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Matt Steinmetz

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's it whenever I'm off TV on campus fortunate this year under the car I hear the end I haven't timed out beautifully in the garage Bernstein is signing off but. It is Sunnis and talk about late game scenarios who's gonna get the ball back way before Christmas way to afford these losses and I think was you know it does she have to plan that to street reacted played basketball but then. You're one of these on Friday night and Kevin Durant waves off the 13 ticket early logical one for flat. Even though the clock is not he should do that you should she got a quick shot up there. And he gets to do its elegant match assignments thoughts first of all what happened and Friday night gonna blow past the David Aldridge tweaked and he writes the court. But we'll go to because. It was it an affair that Friday night pitched it give me your overall thoughts. On the way to the end of the game how they lost the lead and all that they just lost their focus but the very end of the game and some of the choices they made offensively. Well I mean it's gonna be in order to be that every time they get a close game I mean really prolific scorers. And it's gonna come down Richard it takes the most important shot of the game and Taliban. Eagle give the ball in order to do it. I don't really see any way around. Because she can't split the ball in the third and let everybody should be considered not shied. And shoot the ball either. Make wire in the project as you all the big shot. The cavaliers but they don't go in and make a play and so somebody else. It's usually the way pillow with the warriors. You would think you step Kirk. By. It hasn't been so pharmacies. Because they're cooperating employer. Than they have the other Aqua optimism. Great school work. Deserves to be acknowledged that it. Crunch time situation in your pocket. So it's it's going to be hard in the Indian place your opened well style. Arch duke who runs it he Larry. Would you rather specific line over the pick him at all chances are that got a rule out a lighter and a half or two in the play. And you really wanna go out there outweigh abbey are good questions. Yeah and I if I go back to the talking point of the offseason is who is gonna adjust the most with Kevin Durant coming here staff fair play here Dre and I I say it's Kevin Durant. That has to adjust he has to buy in. To what is going on here's soul. Why can't she play more of an open flow at some of the best stuff the warriors game is off action off the side in about whether it's after time outer baseline out of bounds. They are so great. It can get good look at it and why do you have to change that dramatic late at the end of the game at that you ward. It actually get the same way the end of the first quarterly and the second quarterly into the third quarter white the fourth quarter differently. A lot. Here's why I only care. He's because what's make this situation look yup all bird oh seconds what they are running well the first camp. Clay content coming off a curl. And he's got pretty good look at. Well not a great look and so he's speaking about situations. That they shot and continue with. And that next guy. Have a really good at La. But it's not quite the right time beater here consumed. And so that then. This situation is affecting your decision making. Get your got to run. As you note in your pocket you don't take that shot where to place. Occurring in the third quarter like not just reaches out and order which by the way. The Detroit commitment game which was probably their escape executed in a quote in its monopoly as though the election. Quite content and blockage in one word game. W went up but not on the recorder and better two pointer. You know what I could not be more complicated enough but with what you write oh you're trying asking. Your team to use some of the clock. But it can't let the clock is that you might not frustrated when the clock you might not about should. It has doing the possession earlier we talked. Let me just get into it later he let the quarterback of the team milk the clock one of the big problems may what I hear I have. That would that would light. Arena encourage economic well reduction. Yeah but the big problems I have with this last possession and this was not a call play because it was off an offensive rebound. You're talking about a time and score. What would the bit I have several issues the Kevin Durant did wrong I think he was that he was at fault here. Wave it off just won't go 14 flat. Don't you wanna take it shoot for one in that situation even though you have a two point lead at. You wanna shoot with thirty on the clock so Kevin Durant waves at all he doesn't on the 13 pick and roll. And it is goes 14 flat God's people but he holds the ball so long that could get a shot on the other hand. Well. You know a squad is not about that look at the shot clock and what a load it up with suck it up the mountain is like wooden. Caught the ball out there I'll sue you bet that that will not under Aaron Cook. Trucker. Picked up three. To drop to birdie. But again. I picked off. At a certain. I'd vote the other the other day I could you really what was her as a point guard that while it is. Very good point guard duties are not at all art art. You know remote it would open. A bottle. I look like god but not collapsed. It's good report card then I think tablet. Great year this year because in the first Mercury. And are you upgrade in decoration but he is it about eight more. Than he ever has in his career. Thinking about his role. His role on the team incorporating Durand. He's trying to boot horror early. In the liberal incorporate themselves. Delegate debate debate on it. Take so long you can apply. Maybe actually spark yet back to. Could be a little more aggressive when we needed a way to regain red bikini shops in the war games are the most amount shops. I think you take a real long view of the season and help curry so while I don't want a red. It turns and really and I and the right here is I've seen that call now. But you know write it like it got to take awhile to either read. Scorer at all and you and sometimes you don't. Need to passers and lots and lots. But what they are what you sort of breath school. But they'd they'd do it differently late does it all movement in catching issue staff does he can do it off the floppy off the ball. But he also could do wood off the dribble. It's it's incorporated Kevin to rein in because he's different he's isolation bass player. Now there was a time in the NBA dot Nelson coach where he wanted to play too hot too he just told everybody else I'll stay and overplay yourself at midcourt on the weak side. Iran to play two man game here is like a power play hockey that it was fewer bodies that fewer defenders you're bringing and you're trying to isolate it. Sell is there a point where there's a compromise or maybe. What they were trying to get to I know you don't like the 13 pick and roll because Durant is slandered depiction adding but that's not the point you could popular open. For a bit of rain that twice at the end of the with the Portland game after he's still I spoke to carry the day before. And I want it was a mission up to rank and a wide open three got a bit awkward action and the second one they scored. So that he does struggle I think is it rendering its rates scale. Is an isolation they score score other ways. That can you give them do that too. Adopt the warriors free little movement and get the shot off the movement or. Do you just wanna go one on one because that Julius actually has a great one on one. Player and there are except I don't wanna simplify it and you just wanna go you against him in beat your guy obese people let's go our. Yeah I mean sometimes you do do that I mean idol. Would be factored the most wonderful on the record low rate agree he's an attorney yet we're. He wrote drama in agreement that quite or on Hillary. So if you play that out and it can be the progression of the game. That happened and so that it ain't gonna come out right re kind of without one triple. He took a ally in the area and it decision. I. Know not to wait and JaVale but you'll not be in the aegis won't be in the game. So now it's not really. A viable option at that point Doug it book cook prevailed in the situation. OK you can argue apple on this particular drill not. So. You know that about the quiet. Word on me look like upon the sand on it. Voter on the topic of how I got. No doubt put your ball a record breaker fair you know. And anyway in the little white creek where bird term accountability path. Now part you know Doug creek on and talk about pat borders and all the you all kind of up. And he says you know. It was. Where are accurate art art he could end up you know did not go off topic that Alec work right ma. Probably remote not a great but why they're all the ones who went out and take it shot. That's probably drop box in the war and handle the ball over the forward with it. So it. You're trying to its complex you know and and and then it is tactical incident on the with cider or or write about what you know everybody knows it and go. You know backpack and other Smart enough to render it out at the resort island Erica and grandma why. And it didn't know the longer like one of the ball and ready and what happened and you click. Call it you know it's. You'd think at some of the hypocrisy you're right they're all scorers with no current school. And they're gonna author. By. Now going to be what you don't like about our. But whether the birds so sore or that you know. A different guy he's made. Shop would be twenty it's not on the same guy and on number there's not in the. Shas supporters should are birdied accused mr. club so. So but the Warner's involvement subtle beauty yeah satellite. Outcome battle. It didn't want to acting. They argued that there are so yeah. You know what you really experimental. Were without power greater than every ever weaker crew awoke and now you know how quickly compare him. A gain in every route pregame you know what I hope you'll on the heels on the build up their. You know a patent court practiced that situation electorate. There you when it's vitally out of him lately K Mexico usually talk about turnovers and the defense or rebound the part is getting offensive rebounds to me an underlying issue was that late game execution. All the way through human talk about it for weeks on the future thoughts real quickly how that as a new building at the sacrament of the gold calls. Kennedy at night it really is that by building. Great scoreboard the scoreboard then it would not be square oh yeah. Court where everybody got the crane their net that's what they're pretty cool I'll what are you can pretty much open so there's a lot of glad. And we levels with the bar on pop but it is nice open feelings are clean. I'll like it I liked it a lot of movement concourses. Are sure. Hopefully the warriors have played a kings and be able to get up there come playoff time and government of playoff series manufactures apple loyalists will listen to you after the game tomorrow night and postage and thanks you're time. I remember it. Our men.

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