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Ben Golliver

Jan 10, 2017|

Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver talks hoops on the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aren't I really cannot complain anymore about how bad NFL wildcard weekend wise I don't wanna hear another word about what the raiders didn't have going for them in Houston we sought we know it. Let's talk about the NBA and let's do that with a columnist for Sports Illustrated. And golfer good enough to join us here on 957 the game Ben thanks very much David Bruce it's a pleasure to have you on the show our U. My pleasure man I'm good how are you. Don't good thank you very much you know it's amazing every time the warriors lose a basketball game we get sink pieces from all bulletins and not everyone comes in with a what's wrong what's what what what's next for the warriors how can they get right in this set. If you know what this really is I think more than anything else is a lot of teams use a regular season as a proving ground the warriors there using this regular season. As a laboratory. And they're in no rush. To just go start winning regular season games is if there's an urgency there they know that there's nothing that they can prove. Until the playoffs start. I hear you on that you know their to a laboratory delighted to get media's job dependency which experiments are working in in which experience or experiment or may be public all open it. And I thought that it. It ought Friday night was really really shrieking outsider's perspective because you have. They'll probably two of the best five pat Butler and beat two of the best three got partners in the world at a time as one of the football there. Lady Gaga pop it in India where I Adrian Mike Green really frustrated on the court. Crude feeling very passionately about how will they are and should kind of an old league game that you're out. You know 124 point legal proof against the key to admit it's greatly to our you know one of the bat that executing the game so. Might they appoint you under the end like the backlash to it in pieces but there was a lot going on there and I actually got repeated. You know I've hike. I I look at that moment. And it could be a real watershed moment for the team what do you think the last time eight teammate. Shoot out Kevin Durant on court probably eighth grade not even high school right I mean that at a. Effort that is the complications are or anything like that would Russell wedge repeat. It. Editor at the outcome of the other teams trade to a certain degree it would certainly help it show. I think Lloyd you know entry in my green economy clear afterward like that how we do it in certain warriors were a plane and especially being. I think it's not an injury to adjust to that style. You know what it out I got it about dream on all the always agree with cage match. Message I thought he was right a late pick and roll or basketball don't settle for that reporter against Zach Randolph in that situation. I totally agree with that message about RB. Can disagree with the way came about it Beatty clearly that kind of frustration with any team. Apple on aptly the immediate aftermath you know after the timeout. Is not an illegal what you want that that to happen especially when you need not go for the rebounded. He's you know soul. Volatile. You know where he was kind of behavior so. He was right you know. Theory but I think I wrong in practice and I think that what little political I'm Steve current credit that he's he's back up. You know look at that film see you know where there are corrections speed may try to remind you Mike Green and you know keep control your auctioned. Still early January at the point is I'm here to get things right and and move forward. They get a really good testing ground coming up with their next four games here at home. It is going to be highlighted. Of course by the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back into town we're gonna see Oklahoma City before this four game stand is over and done with we've got to seat. And Detroit I believe coming up before that we're talk and little warriors little NBA would bend Oliver for Sports Illustrated and and cavaliers got Kyle Korver via NBA officially got its first that's interesting trade of this season. How much of a different team do you think that makes the cavaliers. In terms of creating space they'd just created a lot more. It can mean I think it. A couple to be number wondered you'll picture right JR Smith out like the W literally work out that. So the level. I don't think they're on the broad and it suggested in another backup ball handler and all that it'd be like waiver wire or somebody gets spot out what. You know there always agree with that archery that's a big gold he done in the past to it that we you do your Olympic championship vote. To me Korver fit splendidly well that came from two years ago. Locally shoots more three Botox it indicated that Botox in so every that would import about Botox in terms staging it in the long haul it even. Even more so quickly went on to get it yet natural. You know what brought. He's like picnic each each group. For your lately your career leadership leadership like that because so many. Unbelievable no patents it's set up plays you know driving case. Crop scored in Thursday. And that really can expand your commercials per ballot Al corporate. Let's start the media that he's got a couple Li strong you're eating type kick around it. It kind of followed by bullet with James Jones pat their soul. I think it is a lot of that for Cleveland but my real quick back trade. I get a lot of pressure on the second tier and Eastern Conference that's you know DEA agent bought in the five year into rot out. You know you gotta keep you can't just settle here and that Cleveland won away from you immediate interest you're about trying to be contender and you really try to keep up with the cavaliers mister Cochran but you gotta go out there at the talent. Cleveland has owned both those teams that hadn't actually seen it and if they get better outlook that they about Iraq and it's helping me get better. Mike Dunleavy. It looks like he's gonna end up heading to Atlanta after all for a minute he didn't wanna go but apparently bullet holes are put in a call that resonated well with him. If he does turn around and look for a buyout could Michael here's the interest it. It started in the and it quickly stopping it was I think it would also capturing talks right back there. Targeted at least stop I mean a veteran on box I hate to say the and from their fans' perspective but I'd. Money the other direction Dunleavy I'd be trying to get. I. Out by Chinese entry because they're court to make any sense right now that backing me into real if you look. I prickly their ownership to meet not committed to winning a title there. But what age did you key trade. I eagle that you were you now more Covert the they just kind of completely overhaul. There retired direction last couple years and and they're going nowhere I'd public that your agent career ballot although I would rather be wrong now. In Atlanta see in the club like Dudley. Spot up. The quarter and it airs on dial in gold date and trying to make it work with a hockey and its millions stuck in the mud so. I'm not sure you know last active duty from Atlanta but don't let the kind of trying to cool that you're not here in the short term. Ben first wave of all star voting is and wordy guys Zaza Pachulia on your ballots that. I'll. They were Smart change the rule right but it could keep coming in their support like not last year Cambodian realize like. He can't believe in the profit last year continued it. Dot it added I figured any regular remote pocket. Unbelievable that both men. You know entering monitored he gave it these guys to argues you know so well noted recognizable by. That's kind of how the light bulb works to be honest usually I'm I'm all about. Turned it over to the intimately to people that but I do you think it was Smart and it's your quoted safeguards so that. Did it turn into a joke because when indeed. The end of the world wants we've got WTO dispute slippery slope and you got all these and around the world all these groups. On various web site known in different candidate and it could really turn it cute. I have a bad. Person. And really what they do they sent to an unqualified hockey player to the all star game one's going to be winning the all star game MVP for goodness sakes it. Shortly I really want it. The current victory there you know that's what I want to put the I don't want he's not that Bob sorry but he all I want you to Mary Pat The Bat it. It also equipment deepen this you know what the case last year. I elected you know between warm most deserving guys that a lot he's. These players and think about it you're dot try and lighten pennant on will be able great he did in Milwaukee. Imagined he'd. You get a spot in overheated start because that's some good. Like that and. Here's how spoiled we are out here your looking forward to seeing clay and staffing company in the all star game we get to see them so often I'm going to Hawaii that week and a half. I idol I don't like basketball that any defense being played in and I'm sorry all star game you and I've never seen nine this is the way it is we got been gallery here from Sports Illustrated good talking a little. Basketball with him when we talk about warriors threats. I think San Antonio is obviously. Houston that's a team that place we all know the cavaliers will be waiting for whoever comes out of the west. I think the single biggest group of pretenders. In basketball of the Los Angeles Clippers this is a team that on paper should be much better than it is they should be much better than their coached. And and I don't know why I keep on saying the at a slow members heart when you're trying to buy calls instead of actually played. I think the clippers are total false profits in nineteen even really explain why. Was exposed to be good they look like they're gonna be really good or not what do you think. Yeah you've got dramatic out right now do you ought to it because I. It's that doctor that you could that would late eating injured and decreased missions and domino back now. I think the biggest problem for the clippers is that. Gold Hayward. I mean and that sort of in there. They don't like it talk about the robbery quote unquote. But they all could recite the record that their recent results you know line adverse. And I think they realize that this action applies. It was already. Look last year in the previous year and other vehicles small forward in the old people in their captain to grant colleges the rich got richer and really an insult. You know on the clippers. In the vehicle was as little wonderful help either stall that group with respect each year teams. You know what you mentioned the other news in Antonio. In Houston although he are kind of like rocket procedures with each other and they all kind of represented were called out for each other but the real quick. Allan any of them changed out of legitimate challenger in school day and I don't release the aren't being dead accused in. Can get out in the she's come playoff time everything's closed down gold they handled them in the playoffs ward they're gonna understand better than most out of the and ardent they're going to be a key opposition obviously they're well in the shootout probably. You know with the rockets. These are better now that. You know what you're five additionally. Our critical not accused in the series in years past that you can really push the warriors. That supplies in the relying on climate and he's got kind of spotty. Quote he. Forgot one filed MVP award went to all of which were probably benched him more yet in court teams. And he really had written to yeah the challenge that we begin recent series. I mean not necessarily want to be banking on going to play after that my number one guy that Aldridge. You know it you still trying to. On the cookie stage immediately his career so. You know to me. That the biggest threat for bold statements coming from Easter Cochran everybody knows that it cavaliers I have a real art I. Apart any of those injured teens and electric cooperative and fighting botched a Google may be too worried oddly exactly change yet. You know. They're gonna hit the pro line yet in the Golden State whether trading on the and copper and accurate in time that it got a vocal ability that they don't have a lot record debt in glee crew would be there are guys you would want you. What situation. But at their helped everybody helped produce theoretical world. You know there there. Yeah I mean I would have been very comfortable after Christmas Day we just saw the warriors in caps play best of 52. To settle the whole thing that's really where we're heading Ben thank you very much if viking press you on something I don't know if you have this information my producer handed this to meet. As we were talking and I'm not trying to catch you off guard I apologize if I do here but it looks like Derrick Rose was a no show tonight. For the Chicago Bulls or excuse me for the New York Knicks saying that. They were in contact with him. He was a no show would tip off it's unclear if they reached him or kept trying to reach him it's very possibly could have a legitimate reason for missing the game Shanle related mechanically something that the it appears that. We have a missing Derrick Rose from the New York Knicks pelican game tonight at the garden if you're gonna. It's scary situation gravity that it into winner. To speculate. You know if you look back recently eaten. He'd be quote out their previous game I don't watch from the bench or expect Adam couldn during crunch time we don't know that. Involved obviously. Part of our corporation is well. Over the last twelve months so I don't want that had a vote for the pastor and it's very usual that Geico quote unquote missing outgrow this law is especially right rugby. ER yeah. And it delicate nick actually were caught off guard it ended at nearly I have a statement until right before about the outward was so I'm just an open for the that's. Yeah it's it's one of those like let's hope he seasonal sender Bender lost his phone or something because this is a essentially. Left of center of normal and it's certainly if he was just notional. Would be the end of his. Basketball credibility between now and the rest of his career so let's hope that's not it either and thank you on the Fanny years I've been solid years so thanks very much for coming on really appreciated tonight. Thank you Ben golfer. Columnist for Sports Illustrated here and out of 57 game.

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