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David Carr

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or that are bringing a guy we've had that before in the afternoon delight his older brother. David Carr joins us on nine to five point seven again David just take me back. To the events of Christmas Eve when you saw the injury and then when you had a console your baby brother after the news. Yeah I mean it was. It was cool because we owe it to be a two game. That was the first time actually gone that. We Cilic who were maybe some good luck there rolled pretty good and then two struck back to personal power play in it tries to break out tackle but trends and it divert his leg and from there is gonna lay Q you know we felt like the independent but the rest of sentences collectors and sucked out of the game and not really pay attention number. It wasn't. Until Derek went into the locker room underneath the tunnel that I even looked up and watched another play and I assessment brotherly what what's happened in the last ten minutes late on meant. And because you mule brief synopsis split. Yes to bummer that's. That's that the crazy part about the possible you know doesn't happen really in in any other sport you know doesn't that doesn't happen like that to a brand is just go down the you know two years before the big playoff runner in the just. Injuries happen but not just stuff like that so there was is unfortunate for you don't know FM winner. You know the raiders to let you know for everybody is football is better when the raiders are good. And they target again and they are getting ready to go on playoff round is going to be exciting and you know you try to look back and ski like you know. Cannot fault the guys are planned but you know Derek was he was part of that team and he ticked down toward play it's hard to get motivated to go and Kiki get stops on defense and then afternoon quarterbacks you'll induced at the nerd and force those difficult situation for it was. Can't they had to keep going back in my mind. Wait before he got her. And how well the team was playing and I go back to when even when he heard his finger. Against Carolina. Lost in the day it was now well. The team was playing rather blown a modest at its best performances probably. Derrick got hurt in each but back is that we talked to Derek and he did he get it to us that it was more than just. Dislocation double dislocation the finger idiots of fractures in the air and it. Yes I did this game is the compromise his game. Nat being able to get under center on everything shotgun and pistol and execute throws the way he executed it throws at the end of the year off that finger injury against the Panthers. Yellow means slow like look map staffers illegal entries is compromised you know and you're gonna do you would have we can't keep up the street team make in May place but. You know you look at those that they do you from the beginning of training camps cities even for certain routier's everything has done a certain way and they play action game is underneath sinner and you. Have a certain routine in the senate and a drop in a rhythm that you throw it receivers expect the ball in certain times so they take you know three or four. Neither three or four years back in now that match with back to. Is different and you know we'll tread was stated to insurance in the different collections to the same but it's not you know so. And yet to adapt and you know bill musgrave in the coaching staff tested that. And a lot of things are different but the most important thing is is the root of the time he's got an offer to receivers though it still. Just to put well there's still way down there and then made the best of it and like I said. We're cynical game comes to America hasn't been as the Big Brother but an analyst also try to see you know these the guys that I can go Monday Tuesday. They have a real chance to go all the way. He watched that game and have tutored rushing and 200 passing pretty much a political vote for ten yards deep into play a Little League in turnovers in your regular and Wednesday. They're going to be playing as the patriots nature of Egypt that's what's gonna that's with the turn out to be. And he had been right there you know it it'll turn so. It's unfortunate they adapted well to that to the finger injury in evidence in a panic of their budget in they were planted early equitable. I and the thing about it take away from their Christmas Eve game your brother threw three short touchdown passes he played great but it was his mind. And he ran the club at the line of scrimmage with a check with mes eat looked like Tom Brady here. Or Peyton Manning flipping back from one side seen the softness in the colts on the flip it blows a smaller backs here and running it is still. And I have to thank you for bringing you having a lot older Brothers are named their kid Brothers might not older Brothers were good and so they help me that. I have to thank you for the whole raider nation to go to to sit him down as a young guy when he was twelve years of age and teach him. How to look at defense isn't learned the game and him haven't you acumen and we just speak to what you saw from your kid brother's mind in that game. Yeah that that was clearly I was Mr. Big rather experienced with his. Ex. But those. To return but. Technical parlors yet when he was when he started showing an interest in playing quarterback and those big things from me and I know are the traditionalists. An artist you know you're so in Houston. And I got I difficult it was inaugurated per game and all the things that you're gonna be gassed you mentally he can throw the ball they can always spent a good athlete. And I just never think in a minute just helped them as much again mentally so big game is never difficult not to implement its its easiest thing. That he can do is go out there it's going to be second nature to him and so any gravitated towards it got agreements to quality. He got to really understand diagnose defenses. The really cool part for me honestly and I gave a lot of times now watched the game and is now watch me in my home. And I can see it come on the replay aero lodged itself which you version later. But to be alive and team goes and checks and inaudible and moving guys around shift I mean it was it was. It was problem for me because I get to see firsthand you know what little artwork everything paid off for him for the physically though don't do that stuff but just. And it approached it takes getting ready and the work he puts in during the week I think has CNET payoffs live right in front of him on Sunday's critical deal. I mean anything about it jerk older brother by the dad your other brother and I was the head coach in Bakersfield Christian guys have a great years here. Here's the OC in your dad's the the quarterback coach staying at the invite or meant that there grew up around not just the faith based of people you are. Just the football and firemen your brother grew up around not just for you but your other brother and dad it's amazing. Yes it really is you're blessed me and I mean my dad was reap when I was growing up that you would on his old VHS recorder it would just record you know. John Elway and Marino and all these guys playing they would do that it would wash their fundamentals that we go on the back here like six and simulate it China like just you know do it again. And so it's got there and mimic those guys reverend Derrick was thrown right into the middle because. It has who's coming up he's like you know he's elementary school but overall I to a football games and college games in separate their next to me in the post games for president on. It people who Houston goes to the whole thing so like an experience standpoint he's mean he's lifted so there's not no like I was I was excited to display often because. You know that would have been too good either because in the playoff game principles mean he hasn't played in the games split he's been around an atmosphere and seeing what it takes to get rid of those moments so. I was kind of over honestly for me is that he get to miss an opportunity to get in the plastic on these the last of this year but it is a picture. And hopefully comment I think if he plays they beat Denver in May when the AFC west that we played last week but how cool would that band to have him play that game in Houston against your former for a picture it's utterly original draft pick the Texas or if they can watch that game on Saturday. Yeah I mean you know honestly I mean everyone else I mean our mindset in obediently when me and him talked it was even on. On a wild card game played in Houston it was going to play the big one in a vector and Texas again so. That was that was you know I mean I wanna analysts say that they wouldn't be in the game be different now we did due to volcanic and lost the game playing but yet it was. It was world Claudia got some pictures from some fans that had. You know my Jersey on with publishers see on cannot their tailgate and in the parking lot down there. And energy stadiums those is pretty cool deal get some cool Patricia that some. Don't medical. The cool experience to go there and watch him play and I game but it'll it'll be in the day. Am every quarterback and the raiders area you know four and everything came in 06. When you came idol wouldn't lawn and you had minus five yards passing. That happened. You've got absolutely. I can trouble and always got there was way in but you get your act David is it. And we've looked at net and did that I think that Pittsburgh one year and and then one year we did an Oakland and I I don't know man I can't but the profit. He is. Number one pass defense that Nnamdi Asomugha was really yeah. Perils and the general we're still talking on the about the game and he was incredible man he used to get his long arms on you and play inside leverage your receivers there's target opening up throughout the world. And that is the great actor Jack and I and I do not open it now. Aaron and I'll let you go but low level that he maybe pluses to provoke Richard thoughts in Moscow extra time you know biggest threat. Yeah there.

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