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Matt Millen

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Need a little big picture perspective. And the entire year we bring and a guy who we've brought in to periodically throughout the year and called the reader pre season games. We've spent a lot of time of the early in the year we can lose a Little Richard Neer but it's great to have this kind of look back and everything that is. Super Bowl champion with the raiders in the matters of the Redskins as well a great analyst of pro football marginal manager a former raider. Matt Millen joins us on the afternoon delight our immediately mr. Arafat thought it. Well they lost last Saturday we'll get to that but just give me. Just give me a little perspective. And the year from three wins the first year which Derek is seven last year to twelve this year. Get back to the playoffs that many for the first times and so you. Yes so in order to look forward let's let's go back a little bit where you and I were talking in the pre season. And we are saying what kind of team this and I said that the federal level would team. And we were like really think maybe get back and so. Could depend on how far overstepped their gonna take and they added you know some good things as. It can be and but you still never really know until until you see it. And and lo and behold they made exceeded our expectations. So they were playing better football but I thought they had they will they were going to play I thought they were actually ahead but but they were a year ahead. And about everything contingent upon. Their car I mean it's and that's a good bit. It's a good thing because. We got to realize what. They're hard to part but we got one. So we have what we have somebody that you can count on that need note that kind of kid who. Who guys' rally around. Who who everybody in the stadium knows how to make a play any can still make a play. And so those guys are really hard to find. And so. We outline and it is there Rhett you're going around right now will be a lot easier. So if he should talk about the developments. He's sick man. Many haven't afloat colts is that anger I got an old school here. That's the year where yours truly what's it like four degrees outside. Your house. A little. Just talk about to Eric's growth because you know young quarterbacks look good. Early and an eight pages don't make the proper thing that's that's to me he's gotten better. In battery almost see him growing before our eyes that he plays its best football league in the games mattered surprised. How much how far he has comedies three years starting. Yeah actually I am. I'm surprised because he's doing a lot of little things consistently. And those those things are hard to do of their hard to master. And and the biggest thing. We are about. These is there. So. You know the player is a real player. And I just mention very eluded to earlier where. You know it's there are fourteen Europe certain tanner certain age or whatever it is everybody's state you know just thrown the ball. They're gonna double Coke they're gonna pay. Crabtree a way to get it yeah they're good at what they have to do they were not covered on the other side. And the quarterback has got to throw it to a tiny I they would do it actively play. And company do it over and over again. That usually happens. In year 45. He's doing it already. And put it consistently. And on top of that we get in and out of plays. Really easily he knows and understands what it wants to get into he knows how we went to attack thing. I think he's way ahead and I think that's great news for the raiders. Yeah I I just love the a check with mes they were able to do lately here I go back so you know like before he got hurt that Indianapolis game at the way he was able to control the running game by the anti oxidant. Flip and you know god runs the pistol runs and it was just. Really impressive but I I gotta go back to our our first meeting with the coaching staff we have back in August in Phoenix before that first pre season game. And Jack Del Rio came in the room bill musgrave came right behind him and he said the same thing. We want to be able to run the ball. Late in the year when it's freezing like like you the reason you and your fluid your cold today in Pennsylvania. And just yet we we don't give a damn if they'd know we're running it whether or run it anyway. And by and large map they just couldn't do it because then you know to Eric injury I think we don't throw off the balance but. Italian old school football guys telling a characterization the box side of the box or write it anyway. But at the end of the year mad at the end of the year they've really could not run into a loaded box. Well. First off he's just yet been met the first thing but I will later. I've operator operative lie it was probably one of the top at three or four offensive line Italy. And use their skill. There's something about getting boom there's the other society blockers staying on people but there's also movement people. And so Yemeni man box you you have a loaded box and you'd still have to be able to win your individual battle. And it so that the next step and then the other part comes down to you know Murray got to beat a guy who can move the pile when he has to. And not just big guy who. You know is due looking you know bounce things that are. When he get to the next level he's got to be able to run a little bit of power people have to into the secondary wood and I think he can't do that. We need to hike a guy and you know there isn't room for improvement there but I thought big picture. The bottom line is they can talk about we've got to run the football we want this is a passing league. It's a passing league they're gonna throw away everybody's gonna do it particularly after a life or your run game and when that happens. You have to be able to pick up some first downs in control the clock will be approved for the most part your win what went wrong mobile. Since Murti Mattie was not a first round draft draft pick he was a six round draft pick his contract expires as his fourth year so he is free to goal. How much would you pay him which you which you get into a bidding war to keep a model obviously haven't mixing in with a two young guys Jim and Rashard and he Andre in Washington. I like short. I like the short line now I don't know if they have a guy is there are guys there. And I you know better than I do is there are guys there who. Who's 3030. Carry games. Guys. Now that I'm probably not either one of these younger these these two guys are just bad about that they don't seem like our guys to me they're more like you know he could given the ball in space and it catches and Ron's maybe get him up in the high teens meant what you wanna pounded one of the smartest. Exactly and so is what maybe. And yet he can't be in the right in the right environment he could be it you know 25 a game guy. But yeah I mean you have to have a guy like that can you do with that with a stable again it's. We can do with a stable but I think you always want that one horse to ride. He you'd you know that one guy you just know. Like to be markets now I don't market down and no matter what I know I know market is gonna get me to cup yards when I have to. Up you have pops sucker. He can break some pretty going to be except perhaps we can catch the ball out of the backfield he couldn't protection he's everything you want. And I can count on. And so you know and he's the whole thing got. But you gotta have somebody like that Al know it would be pieces that guy. I don't know be defined itself yet I know. By deport your market had already defined and so. Hooked. Yeah he had 307 total touches a year ago Murray 266. Rushes in 41. Catching is so high you know I think he could be that got a question if you wanna feed them much but let's get to the the quarterback situation because this thing at all. Fell apart of governor talked to Derek so older brother David car coming up another two we're 230 in the afternoon delight at puppet Vontae here in 95 point seven a game. When Derek got hurt the whole thing just collapsed and met a law in steals up as well. There are some free agents out there that are intriguing guy scattered cook was cut just thrown in the deep end of the playoff game and it was highly unfair to ask him to do what he did but he. He you know you can't I can't choose so as you Asia look ahead as cannery guy you would trust. Being a back up guy it would be a third guy which a lot get a veteran quarterback behind Derrick what would you do with a quarterback that. I think I think our cook is not yet where he's going to be. And so that's a little that's a little scary. I think Matt is exactly what he is I think Matt's going is this is a solid back up I think he's the guy. The role that he's apt to do is the role that he's that he's going to be good. And you go out and get somebody else let me you can but sometimes pop you know the biggest thing is. It's it's sometimes a lot easier to deal with what you know you know what he is. You know exactly where you what you gonna do. And there are no surprises and so warm. No Derek welcome back and he'll be there will be fired he'll be healthy and he'll play well again and that you figure out the other two and I I don't think I think are crooks still. Has yet to define himself I think would point is defined. And I think right if you if you had next here and he had the exact same rate I think you'd be happy. Matt did struggle on New Year's Day. Amanda Maclaurin before he got hurt he was he seemed I was shocking to the guys are on the team enemy largely. That he seemed rattled by the noise in Denver. It surprises me is that the one of the things that match that is part of his strength is he he believes he's the best guy out there. And he always played that we have he had that feel good that toward land it off the bench you elect don't worry about what I got this four. And that that's right like about so it that bad that surprises me when you say there. I go back to our early conversations. Personal lives we had you on the show or wondered about that he team ever been before he got it back to the middle linebacker than you like Cora Jane they want to finding. Perry Riley junior let's let's start with the line backing core Malcolm Smith is also going to be a free agent at the end of the year. What what do you do with those two inside spots out of Smith's spot the idea. She try to keep him how much you have to pay him and it's every rally junior good enough what you do with those two inside backers. Well to be I went. First you have to go back to philosophically what you wanna be and so. You know Jack Taylor and his staff will get together in antennae they'll talk about it they're gonna happen okay. Do we want speed more than strike at the point. And our our what are we gonna sacrifice. And then it once you determine all that they've got to say okay is this guy good enough to do what were out in the do. And if the actors though and you know people minutes on you. But the answer is yes he's good enough at this. Then that you rolled back and so. The biggest bank could be used to be there they don't have any. At the point guys on the inside. You know you what I talked about it to begin with these guys is they're just. They're small guys. They don't take things on the run around blocks of time they get on discipline that because they're not. They want you to get off the block as fast as possibly get believable. And and that's fine until. You know he's Soviets and let his or register to sit there and and say OK I'm you know I'm going to be Q. And and they don't have that guy that roster right now so. That doesn't have to figure out what exactly they wanted to go get them event this couple guys out there could do that. But it's a. In the name. In the name who were you thinking of. I have a pretty good dog off the top of my head and turns out who's free and who's not all that stuff but yeah. Bingo I mean Reggie knows that in these guys insider doing all the pros stuff you know Joey and all those guys say they may notebook. You know having on the new league year starts in March and this comes out to buy players. In Ohio State area I think it's just football wise you've got to build your team to win your division. And Denver's Denver still kind of there left to see what they do the Kansas City. Is the team that you got to figure out a way to deal with their speed at the tight end position and retiree kill. So yeah Travis Kelsey is a problem I had an off Carl Joseph is big enough. To cover him at a coffee and hot you're talking about you wanna you know be a strong but the point of attack. You ought to be faster lighter you're trying to beat Kansas City and Andy Reid's very formations and Kelsey had. Tyreke kills so. How do you deal with Kansas city's tight end this jet sweep her right now that is ravaging the NFL match. It's so ugly via the permissions up you win with your mind that that's study that part you can now. The other part is a little more difficult because. The week has kind of taken a lot of the bid to ease their actions and easier by the the old ways of taking care of appellate Winslow which you know who would thriving today he thrived in those offenses. He would he'd smoked these offenses he can't touch it. He's ahead of its time again. He was the rich now. Plus you know and the rules the rules at least they gave us something to work with now hectic you re gonna guide April flak. So I you know it's not easy to cap the win at the line of scrimmage which is not an easy thing to do. He got to be physical with. And as and that's you know that's just one part of it other than that. You're you know you're dedicating another guy good tight end inside which still an outside the. Other other raiders corners good enough that that gave them a sense of money they gave Shaun Smith though a lot of money. And DJ hate you gotta make a call with his contract's up he got TJ Carrey and after upgrade quarterback or could you went with this group. You could always you'll always any kind of a chance to upgrade. You upgrade. If you can get better in in those secondary that did that of course spot in nickel. And your quarters if you can get better you get better. And so I don't think there's an adult I I think that any T. If you can get better get better. But are they good enough they're good enough for a lot of things it just depends what you wanna do. If you wanna play a lot of tight man coverage if you wanna get up there are a lot of bump and run and you know that type of double then they're gonna struggle this time. Could they do have the big bodied guy. On the you know they're gonna play off covers a little bit better they're gonna do some. The other gonna play resolved at all at all hyped up it's five so you just have to determine what exactly wanna do what you wanna win with. We're gonna depend on when it counts and if we have those guys find if you don't have you know find what. And I if I I don't even know this to be went to Houston Matt but the raiders. Have not Lana a road playoff game Golan back to you guys your first year when you're in the Super Bowl Nady. And you wanted to Cleveland absentee. Tackle over our microphone making me sick here at all and germs. Do I haven't imaging US watch all these guys about all the inclement weather yesterday when their shirts up. Did you come out as a rookie played bit of an ice ball game in the mistaken about the lake with a shirt off. He had it did us. I and then there that I came out. That's what I would. In the locker room and I blocked it always goes to all the guys you know it's reasonably. If your lines. It's. Kind of get to know real. Sure but I walked out side. I took my. Little. I. And outlook Wolfowitz yelled at and how much darling was way below zero right. I couldn't. Why must that was completely rose and equitable by mouse. I don't practice. Yeah. But it wins total analysts. You know you're you're so potent there. And then at the end of the game you command. And showers they don't work course so. You know it was there was just a nightmare. It. Right you'll want to. A look at some of the chicken broth legit about the locker awesome I love orbit right now. Happy days here on our roots are these are.

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