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DB Show - Hour 4 - 1/9/17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The raiders fell apart in Houston. It was easy to predict. It's certainly happened it was depressing that it did happen and I'm sorry that that's how we welcome you back here on a raider Monday. Brought to you by FH daily Chevrolet drive a little save a lot and by Dolan is lumber doors and windows. It was a fun season they just had the worst ending imaginable you didn't even get to show up to the prom dressed in a tuxedo. Didn't get that chance. You worst speed go to the prom. Totally. Under dress for the occasion. You were under dressed in your third string quarterback. And it was easy to see that the defense is just gonna carry the day. And there is going to be basically no shot the 2714. Final doesn't even indicate. How little of the game that there really wise. And still. Even as a minute delays it was city Houston all day and night it really wasn't used in all day and night it was Houston's defense most of the day and night. Would an awful lot of leaving the door open being left who you. By Brock costs while learn what that offense couldn't do. By the way. Dan Shaughnessy you know Dan Shaughnessy is right you see your money SP yen. He's a Boston Globe columnist that has a national voice really any story from Boston. People turn to day and ask his opinion about it he's never minced words when it comes to picking. On someone or some thing or son team I had to do is read to steal a little bit. Dan Shaughnessy. Writing about the Houston Texans coming to the New England Patriots next week or this upcoming week. From today's Boston Globe. The patriots will finally played their first post season games Saturday night and wouldn't you guess. They're playing at team would absolutely zero chance to win the game. And join the spoils of their hard earned top seed before in the fourteen into patriots will face your friends in mind the all world tomato cans. Houston Texans. New England's dream matchup would fourth seeded Houston became official Sunday when Pittsburgh routed the terrible dolphins this could not have worked out better for the patriots. The Texans are ready chuck wept there Randall Tex Cobb Peter McNeeley. Of the NFL playoff teams. They are tomato cans they Houston wore holes. Prepare for the pats vs the Nazis she Davey and clowning is to the left jokers to the right. And that Texans are historically bad and easy for the patriots to beat. And in keeping with the unusual theme of the patriots locked New England again will be playing a team without its best player in JJ watt. If you prefer facts over opinion why not try this. The Texans have never wanna game at Foxborough and in their last four games at Gillette they have lost by an aggregate score of 115 to 49. Yes. They get out average by 25 plus points. In every game they play at Foxboro. Remember for years ago the Texans were eleven and one they came to Foxboro wearing their Letterman jackets. Yet that was 28 to nothing before it came 35 to seven and ended up 42 to fourteen. The Texans featuring historically bad offense Houston scored only 25 offensive touchdowns this year which is a record low for a playoff team. In a sixteen game season. With its pop gun offense Houston is the only NFL team that didn't score in the final two minutes of the first half of the regular season. Houston's defense looks formidable. But the Texans were playing against a kid quarterback making his first NFL start. Something tells me Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will do better than Jack Del Rio and Connor cook. When Belichick tries to convince us in the upcoming days that were on to Houston. I'm gonna be thinking about the Super Bowl that energy stadium. Not to cream puffs who were coming in the July this weekend and. It's nice to have Tom Brady's your quarterback you can be a real trick is a columnist when that happens. I got the best quarterback and best coach in the league guy cover room I'm gonna write like I'm gonna go out and play like a bad ass myself Dan Shaughnessy. Seriously he's steel himself and you know what though. Vegas doesn't lie about these things. Did you hear the missed the herded date yep that's basket he heard the missed basket boom. There are. They opened his sixteen point dogs. You should never be a sixteen point underdog that's sixteen point underdog in an NFL game is like being in a thirty point underdog in a college game. A sixteen point underdog in the playoffs means Houston does mean that shouldn't shouldn't be. A bitchy the raiders to be get like three. May be up to six if they were going. And I completely believe. Had Derek Carr. And able to play. AB Austin doing. I think they beat the Houston Texans I definitely do. What a shame. The problem is. When it comes to the shame. What a shame. Is it a shame the real shame of the Oakland Raiders is saying the change. Change. This. May be the last DNA but pure Oakland raised pay anyone ever sees change. I haven't seen mark shame. File for relocation. But he can be changer it's about half and has not happened. Already. In an article. Order. Vice dot com. Not to say that little half an hourlong newscast the advice does nightly now on HBO. Might be the last real piece of journalism happening anymore yeah and it's. Sad. That it's on pay cable TV Bryant. And they're not dependent on turning a profit therefore they don't have to spend time on like. A basket of adorable puppies. There's like there's problems in Syria what's gonna teach you what's going on I mean it's really interest it's really good news I like good news. So vice pulls very few punches. When it comes to. Unbiased reporting. And they really do keep the bias out of it it's it's it's almost shocking to the system. To see facts presented to UN then no opinion to drive it home you now. We're so used to that now. Saw I'm a fan of vice as a media. Entity. In a world lacking great media entities these days they did their job. Peter Richmond. Wrote a story. The title is that of if the raiders moved to Vegas the NFL will lose what's left of its sole. Got a little set up to it. Listen to this. Picture this. The second Sunday of October in 20/20. A three and two Tennessee Titans are visiting the struggling 015 loss Vegas raiders. Beneath the big dome at big pharma stadium. The roof is closed because it's a 129 degrees outside but hey it's a lease it to dry heat. Derek Carr the promising young raider quarterback once famously said that he counted stayed ahead of Stanley and full ball. Well he left the franchise after. Cooper uncle Leo mad the team's other stars from its last year's in the Bay Area also sought out new uniforms and new larger cities because they wanted to play in front of like you know actual fans. Attendants on this day's gonna be announced at 21113. That's season tickets sold mostly by casinos. Doing favors for high spenders but a CBS TV cameras scanning the stands just before tip off. Reveals no more than a 2000 lost souls Compton a random patches clinging to the inside of a huge futuristic stadium. Like the last few rice crispy stuck to the inside of a really big cereal bowl. Any type Peter Richmond you know how to paint a picture with words buddy. Not bad. He goes on and says the real black hole is in the NFL's heart. A dark void where it's on DS franchise used to be before the league's endless chanting for infinite profit. Exiled the raiders to a plastic neon fantasy land commissioner Roger Goodell supreme final admission. Then it's the corporate economy stupid. If the raiders end up in the Nevada desert and it will be game over for the franchise which remains one of the league's. Once populist rebel souls. The Baltimore colts flight from their proud port of town in the bland midwest felt pretty sleazy at the time but Peyton Manning eventually erased Johnny Unitas is coast today the colts are Indianapolis his team meanwhile Baltimore belongs to the ravens once belonged to Cleveland which used to be home to the rams who offered and extended stay in Saint Louis just bounced back to LA would soon could be home of the San Diego Chargers. The wounds sealant pretty quickly but the raiders. They feel different. If this franchise bolts and again I am reading to you from vice sports is. Peter Richmond. Vice sports. Not his words ma not my words gays did not my words it and get that right. If the franchise bolts beat idiot prince Mark Davis seems to be all in on the idea for whatever that's worth. It will be. Parrot tickle offers its its heretic critical patent an article here. Parent when it into a betrayal. Pellet even figures to be bad business. Turning your back on fifteen years of big gloriously Psycho deeply committed sand base to cash in on a few ships. In the comic books city of transient tourists. That's a seismic shift the seismic shift a move towards making the NFL more corporate more men Allah. In more like an airport Starbucks kiosk. At a time when the league obsessive football deflation PR puff arena rule book minutia. As needed a silver and black outlaw vibe more than ever they're about to lose that. Even after the raiders moved to Los Angeles and back again they never really lost their swagger because raider nation indoors but attempt to re plant that. In a theme Park City and I patches and crossed swords to become just another piece of kitsch. Like the fake Eiffel Tower with a fake New York skyline. Like the fake breasts at the spearmint rhino. On his ticket right. He's married and he's using words I can't pronounce you can also seek to written an article with a repellent and beans and her radical option her radical radical. Heretic local ink. Beneath its. People who appreciate the raiders. Not the way Oakland has. Desert roots after all are pretty shallow. The league is on the verge of making a very big mistake trading tradition. And continuity. For a short term cash infusion. That's right short term business one on one. People need what you're people need to watch what you're selling in cities where the NFL has taken. Profitable route customers identify not only is football fans but also as citizens of that area the Packers are Green Bay Green Bay is the Packers what is the last time he met someone who was born in Las Vegas. Now out here it probably happens more often than. Back on the East Coast but I know I can I can honestly tell you among my friends. I have one friend who is from Las Vegas born there. I came to the person I don't know why I don't even live there been no one born there. You could almost the same thing about San Francisco. Kind of you know there's a lot of people here no means are transient yet did do it not until I met my wife. And I date a single girl in San Francisco from San Francisco now. Clark County Nevada ranks number 793. Nationally in terms of per capita income that's just north of the 26000 dollars a year. That's well below the raiders' current home of Alameda California which ranks number 109 again but 600 places better. An over 36010. Grand less per household means less money for local sponsorships merchandise sales parking fees. All the other ways sports franchises stay in the black and strip tourists who make up the gap please. Sunday morning is it time for going will bring to McCarron airport getting the hell out of dodge not for tailgating underneath big blazing desert sun after a bottle fueled night of bad decisions. Even the league's real source of income the television money that accounts for two thirds of its overall revenue could be hurt by moving. The raiders to Vegas. And it goes on for another two pages but I think you get the point. And in that there's an awful lot of the stuff that we were talking about last week. And leaving the same author wrote a book called bad asses. About the raiders right well that's a big so he's very he's as I was saying that did you know a lot of the. Reporting that vice does is totally on buys this is clearly written. In a pro Oakland biased but it's also clearly written in a pro long term planned body is which. You never moved to Las Vegas if that's what you're thinking about the only way biggest looks good. Is it you're only looking ten miles down the road not a hundred miles. And I've heard someone say like look man. Didn't they just close like a Wal-Mart. Across. The street on Haggan murder road America and actually sell and they had they closed that Wal-Mart you could maybe say well if taste. Community can't afford African Wal-Mart housing you know for a brand new stadium out in and and and like I. I actually don't see how one is inning into the other because I can tell you this the success of Wal-Mart never lifted the entire city's morale. When that Wal-Mart closed that wasn't taking calls the next day about how people work for one that's been happening since 3 o'clock this afternoon and really since the morning show started today. Wal marts coming go whether it says something about the financial ability all of the area well all at the economic majors figure all that out. I can tell you that Wal-Mart meant nothing to the overall psyche. We're civic pride did anybody in Oakland felt. The raiders. Do mean something. Mark Davis has put a price on that something. And expensive price tag it's 750 million dollars but that's what he's willing to sell all of you out for. And this is again not a personal attack. Not a personal attack. There is no way. Anyone looking at the long term business ramifications. Thinks that this is a good idea and that is how you have to cross your fingers. And pray and hope and wish that nine other NFL owner seal like I do. The nine other NFL owners see it like Peter. Richmond. Good luck. Luck. Because 750 million dollars really does talk and the fact that Oakland as a municipality. Has had over ten years to get its act together. And just can't. You could say one of the reasons why can't because the owners on won't sit down at the table to try and make anything happen and I would say you might be right about that. What it's just it's it's a shame it's a shame that this is where. This goes next because it's really what should be happening is. All of this spending the days between Saturday. And whatever the LA open up camp in Napa like we should be account down much the next season of raider football begins when. Not worried about if they're leaving or not. And it'll never be the same the they'll wait raider nation rallies around. Oakland and the readers will never happened they still never get that again in my supposed to take my over side east. Silver and black. Raider guerrilla necklace. Should I ship data should I take it in my overhead when he did checked out onto the plane. Like how is how always. What does no way you can get the spiky shoulder pads through TSA. Out of those are real spikes anyways maybe if there's styrofoam but if those are real spikes on your shoulder pad well madam and so operate. They're not going to be able to bring them would view. Gannett to shoot them to Las Vegas and figure out a place to store that may be invent it and maybe rent a storage unit in Vegas. Seem to be ready to tailgate in a 120 degrees but yeah. Sounds great especially. After a night of booze and hard losing money into table and now stand at. Which Spearman something told 6 in the morning. Is demeaning sense. The only thing I can promise use whatever the coolest club in Las Vegas was this weekend has its clue boost for five years from now. I don't know what it was and I know it's dead it's a Dead Man Walking. Nothing is cool for longer than 45 years in the desert nothing if the raiders think that they're gonna walk in there. We playoff buckets here is the deal the minute they're moving in there if you're really did happen two years from now the window that you we're all excited about right here at probably closing because 34 years is all you get these days. I'm an athlete looking at long term planning what I like about stayed in the status no income tax there's a lower cost of living. That's a little appealing to me for sure. By the way sows that. Scarborough. Rom. Rural tad thirteen not an Alabama. Now you know this is my it'll turn around them a dime at halftime only. Only ten minutes remaining on the second quarter. It would be ashamed to speed up discounted just a little bit it would neck and mighty. Eggs to rank. But. On our continent point content subsequent punt Clemson is nailed by Clinton's tourniquet on Clemson this Clemson that. And I'm Imus got ten text today about this from some my friends I would write all the back. Emma big. My only response to like fifteen Texan as it as a matter of my mom asked me about dumbing I think had a broader bat bam a big. I'll sorry Linda something else. And government. Damon do you think the NHL won't last in Vegas. I don't know. I don't know if the NF as the NHL makes it in Las Vegas I. I I really don't know we'll have to see I think it'll be a better barometer of what local. People are willing to do in terms of dealing with the strict. And tonight totally honest have you. Hockey fans aren't gonna like this. I'm sky its parent. Isn't gonna like this. You can walk in and walked out of a hockey game in the big. You buy your tickets you show up midway through the first period sit during intermission you watch the second period depending on the score guys are ready to go yachts out. That's what it's going to be like we're in football game there's fewer of them so they feel bigger and you're gonna wanna spend your entire day there is made a plan and it. A hockey game. Is like a reservation at a restaurant you can make it you can cancel it you can keep it whatever it's there for you when you want it if you don't want no big one where. Football games like a vacation you plan to go to that you. Hack story you prepare for you carve out time from your own personal life to do Witten almost. Transform yourself in a some person your not to do that event. Right hockey game is what apps. Now last night. Sugar pie wanted to go to love the Beatles show and and tonight our own oil and night's game. Darren and go to a hockey game so she wanted to see Celine Dion. I wanted to go to a hockey game were here for three days we're into one night her stuff when Imus that's sort of that cuts and work. Just in case anyone who's extra sensitive as listening let's flip the scenario may be she wants to go to the hockey game and he wanted to go see loved by The Beatles answer to select. Yeah networks in Iraq. Everyone please now everybody's happy both sexes have been served. Rarely people a little sensitive these days he should ask Merrill streaks Golden Globes bank Canada by the way if anything Merrill Streep. Could ever say upsets you if a single word to Golden Globe. Ever bothers you. Just check out right now we have no news you have and there you will not be a contributing member of society. If any thing that could ever happen Ani Hollywood awards ceremony. Bothers you may god have mercy on your mouth breathing soul. And I love award shows like a camp with a minister say this right now but how critical the Golden Globe us and misses the even lately. I'm assuming actors just I saw master while I'm Imus saying I'm the say this without hesitation. Is the jig up on Jimmy Fallon. Let the whole like I'm so lucky to be here thing that Jimmy Fallon plays like I agree like you're very lucky to be here I don't get it. Jimmy Fallon is funny if he has Adele singing while he plays a xylophone. Otherwise. That is not a great grab the audience by the nuts and keep everyone's attention post like. Ricky Gervais. Who is not the host of the Tonight Show. Is ten million times better than he has. Block I'm just not Jews out I'm not a big Jimmie down payments. The bad guys just don't think like up kick this clever on its feet like everything that Jimmy Fallon does. It's really really good. Is produced. Edited. And thought of every step of the way. Any can't stop himself from breaking half is his thing is like well this is a moron not boast a break but here I am breaking again I'm Jimmy Fallon I can never keep a straight. Like it just does not conform. He's a worst. Golden Globes host then drew Carrey is hosting the price is right and that bothers me I think more than any hosting job in the world. 8889579570. When we return then golfer you're not 57 again. Aren't I really cannot complain anymore about how bad NFL wildcard weekend wise I don't wanna hear another word about what the raiders didn't have going for them in Houston we sought we know it. Let's talk about the NBA and let's do that with a columnist for Sports Illustrated. Then golfer good enough to join us here on 957 the game Ben thanks very much David Bruce it's a pleasure to have you on the show our U. Oh my pleasure man I'm good how are you. Don't good thank you very much you know it's amazing every time the warriors lose a basketball game we get sink pieces from all bulletins and not everyone comes in with a what's wrong what's what what what's next for the warriors how can they get right in this. Yeah you know what this really is I think more than anything else is a lot of teams use a regular season as a proving ground the warriors they're using this regular season. As a laboratory. And they're in no rush. To just go out start winning regular season games is if there's an urgency there they know that there's nothing that they can prove. Until the playoffs start. I hear you on that you know they're doing a laboratory delighted to get media's job dependency which experiments are working in in which experience experiment or maybe. Public at all or open it and I thought that it bought Friday night was really really treating a outsider's perspective because you have. They'll probably two of the best five about Butler beat two of the best three best players in the world pat has one of the ball there. Lleyton and other top eighteen Indian player I injury Mike Green really frustrated on the court and Clooney feeling very passionately about how old they often should kind of importantly gain that you have. You know a 24 point meego prove get to keep an advantage grizzlies who are you know one of the bat that executing late game so. Combined they appoint you under the end like the backlash to the big pieces but there was a lot going on there and I actually thought it would be it'd. You know I've hike. I I look at that moment. And it could be a real watershed moment for the team what do you think the last time 188. Shoot out Kevin Durant on court probably eighth grade not even high school right I mean that at a. Effort that is the complications or anything like that would Russell Westbrook because. Editor at the outcome of the Big Brother Jean Charest to a certain degree it was certainly how we can show. I think Lloyd you know entry in my green economy to clear afterward like how we do it in certain warriors late planes especially being being didn't I think it. Keppinger to adjust to that style. You know what I was like that things about dream almost always agree with hate now. Message I thought he was right you know Clay Aiken roar of the basketball don't settle for that reporter against Zach Randolph in that situation. I totally agree with his message. But I obviously can't disagree with the way came about it Beatty clearly that kind of frustration with beating dean. Apple on Napoli in the immediate aftermath you know after the timeout. Is not an illegal what you want that that to happen especially when you know not go for the rebounded. Eat you know so. Volatile. You know where you it's kind of behavior so. He was right you know. In theory but I think are wrong in practice and I met with little political I'm Steve current credit if he's PG backup. You know look at that film see you know where there collection Pete may try to remind you Mike Green and Manuel keep control your auctioned. Still early January at what point did I appear to get things right. And it moved forward. They get a really good testing ground coming up what their next four games here at home. It is going to be highlighted of course by the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back into town we're gonna see Oklahoma City before this four game stand is over and done with we've got these seats. And as the true. I believe coming up before that we're talking a little warriors little NBA would then Gulliver for Sports Illustrated and and the cavaliers got Kyle Korver via NBA officially got its first that's interesting trade of the season. How much of a different team do you think that makes the cavaliers. In terms of creating space they'd just created a lot more. Let me I begin in a couple to be number one dual picture right BJ arsenic out Mike Dunleavy was worked out that. So available. I don't think their on guitar and brought credit to jets have been booked for another back up ball and I don't know that gonna be like wearing a wire or somebody gets bought out what. You know there all week agreement out archery that's of the gold he done in the past to it that we YouTube the championship vote. To meet Korver fit splendidly well that came from two years ago well quickly shoots more three Botox is indie hit. Fox is so every that would import about Iraq in terms staging it in the long ball in even more so Cleveland targeted it and yet at. Natural. You know what brought. He's like huge huge boost. For your lately your career what yours yours shooter like that because he used to so many. Unbelievable no patents it's set up plays in a drive in case. Crosscourt winners and that really can't injure cougars are per ballot Al corporate. It is a start he needed you know a couple of only strong here at it edict that stick around and asphalt. Bite the bullet that that James Jones pat there so. I think it is a lot of that for Cleveland but my real quick back trade. That a lot of pressure on the second Q in the Eastern Conference that's you know DEA agent bought in the five years into rot now. You know you gotta keep I mean you can't just settle here in Cleveland won away from new media figures you're about trying to be contender. You're really try to keep up with the cavaliers Easter Cochran and he got a block there at the talent. Cleveland has political analyst gene and head to head matchup he's been and at eight under. What about Iraq and felt the need to better. Mike Dunleavy. It looks like he's gonna end up heading to Atlanta. After all for a minute he didn't wanna go but apparently bullet holes are put and call it resonated well with him. If he does turn around and looked for a buyout Michael here's the interest it. Yeah what did you think about it started in and it quickly stopping it was I think it would also captured. Talks right back. Targeted in it won't be stopped I mean apartment and on box I hate to say that and from their brand perspective but I'd be on the way Eddie Money the other direction Dunleavy -- we try to get. By. Out by trying to get treated at their core that make any sense right now the backing me into real and if you look frankly their ownership to be not committed to winning a title there. But it would begin each key chain. You know they just kind of completely overhauled. There are tired direction last couple years and they're going nowhere I'd probably venture that agent recruitment ballot although I would rather be wrong now. In Atlanta is he in Clapp Mike Dunleavy. Spot opened the quarter. Harrison Barnes dialed in gold statement trying to make it work out with a hockey nets millions stuck in the mud so. I'm not sure you know lack of activity. From Atlanta but it does amateur kind of try to cool the doctors in the short term. Ben first wave of all star voting is and wordy guy Zaza Pachulia on your ballast. And. I. They were Smart and changed the rule right because they can keep coming in their support like not ally accurate Cambodian realize. Believe in the profit last year continued it. Does not mean that it you're and it revealed that remote pocket. Unbelievable that he get more votes than you know entering monitored equity gated these guys who argues you know so well noted. Recognizable by. That's kind of how ya like vote works to be honest usually I'm all out. Turned it over to the infinitely equal in the eyes but I do you think it would smarter than it is here acquitted in state guard so that. Did not turn into a joke because you know if one indeed. The end of the world one would not the deal would just be slippery slope and you got all these around the world all of these groups. On various web site all in different candidate and he could really turned into kind of a bad person. They're doing what they do they sent to an unqualified hockey player to the all star game one's going to be winning the all star game MVP for goodness sakes it. Well. In the Portland that I really want it. That curry kept accurate there you know that's what I want to put the pedal and not let that thought or anybody else but I want you to bury that in the bat it. It'll when he played and even this you know what Nicky accurate Ghana. I elected you know the 24 most deserving guys did a lot of these players and think about it you're dot try to lighten up and all the people break even in the lot. Magic he didn't get a spot in overheated start because that's some good people and you know to speak did you. You know bad look for the lead but awkward kind of demoralizing Chris summit in situations so I get in on a budget it. Here's how spoiled we are out here your looking forward to seeing clay in staffing company in the all star game we get to see them so often I'm going to Hawaii that week and a I. Idol I don't like basketball that any defense being played in and I'm sorry all star game you and I've never seen nine guidance is the way it is we got been gallery here from Sports Illustrated good talking a little. Basketball with him when we talk about warrior threats. I think San Antonio is obviously deep fault threat setting. Houston that's a team that place we all know the cavaliers will be waiting for whoever comes out of the west. I think the single biggest group of pretenders. In basketball the Los Angeles Clippers this is a team that on paper should be much better than it is they should be much better than their coached. And and I don't know why I keep on saying he got to fly rappers heart. When you're trying to buy calls instead of actually played. I think the clippers are total false profits in nineteen even really explain why. I was exposed to be good they look like they're gonna be really good they're not what do you think. Yeah you've got an out moment right now you accuse you bought it because I. It's a bit tough stretch here but that would late eating injured and increase missions and domino he's back now. I think the biggest problem for the clippers is that. The goal Hayward. I mean and that sort of in there and you know they don't like to talk about the robbery quote unquote. But they all can recite the record in bed in the region result you know why did burst. And I think they realized that his action applies. It was already outlook. Last year in the previous year and other vehicle the small forward and told people in their Kenderick diligent and rich got richer and really and themselves. You know Columbus clippers. In the political analyst bill wonderfully help either stall next group of its second tier teams. In the way you mentioned the other news in a colonial. In Houston. All of those teams are kind of like rock paper scissors with each other and they all kind of represented different problems. For each other but I think the real quick. Right now any of those changed out of legitimate challenger in school day and I don't really see. Aren't big guys accused in. Can get out in the issues come playoff time everything slows down gold they handled them and play our borders and understand better than most touted an ardent. They're going to be able to keep up the nation obviously in their own well in the shootout probably. You know with the rocket. These are better now that. I think you know want to buy additionally. Our critical not cute and it means you're in years past that he could really push the warriors. Batch applied in the relying on collide later he's got kind of spotty. Quote he. Forgot one final MVP award and two moments were upon which has benched him mark yet. Quote teams. And he really got reason to be the challenge topic we eat in recent series. Are you not necessarily want to be banking on going to play captured at my number one guy that Aldridge. You know it you still trying to. On the cookie stage immediately each career so. You know to me. That the biggest threat for bold statements coming from Eastern Conference everybody knows that it cavaliers I have a real art I'm apart you know that interchange and electric cooperative. Fighting botched. I'll Google it to be too worried are exactly change yet you know. They're gonna hit the pro line yet in the Golden State whether your training money and time ever an injury in time that it got to local ability for they don't have a lot of record debt and accrued be there. Our guys you would want eclipse situation. But it there now. Everybody's help this theoretical world. You know there there. Are. Yeah I mean I would have been very comfortable after Christmas Day we just saw the warriors in caps play best of 52. To settle the whole thing that's really where we're heading Ben thank you very much if I can press you on something I don't know if you have this information my producer handed this to meet. As we were talking and I'm not trying to catch you off guard I apologize if I do here but it looks like Derrick Rose was a no show tonight. For the Chicago Bulls or excuse me for the New York Knicks saying that. They were in contact with them. He was a no show a tip off it's unclear if they reached him or kept trying to reach him it's very possibly could have a legitimate reason for missing the game Stanley related mechanically something that the it appears that. We have a missing Derrick Rose from the New York Knicks pelican game tonight at the garden if you're gonna. It's scary situation gravity back into what are you. Hate to speculate but. You know if you look back recently he'd be quote out their previous game I don't watch from the bench or a check at a golden during crunch time. Don't know that. Involved obviously part of our corporation is well. Over the last twelve months so I don't want that inaudible but the pastor and is very that you. Usually that guy goes quote unquote missing. Credit line especially right right you are you look like it. It delicate and it actually caught off guard and indeed it nearly how that statement until right before a lot about where it was so I'm just opened for the that's. Yeah it's it's one of those like let's hope he seasonal sender Bender lost his phone or something because this is an official leak. Left of center of normal and it's certainly if he was just notional. Would be the end of his. Basketball credibility between now and the rest of his career so let's hope that's not it either Ben thank you on the Fanny years I've been following years so thanks very much for coming on really appreciated tonight. Oh. Thank you Ben golfer. Columnist for Sports Illustrated here on knighted by seven game. 888957957. All we will wrap up with your phone calls before we get you out to raider nation lives at 7 o'clock tonight that's bureau fund broadcast coming up here 957 again. Chris Townshend comes up next raider nation lies even though the season is no longer a living breathing thing it all came to an end in Houston. There's still money a postmortem to do. Chris is gonna take you through it coming up next here on 957. Game here on a raider Monday. By the way I'm very happy that yacht gate is overweights. And if you have a problem with the way the New York Giants showed up to Green Bay and you're only looking at O'Dell Beckham. There's something wrong with the U there's something seriously seriously wrong with you I'm glad. So there's a party that wishes the Bay Area had a little bit more sports passion. But I'm really happy that it doesn't have the amount of sports passion which leads to totally. Nonsensical. Controversies. Surges idiots to keep on. Yeah Ameren over for an entire week thank god we don't have reporters asking questions like this to giant coach Ben Mac to do. Plus so early in the week and then a lot of commentators today about the boat ride what kind of messages sent kind of towards that. There are you at all concerned about that and and the detective had any anything to do with the two video tells of an hour that's been coming into the game. Maybe you re disappointed that it did happen. Until level dual. Baldness we've talked about so. Well re doing last weekend Gianna would you do. I need to remember how Adam pattern and worked house probably no wonder why your updates were a little shape you today. I mean you know you have a day were ages Willy Nilly working on your house not thinking of your craft at all times. What's wrong with you. And it. Is the dumbest thing I've heard of in a while when you had me taking O'Dell Beckham junior side. What shame on you. I think it did a great job it create distractions trucks. And it's unfortunate assist that's just the way this world is. And does does is no way you can connect. Something that happened seven days ago to today's game. Today and how we came out of played and how the Packers. Have won seven in a row and how they scored thirty points and how they executed it came up with a third downs they they did what they needed to do. So the connection is just not there. In my opinion but it fit everybody's gonna have their own opinion so. This is a guy who was head butting and proposing to a kickers net. Earlier in the season yes and I'm totally on board dominated seriously there is nothing that happened in Miami. That Aaron Rodgers cared about uppity yeah he wasn't it not a single guy and that boat was planned. In the end zone trying to defend that hail Mary the end of the half. What people people kind of were like dogs whatever is the easiest thing to sink their teeth into NJ shake they'll do it yep. And that is like the sports media now fizzles on the reminded to sink our teeth into and shake a little bit tomorrow the 49ers. And their brand it's getting Oklahoma Santa Clair they. You know they leave here 'cause San Francisco just wasn't being good the niners and so on it's of more than blob blob lot of walk total mistake no matter how you chalk it up. But at least their off to a wonderful new star with their new mean municipality like the niners in Santa Clara made for each other right. Moments the 49ers are now suing Santa Clara over allegations. Of contract breach. That's your best play you're gonna get litigious you're two and fourteen year litigious. I mean you got to be kidding me. That's comical I wish we had time to get to you I'm sorry we don't if you're left on hold may be my good friend Chris Townshend is ready to hear from you next on raider nation live in the meantime thanks so much to my X and O negative Tim Roy thank you Ben Gulliver thank you to the entire crew for Dennis up and on the air today thank you for the phone reset the middle of the show when things are gone bad there. League dorks. Saved our bacon today nice job oracle tomorrow we'll talk to you then in the meantime please remember sports don't build character. Date revealed it. Like back. And I think I'm certain that.

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