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Tim Roye

Jan 10, 2017|

Voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye, joins the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The one and only Tim drawing the voice of the Golden State Warriors is brought to us by portion of Fremont opportunity awaits a portion of Fremont and of course lets you know that all warriors guests in certainly ten skull. Always sound better certainly an FM if you don't mind me saying no static at all also the sound fantastic you're wearing JB a wireless headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors and us here. And 957. The game. Well pretty interesting bounce back win over the Sacramento Kings after the you know everyone was talking about it blew it at home in overtime in in the fourth quarter loss to beat. Memphis Grizzlies and Tim will go back in and talk about that in just a second but you finally got to head up to the golden one senator for real game you saw in person. What is your review of the kings sparkling new palace. I think it's beautiful it's absolutely beautiful it's got. He has got it's got they they dated for the of their fans so if you walk around there are. Like if an old Tower Records sign from the old Tower Records building in Sacramento and there's other landmark deal local vendors there. Produced some of the food. And so so I think and if they really did nice it's a beautiful building once you're inside it's it's got. You all the amenities who wants notes they did really nice challenge looks quite unique from the outside as well yes it is I'm not sure they're going for but this particular at. But beyond that an architect feed yourself you know who knows. I liked it I would love to go in their broadcast. A game during the day when maybe that some of that light would filter through I think going to be pretty cool. We'll natural light to illuminate an NBA game it's been awhile since I think we've actually seen that happened in the game. So let's illuminate the Golden State Warriors a little bit because it's very fashionable to. Reach for panic buttons when they lose a game they have lost a grand total. Of six games in each one of these losses has come with a certain degree of panic. The only time I thought that not panic applied but actual disappointment applied was the loss to the Memphis Grizzlies at home. They blew a nineteen point lead to an inferior team based on their lack of focus and decision making at the end we saw drain Mon. Blow up on Kevin Durant. And in many instances that could be a toxic moment I think it might be one of the single most important moments this team has had. All year as they're using this regular season. As a laboratory to figure out what does and doesn't work. You know I think what would you solitary line is is exactly why you love it's a passion. He's passionate about things in and he had appointed to make Acadia he made it. And he didn't do it in a way where he was you know just dismissive. It was a way like hate we've got this than this we have these options on the floor let's take advantage of these options on the floor let's do it this way. This is what works for us and I think. It's it's. That they're not such a great start and it would balk and I have to I glossed over the fact that they are blending in all these new new bodies. He all of a sudden you know why is Zaza Pachulia playing better now because now he's comfortable he's been out there for couple months for these guys he's used to it he knows. You know he knows where his openings are going to be nosy and get a straight line in the basket off of certain. You know switches and things like that and in so. I think it's all part of in the process in I think. I think you'll see them attack the fourth quarter a lot differently. In games and and let's face it they this was not you know drew round trip on his post game press cameras was absolutely right this was not a new. Situation. And they've been doing this for a the last month or so. Where they control the game they have a lead and I kind of relax and take if off the gas you can't do that nearly in the no matter what league you're talking about. He can't do that because is the only especially MBA all it takes one guy you're going in all the sudden everybody else's along for the ride and so. Memphis is a very good team and all the sudden you know Zach Randolph couldn't medicine and you know I think it would in the ninth street shops at one point and and so. You know the Daniels did a few threes which is why they signed him. And so so I think it was I think it was reflective of the way they were playing for about the last few weeks I think it was that type of game. It I think finally. The coaches couldn't you know conceal all they want but the Clinton players had to get you know. Source laughter I will be at the Palo PO OK on I guess I guess they're right we are doing the right things we are playing the right way in the fourth quarter so. I think gates and if I you know I've no problem with a happy in January you know but if we're tight like this. In April. Or march in and you try to gear for post he's one that I think we might have an issue. Right it's flying to say I'm glad we lost we can learn from it. Now you can't say that after you lose game two of seven game series exactly so I don't in your going someplace like Oklahoma City are like. You know this year Houston or alike you know the plane the clippers or the spurs you know going down there to play to grow yet exactly you'd have to clean this up. Over the next couple months and figure out how this group needs to play. When they're holding a lead so that they can you know go ahead and win the game in the same control infection that gap than that. You got curry Durant and clay almost mirroring each other shot for shot in terms of total number shots they've taken so far this year but what is I think a little bit of an anomaly that doesn't tell the truth about this team is that Klay Thompson who shot more than any other Golden State warrior. Now he's the rare third option. Who may go down in history is one of the ten greatest shooters of all time so it's very unique Tim and I'll admit that and end it but the also 22 to fill out that equation you also have to factor in the that. Iran has taken a whole bunch of free throws over to otter. Yeah or steal or on clay is not there still in the in the grand scheme of things you'll weathered I think at about handling the ball or take shot. It and it's still it is still pretty remarkable that the ballots there but the youngster ran and curry are getting a few more walks and and they need to start taking them I'm not saying they got to take him away from clay but. More way. It Ganassi evil I think is the formula for what's ailing them especially with fourth quarter offensive woes. Curry his cool clearly made the decision. To turn his game up over the last. 67 games are so I mean he is more aggressive he is passing up threes to attack the lane in a way we really haven't seen him do before. Although at least before in the in this season yeah on the east play more like he has last couple of years and I I think. Again I think that part of the deal part of their strength is also revealed their weakness I think that'd be the curry with being too nice in the evening he's being too deferential and and I think that. You know they weren't. Running the same offense they were Libya a year or so ago and and other ill little tweaks because a comedian Andy he had to do. He had to accommodate that so. I think I think he was kind easing his way into this year to kind of figure out. How he used to play alongside Kevin. And then you know at some point based harassing a you need to be a little more aggressive here you know you go back and be. And BP the staff we now and you know. What's funny is that I think the bar's been raised any tuchman has the bar for race Ohio last couple years. That LS the lawyers when every game by 25 points in the you know they're all assuming all of this team you know I mean. There's still he'll step was still averaging around 2324. Night with a number this is computing and a really good level just not to be unbelievable level. That he was able to accomplish last year's and soul. You know again you know I've said this a million times were were in you know NBA fantasy NBA Disneyland. And so I think we we ought to realize that there but we're we're still dealing with human beings here and they're gonna have good weeks and bad weeks. The voice of the warriors Tim Roy here I 957 game I thought Steve Kerr. Just knocked it out of the park with his Ted williams' analogy when he basically said look the only way hit 356 looks bad. Is if you hit for a sixty year before exactly and that it's just totally nailed does the situation. They are in right now. So a win. Very nice win over the always up to play the Golden State Warriors Sacramento Kings and I become more come home for four more at home starting with the let's see who's up next he got Miami Heat then he got the pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder I hope. There's no look and ahead with the of the hitter that the day's heat or the pistons with the cavs coming up on Monday. 90 I don't think you know especially coming on the heels of what happening in the game against Memphis I think their they're gonna build more focused I think they're going to be. Looking to you know work on certain things in their game posted to get better. You know had tablet with Kevin the other day in Sacramento. On this app called we boo or we will. And is it goes over to China with a few social media thinks it's allowed in the China. Not to agree to we're basically talking fro like 250000. Chinese and the fans. And so. And so he was saying that. You know he he's I asked him walk up safety try to provide during his seizing his MO is working and trying to figure out. You know how how to -- keep the from you know doing this are doing that. If they tend to over analyze I wanna get into the moment but more and not analyze everything down the last agree and I thought that was fascinating from a guy that you can just take over came the moment it. That he's thinking about you know like any delay of violence on you know if this. It was it was pretty actually hear him. It'd you know I've I've I'm interest in hearing even more from Kevin Durant he is caught I think in between. Being a superstar and being incredibly private and guarded and having a bad media taste in his mouth and Oklahoma City and obviously the warriors have cut back on the media he's doing here and an awful lot but it. I used to select get to know this guy a little bit better there something more interesting than just a quiet on the court player in Kevin Doran. You know I think I think that will come with I think Gately and it's a huge adjustment forum yet you think about he's played in. In his life in competitive basketball probably. Yeah what four different places you know high school college Seattle home city and now here now let's be that this this spot so. Especially after all those years with the Oklahoma City this is a huge change to different markets different. Lifestyles different size him Cherry Valley more traffic than he's ever battled. You know before his life yeah innocent and and those are different things he's adjusting you know on I think if I think I think you'll see that with time I think it's. It's it's a year for him to kind of adjusted his new surroundings his new teammates new coaching staff new way of playing. And so you know I think one of the things we Soledad that one possession. Where you can ask call the ball and gotten Delmon Young tried to hit that. Jump shot over Z Bo. And I think he would think what he happened was he kind of reverted back had in my mind to what meal what bowl Oklahoma City call will be calling either. You know screen roll west Bergen the ramp probably or clear out for Durant or Westbrook and that's what. That's what he is go to Wallace where with the warriors might need a little more action a little more. Ball movement the senate bill an open shot because they have so many other weapons. You entered the bulls what do you think it Korver. Don't cast. I think it's I think it's I think it's insurance with DR Smith being out and I think they look at that says okay. He is he in case two yard doesn't come back. You know the way they would like I think it's insurance for for that in hand. You know I think it there main goal and knowledge you know a lot of people don't like to admit that. One of the reasons they wandered the title was those last three games they were not there now three point shots. And that was a huge difference in in in their game heading down those feel final few quarters and so. I think adding another guy that they could put that. You know leader Irving can dish to or LeBron condition when they're both good passers LeBron and outstanding passer. I think it's it's a wise move by them I think it it's probably you know the first salvo. In what should be in an upcoming NBA arms race we head toward the deadlines now. It's going to be interesting to see with a new look cast look like a week from today a couple of games in between. Now and then those who do stay focused keep those turnovers down in the war issue probably. Take care of business thanks always for the keeping your turnovers down we'll dust him they but boy who has bragging rights right now the Big Ten you or RC Davis. It's. Gotta be. News. I don't think he's one of the should brag too much amongst my Jews yeah reached at he lost the Rose Bowl on never make it to a Rose Bowl but seems about even. Thank you very much Tim pay. I will say this that I I don't watch much college best ones don't have time yes. But the other day turned on the TV and I saw was Penn State in the biscuit okay 1% and see what's on. And I looked down it has Penn State got this blue and red logo at Ellis were equally moved one of their home games. To the poll Lester in Philadelphia nice great building yen at this it's an historic building for basketball your basketball fan you know February. If you don't know about the bluster to school and its allies history to and it's great place to watch him and I thought that was pre. That is called Big Five oops everybody look at up kids looking up yells thank you so much man good to talk to attempt hey enjoy everything we got tonight the game. Gamma big tab nickel defense is. Our brother if there is Tim Roy the one and only here on 957 the game.

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