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DB Show - Hour 2 - 1/9/17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or about to hook up with Jon Wilner to talk about the landscape of college football here in the Bay Area and how the landscape gets decided in terms of the national championship tonight Alabama against Clemson that's coming up a little bit later on. John well we're about to join us a look at four to talk to him from the San Jose Mercury news. And detect signs like dinner elegant you're avoiding the whole point with the dream on incident on Friday August news yelling at Kevin Durant you said the Durant is the main guy a and not curry but I think. Maybe it's the other way around now well look. Kevin Durant I think is the best player on the Golden State Warriors. But he does not know how to close out games the way Golden State Warriors do that's why he came here none of them went to him he came here. So drain on I think in that moment was just saying like look man you don't have to please hero ball isolation. Read the situation. Look at what you got you know who your teammates are don't forget in the most important moment of the game when your teammates are. You know read the room just don't go just on both for. I think it's. Kevin Durant and Donna B here's something like debt from one of his teammates. The way he reacted to win the way that he mentioned. At the very next day meant that he was almost appreciative. Of the moment that it happened and it seems like it was a good healthy productive moment for the warriors. It was part. I'm just gonna say data that because all juniors basketball's. Sorry. They're creepy as its own rough the first person who invents. The non noisy bouncing basketball. Community a lot of money seriously. It's basically what he was saying there was. Trim on an emotional guy he made an emotional plea in an emotional moment but the message was right on and I heard it and it was sent and received an opening school. Everything is cool with the warriors. Finally it really east everything's gonna be just fine. They weren't trying to be the best team. In the middle of this month or middle last month and they're not gonna try to be the best team in the three weeks after the NBA all star break either. It's obvious that a lot of this is on. Just tinker and. Scott I don't toward an end when you go through the motions against another NBA team that's when you started a little sloppy and you turn the ball overnight you lost that's what happens that the team gets paid to. They're very good. Everyone just needs take a breath. And it comes to this team. But the breathless reaction. To any defeat. Is kind of funny. I remember when this team used to in like seventeen to 22 games a year but now they got problems with the hip op MW. And we have different critiquing standards now for sure I'm not trying to take away the importance of the basketball being played now. As opposed to then this is basketball with circumstance attached to it back then nothing mattered. Seems got six losses they're all easily explained. An opening night AD against San Antonio. You got that loss to the lakers which happen to follow a Drake after party which went way too long. Nominating excuses we are gonna bring up the facts of the matter. Yet a fund lost to the rockets it was a lot of threes there was very little. The loss of Memphis that's the only game this year where you were like beaten badly the entire time then you blow fourteen point fourth quarter lead on Christmas to Cleveland. At least they have LeBron James makes me understand that a little bit more. Then the nineteen point fourth quarter blown Lawson and overtime defeat to Memphis that's the only time Morales like really. You know you gotta be a little bit better than Nat Kama. It lost six games everything's going to be okay. From the text line they. Should have you invited up to this should you invited up to the penthouse to a join our group. Should be apologizing for that. Definitely Purcell there's a penthouse of oracle I never might wait a second Panos. A group yeah really. Who else is there. Look it was a even head scripture. They go to Sacramento get off to a little bit of a slow start and spend the next three quarters showing you that they're they're fine. That was a gain of seventeen turnovers and it was the best they've ever played. Ask him somebody to be the best they have to be in the month of January is a fool's errand. For a team like this again this is a regular season that now represents a laboratory to them. Not a proving ground. The only proving ground available to the Golden State Warriors. Is waiting for them in the post season. I think I was getting into it a little bit with nick Wright was a buddy of mine and I'm happy that nick is doing so well at fox when that when nick and I are going back and forth there's a lot of history there we're not yelling at each other the it's a healthy discussion. I can't even remember exactly what it was but it was something about half curry was underperforming or someone was under performing this person was underperforming the team's underperforming. And I basically said look. Here's the deal. If the Golden State Warriors were undefeated right now. With curry scoring more. In last year's. Unanimous MVP. The Golden State Warriors would be accused of seeking to work. Toys some then there's always a demand is at its like if there's literally nothing that will make everybody just go what I got not the laws that they're they're kind of boss. Got to concede. This is really. Really awesome basketball team the only thing that there you know maybe more of his fun to watch than they really are well delegates it it like that. What can you say. The biggest problem the Golden State Warriors had his how to tighten up a little bit defensively around dream on green clay Thompson staff curry and Kevin Durant. Remember when Marco Belinelli summer league scores used to get too excited. But I'll Belinelli had 33 in summer league to be a bad year after. So paging John welder no luck can't. Hopefully his phone turns back time. Of those dead places in the south basically Dudack coverage begins now. So Derek Carr obviously was greatly missed over the weekend. I don't know how you you. You competes. Fur an MVP against healthy guys racks that they're competing. But I really did think that the argument for Derek Karr is MVP was may be even more clearly made in his absence than in his presence. It's like the raiders collectively. Why anyone man forgot how to play full what twenty men forgot how to play full ball Coolio Mac did not forget how to play football. But the rest of the raiders did the whole thing collapsed without him it was like he's the glue that held all of it together even the defense. You know the swagger factor. Just plummeted. Absolutely fell through the bottom of the floor. Without their car in the lineup. Damon who do you think the raiders should sign in free agency. Well I don't have the list of who's gonna be a freeagent. And we won't until you know after thirteen start let people go cap casualties so on and so forth but. It's real simple. You need linebackers and corners Mann middle linebackers and corners there isn't a team in football the needs more of both. Don't need another offensive peck made sure another guy to bring in young seven hands. I'd be nice. It's a team spent all of its offseason draft picks on nothing but middle linebackers and cornerbacks. I think did go a long way next year. They need more help defensively. They had the worst linebacker play in the game then they really did they have guys who could run with anyone. They didn't come up and stop the run they didn't drop well into coverage. You basically had a big gray area. In terms of middle linebackers. They fell apart news. They just fell apart you could see it it did they tried. The big cellist fell apart. Connor cook threw 45 times third string quarterback threw the ball 45 times you gonna criticize musgrave sure guide but. When they're stacked in the boxing you got nowhere to run the ball Marie only had twelve carries 39 yards and a touchdown Ree shard who was good on special teams only three Kerry's. Three yards DR Andre Washington four carries sixteen yards. Andre Holmes led the team in receptions he had four catches for fifty yards Crabtree two catches for 33. Cooper two catches for ten yards. I mean thanks for nothing. Nobody. Help Connor Coke looked good nobody. Drops everywhere Seth Roberts look I used to really like Seth Roberts. If I don't see him again in a raider uniform I'm cool would that. I'm cool would it eat you can upgrade that. Macon Andre home's gone forward just say thanks for the memory Seth whenever you needed a big catch you didn't come up with it. You do realize that Mark Davis very likely file for relocation and 9 AM this morning. And that's a really is the sting. About this whole deal. That's word that's where this stings the most because. I think it was Tim cal coming you said that this season what happened on Sunday. Or mow it Saturday what happened on Saturday. Could very well be the last act of deep purely Oakland Raiders. If indeed that's last act it's really sad that that's the way that they go out. It's depressing. There is a really good piece that I have here a minute wait a little bit later on the show about. How if the raiders indeed moved to Vegas it is all the proof do you need that the NFL is so lost its way its sole. It's caring about the fans. It's pretty good. Rate institute for wild card weekend. Well when you have forced bankers of games of course they are mean there wasn't a reason to watch any single game beyond the third quarter. There was an an interesting fourth quarter happening anywhere in a football game this last weekend who knows him and I didn't get that tonight. Just bam bam bam bam Alabama. The only way I mean the old leeway. Clinton has a shot this game is if their offense is on the field. Converting third downs getting Alabama's defense a little worn down tired making big plays big chunk plays normally Alabama doesn't give up. So if I'm Steve's RTZ and who by the way. The new Lane Kiffin now democracies are teasing I am giving the ball both Scarborough. When he 53540. Times tonight. I'm just not letting Clemson touched the football. Three yards a cloud of dust old fashioned nasty defense. That's how I win the night if I'm Alabama. And I don't think Steve's are keynesian it's gonna be the kind of guy is like let me prove to you how creative I am offensively. With his wildly creative design so the camera then cuts to meet and I'm fist pumping because I'm Lane Kiffin he's not gonna do that at all. Just play you got a standing this stud running back the ball forty times. Do that. I think Alabama wins. Tex wind says Seth drop hurts. Yeah I mean it just it was too bad it seemed like every single time we needed to make a big play he didn't someone's like what about the oh game winning catch in Tampa. We'll give him that he thinks will get a map thank you very much. Is team was mall. Full. Awful. On third down under current went down. Four for 27 on third down in the last two weeks you out was the Texans in the Broncos but that's still that's a paltry number four for 27. Some cuts he Bruce Clemson an old saying. With the points. The exact Phyllis. Now. I see Phyllis actually get like studio time to get face time and find bomb show went in and around to the games now. Just an Italian sometimes you're better off his phone call and as a studio guest and and every try to make a full segment. At a schtick. You're in trouble. You really are. Phyllis from muddle my model model and moved worship from. Like Seles from Uggla. I just know Alabama. The best part of doubters when she's been. I'm now. It. They'll find bombs ready to go now find us the best out. Part of it. Let me tell you it's gonna be great here at 957 game. We've got the Bay Area sports hall of fame. Joining with a us we're very very happy to bring to you starting January 17. Very cool sporting experiences. I'm talking about stuff that is unavailable to the average Joseph or Sally walking mystery this is. A very special. Unique sports packages that get put together that get. It's like you keep on re raising a poker tournament. Very cool experiences flying on team team charters unprecedented access corners of the clubhouse and of the locker room. We're not allowed it might well be allowed in with some of the really cool dream experiences. That's coming up with the various sports all financial can keep it continually. Listening here on 957 game because it all starts. January 17 to historical and out of five set in the game dot com see what these experiences are start bidding on them. Will be open for a couple weeks they're gonna grow people going to be talking about this is indeed very very cool the nicest thing is all. On talk and all these proceeds go on to help kids play sports here in the Bay Area so very very very very very good charity were thrilled to be part of David. Roberts made plays in Baltimore he made plays in New Orleans he made plays in Tennessee then went to sleep in the second half of the season nestled in a Mark Cooper. Nearly did so we kind of went to sleep in the second half of the season during a rookie year you could say rookie wall what was the problem this time around for a Marty Cooper. Really don't know. I like the guy an awful lot San Tass stick I think they needed to get more out of in the needs to get him the ball more they need to force feed Kimball. Didn't do that enough. 18 bill musgrave criticism I guess there's one right there get the ball to your play makers and war. We had Jack Del Rio admit on the show Taiwan Jones is fastest player alchemy was never involved touching the ball not ever. I really like what we Saudi jail and Rashard the under in Washington we didn't see enough. I think tablet take his Murray on the show tomorrow. To look afforded that conversation. How the reader's view him after this year the big question. They still think he is important to the puzzle. As. They used to. Clemson is gonna roll Alabama by double digits. Damon you shall eat crow tomorrow. Okay. Hey you might be right. I'm just uncomfortable. In dual microphone saying out loud. Team X is about to rule. Alabama. If Clemson wins. As ruling eighteen means like you just want my three touched him rest of that so it's going to be Clemson in a Waltz is you're telling me like Alabama and bother showing up. That's not the Alabama I'm used to practice. I don't wanna talk about her brief big thing now idea hi guys I. Expect way too much respect. The crowd. I'm guessing Jon Wilner is not gonna make it in this segment. Push back seat when you catch up a little bit later on. Tim Roy. There's an available broadcaster he's gonna join us the bottom of the hour looking forward to talk to him about it very interesting stretch of four games coming up for the Golden State Warriors. Some fun. On the way. Miami. Detroit. Cleveland. Oklahoma City about that for four game homestand. What can make the Cleveland game even more significant how about we put it as a matinee for the entire country to see on Martin Luther King get day. Is that enough for you don't put anything more into this bet. Mattel your right now. If the warriors lose at home game you would have thought. The world wouldn't that will moment. The way that it will be covered. The Cleveland Cavaliers are 210 against the warriors who are not even show up to the NBA finals. But it so if you're gonna hear that. So I hope just to not hear that. They end up winning that day. 8889579570. As the number we're gonna be taken plenty more your calls today I can promise you sat. The warriors were considering Mike Dunleavy while now it turns out that he is. Going to head to Atlanta he is not gonna take a buyout want to get out of I guess. A problem altered game McCall said month we mean when we made this trade we didn't you want to throw one piece like we really do want you here there is a role for you here get down here and I just. Mike Dunleavy. Appreciated that. When it comes to Mike Dunleavy coming back the warriors that were to happen that would have been an interest in who says you can never go home again situation Mike Dunleavy was a guy who's completely miscast by his own draft position. Never was able to live up to that bargain. You know what though not that this is about to happen remember when they say that about two dating clowning. Home guy. They re drafted right now clear Mac's gonna go number one overall while op idea the way did you dating clown he's playing right now chances are he might hold on to that position. He was unbelievable. On Saturday the tip that he may do himself. I hadn't seen too many defense events make plays like that. Their damaged well they ruled not a cook right the throwback laughter. If we want to let you. It was ridiculous. Did you stick around for any of the post game. You had like Matt Hasselbeck and Trent Dilfer in he had does the crew they're for ESPN and they were interviewing you dating clowning. On the field after the game he was still fully dressed in his pads. It was like they were it was like he had for normal people talking a SaaS watched. She looked like the abominable snowman. Coming just gargantuan compared to them and Baer former NFL players. Not animals. Are former NFL players like Trent Dilfer. It's not a small person Matt Hasselbeck is not a small person Randy Moss it is not a small person next to Davy and clowning. Little fuel shouldn't. It was ridiculous. And he was all over the field all over. Can you imagine what that team would look like next year. If they honestly have JJ watt. As chief cloudy. And Vince Wilfork in the middle. Set the best three in a 34 defense ever thrown down. On one team. She's peace. Worry about that a little bit later I guess. I think bank. You have to and I will read you a little bit later here the Dan Shaughnessy piece in the Boston Globe previewing patriots Texans. He basically told the Texans don't even bother making the flight that's how nothing you are to us it's amazing it's one of the most arrogant. PCs I've ever seen a preview a contest. Ended it it actually drips with a ton of truth to. Texans. Have never won at Foxboro. And chances are they're not gonna start this coming weekend so we'll get to that. A little bit later on but next he is the voice of your Golden State Warriors. Roy joins me next on the demon Borussia. The one and only Tim drawing the voice of the Golden State Warriors is brought to us by portion of Fremont opportunity awaits a portion of Fremont and of course lets you know that all warriors guests and certainly tends call. Always sound better certainly an FM if you don't mind me saying no static at all also they sound fantastic you're wearing JB a wireless headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors and us here. And 957. The game. Well pretty interesting bounce back win over the Sacramento Kings after the you know everyone was talking about it blew it at home in overtime in in the fourth quarter loss to beat. Memphis Grizzlies and Tim will go back in and talk about that in just a second but you finally got debt up to the golden one senator for real game you sought in person. What is your review of the kings sparkling new pedal. So I think it's beautiful it's absolutely beautiful it's got to. Yeah it's got to it's got they they dated for the of their fans so if you walk around there are. Like there's an old Tower Records sign from the old Tower Records billions Sacramento and there's other landmark sale local vendors there. Produced some of the food. And so so I think and if they really did nice it's a beautiful building let's get inside it's it's got. You all the amenities who wants notes that it really nice challenge it's quite unique from the outside as well yes it is I'm I'm not sure what they're going for but particularly at the but beyond that an architect feed yourself you know who knows. I liked it I would love to go in their broadcast. A game during the day when maybe that some of that light would filter through I think going to be pretty cool. We'll natural light to illuminate an NBA game it's been awhile since I think we'd actually seen that happen in the game. So let's illuminate the Golden State Warriors a little bit because it's very fashionable to. Reach for panic buttons when they lose a game they have lost a grand total. Of six games in each one of these losses it's come with a certain degree of panic. The only time I thought that not panic applied but actual disappointment applied was the loss to the Memphis Grizzlies at home. They blew a nineteen point lead to an inferior team based on their lack of focus and decision making at the end we saw drain Mon. Blow up on Kevin Durant. And in many instances that could be a toxic moment I think it might be one of the single most important moments this team has had all year as they're using this regular season. As a laboratory to figure out what does and doesn't work. You know I think what would you solitary line is is exactly why you love it's a passion. He's passionate about things in and he had appointed to make Acadia he made it. And he didn't do it in a way where he was you know this dismissive. It was a way like hey we've got this then this we have these options on the floor we'll take advantage of these options on the floor let's do it this way. This is what works for us and I think. It's it's. That they're not such a great start and equitable and I have to I glossed over the fact that they are blending in all these new new bodies. You know all of a sudden. You know why is Zaza Pachulia playing better now because now he's comfortable he's been out there for couple months for these guys he's used to it he knows. You know he knows where his openings are going to be nosy and get a straight line in the basket off of certain. You know switches and things like that and in so. I think it's all part of the in the process in I think. I think you'll see them attack the fourth quarter a lot differently. In games and and let's face it they this was not notre roundtrip on his post game press cameras was absolutely right this was not a new. Situation and they've been doing this for rebel last month or so. Where they control the game they happily and I kind of relax and take if off the gas he can't do that nearly in the no matter what league you're talking about. He can't do that because is the only especially MBA all it takes one guy you're going in all the sudden everybody else's along for the ride and so. Memphis is a very good team and all the sudden you know the Zach Randolph couldn't Nissen and you know I think it would be in the ninth straight shaft at one point. And and so. You know to Daniels did a few threes which is why they signed him. And so so I think it was I think it was reflective of the way they were playing for about the last few weeks I think it was that type of game. That I think finally. The coaches than you can say all they want but the Clinton players had to get you know. George laughter I will be a decal appeal OK on I guess I guess they're right we are doing the right things we are playing the right way in the fourth quarter so. I think gates and if I you know I've no problem with a champion January you know for if we're tight like this. In April. Or march in and you try to gear for post he's one that I think we might have a bright it's fine to say. I'm glad we lost we can learn from it. Now you can't say that after you lose game two of seven game series exactly so I don't in your going someplace like Oklahoma City are like. You know this year Houston or alike you know the plane the clippers or the spurs you know going down there to play to grow yet exactly you'd have to clean this up. Over the next couple months and figure out how this group needs to play. When they're holding a lead so that they can you know go ahead and win the game in the same control infection that gap than that. You got curry Durant and clay almost mirroring each other shot for shot in terms of total number of shots they've taken so far this year but what is I think a little bit of an anomaly that doesn't tell the truth about this team is that Klay Thompson who shot more than any other Golden State warrior. Now he's the rare third option. Who may go down in history as one of the ten greatest shooters of all time so it's very unique Tim and I'll admit that and and and but the also 22 to fill out that equation you also have to factor in the that. Iran has taken out Paul want to free throws over to -- yeah steel or on clay is not there soul in the in the grand scheme of things. It whether it up they get about handling the ball or tee shot. It and it still does still pretty remarkable that the ballots there but the youngster ran and curry are gaining I think a few more walks and and they need to start taking them comments and they got to take him away from clay but. Moret. It Ganassi volt I think is the formula for what's ailing them especially with fourth quarter offensive woes. Hot curry his cool clearly made the decision to turn his game up over the last. 67 games are so I mean he is more aggressive he is passing up threes to attack the lane in a way we really haven't seen him do before. Although this before in the in this season yeah on the east play more like he has last couple of years and I I think. Again I think the part that you'll par their strength is also revealed further weakness I think the big. The curry with being too nice of you he's being too deferential and and I think that. Yell they weren't. Running the same offense they were baby a year or so ago and end them they're a little tweaks because a comedian Andy he had to do. He had to accommodate that so. I think I think he was kind easing his way into this year cannot figure out. How he's gonna play alongside Kevin. And then you know at some point base harassing a you need to be a little more aggressive here you know you go back and be. And BP the staff we know and you know. What's funny is that I think the bar's been raised any tuchman has the bar for race Ohio last couple years. That LS the lawyers win every game by 25 points in the you know they're all assuming all this team you know I mean. There's still he'll step was still averaging around 2324. Night with a number of assists and shooting and really good level just not to be unbelievable level. That he was able to accomplish last year's and soul. You know again you know I've said this a million times were were in you know NBA fantasy NBA Disneyland. And so I think we we ought to realize that there but we're we're still dealing with human beings here and they're gonna have good weeks and bad weeks. The voice of the warriors Tim Roy here I 957 game I thought Steve Kirk. Just knocked it out of the park with his Ted williams' analogy when he basically said look the only way hit 356 looks bad. Is if you hit it for a sixty year before exactly and that it's just totally nailed does the situation. They are in right now. So a win. Very nice win over the always up to play the Golden State Warriors Sacramento Kings and I become more come home for four more at home starting with the let's see who's up next he got Miami Heat then you got the pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder I hope. There's no looking ahead with the the hitter that the day's heat or the pistons with the cavs coming up on Monday. No I don't I don't think you know especially coming on the heels of what happening in the game against Memphis I think their they're gonna build more focused I think they're going to be. Looking to you know work on certain things in their game posted to get better you know had that would with Kevin the other day in Sacramento. On this app called we bu we will. And if it goes over to China with a few social media thinks it's allowed in the China. So weird to me you're basically talking fro like 250000. Chinese and the fans. And so. Until he was saying it. You know he he's I asked him a look at safety try to provide during a season his MO is working and trying to figure out. You know how how to weigh keep the from you know doing this are doing that. If they tend to over analyze that wanna get into the moment but more and not analyze everything down the last agree and I thought that was fascinating from a guy that you can just take over came a moment it. That he's thinking about your high any delay apply what's on you know with this. It was it was pretty inching here say that. It'd you know I've I've I'm interest in hearing even more from Kevin Durant he is caught I think in between. Being a superstar and being incredibly private and guarded and having a bad media taste in his mouth and Oklahoma City and obviously the warriors have cut back on the media he's doing here and an awful lot but it. I should select get to know this guy a little bit better there's something more interesting than just a quiet on the court player in Kevin Durant. You know I think I think doubt will come with I think aliens a huge adjustment forum in death you think about he's played in. In his life in competitive basketball probably. Yeah what four different places you know high school college Seattle home city and now here now let's be that this this spot so. Especially after all those years with Oklahoma City this is a huge change to different markets different. Lifestyles different size him Cherry Valley more traffic than he's ever battled. You know before his life yeah docent and and those are different things he's adjusting you know and I think if I think I think you'll see that would time I think it's. It's it's a year for him that kind of adjusted his new surroundings his new teammates new coaching staff new way of playing. And so you know I think one of the things we Soledad that one possession. Where you can ask call the ball and gotten Delmon Young tried to hit that. Jump shot over Z Bo. And I think he would think what he happened was he kind of reverted back ads in my mind to what meal what bowl Oklahoma City call will be calling either. You know screen roll west Bergen the ramp probably or clear out for Durant or Westbrook and that's what. That's what he is go to one Wear with the warriors might need a little more action a little more. Ball movement the senate bill an open shot because they have so many other weapons. You entered the bulls what do you think you Korver. Go to the gas. I think it's I think it's I think it's insurance would JR Smith being out and I think they look at that says okay. He is he in case two yard doesn't come back. The other way they would like I think it's insurance for for that in and you know I think they're main goal and little itch you know a lot of people don't like to admit that. One of the reasons they wondered that idol was those last three games they were not and now three point shots. And that was a huge difference in in in their game heading down most feel final few quarters in so. I think adding another guy that they could put that. You know leader Irving can dish to or LeBron condition when they're both good passers LeBron and outstanding passer. I think it's it's a wise move by them I think it it's probably you know the first salvo. In what should be in the upcoming NBA arms race we head toward the deadlines now. It's going to be interesting to see with a new look cast look like a week from today a couple of games in between. Now and then those who do stay focused keep those turnovers down in the war issue probably. Take care of business Tulsa always stood for the keeping your turnovers down we'll dust him hey but boy who has bragging rights right now the Big Ten you or RC Davis. It's got to be. Moon. I don't think either one machine brag too much I'm so much hoosiers yet we should he lost the Rose Bowl on never make it to a Rose Bowl but seemed about even. Let's get very much Tim pay. I will say this that I I don't watch much college mass ones don't have time yes. But the other day turned on the TV and I solace and statins. The biscuit okay want first and see what's on. And I looked down at his Penn State got this blue and red logo. At Ellis were equally moved one of their home games. To the poll Lester in Philadelphia nice great building yen at this it's an historic building for basketball your basketball fan you know and Rory. If you don't know about the blaster to school and at its ally history to and it's great place to watch him I thought that was pre. That is called Big Five hoops everybody look at up kids looking up you know thank you so much man good to talk to attempt hey enjoy everything we athletic game. Bam but it cab tickle defense is. Our brother. There is Tim Roy the one and only here on 957 game we've won over at all right there when we come on back your phone calls are ready to go dated 8957. 957 don't get a lot of people being impatient we will get to you. Right. Next. The national championship game about to get under way from Tampa. Ban on Clemson. Alabama looking for a fifth national championship in the last eight years Davos Sweeney against. Nick Sabin if Nick Saban when somebody goes down as the greatest coach in the history of the sport many really does. He is the modern Bear Bryant he is a modern Knute Rockne. If he wins his fifth national championship tonight Steve's RTZ an intra Lane Kiffin how much does that change Alabama. I just give the ball to boast Scarborough thirty times tonight Scarborough has got 361. Yards on 47 carries in his last three games it's all against top flight defense is Auburn Florida and Washington. The only way you beat a great defense is with a great quarterback at least Clinton's got one and to show on Watson we'll see what he can do tonight. We'll see if Ben ball where is out there check in dudes oil. Yet story as a weird story. Clemson player got a little oh aggressive with the hands the bottom of the piled up over it some time just like keep everybody fresh you know I mean. To Monica I can to monitor those. News. Got a guy you're saying. Golf Opel uncle baseball you can even do hockey ops. I'd love dear Tim rock gods guys stacked. That's that's like mean mixing. My Russa now ski and mine. Might android together. Came out to Saul wrong let's take a couple calls this is raiders Scott in Livermore raiders got. They gain an Ngo wait just one touch a couple things here all right first of all before we celebrate our won't win season. What you gonna lock the on the gas station wall we've got cheering you institute agencies we got a X. In order to compete with kids sitting at your allies were going to be wild card kid at all. All right so here's my first one we got again. I mean this little incident but we get a quarter or sneaky. That can cover Chelsea because otherwise you're just gonna kill us. Returns the role. He thought the linebackers were sold out regional weak right now we have an answer to those huge gaps. Another thing I'd like to see. I'd like to see an eight defensive back package like the patriots do any type that out third and seven walker. Let's just being armed to. Try to stop toward Iran and it wouldn't seven yards and in laps that we somebody's going inside and consulate and guard Steve Palmer went on Jian as Reebok. Oh okay Gionta the remodel going lacks CIA it's funny I got an remodeling update myself before shows started today. Eggs are going well. Yeah I yet we had our big crazy inspection ripe for the holidays which is like they sent off on electrical and all the really except that you have to do so it's. Drywall pain mean full reign toilets seemed all the fun stuff is now happening and sell down almost Dan and the upstairs will be under or sentenced in February but when you when you walk to your brand new upstairs bathroom. Yeah and you slush for the first time he needs to search for him oh are you kidding I cried when they sign up on electrical I'm so excited. To hear. Here is by the way don't has been wonderful I've I can't plug them enough to Allen's doors windows doors and lumbered just fantastic day out panel. It's not them it's all the crazy contractors and stuff. To see that the average median. Or the 900000 dollars that's all. She is that's a pro fixer up during and in need 90% of the male. And that's for what like a two bedroom as a front for a dump special about cockroach motel wow. The on the coax a little more affordable Pacifica good for you want to be asking for huge race. You'll now leave the city and Ali in the city via now don't want to don't need to it's important that I live here. Important for the show that I live here yes yes it is someone from the station needs to live in the city. I think I might be the only catch. There's a typical let's just a idiot portability of it that oh. That's probably the rest of us. With twenty minutes away but island in the city when I was an intern somewhere out slick I've lived in the city I never lived anywhere in California but in this city and he he must really get places. When I first moved here are hard to find a place in the city that we just. Opera house that's of like we this'll work Joseph lives in the city. Joseph lives in the city for sheer. Lorenzo tell. Nice. They. Don't play in the NFL he should be able to afford you don't sacks he did well. But it's in the city Bob Dylan sitting down there you go. There goes my I need a bigger raise argument is unknown it was a damn city. It's gonna come economic. To get shut up. Here's kill me. Oh my god. Desmond Howard's pinstripe suit is the most pinstripes thing I've ever seen pinstripe in my life any undershirt is pinstripes rat. Lot of pinstripes Monica in nothing screams 1989. Like the I'm wearing a blue shirt with a white collar even made fun of that I think on Family Guy last night. When they also did a Peter Griffin sitting on staff Curry's leg yeah at a press conference last night will maybe have that for you. But we have a guess free entire hour coming up right around the corner we're gonna be taking your calls at 888957957. Now. And because we've got it because we have to. Because everybody here's a grown up. Would a little detail. We're gonna go over the raiders playoff loss in Houston yesterday you're ready it's going to be a ton of fun make sure you stay tuned here and that's what's in the off. God we've got to do it don't when he.

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