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Roxy Bernstein1-9-17

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

About Roxy Bernstein joins us the play by play voice at ESPN ESPN radio the pac twelve network does at all and Roxy the firing of Sonny dykes what is the impact. All of this firing and how important of a job is this on the West Coast for the league coach may be Chip Kelly or other big names are they gonna have to look. To a mediocre name may be some more now familial. Why acting JP. Yesterday at the Mike Williams said it best when key. The cabinet so win it and that's why they made its decision they want somebody who'd been at the long ball they want to win it now. And that clear that Sonny dykes with its overtures trying to get other jobs with not in that mindset. That's outlook and why people want it Rodney. All it won't they technicality in the they'll block out that bit. That one had Japanese do the other pure coincidence. That it just so happened that Chip Kelly are available. I think it beat IE the state is not a candidate I don't out strongly in it eat it for the job. That it will go after a coach that made the best fit what are young aggressive coach or whether it's approve it looks like Richard cal. All of the reports are accurate how big of a deal is it to eat five point 88 million. That result from being fired without cause is that really significant where that's gonna hurt. What they do going folder or is that a drop in the bucket the bucket they pay that and move on and continue to spend big money. Dictated here he'd get that cal made its decision. But they also liked and look at the big picture JG is that it had to wait its seat in. What it was way interest among donors that began may be it's ticket or goals were down. Because it's what a lot of excitement program. Foresight to realize OK yes we make its move now we take a big hit early but the reward paid dividends to the back and. Whereas if you stuck it out one more year with Saudi dike. And by all indications are. 27 it would have been lassie and now that would let the program back 34 years and plus the money that you're going to loot out row. That it had the foresight to make it happen out realize. It's in the best interest were well. Roxy Bronson is our guest yeah I agree with all of that when you look at moving forward sometimes you gotta spend money you gotta eat a contract to make the program better you talked to the donors you know the season ticket holders. What are their expectations are they reasonable. That they want this program to be right back with Stanford. USC. Washington or they expect and it's gonna be really hard maybe a step backwards. To get where they wanna be in three or four years. They know it's going to be hard but they wanna win and they're committed to winning and Mike Williams the eighties made it very clear. It will wondered why it take so long wide out you fire and it supposed to do but say a month ago. There's a lot of pain and added he lined up but now in its app. There's so much community and ball in the chancellor at that side opposite the higher up the administration of the university there were a lot. Support that Mike Williams. From a higher even superiors. To make it happen. So they are committed to winning they want to win. And Arctic is the statement is speak loudly not get kicked out community but the pact lull there cal in this to win. And they're not sure it's gonna settle for mediocre alternate. Roxy Bernstein is our guest rock rap on this this is a big big big game tonight for Alabama and Clemson if you live in the market you know. College athletics you travel all over the country hotbed. Cities for football and basketball what ever take I'm not expecting. The east bay to have passion for college football like Tuscaloosa or the diehards in Clemson tonight apple why is this game on a Monday night. So important to the Bay Area I'll go first I said because eleven players are gonna go in the first round of the NFL draft yet the niners in the right as in this market with. First round picks bred a culture of college football needs to step. In the Bay Area the way it did 3040 years ago or the way it possibly can to catch up to the ACC the Big Ten and especially the SEC. No question JC that. The interest it is there when cal good went to cal not good the interest the Bay Area isn't that high. Desperate at great eat great players that come to whether it's a lot what is cryptic app for. Whether it's still the air part that they've had high runner up and I'll bet that you are on that it shocked that it. Birdie of the day they're so we're in war cal a loved it band that went Cal's stood I think that they eerie becomes more interest did. In college football and would get get out of rolling in and achieve our cal sell other regain. It will lock it over to the Aaron Rodgers and I think that's what it take to get interest back the air. Each well. It is good football team and achieve that competing for championships. And when that happened that it is more interest in the Bay Area. I would grade they've finally when you know you have a game with Bill Walton as your color analyst and he shows up with a tie dye shirt on and you're having your pre. Game meal and you talk and do you have any idea when he's gonna break out his words of wisdom going to be late in the game at B if he's upset with the crowd could be early before half time do you did you sense when big red it's gonna go down the road because I think you do a brilliant job just taken a step back. The letting him go and go off on these wild rides I love it. You need Hewlett they'll be built because you buy if you could make oil well. And the one that not it's contrived now that it's easy with built at all. Org and it for it he got an app when our conversation pregame shootaround that day. We don't talk anything about the case. And because you want it would be actually all these famous award from it stated for air. So we need to rush on the air and built in what you say. And it's time Geithner might spot where he went back. Let it go on. What was. The younger generation to understand. How good law really. A character were greatly. On TV and on about whatever comes the mine. Arguably at the rate at college basketball players adequately. And you know they get it it next to a person gains in. Ruling from being a lot of it's challenging it's different or any other network where. But I it's so rewarding and. Yeah I like do you said that rock skis he's such a legend and for those who didn't see him play in college forget about the NBA career we know about the foot injuries and it was a really great impact full. NBA player when healthy would have been one of the all time greats but what he accomplished. As a college basketball player when ever I see him on a broadcast. I know we're looking at a mount Rushmore player who has unbelievable inside not only into the game but in to in life in these stories that he tells tied into the dead in the old days. At the Fillmore all the traveling that he does and especially the impact of these kids. Happening in basketball so he's a complete package and you really are Bryson those opportunities to call games of them I can tell. I love and what they'll yet he's so hot weather Luke. It's a great access player now a coach whether it is other son is three other non. That are very successful well. It is intrepid got appearance so much energy full life. And it great and we call it either reaction on the players. When bills there idol brought the game winning shot org now. And pill works is running all over again they'll but Brad Wright after he hit a shot Oregon to beat Tennessee. And that is the impact in the feeling that players at being out. And it just seemed everybody more energized we've built in the world. And the funny thing about really is he's readily aware of what's going on Twitter when he strikes being. Note in the polarizing figure any note was people's buttons any luck doing it and get to kick out of it. And that's what I wouldn't units there a step belly up mapped it to it that is their duty to the law. No doubt always a pleasure talking to my friend a doctor soon. If you hit it. Iraq's Bernstein.

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