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Derek Carr 1-9-17

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back on 957 the game it's the dark horse show we had the chance to talk to the quarterback. Throughout the course of the season and this is his final appearance with us on 957 again when it comes to his show and Derrick good to talk you again first off for the fans. Just the status about your feeling from the injury the healing process of what you're thinking about rehab going forward. Gloria earlier or your obviously you know now that we're not going they get you'll slow them actually feels. You know properly it'll look for intelligence optical ability bottom number of those. You know just you know listen and the doctors who treat disorders. To go for re going will be more than. Obviously since we're not going. Literally at all about just making slow. Oprah so on but I'll be here very very shortly so that sucks that that happened when a bit but he could well. And it's good to know that obviously you're gonna come back sooner than. Expected here but that's interest in what you're saying to listen to orders and just let it heal. In the natural process instead of rice in back to rehab because without a timeline here with games coming up you could let that you're more naturally in and do with the right way now. Your decorator and you know so maybe at the books and it starts you know you never know but they would have been up to me out of this. Don't let everything take its course you don't do it needs to do. And still not settled in equity after that I ever you know so. Element per capita than adult in the that they will be forever but you know sure enough no to excel more on the it's not for personal. Doing very well. And I appreciate yeah. One more thing if we know when you. If the Super Bowl wasn't played feel is that a fair assessment you believe you would have been back for the super ball. Already so there's no doubt in my mind I don't know if you ask anyone else it's socially would have it could go. You know put us. What do you had to fight you know in there and do whatever it is it is. No there have been no doubt in my mind that protect you know. Derek cars are gas looking back at the writers lost 27 of fourteen at Houston on Saturday. Let's start to Brock costs while for all the heat that he got locally and nationally and I'm sure you're aware of it you played against them in Mexico City. Are you got to tip your cap to him with all that treachery played a clean game and with that defense helped this team win and move on to the next game against Tom Brady. We do you do immediately after that the field they'll Fargo you know obviously. When we signed their contract and you'll know if you haven't played you know in the Clay Bennett getting is general. No you know got the actual monks and all the sanctions. If they'll learn and you know he's stolen rather elementary. To thank all. It also you know he's obviously taken a lot of mutual the war effort you know because you know I don't know how well late in the on the table so. If over the questions like it ought to try to map is upset because I don't play for the history and culture doesn't show. But I didn't want to land and like I'm not gonna I don't happen that you wanted to wait obviously not but I do. You your offer their record back with Patrick in Gaza political. There are cars are gas assess the play a comic book. Even though the raiders got behind early in that game the ability to show poise in the second half of that game and makes a big plays down the stretch. Actually very poor guy you know he's. Then come and then used it. Strong you know in the pocket and you know very very rare reports of very cold in the pocket that it is hard to do is looking. You know the game and I'll trust. Peavy does not do it justice Moore editorial by. Want to invoke a lot so we can go on TV well those guys went. No option you know from behind letter that I can be good not good justice at all traffic gets there so for him to be. Gordon comic and the amount of mistakes and that'll happen. In that were fired yeah that's. That gives us an organizational cultural program note that. You know he can go up almost become left open is going to they're the greens are gonna get there. The little bit better with tiny crack in politics on the order. The main thing is just going to keep confidence up but it bit. I know you had a feel for Donald Penn and when he couldn't go in that game especially after your injury and he really owned it after woods and took it on himself and he was a pretty emotional guy you the last couple weeks as he felt like he needed get back on the field and get this team going again what was that like did you get a chance attacks with them and talk with them to you could tell it was highly emotional. When he knew we couldn't play that game against the Texans. Yes absolutely and you're going back more on the within the cocaine. You know that there's never the fault that freak thing. You know more court record and every week in Portland and no two quarterback from the very very differently you know and you know coast to the Olympic pin. There it should have freaked you know that what is when you should not so bad one bit on it. You know won't even be a sort of central and I understand but I hope that he'd never ever as belt or worry about me ever gambled that. And so. We've talked about it and he knows that one for not to build upon it. You know whether you have streaker you know I've walked out Gordon Brothers. I know that won't go to church so therefore actual form there. When you look back into watching it on TV the Denver game and in this past loss to Houston were they putting eight in the box was a typical this is one of the best offensive lines. In football but the inability to run and dominant fashion without a lot to do with. Play in the two best defenses in football the best pass defense in the Denver Broncos. And the number one that your defense in Houston it was really difficult for your teammates to run the ball easily against those two fronts. Oh yeah I mean if you look sometimes. You know there's that little nine to ten guys in the box against the Denver you know and it doesn't matter who you're an American woman back there who blocking. There's going to be different longer good yeah you know and I don't want that to three owners just because our. And you know there is not in the can do about it then you know obviously what it is morning quarterbacks with constructing your starter. You know pentagon. So I haven't stopped well. And so if they're all been put him do that paid great money as coaches players to you know it'll only do as. We still follows its own knowledge efficient explosive runs that. It'll take you set out to do certain things. You know I don't know that's why didn't want you know church in eagle back and forth okay that don't Morgan predictions so that that's why yeah will be able to vote. Wrap it up with our cards are just the tough question but I have basket because the fans wanna know. What what does the raider nation take away from the season twelve and four. Is outstanding but not getting a playoff win in the raiders base their success on winning big games. In the post season for so all the fans who are listening around the globe in the raider nation and they're trying to really absorbed this over the last couple of days what's the message going forward from you. Yes be very excited you know be very excited. We're 112 game that hasn't been done here and a very very long counts and the other elementary school. So that haven't happened here awhile and enjoy you know that we have a good for all things that we have great coaches. Lou they're great player and you know to sit there and enjoy the latter group is as or I don't know that it runs in all of our and so. You know. We we do what I want to do is enjoy the process and enjoy what's happening. You know because this is going to be fun ride I want the truth they'll want to it. Also what are you gonna work out when your back to a 100% what is your game need to improve on next year. Holliman every part has heard. What Bill Weir that the you know that being coached on sat down yesterday. Who absolutely need unity he told me no a little the First Amendment would I even got the Saddam certain Eric Booker will need to get better and his books and bring down. And those kind of peculiar some bones talked about a couple of weeks so we'll have a better answer for you and a couple of weeks electric study for the war. Electorate break it down and see what I can do better. But but for the time being you know as well I go on more unanswered political. And finally due to the injury and how important your faces are you take a step back what have you learned about your faith. And the fans and your family after this injury and how everybody's rallying around. I'll go and smoke and it is shown at the post game. Good bad indifferent there's not defined ruling could you know. It's a bit a bit more yeah I would have been really. And part of going to do on the board because it is really low. Depressing appear in. You know that is financial drag from paper probation that's all right that's a great match. They got although I've learned in my home that yeah I believe in the you know the capacity of the fruits of him. To see the ones or describe my back you know while my you know favorite member of the football queer hopping on one leg. In the change and change it and you know not because of what they're trying to. This because that would love that I felt. That will stick with me home beloved and open and remember in the NFL from the two. All told you love you know and the pictures were wounded. You know they all can check on some of them have been over the house. Some of the call me won't have to gauge what we're actually going to get up in the morning will someday you'll just as well as well anyway. And when we're traveling obviously its first class and they love my wife particularly you know as much as they don't want to is what some termed normal chiefs. Knows she's there won't let them aboard their incumbent government would be to defeat them. It really makes a makes the world you know no visual difference in the community. They don't care about them cabinet and Oprah told it's so it's been awesome and I applaud the law bettors should district. Nicely said you know Bob pregame on Christmas Eve you were presented with a commitment to excellence award I've had the pleasure and I'm hosting that event again and you'll be honored. What does that award mean to you when when will the fans get a chance to see what your schedule look like I know you're still here are feeling you're gonna go through rehab but. Where to the fans expect to see if throughout the offseason. Yes there will be opportunities and no big. On everything and not finalized so if they just keep following on Twitter and most of thanks FaceBook it's global. Let them know for sure they won't and they don't see them but what I expect that yet to win that war. Just amazing. Well my rookie year was able to accept that. And then that should accept it you know when you're in that was a supplemental pick lightly yeah publishing some won't want phantom of science on normal epic battle I wish that it should while longer mentioned. It's been a pleasure talking to every week have a great offseason I hope to see often thanks so much. Work.

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