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Scott Bair1-9-17

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We bring it's got there would joins us from CS and a raiders insider Scott what is the takeaway you whether and when you left Houston. To twelve and four season but you know this organization. They right themselves on winning games in the playoffs. Yeah and they wanted more out of this season and acting to cherry back June. Maybe twelve and four and a personal exit. But it didn't spot to be. And acceptable. Sign of progress but as the season went along and they realize how good they work. This is actually eight disappointing end and I know that. A lot players and in. And that locker rooms shot that they can overcome a lot of your car and they can actually be it Houston Texans team that they that they were disappointed. That after this is weird. A lot of people are going to say well it really well until other quarterbacks got her acting it was a big state again for a lot of you know big important talented players and they were upset that they didn't quite get did you opt out. I think that's a really important point and we have Derek Carr coming up here after you and I wanna get into this because every one. In that locker rooms got a feeling you turn on fox you turn on sports Jenner. NFL network everybody's saying the same thing once car went down they had no shot once Carlin down reality bit. Once car went down when you hear that over and over again talking about the backup quarterbacks. Got the got to step up and make a play but the offensive line and the leaders on both sides of the ball. That was pointed to them to play better. Did they just not play well or what they overwhelmed by better schemes and teams that really go to maybe the fans underestimated the Houston Texans. Yeah I think that Houston was definitely beatable and. When you look at that game I'm sure that most traders players would say that especially on. Will Mac and I wouldn't say that he was despondent that he was actually get pointed in the back then when the time came. That that you print it Munich could step up and lead the way. With would that really Dominic short there and he. David Emerson was definitely upset he said there's nothing that Garrett about a doubt what he's dead but they still allowed 27 point yet they were short you know there was some disadvantages of the opposite. It could get it statement. I think that they really believe that they can win that game. Thirteen benign. You know and that didn't happen and again there's no. Nobody touting the fact that. There are they legitimate those Bible player in the league candidate and he means the world to this particular franchise adhesion it. Thank you think that there's that there's a lot of talent around and they want to show a little bit better. Maybe make it to bought it and then kind of rolled it right there on the as opposed to going out like this and collected data. We had adversity that we didn't handle it as well as we would've liked to. I think it got a fair assessment and I think it was a little shocking considering how many times. This team had come back how many times. Not just Derek harper colonial Mac makes an important stretch decorating doubt that it became an eternal Murray take it game over so. I think those guys in particular really wanted more out of the alms that the what you should want from it he issued never get like they're adamant no matter who goes to. God there's our gaseous and Bay Area raiders insider at bear CSN. So would Jack del Rio's quote we'll see how that goes on the possible. Coaching staff changes what are you here and what do you sense will happen here when it comes to the valuation of Ken Norton junior. Yeah I I think that that's that guy in it that they are gonna have to look. I don't wanna say it's probably border. That he's going to be let go to elect app but I. They keep prospect that must be examined they look at this heat and that it's still a work in progress. Over the course she's either because as you and I both they'll grow but not till it is day it's not something that we got one off either and everything perfect that. That there was some talent. That need to be added there I don't think there's any doubt about that test but it'll probably. Eat at tackle. And that and that is stark and figuring out aren't so what could kids nor do acts or why. He's really popular in locker room there's no doubt about that so maybe you've I'd. What I think is that their little Al. Look out there if there's any good. Get or possible. Upgrade and then maybe make a decision the court now yet decade Norton that hasn't. Can't that be it he'd get better or go to Jack the real corporate raiders stated expected to be. On the offensive side of bill musgrave did a really good job overall we're very critical on Sports Radio when a game plan doesn't work but. Twelve and four in the regular season losing the star quarterback Danny what's the fair assessment of bill musgrave and the job of his staff leading that offense. I I don't think the raiders and art are like they in this. I thought he was really good year and I think play calling. Jack the real it out yesterday it Dolly eat they occur. You know I'd gripe about things like and there were times that sure. That you know I disagreed with how he could have done this at a you know I think better or I'm sure that everybody has those moments. But I really believe that it is. Staff which is kind of anchored by my right bill musgrave and really did a good job. Mike in Jack go way back and I would deftly anticipate Mike tight returning I do think that. Not only with bill musgrave leading the charge here but also another point. It's just that it was very clear that they're car and it ought and it benefited from continuity within the scheme. And they scored a lot of points and they ran a lot better that you showed improvement. From your water bill much year to which with more better talent on the inside saw how well. Ian Mike and I were together to create protection scheme of things like that. And I. It bomb barking at or on Jack Dario bill musgrave. Yeah I would agree with finally for Scott F from CS and I think the motivational factor for next year it's always like that the teams who don't make it into the playoffs. They're goals to make it to the playoffs that teams I got an have to improve on that the fact that the raiders did not win a playoff game. I think that's gonna bring enormous pressure. Enormous pressure to that roster because twelve and four wasn't good enough to get a playoff win and we all know because of the injury to car but next year Carl B a 100%. If this team goes 115 or ten and six because of that schedule or twelve and four again. It's got the heat's gonna be. Turned up on high. When this team plays in their first playoff game either coming off a bye week. Or at home in the wild card round do you sense that that would be the driving force but this organization throughout the off season when they upgrade that Ross store. It'll be playoff win or bust again. It will be by this team wants a banner to admit now on me AN US title and there's a rival in the city who is the only anywhere. But and its roster and the way these contracts are structured. This thing is they'll collapse Tibet Reggie said that several times and I believe it. And I like to keep everybody in the more you're stars cock harder is bill in. You know spaces around them but I do you think. Did they're going to be geared up for. Well whatever they caught a little window here what do accurately make something happen and I think. They wanted to win that it. US that's what made the embers in so disappointed them actually excel I would say first thing banners that contain playoff win but it does it out and I. In terms of expectations that it liken it to what what happened in that the caddie over the last three or four years that. At he'd get pulpit now and at 61185. Win in division the naked eye out that are going quite well. And let you win on January 8 we don't care what you did go for. That's a really hard way to go about being captured Jack Del Rio that we keep it keep own dog that division title first. Because they still haven't gotten that they want on the decision tempered it by either. That job warning that your job to is what they view come wintertime. Thank you Scott you fabulous to the show all your along with your time especially when you were travel and and how will we know will be reaching out to you when you come back to us when there's ever any breaking news or anything that you wanna talk about we will talk raider football every day on the show. And you're a big part of and I appreciate it. Take Dick he meant taking so much for the platform and you know great Abby. It back here in the. Thank you Scott stop there from CS and they area he.

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