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Podcast 1-9-17

Jan 9, 2017|

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Line for big things you can do dog. Yeah it's easy to hit the brick and I was dreading this day. Not because I'm afraid to do radio and know how long offseason can actually be. What I didn't think it would end this way. I really thought there was a bigger goals set for the silver and black and they accomplished some of when. You play playoff games way to move forward. Loser go home. What right does have a lot to look back on and feel proud about and they need to build for the future. Over the next two shows are gonna look. The entire season including the playoff loss would be honest about it and point fingers. But it taught him later football on 9570. The conversation between him actually Rick call the police a 95795. So. Texted nine fives. Here's CT. Some of the weekend wildcard weekend JD would give. That weekend got a lot to get to with the national championship game on tonight will be to college football. Quickly hit on this matchup the firing of cal football coach. The warriors. What. Happened in the Memphis game. Well what happened there. Is really talk about the wars. Blown out everybody right we gonna roll up our sleeves and talk about the flaws of this team we do that here knowing that they will get to the NBA finals when we gotta talk about their losses. Because if you don't talk about the warriors losses. There's nothing to talk about with the warriors zero not. Actually zero. Other than promoting. Foundations and benefits and everything they're doing if you don't talk about the war's losses. There's really no need to have a flagship station which is not a big pillow fight when we hug each state talking about how great the team is. That's what we do but today and tomorrow. I needed to part she'll have done this before follow me I know what I'm doing I could not cover the raiders' season and one shoulder into parts. Today and tomorrow and we'll try to talk to you and take your calls and read your tweets that JT the brick give us a call AAA 9579570. This all in perspective. The entire season starting up in Napa into the offseason before that. This epic regular season run. Into the Derek car injury and then what happened in the last two games it's really deep we got to do a deep dive we gotta get into it and then. As will be tweeting out here a few moments we talk raider football on the show every day including the offseason every day I'll talk raider football. That's what took this gained. But there are days where it's much bigger than others and in the offseason. The team's gonna disappear on an often. Try to get better and have a draft a will break down the draft prospects. Talk about who's gonna keep their job was gonna lose their job a coaching change with assistants are obligated to all of that. Every day but I think we should spend the next few shows looking at the year that was and what happened on Saturday when the raiders lost. To the Houston Texans I'm pretty pissed off about that lost as they should a lost game. Lost the game. Not because Connor cook wasn't gonna struggle we knew that don't want it. We all know that comic book was gonna talk up Olympics but we thought that the raiders would be able to get the Brock DOS Waller. And maybe a couple of interceptions maybe thrown the ball over may be run the football. Maybe get some big stops and they weren't able to deal. Why. Why was you can talk about it lengthened beyond last year. Did the team completely let down. After Derek Carr and lose everything wolf that's the case that's scary because coaches get hired to motivate players to play through adversity. So if you wanna talk about the raiders not showing up at Denver they didn't show up in Denver brought up they showed up in Houston that would tremendous. Effort. All yearlong ms. Hoff physical football team that put everything on the line. But execution became a problem. Penalties were always big for this team led the league in penalties the injury with cardinal talked about that constantly. But overall why did they lose that game to the Texans why I think they lost again because they started slow. They got out of the gate once again slowly. I got behind early and had to dig out I thought they were conservative. With the offensive game plan early it looked like playing scared that they did one Connor cook who was backed up. In his own zone to try to do anything on his own until I got him into the second quarter which is. Musgrave who got more about football and I know if you believe the theory is don't couple screens. Throw the ball side to side instead it downfield to get to quarterbacks and easy throws. And get him go in and you buying into that if you don't think he could start off attacking in the shotgun and throwing downfield. But either way. The raiders got behind early and he was all over. There was no chance that this team was gonna come back and win that game. If they got shot down by a significant number and they trailed warning to seven at the half and the game was over because they're just not built. Without Derrick part of come back from adversity with a quarterback who started his first game I have ever owned often happen to be a playoff game. Just a bad day overall and another bad day compounded because the Denver. Loss was worse because the Denver loss would have given the raiders the ability not to play on Saturday NB playing this upcoming Saturday. At home coming off a bye week. Really got kicked out of this whole thing's about here there are other people old troll and say well they had no chance of winning once Derek Parra went to. Okay right I still got to do a radio show people still got my tickets still people still gonna go to sports bar to watch the game not gonna quit when you're a fan. Which were to have fun way to enjoy it as entertainment. Realistically they really had a difficult chance of playing better football. Life after Derek Carr who's gonna join us here in about a half hour. The last Derek Morris show until we talked to a hopefully a few times in the offseason building up into a couple of appearances at some charity work and he'll be doing. So triple 957957. Know your honest opinion on how you feel today and tomorrow. About the writers but I wanted to be laser focused today and tomorrow. Because on Thursday Friday it will still take greater calls we're gonna do this mean god forbid we don't talk raiders every day. But these two shows today and tomorrow wanna laser focus from anybody wants in Iraq on Twitter on FaceBook and especially on the phones to talk about what happened this year. And it was really emotionally draining. How this season ended you know a number doesn't matter how long you've been a writer for an aura football fans a football fan seasons don't end this way this was rare. The CIA MVP caliber player go down. Not start in the playoffs and for the team to lose its last two games limping in with an injury and can be done for the year after twelve and four go back in the history books. This doesn't happen. Then twelve and four teams. At a loss in the playoffs that's not my point but there hasn't been twelve. And three teams that become twelve and four and lose a franchise quarterback and then lose a two seed. Lose a bye week and then get beat in their first wild card playoff game it just doesn't happen. So raider fans don't feel sorry for yourself. What I did the show and reality every day. This was a disaster. Of epic proportions went car went down. And you'd chalk it up to an injury it happens gonna happen again to another quarterback on another team or another star player and you'll remember. You'll remember what that feels like when that older fan bases don't throw it happen next year. The patriots lose gronkowski and don't miss a beat if they lost Brady we would be talking about the patriots. Other teams Tony Romo goes down. Dallas was very fortunate the debt priced got turned out to be a great player as a rookie was a great rookie. If he doesn't play at a high level we're not talking about the cowboys is a one seed in a bottle. But everything that could've went wrong. Went wrong for the writers over the last three weeks and that's unfortunate. Because they deserve better than that they were playing at such a high level. Looking back at the loss again we talk about them trailing but Hopkins touched down on the slant. It was it signified the problem with the raiders this year. Smith goes to guard Hopkins and he looks right over at Reggie Nelson say you're my inside safety help yet the Reggie Nelson looked back. Back in camp and you got Hopkins by himself out by the left himself going up against the writer. Reggie Nelson either on his own for some reason decides to blitz off the corner in this happen. So I could go to go play action stuff. You're not going off it's not they have got they shots made bad play. The bad why that can't happen. Do you wanna open it up to coaching and talked about Ken Norton junior or lack of communication how that happened on a play like that both. The safety. And the corner make eye contact and looked at each other yeah we're good or maybe. Reggie looked ditch smitten (%expletive) I'll go. Blitz block Brock DOS wild off the corner with a safety. While it's been awful. It's just hack into your base coverage who let the guy make a good tight throw into double coverage instead of a little flag football slant. No one. I mean that's giving away points or raider team that can't afford to give away points at all the end of the game right there right it was a breakdown. Indy and on defense in the red zone an Oscar Wilde looked like this are on the play and I'll swallow wasn't as he ran wanted. Play action they ruled quarterback Michael tell. Bracket coverage. Of a tight end Ryan. Quite yet where now they're excited covered but nobody had to check out the blue side and that's why there is included right at the end zone for a touchdown. Greg Papa and coach Florida's a link and obviously on all the calls there. So one of the things I got right last week I didn't get a lot right last week back in the glowing and back in cook and hoping that they play well as I told you that Oslo was better than you thought. I thought told that three days last week the guys do it the guy got 39 million guaranteed for a reason. Ed if the Texans didn't give them 39 million another team we gave them 28000030. Million box that was the market. For a quarterback who won a Super Bowl ring was the primary backup. But Peyton Manning and won some big games for the Denver Broncos the reigning Super Bowl champs so there was a reason. That brought DOS wild went to Houston it didn't work. But give bill O'Brien in his coaching staff a lot of credit. Brad in the game plan ready to coach him up so he could play well not turn it over and play and clean game against the silver and black for comic book look I thought comic book. Was handcuffed earlier in the game when he played a little bit looser. Late in the game authority Camelot. Kristen go late like that in the gutter shirt he was left homes right slot lifts Bolton side of the Bowery. There's not throwing for the touchdown. To Andre at home schooled through there. Mike Goddard cook and was a nice throats out in the red zone the town. Attacks. Like. The big play tonight's play for him what's the take away were comic book I think to take away should be. He'll be the future backup quarterback for the writers and if he proves that he's a really good back up. He'll leave. The way the raiders expected him to leave to have their franchise quarterback in Derrick Clark and they'll get value for imminent trade down the road that's the plan and I thought cook. Proved yesterday with his on Saturday with his poise and his strength and his ability to make some of the throws that he's a good player he's not a great quarterback he's brand new. And maybe. They'll be able to get some value for him or he'll be a better back up. If god forbid Derek goes down again with a less severe injury. And they got to get him in to get him some lapses last interception. Was just a young quarterback late in the game trying to make apply. It's ovary. News. He went down and handle it. Her book will throw his third interception. In his playoff game of their leaders we'll lose. Raiders' season as over Houston Texans are. Sit next weekend the AFC divisional round. So the season is over for the writers and lose at Houston home of the Super Bowl to the Houston Texans. Who are good team defense going forward but they should get slaughtered. Absolutely slaughtered by New England. A lot of people think the right as we got hammered by New England too but we'll never know. We'll never know the goal is it the bye week and I have to play New England until the AFC championship game with the car injury. All those dreams fell apart so yeah reaction to what happened in Houston if you wanna point fingers if you wanna show encouragement. I don't wanna get into next year amounted to talk about the draft and what direction they need to go in but I will tell you I think they need to interior defense of tackles who are in shape. Two big guys in the middle who can stay on the field in a more athletic. Am I in a better players I think they need another sideline to sideline linebacker clearly they need another player or two on the offensive line is a couple of players on the offensive line. Who were put in a position to play as back ups and couldn't do it. Other than be serviceable. And this is a team trying to win a Super Bowl in the future so I don't think anybody who comes in off the bench should be serviceable. I think they should be really good. I think the take away from the season personnel wise is Reggie. In Reggie we trust. Reggie will go out probably with. Three to four priorities being on defense in the draft and free agency. And finding a way to tighten up that defense. Will Ken Norton junior B back. A stop into the morning chill about a before I came on I think so I think that what Reggie and Mark Davis are trying to do was show stability. Did the organization. When it comes to players and coaches I don't think they like turnover there hasn't been thrown over awhile. Much great clearly had a big year look at the stats would Derek argued can't look at film that musgrave. We comic book you have to look at him we get our car. And how a leaked the raider offense was at times as he tried to balance it right in new young running backs who played at a very high level. Two receivers are played at a high level so overall I think he's in a good spot. We bring in Scott parent who joins us from CS and a raiders insider. It's what is the take away. You were there and when you left Houston. To twelve and four season what you know of this organization. They right themselves on winning games in the playoffs. Yeah and they wanted more out of this season and I think it cherry back years. Maybe twelve and four and it and it personal exit. But it didn't spot to be. An acceptable. A sign of progress but as the season went along in they realize how good they work. That is actually eight disappointing end and I know that. A lot players and in. Now locker rooms taught that they can overcome a lot of your car and they can actually be to keep the Texans electric that they were disappointed. That after this season we're. A lot of people are going to say well it really well until other quarterback got her acting it was a big statement game for a lot of you know big important talented players and they were upset that they didn't quite get did you opt out. I think that's a really important point we have Derek Carr coming up here after you and I wanna get into this because every one. In that locker rooms got to feel when you turn on fox you turn on sports center. NFL network everybody's saying the same thing once car went down they had no shot once car went down reality bit. Once car went down when you hear that over and over again talking about the backup quarterbacks got the got to step up and make a play but the offensive line and the leaders on both sides of the ball. The that was pointed to them to play better. Did they just not play well or what they overwhelmed by better schemes and teams that really go to maybe the fans underestimated the Houston Texans. Q there was definitely beatable and when you look at that game and I'm sure it administrators players would say that especially on. Grill Mac I wouldn't say that he was despondent that he was actually get pointed in the back then when the Ironkey. That Pat Buchanan good music could step up and lead the way. Which would have really Dominic short there and he. David Emerson was definitely upset me that there's nothing that scared about a about what he's dead but they still allowed 27 points yet or short you know there was some dispute images of the opposite could get it it ax. I think that they really believe that they can win that game. Thirteen benign. You know and that didn't happen and again it's there's no nobody touting the fact that. There are they legitimate though not able player in the lead candidate it means the world to this particular franchise at T shirt. Thank you think that there's not that there's a lot of talent around and they want to show a little bit better. Maybe make it to bought an and then kind of rolled right there on the as opposed to going out like this and collected data. We had adversity that we didn't handle it as well as we would've liked to I think it got a fair assessment. And I think it was a little shocking considering how many times. This team had come back how many times not to scare carb colonial back. Act makes important strips that are ready doubt that and became with a turtle or Murray take it game over so I think that those guys in particular really wanted more out of the. Now. Exactly what should want from it he they should never get like they're out of it no matter who goes to. Scott bears are gaseous and Bay Area raiders insider at their CSN. So would Jack Del Rio squall we'll see how that goes on the possible. Coaching staff changes what are you here and what do you sense will happen here when it comes to the valuation of Ken Norton junior. He added I think that that's that a guy in it that they are gonna have to look. I don't wanna say it's problem gore. That you're going to be let go or like cap and prospect that must be examined as they look at this eat and that it's still a work in progress. Over the course she's either because that you and I both know growth would not deal in debt it's not something that he got what not he's in and everything perfect that. That there was some talent. That need to be added there I don't think there is any doubt about. That test but it'll probably. Eat at tackle. And and the stark and figuring out all right so what could change or do X or Y. He's really popular in locker and there's no doubt about that so. Maybe you've I'd. What I think is that they're out. Look out there if there's any good. Debt or possible. Upgrade and then maybe make a decision the court not done yet decade nor does hasn't. Can't that be at Egypt that are that are good at Jack Del Rio or red raiders it's expected to be. On the offensive side of bill musgrave did a really good job overall we're very critical on Sports Radio when the game plan doesn't work but. Twelve and four in the regular season losing the star quarterback Danny what's the fair assessment of bill musgrave and the job of his staff leading that offense. Our I don't think the raiders fans are right article like me saying this. Documents related gear and I think play calling. Jack the real point out yesterday it Dolly the state occur. You know I'd gripe about things like and there were that your. That you know I disagreed with oh he could have done this afternoon I think better worse I'm sure that everybody has those moments. What I really believe that offenses. Staff which is kind of anchored by Mike Price they'll musgrave and Downey. Really did a good job and Mike in Jack go way back and I would deftly into the cave might tight returning do you think that. Not only with Belmont street leading the charge here but also another point. It's just that it was very clear that they're car in this offense benefitted from continuity within scheme. And they score a lot of point and they ran a lot better that you showed improvement. From year one of the almost eighteen year Q I would with more and better talent audience saw how well. Ian Mike and I were together to create protection scheme of things like that. And I. It bottom markets or on Jack Dario bill mustard. Yeah I would agree with finally for Scott from CSN. I think the motivational factor for next year it's always like that the teams who don't make it into the playoffs. They're goals to make it to the playoffs that teams I got an have to improve on that the fact that the raiders did not win a playoff game. I think that's gonna bring enormous pressure. Enormous pressure to that roster because twelve and four wasn't good enough to get a playoff win and we all know because of the injury to car but next year Carl B under percent. If this team goes eleven in five or ten and six because of that schedule or twelve and four again. It's got the heat's gonna be turned up on high. When this team plays in their first playoff game either coming off a bye week. Or at home in the wild card round do you sense that that would be the driving force but this organization throughout the offseason when they upgrade that Ross store. It'll be playoff win or bust again. It will be by this team wants a banner to admit be it US title under their rival in the city who is it really anywhere. But and its roster and the way these contracts are structured. This thing is they'll slap to vet Reggie has said that several times and I believe it. And probably keep everybody in the more you're stars cock harder hit they'll in. You know spaces around them. But I do you think. That they're going to be geared up for. Well whatever they cause a little window here. Way to accurately makes something happen and I think. They wanted to win that it US. That's what made the Denver killings so disappointed true then actually excel I would say first thing Boehner second thing play out when but it and I. Interpret expectation that it like it to what. What happened in that the paddy over the last three or four years. That he'd get pulpit now and it 6115. With a decision that make it buyout that are going quite well and let you win on January 8 wheeled chair what you did go for. I'd not to really hard way to go about being punctured Jack the only debt we keep keep old dog that division title first because they still haven't gotten. One of this decision can't predict I'd eaten. That job worn and in your job you'll is what they view come wintertime. Thank you Scott you fabulous to the shell all year long with your time especially when you were traveling and how will we know will be reaching out to you when you come back Dawson has ever any breaking news or anything that you wanna talk about we will talk raider football every day on the show. And you're a big part of it I appreciate it. JJ he'd been taking so much for the platform and a great out. Back here in the. Thank you Scott's got that from CS and Bay Area and he puts it in perspective because he covers the beat of the writers he's got to interview these coaches. The coaches where Sports Radio will debate should they get hired again fired what should happen here that's tough. When you have to sit and write a column or give opinions on sports talk show and they go into the locker room and go interview these guys when people know that you might be saying that this guy should be gone. And for Ken Norton junior I'll stay with that I think if you look at his entire body work as a coach in this league. I thought again Norton junior was building a platform building a base to be a head coach I didn't think he'd be with the raiders more than three years I thought that he come and he had this defense at a high level and they play better at times this year and then there'd be little. City is that your coach. It's ridiculous. Would all these jobs open if Ken Norton junior goes to the AFC championship game the defense gets better. He is a head coach candidate but I think because this defense was so up and down. And statistically. Had a rough year statistically. In regards to the other 31 teams. He needs another year to build on this and if you don't think so you got an open line I hope right or more to not the only one who won't get them next on the other side is not the only writer friend who calls me today on an appetite got a loan. And I'm gonna have to hire a staff of three or four co host. There's like no shows by myself but I have to hire three or four guys and gal who worked with me for maybe the next three months if the or nation does not stand united and understand that football is a full time business double talk about it every day triple A 9579570. Derrick talk. Coming up Derek Karr in fifteen minutes do not miss Derrick moral get an update on his injury. Find out what he's gonna be doing in the offseason and get him to look back at this loss. Against the Houston Texans and remember warriors head coach Steve Kerr joins Damon. Every week for the Steve per show courtesy of Stephen street Toyota San Jose. Where the deals in only on your new home. All the warriors 957. Again this is part one of our two part raider recap show of the season. The exit in the playoffs your opinions on the Ryder flagship 957 the game. Now back to cheat tee to Britain. On 95 point seven game. Second go to yard line hide behind the conservative senator. Not a lot and a very negative very often right. Sandra it's. Not going to be that's it touchdown. Her news leather like back and again. Greg had a big heroes call of course as the voice of the silver and black lot of high moments in that twelve and four. Regular season year for the silver and black there out of the playoffs in the first round at Houston and we spent a couple of days recapping the year our year in review about the timing is that good for a because of the college football national championship game to Donna wanna get into that a little bit. But we're football show and after this I had to Houston with my job at fox and also the show. I'll be on radio row for the week of Super Bowl and we're gonna do we always do just talk football the rest of the way we talk football. Football's what drives everything it's the biggest sport. In this market with the niners and the raiders. We'll talk about a year round here they'll be days where will be electric because there's so much Kapanen and his breaking news and is the other day is will we looking towards the future. Recap of what happened and open for the past but typically I like to just talk football until after the super ball I come off for the day after the Super Bowl. Call time out take a deep breath and then reassess I keep the real simple. Until after finally decided the Super Bowl football the rest of the way me and football just here and Rogers and hail Mary can you believe. This past the giants completely outplay Green Day ultimatum. In the first after this game yesterday but then this happens. Rodgers does this better. He's. It's. I think that that's Joe Buck on big fox I think that that's arguably. One of the worst defended place in NFL history over. O'Leary's come down because guys tip them jumping and the giants had six players in the end zone. And the players didn't put their hands up you can tell a ten year old playing pop Warner here's the deal there is a hail Mary what do you deal. Knock it down. Well don't knock it got to hand up. The professional defenders who make millions of dollars for the giants. Race all back to the back of the end zone and just watch the ball sail over their helmets and they'll put their hands up that's how you lose a football game. I lipstick on he's the chairman of the board of the raider nation but to recap Saturday with raider more. Well OJ you know they'll play out that certain debt. You lose you golf. Finality and urged the sting of 57 traders sees it all over forty or play out he's been done and are not cheap play out. Losses in the books oh we got there ought Biden exceeded expert takes and that's feature the during the course of the week my opinion too much attention. Well on who I'm going to plate and start starting cornerback opposite like apple instead I would like this year. But talk about and bring it in the wild card game was gonna do that. It's an uniforms come on let's go out no excuses just win and what do what I expected Saturday Ers and the taxes would be that special teams. And field position no matter who would be sent that note that no quarterback kids daughters set no pressure while it was. What is Norton. Drew up. But we can't give up 209 yards one toward retrieve Russia but they all for 33 minutes. Special teams know field goals by seep out like he's Jake Jake you like in its fourth game. Body heal the nation on punt by market in early but the only highlight the 37 yard punt return by Rashard used and 38. In the playoffs it's always a thing you look for. Teams take away what you want to do and exploit your weaknesses and it was obvious against the deck for next year. The raiders' first you decide on their under to create in. Such is the case is Mary Smith and Andre all but they need to eat and eat apples to linebackers and a covered court. Eric Clark help try to eat instant deficiencies. All year come from China that game and a chipped out in the wild card in. They actually were planned New York Giants and and the jets. And new one and oak park at US. And violate GA cable industry real quick. In the plan and get out and we thought you know on a big thank Tony here it is in the SE out embers of the ravens got to build on point. Way back in nineteen and you try to gamers knives in the colts and Baltimore. Although it was not. Yeah we had a go it and George. In that by the FC title game vs Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh where it. And play generators at each meal. Poultry. And the last one and 1970s that person did amber in the ST out in Iraq idol bubble game. The raiders. In other top corners and Lester Hayes at a cover it and this bill Ottawa out like I like JK just go out is suited up. No matter who's there and. Thank you more appreciated good recap on the year I agree with that almost everything you said dead the next man up you got to step up and got a whole Pia plane makers to get it done. I'm not here criticized on our cookie was thrown in a brutally tough spot. He made a couple of plays but they didn't have enough time to get him ready for playoff football they could've got him ready for the chargers. Or an inferior team like the jets but the player on the role in the plaza was just too much yeah and I think when you look back at this season the coaches got players ready and the subs came and I think some of the alternates or subs gobble up be a little bit better next year I think the roster will improve under. Reggie McKenzie Christian west Oakland you follow up more on 957 again. With more on everything except that you know and a philosophy bet bet that it chooses so cute in that league however. Battled cheated with your quarterback because what Derek Carr went down the ability to cover all these into the injury in deficiency went away I told that on to what export. I'm a realist they're seen ended their day I'd never met any I thought they can win. On Saturday but I thought they were gonna. Foursome state settled by the way they have a couple of opportunities in the first step out the net debt to interception go right to it. Ultimately you make if you want it to a playoff game on the road. They had the opportunity to Carter got in receivers didn't do any favorite I think one of the key spot in the game you know Michael Crabtree is the one of these guys that lat. It was great that you play different project now that he got a he's back to drop the ball and become an Eva and uncertain. And you're like Kirk what is step step up to date it's gonna be there at the point at art like any. Crabtree like between one and why he dropped it. Apparent that it situation we talk about. The deal weren't you able to get all that Robert struck debate what do midfield Mark Cooper dropped what the title. We didn't help its get out and do it agreed with Scott Baier a little bit. I'm not advocating getting rid of built by bill let's great. But Utley Garrett part covered a lot of its efficiency as well I don't think more at the L on the side of the ball straight analyst at. I think there's times that much great eldest eldest is back in on Wednesday. You need what you. Coordinator don't get directed that single plate but strictly stock that we're used it. The great play called it the guy running wide open about it he'll get. The first one. You had to take the chance to do that you eat at what got wind of thirteen and that began to get. Well at fort well for quite get there at the bitter taste in my mouth because this team had a legitimate shot at that you don't get these opportunities back. Eric Pete Carroll at that particular I think what Eric aren't as in we should be at full power for a fight here. But like Mort as we need help. I'm in the middle of the I don't know if that it was very. You know we gotta get that out at the Lionel yet but again it's it's a bitter taste because of the witnessed scenes started all the great. I itself. We broke the race without they're part here I believe or Bartlett and well being and elected an ad that showed why immediately. Because the lack. We certainly did that. To dispel the rumor that you're being made to read then why is. It you know talking about it is why I'm sorry. At quarterback. The pain of losing your deepest that it that. Thank you Chris that we lost it there at the end yeah. I'm sickened to out of people's saying that you know Derek cars the MVP because he didn't play. None yet in the MVP because you're playing and you make plays so when you lose a great play there. That doesn't make the player better when he's sitting at home and watching the game the players good when he makes plays on the field. Everything fell apart when Derrick went down and Derek we'll be back better than ever will talk to Derek Carr. The quarterback of the silver and black when we return on 957 again. Now acting cheesy the bridge on 95 plus. Okay. Go back. Hey I can't. The Bruins are back there. A in the watchdogs who was. The most they have catches that got. Yeah. We're back on 957. Game it's the dark horse show we had a chance to block the quarterback. Throughout the course of the season and this is his final appearance with us on 957 again when it comes to his show and Derrick good to talk to again first off for the fans. Just the status of how you're feeling from the injury the healing process of what you think about rehab going forward. Korea earlier offer beer obviously you know now that we're not going ticket you'll slow to make sure feels. Don't properly you know the intelligence optical ability but number of those now known as you know listen to doctors and trainers orders. Disagree the going will be more than. Obviously since we're not going. Literally at all just been slow. He Oprah so long but ultimately here very very shortly so that sucks that that happened when a bit but you could well. And that's good to know that obviously you're gonna come back sooner than. Expected here but that's interest in what you're saying to listen to orders and just let it heal. In the natural process instead of rice in back to rehab because without a timeline here with games coming up you can let it here more naturally in and do with the right way on. You're exactly right and you know so maybe at the bus and starts you know never know but a build up the opportunity now to this. Don't let everything take its course you'll do it needs to do. And still not settled in equity after the you know so well and and perk up when you. The development that will be forever but you know sure enough no to Trout wall that is not for personal you know doing very well. And I appreciate it. One more thing if we know when you. If the Super Bowl wasn't played view is that a fair assessment you believe you would have been back for the super ball. Oh yeah they're they're no doubt in my mind I don't know if you ask anyone else it's socially it would have it in the way. You know put us Italian. What they've really had to fight you know what do whatever it had to do it it. You know what there's there's no doubt in my moment that it had to you know there. Derek cars are just looking back at the writers lost 27 to fourteen at Houston on Saturday. What's brought costs while for all the heat that he got locally and nationally and I'm sure you're aware of it. You played against them in Mexico City are you got to tip your cap to him with all that treachery played a clean game and with that defense helped this team win and move on to the next game against Tom Brady. We do you do immediately you know that the field we offered. You know obviously. Won't sign a contract then you'll know if you haven't played you know you know Clayton any tapes you know. You know you know guys expect so much and all the different. If they'll learn and you know he's still an ABBA album that incredibly thankful and you know so you know he's obviously taking a lot of mutual the war effort to you because you know and well and good on the wall thanks so. If I was at questions like it albeit at a map is upset because that'll play for the treatment sure he doesn't so. But it is also women and the Gloria like I don't I'm not gonna say they'll have the ability wanted to obviously not but I do. You'll offer exactly quarterback has been great. Political. There are cars are gas assess the play a comic book. Even though the raiders got behind early in that game the ability to show poise in the second half of that game and makes a big plays down the stretch. Actually I'm very poor guy you know he's. Income that is very strong you know in the pocket and you know look very very airports you're very column in the pocket that's. It is hard to do is looking you know became an ultra peavy did not do justice wanted to live by. You know doable but Watson didn't want to eat well those guys would. Milwaukee you know from what I putter that I can you do not do it justice at all traffic gets there so I don't pretend to be. Gordon comic and no matter the mistakes and that'll happen. And that's what I had yeah that's what that gives us you know as a motivational ultimately I don't know that. He can go up almost become. Let the thing is gonna get better the greens are gonna get better. A little bit better with tiny crack in politics on the order. The main thing is this for him to keep the compliment one up but it bit. I know you had a feel for Donald Penn when he couldn't go in that game especially after your injury and he really are wounded after woods and took it on himself and he was a pretty emotional guy you the last couple weeks as he felt like he needed to get back on the field and get this team going again what was that like did you get a chance attacks with them and talk with them to you could tell it was highly emotional. When he knew we couldn't play that game against the Texans. Yes absolutely and a in going back you know obviously through cocaine. You know that there's never the fault of the freak thing. You know more court record to ever which it will never even. You know two quarterbacks come and saying that the simply you know remember you know coast and the Olympic team. There it should tricked us you know whatever it is when you should not so bad one bit. You know won't even be a sort of veteran and I and then but. I hope that he'd never ever as belt or worry about me ever again and so. We've talked about it anymore one for not to build upon it. You know whether you're streaker you know I'd walked out there were Brothers. I know that won't know that it should so the electoral form there. When you look back into watching it on TV the Denver game and in this past loss to Houston were they putting eight in the box was a difficult this is one of the best offensive lines. In football but the inability to run in dominant fashion without a lot to do with. Play in the two best defenses in football the best pass defense in the Denver Broncos. And the number one that your defense in Houston it was really difficult for your teammates to run the ball easily against those two fronts. Oh yeah I mean if you look sometimes. You know those who lose nine to ten guys in the box against the Denver you know and it didn't matter who you're an American woman but I don't know who's blocking. There's going to be different longer good yeah you know and I don't want that to three quarters just because our. And you know there is not gonna do about it and you know obviously we'll continue on yeah. Quarterbacks would instruct your order. You know injured so I haven't stopped well. And so if their hold didn't Clinton do that they'd pay money. As coaches and players student you know Whittle away at least they'll probably get some knowledge efficient explosive runs that. The only thing that set out to do certain things. In you know that's what people want you know trucks legal back and forth okay that don't that organ predictions so that that's what you guys will be multiple. Wrap it up with our cards are just the tough question but I have to ask it because the fans wanna know what what does the raider nation take away from the season twelve and four. Is outstanding but not getting a playoff win in the raiders base their success on winning big games. In the post season for so all the fans were listening around the globe in the raider nation and they're trying to really absorb this'll the last couple of days what's the message going forward from you. Yes be very excited you know be very excited. 112 thanks. Hasn't been done here and very very long time and by the non interest level has no effect so that hasn't happened here awhile. Enjoy you know that we have a good for opening of the would have great coaches. Lou they're great player and want to sit and enjoy the latter tokens. As are different now that went wrong in all of our and so. You know we we do what I want to do is enjoy the process and enjoy what's happening. You know because this is going to be fun ride I want the truth that want to it. Awesome what are you gonna work out when your back to a 100% what is your game need to improve on next year. Holliman everything I've heard. What bill that the no encroached on sat down yesterday. Who absolutely need unity he told me. We know that little first and one that would agree regardless of them children welcome will need to get better and you books and bring down. And those external trigger some bones talked about a couple of weeks so we'll have a better answer for you and a couple of weeks electric study for the war. Electorate break it down and see what I can do better. But but for the time being you know as well I go on more unanswered political. And finally due to the injury and how important your faces are you take a step back what have you learned about your faith. And the fans and your family after this injury and how everybody's rallying around. I'll market the Smart man. It's only the first day. Good bad indifferent does not define doing a good you know. If it did a bit more you know I would have been really. In part and going to be longer and we're gonna do really well. I'd depression era in. That it won't support from rape and foundation that I at all that's of great match. But they got older my Obama that yeah I believe you know the candidacy of fruits and then. To see the aliens or describe my back you know one more you know favorite member of the football queer hopping on one way. In the fringe and Chan and you know not because of what they're changing it because it would love that I felt. That will stick in my whole life. The law but they remember in the NFL from that you made all told you to love and the I Truman gave me. You know they all can check on some of them have been over the house. Some of the common won't have to gauge what we'll actually let me get up in the morning will someday you'll just about as well as well anyway. And when we're traveling obviously it is for cholera and they will more particularly you know as much as they don't want to his muscle drawn to a model chiefs. No achieve their old men aboard an incoming government didn't feel. It really makes what makes the world you know it's a world of difference in the community. They don't care of it for them cavorting at an open or is that so it's been awesome and I applaud the law and bettors portion distribute. Nicely said you know Bob pregame on Christmas Eve you were presented with a commitment to excellence award I've had the pleasure and I'm hosting that event again and you'll be honored. What does that award mean to you when when will the fans get a chance to see what your schedule look like I know you're still here are feeling you're gonna go through rehab but. Where to the fans expect to see if throughout the offseason. Yes there will be opportunities and no big. On everything and not finalized so. If they just keep following on Twitter and most of them FaceBook as Graham. Let them know for sure they want and they'll see them you might expect yet to win that award. Men. You know what year was able to accept that. And then that should accept that in that is special about Albert lightly they're publishing some won't want phantom have sent some you know I don't think though I wish they should. And I won't want to mention. It's been a pleasure talking to every week have a great offseason hope to see often thanks so much yeah. Appreciate it Derek Carr who was great to us all yearlong he went on a deep dive with Greg pop which is up and 957 the game last week and it hurts it hurts for his season to end this way but a class act and he will be back better than he even was this year. Where he was an MVP candidate the entire year when we come back pool reset at the top of the oval talk about the raiders exit. From the post season I'll talk to on the warriors but the next two shows the remainder of the show tomorrow a look back at the raiders' season highs and lows all that wrapped up on 957 the game. Line for big yeah you didn't dot com. Comes yeah obviously it's teaching the break. Well that's what it feels like to have played football sports hangover. Exactly what it feels like when an end to hurt. Especially if you're afraid shots used to doing great things. We'll be one of the many teams of about fifty or sixty in this league you have no chance of making the playoffs. It's okay when your team that won twelve games in the regular season. You expect more. You'll want to figure out over the next couple days is how we absorb the lakers losing. Houston Texans and what to build bonds went into the offseason. This is going to 57 again. 57957. Now. Texted him 9579. By. And it says would Chip Kelly be crazy detected cal job. Study guides out will talk to Roxy Bernstein about that opening. In what big name available. Could come in and take what I think is a big job in sports were big program. Awful lot of fans that definitely want an upgraded the opposition. We'll get into the warriors lost to Memphis I don't hear the warriors beat Sacramento I could care less if the warriors beat Sacramento. I barely watch games like that I look at the recaps I watched the highlights I care about. The warriors and when they play good to grew really good teams how they'll be who's now a great teams it's San Antonio it's Cleveland. Those are the two great teams. He other teams that are really good like Houston who could put games together Memphis and then you judge how the warriors play against the league teams. Or the very good teams in the and you look at it objectively. You say this is the flaw the team this is how they got to get better who's never covered a team in my twenty years of radio. That's always easy to cover when they win when all warriors win their zero to talk about other than staff. Hitting a jump shot and warm ups coming out of the tunnel or how many we have triple doubles can dry aim on get it's all about how easily they win right. It is in sports talk radio was based. On pomp arms and just telling everyone great way and let's look at the box score we know that already we wanna look at the warriors definitely at least in this time slot. And look at what they need to do to get better. I've talked to people on and off the record that think the warriors will not win the title this year they're just too flawed. They don't know how to get easy buckets late games are live and die by the three and the road throw the clippers and San Antonio before they even get to LeBron. We Kyle Korver and their upgrades and what LeBron is fighting for and his legacy it is not going to be easy sledding. I think the warriors will win the title this year I think they're motivated with a rant but it could be tougher than everybody expected. The loss the let's go back to that loss to Memphis and how it happened that was an epic collapse that should be. The only and biggest collapse of the entire season. Very down veneer when Perry fired for three it's not the way it's an air ball grabbing it now up to Grant Hill fire for three that it's those good. Rebound it to the grizzlies in this will though. The Golden State Warriors led by 24. My. Try the fourth quarter. And let it get away. And maybe the most disappointing loss of the season. Maybe more so that they'll love Christmas Day. Final score Mathis has beaten the lawyers the second attack this season that the first team to do that. Finals what 28 to 119. The grizzlies with the win. Timber oil on the call shall they think about this the home opener they got annihilated by San Antonio. They lose on Christmas to their arrival the team they came back from three games to one they've gotten beat twice by Memphis this year. Pretty glaring losses o.s of the big losses for a team that that doesn't lose a lot of games he can spin it anyway you want they'll be okay of course. Or you could face some of these losses are really dramatic. I'll use the C award five times a year choke a would use one album right now the warriors show that 24 point lead. Nineteen point lead in the fourth quarter if you can't call that a joke they don't ever use the word that was an absolute collapse told talked about that. At and in the easier winds coming up what's gonna happen on the road. What happens with the warriors for their next homestand when they come back but that was the tests that they failed miserably. Blowing a 24 point lead. But back to the raiders and Jack feel real after the loss of a lot of sound from his press conference coming up but immediately after that game it was tough. Really hard to swallow for Del Rio because he had the team playing well. All year long in that game against Houston they couldn't get anything movement. Didn't really give me being completely you don't we're very good on third down a few drops oval. Just one. Would you follow in the raiders during that game on social media a lot of people were expecting a quarterback change I was one Obama thought that was a point. That comic book with all those consecutive punts and he couldn't get anything going at least McCoy and would be able read defense is veteran may be manager combat when I mean by that is a comeback may be Magloire and could have been captain comeback but that wasn't the case. I asked the halftime you know culturally felt like there were other things or kind of contributing and that it was going to be a big change makes them change course so we. Stay the course with a. That's interesting to me. When you talk about staying the course with a quarterback who's never played never started a game when you have that we're going to could come out there. And may be give me a shot of adrenaline turnaround that's OK I mean look. I think the cool thing about Spain with Conner caught the rest of the game. It is it's his first ever start an in his first ever started a playoff game he didn't get yanked so mentally for him don't fall or he didn't play great. It really didn't play well pleading get yanked in that game that will help him as he builds towards his future but here's gel Jack Del Rio reflecting back on the past season. We have good group. We have we have Goodyear who went from seven wins and twelve wins and a lot of great moments throughout the year a lot to be proud of our fans were also ridden nation showed up. We should expect more. And I'm gonna demand more. And we'll evaluate everything that's what you do stormy year what I want our own roster in the get on with building the team stronger than preparing for next year and if so that's kind of where we are. Yeah that's what they are that's that's the way coaches supposed to meet the media after a loss like I don't where they go next though. Projectile real was a funnier twelve and four I thought the fans at the first thing I tweeted. After the game because as my wife reminds me do not tweet do not tweet during or after a game and say something stupid. Thousand gonna say anything crazy there are disappointed with the way the writers play that game but ball the big take away it was the fans who with relocation. Are circling around them with the way they went on bought tickets showed up at home and on the road what happened in San Diego. With the enormous turnout in San Diego that was a huge national story. With the way they showed up at home went internationally. To Mexico City I'm about what my top three takeaways for for me personally this year is the fans about the fans were incredible. Loyalty. Second to none and now raider fans have something to be excited about. Next year but there's going to be a lot of pressure on the team I don't think that a lot of pressure on him this year once car went down there or do them any pressure on him in the post season next year. They got to make sure they're arrested they get a bye week they win that division they get home playoff game I would hate to see. This team next year make the playoffs without an opportunity to play a home game. 8889579570. Wanna hear from the all day today rest of the show and all day tomorrow. On your honest opinions of what happened in Houston what happened after the car injury and whether raiders go from here that Pennsylvania thanks to be impatient at Matt. Are they particular quality to be a comfort I'm aware. I read up on the eve I put it in part he's my expertise is. I had them come in maybe ten win team. What are the good unbelievable. Late next step as an MVP candidate I think attitude that we need. I think he's off and going forward is fine you can lead you to upgrade at right tackle on lot in the Internet. You could use the slot receiver upgrade is Robert again. Were in there and but come on defense oh probably about what playmakers who weight problem that you're impeach or blow. For competing for a championship crown. And I don't know that going senior. I create continuity. I think he's kind of unlike Seattle ID and hear the name up linebacker. In there won it yet though it's like Jack though we did so. Who. Who hear the I don't mean Crimea. Yeah I don't think Wade Phillips is coming here thanks in fall ball really good phone call really good on what you think that the raiders need to do. In upgrades in the off season to be New England that's important because I think the raider offense and some of the players that they have and adapt of this team. Puts them on par with Kansas City and Pittsburgh in the New York Giants. And a couple of teams would you want the raiders to be a level. Of the New England Patriots have to get several more players and they're bringing in called Joseph turned out to be a good move I think that was a really good pick we'll see what happens when Jimenez growth but now they need a linebacker they need a at that linebacker. Whose young whose fast. Because Mac in the longer plays linebacker he tackles like a linebacker he's a pass rusher you need a guy in the middle. Who can go sideline to sideline via free agency or someone in the draft. Who's ready to apply picking a number 24. And standing there waiting for players to come I'm sure you can get a good player there and a good player in the second round in order to get a store player. The writers might have to go find that in free agency John is in Stockton John thanks you're Holden on the show we appreciate ago. Yet at the start. To build yet the be. Out. Are by. The way the B. At a level. You lose an elite player like. That job. The old. I'm. O. I. We are all you know. They go out and back and. Yeah I agree with that thanks for the call they'll be back next year what would be more difficult schedule would teams that are coming in like the patriots and giants and cowboys when you look at. The raiders are gonna have to play they gotta be open for business. That first game and they ought to do they did this year that first win at New Orleans was epic the sweep in Florida was great the raiders beat the teams that there was supposed to beat this year it was very important on your schedule. You get about five games. Out of the sixteen that you should definitely win. And the raiders were able to do that. There were a little when those of you can put those five games in the bank. They got only five more into the raiders losing twice to Kansas City losing to Atlanta. Atlanta might end up going to and winning the Super Bowl that's not a bad loss. But I got a bitter taste because the way the raiders played. Against Denver. In that last game of the year I really think that that's the game that was the big let down. Which led to the let down and the continued bad play against Houston they would have to Gary Denver this week today. We'd be talking about the raiders home game this weekend we'd have a whole week coming off the bottle that was what we were. P.s to believe would happen. Police I bought into I thought that this was the week. In my calendar in my planner that we talk about the whole week about the home game the tailgate. The game the match up with the raiders play breakdown the game with the insiders in the play by play voice at the other team. Who thought when the car went down with the raiders would end up playing in the wildcard in Houston. There's still was an opportunity to get back to seat against Denver. They didn't get. And get that big performance against Houston. And they didn't get a Little Rock DOS Wyler and Trevor Ximian. Trevor Simien and Brock costs Waller of the last two quarterback to play and they Dijjer easily. Lot of guys on that team that are accountable for that car wasn't there we get it. But still Trevor Simien and Brock also Waller. Should have been able to win both of those games against the raiders raiders should have been on the catch one of them will go to clean since and all you're up next latest ahead. Oddly you know you can argue train wreck down that are eagle public art department. Discouraging. Linebacker Larry. All year are with you what you say a couple of linebacker that late start line by line play now you do. Well. They'll look back. At it all of its story. Apparently this ball under belly and it all and don't like the way I. Well we'll let up or inquire about the route structure. I'm out more about what I'll do we resolve. We ought in the bill also will be. We needed public date they are like Joseph. Yup I. Not critical update kit. And made their way the wind at about Crabtree. Are perfectly like you have the ball well yesterday. Dot com did you all well. Work out background huge block. That that the salt and art dvd. Ball into him let it looked up and become what you gotta make it quarter. Robert alcohol. But all the Marc Cooper accurate but it lacked the principal tactic. Thanks for the call wanted to drops were killer for the silver and black this year the drops a big around the league if you watch football throughout the wild card weekend Eli Manning. His receivers had to drop throughout the game O'Dell Beckham junior dropped. Two balls a giants dropped two touchdowns. That would put about fourteen to nothing in the game drops are a big part of this game in the writers. One of the teams that dropped it. More than any other team out there that really hurt himself Roberts to especially. Crabtree got another really Goodyear made so many big plays but had a lot of high profile. Drops and how do you clean that up it's it's a fluke these guys are professionals and intelligent football since it in six years old. They know how to catch it every once a while there's a lack of focus something happens and they drop a football but these drops were compounded because that would drops in big games. Late into the season if you're on hold stay there the national championship game tonight Alabama. Clemson lodge in Tampa Evan more time and up to join us he was a standout. A tight end for Stanford now a great analyst for the pac twelve network and Evan there's. Original shot and feel that this game tonight because this Clemson and Alabama. What should we be watching this game because Alabama might be the greatest team of all time. Bob bought me all the ball a hassle at the college football at all about the multiple law. Coming to accommodate them all these and I realize I talk about it all the Gerber. It will have much better than ever get a rematch from last year due. Very very good football is like you said quite caught really Alabama side. LR BC AD offered the football you know if you wanted to bet. Call it steeper is that we've ever been always older it's an opportunity and only a hurry. I want to make a statement he later buried if reported you'd probably be well on both sides of the ball and you know like if it but I had to be a great football game and yet you outside and I am to watch. It has a lot of talk that there could be may be nine. Up to eleven at first round picks off first into early second round picks is that. Probably accurate because is about six or seven defensive players especially the front of Alabama and Clemson that are clearly going. In the NFL the we have a star quarterback a star wide receiver from Clemson and some play makers a tight end for Alabama so I was number number be. Real but tonight we're watching the first round of the NFL draft. You know I didn't step or high probability that they keep your article out of value record book cause forward that. Any guys on the page ought to open that it Alabama he'd bet that such an up front that although not what you know belt so. If you're if you're under that argument you look at the opposite you want yup it orbited the bat like he had been. This report dropped stop you don't want it for or. As a result other point game like that not only eight were all of that. According to competition like these that it there's there are certain guys you're going to throw it on for that game. I think government's goal of the game and get a bit of a lot pretty heavily on the late John Walker played the night last year I thought he played. Basically what what they corporate game but he gave Clinton get the win that football game not a bit when Brett. It's gonna take it at the same level what equipment tonight equipment change it up late. Big game a bit like about it we all know it's going to be very tough for corporate love football actively. And so on a lot and played really well that intermediate ball below range we give them a chance to win because I couldn't that they haven't been spent there and if there is one we point out that we that the relative or because from apple import it not week but relic of the across seven. They're secondary is not what it's been in the past. And it can exploit that it they can give them the queen pocket and he course that ball down field he gives Clinton a chance to win the football game because. Now we saw earlier that these old record for reports we get the gamut deeper the order not invincible. They are very very good and one of the best government program but cant be got and almost like what Greg. And at the song what we equipped for regaining give them a tip what. Evan Moore is our guest former Stanford tied and analysts now for the pac twelve that or give Mike Williams is. One of the best receivers in America and what to Shawn Watson I'm happy imagine that and talked about him because I seen a guy go back. And to try to redeem himself again with the highs may or what he was supposed to accomplish. As a brilliant player had a brilliant career and I think he could go number one overall you're looking for franchise quarterback but to have that shot again against a dynasty team and to beat them I mean this to grow other quarterbacks for the ages with that type of wind on his resume if he doesn't win the game. Then you look at him and say eight to two great shots at Nick Saban and a dynasty team he came up short that shouldn't affect his NFL draft status right. Not at that point I got to produce a lot about the equipment storybook ending or pick up the belt. I get the other way to look at it not played that about the European patent of the doubt the Arctic that your that I'm respect crack addicts they've. And I think he's got they'll argue that he spent last year you what a spectacle not and I met earlier on what we played well with. Op clinic you know there's quite flustered them it didn't beat them. But it they've opened like a pretty load that our economic from the government. But watch your game and tried to called the paper for allowing some of the things that this target Mac game I would expect it. Even though they're hitting their second crack the drama and edit their second crack at that you are I would expect it it would make the adjustment that would make that much more typical for the shot that beat up. Look at Jalen hurts the quarterback for Alabama because 22 touchdowns only nine picks seems brought nobody's ran for almost. 900 yards he's a dual threat blood. I would think and correct me if I'm wrong Clinton's gonna say you're gonna have to beat us with your on you wanna take the read option out of the play you wanna tackle him bring him down hard because what he can do with his legs there is he the type guy in a shoot out back and stay with the Shawn Watson thrown it up and down the field. I don't think that's what I don't think that's what I'll that a lot bigger you know outfielder Billy young guy. Two very effective if you're likely pop. I'm when he was on the run and you move around that's where he struggled and you know what kind of a young quarterback thing. Learning how to keep those guys on the field like for example a guy like Russell will conduct a well. Alerted the political party get out of the pocket effective way to keep the ball on the field but. You know when it comes to stopping Taylor hurt and they got them offered one dimensional. It's about a domestic pocket and well be that the product who they have the noted that got on the other wild card in. If and they keep that ought epidemic that pocket clean for the order that there are good you're on pretty heavily on that one game and and both corporal and and being an error in notepad when another old question. They're gonna need more Kabila hurt by a very good football team and target and got payment you have to keep that ought to clean otherwise you up by order. We're wrapping it up with Evan Moore from pac twelve network does a great job as an analyst the former Stanford standout. Tied and what is the state of the pac twelve does everybody saw USC. And Penn State and what a great game that was in a shoot out and stand Arnold the quarterback going forward but what about the rest of the conference do you see. A pac twelve team other than USC contending for the final four in the national championship. I BP site not the pac twelve what did we got some a lot of really get out of that picture on you all come back up and others we. Browning of backed him normal jobs wrote and I think we're at a young got the that they have optic by a strategic element matured this year. Might be a lot of count in the proper from top to bottom going to be a lot of fun to watch will be will the pact will be competing for a while or spot. I tapered off the to a school like ESP we'll see how Washington backed security will be in effect that they can win the pac twelve. But there are mean but now it's back. Equal one of those top four spot by. If you look across the border from the quarterback now we outcome of that the well at that by the year I doubt that you know on the record player out. Awesome having great job as always while we still doubt on the show have a great day. Again appreciate you coming on their seven more looking into this game tonight. No this is one thing that I try to get my pulse on what's happening in the Bay Area we'll talk to Roxy Bernstein and his connections decal on the job opening there but that's the game that the rest of the country should all be earning interest and and it's a dynasty team in Alabama episode tonight this games on in prime time but I really believe just from me. College football screw this up by putting those final four games on New Year's seed. Then they come back with the national championship on Monday I get that they don't wanna do they can't compete with the NFL and put it on Saturday don't wild card weekend. But in the south the fans from plants in the ACC in the Alabama fans I don't know of anybody. West of the Mississippi is of watches game beat into it tonight. Mean people don't watch just in Seattle Los Angeles they gonna watch this in Denver tonight. Or are you interested in the national championships. Of college football you're a market that step forward and well. Two teams that have a long history is supposed to be a really big game tonight but the field for it. It's got such as southern fields in such an Alabama field and watch it is I really believe this is looking like a dynasty team. In Alabama and I wanna see the first round of the draft again nine to eleven players. We're gonna go in the first 32 picks of the strap will play in this game tonight. That'll make it entertaining we brought you by first united services credit union. Hopes for a longer. Every war is regular season baskets scored first united credit union will donate one dollar. The the Alameda County community food bank visit 957. The game dot com. For details when we come back more your calls on the raiders and the loss is it a tragic loss to Houston or. Acceptable. Because Derek Carr wasn't playing in Roxy Bernstein will join us. To talk about the potential for Chip Kelly are any big name to go to cal you're listening to 957 again. Now back to JT the brick. On 95 point seven games. There's Alex Witt first contention each other 24. Alex looks right. I pulled the report. That's a good look wolf. It got up from behind. The ball away it is three other raiders take it however it. Looking back at the raiders' season for the next few shows the rest of the show and tomorrow will take your writer calls we'll take him every day. But this is the time I want to be able to be honest about the season what you took out a bit how disappointing. Loss was to use to we'll get back to that the section about Roxy Bernstein joins us the play by play voice. At ESPN ESPN radio the pac twelve network does at all and Roxy the firing of Sonny dykes what is the impact. All of this firing and how important of a job is this on the West Coast for the league coach may be Chip Kelly or other big names are they gonna have to look. To a mediocre name may be some we're not familial. Why acting KG eight yesterday I think Mike Williams said it best when key. Said the cal and at the way it and that's why they made its decision they want somebody in the long ball they want to win it now. And that clear that Sonny dykes with his overtures trying to get other jobs with not in that mine that. So that's outlook and why people want it probably always will they technicality in the built a lot like outfit bit. That that one had nothing to do the other pure coincidence. That it just so happened that Chip Kelly are available. I think it beat IE say he's not a candidate I don't out strongly candidate he is for the job. That they will go after a coach that made the bet it whether it's the young aggressive coach or whether it's recruit the coach like Richard cal. All of the reports are accurate how big of a deal is it to eat five point 88 million. That result from being fired without cause is that really significant where that's gonna hurt. What they do going folder or is that a drop in the bucket the bucket they pay that and move on and continue to spend big money. Dictated here Egypt that. Cal made its decision but they also liked being looked at the big picture JG is that it had to wait its seat in. Where there was waning interest among donors that band aid that being his ticket bulls were down because it's what a lot of excitement program. Or actor realized okay yet we make its move now we yell or take a big hit early but the reward paid dividends to the back and whereas if you stuck it out with one warrior studied Ike and by all indications are. 20s17 would have been last seat that it now that would set the program back to read warriors and plot the money that you're going Duluth down roe. That it had the foresight to make that happen out realized. It's in the best interest were out. Roxy Bronson is our guest yeah I agree with all of that when you look at moving forward sometimes you gotta spend money you gotta eat a contract to make the program better you talked to the donors you know the season ticket holders. What are their expectations are they reasonable. That they want this program to be right back with Stanford. USC Washington or they expect and it's gonna be really hard maybe a step backwards to get where they wanna be in three or four years. Or they know we're going to be hard but they walk away and they're committed to winning and Mike Williams BP made it very clear. It will wondered why it take so long wide out you fire and suppose you let's say a month ago. There's a lot of pain that add to the line got that now is out. There's so much community involvement in the chancellor that's not operatives be higher up the administration of the universe either a lot. Support that Mike Williams had it yet. From a higher even at superiors. To make it happen. And so they are committed to winning it wanna win and acting is the statements speak loudly not yet stick out community but the pact lull. They cal in this to win. And they're not just gonna settle for mediocre book alternate. Roxy Bernstein is our guest wrote a missile this is a big big big game tonight. For Alabama and Clemson you live in the market you know college athletics you travel all over the country hotbed. Cities for football and basketball what ever take I'm not expecting. The east bay to have passion for college football like Tuscaloosa or the diehards and Clemson tonight apple why is this game on a Monday night. So important to the Bay Area I'll go first I said because eleven players are gonna go in the first round of the NFL draft yet the niners in the right it was in this market with first round picks but I think the culture. Of college football needs to step. In the Bay Area the way it did 3040 years ago or the way it possibly can to catch up to the ACC the Big Ten and especially the SEC. No question JG net interest it is there are. When cal good. Went to cal not good the interest the Bay Area isn't that high. Desperate at great eat great players that come to whether it's a lot what is cryptic app for. Whether it's still the air aren't that they've had high runner up and I'll bet that you are audited shot at it. At the end of the day there's so many more cal beloved bands that when Cal's stood I think that they eerie becomes more interest did. In college football and would get checked for her role in the mid 2000 gala sell other regain. It will lock it over to the Aaron Rodgers and I think that's what it takes to get interest back that they are each well. It is good football team and achieve that competing for championships. And when that happens I think is more interest in the Bay Area. I would grade they've finally when you know you have a game with Bill Walton as your color analyst and he shows up with a tie dye shirt on and you're having your pre. Game meal and you talk and do you have any idea when he's gonna break out his words of wisdom going to be late in the game repeat if he's upset with the crowd gonna be early before halftime and he did do you sense when big red it's gonna down the road to dig into a brilliant job just taken a step back. The letting him go and go off on these wild rides I love. Eating Hewlett they'll meet bill because you buy if you could make oil well. And the one and now it's contrived. I think it's eight we've built at all. Org and it forget eat up and wanna. When our conversation regain or shoot around that day we don't talk anything about the case. Because you want it would be actually all the award from it stated for air. So we need is scratched on here and built into it what you say. And it's time it might spot at right back. But it though. Work with them and the younger generation to understand. I'll go to law really. A character where he greatly hi guys on TV in your rambling on about whatever comes the mine. Arguably the rate at college basketball players currently. And you know they get it it next to a person gains in its ruling from me a lot it's challenging. It's different or any other network where. But I it's so rewarding and. Yeah I like do you said that rock skis he's such a legend and for those who didn't see him play in college forget about the NBA career we know about the foot injuries and it was a really great impact full NBA player when healthy would have been one of the all time greats but what he accomplished. As a college basketball player when ever I see him on a broadcast. I know we're looking at a mount Rushmore player who has unbelievable inside not only into the game but in to in life in these stories Eddie tells tied into the dead in the old days. At the Fillmore to all the traveling that he does and especially the impact of these kids. Happening in basketball so he's a complete package and you really are Bryce in those opportunities to call games with a Mike and tell. I love and with bill and yet he's so I would Luke. It's a great success player now a coach whether it is other if three other. That are very successful well. It is insurer that got in the Iran so that energy people life. And it great and the other cool thing get to see the reaction of the players. When pills there idol brought the game winning shot or now. And they'll work a lot over to give they'll Viagra right after inning when he shot Oregon to beat Tennessee. And that is the impact in the elite players at being out. And it just seemed like everybody more energized. We've built in the world. And the funny thing about bill is easily and readily aware of what's going on Twitter when e.'s strategy. Yeah note in the polarizing figure in eagle at was people's buttons any luck doing it. And it it to kick out of it and that's what I didn't use there is that the only mapped it to a bad is they're G to law. No doubt always a pleasure talking to my final talk too soon. It. The Roxy Bernstein really great great young. In his prime play by play voice who'll work anywhere at any time. And give you everything he's got good friend of the show always a pleasure to talk to him and what will happen that well I have no idea who they want a lot of cal fan you're cal fan and use the radio show to your advantage. Thank you imagine and other markets in college hot beds when the coach is let go nine lines packed onto the next coach should be the culture for football is not like that in college in the Bay Area where it needs to be. Compared to the Big Ten and the SEC and even the ACC. We got to pick up that we gotta get that going again especially with two big programs in this market triple A 9579570. Speed brick. Is coming up next and it should be fast pace would raider nation Tripoli 957957. L on the right loss. And how they lost to Houston remember catch John Dickinson and Matt diamonds every Saturday at 9 AM for NBA this week. Brought you by first Unita credit union and American Express. Proud partner of the Golden State Warriors and only on your new home for the warriors 957. Game. And in your life be a part of speed brick it's on death. Now back to JT the brick on 95 point seven negate. It's time. First lead brick. Nobody it felt good because it's the the bad do you let. Today. Your phone calls rapid five. Deadly over the field. It brick triple A 9579570. My short jets got fair Derek Carr. Evan Moore and Roxy Bernstein solid apart due. Twelve or later recap show tomorrow two part show. Exercising the demons. Of losing in the first round of the playoffs similar to the writers go from here. Our football yesterday I tweeted this out last night was a disaster you know bad football was yesterday. That the raider game the raiders. Weren't the best losing opponent when it came to score differential. Then the other team so they lost by less than the other three teams have played after it was a disaster. The sports books in Vegas a lot of them didn't get killed but all the favorites covered the spread so if you want with the chalk in the home favorites to cover. The role able to do it and it was a lot of bad football lot of bad football go back to the hail Mary here of Aaron Rodgers this was one of the league worst defended. Football plays in the history. Of football dating back to leather helmets. Yeah. He's. It's. If we looked at 45 guys jumping for the ball that was tipped and bounce and was lucky no big deal but the fact that the giants had five guys in the end zone. Inaudible put their hands up that was a disaster for them knocking them out of the playoffs that I I thought the giants clearly played better than Green Bay in the first half and they were down. Fourteen to six in that game so that was a mess photo Beckham junior got a lot of heat because on the off day. Earlier in the week he went to Miami he rented yacht with a bunch of his teammates. And a lot of the media after the game wanted to connect the day off in Miami to a loss. And the people who connect you to Miami to your car performs it sounds typical to me. It sounds very but the end of the day I went through practice. At zero drops zero missed assignments. There was nothing. That can connect seven days ago to today and how we came out of played and executed does does is nothing in the world that's not realistic. Yeah I disagree and enacted do the head coach of the giants had to defend. The knuckle head players that he had that put on their genes and their Timbaland. And went on that yacht to just go have fun on a day off himself page. Excellent so early in the week and then a lot of commentators today about the the boat ride what kind of messages sent kind of tournaments that there are you at all concerned about that and and the detective had any anything to do with the two can you tells of an hour that in coming into today. Maybe you re disappointed that it did happen. At a level do. All we've talked about so. So the point I wanted to make him before he got here it is a it is a distraction if you think that if the writers had a week off a mandatory week off and they went they all went on a boat. And they all went party in on a boat all went to a nightclub it wouldn't technically affecting game if you lose the game he deserved heat for that. The message that take away with that with any young athlete is. When you're entering the playoffs. The week of your first playoff game. You don't go wreck create on a boat you don't go to nightclubs peoples are what you can do whatever you want on your day off. There's a difference between playing golf. We're going to the driving range indoors. Or going out to lunch with your wife or girlfriend and getting on a private jet don't know South Beach and get on a yacht would just in. I should be would Justin Bieber that's different because that becomes a distraction. The media focuses on the takes away time from your other teammates. Would their media attention it is a distraction. You just heard O'Dell Beckham junior and the coach have to answer questions about it probing. That it was a distraction at the reason he dropped to football's but it was the reason he was a distraction. All week in the preparation and his team. In the media coverage that the team got. Rader Ben and Stockton rapid up. I let it get hearing they've got out. I pick that later highly expectation. How late Baghdad in the white outfit didn't make a little bit that forward. I'll actually it was probably could it be a third you know that. I think we get it Stalin and metal are quite sort of Carolina by the optical create it. And maybe a power back middle linebacker I'd pick a solid that you bring I've if you break golf writer. God that does a lot to talk about in the offseason heading into the draft free agency the Senior Bowl. Everything that's gonna lead up to this team upgrading may need an upgrade I have to upgrade that defense. In the offseason on the market won a playoff game. I think they're going to be better next your car and on offense but at the defense doesn't get better than I gonna won a playoff game they have to be much better not better. Much better on defense and that's going to be with the addition of a couple of new players Damon's in North Carolina he listens on the 957 the game. I. For all well written page views are greater nation the common now allotment and oracle recently in the future about these. Levels. Well look towards next. It just like you've been a couple of the outlook straight are concerned these so. Normally do later wrecked they fixed. In pairs and also means in part in comparison it's what you into cheaper content at all. We ranked 24 and indeed in 24 weren't using it it would be it can't say twenty. So I don't believe it's a challenge and it is execution issue or is it Syria asking issue. But some compare to be done on the. Thank you for the call got to run and you you nailed it pumping gas to be done because statistically the raiders are 26 overall. 26 overall a net yards and when you look at what they do with their pass defense. Not their scoring defense they're pass defense we're Denver's number one number alone in their division number one in the NFL. And the raiders come in at 44 of the raiders got to go from 24 to fourteenth. 24 to twelfth. May be into the top ten if they wanna be a Super Bowl contending he can't win with a defense like that you can't do it. You can not win with a defense like that to eleven Fremont speed Breck. He was sober you know war under your arsenal are like Gretchen. Ought to be our main primary sect baca. Well a couple of reps were the first team in backed it will be amazing aren't in Qualcomm will be great. I think the raiders manual there are written to President Obama met all couldn't be are out there actually helped community. A lot of years and then doing it now I'm not and a college football in the Bay Area. A lot more things to do in their networks that might be region quite so pretty ugly where. It's big everywhere appreciate the call college football huge in Texas it's massive any and armor in Columbus, Ohio it's huge. But throughout the SEC in the ACC and its not big out in the pac twelve north it's not big in the Bay Area should be much bigger in the Bay Area. Look I'm from New York I grew up with New York Sports Radio there isn't one. I'm not exaggerating there isn't one. College football fans who calls or radio show in New York on WFAN. Out. We are the number one market they don't take one college football. Call a year and have a guest on I don't care about it. Not a part of their culture should be a part of the Bay Area in the deep tradition. Of great football gallons Stanford we should be rabid about college football we should care about the national championship game Roger speed Bret thirty seconds ago. Are sort of asked you're you're gonna go debaters are our talk about the car and cool there. Don't really show. Yeah I'd tag that I think there are plenty tough thanks for the call I think they're tough to professional football players. Over a thousand yards receiving they made big plays they had some drops but they are tough enough that is a tough football team no doubt about that. Don't miss warrior Wednesdays on 957 game featuring warrior president of basketball operations. And GM Bob Meyers a 2130 brought to you by Porsche Walnut Creek 846 team premiere Porsche dealer. And premier Kia of Newark they'll go to dealer. For the greater Newark area coming up next pop and bond day Matt Millen at one. David Carr at Tomb Raider nation way to go today. Really fun show will do it again tomorrow part two of our recap season in review on 957 again.

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