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Mike Sando

Jan 10, 2017|

Mike Sando covering the NFL for ESPN, breaks down wild card weekend when he joins the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the Damon Bruce show coming off the wildcard weekend we're very happy to welcome back to the program an old friend of the program Mike Santo columnist and Mike always good to have you stop on by it's been awhile how are you man. There are doing great to step back from Houston where will in thanking. And we got you know this could be the work matchup based on the quarterback and that there were like every matchup with a twenty point game and point game. Act was not a very competitive wild card weekend in a year where there are only concerned about. Ratings and whatnot I mean what a look at the numbers but I think the next round games is gonna provide a single a whole lot more competition and let's face it sometimes. Competitions based on circumstances. And the Oakland Raiders were handed one of the worst set of circumstances I've seen a team. It handed heading into the post season not only do they go ahead and lose Derek carded a broken ankle but Donald and can't go in the game they lost Rodney Hudson for a little while Bruce Irvin left for a little while they both returned. It was just it was a date to lose a football game if you look at the tea leaves. Yeah yeah it really wasn't any you know I think Oakland comes out of that he's. Feeling better than you and that so. Second term moving forward in the New England. Quarterback broke out there whose outlook and all of a look at you know spoke about. Their whole operation with you know and quarterback decision could potentially create leverage their. The great changes. The these amounts over operators to more bad luck thank you city. He'll lead out the window you know that it wasn't like Paul. One can't seem to have. They cut back on form and go to the next season. You and record and edit it. Let's talk a little bit about the ramifications. From this season and what we saw. Do you think we're gonna see Connor cook going forward is this team's number two thanks for the memories map my point. Well it just makes cents. I think that ruling could find a market or consult they're not as a starter got there early but it someone news. In the mix and maybe have a better chance to acquire and I think when they drafted Clark looked at you you were thinking probably you know that. It cook could be the number two now. I have felt that form having the clinic gained note that apple though I'll a year and a game plan and go play. On the road against number one do you interpret yard to let out a letter on that eat at the top five feet. Leave. That's hard to look good in that situation out kind of let that side of the Golan and you probably think I could do it. All eyes will be under Carr would expect it to. Will be exactly what would it go. With the emergence of Jalen Rashard ND Andrei Washington do you think that they're gonna go ahead and quickly resign would take his Murray. At that position I think yet to be careful going over the top. We have a special guys submarines that group you have multiple cars their readers going forward. You know have to be a little more airports and they're at that point where. Age is an unlimited data kept me here in every law they're really. What was up. A little back. There are you're thinking about their long term future public capture and that that and how much at stake is in a lot of a lot of whatever here well. You know they'll come back with a quarterback that line right right sure it. If you get a great offer a moral or feel like we're dollar I think the later that little more selective now they've been in the past. Mikes and go from Here on raider Monday in 957 game Jack del Rio's got Mike twice and bill musgrave. With contracts that are up I think he should definitely bring the both of them back. Ken Norton junior didn't have the best hand dealt to him I don't know if he played the hand it was dealt him the best anyone caught up I mean it was an adventure all year long. In or defensively for the raiders do you think there might be an upgrade to be made there or does del Rio's loyalty to staff carried the day. No I don't think there could be you know I don't have and I thank but I think there. Yet Sylvia has a clear that I want would be used secret code. You know there are to be during the season that he became a little more and automate. And improve defensively as result that he has or not. Partner for our current ever. But patent and the defense to play caller before coming to. An adequate you know beat welcoming to Oakland what thanks Jack Del Rio will have. Better information and rest of us on how it went in the hole and go wanna move forward in the way in. We will get our answer basically. Based on how you perceive there I think you gotta be honest and open reassessing. And constantly trying to get better and that doesn't mean you're disloyal but you gotta receptive and we need to find out the Nazis and that it was Jack put your hand on the beat and get it going again or pay. He has grown in the world by. Absence makes the heart grow funder. But what about it growing in MVP campaign and making that louder. You know look at it's tough to beat guys who were out their plan and Aaron Rodgers had an incredible happened Matt Ryan had an incredible year in sure Tom Brady can be your deep balls setting of MVP. Over any of the last ten years and it wouldn't have been that much of an argument to make it. But I really thought that Derek Kerr. I'm I don't know if you can mean more to your football team and what Derek Carr went to the raiders and without him. They absolutely. Fell apart on both sides of the ball in the last two weeks Mike didn't didn't take too much research to look this up. But in the last two week in Denver. And in Houston the raiders were four for 27 on third down without her car. They were and how they also played. Denver very good defense ladies and very good defense and San Diego I don't think is a great defense it was top five internal or group in Little League noted. Number god knows that the team can beat up on quarterbacks. All things factored in I think it and I felt like Aaron Rodgers on a team that basically lost Eddie lacy. Pat Perino grounding in the form perhaps the year injuries. That's when they're a defense that at one point during their losing streak would love like 38 court. Was able able inability to run the people and it mattered though at this way. Incredible like that football would make him actually point. Your point is well made that if we're just talking about value. We have the results when you know the game's maker of I do think though that that award is more than that. That's one element that it but it also like your claim great. When it matters the most helps you. End Derrick Clark couldn't do that he is you know he wasn't able to be out there unfortunately. It is unfortunate the way it all ended it was such an exciting season every single week was in many heart attack and they were aggressive they were going for fourth down. Two point conversions everything was coming up Del Rio for so long and then. When the magic ran out it totally ran out speaking of magic running out Mike let's talk about the niners they would like to see a little mantra cook again. With both a GM and coach it feels like Josh McDaniels is now. You know number one target anybody's looking for a quarter for a coach. If you're the number one coaching prospect why would you come to the 49ers. Are also seen some pretty. Derogatory articles written about how jet is turned off a lot of people from even interview. Are mean and number one appeal would be. Of all the openings this one has the yen double into that you know that dynamic alignment between the yen critical look at your coach. And replace. And you get it happened assurances leader contractors. A good about it are meeting with it. You revealed the move forward. And get the same page where. Amity and you liked it Aegean use a higher and how that goes. In it is. I think you could feel better about that than going to buffalo word regret what I am. As. Not been given all the information from ownership and not really sure seem ghost everywhere now so. Ottawa they could none of these openings are open becomes corporate situation right in as a candidate and the candidate used at AA. It is my best anti climatic yet but so are all forgot all of this starts fallen on Brady. Is going anywhere. For the next couple years in and people in. You know scheming ability. Is recognize frequently get obviously Robert Ebert has great got a great job liberty without. I think an organization yet to build a culture that now located Alia be leading our our operate that's org now. And so you know from candidates perspective. You're never gonna feel greatly awarded on or not come back every year. Because he looks at all these places and you can easily find fault of all right. I mean you're not go somewhere where there's a great AM get along with everybody a good quarterback. Volvo order and good roster. Those up on there and govern the access code you know you're ignorant. At York may not be a good owner that you're able your view on the roster the whatever all of those. Could do me any hand and that's been looked at them. The trap up would this Mike the Chip Kelly experiment obviously fell as flat as possible couldn't even get to it. Jim Tom sowell was win total and dismissed after one year we just saw cal let Sonny dykes go there's a pac twelve opening. Especially in the town he's living in it's easy to connect the dots I I I don't think that that's the right move for Kelly out and you know would be the right move for gal. Might excite people for a while but. You know I think his his dependency is on in a leap program with high powered backing at the college level and he just doesn't have all of that it cal. What do you think happens next to Chip Kelly. Well. He shouldn't take in the corner job probably in retrospect community he was going into a situation you know months last night. Although street reviews and it's time. And it didn't go well which they were to report back electric said that were he ordered and the beacon or. You're a little bit I don't wanna know what they went to import in the world what exactly want to get a better be. The sport where it Palin that I could definitely argued that bank how it's be it. The Al opening. About all of a college openings nowhere. Immediate count god should it is a great he knows landscape he knows that. Conference. He's proven to be agree it is different college level totally different from the road neutral. On that system works great they're both. But he can recruit there's that he can build up the place and the growth of the plate so. What about it out of both order. The vessel on the I don't know but I just so good for now she's you know I'd be I'd make a habit for help hired. If I were you I'd say look I just got sent to Houston to watch a third string quarterback play Brock costs Weiler how about this week you send me for a little Aaron Rodgers Dak if I'm new on picking. Packers cowboys on Sunday is the game I'm going to see in person where you go on Mike. Yeah I I agree I love it Aaron Rodgers. In the reminded me of my but I Orleans crime in the late emperor in the pocket his feet he's not look at batters he used slide. Left right forward back. At that. Robbery with the except let it does them. He is really look like a great athlete at the peak of his power and millions are well statistically but it is fun to watch him when he. Our apartment and my wife on the phone today and she was not you know all the sports that is like. Arena football them all much at all at. You like it in and I love what writers and you know that's a casual man. Who who really was inspired by the performance that it got it was unbelievable. It was that you're. There's never a situation where I'm like oh hail Mary you might be in trouble here for Roger's like any L Mary. It's like if they keep it feels a coin flip chance that this could actually happen here so. The guys unbelievably shows up when it mattered most Mike thank you for showing up when it mattered most as great catch and up demand. Wherever they send you have a good time. Always good to hear from mikes and go we've been talking football basically since I sat down in this chair of the Golden State Warriors they deserve a little bit of attention to. And a couple of the numbers that I found as those get ready for yesterday's pregame officially interesting we're gonna talk about the balance. Between the Big Three shooters next here on 957 in the game.

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