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Afternoon Delight - Hour 2 - 1/9/17

Jan 9, 2017|

It's the Matt Hour! Papa & Bonta joined by Matt Millen & Matt Steinmetz.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well. They shot got Brooks well there's a lot Fredricka for. I could play. You're looking good there. Oh well that's the that's not a good. Can't miss kids. Okay. In the slot like you know. More fingers on the field sitting at a slight drop about this. It's. Throw out let Joseph Barry Cooper. Blocked by rock. There. Prayers and it's blocked by senate Roberts. Yeah. We're back. And that's why did. Just sit here. Spot for this overdone but long drought is over there rendered during the playoffs. Yeah they made the playoffs in San Diego the slice of blue catch by Michael Crabtree and then Indianapolis gay men. Christmas C they could at a plane better there at 33 to seven. And hair care practices that in the line losing back to back for the first time all year New Year's Day in and Saturday in Houston over all it was a great year I I think that you feel better after those calls. And almost waited some writers get to twelve wins but it's wasn't enough to in the AFC west in the there so we need a little big picture perspective. And the entire year we bring and a guy who we've brought in the periodically throughout the year and all the raider pre season games. We've spent a lot of time of the early in the year we can lose a little bit during the year but it's great to have this kind of look back and everything that is. Super Bowl champion with the raiders in the matters of the Redskins as well great analyst of pro football marginal managers of moderator. Matt Millen joins us on the afternoon delight our immediately mash up. Well they lost Saturday you look at it that that just give media. Just give me a little perspective. And the year from three wins the first year which there is seven last year to twelve this year. Get back to the playoffs that many for the first times and so you. Yes so in order to look forward let's let's go back a little where you and I were talking in the pre season. And we are saying more credits he was this and I said that the federal level would team. And we were like really think maybe get that and so. Could depend on how far overstepped they're gonna take and they added you know some good things as. Thanks QB. And but you still never really know until until you see it. And and lo and behold they they exceeded our expectations. So they were playing better football but I thought they had they will they were going to play I thought they were actually ahead but but they were year ahead. And doubt about everything contingent upon. There are car I mean it's and that's a good bit. That's a good thing because. We got a real live war. They're hard to part but we got one. So we have one that we have somebody that you can count on venue note that kind of kid who. Who guys' rally around who who everybody in the stadium knows have to make a play any can still make a play. And so those guys are really hard to find. And so. We have one and it's there rep you're going around right now will be a lot easier. So if he. Talk about the developments. He's sick that you haven't afloat colts is that Aaron I got an old school here. That's the year where yours truly what's it like four degrees outside. Your house. A little. To talk about generics growth because you know young quarterbacks look good. Early and innately yes they'll make the proper stance that's to me he's gotten better. And that it almost see him growing before our eyes that he plays its best football league in the games matters prized. How much how far he has come it's three years starting. Yeah actually I am. I'm surprised because he's doing a lot of the little things consistently. And those those things are hard to do of their hard to master. And and the biggest thing. They are about. These is there. So. You know the player is a real player. And I just mention very alluded to earlier when. You know its third fourteen or certain tenor third aid or whatever it is everybody's been you know just thrown the ball. They're gonna double Coke they're gonna pay. Crabtree a way to get it you know they're gonna do what I have to do they were recovered on the other side. And the quarterback has got to throw it to a tiny I they would do it actively play. And companies do it over and over again. That usually happens. In year 45. He's doing it already. And do it consistently. And on top of that we get in and out of plays really easily. He knows and understands what it wants to get into he knows how we went through acting. I think he's way ahead and I think that's great news for the raiders. Yeah I I just love the a check with mes they were able to do lately here I go back so you know like before he got hurt at Indianapolis game meant that way he was able to control the running game by the anti oxidant. Flip and you know god runs the pistol runs and it was just. Really impressive but I I wanna go back to our our first meeting with the coaching staff we had back in August in Phoenix before that first pre season game. And Jack telling a game of the room bill musgrave came right behind him and he said the same thing. We want to be able to run the ball. Late in the year when it's freezing like like in the region you and your fluid vehicle today in Pennsylvania. And just we we don't give a damn if they'd know we're running at regular run in anyway. And by and large Matt they just couldn't do it because then it's Eric injury I think we don't throw off the balance but. You know old school football guys telling a characters like the box side of the box around it anyway. But at the end of the year mad at the end of the year they've really could not run into a loaded box. Yeah well the first golf easier said than done met the first thing but I will previous. Our operator operative line was probably one of the top three or four offensive line Italy. And you they're still. There's something about getting boom there's the other society blockers stay on people but there's also movement people. And so you have an eight man box you yet a loaded box and you'd still have to be able to win your individual battle. And and so that's the next step and then the other part come down to you know Murray got to be a guy who can move the pile when he has to. And not just big guy who. You know you look at their you know bounce things are. When he get to the next level he's got to be able to run a little bit of power people have to into the secondary wood and I think he can't do that we'd hike a guy. And you know there isn't room for improvement there but I thought big picture. The bottom line is they can talk about we're gonna run the football all we want this is a passing league. It's a passing league they're gonna throw away everybody's gonna do particularly afterlife or you run game and when that happens. You have to be able to pick up some first downs in control the clock will be approved for the most part when you went from the bull. Since Murti Mattie was not a first round draft draft pick he was a six round draft pick his contract expires in his fourth year so he is free to goal. How much would you pay him which you which you get into a bidding war to keep a model obviously haven't mixing in with the two young guys Jim and Rashard and he Andre in Washington. I like short. I like the short line now I don't know if they have a guy is Eric guys there. And I you know better than I do is there are guys there who. Who's 3030. Carry games. I. Now that it probably not either one of these younger these these two guys are just bad about that they don't seem like our guys to me they're more like you know he could given the ball in space it would catches and Ron's maybe get him up in the high teens meant what you want to pound in one of these small. Exactly and so it would Arabia. That yes he can't be in the right in the right environment he could be it you know 25 a game guy. But I mean you have to have a guy like that can you do with that with a stable again it's. We can do with a stable but I think. You always want that one or you can write. He you'd you know that one guy you just know. Like to be markets now I don't markets now and no matter what I know I know market is gonna get me to cup yards on I have to. Up the year up soccer. He can break company's gonna make something happen we can catch the ball out of the back field he good protection he's everything you want. And I can count on. And so you know and how he's halting guy. But you gotta have somebody like that no it would be pieces that guy. I don't know be defined itself yet I know. By the Fortier market had already defined himself. Hooked. Yeah he had 307 total touches a year ago Murray 266. Rushers in 41. Catches so I you know I think he could be that got a question if you wanna feed them much to let it get to the the quarterback situation because this thing at all. Fell apart of governor talked to Derek so older brother David car coming up another two we're 230 in the afternoon delight at puppet bunting here in 95 point seven a game. When Derek got hurt the whole thing just collapsed in met my clawing steals up as well. There are some free agents out there that are intriguing guy scattered cook was cut just thrown in the deep end of the playoff game and it was highly unfair to ask him to do what he did but he. He he you know he can hit you so as you Asia look ahead as starter or guy you would trust. Being up back up guy it would be a third guy which a lot get a veteran quarterback behind Derrick what would you do with a quarterback Matt. I think I think our cook is not yet where he's going to be. And so that's a little vegetables scary. I think Matt is exactly what he is I think Matt's going is this is a solid back up I think he's the guy. The role that he's asked to do is the role that he's that he's going to be good. And you go out and get somebody else and you can but sometimes pop you know the biggest thing is. It's it's sometimes a lot easier to deal with what you know you know what he is you know exactly where you what you gonna do. And there are no surprises and so warm. No Derek welcome back and he'll be that it be fired he'll be healthy and he'll play well again and then you figure out the other two and I I don't think I think our groups still. Has yet to define himself I think we're good point is defined. And I think right if you if you had next year and he had the exact same three get the could be happening. Matt did struggle on New Year's Day. Amanda my outlawed before he got hurt he was he seemed I was shocking and it is the guys are on the team enemy largely. That he seemed rattled by the noise intent Bernanke. This surprises me is Matt the one of the things that match that is kind of his strength is he he believes he's the best guy out there. And he always played that we have he had that they'll be open to that toward land it off the bench you elect don't worry about what I got this well. And that that's right like about so it that bad that surprises me when he's they've. I go back to our early conversations. Are actually had you on the show or wondered about band he team ever been before he got it back to the middle linebacker than you like Cora Jane they want to finding. Perry Riley junior let's let's start with the line backing core about the Smith is also going to be a free agent at the end of the year. What what do you do with those two inside spots not at Smith's spot the idea. She try to keep him how much you have to pay him and is every rally junior good enough what you do with those two inside backers. Well could be I. First you have to go back to philosophically what you wanna be and so. You know Jack Taylor and his staff will get together in think Kenny and they'll talk about it they're gonna happen okay. Do we want speed more than strength of the point. And our our what are we gonna sacrifice. And then if you want to determine all that they've got to say okay is this guy good enough to do what were asked you to do. And if the answer is no at least two people minutes on new. But the answers yet he's good enough at this. Then that you rolled back and so. The biggest bank could be used to be their they don't have the at the point guys on the inside. You know you're right talked about it to begin with these guys is they're just. They're small guys. They don't take things on the run around blocks of time they get on discipline that they're not. They want you to get off the block as fast as possibly get Kubel. And and that's fine until. You know he's Soviets to let his or renters gonna sit there and and say OK I'm you know I'm gonna beat you. And and they don't have that Garnett roster right now so. But it doesn't have to figure out what exactly they wanted to go get them event this couple guys out there could do that. But it's the. In the name. In the name who were you thinking of. I have a pretty good going off the top of my head in Serbia and whose free and who's not Null let's stop but yeah. Bingo I mean red you know that in the guys inside are doing all the pros stuff you know Jolie and all those guys say they may notebook. You know having on the new league year starts in March and this comes out to buy players. In Ohio State area I think it's just football wise you got to build your team to win your division. And Denver's Denver still kind of there left to see what they do the Kansas City. Is the team that you got to figure out a way to deal with their speed at the tight end position and retiree kill. So okay Travis Kelsey is a problem I don't know off Carl Joseph is big enough. To cover him at a coffee and hot you're talking about do you wanna you know be strong with the point of attack. He ought to be faster lighter you're trying to beat Kansas City and Andy Reid's very formations and Kelsey had. Tyreke kills so. How do you deal with Kansas city's tight end in this jets sweeper right now that is ravaging the NFL match. Yeah and so ugly via the permissions stuff you win with your mind that that study. That part you can now. The other part is a little more difficult because. The week has kind of taken a lot of the good thing he's their actions and easier by the the old ways of taking care of appellate Winslow which you know who would thrive in today's he's right you know offenses. He would you smoke these offenses he can't touch it. He's ahead of his time again he was the ratio of. Plus you know and the rules the rules at least they gave us something to work with now hectic you read on it died April flak. So I'd you know it's not easy to cap that would at the line of scrimmage which is not an easy thing to do. You gotta be physical with. And and that's you know that's just one part of it other than that. You're you know you're dedicating another guy to a tight end inside which still on the outside. Other other raiders corners good enough that that gave them a sense of money they gave Shaun Smith though a lot of money. And DJ gay got to make a call with his contract's up he got TJ Carrey and have to upgrade the quarterback or could you went with this group. You could always you'll always anytime have a chance to upgrade. You upgrade. If you can get better in in those secondary that did that those corner spot to nickel. And your quarters if you can get better you get better. And so I don't think there's and I don't I think that any picked. If you can get better get better. But are they good enough they're good enough for a lot of things it just depends what you wanna do. If you wanna play a lot of tight man coverage if you wanna get up there are a lot of bump and run it. You know that type of double then they're gonna struggle a little bit dark. Could they do have the big body guy. You know they're gonna play off covers a little bit better they're gonna do some. The other gonna play resolved at all at all at the despise so you just have to determine what exactly wanna do what you wanna wind whipped. We're gonna depend on what accounts and if we have those guys find if you don't have you know find what. And I if I I don't even know this to be went to Houston Matt but the raiders. Have not Lana a road playoff game Golan back to you guys your first year when you're in the Super Bowl Nady. And you wanted to Cleveland absentee. Tackle all over our microphone making me sick here at all addiction terms. Do I haven't damaging US watch all these guys come out of all the Clement weather yesterday and their shirts up. Did you come up as a rookie played that of at a baseball game of the mistake by the lake and sure enough. The F it did. I and then. I came out. That's when I would. You know Ackerman a market knowledge and all guys you know it's reasonably. As it applies. A well. A and I walked out. And it took three of. I. And outlook both of which yelled at it's dark it was way below zero. I'd put. My must was completely rose and uncomfortable by mouse. And don't practice. But it wins or. You know you're you're so potent. And the economy. And Howard you know work course so. You know it was it was a good nightmare. Yeah you'll want to. Seven a chicken rock legends about the -- awesome I love me now. Happiness in. Her roots and these aren't as accurate kicker in the ability to you all these herbs surgical. It's like let's look at rader charter coming back from Edgar Davids got surgical last. From the girls over. But what about pets are assaulted. At all over should refuse. To get sick you're a man and by digital audio. The just don't take your share out to go take pressure off my body is not on the way in don't want to see your right now. Equipment boots creep everybody out here. That and more warriors and we talked the Mets righty then moves up Sacramento yesterday when John Dickinson who talked to start the right here on Ackermann who like problem bunt him and it buys that game. Now back to raider Monday here's Greg Papa and Donte' hill I 95 point seven a game. It's. It's. Certainly don't need the point six seconds remaining. There's still calls time out. And David says telephone warriors assistant coach cam back to oracle and 20 against the Memphis Grizzlies but the its games they've played are completely different one day grind house was. Memphis Grizzlies grind it out affairs game on Friday night or were flown plane rates. And it just they lost their way with that veteran lineup to start the fourth quarter they could redo it that they had ended it really is to me. A microcosm of the struggle with trying to get through here to integrate with a great scores. Yeah history of the game and isolation bass player candor and I think whenever I'm off TV on campus fortunate this year under the car and I hear the end I've timed out beautifully at the garage and studies signing off that. It is Sunnis were talking about late game scenarios used to get the ball back way before Christmas way to afford these losses and I think was you know just have to plan it out just read react to play basketball but then. You're one of these on Friday night and Kevin Durant waves off the 13 ticket early logical one for flat. Even though the clock is not he should do that you shouldn't she get a quick shot up there. And he gets to do its elegant match time match thoughts first of all what happened and Friday night football fans that David Aldridge tweet right to the court. But we'll go to because. It was it an affair that Friday night pitched it give me your overall thoughts on the way that they end of the game how they lost the lead and all that. They just lost their focus but the very end of the game and some of the choices they made offensively. Well I mean it's going to be in order to let him tightly called game I mean really prolific scorers. And it. It's gonna come down Richard it takes the most important shot of the game and Allison. Eagle about getting the ball in order to do it. I don't really see any way around. Because she can't split the ball in the third and let everybody shoots in the gonna side. It's up to shoot the ball either. Makes reply I mean project as you all the big shots. The cavaliers in other ago in an Arabic and so somebody else. That's usually the way below with the warriors. You would think you step Kirk. By. It hasn't been so far this season because they're cooperating in the employer. And an. The other Clint Johnson isn't. Great school work. Deserves to be acknowledged that it. Crunch time situation in your pocket. So it's it's going to be hard in India play your open and close our. Arch duke who runs it he YE. Would you rather specific why over the creek at all chances are that got a rule out a lighter and a half or two in the play. And you really wanna go out to outweigh our question. Yeah and I if I go back to the talking point of the offseason is who is gonna adjust the most with Kevin Durant coming here staff fair play here Dre and I I say it's Kevin Durant. That has to adjust he has to buy in. To what is going on here's soul. Why can't she play more of an open flow at some of the best stuff the warriors game it is off action off the side in about whether it's after time outer baseline out of bounds. They are so great. It can get good look at it and why do you have to change that dramatic late at the end of the game that and you award. It actually get the same way the end of the first quarterly and the second quarterly into the third quarter white the fourth quarter differently. Glut you're like I leave it is because what's make this situation look yeah all Byrd got second weapon are running well. The first step late option coming off Earl. And he's got pretty good look. Why not a great look and so they can about situations. That they shot and you. And the next guy. We have a really good at La. But it's not quite the right time leader in here to sue. And so that. And this situation is affecting your decision making. Get your daughter wrote. A note in your pocket you don't pay such words like. Occurring in the third quarter and clay pot does reaches out and order which by the way. Detroit hit the game which was probably their active security in a quote it's not only as though you're watching. Quite content and blockage in one word Kmart. It would knock on the recorder and there are two boy later. It more complicated than that but with what you write oh you're kind of asking your team do you some of the clock. But it again late in the clock and you might not. At 1 o'clock you might not about should there it has duel in the possession earlier. Time. Let me just get into it later he let the quarterback of the team milk the clock one of the big problems and what I hear I have. That would do that light. Rant and curry did a well reduction. He Abbot of the big problems I have with this last possession and this was not a call play because it was off an offensive rebound. You're talking about a time and score. What went a bit I have several issues the Kevin Durant did wrong I think he was that he was at fault here. Wave it off and just go on go 14 flat. Don't you wanna take it a chill for one in that situation even though you have a two point lead at. You wanna shoot with thirty on the clock so Kevin Durant waves it off he doesn't run the 13 pick and roll. And it just goes 14 flat godsey bowl but he holds the ball so long that you're back to get a shot on the other hand. Well you know a squad is not about it would consider a shot clock once and what difference slowed it up with suck it out in the open is like wooden. Try the ball in where now. That's true that you. That match that well aren't they Aaron Cook. Trucker. At the top three. To drop to birdie. But again. I picked off guy at a certain. And while the other nowadays like you really what was her as a point guard that old buildings. There is no point guard duty are not that saw art art. You know I'm a little bit of the I don't think he's. It looked like but not collapse. It took to the report card then I have a great year this year because immediate question are currently not at first you don't pay in. Decoration but he's been in about eight more this year than he ever has in his career. Centered about his role. His role on the team incorporating Durant. He's trying to bit error early. In the real incorporate themselves. Now again a big that they wanted to take too long you would wish upon. Maybe actually spark yet would be a little more correct that we need a way to regain. Let me shops in the war games are the most amount shops. I think you take a real long view of the season and courage on what I've. Rip. It curbs and really and I and the right here is it's been a call now. But you don't write it to like it got to take a wild and these are really. Scorers at all. And you and sometimes. You don't. Need to passers and lots and lots. What would the car would you sort of prayer it's school. But they'd they'd do it differently late does it all movement in catch and shoot staff does he can do it off the floppy off the ball. But he also could do wood off the dribble but it's it's incorporated Kevin Durant and because he's different he's isolation bass player. Now there was a time in the NBA when Don Nelson coach where a lot of the flights a lot true he just told everybody else I'll stay and overplay yourself at midcourt on the weak side. You're gonna play two man game here is like a power play hockey that that would fewer bodies that fewer defenders you're bringing in you're trying to isolate it. So is there a point where there's a compromise they are maybe. What they were trying to get to I know you don't like the 13 pick and roll because Durant is slandered depiction adding but that's not the point you could popular open. For a bit ahead of us ran it twice at the end of the was the Portland game after he's still I spoke to carry the day before. And I want was a missed shot but to rank and a wide open three got a bit of good action and the second one they scored. So that they need to struggle I think gays Kevin Durant it's great skill. Is it isolation by a score could score other ways. But can you give them do that too. Adopt the warriors free lol movement and get the shot off the movement or. Doozy just wanna go one on one because that Julius actually has a great one on one. Player and there are at some time to wanna simplify it and you just wanna go you against him in beat your guy Gobi Tebow let's go our. Yeah I mean sometimes you do you I mean. Could be a factor the boat when it on the record low grade agree. And Eric curry yet we're. He wrote trademark agreement it like four on Hillary. So if you play that out and it would be the progression of the day. That happened and so that the game come out right he kind of without watching triple. He took a ally in the area and it decision. I. Know what to wait and do real well not even aegis won't be in the gay. So in reality it's not really. A viable option one Doug at what prevailed in the situation. Okay and argue that this particular grow up. So. You know back out the way we're on you look like upon. I. Voters on the topic is how I got. No doubt put all of our record breaker. You know. And the anyway when you look like a bird turn a critical path. Well part you know Doug creek on it and talk about pat borders and all the now I'm up and Eddie you know. Perhaps there are. Not gonna go off topic. Like it Hartmann. Probably remote great. Why they're the ones who went out and take it off. That's probably the top box in the one of the ball over the don't want it up with it. So it. You're right it's complex you know and and then in Mexico incident on the side or lower or write about what you're allowed to go. You know backpack and other Smart in the under. The roar moment here and why. And it did you know the longer like. The ball pretty. Well technically but you. Oh yeah. You know. You'd think at some of the Apollo I mean you're right there all scorers with Earl school. And they're gonna author of buy. Now and what you don't think right now and aren't. But whether birds so super wards and you know. God the guy may. Shop. Went skiing it's not on any guy and on the witness out. Shia supporters sure nobody accused mr. club so. So but warns involvement. With the satellite. Outcome battle. That he wanted acting. They aren't because they're so. You know what else out there and Angela. That was our reunions every ever weaker crew awoke and now you know how quickly compare him. A game every food pregame open date and you'll manipulate the press bureau there. You know a patent court practiced that situation electorate. There you when it's vitally out of him lately K Mexico usually talk about turnovers and the defense or rebound the artist and offensive rebounds to me an underlying issue has been late game execution. All the way through human talk about it for weeks on your thoughts real quickly how that as a new building at the sacrament of the golden all of them. Hey that night it really in my building. Great scoreboard the scoreboard then it would not be square oh yeah. Court where everybody got to bring their net that's what they're pretty cool I'll Warner the end. Let's open so there's a lot of collapse. And we levels with the bar on pot but you nice open feeling that they're clean. I liked it I like it a lot of movement concourses. Are sure. Hopefully it'll warriors have played a kings and be able to get up there come playoff time and government of playoff series many thanks for example loyalists will listen to you after the game tomorrow night in the fullest potential thanks you're time. There. Are many. And then the players after they they've finished the game at the golden on Saturday they shower after not say they've they have buckled show. Why not an angle to the part of the shots let's you play will bookie cousins and of the Zagreb that I would be at that bore all day long after game. All night and I drank it up and go and show our. Solemn moment in Atlanta. I oops I mean life let's talk a voter you know curry seemed to be that guy commitment and at that on this. Look at. Who. We had curry out last week company seems to be playing more aggressively. And in and has do what you. But advocates have everything we do agree it was Christmas Day plea. Which. We'll talk about it last re ever since our conversation he had checked out there in the Western Conference player of the week about that in fact you lost one game this week you don't lose it's event or activity is. Up on Tuesday afternoon delight right here and any person and again. Now back to raider Monday here's Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven the game. They does definitely those of certain American oppression the office in Houston. Through this from cute and two. Drag draw attention create space most of my teammates those that's what you know done. Pretty well the last. For five years so wanna continue to have these there's a straight. There ranting at the very. Perry writes Nightline off the street goes all the way into the room they are. The real reason why has to have it to deflate them in those situations and try to make him make it the right decision. When it comes and you know where the ball all which has been made on that particular possession so. One thing is though or ever be afraid to shoot it coach he always wants admitted to have that covered so where do a sign of something that someone who has you know. And that those those outlets for you at that and Terry stopped that I did that story at all. Fourteen void period on the down three nights I've done clearing debris. Well we have staff carry out an afternoon delight Nazis you know last Tuesday the day mr. during the third. And we broke down all elements of his game and one major one was usage rate. And the shots per game were a little bit down the usage rate wait out the shots per game down. And interestingly that next game became about against Portland and we you know children's usage rate. Was twentieth in the NBA at that point of the year down from second in the NBA it basically. How much the ball's in your hand ID win. You're off to bothers me you're not being used you could run of play for the awards for airplane that they replaced floppies your interest I think like about. Corresponding. Screams off each side because you're running with the ball assuming opting used which is the way to quantify it but. That night he went out he was averaging 78 judges are so that Nadia sport when he came here at 95 touches that. It got up 25. Shots and before that he was averaging less than seventeen shots. 45 against Portland. The Memphis game and went to overtime so little deceiving but still he was very score reports that night and he ski at 27 shots that last night. He had 22 shots and there's no question the last three games it's our conversation shoot the ball more. It has nothing to do that conversation that there was speaker. And the point I'm making here justice and nicely. The late game execution Friday against Memphis is. Are what the Boston after he changed more I watch him do I want him to be the initiator. Of the office whether it's not pick it. Roll 12131. For you pick. Whether it's another thing if the 12 with clay and up. He kind of went did not let me ask you about the 13 wood to rant they would use it more. They get you to twice that night against Portland that's the flight to rant waved off. He had a lot of go for the 13 pick and all he wanted to go itself for 14. Flat just in isolation and Nancy boy never drove a dull. Or the one for its trek series victory on cell in any event what's the common denominator want. Well that's 121314. A replaying open and most of that is just awful. Of the law is encourage change I think where. Their bogging down late in games. Is that gonna finish games. With. The Hamptons five. And last year and the year before. Andre Iguodala had a lot of the ball handling responsibilities and staff would play off the ball like that you guard. Any flight would come off curls now that's a lethal combination that you better shooters coming off. So it. Is it Dallas first wanted to play better he did not play well. At all the last game you static as word began to get lost there is how he did not play well but the other end of that news. And Betty was talking about play. And you know people kind of look at it as I got four great players are made it all be all stars this year the army be tight for all of them to make it. But you got four great players right for all star caliber players but really sure our alpha dogs with the ball stepped period Kevin to. Clay can work off the ball that you ought to run plates for like is he still. I think the best catch and shoot player in the league. Re not is not need any place run for him he's more of a strange setter roller on the one for mr. good basketball player. So it's hot you would incorporate steps brilliant. Offensive game with Kevin Durant brilliant offensive game and their different completely different fighters the one thing I have noticed they are doing differently. As they they have begun to place to have. The entire first and third quarters they did not do that early in the year just the last 45 games that we ask them about it. He was coming out about two and a half ago when each quarter I wanna play an entire first quarter but Kevin Durant substitution patterns weird. Where he placed the first six minutes he takes a break he plays a blast of eight minutes he takes a break. And he comes and plays the last four of the half that's in theory foul trouble things change. So now. You're getting staff and Kevin Durant on the floor without plight Thompson. At the very end of first quarters and the very end of third quarters that was not the case to begin the year. So now I can start to incorporate all aboard the 13. And get them to playing well together. And I think the way this is the way I want this to work and I think ultimately look at their assignments was not do it. Step one of the welcome Kevin Durant to the team deferred have a lot early. When he was cheered they were saying you'd be aggressive Katie because I think we all were directly committed just that the Kevin Durant has he was trying to get to feel that way you know what. Andy he is not gonna turn down a shaft that's Kevin Durant you'll shoot it. Now I think the next evolution. Is alleged to have handled the ball more be aggressive like he spent the last three games in let Kevin Durant worked often it. What do they get to do with staff. It becomes not that trek series featuring not dribble drives that. They don't blitz and it snapped in turn the corner. What are you gonna do if you got a camera directly to obstacles spotting a few answers odds are JaVale jobs are rolling JaVale rolling for it doc. There was a play in a lost a missile mass solid and did on Friday night. Most of beautiful play and a replica of the clock on equipment at the end of that. I believe it was the third quarter they throw the ball in to Kevin Durant left block. And markets ought came over from the the weak side low and double. That's what you want you want the big man coming over to double my currently at least after in the wing it. To go down and roll on do not stop the Chilean electorate a throw it. And then so if rollback out of it diagonal. For a wide open step curry three point here is exactly what you want you can figure this out here. But if they play more they whale that's the way it's gotta play and make it work it out so these are two great offensive players they they willfully yeah its. Only game 3738 Powell will do the lawyers to figure it out and up next the guide to Big Brother Gary Hart David Carr right here and afternoon delight many parts of the game.

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