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DB Show - Hour 1 - 1/9/17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So this is not. Monday after wild card weekend show I wanted to do it certainly the one we expected to do giving the circumstances. But I thought. You know one of these games is gonna give us a good football game it was going to be. Good week to spend a rainy couple days on the couch the weather was all full give me. A wonderful wild card weekend to make me happy camper and it was nap city. It was absolute snooze fest for the NFL this weekend and it's a shame because normally it's a great weekend of football this weekend. It was not. Friday started with a single most embarrassing warriors loss of the season last night they got right up in Sacramento. Good to see that welcomed the Damon Bruce show here on a raider Monday unfortunately. Jack del Rio's not joining us today we do hope it happens at some point in time this week we certainly would like eight. Wrap up to seizing conversation with coach. I know that they don't have a game to prepare for itself seems like something the could definitely be fit into our time window and I. I certainly hope it happens. We've got Mike sandal coming up at the bottom of the hour John will there all over the national championship game ailment. Tells looking for a head football coach Chip Kelly might talk about you at some point in time John wilders gonna join us Tim Roy's gonna join us today. Ben Gulliver is gonna join us a bit later on we got a great show for you here on a Monday afternoon. It was just a disappointing. Weekend of football raiders fans obviously you know wall about debt. Looks forget the MVP. MVPs too big of the conversation to what have we Denny authority but I can have this following conversation. Width. As much authority is any dunks ever been thrown down RA here is an authoritative conversation I would like to have about their car we view. Forget about the MVP. I don't know what went into the soup of Matt Ryan Aaron Rodgers is playing out of his mind he got. Pretty much Tom Brady is the Michael Jordan of this league he's the deep fault setting of MVP in any season and you could you be pretty much rate voting for him. Derek Karr meant more to his team than anyone in the NFL. I don't know if that's MVP or not but I I am confident. That Derek Karr meant more to his team. Then anyone in the NFL. Actually you know what I can't run that experiment everywhere so let me amend that to there's certainly no one who meant more to their team. And Derek Karr meant to the Oakland Raiders and I can prove it. I can prove that the raiders didn't stand a chance without him. Derek Karr isn't just the team's starting quarterback he's the assistant coach he's the twelfth defender he's mr. inspiration. He's the on field good cop he's the teens religious leader he's the video game player badge that boost the entire team skill level. That's who Derek Curry's this is not just a quarterback. He's the key. The starts the entire car. Do I did their Jian a key to the car very clever thank you very much good to see you by the Orlando and the weekend yep you don't feel good. Yeah I mean I'm kind of bugged out a little boring as far as football goes but it was I stayed awake for most of the names you have some nice nap and knowing we can happen there were snapped a little bitter patter of rain on the roofs let's assume no first downs to be seen why not take a nap. He's as big of a piece to the raiders puzzle. And that huge piece went missing right before the playoffs I've always thought like every quarterback out there is at least. 657. B 75%. Responsible. For a pass being completed. Like you've got to make the right read at the line of scrimmage. Then you got to drop back into the pocket that you get yet their pocket awareness thing you have to know what route is happening you've got to deliver the ball accurately to a covered or uncovered wide receiver. And then they got the easy part of the job usually that she's making the catch and I say that would be huge not that it would they do on a daily basis they make it look easy it's not easy. But just play along and don't mean widget. If every quarterback is like sixty to 75%. Responsible for a pass completed Derek car's got to be closer to 8590%. Responsible for that completion because. I don't know if you noticed this but every single Oakland raider forgot how to catch a football wasn't being thrown to them by Derek Karr. Anybody Yeltsin sent. And anyone noticed that. That all world wide receivers couldn't catch cold without Derek Karr. They forgot how to play fought off like there are hints. Forgot how. Had a work. I got somebody saying that no team would be good without their starting quarterback all right thanks Kimberly fox didn't launch their new network with you know. Thank you I know that there are teams it. Aren't a lot of trouble this is second they're starting quarterback goes down all of Julio Jones would forget how to catch a football Matt Ryan got hurt. But Mari Cooper did. Michael Crabtree forgot how to play football the minute you starting quarterback went down you don't believe me. The raiders were four for 27. On third down in the last two weeks. Denver Houston very good defense as you bet. Four for 27 on third down over the last two weeks the entire team up for guy happily full ball. Only a Mac was awesome. That's the day. That's it Khalili map was awesome. Connor cook did everything he could. That's the day. It was a really really fun season. Abs solar. You just yet deserved a better ending an ax to really did reader finance. It's like you showed up weren't a flannel shirt and jeans to a black tie event. You wore Crocs to a job interview. In an even bother showering since Wednesday for a date on Friday night basically you were under dressed and you had no chance to score. No wing. That you didn't do your best because he couldn't do your best that's what's gonna haunting raider fans this offseason. Yani ever have one of those anxiety dreams like he you can't run away from the thing that's chasing you fast enough what he can't. You can't preformed the simplest of tasks which is. Weighing on you were like you're locked out of the building you can't get into and you need to get in to do whatever he has the worst is like anxiety dreams it's your real life anxiety manifesting itself. In your dream state. By the weight slick. Put it at a projected Sicily Trent. And that's kind of like how the raiders' season ended. Just locked out of the building to you knew that if you were allowed and it's something good would happen. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Oakland Raiders are heading to New England if they had headed to Houston with her car. They win that game. Brock cost while it sucks Houston has a very good defense offensively almost as bad in the grip as the raiders. Readers with their third string quarterback. You've got to fight you wanted but not only did you. Knocked it to throw your best punch you weren't even allowed to throw your second best punch if that's what Matt I'm going represented and it's just a shame. That this is the way it ended really wild card weekend was kind of a stinker. Speak totally honest. The raiders get blasted in Houston the Texans now had a new wing went. Sixteen point underdogs at game's gonna be on Saturday at the Seahawks who beat the lions in a 26 to six news or they're gonna head to Atlanta. The Steelers crushed the dolphins like Joey Porter crushes bouncers and Steelers and cheese is set up for arrowhead next Sunday. Packers got a hey everyone. I'm totally on fire even though people told you I wasn't game out of Aaron Rodgers. He threw for 362 yards four touchdowns and was just. As in control as a quarterback can be of a football game pretty much the entire day was able to slow start and homes and it was just Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers the Packers. Packers and cowboys set up for Sunday. There's a marquee game four yeah. Marquee game coming up tonight Alabama is looking for fives in eight. That's five national championships in the past eight seasons that is unprecedented in eighty years. Of college football so we'll see what Nick Saban and company have tonight. Obviously got dabbled Sweeney who's built a monster of a Clemson program he's got to Shawn Watson the one way you beat a good defense or great defense is with a great quarterback once and as one. So maybe just maybe just maybe hung. And if Nick Saban wins tonight. She goes down as the greatest coach in the history of the sport. You realize. That stats what's on the line tonight Nick Saban goes down. Ranked above Bear Bryant ranked above Knute Rockne ranked above anyone who's ever done the job and any school ever. If he wins tonight. If they win tonight Alabama completely wrestles back the best program in college football history conversation like I'm sure USC felt like it it pulled that back to it. During the Pete Carroll era god Notre Dame has a three game winning streak they're gonna tell its greatest program of all time trachsel went on hard times it's not same Notre Dame and we don't know it. On Michigan of course has won more games and anybody else but not now Ohio State yes great but not now. Like it's back to Alabama. Alabama's a greatest college football program of all time if they win a national championship in eight years in the single most highly competitive conference slash. State college football we've ever seen. So. We leaning forward tonight receive dynamic can get it on going over buddy's place have been a little Indian food. Little roll tide and so on pinning your sounds good to me. You know what happened Gianna last time the wife announced a little Indian food she went out with a whole bunch he should do like a white girl one should she she adds like animals my old Indian food like Indian foods spicy. I love spicy and so I feel like the last time I ate Indian food wasn't spicy enough therefore I didn't even eat it tomorrow again on Indian food so my body's gonna wrap it up tonight. Spicy and chipped chipped and. So. Golden State Warriors. One uninteresting Friday night they had a dream on green blow one up. I'm Kevin Durant and I can promise you right now it's first time anybody's yelled at Kevin Durant on the basketball court since high school. I think it Kevin Durant didn't get chewed up by Rick Barnes wants it Texas there's no way they were leaning on him in either. CNN. What are they only supply it was a does Seattle that's right Seattle or Oklahoma City nobody is ever stepped to Kevin Durant the way that dream on green did defecting Kevin Durant. Took it on the chin knowing exactly the message that was being sent was the correct one. If you're looking for growing moments we had one Friday. Some of the most interesting moments for the warriors are gonna come out of losses this year. Not just the wins and that was certainly an interesting moment. For the warriors I think it is going to be one of the better moments of the warriors when it's all said and done this year things are very very good for them. They'd get a win. At golden one senator certainly looks like a brand new beautiful arena can't wait to get up there at some point I do wanna see it would mound twice at scoreboard looks ridiculous. Believes such opinions. Much scoreboard. You think yes I do I do I I haven't candidate Jerry Jones dome yet and Arlington. But they'll say that that that scoreboard so dominates the building. You don't even watch the field you're just watching to big to be distracted by. Yeah I don't want if I'm at the basketball game I want to be looking at the court not the TV above the court. A little too much. Like less is more in or your excess arising. He has less is more to the first thing off the notice when you it's been around Amir. The fact the team knows that acts mean c'mon. Nothing to get things are about the golden ones that are. That's apprentice season tickets and a chance to rave about no coupled there's ups there last through their seats are pretty sweet if they're not of her. I'm gonna keep bringing that up no couple is upstairs I don't know that place. Exposed to just keep this. Sweating beer in my crotch. Socialist bill. So we got an awfully big show for you until 7 o'clock tonight. Mike Sandoz gonna join us coming up in ten minutes from right now couple callers wanna get end. Let's begin the conversation this is John in Modesto talk in raiders John you're a 957 game. A Africa and yeah it. You do know. That. Yet the didn't do much. Coca-Cola get McLaughlin who. Looked and I think that went to the acting bit Annika. Beaten here is. Eight over the beater coached. Yet another according to leave. Early and a quarterback or later. You say all you need another offensive coordinator I'm sorry John I need to hang up on you right now because you obviously have no idea where this team was offensively in that musgrave did a very good job this year. This offense bailed the entire team out of the entire season and you're talking about musgrave got to go out. If there's a coordinators got to go his name's Ken not bill. All right it was the defense that let the raiders down all season long there incremental improvements never really carried over. From one game to the next. This was Derek Carr and bill musgrave make in this offense go. All damn season long it's too bad that musgrave and Del Rio really really really got. Ultra conservative with a third string quarterback I guess that's how you do it. As soon as the game started the very first two passes from Conor cook went right down the line of scrimmage. Screens look for bubble screens. And I tweeted throwing down the line of scrimmage is going to get you killed two day. Very next series down the line of scrimmage clowning tips it to himself an amazing play. You've got it would take you to. Here's the deal and then probably deserved to be afraid but the raiders played afraid. They played scared they coached scared. In. The playoff game. Musgrave. Had a very good season is offensive coordinator. Nothing identifies USA more slave to Twitter. Re tweeting what someone else said if you got a problem when bill musgrave on telling you you know less about football than you think you'd. Ken Norton. There's a guy who could probably be upgraded though let's be totally honest and if you're problem. When it comes to upgrading your defense when your head coach is all defense like isn't Jack supposed to be able to do. And make up for whatever his defensive coordinator shortcomings are. That didn't exactly happen. What I really hope is that at the end of next year the conversation isn't you know Jack Del Rio did a great job changing the culture but like Mark Jackson he has taken them as far as he can. That's neat might becoming story next year right now on the raiders I am resigning musgrave I am resigning Mike Tice and I may be looking to increase. Little defensive production would maybe even a new defensive coordinator will see how loyal Jack is to Ken Norton junior. Lional in Fremont line earlier on 957 game. You know quite what we're about one. Or taco Mac. Out shark I like you really hit it well at all you know it. Made them good returns. We only got effort that's and it is good that I know I thought shot at it Arctic ever went out. It was checked out and Robert Ebert I mean. You know pillow over. I lose votes in action has come into com and now we're gonna walk in well in negated that we hope. It happened in a cool thing ever but it gaining its understandable album what are called from. That it all on track it. Well win. It. Gained all that bailed out why are we trying to which means that there. About. Being won twelve games. And what happened pain here trying to field failed and now a little play at the you know they got a picture question mark. You know. You bought a boat and the the warrant out. Oh points or all of our. I mean. But it may not only in its appetite. Is elegant nightmare and and it really know app it. Would rather app. That and the the last shot is needed at the day. Rainy cruise control when he and eight Caribbean. Pop on in and so yea really aren't they. Often. Here's the deal though and I hear you loud and clear that that game against Memphis at oracle the overtime loss was the first time all season long number like wow you blew it that's a little disappointing. There's nothing the warriors can improve to any one wallets the regular season. The only way the warriors prove a single thing to a single person watching them is by winning the NBA championship. They're not here to be the best team in the regular season they're not here to impress you in the fourth quarter during the regular season obviously it's an unimpressive. You know teams. This'll little talking point two were kind of climbing onto and I think I got a good one here. Channing you're in this. Last year after winning a championship. The warriors use the regular season is their proving ground they wanted to justify. All the doubters how good day war and they went out and they want. 73. Game set is he proving ground. Now they're using a regular season like a laboratory. Not a proving ground. The laboratories where you tinker. The laboratories where you work on things and it's it's a failure. You almost look at is is at his as a success is someone who's trying to build something you know you you need to know your failures are you need to know your weaknesses are. And that is something that the warriors are getting a clear understanding of what they need to do better on and there is no urgency to solve all this right now. The urgency. Is assault all of this. By game one of the playoffs. That's it so there is no words it's. 45 more games between now. Did a good record. Best record in the game. Yeah I mean it's it's a bit now's the time to work out the kinks and. As when playoff time comes around that's when it's been a really really matter I believe the warriors lose a basketball game you get people ready think pieces. But that's how X we expect so much. Of them. Everyone needs to come down you wanna know what's wrong with the words now much stereo. Not much to pretty awesome really seriously you worried about Kyle Korver that's fine you know Kyle Korver to Kevin Durant. Any day. Pretty good for. You know we're really happy that the Bay Area sports hall of fame is now joining us here in 957 game we're gonna have a dream a sports experience. Give me assure you shot to rub shoulders with the celebrities and sports heroes you know this is big it has its own music bed for goodness sakes. Beginning Tuesday. January 17 didn't go to 95 cent in the game dot com to make your bid on dream sports experiences were talking about unforgettable. On obtainable. Sports experiences but through the Bay Area sports hall of fame auction all the proceeds will go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids. In need so that's coming up soon very very excited about world that. Were also very excited about our old friend Mike sand though we catch up with him next here on 957 the game. Welcome back to the Damon Bruce show coming off of the wild card weekend we're very happy to welcome back to the program an old friend of the program Mike Santo columnist and Mike always good to have you stop on by it's been awhile how are you man. There are doing great to step back from Houston where in thinking. And we got you know the could be the work matchup based on the quarterback and that there were like every matchup with a twenty point gamer and point game. It was not a very competitive wildcard weekend in a year where there are only concerned about. Ratings and whatnot I mean what to look at the numbers but I think the next round games is gonna provide us with a whole lot more competition and let's face it sometimes. Competitions based on circumstances. And the Oakland Raiders were handed one of the worst set of circumstances I've seen a team. It handed heading into the post season not only do they go ahead and lose their card of the broken ankle but Donald and can't go in the game they lost Rodney Hudson for a little while Bruce Irvin left for a little while they both returned. It was just it was a date to lose a football game if you look at the tea leaves. Yeah you really what is funny you know I think Oakland comes out of that he's. Feeling better than you and so that's. Second term moving forward in the New England. Quarterback and Rocca rather whose outlook and uphold it it'll look at. You know spoke about. Their whole operation with you know that is quarterback decision could potentially create leverage their it. The great changes. The subsidies and has them on network operators to more bad luck I think that he. Don't lean up in the window you know that it wasn't like a law. As the one and that means an apt. They cut back on form and on the next season. You have record on it yet. Let's talk a little bit about the ramifications. From this season and what we saw. Do you think we're gonna see Connor cook going forward is this team's number two thanks for the memories map my point. Well it just makes that I think that we're going to find a market war and well out there not as a starter at their lead but it someone news. In the mix and maybe had a better chance to acquire. And I think when they drafted Connor cook it you you were thinking probably you know that. On the road against number one even entered the yard go out what are not a that eat at the top five feet. Leave. That hard to look good in that situation of perhaps that that article and you probably think I could do it. All eyes will be on your car would expect it he will be exactly what you ago. With the emergence of Jalen Rashard and. At that position I think yet to be careful going over the top. You know in the a special something that group you have multiple guys their readers going forward. You know have to be little more careful expanding their at that point where there. Age is unlimited data kept me here every law in their league. What was up. There are you're thinking about their long term future and what public captured and that is that and how much. That state is a lot of work a lot of whatever here well you know they'll come back with a good quarterback that line right right we're sure glad. If you get a great offer somewhere else or feel like we're top dollar I think the greater activism more selective now they've been in the past. Mikes and go from Here on raider Monday in 957 game Jack del Rio's got Mike twice and bill musgrave. With contracts that are up I think he should definitely bring the both of them back. Ken Norton junior didn't have the best hand dealt to him I don't know if he played the hand it was dealt him the best anyone caught up I mean it was an adventure all year long. Is defensively for the raiders do you think there might be an upgrade to be made there or does del Rio's loyalty to staff carried the day. No I don't think there could be you know have and I'd bank but I think that. Yet he'll Rio has a clear and I want would be used secret code. You know there are to be during the season that he became a little more hand automate. And improve defensively it result that you are that not. Partner for our parent ever. Patent it and the defense to play caller before coming to. Do that you know beat welcoming to Oakland what thanks Jack Del Rio what have. Enter information underestimates the on how a what people and go wanna move forward in the way. We'll get our answer basically. Based on how you perceive there. That doesn't mean you're disloyal but he's got to reassess it and we need to find out the Nazis and that it was Jack putting your hand on the defense to get it going again. Or pay. Or would sit grown into the role of an odd. Absence makes the heart grow funder. But what about it growing in MVP campaign and making that louder. You know look at it's tough to beat guys who were out their plan and Aaron Rodgers had an incredible happened Matt Ryan had an incredible year in sure Tom Brady can be your deep balls setting of MVP. Over any of the last ten years and it wouldn't have been that much of an argument to make it. But I really thought that Derek Carr on I don't know if you can mean more to your football team than what Derek Carr and to the raiders and without him. They absolutely. Fell apart on both sides of the ball in the last two weeks Mike didn't didn't take too much research to look this up. But in the last two week in Denver. And in Houston the raiders were four for 27 on third down without her car. They were now they also played. Denver very deep and use them. Very good defense then in Diego I don't think is a great defense it was top five internal work of the group that would only know that. Number Gado that this team can beat up on quarterbacks so. All things factored in I think it and I felt like there are actors on the scene. That basically lost Eddie lacy. Pat Perino grounding in the form perhaps the year injuries. That's when there is a defense that at one point during their losing streak would love like 38 court. I was able able inability to run the people and it mattered both end this way. Incredible like that football would make him actually point. Your point is well made that if we're just talking about value. We have the result when you know the game's maker without. I do think though that that award is more in the that's one element that would but it also I don't like. They're playing great. When it matters the most help do. And Derek Karr couldn't do that but he was you know he was able to be out there and fortunately. It is unfortunate the way it all ended it was such an exciting season every single week was in many heart attack and they were aggressive they were going for fourth down. Two point conversions everything was coming up Del Rio for so long and then. When the magic ran out it totally ran out speaking of magic running out Mike let's talk about the niners they would like to see a little mantra cook again. With both a GM and coach it feels like Josh McDaniels is now. You know number one target anybody's looking for a quarter for a coach. If you're the number one coaching prospect why would you come to the 49ers. Are also seeing some pretty. Derogatory articles written about how jet is turned off a lot of people from even interview. ER I mean they're number one appeal would be. Well all the openings this one hasn't Ian iBook and it would you know that dynamic alignment between the yen critical book your coach. Replace. And you get up and assurances leader contractors. A good about it are meeting with that bit. You're going to be able to move forward. And get the same page where. Amity and you like they did Ian you've helped hire and you know how that goes and took the candidate as. I think you could feel better about that then going to buffalo words train wreck I am yeah. As is not been given all the information from our ship out bleacher seeing ghosts everywhere now so. I look speaker none of these openings are open because corporate situation right and as a candidate and the candidate you'd have to say hey. It is my best chance vomiting yet but so our Alford got all of it starts falling well Brady this going anywhere. Or the next couple years and and people in. And you know scheming ability. Is recognize frequently get outstanding opposite lockstep Robert Ebert has great got it a great job liberty without. I think as an organization yet to build a culture that now located to be leading our our operate that's org now. And so you know for the candidates' respective. You're never gonna feel great and we awarded on or not come back every year because he looks at all these places you can easily find fault appall all right. I mean you're not go somewhere where there's a rate can't get along with everybody a good quarterback. Although our good roster. Those out on this. Coming at Cisco you know you're ignorant. New York may not be a good owner or you're able your view on the roster at the whatever all those. Could give you an admin. That would not let them. The trap up with this Mike the Chip Kelly experiment obviously fell as flat as possible couldn't even get to. Jim Thompson always win total and dismissed after one year. We just sought cal let's Sonny dykes go there's a pac twelve opening. Especially in the town he's living in it's easy to connect the dots I I I don't think that that's the right move for Kelly out and you know would be the right move for gal. Might excite people for a while but. You know I think his his dependency is on in a leap program with high powered backing at the college level and he just doesn't have all of that at cal. What do you think happens next to Chip Kelly. Well. He shouldn't take in the corner got probably expect community he was going to do with him on its last legs. On the street re news and take time. And it didn't go well which they were too important exactly electric that it be on these I want ordered and the beacon pork. You're a little bit like on one and now where they went to a fourteen they were what exactly one objective look out there be. Or where it Palin that I could definitely argued that bank crowds we mean. The Al opening. Immediate cal got shipped Elliott is of great about it you know landscape he knows where. Conference. He's proven to be a good it is different now a college level totally different in the growing each own battle within the system works great there but. But he can recruit there that he can build up a place and continue to grow the place up. What not yet out of both order. The best source on the I don't about how good for now she's you know I'd be god and Erica good for now they are. If I were you I'd say look I just got sent to Houston to watch a third string quarterback play Brock costs Weiler how about this week you send me for a little Aaron Rodgers Dak if I'm new on picking. Packers cowboys on Sunday is the game I'm going to see in person where you go on Mike. Yeah I I agree a lot of air riders. In the reminded me of my arm and Elliott has planned it that the way to get around the pocket it's BP's not look at batters he. You'd slide in left right forward pack with that. It is really looked like a great athlete at the peak of his power and millions are well statistically but it is fun to watch those bunny. I was talking to my wife on the wrong day and should start out well what sport it is like bring up football them all much at all at. You like it in and I love what writers and you know that's a casual hand. Is it true really was inspired by the performances that it was unbelievable you just send him on the road against. There's never a situation where I'm like oh hail Mary you might be in trouble here for Roger's like any L Mary. It's like if they keep it feels like a coin flip chance that this could actually happen here so. The guys unbelievably shows up when it mattered most Mike thank you for showing up when it mattered most was great catch and up demand. Wherever they send you have a good time. Always good to hear from mikes and go we've been talking football basically since I sat down in this chair of the Golden State Warriors they deserve a little bit of attention to. And a couple of the numbers that I found as those get ready for yesterday's pregame officially interesting we're gonna talk about the balance. Between the Big Three shooters next here on 957 the game. It really is amazing. What people will say I don't know on Twitter because they think it's hot take her. Guys is this just way too much skip Bayless in the atmosphere. Everyone tries to have a blazing not take with a everything they say like just completely disregarding the facts don't let facts get in the way of your blazing hot take. I got some guy talking about the Golden State Warriors I get some blazing hot musgrave takes coming out here to elect oh did you watch the game Saturday were you napping. The play calling Saturday was garbage yet you're down to about five inches of your ten inch playbook okay. Yet a third string quarterback you're evaluating play calling wouldn't third string quarterback is facing the number one defense. In. That in the league in his first ever start your more. It's not a time to do any coaching evaluation it isn't okay that was set up to lose ten out of ten times. Then in the warriors. Can't prove their tough enough Dave looks almost all year teens are pushing them around. The warriors have looked soft all year. Teens are pushing them around that is the take lettuce Checketts hot and it's surely. But he caught fire and energy it's a hot fire in my energy let's see how that sits him OG. Stands up to the critique of the hot fire take shelling. So this soft team. Which is number one in the power rankings right now. This soft top rated team in the NBA also. Has the best winning percentage. The best record in the NBA the most points per game the most assists per game the most blocked per games the best field goal percentage the fourth best defense where they are separated. Three teams in there than the fourteen. The team at the top there's one point that separates them from being the top rated defense we're talking decimal points any solid point. OK one point separates them from being. The number one defense in the NBA but what makes them soft then is it because they shoot outside too much. So many shots from the perimeter what do file also told you did the Golden State Warriors. Led the NBA. In points. In the paint. Would that be enough for you. It can they'd give Nate. Do more than lead the league. In interior offense. I mean don't let the facts get in the way your blazing hot fire mode G-20. Step away from the panic button you're still OK yeah did the best team in the NBA. But they're soft because of wise to what example do you have that proves how soft they are. And if the warriors are soft what are the clippers. Girl scout troops are tougher than the Los Angeles Clippers. So c'mon. I to sneeze. No sneeze music. Alessio felt good then I don't really good. So I got a tasty little. You Lego balancing your offense I got a tasty stat for you your ready for this. This is through the first 37 games so this is right up until the game tipped off in Sacramento last night through the first 37 games of the season. Klay Thompson has taken 639. Shots to rant 629. Shots curry 637. Shots. Curry's may do 99 to rants made 336. Thompson's made 301. Curry scored 911 points Durant scored 957. Points Thompson at 79 the remember one Clayson that he wasn't worried about shots he was absolutely not kidding he's taken the most shots on this team. Plays like I'm gonna get mine that you worry about it he wasn't getting. He's got two more shots than curry ten more shots and Iran again that was all coming in the last night's game. That's incredible balance between your three primary scorers. And maybe. We need to just take a little. Of what is balanced just re stacked it a little bit like. I love clay Thompson the Johnson probably shouldn't be shooting more. Than Kevin Durant. If clay would take. Two or three few word you wakes away threes a game and look for a better decision. That's probably gonna help you right there. You got guys were attacking you from all angles and they're doing so efficiently. Yet curry shoot 47%. Thompson shooting 47%. To rant shoot 53%. I shoot 53% to take two more shots every night in the guy shoot 47%. This is not hard at the you know. So I. I mean everything that's wrong with the warriors compared to what used to be wrong with a what the word is used to need it. Four new tires a brand new engine a new manifold and need new exhaust system they need to raise your focus that got stolen too they need seats they need a new steering while many new rack and pinion everything they needed a new trainee like they needed to ball. Everything the warriors need now is just like an oil change a tune up here and there like it's they are so far away. The best team in the NBA would nothing even play for yet to prove it to you and yet they still got the best record come down everyone's seriously. York skip Bayless desperate hot ticket Temps are just starting to make warrior fans look stupid on line. There's enough stupidity thrown at this team by its critics by its fans to know stop. What are what are the warriors were you pretty much the most amazing team I've seen assembled for regular season and they're on their way it'll fine year. That's what the warriors are. I just slit the throat of my own hot take fire remote G segment. I'm willing to do that in the name of let's talk about what's really going on here. You realize it. At one point for the Oakland Raiders their single best play the year. Was a recently promoted offensive line coach burying a football on the practice field and now bill musgrave has got to go your high. You don't really really likes bill musgrave Derek Carr that alone right there should be enough for you stop asking for change. Patrick's in Hayward wants to talk raider football what's up Patrick. Oh thank you so much for media arm strength you so much. And fair and we export. Sport in this one of the tournament in the world and we got extremely the world used to an agreement. By if you listen closely. The cricket tournament. Shall market Friday Eric and a liberal and talk about their real. And and how well you're building an actual dynasty. And Kurt probably looking at amnesty projects are hot seeing what our player. But to actually building a mentality. That when you look at the mortgage for a change and oh yeah and we expect him to win. You know Keeneland. And reached college and so all. Part of the end there the first world. I have nothing. On you get fired. Okay we don't want to supply us. Out of nowhere and Norton on you do appliance you and you had a couple power players. You know you need a couple more KV is on a raiders. Right enable our you know you need a cornerback who doesn't spend most of his day chasing the guy who just got past them you know Sean Smith you could use an upgrade there I know the money's committed but you need an upgrade you've got to do better. At your other corner to David Emerson is good but he still not great you've got to get better and middle linebacker rested team books pretty much ready to go. Starting to be excited. Not time to ask for. I think about it. We just trained to as soon as the season's over demand someone's fired I mean that is how the raiders have been you know like your raider fan you're conditioned to do that but now's not the time. This is not time for Pavlov level of salvation every time the season ending bell rings. Gotta talk about a coordinator Mike gotta go. Defensive side of the ball before a local offensive side of the ball easily. When we come on back tonight's the night Alabama is looking to win another national championship. We've also got a coaching opening at a Bay Area pac twelve school Sonny dykes is out. Blessed John welder who covers the college scene around here better than anybody. What he thinks is gonna happen next over in Berkeley that's coming up here on the day membership.

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