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Afternoon Delight - Hour 1 - 1/9/17

Jan 9, 2017|

Papa & Bonta recap the weekend - Raiders eliminated from playoffs and Warriors collapse in 4th Q vs. Memphis.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to post season football this silver and black hair back to the NFL's postseason for the first time in fourteen years. This is not a playoff steel it's not ideal the raiders wanted to win the AFC west to bypass this wildcard route. They did that they've lost last week it dead bird also lost they're back up quarterback they're through starter at a blowing it was shoulder injury left shoulder. So here we go the raiders could make history. Today for the first time ever this guy's hands to make his first start in an NFL playoff game it's never been done in the board at least in the Super Bowl era navy. If you're third down at twelve year old daughter could write a throwback slapped back. Like you did. Coming lap getting. You'd hit a lot. Lot like they did very game and it's starting job off of the second go to go play action. It's not they have got these shots. More now on the ball five times and everybody knows this bill now go what else could have this alone quarterback there. Shatters the yeah accelerator forty Baghdad tonight. Raiders' season. Three seconds to line it saves it eventually over. How like Jim Morrison's life ended abruptly investigates in his one common. And raiders had had a two game losing streak all year. That they lose their last two in Denver on New Year's Day I have to go to Houston on Welker Saturday. And I can't tell you about today. We talked to you on Friday it was an optimistic about how would go like I thought it would go better in some regards but I I was so looking forward a playoff game first one at fourteen years. It's just did not feel like a playoff game in me calling it a select a playoff game that you watching it. Noah fought like a week three game in the AFC south that was for lots RBIs this action they'll let tennis yeah. Jacksonville to concede there's good people all week five. Cholera harsh measures. That you're there to go. Stuff well. You know it started out. Okay from the defensive standpoint. Where it was that Ken Norton junior who was calling that game was that Jason Tarver. Or to the head coach jump out ahead since Canada I saw more. Late seeing innocuous Perry Riley junior blitzing but I saw more Jason Tarver activation from the third level. Slot corners safety blitzing. That I've ever seen and I loved it they had five straight placement lately it's rock gods while there. You know you read about it before it got in the NF trip that editors are stated at Fulbright scholarship to get that get a play. Basketball up there in Spokane and they aren't basketball player must entry fee. That really doesn't easily the tallest quarterback in history the the law remember Dan McGwire. In six days well Mark McGwire younger brother but it's six evidence recorders they say he's the tallest ever he's got to have great feet. He does not have the ability to reset his feet so when you get them off the spot. Initially he's just that good so the plane was to go get him. To blitz him to make of fraud it was spots I think Hopkins Andre Hopkins was going to be a problem. In the slot he tormented. TJ hated in Mexico City in TJ Carrey was going to be the guy. In the slot if they wanted to go that way so they simply relates to have a lot brought up a corner a safety behind the bullets and forced to defraud it was hot enough at. I it was work in great the defense early in the game. Which is fabulous but. Market English yanked in the absolute shame though that an actor out. Now I have watched it back out he was trying to hit it left to his left of their return right. And a off which just came off the side of his foot or be over rotated it just went out of bounds fluent about another forty yard lines are 31 yard. Hodges gives them three points Novak is too good you're down three nothing okay. Shane Lechler really had a great impact on this game and touch that he sure we spoke to him on Friday receive Macedonia the light. And he just he is he's changed at all power. He used drop in the ball you know not. I wish they would look at inside not just insight which one even inside the chance. It's like which one is a bad part of you part of the eighteen yard line. That's a bad idea to go inside the ten these kickers are so adept they wanna go inside the five. I think we have to update that stance but he only three touch backs all year at least sending you back deep. And then. They may break out a very curious green call. And the raiders are not at the rate screen team which both bottles made because you have two great young backs that are great out in space. But they just did not been very good screen team but. Companies screens that you've seen. Where first of all what was at third hour and eighteen you get a lot of screens on third out of long obviously it's good screen. Play which is part of the reason battle like it because the defense is looking for what their long screens and draws. But how many times have you seen a screen when your backed up in your own hand and you rolled the pocket. One direction preferably of the right there right at quarterback. And you'd throw back and you don't roll back down the field you scroll horizontally. Across though I guess for his age. Where it's going through land mine and my client by client on everybody's just stacked up there. And I understand why they did it while he won't talk about on Friday on the lot of clout of each but let. What he's great at is sliding down there talk of a blanket. He wants he's he's on sound he's a lot like JJ watt. Where he doesn't wanna play his camp he wants to play three gaps in it he sees the ball he will chase cities like that young puppy on the porch the car goes by situation. So you wanna you wanna him to chase down the line I understand the concept. But it was and thought it was a safe throw. But it turned out to be really risky because memory leak out to his side. And he just chasing each took one step in Murray got behind him but not nearly far enough and there was a lot of football after that one play. But that really just like Denver all over again when he chipped it. Lefty writing got over its film adamant LO. Interception and now all of a sudden metal drives it on the ground and Natalie really struggled that more than I thought it got beat by the big DJ readers yes. Crossed his face when you hit the ball after the personal problem or. And two seconds later Lamar Miller pitcher. Goes left you're right flank units and nothing and now. You got god it was a bad situation now he's in real pressure cookers all. I did not like that throw back screen under the circumstances at all. No I didn't like the first star power when her back inside and they they try to Dirk quick out this slot Robert sept Roberts and Connie batted down and almost accent often mentally could leave home and that was a problem to view was is going to be a long day mentally to Sloane guy got a master he's got to cut you gotta make that a lot here looking out within a touchdown. Other reason he missed it link broken down the broadcast was in free emperors ankles that you can name that locust peoples' backing into emperors tips. Sony pulls back you're still gonna get him on the ground you had to cut out there on account of backhanded catch which that are rattled at the guy's a force. So it's ten nothing and you think tennis is not go well honestly it come out of this match. While they did. And it was Jalen Rashard and I I just love the pocket rocket and I hear he does like her nickname that we've given them because each. First time he touches the Albany and definitely a 75 yards for a touchdown this guy rate advantage is that the board they gave him. They gave them what returns kick returns. He kind of pass to Andre in Washington and their pro while the country came out later at a Christmas he gave him difficulty was the guy that. Thank you really did take off the memories they are restricted free agency called the megabytes of memory back but on the kind of number he thinks he can command but the stables teach it. But Rashard he's just really. Becomes such a good player in all regards to agencies and everything I saw a drop a ball. For the first time about it kick off but at 37 yard punt return where he got blasted by the right into Scarlett. Who interest that we started this carrier Calvin transferred Stanford guys who played for both Cahill. And Stanford that was kinda odd to me. But he kicks that frontal shot from 57. And it's at 37 yard return and now. They can jump into the no that'll huddle and have a conversation that Friday excellent account football I don't I ask you how much no huddle. As caterpillar rot and you'd other activities that I was shot out I was shocked I know who I was you know why I thought that. And I was told before the game work to do it but it John they do because I go back to when Carson Palmer. Arrived here and you know Carson did not go to training camp with anybody yet yours your Al Davis to 2011. He was feuding with my round he'd acknowledge the raiders' system he wasn't playing and he was sitting home in San Diego. And when he got it right away remember him telling me I'm most comfortable doing is jumping into the no huddle. Now he's he's been around his Heisman Trophy winner you played USC played a lot of football for Cincinnati obviously a great player. But his theory was. If it's a no huddle I can control it more. Then and in me having to adapt and then it's easier if they adapt to me. And I cannot thought that going into the game late simplify this for. Batter cookie just make it accurate football but it's happened fast and when they ditch effort fast it was by and large run plays with merry. But just make it simple don't make him after his back foot full field read Romeo for now is gonna disguise everything and screw them. And just let them play football player in the backyard and I think it worked they jumped into that no huddle they played with temple you also want to. Though the way to defuse a very. Exotic defense of package Romeo for now if you everything now much he blitzed and keep played a lot of trapped coverages and he figured out the leverage and where coddling of the throw the ball but the way to get them on their heels it sure got set the tempo defensively and that's the home. Work it is sad and we're gonna come at you fast and they snapped at fast it wasn't like the no huddle the writers of about a this year. Which dare Wear to check with me. It was more of chip Kelly's go back and look at the play clock when they got common air they were snapping which 12218. So play clocks forty seconds snapping and every eighteen to 22 seconds I loved it and that's the way that quick popped him Rodham. And Wear out that big fat can advance will important all right at a and bang bang bang they're in the end zone touchdown. They jump back into it again. The next series. And I think one of the crucial plays of the game is Michael Crabtree dropped a net volley and he put it right between the one in the five and I chest. Michael Crabtree aren't they dropped their. I have no idea that was a huge when need to know second in nine you don't wanna put cooking that third nine position and you're here at the 42 yard line even if you get three there you try to game up the momentum the momentum is clearly operator side that dropped just felt like it this pelican knocked Pierre on the officer never. After market man remember early in the year coach floors. Democrat and and law after a great catch I'm mellow out. Michael Crabtree will ever drop a ball ever. And I think the next hour to drop it like to lead the league drops you it's Agilent about you know he did drop a lot. He drops the lines ones should catch we got to clean look at it. And makes it very difficult to catch it back to last year the 49ers has dropped total. Was really he made that one fort down four point six or something which is great look at some movement on there. But I EXT at its electric concentration or Strider rock out of the cats were that funny he was just trying to catch on the ground and aegis did not come up with. So there. After it Ceres. They did that go back now model. And I know clusters that are lost Rodney Hudson. Police another for awhile. But I adjusted I understand there was a point there where which is begging. Begging to go back into the bill that'll please its equipment when I came back I just can't go back on the back. An eight date yes. Now I think part of it is coach's defense. On. He has like it and model but you know what you're down world what rod came back twenties at that point. Was that once that's when he gets them to us that aren't so you're running out of chances a year and the one thing is we learning potter book. From obviously OT eight straight games and national offseason Aussie monster year. It was obvious lies in the raiders coaches did tip us off that east much better throwing in putts that you could see spot to the one. Before Michael dropped. The one we're talking about a second down the play action and that's accusers mental model. A play action against Iran financed eats looked at the middle Crabtree a little cut from the slot. Strike was nineteen yard game in which is obvious they use better. Rolling the ball inside. The numbers that outside which is somewhat surprising because modes. Lot of young quarterbacks like it's night and as a safety now it's right there an easy. I thought they may be easier for throw out God's. Because it's cleaner look he's a big strong guy advocates in the ball and it's not as congested. Obviously outside the numbers it is linebackers but now the track cartridges but. Each guest was able to throw the ball inside better and most of the routes the raiders rein in breaking routes. But they used in Texas other advance scout is Romeo hour. What into they have on that are on vacuous party's days statement. And they knew what early in the game. You could see the technique of their quarterbacks. Were all inside leverage boy hey Joseph. Jackson all of them you could see where they were lining they were playing its techniques they. We're starting age now. Routes and the income so the easy adjustment there. Just give them and as opposed to go back out of the corner. And there they're selling out but they reckoned that give Serb schools situations with Crabtree one Marc Cooper later in the game. When they were playing inside technique alt I've and they were taking away. The guy in Jerry Hughes never made it simpler adjustment where. It was obvious we kept talking that. Way. And slap the ball away and arriving at a raider routes before the raider wide receivers got there and you latest date and they played. You know you mentioned that pop is funny because after at Crabtree drop on second and nine the next play wasn't out to Marc Cooper Johnathan Joseph Josh jumped all hope not yeah are aliens don't look at that wasn't going back to the house and and then next start to Texas to start the drive from their five darling you're -- our two defense is playing well to shut down around the bar Milligan have a lot of room to run you got no we got over thirty carries but it run the ball really well that drive right there were truly deflating and because costs while actually drove its 35 years or got the three points in an ass whipping injury he's just started to go against a raiders. He hacker Arabia and I I think they they won it David Emerson a little bit later to me the biggest play of the football game. Was the out cut to idea Andre Hopkins at 38 your garden and Hopkins made a great catch I've seen Jon Gruden talked about it on the broadcaster Sean McDonough and ABC and ESPN and on the Welker game that. Pass while that you could just there's so many throws Ross water layer. Just threw that ball right to the cheerleaders if you notice your interest. Dvd give him any room on the boundary any Kiet won earlier right before you made that great row. To Hopkins he had won were just throw it to the boundaries justices untouchable in active in this guy shot. So this one time he gets single coverage against Emerson. And Heathrow and outside shoulder. It was not a back shoulder fate it was over the shoulder like the ghost of the post match. And Hopkins made a great play he just suggested it really well and he was at a drag that back foot. We were cherry caught it initially but you could tell what the field served their Houston. The tire remnants pop up each each tree dragnet right but he got his left foot down he dragged it. And it was a great play and then in the next right after that they ran one time second angle. The raiders blitzed and they brought us the whole lot of blitzes on goal line defense like that if your plane may demand. And a lot of teams don't like to play man they wanna play zone. On the go like afterward about the placement. They let's Reggie Nelson off the show on Smith's side. And I don't know if he talked Cattrall equipped comical back and watch them play Brenda trolley to not get there. He is in the middle of the raider defense to expect him to buzz out now maybe. He needed to know earlier this is the guy never played any defense of snaps he's a specialty player until they got can cost Nate Allen on New Year's Day in. Denver he had played it. So maybe he was supposed to roll outside and and follow other blitzer Reggie Allen by bus about. But shot Smith like that like he had inside help. Andy's got beat and so Hopkins beat you over the top against amber city feature on a slant route on the goal line again Sean Smith. I think very simply this this game not about turner cook this game a pattern really never should have been in this position to play. I was concerned we'll talk about it later Monday afternoon delight with the puppet bots and at a five point said the game Matt Miller Jonas has. 1 o'clock or breakdown the whole raider year I was never quite comfortable. With the back up quarterback situation such as but they you know they it's hard it's one area amendment law and I think this is it when not adjusted get a lot of reps and he got hurt and for all the talk about playing Matt in this game he was on labeled me but I watched a warmup before the game. And or talk I talk to the medical staff and trainers. It was seeking applicants. Must talk in his left elbow into his ribs. Every throw he was not holding through. Any throws. And he was getting frustrated and a plant that dome there was hold on Saturday morning usually cold and used it it. Record lows that day they left the some of the doors open and each corner of the the stadium so it was blowing through cold. It was hard to get loose but I thought he can't play this guy and all they are hopeful. They can get them on the table and work it out and maybe give them a pain killing injection. At about the ever took water not that I never saw really move his left arm to solve flip the ball on the sideline. It was his right hand only he was not using his left arm left arm was just dangling limb. So I don't think he was playable at all otherwise he would of got in the game because Cotter. He was just overmatched. But this one's not about Conner caught our agree it's it's about your best players. Did not play their best. And I'm gonna start with a wide receivers. And you know Michael Crabtree had some good moments in this game. But he had some bad moments in this game. And he's he's a very interest in place he really Allah I wanna I wanna back and he signed and I think he's good for Amare because they wish to Mari had more. His years I don't give a damn demeanor we should marry had that. There that you latch when they brought Crabtree had a perfect Amare needs to be more like him at a march that is that like him he's such as headphones on. He tunes out the world. But Crabtree is just he's just on refine route runner. A little like Timmy brown he's just got to hopper but each he gets there he makes tough catches hugely that he did she dropped thirteen but let that goal. But he just in that one drop which city and he had some moments lately years Aqib Talib query to Steve listed that rise above it. And then MR Cooper. In I'm at college for him to play bigger. One of the coaching staff to Stephen up more to get him the ball more. Going into the Kansas City game I think that was a talking point I had an and the Kansas City game was hugely autonomy does did not the did not fight. He did not battle. I think he got hurt in that game in the second quarter back and watch it they they buried him on his shoulder. There was a game later on I think early in the Indianapolis game was about Tate Davis won their corners and Mike in the quarters use its defensive backs plant in the on his shoulder and he did come back later in that game to make that big third down catching up to punt the ball back the lock peca knew about it when that game. But last year was put. This year I don't know. Was Joseph Jonas had a shoulder you have a dude it's still was a very interesting fade from Mari Cooperman he's got to play bigger if you want to be hits along with the big boys he's got to step up their receiving core results else's Saturday about. And last year I called for him to learn martial arts and never rod Streeter and his agent a couple of years ago teach him Taekwondo and just to get his last year on Cheney pressed him. And they were all up and amending our beat the crap out of them. Starting with Pacman Jones that I thought you gotta fight back. You can not now there's ways to fight back yourself there's ways for the coordinator to fight back. To scheme that he could stack release him put him behind a wide receiver you can bunch of you could motion on. Use the Mike of flank her on crossing routes. But you know he can do all those things but he's just he used to play bigger and better when he looks back on this year he's a quiet guy ever to keep out of again I. He's gonna look back on their playoff game is usually disappointing now the one down the sideline. AJ boy played that tough item off the got to figure on the ball and about the struggles like. Clearly drop. In excel in Ireland like Longoria lined into you went on replays that go back and look at a camp with a look like when street through Cooper stands record rating and what it feels like he obstructed by it a little incident happened it was guy. A little bit doesn't change he yeah. And when he's right that at all all right item expect cancer and a great player makes tickets agrees that some agency wearers and when the quarterback could sell. Erratic and so inaccurate. What do you expect receiver to expect the ball to be right there. So it was a tough catch but you know and also want to make it. The other way that I am I understand the rhythm it's off it's hard but. I need these guys you do your best players who your best players on offense I'm sorry Cooper and Michael Crabtree in the offensive line right. And native date you know now I think slightly off because of electorate at all acknowledged they target them Marc Cooper ten times ten times in a playoff game. He got ten yards and that's not very efficient now maybe you should target and that includes the on the clock to. One was that quick little screen you upset Roberts missed a block the same place that's touched out of Mexico City against them. This time set misses the block and you know to that late in the game he catches and vacuous nine yarder. Married it did take place in Michael Crabtree it's a big drops now the strength that your team got hurt you don't have to out and meant elections didn't play well. Angela to its future. Where does he fit the truck to deflate right tackle. I thought it was a left tackle that he Natalie back Lowney and merciless but TJ readers and nose tackle. Crossed his face on the bounty hunter has got hurt and collection assembly. Played. I have to think of a different words and Orton think it Kazmir you have kids listening he played awful that but the equity of awful as the kid I lock Alexio terribly bored and he got his teams I've ever play. The kidney stones. Never got past he just never was this thing play here. Just is blocking was just the Denver game though he was really bad and he just did not he would aptly well. In this game and over these guys are making a lot of money here's the most expensive offensive line of polish on Madonna keeps telling us. And then over on the defense side. Last met Melanie joins his eyes on authored good enough. In some areas that you guys a lot of money in an embassy update a lot of money I thought it was premature liked him. But he's a big tall corners not a shutdown guy he wants to get a job now they want to play you know bail technique when they when it's fit well. That he sees a lockdown corner shots at this series of issues movie and short space he has he's now. That he's playing as well as in Kansas City or a liability in space but. He's not playing it well short space. I love Carol justice. Fight for being the guy that he is. He's a he's tough to match lines. I'm tied his lack of size. Bothers you I didn't convert Travis skills. Proceeding forward gates sounds like he wants to play forever lost to break Tony Gonzales is. Records so don't sleep on how many of these Rihanna San Diego either honor Henry as well you're right they got to survive. I just think. You know isn't there is cut the whole thing off I understand that your best players when they needed a play their best to overcome this monumental injury. Did not play their best ages to and that's why. It was art flying back and I feel better today wake up and understand what happened you know Wednesday rolls around and I'm certainly get ready for a game that's Sunday and there's no game. The season's over there's no game. And did you leave yourself vulnerable one injury. With a backup quarterback position analyst Rebecca quarterback and a veteran guys that are Coca developmental guy. You could culture mop I think it better he can't he can't say hi to the guy now so win may April. Right before the draft you'd rather get him back on how the batters there's a what do you account out of Dexter you're comfortable with him that you're back next year you know I've got no I usually they're ready to developmental young guy bringing that I make them compete. I want a guy that I vacant place of Derek gets hurt again advocates are getting play sport. This guy can play otherwise we're back and chancellors and after cancer cells. And I'll talk about dirt David Earl Jones and later under such great strides this year were there. Sometimes you think that I opted think the quarterback is just a function of the overall offense you can. Plot but when you lose a guy. There are only a few of them that are special. And Derek and I have issues gotta figure a way to deal Kansas City secondary Denver's secondary. But what you lost him laughter yours lost Natalie your emotional yours and yours yours. Your brain you lost at all he just couldn't function you wanted here. Best players to play better now much rise above it next man up and let's all give a little more pull little harder. And it is it your best players did not play their best football were so excited about Conan and seen a playoff game for the first minute ticket in hand when ingested feeling. Man of the problem raiders had in Houston. So the problem we're gonna say lawyers had to stats Friday night biggest and that is grizzlies who talk about what the hell happened to lawyers give those grizzlies and I Friday catastrophic game at ORACLE Arena pop about it after light 957. Again. Now back to raider Monday here's Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. The Golden State Warriors led by what he wore. My. Try the fourth quarter. Analytic get a life maybe the most disappointing loss to defeat. People were killed in the locker. 44 office is atrocious I'm actually happy. There are some things that we need to correct I wanna see it tones though from the floor and I don't like. Sort of things that we need to your brother. So. Through you. Everybody violence started club include most probably the worst if you look at what birthplace then in the fourth quarter. The best place for office artful. This before it is awful lot of news on the fourth floor there was dust water boards and you know that goes from place to get everybody so. North of electors one Paula you know this is a team effort like a that we went we've moved together. I've floor generals have people who are they shared office we've got to go to. Police say I'm thrilled we lost. Sand but right now. Donors they have lost logic thoughtfully over. Without a walk off the floor. I do understand what he's doing what he's saying and he. You know I was I was not watching the game lives Friday that was used it is the study Houston Texans. But I did he popped by the very into the racquet that's that those things you two expert. Oh with L. So I woke up early this morning and I watched it all of that. Watchful broadcast that he has very. Close game and I was reading Twitter since I started later odd. The fake David Aldridge is the last sort of what your tour. Possibly trust the so here's. Here's here's the deal here. This was a talking point. I'm back probably a year ago at this time John Lott that I talked about the show for months because editor and it's astute game of basketball player tactic considerate. There are times last year Iowa nothing to do it it tires are to a great start. And one of Iran and then Anders rolled his ankle and Phoenix and it just it was the same player. And you're watching Kevin Durant you're studying Kevin Durant getting ready for the Western Conference finals and boy. Billy Donovan got handling the clubs flannel point forward five assists a game turnovers I've terrible twos. In his legs are so long. He dribbles and up to his hip which is like six feet tall soldiers out on dribble the ball as much. He's a really good defenders at him and I thought of shut down collide letters and such odds oh and here's changes to. Shoots the bed I will say. Three for twenty or on the last three games just. He wilted to the pressure and I'm not buying shares in. Ours is game in Dallas they're isolating him at the almost constantly he could not beat anybody off the cock like scorched one game with no quickness at all. But he's creating allowed his face up jump shot in that way he's not good enough to do that but there. Doctor expert it now they don't know what their identity as they could demolish not a game great cocoa alive. Lottery cubes or shark tank so in any event. You're all hot girl in Somalia where Kevin your and you lock editor. But the reason you're reluctant to do it. It's gonna change the team but the team is gonna change. Any. And it went on after during and they won the finals. Or lost the files which is during its decision made any easier since they lost the files. So that you're bringing candor. And he has a magnificent scorer he won the very best course I've ever seen in honestly I'll watch it for ever. Since the early seventies he is just gifted gifted scorer at it rectory Abdul all all time record for scoring points. If this is mindset is an isolation base rates or other elements it was game that he's bringing out. But guys are who they are and what he is is this score in isolation base gore. So how's it ought to fit. Well as speaker's race challenge because when he got here the pieces weren't place he just needed them all come together. With ball movement and it was staff. And you had Bogut and yet guys that Gately was still a great ball movers. Clay is the ultimate finisher so plates gotta get the ball the end that he's the guy you want taken shots on different Kevin Durant. Well I did. Watch it early in the pre season. And it Tuesday night game at home against the clippers. Even the ball which is arming. They locked on real. And I thought well this is this may happen quicker than we thought Kevin Durant is really buying it all the offseason. Chatter was the last to make the biggest adjustment. To Kevin Durant coming it's that. It's play. You got this wrong. The warriors have a system that now on a play. The guy that has to make the biggest adjustment is the new guy in even though he's he's Kevin Durant he's six feet thirteen. He's got to adjust to the glory years so I thought he did. I thought he came actually share the ball that's why he came the year he wanted to get away from the ball isolation centric Russell Westbrook your turn by turn your turn by turn eight turnovers thirty make shots we lose at the end. He wanted to get away from that so I thought he was buying it. But the ball goes up and you start playing and I was away from the chauffeurs for family reasons for many weeks. But I did not like the way he was playing to start the year and I Oklahoma City game and again next week by the way. I want to see evolution maturity in his game. To start to play the warriors system rust comes back again next week it is now actually it got so hot that night. He didn't miss a shot he went off but he took him apart and he was great so what it is. Let him have his one night but early in the year when they got that sports you start. It just wasn't blowing. Away it'd float before because he was holding the ball. The because she's a great he's great at it you know it's a little bit. Back in fourth year and at one time in the NBA. When Don Nelson was coach and his team. He wadded up like two man basketball he wanted everybody of every eat yet move his arm out from his chest and you know make the most emotion out from his body which meant ice which means he wanted three ice. To go basically go over there play with yourself spike midcourt on the weak side you're not involved were blanket Superman game. With you know Timmy Hardaway and manager Molly imagining what this but she wants it's like a power play hockey. You wanna play with less bodies to make it easier for your best players so. The orders haven't had a isolation bass player like this for decades since the other run DMC were young Ricky is clear side what a guy go. Gilbert Arenas a little bit they'd you know they head of the guys that can do what you want but revealing Kevin Durant and a whole different level so party yield. You want to let Kevin Durant be Kevin Durant because ultimately try to create. As favorable match up but with the warriors wanted to do which do it out of ball movement they don't wanna do it out of isolation. Hardaway deluged overrule what Tim Hardaway and insanely joins us on Wednesday for the power here and at a five points and they gave it up and not take. We'll get into what the rule was Hartley could not take it on the first side he advocates to take his point guard. Off the dribble every time in and what's happening nobody else's plight of its touching it. So he just just give it up ought the first night about the backside. And look at it she again if the guys haven't done something within that. You can go for go with a shocked Lockett and basketball was different that ending a pop against the ball movement in San Antonio is dissecting teams of the warriors. Bring incurred their star player and that way and that's the way you want a place for Kevin Durant. This is hard I understand it's hard. So the end of the game the other night. And I'll fast forward through the mass where this game got lost. Was of the three wise men lined up and I got to look at the numbers it was for a while the best lineup I referred that's Kevin Durant. And play with the three older guys aren't rate medallist Shaun Livingston David West. David by and large really good. They were awful awful Andre Iguodala was awful the other night awful. So I don't know what his contract's up and so shawl. And you got a call to make with these guys that's like teams involved you know you know even if you win and yet the change so anyway you (%expletive) away a 24 point lead. And I got to bring him back in. And you gotta flow and you gotta go. And you're you're getting down at the play in question. That is then you know Mike wrote dissect it forever and never and I thought. You know I didn't see it in adding care much about it I was ready for the raider game. Early look at this until this morning are you that doctoring my punch Kevin Durant but all but it was the c'mon get overplayed. Its sport at the Catholic. He got hot. The play in question was an offensive long Reba Klay Thompson runs it down the left corner. Now we're I have an issue with display is is time. There's 41 seconds on the shot clock Europe to. So the first thing that has to go off year. Is do you wanna go two for one. So that's why that's the problem I had with the way this went down I I have I have problem all of it. And I doctrine not to national frustration laws let's go fast. And get a shot up we got up. 3-D you want issue the issue to lawn. At the end of the first court the second coordinate their cord you know why ought to shoot at the end of the fourth quarter even though we have believed it. It doesn't matter you wanna get the last shot. A free on your let them shoot once we come back. Issue at thirty you a long rebound in the last quarter or one. Other I don't think there's a play call here. They're gonna play basketball so he brings out throw enough. Step comes up. And he gives the this stat and then Kevin Durant. He's the captain of the team I don't know why the quarterbacks entering the ball. Maybe saying I at slope that it's O line may and I article one on nights against him. Now we may get there camp and later. First of this situation we want to go fast so you're you're not properly thinking the end of the game scenario. And I look terrain. But he did not like night vision and it's game six Chesapeake energy and green elected vital stake in the left four runners like he's the leading I'll have to. The ticket terrible shots off balance. That's why you came here I said you'll never shoot a bench out of your life but yet it's going to be shoulders square to balance just why. Teach you a lot of light workout adjusting pledged not adjusting stuff not adjusting pretty much not adjusting you are. You guys I know you're right player but you're gonna play partly why. So this way at the end of the game and do what Raymond green. Yelling it's he's a microcosm. Of this struggle they have right now and they will get there. It's just not there yet and that there were up by the year all star votes coming out how to get there at some point oh. Staff for a good guy he gets the ball during ethical way. Date on what's called now that Iran clocked at 33 so right now you just pissed away the two for one at the end of the are you better make Asia you called are you better stick it. At a comeback as the theory or tie got to go to overtime let's them Mark Jackson replied that's the that's why don't. I don't he does not know situations current recession volatile issue that. You've just lost that you want but he liked the matchup. To race against Jack Randolph match. But each guest. The warriors did they ever run a 14 flat 014 flat. Is what you think it's a point guard ball handlers up top everybody else goes the other four guys go flat. To the baseline and you open up the middle of the flow or is wearing an effort our way. So many times do they ever on their plate for center and it's fair answer I hit what I thought they were they on. After 114 way. I don't like each teams load up for you know. Basketball's evolved. You can't quite that way if you can get a shot up that your great player like Harden it but it's going to be. All or shot. In traffic load up that take you at each side. It's it's not like out there that you keep Richard Warner I can live with that I'd market under running. 014 flat earth he's got to go fast he get a dribble drive it so he gets the ball and holding it and weigh them all away. Like he's playing the west rock. And Ibaka. Humor that year which UK here. Her life and our way we're upload and that way it takes is Zach Randolph on a one or flat. Ever charged up as it's not really overall it's all amateur and I love. I want to hear. I love you I love your skills that there's nobody best player easily hear much better offensive player and a change can shoot the ball. You're slightly venture blockage archer and things and everybody could do your great great player that was not a great play. It was not a direct flight because of the time on the clock we just pissed away that you want he took the shot it 23 victory. There's a 242. Clock in this league are now what I get the ball back to give it to them. So I just this is this is what it speaks to you. It has nothing to do which rain nine. He stands out as strong actions over in the corner salt that's in Ottawa for land captured it got offered to Reba. He said he wanted to lose maybe monitoring to miss the shot. And I I think terrain that is cool with it that Ramon got in his face. I'm glad drain Andre and I'm in now he's a little too much for everybody. But Kevin you signed up to play here. You went to the Olympics which right not you know who he is he wants to win. And it was just it was a bad play. By Kevin Durant answers that's Oklahoma city bowl we don't like that year that's why you lost due up three games to one that's why he lost and so I eat it she he needs so was this thing unfolds in evolves and rolls. And point fingers publicly. But he's got another system his seminal moment maybe there's a good thing I don't want to lose but that aren't overtimes or won the games will make this point is that the lose in overtime. But that's not the way we play it's not Smart basketball. Is that understanding that time in the situation we believe the score and the time it's just a bad play and that you get the 14 flat your call for. You better again make the shot it and dribble drive them in crate for anybody on several. Levels it's a bad play so Kevin you came here plate not changing lights that catch and shoot guy he's just get a play his game. And he's gonna get the new York and they've evolved and how they they're there they're changing their rotation pattern. We talked to step last week on the show staffers coming out in about the nine minute Mac the first quarter and the third quarter. Which are likely to do that question let's play the whole first quarter. Let him play the entire third quarter and being aggressive it's taken a lot more shots here. He went the player of the week they lost this week is not the player of the week it lost the game Friday. Of the player of the week when your feet but a lot of people have fantasies fortunately it. But they lost though. Bodies being more assertive to score which you want I want I want to rent playing off. A step Currie. But in this end of the game situation. As this evolves. Kevin Durant. Has got to be. He's not a role player but I don't want him be the initiator. Some of course he's very good at their defense or rebounds he goes up the floor with a full listing the ways it up the ball and scoop it. He has rates not she's amazing. But he needs to understand here. Bet it's just not the way we play we don't isolate at the end of the game. And at the start joins us economic times Beckham and mine workers there he has done as well weeks ago. Late game execution where ego. In my initial thought was you know ago you played basketball. You read and react and it's gonna blow the defense will tell you where were going. Don't know what we're going. To the open guy. So why you'd yes play. With movement. And the same way you've been playing for 47 minutes why can't you play in the last minute. Now yet some out of bounds play side out baseline out there's a bear that they're so good at that. And if you can't play that way back and watch whispers last championship team they did play that way. They kept moving the ball all the way to the end an teams breakdown. Defensively. So Kevin Durant is a tremendous isolation based place that's what he does. It is instincts when it was all quiet around each think it. I gotta say that now we struck assaulting up Artest shot and I always wanted to win. It's just it's not a question of Katie verses staffers it's just you initiate. The actions of assaulting it has nothing to do it during that during being a bad eighteen Nader hit that guy all he all fixate. What's not important what's important here is. Kevin you've got to adjust your game and we thought it did for a long long time they lost six games to play rate. Figured out playing well enough to beat these teams late. In in the game you've got execute better expect to beat San Antonio for about a final Cleveland. You're got beaten Popovich doing that additional load up on you. And it's argued to be given away in the western semi finals to my shock last year when Oklahoma City Needham. In activity that. Maybe it will but it's not the way we play so it's just this is an air on several levels a year and I am glad to write non. That's a little bit bolt the door open gym and on national TV that one guy that has ball that well do what you know everybody when you signed up to play here. You shadow wanna play with you guys to play with joy. That's not the way we play it was a bad shot. Considering the score time it's not the way we play you make it a lash out at you better show if your record of one or flat like that. You better score you better may that she got in trouble drives the ball he did not have. So Kevin Durant. You're here. He's a great player he will make it but that was not a great place in it was all it was his fault at the end that's a global lead but it was his fault the way it went out the very last. Yeah we have to get them that no one here real quickly generator Monday brought to you by any actually ought to go to any editorial dot com today and oaks park club so that the about only gets tiny on the line clutch shooting the last five minutes within five points Kevin Durant seven for 25 career low 28%. More for eleven from three step curry six to 3447%. Six of eighteen from 333%. Customer the friend then dollar per from SI so we'll talk about that was Stein your your problem Vontae. Afternoon delight unprecedented.

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