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Evan Moore 1-9-17

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alabama Clemson. Playing that game tonight in Tampa Evan Moore joins us from the pac twelve network the former great standout tight end for Stanford and now an equally great standout analyst and seven as we begin hero wanna jump in and talk about why we should be watching this game not only in the Bay Area but nationally because that's a regional field of the game in the south between Clemson and Alabama. But should we be watching it is Alabama might be the greatest team of all time. Papa gore meanwhile symbolically that's legit which at the college football at all about the multiple law. Coming to the culmination of all you do not enter I realize about popularity while the server that Bolivia much better never get a rematch from last year to. Very very good football team that like you said quite caught really Alabama side. You know obviously did offer the football because he wanted to bet. College deep record that we've ever seen. Always a always hurt it's an opportunity in order curry. The walk to nick haven T quite a very good support it is so we'd be well on both sides of the ball and yard kick it could I I've been a great football game and got it right outside and I am to watch. Get a lot of talk that there could be maybe nine. Up to eleven at first round picks off first into early second round picks is that. Probably accurate because is about six or seven defensive players especially the front of Alabama and Clemson that are clearly going in the NFL the we have a star quarterback a star wide receiver from Clemson and some playmaker is a tight end for Alabama so was number. That number be real but tonight we're watching the first round of the NFL draft. I mean I didn't step or high probability that they keep your article talent evaluate or you look costs or you'd think. You need guys play on the stage and a lot of people think that that Alabama defense especially up front seven although goggle lady and it felt so. If you're if you're under that a thought you know you look at the clubs and all that you wanna see other performer could repeat that quite different. This record drop stop future climate for solar. As a result of how they're going game like that not only stage but also that according to competition like you said it. They're assert certain guys that you really bureau went on for this game. I think the other result of the game if there is gonna rely pretty heavily on the late show watch them play tonight last year I thought he played. Basically what what they poker game but he gave Clinton tipped to win that football game and obviously getting more and Brett. It couldn't make it could take the same level of play from him tonight to keep corporate ship keeping up the plate. The game a bit light peak about that we all know it's going to be very tough for Clinton to run the football effectively. But at this shot want to play equally well that's intermediate to long for all ranged he gives them a chance to win because I couldn't that they have to be prepared. If there is one we point out that we that the relative term because from Apple's standpoint it's not weeks but relative to across southern. Their secondary is not what it's been in the path. And if you can exploit that that they can give them the queen pocket and he course that ball down the field he'd give corporate jets to win that football game because. No salt earlier repeat an old record for reports we get to Timothy that builder not invincible. They are very very good and that you wanted to that the government for manned by. Can't beat got an older play before correct and a good shot a lot we can play a perfect game to get them to get the what. Evan Moore is our guest former Stanford tied and analysts now for the pac twelve that or give Mike Williams's. One of the best receivers in America and what to Shawn Watson I'm happy imagine that and talked about him because I'll seen a guy go back. And to try to redeem himself again with the highs may or what he was supposed to accomplish. As a brilliant play very had a brilliant career and I think he could go number one overall you're looking for franchise quarterback but to have this shot again against a dynasty team and to beat him I mean this to grow other quarterbacks for the ages with that type of wind on his resume if he doesn't win the game. Then you look at him and say eight to two great shots at Nick Saban and a dynasty team he came up short that shouldn't affect his NFL draft status right. I prefer point that I united produce a lot in the that the potential abuse storybook ending reports that off Padilla felt like. I get the other way to look at it not place democratic Serbia cut them up about the sharp chance that your that. You want a second crack at Nick Saban. And I mean he got film are you wouldn't defense last year against Hewitt what the practical what was not and I mentioned earlier we thought we played what was. Off the way to get there quite flustered and dammit you beat him. But Nick's favorite still very light footprint while you're not pretty gonna make some adjustments. But watch your game. I tried to our copper paper for for allowing some of something that the shot did Mac game Paula expected. Even though they're getting their second crack at drama and edit your second crack at that defense I would expect its statement to make some adjustments that would make it that much more typical for the shot that sort of beat up. Look at Jalen hurts a quarterback for Alabama because 22 touchdowns only nine picks. Seems pretty nobody's ran for almost 900 yards she's a dual threat blood. I would think can correct me if I'm wrong Clinton's gonna say you're gonna have to beat us with your on you wanna take the read option out of the play you wanna tackle him bring him down hard because what he can do with his legs there is he the type guy in a shoot out that can stay with the Shawn Watson thrown it up and down the field. And I don't think that's what I don't they got put out that a lot bigger yard field hurt that it's still a young guy. He proved to be very effective at purely clean pocket. I'm when he was on the run and you move it around that's where he struggled a bit about you know what kind of a young quarterback thing and morning got to keep the revised down a field like for example a guy like Russell Wolff does so well that. You know werder took a little gonna be kicked out of the pocket effective way to get the ball down the field that. You know when it comes to stopping Galen Kirkland lake he got them off its one dimensional. It's about making domestic market and Clemson Defense Department proven they have the goaded you got that's kind of the other wildcard in the end it's and they keep got caught the pandemic he got caught it clean for Dylan heard that they can't. They're gonna you're on pretty heavily up that run game and and both corporal and and billionaire athlete to your notepad were not noted the question. They're gonna need more can be tailored to what I'm very good football team and target and got him you have to keep that ought to clean up delighted to be a rough night for Kilmer. We're wrapping it up with Evan Moore from pac twelve network does a great job as an analyst the former Stanford standout tight end what does the state of the pac twelve does everybody saw a USC. And Penn State and what a great game that was in a shoot out and Sam Arnold a quarterback going forward but what about the rest of the conference do you see a pac twelve team other than USC contending for the final four on the national championship. I repeat I drive to the back twelve what is we have some thought we a lot of really count on that makes your number I'm happy if you call come back a rapid and others we. Browning of backs camp Arnold Josh Rosen I think Stafford had a young got records that they're awfully well let security Jacob's pillow that Richard just here. Might really be a lot of talent that proper. From top to bottom it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch will be what the pact will be competing for a final four spot. I did a good off the to a school like yet being we'll see how Washington come back secure I think there will be in America that they can win the pac twelve but there are clean throughout the ballot beat it back and compete for one of those top four spots where. If you look across the border from the quarterback that's how we outcome of that the well I think it's going to be exciting year. I too doubt that appear on the record in a play out. Awesome having great job as always while we still doubting on the show have a great day. Are they Kevin.

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