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DB Show - Hour 3 - 1/9/17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just checking Twitter here G there is an inspirational. Message sent by. You know it's one of like some and instead Graham model or something like that someone re tweeted this pretty girl with a pretty sought saying. It's time to just be happy. Being angry sad and over thinking isn't worth it anymore. Just let things flow. Be positive. Tim arguing that the two great way to launch through life I think we should all be more positive we should all let things happen around us certainly the things that we can't control when. And just kind of react not dictate what we need in order to be happy but obviously. The person who tweeted this. Wasn't pulling for the Oakland Raiders over the weekend because there is nothing to be happy about. I mean there really isn't because. All you wanted to do was get into this fight. All you wanted to do was pick a post season fight again and you'd got to and then you couldn't even throw one you're two best punches in that fight you're dying to get to and that's what news. It just makes this the worst ending a football team can have it's one of those like it's almost better to have not gone. There really is it's almost better to have not done it at all and just been on the outside because. Teams that didn't make the playoffs had just as much chances the raiders did. You might as well of miss the playoffs if you're gonna try and win. With a third string quarterback on the road against the best defense in football. You might as well have not even bothered it was bad disappointing. 827 to fourteen loss. It it wasn't even that close. It really was. It was just a a slaughterhouse. Day all day long. Forget the MVP conversation. I don't care about MVPs I know for a fact the Derek Karr means as much to his team is anyone in football could possibly mean to their team. And if that's not enough to win them the MVP than what it. What could run the experiment what do what do the what are the reasons look like without Flacco what do what do V. What is the falcons look like without Ryan what do the Packers look like without Rodgers would the chiefs look like without Alex Smith. Can't run any of those experiments. We Randi what do the Oakland Raiders look like without Derek Karr experiment. And they looked like it JV team trying to get to practice. The raiders went four of 27 on third down in the last two weeks about their car. He is as big a piece to their puzzle as anyone is in their puzzle and that peace was missing before the playoffs. It's like they forgot how to catch footballs because he was no longer the dude thrown. It was great to end the playoff drought. But you know the only ending to a drought Jian and that bothers me a little bit as as pay the drought silver you drowned. That's not a good ending so yeah you did it end the drought boy you drag owned in the huddle that was the Houston Texans. The single easiest team out there to beat in the playoff picture but it could not happen and it didn't happen for a lot of reasons and without going. Too much into detail. I thought I'd share with you the notes that I made is this game was on full. It started right in the first half with the raiders sending a real good blitz on third down after allowing 11 down was a good start they got off the field in the first thing you notice was that Khalil Max engine. Officially looked revved up and ready to go I thought it was gonna be a pretty decent day for the raider defense. Just based on that alone the question was like how long could it possibly last. Connor cook first ever start. His two passes first two passes go right down the line of scrimmage. Looked in a row. Set up screen a bubble screen. Any almost throws a pick doing that and I make the note. After a short punt. That throwing down the line of scrimmage he's gonna get the readers killed today if that's they're gonna do the plan is throw it down the line of scrimmage. You're in a lot of trouble. Well the Texans they had good field position. They settled for a fifty yard field goal that made it three nothing Houston and after too predictable runs. Connor cook. Another pass. Into the flats. It did not go well. They're down twelve year old daughter cannot write a throwback laughter. And they had great field position after an unbelievable play eight tipped interception on self and right after that it was LaMarr Houston excuse Maine Lamar Miller. For Houston. Making it look easy. First and goal on the five yard line cloudy intercepted the chant the personal foul puts about the five but got Purdue got great copy edges ever said they looked at short jump balls that are running wide though. Coming blanketed the the adjacent lane. Well mark Dell. Touched down here. Not like they did very game that is starting. Our fall. What a great all the hype Craig pop up. And the awful was certainly all around you at that point in time it's ten nothing Houston. And at that point in time the raiders have been outscored 45 to six since their car got hurt. Ten nothing in Houston. But you've been outscored 45 to six since car went down with his broken ankle leg excuse me. And I got Conor took in just a huge hole. He hits Crabtree who catches the ball boy loses his feet underneath and it would have been a huge game but it doesn't go. Was a bad day for Crabtree was a bad day for anyone wearing silver and black really not named colonial Mac. Here at the 42 yard line. Connor could gets absolutely destroyed making it second and sixteen. Throws incomplete pass it was just way off on third drowned Crabtree nearly catches it. Talk Del Rio into worry view and sure enough he was wrong about the catch. Get a punted at least pin them down at the one knowledge doesn't in the mid one. His guys are rolling into the end zone is or try to slow that ball down so in a game where you're gonna have to flip the field and get great field position they almost do it but don't. The raiders defense would foresee three and out there. And you had Jalen Rashard spinning out of a big hit great punt return. Murray cracks often good Ronnie get the ball down of the twenty balls now down inside the fifteen Marie little wall fur to set up a first down. He gets the one yard line and then it was really one of the only times raider fans smiled or believe this might happen all day long. Second go through here last night behind the conservative senator. Okay hit a very negative very often right. So I don't. It's not going to be that's it touchdown. The news leather like back in again. Day war right back in the game it was ten to seven right there. And it'll look like may defense can frustrate rockets brought to just turn all over fumble. Look away throw a pick this entire stadiums get a ball right to the parking lot. May be the best defender you have will be eight Houston crowd turning on their own quarterback. Now. Brock did fumble the snap but he recovered it. The raiders stopped the Texans on a short run on second down that makes it third and twelve quick screen in the raiders needed a lie of next drive. Cook with the ball. Raiders are over the fifty. And Crabtree. With a big drop which drop that drew. The big drop that he had in the game were it was a slant rout put right in between his numbers. And he just dropped it it was his second down play instead a second and shorter even the first they're now looking at 39. And third and anything. Was end of the raiders day pretty much all day long cooked look for Cooper Johnathan Joseph ended up breaking that up. Texans quarterbacks played very well all day long it was a nice punt by king who pinned him inside the five. And you figure. The Houston Texans are the only team in the NFL. That got zero points all season long from teams that started inside their own ten yard line so guess what happened. Of course they drive almost the length of the field and get a field goal to make it thirteen to seven Houston the raiders then go three and out. Cook nearly gets picked off twice. A punt is almost a blessing in this point in time because he got Johnathan Joseph out there just blanketing. Either Crabtree. Or Cooper whoever came to his side of the field. He hits. Rock us Weiler. It's DR Andre Hopkins down wounded the three yard line and two plays later what do you know. So I could go to go play action stuff. He got the right now it's time they have got these shots made bad play. The Texans were the only team in football not to score in the final two minutes of the half this year and of course the raiders. Allowed a field goal earlier eight touchdown there at the raiders. Was bad they come out in the second half they get the ball the news is no old Rodney Hudson. He got three pro bowlers lost in three weeks. And lock he did come back to the game. But when the strength of your team or offensive whining your quarterback becomes the weakness of your team on the road in the playoffs you're done. Have all the and optimism you want you can. Squint your rise together as parties you want to praise hardee's you want that my points gonna be awesome number. Connor cookies been a big gains before look this was dead on arrival. It sucks but that's the truth of at all and anyone who didn't see it that waivers wondering to themselves. It's a thirteen point game but a mind is Loeb and 35 points. Hudson didn't come back but at that point in time your old for ten on third down. A Mari Cooper. Might have made it catch on third and ten about seven minutes left in the third damp ball falls right in between his wrists. When you get a break. They actually rough your kicker they rough market king wasn't rough enough to get a first down. All you were able to do was re ticket which is good considering that putt went for a touchdown against you. So the raiders offense failed them throughout the day expected Lisa. The defense failed them when it mattered most. And the special teams what do failed them and allowed a touchdown in that game too. Saw this before the end of the games this is not the final book late in that game. ESPN's stats and info we did something and I wrote down what I'm and darkening. I'll spare you the details but here all you need to know at one point in the game the raiders had failed to gain a yard on 58% of their place. 58%. Of their plays went for zero to negative yards at one point in that game. When they were 43 plays into the game they were 2525. Of 43 plays gained the art that's it 25. 43 place no excuse me 25 a 43 plays didn't gaining yards. If you'd been over 50% you were under that 25. Of the first 43 plays the raiders ran didn't. Mean you art. Now before I take a single question about the musgrave. No one's trying to evaluate the musgrave based on this performance and don't even bother. He had a very good years and offensive coordinator was a perfect all the time now below seven games last year. Suspect like in the patriots with a birthright to excellence. You have a developing. Quarterback's deal is certainly an up and comer. You've got. Talented yet ultimately. Kind of disappointing wide receivers at the end of this season Crabtree and Cooper weren't half as good at the end as they were the beginning. And you got two corners who were slow. David Emerson. Is the best corner that this team hats. But he is not a lock it down corner you know eight here's a deal. If the spectrum of quarterbacks. Ranges from lockdown corner. Who gives up more big plays and he prevents. It feels like both Amer tech both David Emerson. And Sean Smith lean more towards the give up more big plays than they prevent side of the spectrum. Crabtree at one point had to go back to the locker room for an independent. Concussion examination. And Gionta that was officially the last note I made since I was I didn't there's nothing else. Was needed at that point. And it was over. And in case you didn't know how over it was. When Connor cooked through that third interception. Gregg knew it to our. Presumably. I went down and handle it. Her book will throw his third interception. In his playoff game of their leaders we'll. ABC's this over the Houston Texans are. Sit next weekend the AFC divisional round. Asked afterwards if he thought of going in the glowing in any point in time Jack Del Rio said I asked the halftime you know coach really felt like that there were other things or kind of contributing in the it was going to be a big change based on change port so we stay the course with a. Sohn Nomo glowing in that situation. Derek Karr on with JT the brick today. Again this is a lot easier to say. When you know your out of the playoffs but Derek Carr did say. You would have played in the super boy they reached. There are no doubt in my mind I don't know if you ask anyone else it's so you look at it and no. You know put us Italian. Whether you're had to fight you know what whatever it is it is. Don't work there there is no doubt in my mind that can adapt yeah. Us Weiler. Had the two best games of his year against the raiders defense. Next time you wanna just going to default setting of complaining about bill musgrave. Mickey switch that. A ten Norton junior who again didn't necessarily have the horses to run the race he had no middle linebackers seed to slow corners the best. Member of the saved had the best member of the secondary it was a rookie punter Nate Allen made pro bowler not Carl Joseph. I thought was maybe the best raiders defender in the secondary. And Ken Norton didn't even play in the first game of the year. Didn't even have an out there. For what a special teams players. Now I mean I'm not you know they won their first game at the net losses and so you know maybe maybe that would have been a difference I don't know. A day and I mean I just. I look at what the problem was of this team and and I just don't see offensive problems defining what went wrong with his team would this year. What didn't happen at the very very end it it it was. If you work it is Derek Karr had a great defense there are 1415. Win football team. Right. All the shortcomings of this team this season on the defense inside the ball. If you really wanna put one loss squarely on Derek Carr it was Thursday night short week. At Kansas City freezing cold where had a broken finger on his throwing hand. Like that one was on Derek. But you can certainly see what the circumstances were there or working against the mall might he was never really quite right even though we looked a little right during the colts game. And of course the broken leg and say Lovie set. And that's the thing was I mean it's so much wishful thinking on stare car purposely that was that. And we just you just remain hopeful and hope for the best all those Saturday pretty much sucked but. It really sucked it did I I I expected it a little bit more and then I guess and then what really really upset me. What really really upset me. Is that after the raider disappointment. There was no fun football to be had anywhere the rest of the weekend I mean the next game socked in the two games yesterday's ball pretty much just know entertainment. Other than like whoo wow Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback but I kind of knew that. From the Tex lines as they. To give a damn what that says I got to lies in these guys were spit now big plays every single time I looked up against them one guy was chasing after someone who just put him and burn unit. This is a football team. That went into a playoff game. A little scared of what it might have been able to do and executed to that level all day long the raiders were a little scared played scared didn't look right. It wasn't right it was meant to fail it was gonna fail. If you thought it was gonna succeed you're telling me the you are willing to suspend reality in the name of making it cool football hot take. Reality said the raiders are gonna lose this 120 times. Justin is in damn bill thank you for holding Justin you're on 957 game what's going on. Outmanned and heart breaker. And then you know but on the gloomy days. Let's take that back out our spot okay if you won't be that. Went twelve and four. Mike cabbage. The boat all bowler and now. And I'm. Roger at quarterback. I would have been super duper we are about. It straighter and out the plan going forward in an okay. We need to don't wrap wrap eat they eat that he might back corner. Right now. And he. They may help routine not go forward I promise you you're. Seeing it right now. I did sand since 2015. I loved its when he seventeen raiders and I still made it. The question is will we be loving it's when he seventeen raiders all on our own or will there be another city trying to muscle and on the love. I can promise you that Mark Davis has already filed for relocation he said he would the minute the season was over. And it looks like that is something that has already happened although I haven't seen the actual story that says paperwork then raiders memories brief that's filed. Have you seen that anywhere I am I have not yet seen that. But I didn't read the article. From vice sports dot com that was titled. If the raiders moved to Vegas the NFL will lose what's left of its sole. I think I'll read that Tia in just a little bit because there's some interest and stuff going on and there. The real honest to God's truth is that there's very little success he carries over from one year to the next you can hope. Always you're hoping that your. You're building block players are becoming better and therefore when they show up next year you get better versions but. Even better versions in better building blocks fall short. Don't believe me. Asked the Denver Broncos. Or the Carolina Panthers I mean. Both from the Super Bowl last year neither is in the playoffs this year that's how you know make it if you think that the raiders are set up to be awesome again next year I'm sure everyone who was rooting for their team in the Super Bowl. Bought the same thing. Success does not roll from one season into the next. Now you'd think that the raiders would be picked to win 101112. Games next year the one in twelve games in the NFL's not an easy thing to do. And I hope you're right I hope that they are very much at the beginning of something special. Not a flash in the pan I don't think it's going to be a flash in the pan because you've got the single most important position in sports figured out. Invested in protecting net position. Unfortunately. All the investment spending your offensive line still didn't get your quarterback to the finish line. I detest it hurts the week that ended it really really hurts what I'm I'm not a raider fan I never pretended to be raider fan. I'm not a niner fan I grew up the bears fan but I don't spend my weekends root hard for them anymore I just like football I love stories a love as they unfold. And I was legitimately bombed out on Saturday afternoon like. Gillian came home from whatever she was doing that morning the raiders game was over Morton and go to him. And his sympathy. Raiders gave us a great story and season there was so much fun it was so much fun at what the fun to be over and I certainly didn't wanna and like that. You know what if he had the best day in the world to Disneyland and then as you're getting off the space mountain you get hit by one of the roller coasters and breaks a leg didn't have a fun day Disney. Really that's that's what happened everything was gone great the Derek Carr got hit on space mountain. I certainly did the prince's brunch. Everything's going great. Debt the Mickey your balloons and hats for everybody. You met making the kids went to the tea cups the adults want to bang and everybody at a grand old time. Electric light parade. Let's go one more shot at space mountain Eric don't hit by a damn rollercoaster. Broke his leg did you enjoy your day Disney World ski. Kind of hard to go home think and it's dude had a general sentenced. It hurts the end of football seasonal sports. Totally over I mean it's over firm ads here in the Bay Area about it. Divisional matchup coming Nat you've got the Super Bowl. With big name way to put a positive spin on. It hurts. We got your calls when we come on back and how much it would hurt. The NFL's sold to lose the raiders to Las Vegas a pretty interesting story written by Peter Richmond. On vice sports dot com and we'll share that with you here. On the team and show. Can we do go to just don't want it rushed wide gulf coming glad. I like that day. Hardball whose his first start on the road to twelve game against no more ready for that little draw for the third down twelve hour. It goes to show. Yeah I. Well. It hurts when it's over it always hurts when it's over great great great comeback Derek Greg Papa with a great call you know it didn't go. The way he wanted it to the way so many of you wanted it to it doesn't matter. Well but it does. It does wanted to and it when it's over it always hurts except for this guy rob on the Tex lines argue amigos Dave that's not true it's over it doesn't always are. The end of football's a niner fan it's like someone stopping you from kicking in that jump for five months Earl that's over. Yeah there's that. There is there's that for sure by the way touchdown Scarborough. Mama roll tide seven knots and well. Six nothing tech extra point pending. I'm so sorry it ended like that raider fans and in my heart really does go out to you because he deserved. To at least show up. You know who your fight with the right weapon. Typify you may have to the fight for it for. A person who didn't even. And a franchise weren't invited to the reindeer games get invited back there at the he might be down at the one inch line they're gonna review it but we're looking at Scarborough was close to a touchdown. It's so hard to get back that's the thing like I wish I could just tell you like hey you know what dare it's gonna get healthy again and you're just gonna re loading in a draft great linebackers another corner in man to be right back DNA. Fourteen wins next year AFC west champs done. Hard to say that. It's hard to say that. Guy here named bump in San Ramon on the text line says Denon DB about this. Three of 32 teams story. Of 32 teams have been of the playoffs in five straight years New England Seattle Green Day the tip. Getting back as hard it is getting back his real hard staying there staying. Consistent playoff participant. Tax. Really really hard to do. And if you think about it what are the three things that all three of those teams have in common. The things that those teams having gone. Outstanding quarterback play Green Day Aaron Rodgers Seattle Russ Wilson he realized that Russell Wilson. Five years and he's got five playoff wins at least one year in every playoffs he's never not one at least a playoff game. That's very impressive. The other team's New England. I think they have a quarterback to his name is slipping. Tom. It's Tom savage that's it Tom savage that says it. Derek Karr. Meant is much to his team is anybody in the NFL the guy isn't just a quarterback. Yeah it did nothing runs without him. He is there assistant coach he is their twelfth defender he is their inspiration he is their on field religious leader he's their on field good cop. He is the guy who's got the bad on the video game that makes everybody who plays for the team better. That's who he is. 888957957. Note Tony in San Bruno. Welcome to show Tony the stock football. Well thank you. Errol I gadgets Sony woody got. So yeah I Tonioli digging here you know. Does not happen in sorry Tony we urge you. Couldn't hear us now. This is mark in Banesha mark you're on nine besides seven game. Are on here buddy you got me you know. Now people are messing with me right are you messing would make. That's not working either. What's going on it is it April fool's that was weird that feels like it's a coordinated attack. Go to woods do mar in Oakland to market you hear me. Tomorrow how are. Edit. All right we need an engineer. We need an engineered DeMar if you're on hold we need an engineer. I beg your pardon be patient everyone in trying to figure this out later Monday Roxio I cannot tell you I'm not gonna add to act and act on today by oak card club. Nice we had a telephone Monday. Telephones operating Monday let's see if those guys call back we will get back to them as soon as we can actually start taking phone calls. Also cut off. About that for Nestle smooth transition very and also cut off Sonny dykes over in Berkeley. Ted Miller from Had a pretty interesting article basically saying California. Fired coach Sonny dykes on Sunday because of a lack of a commitment is the schools. And the fan bases. We want somebody who's committed to the university. Long term someone who really wants to be at cal that's an athletic director. Mike Williams said while Mike you might be at all troubled her because I don't know if anybody really wants to beat cal. Honest to God's truth is there is nothing about that athletic department that is in dine at best at AB plus level I mean it's just it's decidedly not a leak. Everything they do. As as his school academically. Is something that they victory lap would do the best public university in America. Long who tears. What a homecoming game each Max. Seriously straight up. You know makes the best. Public university in the world even better. Is if you overlook the minimum three point oh GPA lead and a guy with two wage who can play. That makes you great. And that's why chip Kelly's not going to. I should they kick the tires on them yeah it would be a huge it would be a bigger mistake for Chip Kelly to go to Calvin was to come to San Francisco. Chip Kelly surrounded by the ultra cool of war again. Till night is his benefactor. And the best facilities in the sport at any level of the sport. That's an easy sell. Now. Not an easy sell. Sonny dykes team was not filling memorial stadium. Inspiring donors he was nineteen and thirty. After four regular seasons and let's face it he had a wandering night. In a wandering nine without wandering himself up the win column. You cannot. Be average at best and constantly. Looking. For the next hotter girl walked into the bar. And that's what he did he was interest and in the Baylor opening he was intrastate and any opening while he's there head coach. You better be demand. If that's the way it's going to be. Ted Miller goes under right Chip Kelly recently fired after one forgettable coaching years the 49ers. With the 49ers is obviously available and in town. While NFL folks might not think much from these days there are more than a few athletic directors who would offer up their first born dire Chip Kelly Kelly is 46 and seven. In four seasons and organ what's best remembered in the pac twelve where it's is 33 in three conference mark. Not gonna happen. It's just not gonna happen. First of all Cal's not to pay would chip Kelly's gonna command and Chip Kelly. Is slitting his own throat going to a situation room never get the institutional support that used to get it is old institution. And I just don't see it happening I just do not see that happening back. I see it being a really good fit for cal so they're not gonna wanna pay him and then all by the way and I don't wanna give the players that he needs. So I just don't think. Just do not think for a second. The that's going to happen even though there's all sorts of reasons for it to happen and it looks good on paper. I don't think the idea is executed as easily as we talk about it. About this from the text like Damon what would Jack Del Rio said if you told them at the beginning of the year that he was gonna win twelve games but not the division. Probably would've said man that she set a monster year to match. Or the Denver Broncos figured out their quarterback. I don't think you would have brought up the San Diego Chargers Sardinia and 888957957. Only come on back we're gonna try and take your calls if the technology. Will allow it will find out is 95 cent in the game with technology and stuff. Rated talk judge to Ben Gulliver next hour should be an interesting conversation. With him. Still a lot to get over and get up and on our. Our broadcast tonight a very. He scathing. Review of what might be the future. Of the Oakland Raiders should they actually. Have the audacity. A move to Las Vegas and we know that they want to do that. Up to other owners who know more about long term NFL planning to prevent it we'll see if that actually happens or not. Let's see if talking to the audience is something that can actually happen or not here we tried last segment. We were hearing the callers in callers weren't hearing us we got our fingers crossed mark in Banesha let's try to again marquis got may. Yeah oh yeah later on earmarks. Love it man great show thank you very much it looks like we've got Martin Banesha. Demand generator and says this is I used to see it and that read you'll be able my dad to kick me. I would do you end Connor Monty Johnson. And a rookie year Matt Millen also were linebackers. Drove the raiders to victory. Mania big middle eighties someone stronger. Number you is I called it a week ago and told you about. Sean met. He cannot cover short. No right before that and you know what happened he got burned right up top buy it and yeah yeah. Turkey her purse. Let out the top. He had gone. They have won one year option on him in years ago. I did you know it's that day and it's. He's back next year based on the money committed in the fact they're kinda gonna be up against the cap is it is. He's back but they got to give somebody a chance to compete for that job or take it from home. Because this is it's not working out he is a he is a press corner who gets killed men demand. He's not working he can cover tight end up. And mobile over the safety and then make him your tight and covering specialist if you have to. Bringing it under the cover tight pants meant it well you know that on opulence. My prayer and keep him he's been good however. Early in games. He's too conservative. All year long wait to conservative. Cart had brought his team back. Is now open game in the second half because. They'd been behind them or how. They have been too conservative in the upper they need to throw well now you so Brett how much greater need to. CUNY who stole the ball down field upper. Mark thank you mark I'd say like thank you for the call I'm not disagreeing with a single thing you're saying I'd like to see them open up more to Mike Mike problem for musgrave wasn't too much it was gimme more. Give me more. And at times it wasn't always more passing game it was get that running game going a little bit more Chris insert. Our goal when wells there but. I just I I. I don't know what happened Omar Cooper in the second half of the year last five games deer wasn't like he was a Mark Cooper anymore look like Michael Crabtree. It's some sort of a rookie wall when he's far removed from his rookie year I. I view. It was churning and churning and churning it so well sometimes and then would you stop. And yet you were down two loss and a path and being a little bit more aggressive is something that I think. You know maybe Jack Del Rio told his offensive coordinator not Thabeet he EE is probably more wired to be conservative. For Del Rio he's now lost playoff games of what. David you're our. Connor cook a lot. Darryl calling from Montana did earlier on 957 game. At a critical here but in. Here. You know what we got eco. Etiquette particle. On. Back. Eke out. Got. To go your way. Back. All. He was. He was the guy that made a very flawed team. Pretend it was a twelve win team and I guess they didn't pretend they really wore a twelve years to win team but didn't have 812 win team. They had a twelve win offense. That made up for a lot of defense shortcomings. Which were easy to see as Brock cost Weiler was kind of carbon you up a little bit for the second time this year. Exactly it's important to you later you don't like we need to. The guys want an. Order back. I. Mail it to be that quarterback. Are outline and be able Oprah or. Now I don't remember anyone putting pressure on the quarterback not named Cooley a Mac or Bruce Irvin for the last few weeks and the raiders defensive flying in whether it did or didn't include Mario Edwards junior was no great shakes all yearlong it really wasn't and in LA if you say well probably they are great against the run no they weren't. So if you're not great against the pass is a defensive linemen and you're not stopping the run what are you. You might be hold the job to the next guy gets here. Jamar in Oakland Jamar what are you get. A game and public are on column on it I don't show right now. Up and I didn't wanna talk about the red haired and broken leg and and basically it meant we all know that indeed and couldn't look look I'm shocked and begin it was the barn and every other week. Do. You know that guy right. The article the cholera beat me that got a one year option on that guy and they need to they need to make. I'm nobody on the deep at the lodge an equally on W dot. Com. If that we needed to. Linebacker that can make plays hotline that online because nobody argued that could do that other than 52. Yeah yeah it's almost like what about an eagle watcher what about a. You know who. Named in the league but we get cornered. I'll let. I'd like we didn't get it right because. Earlier on our should not admit Emily mentally. Much. It. You know it's still pretty damn good offensive line they spend more money there than any other team in football and yeah add came up short at the end and you could say it. The mentally didn't have the best year when he was out there Hudson didn't have the best year it's a shame that Donald and gives up one set all year and it's the play that ends any hope. For a playoff run because it's the play the broker covers ankle. Jim mark thank you very much for the call appreciate you listen in man don't be a stranger. Josh in May antique up here on 957 game Josh. Do well. So. I think Ken Norton pretty much. You know that is. Whatever and Oakland I think that we need to go for a superstar. Defense coordinator. And why not Rex Ryan. OK so you don't have to do much to sell me on that and it's not that I think attended a terrible job in a lot of new guys meeting a lot of moving parts lot of injury and everything but. Yeah I'll take Rex Ryan right now to run the raiders defense going forward that sounds great to me the question is how much would it cost to keep. How much would it cost to bring him in. Would Jack Del Rio wanna share the mantle with somebody who commands so much attention in the room would he be comfortable with the and would Rex Ryan the embrace going back to being a defense is. Coordinator. Who doesn't pay the lip service to the media every week and make a roomful of people chuckle are you ready to just get back to nasty football Rex at the answer is yes. And sure I'd love to hear from I'd love to talk about that I really want. Just don't think he's ready to. Be the wall flower in the corner. And I honestly the amount of money they spend is jacked up on Jack del Rio's head coach with the defense and prowess you know it's up to him at six defense. Shouldn't have to bring in another defensive expert. To be your new defensive coordinator. When your head coach comes from the defense side of the ball. Doesn't sound like a bad idea enemy. I don't think Rex Ryan is very good head coach is defense of mind. There's not a lot of people in the NFL question if it's good or bad one and politics it's good. What's got to say it's going to be amazing look let's say. Josh McDaniels leaves New England forget about him coming in the niners' if he is the number one guy and everybody's bored how does he get to the niners when he's got options why do you come here. But Chip Kelly the New England. An offensive coordinator. The belly checks always had quite a -- respect for chip Kelly's offensive mind when you say chip c'mon and call offense plays the creative quarterbacks Tom Brady. You're wide receivers be nameless faceless guys are on a chain of changeable and get a double AL by the way here that you didn't run an offense with tight ends well this grunt guy might change your mind about that. It's gonna take some. Coaching. Standard. To read to resurrect Chip Kelly I honestly you know the best thing to Chip Kelly would be. You're away. Take year off. Let the coaching carousel in college turned any step and his son middling program and a major conference in Europe pointed the next savior of whatever. That's what he should do. Take a vacation you got a lot of money to spend a no hours to output in trying to earn it is comedy. If I told you Janet what do you work or not next year yeah once he knows five million another team's still Pena off a million dollar increments as well he died again a work the next thing I can take a break but I love what I do need to unhappy person we get hit the power ball I'm not quit and but I'm taking a sabbatical. Will vacation. Your lung a lot of vacation. It's a raider Monday we're gonna have more on Oakland and hopefully. Nothing on Las Vegas. When it's all said and done but a very good article written on vice sports and a cautionary tale. That a lot of assistance up and coming assistants and footballer hearing about the niners the tail is stay away it's a dumpster fire that's next 95 cents in the game.

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