Diego go look at San Diego's chargers defense one way Philip was a DC. He's not a guy this point to threaten the head coach he just wants to do what he does well and that's mig defense is great again. I believe it all starts with the question any decisions that are going to be made overt raiders HQ all sorts of one question. What do we need to do. To make the AFC championship game next year. Because next year making the playoffs will not be good enough. Next you're making the playoffs and fizzling out the first game no matter who's hurt won't be good enough you have now move the ball are one step further. That's what you've been trying to do over the last few seasons Derek started going ten to one year and then they got the win over Kansas City and you come back in you start to get competitive. Two years ago I talked about dropping that scoring differential you're outscored by an average twelve points per game let's give more competitive lasted he came back they were outscored by less than a fuel per game. This year it was about learning how to win the late couldn't do it against Pittsburgh last season Chicago we remember all those games what do they do this year they won it. James Blake. Right out of the chute they did it into wallets needed it throughout the season on weight and wrote. Two and a remarkable twelve and four record. But next year twelve foreign get enough next you're getting into isn't going to be enough next year the expectations are gonna be the AFC championship game that's a fact. That's a fact no one's gonna come back next year when you sign a quarterback to twenty million dollars a year and did what you did this season. And they're gonna say getting is going to be good enough. Gonna have to be the AFC championship. So what do you need to do and Ken Norton get your defense as it is to the NFC champ AFC championship excuse me because he can't. You gotta make it changed the reason for that. You don't have a ton of money to spend on the defense side of the football. This is not a team that's gonna be able to go out sign AJ boy from Houston to play corner. And some other road graders write the middle who could eat up space. And free up the linebackers you will not have those resources you are bottom five and available cap space at the moment. But you release some players make some moves will be a history of some cap space they're car's about to get a big contract. How will Mac is a year away from getting a big contract. Marty Cooper is a couple way yours away from get a big contract you gotta think about the future you can't go lock yourself in all types of big time deals. Because you're one of the space for the guys you drafted. Who are young. And big time contributors that's what this is all gonna come down to Reggie in Philly Reggie in Philly thanks for calling guy. I looked up on the once in the junior. Wore her position because that would know where low for. Everybody here about the call the part about it Norton and all people actually from the outlook talk about all that he. When you're caught now that it would build Motley. Out all critic who worked. It won't look at it up at all and what it. Looks like right off the floor at all that they would stop the war altered rock wall with. There are cart cover. For a lot of Bill Buckley decision we talked to order a proper way to start low and it may have become more to win game late. Competency won a couple of days late are caught in the air act and then Monday. About the daughter chart below do. In India could not talk about the raptors lack of its original awareness. That's where the play caller ID or call out there or are they were at that point. What are dark without all the work actually dropped back to pick one out. Update their lack of create. Because look at the Maricopa reduction how we now. And so we're now that vote go back on. I want how productive when everybody in the stadium opener in the ball up because it back to do. Thought it was a walk up. Got wild if there are more Copeland lined up on the straight on the table all provinces like. Lot of would be dramatic outcome put in the lot. Not with a lot of it is oh with. Are the result lack of the word or awareness and a lack of creativity or built upgrade parts that would best buy your car. Sitting in these in BP and its I've dropped are not old apartment involved all year and not think you need to go through. I hope they act that we would welcome to if they're caught without a topic you'd go well nor does. Thanks Reggie appreciate the call Caldwell. Rob musgrave we focused on the defensive side of the golf ball but bill musgrave is. In individual that's going to be able to take this offense to the next level if you got a franchise quarterback MVP candidate quarterback. You should be able to get a lot out of this offense reds I I agree with you. We all talked about that he wasn't on the ball well on the should have been right and because they're running the ball well and they kept on the ball. And wasn't wise. So when you talk a mob musgrave will you correct absolutely. Now here's a question here's a here's a here's what I'm do you get rid of two coordinators in one year. That's got a tough in here's why I think that musgrave is gone get another year I think to Ken's gone this year and have to make sure. May be musgrave but here's agenda if you have a quarterback. Airline and Rogers what does he do he checks out of place he takes over. He makes it happened Brady play comes in Brady doesn't like he's able to do Bigby and all these guys they have that ability. Because they're students of the game Drew Brees. Don't like a situation guess what coach gave me to play but I'm gonna Alter out of it because I know what to do. Your car that's what you got to relax in that and a bridge that's what you got to rulers to. Because like you alluded to. The air car can hide a multitude of faults by coordinator he by giving guys imposition to be successful no matter what the play becomes it. So that's why I think you can hold on the musgrave for a year but this Ken Norton. Had the ability are the talent hide imperfections of those calls that they nickel defense. That's the million dollar question that's the coordinator question and I think that answers no but you have park they can hide a lot of different things defense they can't. From the 510 on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex NHL are you ready to give us Weiler any credit yet. Now. This as it pertains to bill musgrave coming openings do we have for each seed jobs around the NFL right now. Sets herself seven and a bunch 49ers are open San Diego's opened go all the way around the league a lot of head coaching jobs open. The guys being interviewed for these jobs. Coordinators. Highly thought of coordinators. Josh McDaniels is hot can commodities and well he happens to be the offensive coordinator of one of the best offenses in the business Kyle Shanahan. Hot commodity he happens to be the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons won the best offenses in the business. Bill musgrave is the offensive coordinator for one of the best offenses in the league the Oakland Raiders he also oversaw the development of Derrick Clark from second round pick out of Fresno state to MVP candidate in the NFL. As a single team reached out to the raiders about interviewing bill musgrave race head coaching job. I haven't seen that story now in case I missed it I think the answer that would be now has a single team reached out to the Oakland Raiders got interviewing Ken Norton. For a vacant head coach and I refer you to my previous answer your honor. I think I'm either I missed that story or it's not out there says actions or lack of actions in this case may speak Latin word auto Beckham and the giant wide receiving unit made some headlines big time headlines early in the week. After they took out the Washington Redskins in the final game of the season they decided they were gonna gonna and the Miami had a little boat trip he decided it was Smart to post it on social media. They opened up pandora's box so in the wake of all that all they needed to do was go out on Sunday against the Packers and perform. And then everyone would forget about this trip because this is what guys do on their off days when you have means you're gonna do things like go to Miami and hang out on a boat while they didn't perform. The giants got shellacked at Lambeau and OBJ had arguably the worst game of his career. Here's Beckham after the game when asked at the Miami trip had any bearing on his performance whatsoever. I think it did a great job it create distractions trucks. And it's unfortunate assist us as the way this world is. Does does is no way you can connect something that happened seven days ago to today's game today and how we came out of played out. The Packers have won seven in a row and how they scored thirty points and how they executed it came up with a third downs. They they did what they needed to do so the connection is just not there in my opinion but then everybody's gonna have their own opinion so. Well. Does he deserve criticism duty in the giant receivers deserved criticism for. Just when some on the off that Elliot they do. And don't get me into you know this is what do you do when your off days no heed to our own now when it's the playoffs you know hard took me eight years to get to the playoffs. Shame on you and shame on the leaders on that team gets it didn't grab this guy and say don't do this and this is not this is a selfish act so. Look right after the season like today you know how long this guy's got even that he backed in January February march. A march OO TAs offseason program and start to march mid march April. So different march April so you got three formats he can go to Hawaii go to Africa go to Houdini and go anywhere he wants to go. In going to go sit parties go to Brazil he can do anything. But you chose last weekend and I saw plays in the game yes indeed it affecting. Don't get affected. He dropped touchdown not just steadied Webb beat up the first ball he was in shelter come out before the game run around to sure up trying to make a mark because you think about whatever wants Santa. It's a distraction in an affected his ball game what did Al. I don't think you can say that I mean guy's job football's all the time just because they spent time in Miami a week ago I admitted to bad luck. But I don't think you can necessarily connected dots from. And all seven in the whole year in ninety down three. Don't you don't think it'd mess what does psyche want to drop you'll take. What do people think why would you read out there would your shirt off begin and mosey trying to what was that was that correlation you're you're being I mean I think when you have a body that that's that that's that good at I like barely keep my shirt on it's a gift that we. It sculpted bodies have to give to society low on Danny. Put it like best. It's a lot of you guys outside of six to 10 AM I don't give a damn what you do your free time outside of six to 10 AM you go do whatever you wanted to be with your families go out drink have a good time do whatever you want. But six to 10 AM in this room bring your a game and if you don't you'll get criticized as I'd expect to be criticized are working with anyone else when you're on the clock you paid to produce. Simple. He wanted to go to Miami I don't think any direct effect on vacation at six days though you're an athlete but he didn't show up in plight. You didn't perform what you did which you gave the media and you give neighbor body out there fodder to take you down if you didn't perform. You can go up there play well and lose it people say well you know what. He was just hanging out it's an off day he's got means he is the ability to fly to Miami and hang out on his off day don't we wish we could do that. All that's that's fine as long as you produce when you don't produce people look to take you down and you gave the media and the fans. The perfect reason to come after you. Because you were screwed around on your off week. That's all well and all willing to it as long as you show up on Sundays we could net a little of that. Failed to show that many punch holes in the wall after the game the guy is a loose cannon. He's a great receiver but he's a loose cannon and ultimately he'll be just like a Pacman Jones wearing a very crucial moment you'll need him. He'll lose his mind applicable flag and it cost of the game. Could handle it mentally joke that's a difference Michael ever go on do whatever he wanted to do but he would come and perform. Any Indians Lawrence Taylor will blog party into this thing and still bogeyed 2456. Now here's a Dane did it did affect him he couldn't handle mentally because he went out there on a film after he dropped eighty start thinking about the things that he did. So that was a cause and effect and allowed this guy to not perform well Michael Jordan we drinking gamble all night play golf in the morning and dropped 50 in the evening no one cared because he produced. It's a results oriented business when you don't produce results people are coming out yet. That's on LBJ. That's on the rest of the receivers for the New York Giants Lincoln Kennedy in one minute don't go anywhere Jolo and its 95 points and the Lincoln Kennedy former raider great on the phone would Jolo in dibs 95 point 7 the game the morning like how are up. Very good thank you let's start with a reflection of the season twelve and four on the year and while it certainly didn't end the way anyone was hoping this team did it take a big step forward what are reasonable expectations. Gonna be for the raiders next year or dare I say an appearance in the AFC championship. I mean I think the obvious progression physical deeper playoffs and eighties made a wild card game I guess that the next progression if you will would be to win the division and hold the playoff game. And then you know the thing is that you don't really have the the benefit of sitting back in being able to build a franchise to keep it together it just doesn't happen that day visit with my reasons so. You got to capitalize on the window. So you know at reflection looking back what to register and obviously twelve before was far surpassed. Expectations but the into the wild cart and in some of these well for awhile car. But you want that we also playoff game it definitely your division look at yourself two games closer that is suitable rather than have a star a lot of which we. Link watching this team played the last couple games last 56 quarters. How much do car hire a lot of the imperfections. On the offense and defense. I don't think he he hit the imperfections I think. Carl was the catalyst that motivate these guys gave them the ability to play better. He's he's a true leader and and the fact that they lost their leader. This team was without definition that was out is without structure it was without drive. On. An Internet guide shows you how valuable this quarterback into the game. Link looking at the quarterback position going forward to back up in mind. Matt McCoy a free agent not likely to be back did we see enough. Positives from Connor cut to think that he should be the number to work with the raiders look to draft a quarterback. And maybe instill some competition for the backup spot. I don't know they're they're way too many holes that he has you don't go for another quarterback I think comic book. Jolt that with two what time that he can be when Lisa get back. You'll franchise that is that is stepped in with their cart and help that's what you're you're concentrating on so. Look for the raiders does to sign him so long term deal but for the raiders try to keep as much of the foundation places possible. And in what that means that you'll have to give little back a lot of money eventually because Maricopa a lot of money. He's still have some pieces they've got the pieces they got to the got to figure out especially because side. Lincoln Kennedy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game do you see the organization that. Retaining both Ken Norton junior and bill musgrave this off season. I you know what I actually called that to be honest with ya I don't know what's want to root no real fine. Like it's you know you look at it. He can be glob of say well what about what we expected but. And what fault game guys it's hard to be critical backup perform too political for the space that we see less sweeping code to stay around an organization nor what. All they might not have always been as glamorous as you wanted but they've they need to get the job cuts so. I'm not in the position to say whether these were the Tamil people or they'd be impatient that. Link when you that you talk about don't get a quarterback because there's Langer. Weaknesses is they need may be offensive defense a week in since you named defense will be your number one interest to chew it in in in the draft or as deep as what that's 14 pick. I. It. There's a Mike topping say slow. It's such a lady jedi joining us there on the night at 57 the game just saw a note. On Twitter linked it to a couple of coaches on the raiders' staff have expiring deals bill musgrave and. Mike Thai ace as well plus the quarterback coach Todd downing how. Worried would you be about these coach is going elsewhere if there isn't an ability for them to move up within the organization. I mean that's all the business side at the end and be honest with you and I mean. Look you'll look at messes you break it down look at the job that Mike ties it with a ultra right now they've got decision Michael settlement while they also got decision making the right tackle position. I'll vote in the fact that scrambled around they put you know they had three guys sort of focal. About the second all the office supply that's pretty impressive so you might you want to give a guy that you wanna protect what he was critical right. So I mean there of their decisions like this government has said the purpose to make because. Suddenly you have to look at the performance you know look at the overall performance of this team. Etiquette it's not as glamorous as one would like but they did what. Lincoln Kennedy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game if you're on the New York Giants and your veteran presence. You see the wide receivers go to Miami on the off the earlier in the week OK that's one thing but then if they show up and perform the way they did in the playoffs New York hadn't been in the post season for like five years. If that's the performance you get are you gonna feel that locker room after the game. We felt like crap because you lost but you know what an app the united dvd quality because the government. I mean look it. I was outlawed. Generation apart pretty darn cute guys sells a blanket that that call the kettle black when I do what I can look back in my day. But we always sewed up the plate it is a learning experience and it here's the thing we saw all the all the struggles throughout. This year it wasn't just on that short time for that one playoff game New York Giants of happiness struggles offensively all year. Our initial thought that was blatantly obvious in the file the certificate you wish you. More maturity out of some that you veteran Andy he's conceded that he. Blink I can do two more demanding we you know we talk about that. It's a week of the playoffs though and you look at you say okay Michael Irvin we knew freed in you know Lawrence Taylor he's gusty party with the best of them still on put the numbers. In not saying that Odeo Beckham drinker inning but after he missed a touchdown pass a star drug test do you think there was any. And effect go beak psychologically because of the fact that now he's think it everyone's gonna say that armistice. Boost party and that's why these are happening. Well that's like that that's quite you've got that big make better to do well let me think about it if you go a lot get caught Hagan now commercial production that you were taken out shot to chat about everything else. You played like crap but people to come back to it. I mean I think if you wanna go party you've got to play it like hey look man I thought ardea thoughtfully and not do at all. I mean that's that that's what it comes down to because everyone always looking for an excuse. To take you down on the page or not true to and the Indian guys that do themselves any favor by playing like crap on the heels of what they did. You Kennedy would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game Blake always a pleasure catching up the view great interview today thanks for your time we'll catch up with the again next week. Kids not to pick get a fresh wound but. They say it's it's good on radio when we share a little bit of ourselves behind the scenes yes. The warriors Friday night the this is where I'm now and she's a mom gets the Memphis Grizzlies guys were watching in Reno you guys at the Atlantis this week as your great show. From what I heard Saturday killed at thank you to welcome you to in the guru Tom. Just watching all that unfold 820 from four point lead kinda eerily reminiscent of what we salt. Christmas Day against the caps big lead look like it was all. Handled and then. Again yes and goes wrongly and much like my Christmas was ruined my Friday night was all but ruined because it's funny. What are you illegal gambling establishment the Atlantis casino resort spa wonderful location. Great people shot on the real Kate Upton like Dick dealer but I digest. We're watching I got a three team teaser Jody could take that suggests yet like I I digress but I digest is my own I like him that yes. Yes don't slow weekend what happens is you start being created with the language like our guy. Lorenzo Neal yes a lot of three team tease and joke as you said teaser is. Our great way to go the clippers he murders in the NFL yes it's an NBA three teamwork and clippers come home to roost at. The lakers with a blowout win there's ejection and Fiserv client. I get the warriors in the third add they're up 24 joke. All of dividend seven points because as you told us tees that they be down from thirteen. I'm figuring. They can haze in the Barnes noted days in a borrowed. Come to find out at one point lead is not safe acting got down eighteen. The fourteen it down to nine this game is tied and also not mobile for overtime. And they go to OT ending a motor voted. Absolutely motor blow losing is one thing. But at the end of that game enough you saw Kevin Durant despite the huge game from staff curry forty points. In that match up Friday night on fifteen of 27 shooting four boards six assists to rant wanted the ball called for the ball the end of the game to try to win it. In even consider passing working in around it was straight iso. Miss the shot and then drain mine green got right up in his face is starting given him the business. Late in the game here's to rant on the heated exchange would drain money in a Friday night's game. Elected miles. So the boys and I. Now low in the wake. Of what happened Friday night I'm following along on social media and again here come the scorching hot takes. Well this is the first I saw the word seizure the first seizure in this war years marriage that now there's an issue. During trying to do it to rant does and not fitting in jiving with the way things are donning golden stated this is the first Fisher. Should we read in this is that to stay scorching hot take from the national media or is there more here than meets the. I think it's good I think it's bad how how dream I'm probably went to Twitter in you know to let everyone know how he felt. I think that social media sometimes can hurt eighteen. But I think that I saw I think it's good in the good fact is that it should've cut in these scum because. When you look at a toady at this an eight play that's it staff has want to start pushing the gas right. Why because he's got to show that he's worked at 200 million dollars. 35 the other night forty why he's being more aggressive USC I can still go to rat pack and still score points second to all the things. Right now is about this team jelling. When you saw a KD take the ball and you saw pre can drain money in a corner waving you should see you know you can see the video he's wave and he's waving mob. He wants Kate Katie wanting to come over set a screen that I could get in and not coming out to help. So that's a bad thing because emotion when you let the public milk sometimes things need to be handled behind closed doors in the and he said this is Curtis thought. During my calls out Kurt he calls out basically is not Claes Saudi decision over the corner in its wrong. He's staying he's saint issues that are wrong. But at the same since he heard clay in Europe Kirk amounts that while not management Marcus he's you know he's there now as well this is where a head coach has a step in. And sure the show that is certain is that I on the head coach you don't need air model onto on the media you need to come behind closed doors and handle it. But now you need to see how Okur is as a leader because he's got some superstars that he needs and make sure that he can control this environment biggest. From this team has at the moment is the fourth quarter you see and losses dream and even talked about and everyone notices the offensive struggles in the fourth quarter when the team loses. Last year in the playoffs against the cavs December 25 against the cavs this game against Memphis offense goes stale. Dream my talks about how he sees it in the winds as well he's right. There's a metric to try to normalize and create balance between all the teams it's about figuring out how many. Points a team scores per 100 possessions some teams played a slower tempo like you talk some teams played a faster tempo late Houston. The weighted normalize that is to do eight average based on a hundred possessions making it even. In the first three quarters of games this season the warriors averaged a 116. Points per 100 possessions. All you need to know is it that's number one in the NBA by a mile. In the fourth quarter plus should they go to overtime they ranked 23. In the NBA. In school or. Her 100 possession now many people come out and say well they're blowing people allow they're not keep it all the starters and ran it. About 20% of the time curry clay dream on and Durant are on the court together. In the fourth quarter of games. But this team stops. Passing the basketball in the fourth quarter take a look at the assess it happened last night against the kings yup you know how many assists they had the fourth quarter last night. Life. Thought this is the team that routinely puts up thirty plus assists per night. Five gives you an average of about twenty per game that's gonna put you below the league average five last night and in the final I think it was seven minutes of that game. They didn't have a single assist Friday night. Against Memphis they ended the game on four consecutive ice goes Klay Thompson was just standing around. And Raymond green this season when he's got ten or more assists and a game they're eleven and well but when he's got less than five assist their five and four. The ball movement is the hallmark of what makes this seem so great but for some reason in the fourth quarter of games it gets stale and a lot of that is the addition of TB. Everyone's trying to figure out who's gonna be the top gun Lleyton games. That's what you've got huge used to playing style where it was gonna be roster until the final second of the shot clock and then he might get the ball. Now everyone's trying to figure out who's going to be our guy. Who's gonna win the game Presley and the start to go iso in the start to tighten up because they haven't jelled yet. That's why as dream onset Friday night losing games like that. Good thing because you gotta figure that out between now and the plan. Some of the politely disagree with dream on the losing games like dad is a good thing I don't think dream on had the minus seven personally and playing and having it 24 point lead. And completely turn rolling up offensively. And losing in overtime maybe it's a wake up call for them and I get that but you've lost twice in Memphis now is a team that you very likely could face. In the post season and your point yell about fourth quarter. Efficiency or inefficiency. In this case that's a real problem load we we saw on Friday that we're watching the game. This ought to get last night stagnant offense late. I'm glad I had been with you on the island that's when I did that I kept my short I know that was ugly for a 124. Big Joseph what it isn't and that's honestly. Like reminded say in it's I don't think you come Republicans in its own Kerr. This he got I mean in in these head coach he's got a huge stanza because when you need to call time out. And you say this is not happening even enforce sacrifice a lost and you take all stars say guys move the ball around. They need to move the ball around and a fourth quarter and it shows boot it's shown immensely that when they don't there's they're struggling. You look no further in their to their nemesis the cavs went into the bronze and wanna point guard when I finish give me another point guard has he has the played point guard even want to. Wiping LeBron doesn't that simply because he comes out he steals balls wide because he hasn't he can fall off complete pick him he goes he loves that. LeBron he just don't want it to if you did you plan to be against that team you want LeBron to score 4050 points as you want him to take over as everyone else does not that. And that's why they lose games. But when tiger he's going. That's what LeBron is more effective that's what everyone else is more effective because Ky we doubt can distribute to pass the ball move the ball around but LeBron just excellent gets his 4050. No one else is doing it and that's which reminds saint Intel this team gets that point continue for the fourth quarter. Those struggling tuck into that joke on assist opportunities. From Dray mind green meaning when drain mindset she watt. Should the basket going it would count as an assist should it doesn't should miss obviously it doesn't but on assist opportunities direct passes from Dray mind green. This team shooting. 58%. From the field. When he setting you up 58%. They went five for 22. In that game late against Memphis the other night not a single field goal attempt came on a passenger in my. They just get away from what works first three quarters of the game you see. Great ball movement setting each other up working the ball around finding the open shot they get more open looks than anybody in the business. For some reason late needs games they start to tighten up stop moving the ball around. Like I said Friday night they added that fourth quarter on four consecutive ice those cannot even work in the ball around coach ray might not even involved he is a clay was just stand in her. They got to a point where he was completely useless out there because they were even put the ball on his hands not to shoot not the past not to do anything. That's what you figure they've got to work on moving forward and you are hoping. That that would have been put in play for the kings game last night while they still won because an explosive third. I've total assessed in the fourth quarter fox. And that's just stagnation of the stagnation sensation as Tim I probably wouldn't say. On the broadcast even thinking part of that I think. He is a lack of close games in the fourth quarter you haven't had that night after night experience as a unit. To figure out how you gonna be successful in the fourth quarter but that's only lopsided games and Memphis is one of those ones I think the biggest. Because shut off the faucet too early up eighteen. As the as the fourth quarter started and you didn't do anything office. Doesn't let them their latent. Individuals try to win the game Branson the ball when winning game Joseph -- you're alluding to by moving the ball around. Open guys get open shots by trying to do individually. Good normal wind and it's hard in in people can defeat to better.

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