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Afternoon Delight - Hour 3 - 1/9/17

Jan 9, 2017|

Papa & Bonta joined by David Carr, discuss Raiders defense needs, & the caboose pistol.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The without. As well. There's no there's no there's smoke there's well. Well yeah. And I don't know. There's no matter. I'm didn't hardly do. It's you know hindsight yes you know obviously it's in the group mailed went down because. Well not a bad happened until I tried to fire from this game this stuff sometimes steal those kind of things are gonna happen obviously it's most violent sport that is how they're so open like that are gonna happen you know whatever that suits whatever the open road is opened small. NASDAQ are joined us on the afternoon delight last week and obviously there raiders' season just to cut. Heck of a bad future and when he broke his debut and a Christmas he even. The painful part obviously maybe it was good form any edits his Brothers there instead his mom is in laws and his wife and his kids and they were all Americas it was Christmas they've never gonna celebrate a however over the Indianapolis Colts and played great and has to be the agony of the broken fitness or that are bringing a guy that I before they after the and a lot his older brother. David Carr joins us on 95 point seven David just take me back. To the offensive Christmas Eve when you saw the injury and then when you had to console your baby brother after the news. Yeah I mean I was. It was cool million to two B a two game. I was the first to actually go on that. We Cilic who may be some good luck general pretty good and then two struck back to battle past play and tries to break out tackle but Trent and the divergent Lincoln. From there is gonna like you know we felt like them into the depression sentences how electric it's sucked out of game and not really pay attention number. It wasn't. Until Derek went into the locker room underneath the tunnel that I even looked up and watched another place and I had assessment but it might look what's happened in the last ten minutes late Monday and and they can you you'll breached not to split yet to blow over that's. That's that's the crazy part about the possible you know it doesn't happen really in in any other sport you know dozens and dozens apoplectic coach Brian does just go down. You know two days before the big playoff for under you know it just. Injuries happen but not just stuff like that so there was those unfortunate for it and now they're scrambling in our. You know the raiders to let you know for everybody because football is better over the raiders are good. And they were geared again and they are getting regular play out front is going to be exciting and you know you try to look back in the like you know. Cannot fault guys you're playing but you know Derek was. He was part of that team and you take it out toward play it's hard to get motivated ago and Kiki get stops on defense and then asking young quarterbacks human induced at the nerd and force those difficult situation for us. Can't it can't go back in my mind. Quite a four Yonkers and how well the team was playing. And I go back to when even when he heard his finger. Against Carolina. Lost it and it was now well. The team was playing right or blown a modest at its best performances probably. Derrick got hurt in each would go back is that we talked to Derek and he did he did it to us that it was more than just. Dislocation double dislocation the finger idiots of fractures in there and it. Yes I did this game is the compromise is game. Nat being able to get under center on everything shotgun. And pistol and execute throws the way he executed it throws at the end of the year off that finger injury against the Panthers. Yellow means slow like look map staffers illegal entries is compromised you know and you're gonna do whatever we can't keep going up there for your teammates and make plays but. You know you look at those that they do you from the beginning of training camp to these even for certain routier's everything is done certainly in a play action game is underneath sinner and you. Have a certain routine in this and drop their rhythm that he threw with the receivers expect the ball at certain times so they take you know three or four. Either three or four years back now that metric back. Is different and you know we'll tread there I was stated to insurance in the different collections to the same boat you know so. And yet to adapt and you know bill musgrave in the coaching staff has to adapt. And a lot of things are different but the most important thing is sister in the time it cut her off with the receivers though it still. Disciplined well crystal mountain and then made the best of it and like I said. We're cynical game now that America hasn't as the Big Brother but an analyst also trying to see you know these guys that I can go Monday and say. They have a real chance to go all the way. You watched that game and have two yard rushing theaters passing pretty much of a political vote for ten yards you can just play well again turnovers and Eurasian eagle and Wednesday. They're going to be play against the patriots and it's chipped it to that's what's gonna that's with the turn out to be. And yet it right there you know it all turns so. It's unfortunate they adapted well to that to the finger injury in evidence in a panic of their butt in they were planted early equitable. I and the thing but take away from their Christmas Eve game your brother threw three short touchdown passes he played great but it was his mind. And that he ran the club at the line of scrimmage with a check with mes eat looked like Tom Brady here. Or Peyton Manning flipping back from one side seen the softness in the colts on the flip it blows a smaller backs here and running it is still. And I have to thank you for bringing you having a lot older Brothers remains their kid Brothers might not older Brothers were good days and they help me that. I have to thank you for the whole raider nation inducted to sit him down as a young guy when he was twelve years of age and teach him. How to look at defense is and learn the game and him having acumen and we just speak to what you saw from your kid brother's mind in that game. Yes that I was real I was Mr. Big the unit with his. Ex. But those. To return but. A critical part was yet when he was when he started showing an interest in playing quarterback that was big things from me and I'd go hard the traditionalists. An artist you know you're so in Houston. And I got I difficult it was very curious per game and all the things you're going to be asked him mentally he can throw the ball they can always spent a good athlete. And I just never taken a manager's help them as much like you and mentally so big game is never difficult from that standpoint it's expedient thing. That he can do is go up there it's going to be second nature to him and so any gravitated toward they got agreement to quality. He got to really understand diagnosed defenses. The really cool part from beyond you know I gave a lot of times they'll watch the game is now watching again in my home. And I can see it on the replay arrow lodged in adults which you version later. But to be alive and seem go to checks and inaudible and moving guys around if I mean it was it was. It was problem for me because I get to see firsthand you know what little artwork everything paid off premise that a physically those don't just let. Disturbed. That it approach he takes getting ready and the work he puts in during the week and it has CNET payoff live right premium content is critical deal. Caddie and he may have manager older brother let her dad or your other brother and I was the head coach at Bakersfield Christian guys have a great years here. Here's the OC in your dad's the the quarterback coach just eat at the invite are meant that there grew up around not just the faith based of people you are. Just the football and firemen your brother grew up around not just from you quit your other brother and dad it's amazing. Yeah I really is you're blessed me and I mean my dad was read when I was growing up that you would on his old VHS recorder it would just record you know. John Elway and Marino and all these guys playing they would go back we watch the fundamentals that would go on the back here at least six and simulate it translates just you know do it again. It's it would just got there and mimic those guys reverend Derrick was thrown right into the middle because. It's who's coming appease Blake peonies elementary school but overall actual football games and college games and sit at their next to me in the post games for president on. He tickled to Houston and those little things so like an experience standpoint he's mean he's lived it so there's not no like I was I was excited to display often because. If that would have been too good either because in the playoff games principles mean he hasn't played in the games split he's been around that atmosphere and seeing what it takes to get ready for those moments so. I was kind of over policy for me is that he get to miss an opportunity you get in the plastic on these arrests of sister but initial picture. And hopefully commenting I think if he plays they beat Denver in May when the AFC west that we played last week but how quota the band to have him play that game in Houston against your former for a picture it's under the original draft pick the Texas or if they can watch that game on Saturday. I mean you know honestly I mean everyone else I mean our mindset in obediently when me and him talked it was even on. On a wild card game playing Houston it was going to play the big one in about it and Texas against. That was that was you know I mean I wanna I wanna say that they wouldn't be in a game be different now we did really good football team they can lost the game plan but yeah it was. It was worlds colliding and got some pictures from some fans that had you know my Jersey on with publishers see on cannot they're tailgating and in the parking lot down there. And energy stadiums those it was a pretty cool deal I guess some cool Patricia some doubt political. A cool experience to them there and watch him play that game but it'll it'll be another day. Am every quarterback and the raiders area 04 and everything came in 06. When you came idol wouldn't lawn and you at minus five yards passing. That. Absolutely. I can trouble college got there was way and what you want but if you act this game is. And we've looked at that and did that try to get pitched a one year and and in one year we did an Oakland and I I don't know man I can't. He is. Number one pass defense that Nnamdi Asomugha was. Yeah Beirut and religion were still talking about that game and he was incredible that he used to get as long arms on you and play inside leverage your receivers they were you know when you get to have somewhere else. And that is the great actor there and nights you don't original and it's. Aaron and I Lecce culpable level have you gotten it because it is a problem that your thoughts in Moscow an extra ten biggest threat. Yeah there. He hasn't get a card and I got in a phone networks and thoughts on access to the new time at 3 PM good prop. He's great on TV looks good he share these he's a natural. On TV and it was just they could have a lot on it is game that I remember. They've never won back to back games in Houston's history and establishing an around demolish it marks Abby you know as to its influence and service. Very Rich Gannon got hurt Kerry Collins at the quarterback there. And I think it was the first time they went back to back in franchise history and he he he promised to shake his hand he shaved his head. Down after they won the game and carrier really struggled in the game all male lock them. But they wound up winning and they want to have for the first time in their franchise's history. Colin back to back pictures but anyway. So now obviously. He got Derek progression this year has really been impressive to me and when you're in the middle of it. You don't really have time to appreciate I think he appreciated it more when he when you don't have as you know kind of hoping. Well he's just one position and then. The other guys so pick up in August a lot of applying the strength of this team is that offensive line those two wide receivers in the stable running backs they'll be fine. But the reality is you lost your heart and soul. You lost your leader and you lost your your brain scanner and Derrick and he is one of those guys I I didn't know if he can advance this year and do it. To limit its turnovers the way he did and to play the way he did this year. Was really remarkable. This young guys grown up. That's gonna have to solve Denver secondary in Kansas City secondary that advocates on a Marriott Crabtree got covered. And to give him a target to get the ball out of those guys that Derek are. He's a great teammate he's a great leader. He's a great husband he's a great guy nobody could say of Edward plus he's fond. But he comes out to warm up before games you just as a child like for instance the bottom. Where he's just gonna go ball but then he's Smart in the way he's able to Iran I look at a quarterback. And of their brilliance of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to me is it's evolved. Is their impact on the running game. And they just see though softness in your fraud they were checked to a rod Brady did it's so many times against us Manning with the temple. And America's got there is relief. Got there I would have loved your heart breaks for the franchise but as David was saying. Just the ability but today for her to play a playoff game he's certain he usually what 120 he's ever won twelve. And then not be able to quarterback their team. In a playoff so when you look at the years is one singular moment. And you know he's fought to stay updated go down triple Donnelly got their foot trapped in. You know which it broke and it broke your hearts this year so. But they're going to be loaded next year come back but it's just you just realize. Exactly what you have here in this guy when you lost him. The whole thing just that was a house of cards he put it all up and all fell down after he got here. All of their car out as he stepped up and offer it would have been nice center for over 4000 ours but he's obviously due for a big time paid a next season last year of his contract so sure raising McCain he's working at the pleasure obviously next year next year he'll be last year nation you don't have to deal now that you've got to do and I'm guessing they'll have to work on that during the offseason right pop. Luckily Ailes first he sees. Well there all the same dress honduras'. I you have to pay him there's no question I get after structure. And the other issue really I think is the backup quarterback and I was with Matt outlawing the de. Derrick was drafted. And I Matt's just kinda oblivious to things unfortunately we have some mutual friends who went out today and they'll. That night he got in it was a cheap and we are at a place this guy shows up at all chief skier head to toe she's sheets for coming over. And we're hanging out without any sense of she's fine you know and then about an hour into it matchup a couple of years and this is greater now. In before they actually go locket out he's got to the got to pull that off the guys are cattle that. That feisty Pennsylvania Adam but I I never brought it up that day. And I've ever being a man that night in thinking. He's just lost his chance here. If they get drafted Derrick and we'll see how he plays they've got a job. As well but it is thought. He's just he's acted against change it's easy. He quarterback achieve those six games at the end of his rookie year mad men are clawing. And drafting it to your car was they were and Derek get a lot of room to raw obviously being shot on quarterback at Fresno stated. Adolor user's center of look at him now. You're three which leads to. What they do with the backup quarterback position where blowing and I have a different opinion. Today that I was two weeks ago or even January 1 minute of the different opinion of Matt Millen. I think they have to address the backup quarterback situation and I inning Matt Lloyds play and it's hard because it was soaked danced. It was shooting before even you know gave you the first blu eighty set you know seven about it. But he did not handle. That situation reports. And it was shocking. He got rattled. There are some mistakes made around him a false start maybe there to readjust it was cadence. But they. They eat it is did not handle well he did not play well and they lost confidence in him but he was not healthy he could not play in my opinion. In this game on Saturday and used their shoulder was so bad he could not drive the front army struck in his elbow into trips. He is could not open up and fired and he was gonna be compromise that you were forced to play. Cotter cook. But the reality now it is. What do you do that backup quarterback and that is what ultimately. I'd do it this season if you just did not have strong and back a play. In either the number two and number and I go back to remember the day that third pre season game. When Dave the starters played the whole first at. They let him start the third quarter. And Jack was the only guy he didn't tell bill musgrave and so on of the office of coaches. He just in the middle of a series told their to leave to come off the field. And you audit that outlawing to go in and for everybody do it yes. In hindsight. What kind of wisdom was that particular what do you do let Derek finished the drive. But what he was doing was what ultimately happens it's gonna happen out of no. He's getting hurt something's gonna happen that's what you're preparing for you don't want to get hurt. But that is what their job it is if he can't goal and you got to come out here lie and no can we still gul. And answers now. They couldn't. And I III agent Matt is. Hell of a guy like him personally. But his lack of size. Does bother me and it's a big reason why he was not drafted to start with and there have been other small quarterbacks that Drew Brees probably go on cancer. And I think he he may be taller than mad but that he's undersized. And it's not 61 he's 511 Helena 8510 on what he has. But the lack of size. Is a problem one of his first throws New Year's Day in Denver that out but owner is right got deflected. At the pass rush doesn't get there let it get their hands up and it hit a bad calls Donna Brock rushed other six taking a lot of balls thrown by the doctors is a little recorder released. But I think if you look at this situation and they've got a lot of areas this football team you have to address. I never thought I would really say this NC it's changed all in less than a date January the ninth at nine days this is all changed and we can today. But I think you have to look into. Another backup quarterback. And you have to see where Mets opportunities are what the market is for him Cotter cook. Again in the latest CBA is written this collective bargaining agreement you can't bring him Atlanta were the touch down in bill musgrave we should be there tomorrow let's go then he got a lot of work to deal he played fine. That was unfair to ask him to do that that was not to play at a for an ever to dress for game but he had to. So you're gonna have to look into what's the I want a veteran. Back up quarterback that does not need to get any wraps. And he just goes in place. And then Conor would be the perfect their developmental young guy you want the way you want ability quarterback room if you want a guy for now. You ought to guy in case there's an injury and you want a guy for tomorrow Trotter cooks tomorrow Erica is at your car is now. Who's that guy in case. We have a catastrophe. Longer and guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick will be available Brian Hoyer might go in and out attempted I a planet you know geno I slanted side. Jim Hill now with professor at the fifth. I mean Michael and it would be the best choice but I do believe he deserves a chance to be start and I would pick Michael Landon. Override Fitzpatrick tactic like Lannan can't predict its entry edit some he's played. Sixteen touchdown as the source succeeds as accomplices were sentenced to Telesis stats are for losers and that is shocking terrible that she figured it out there are moments he's just efficient. Mike let it would be the guy Matt Cassel I think would be interesting guy. I don't know but I think if you look at this offseason. In and I saints hang up by MetLife agent. She or what options he has I think Matt going of that Tuesday game thought he could be a starter in this league that's that it happened now. Which is an issue so you back up quarterback there was are about time a few years ago when you wanted to pay for the back up quarterback that's evident that it became. A luxury item but again your one heartbeat away you're one snap it below way. From this thing all Indy in he has yet cover yourself in that case though. Adding they have to go look at a veteran quarterback is if you get it could take what he told us 99.9 percent of the reps. Yeah I have a guy's gonna get no reps and be over the plight that target and it's hard so the guys that can do that. Veteran guys that have already played. And a lot of snaps not let us not played a lot but he has started and keep the most capable Fitzpatrick would fit that mold and anybody by him as a starter I don't know. But this thing all you lost the whole deal here. Because you had to go to the backup quarterback so there are a lot of Aries this team you have to address but he got to find yourself a backup quarterback you feel. Right now McClellan says he's looking for some more that'll give them a chance it before storm roll to that I say go look how would not want to must start are my 2 o'clock. Brewers quickly fortunes you know that did you know that 957 game is partnering with the day every sports hall of fame. And show well looked to be their look at their music pop. Look grinding here Buena listener of 957 game is like being part of a celebrity athletes odds are rots. Because the 95 cent of the game dream sports experience gives you the shot to rub shoulders with celebrities and sports heroes again it's Tuesday January 17. Gold of 957 game dot com to make a bit earlier during sports experience you can win being like a giants look for luxury suite experience giants VIP experience golf experience. All that good stuff right here in my departs every game the bigger sports hall of fame to help kids in need. And pop let's help greater France went about 2016. And feel good about the season twelve wins or losses a playoff spot for the first time since 2002 we'll talk about the rate your season. Right here on 95 super again. Now back to raider Monday here's Greg Papa and Dante hill I 95 point seven the game. Three straight drop in the end zone looks left. He throws one down the side. There they Stanford fans they dragged its site at the writers hold the site editor from middle with sandy pup flagged down it's a touchdown. Dick Jacobs chanted. Decided finally. He is dropped there shouldn't be. Inside each day hated the road to the bag what do. It is safe to eat. Play action they roll the quarterback Michael. A tight end Ryan. Quite that well they're excited covered but. Nobody had to check out the blue side and I splattered his boot it right at the end zone for a touchdown this. Cash you're killing a neck hair that covered strategy was just Smart if he ran into the back corner to pick up 84 nobody else rolled that way. At all so whether it's. Personnel. Issues. Scheme issues communication. Issues. There later gave defense this year at issues. And they were not good against the pass they were not good against the run. They they ranked in the bottom courts around the league and bought those categories. They were intermittently goody on third down the best thing they did was take the ball away but in the end when he had to take the ball away. They couldn't take it away and going and this came about today. Friday I was reasonably. Allison encouraged but I thought. With that Houston's offense this is the best match up by far. The raiders could have and is is the one of the worst. Offenses you're ever qualify for the playoffs if you delete. And they still found a way to a game bought a shank short field on your fortieth from a pick on your. Four yard line seagate and ten points but still. They got to 27 you know there there averages about seventeen but the raider defense this year. Is a problem and you have a lot of money built in the office it's a salary cap league. Yet the most expensive offensive line in football and you may have to upgrade at right tackle Matt elect steals up in I have to do something there. So but there you know that he got to go Marie steele's not even have to do something there. Are pay him more. So but the over the other side of it over on defense as you pay it some money to David amber said you paid some money big money insurance and it. He drafted Carole Joseph. You know he had an existing injury so slow to get there that he got hurt at the end of the year. But his lack of size covering tight ends he's not a guy you could match up with these titans. Whether it's Antonio Gates or Travis Kelsey. Are hot hand reissue of noted so as I look at the raider. Defense proceeding forward. Can I just get to the average. Where it's an average defense and you watch some of these teams that got by top goods Atlanta's defense. Knowing what defense because it Belichick and his very third down packages as nickel packages like eight of them. There to start to solve. In the end more specifically in the AFC Kansas city's defense at the end of the offense. Pittsburgh got those three great offensive players that he had to deal with their defense of their blitz packages. Houston's got a really good defense so. I. What you know at the corners good enough let's just start. With the corners because I think the fraud is going to be all right Jack spoke moaning elective inside pass rush when he hit. Mario Edwards junior back and healthy hopefully it'll stay healthy. I think with a healthy Stacy McKee mr. happy here at the end then Jihad ward I think felt culture mop it'll be better late the movie better. I think that the huge. A huge. X-Factor of assaulting. The result and Smith. If they can get all that back. And be more creative with movement Khalil around the way to Texans move around merciless in which the other team Stephen up. Bring him in over Carter bring Herbert over a guard or over the NB Kaplan a walk around and alt and getting back. If you get all the Smith back. And that's a big hit from house what's the Osce is gonna break for him. In a Randy Gregory comes back for an hour that you're particularly for years that went out but a bald and comes back. This year your fraud just your down line and I actually heals of that mix in urban and that may actually playing at. At 34 or five chew or an over under on the fourth three units in the crash technique guy that you're back to more at 34 from Alderman. And Khalil is that is that good enough mix with the young guys in the middle with Dana Williams and jelly on the nose in the basin and can you generate enough pass rush for Mario inside if you get all that back I think you're good enough. Right I agree I agree to the front seven commutes even if defense blind Alden and the Mac that I think that's good enough to win. Alkaline that. Good enough no I don't play great planet he played it fell off such a nice guy front yet do you pay now and Smith can Malcolm. What exactly is Malcolm strength. Hey you know we can't guard the tide and then that dials a problem all season long you need a linebacker legal sideline to sideline he'll somebody and you you're not gonna. You know there's nobody and I don't think in free agency or and and it can be Michael Vontae David where he docile and sire line played three downs anyone Els linebackers I try to change clear rice is here is a stud. The free agent linebackers on scene here. You know Donta hightower can he guard tied in can be covering backs up that joke now to slow things are right there on mayor ray right arm mr. hawk that FactSet says dude seal more so you can stick their plan needs it sounds Mitt Karlos Dansby doubly Jamie Collins analog wireless industry Carl is he's not a terribly these available when it's 36 years old. I always a lot of Karlos Dansby years ago Iowa Carlos or anybody Nick Roach you're ought to Karlos Dansby I don't know I'd have to study but then. That the cornerback play when your boy AJ Louie de hoop he's a free agent top now they're talking about. That he espionage on Saturday in their marriage is that an international woman he loves him. That's what Derrick I know I obviously Nicky butt and Josh. I just gonna he's an overrated Q just mormons is don't play. This guy to his agent boy's day is a cover man demand press quarterly along are you could tackle. But I I don't want to that this delete sticky Josh Norman they get it out of. I don't know but guys like Darius Butler Terence Newman. Malcolm butlers are restricted free agent to be in Susan see we'll Belichick does there. He wore a bunker play has become very good university calorie. A record number two corner pro football focus this season Morris Claiborne in Dallas I think he's under achieved a bit but he's a free agent may keep may be could get a discount them in the wanna you know proved so that's a relief. Values can't. Cut Amber's shields in the shots on the economy. And a page that you need a nickel and you guys on the slot. Do you each day. Show something that the irony here in the campus option last year so he's out there. Do you. When you DJ. Is he good enough that slot do you buy one of these guys like the raging bully. I've seen it go on the slot allotment rejects it was down so we can go in the slot and can also play outside. So when you go to you're there could be charged mr. Hewitt third. And make him go outside in the nickel and boy side. So why would you want to buy. Is that there guys if you ought to bring DJ back yet look at the rule what you wanna get a guy that can go outside. It's TJ Carrey makes it TJ it's a good player. He's good enough to be here three. That's an area. What they think I ought to show you David Emerson sons Michael I economic right. Right and that includes soft jam on a goal line there and in on the running play Lamar Miller millions followed a guide for that you know she's crucial to fake reverse action but he. A couple times just wasn't lost on Iraq plays Smith was very very disappointed prop. I think that that screen pass to to Booker on New Year's Day in a third team he couldn't get off the block. He just got in got dragged out never got off the block and urged the game's over 79. So I mean but how good is the defense need to be. But he could dare back in this offense going in the offensive line healthy. And they scored in the high twenties. And you know. How does it need to. While I think this defense pop this season. This team was good enough to get to the AC championship Derrick Carter who believe that with the bye week and a home game a car quarterback. She makes a FC championship and then you never know what happens and the chief it's good enough to get you at that point so you gotta say this defense could get anywhere in the top fifteen. The better half for the lead. Peter Cook and assault and. But they're enough there are not and a dog a Samoan so I got an excuse. Scheme wise you know sometimes they're dismissed aligned. And it's a problem when you went to camp with nearly nominal linebacker and he just not good enough that he got hurt your ring or change their rookie and he's not good enough. Yeah carry around a junior keeps it together but I Italy they just blown assignments. Just blown coverages were two guys total one guy and they leave a guy like an enemy that that will dot Weiler Ron go back and watch not illegal just instinctively want to pick up Brian Griffin and corner. There's nobody was gonna go there they just blew the coverage and Helio was quick that maybe was late getting out I see it that way. And now the players talking about bush on Smith give let's Reggie Nelson shot thinks he has help inside rollicking get their from the middle. I mean a lot of it is just your players there. Just average to below average in some areas they get kicked out matchups body deal with Kelsey Tyreke can help. In Kansas City and Denver ever get stolen again analytic at a radicalized subtle I mean I am what you're thinking just play. Average inept play decidedly below average are you good enough in Q what this group. And another year in this system and they get coached up differently in their tighter. Could they be average I guess the question yet again do you. Do you bring Norton junior back I didn't like what I saw at times in the Houston Texas game assault Mac Irvin on insane asylum Mario it was junior lined double over and l.'s. You bring back can Dorn junior commas plain dizzy gift from this. Giving out the the other head coach is in charge of the defense that loses that's where he played that's his coaching pedigree we know bill and there but he runs the offense in the offensive coaches he makes executive decisions on the office. Obviously no huddle no holding on in. But beyond that it's after the head coach to fix the defense that's why it's it's disappointing here. And you really hear the defense played lights out if you lost quarterback in your offensive line and it was going to be a hard. Our heart out anyway illusion and so yeah I mean you could not tell anybody and just you know I don't know if you fire cal Vicki fires can. I think you may be reassigned him. It becomes a linebacker coach again Jack calls the defense. How many head coaches called defense even Belichick doesn't call. The entire the defense to kind of get it together I think Jack jumped in a couple of games you called it I I I wonder how much you call it that was more of that was not a Ken Norton junior defense who has all the while Turkey and they believe it's so much he's not a blitzer. Sought enough they just thought the only got to get us while their office spot you know we don't worry is let's just go get on. Get a office body will not reset but they they played a very different defense of gay panic they felt like they couldn't cover. An addict they had heat up the pass rush so if you look at everything they got to assess first apologists you know Howell. Much work do they have to put into the defense so much better does it have to be comedy Dallas Connecticut allocate that side of the ball because the offense you mention. There actually cost money Khalil is gonna cost money you know how much do you have left to really sharp strong guys overboard by and you guys for your defense. Let's get uplifted on this Monday it is sets on Monday when little coup boost pistol. Monday edition right here and after like couple pots and impress again. And now it's time wound for the caboose system with Greg Paul pulled in bone to weigh in on Tony five point seven the game. So. We heard the stories that almost slipped. I. That gay and yours we cleaned fairly friendly caboose pistol gentlemen walker weakened really sucked this week in which he says. Yells a downer it's. It it's probably the one of the best times of the NFL playoffs. And is coming weekend as we but there have been their their prison gray while card games in the past like take it like last year. There was a great game between the Steelers in the dangles. In how funny a year hands if it was a battle. But now you have two people involved in that game at the very an average reporter. In Adam Pacman Jones got to a fight yeah funny or boat veterans day and Adam Pacman Jones arrest a couple of weeks ago for multiple. Multiple counts. Disorderly conduct obstructing official business and then last night in a victory parade Joey Porter went to a local Pittsburgh bar. And got drunk yielded a dormant then assaulted a police officer so. A funny year makes for a while her weekend for both these guys. They're running in that same bouncer. Guy would let him in casino on the last night was their services showing showed up there he'll elements. Kind of ironic. These don't click on been placed on leave. Dean Acheson received clearance he had never puts Ali Libyan troops in the CP makes a trip to Kansas City. He want a net play off game last year I covered apathy overtaken the the flag against pac man it was yep. So last year there all four row wild card winners of off or the locker games were won by the wrote that history excerpt yup. The floor. Last year he had always Kansas City shut out the Texas. I'll Davis in and we talked about Pittsburgh and Cincinnati the next the next day remember our. Arms Blair Walsh missed that field action against the by gets to see us Dan is like and I want to see Green Day went into it won't be watching together Friday asked so all four road teams lost lap are all fort awful road teams won last year. All four home team news. Wanda this weekend. Off for all teams win this weekend and well you know that's kind of interesting because. It happened last year the last and have a before that was like ten years ago so it's done it doesn't have that often anymore. Actually it's yours ought to win its fifth year irritated after. There yeah. Meant that the green Bay's alive dog against Dallas they can go on their win that game course Seattle can't count them out at Atlanta. I think it's different when it's even though I'd be telling the steps up to answer. Hail Mary through again the irony is that your corrupt catches that seam route the plane before they don't get in Pakistan while there are going to have I have dry got pop idol linebacker should eleven catching the clock to run I would throw that seam passes a second ago they are more play. And it's rained okay Hunsicker it is Mary for over the history of the sport Sudanese. I real quick us Def Currie has been our two great shows this week he came on our show and then he made an appearance on Family Guy last journalist adolescent. The pricing its Golden State Warriors star stepped. Like I'd step on such a big and thanks is nice to meet him and know we just met but can I should on your lap during your next post game press conference this sir. I'm through a nut. This is exciting for the whole Bay Area. To be just four games away from the championship ad I know the teams not just gonna go away though we got to stay focused you dole we've been going fat lady. That Jackson eighty via a senior Peter snicker golf that's not how we talk to people. Oh. Squashing rightly too which are right. That actually step it all yep that was stuff. The big week for us maybe he recorded an after our show and he hit me on ago the fifth and gone family guys. Our real quick are dead so you'll need to get fired please go ahead and read these things are gonna. You have been in a listener vetted by seven. Took a trip reflective particles liberty Japanese author out of the 957 game drew sports experience gives you the shot the roadshow was celebrities and sports hero. We can't stay. January 17 got a 957 dot com to make a bit on your dreams sports experience unforgettable life in sports experiences that you and friends will never forget all proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame. To help. The great kids in need of update. Period end zone. Kennedy got red that we would get fired I think I think you are very hard to our Brian Meehan we're expendable I fired with hey. Their claws are happy accurate of that like battery and no I'm not re you like elected I figured out yet I've ever. Our plants our weekly I think demo winds at Kohl's one bomb right Clinton I wanna CC begin knocked off this urged Democrats to come up. Yes the players. PA and all these. Got going apart knock authorities are occasion I moderate forces are you got to lose first or government for Sony headaches are paid to shop Watson and food to NFL quarterback may be woken talk about and we have a couple drinks and closing habit every linebackers understated acting I should pick up cleanly linebackers on them at Clemson. Rubin Foster number two and watch them a number fifteen a believe this Tim Williamson drama he's a stud and in dim ball where Clinton hoping he's three down linebacker but boy can stop the run their. But hey it's Forte like I got all the clocks and they have a linebacker or not to be Rolando below wall Vienna and workouts who is in jail time and enjoyed or he might be in jail Pacman bogeys somewhere that eleventh sit in that Lee. But it's time for report kitty cats contest here's a chance to win a thousand dollars text the cold word. Such as and catch the ball Michael Crabtree to 7288172881. Text the Cold War kids seven to 881 Mets it's in data rates apply. The pot we'll talk tomorrow we'll talk all college football clubs in the heart of our football lower and lower Rome on its abuse go with David Bruce is on deck with a lovely Jian and write your money by seven game.

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