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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Five point seven. Well it's sad to say. But this. Is the last raider nation alive. Of the season. Jimmy Derek and for the Bay Area news group's gonna join us coming up here at 730 and then the final hour we lab to Super Bowl champions. David on and George Atkinson will join me as we will break down. What happened in Houston and also going forward for the raider nation. We're just at halftime right now so rates O line a lot of people edged it in the game it's fourteen to seven. Clinton showing a little light in the second half. But it is up fourteen to see at this fourteen to seven Alabama's on top. Here Fareed and I raider nation triple late night by 79570. That's triple late 9579570. Is we will put a bull on this season. What it sees no one's. And I want your favorite moments. Of 2016. When you're a look back at this season. With the raiders getting back to the post season being relevant again. What was the one moment for you. That you loved about 2016. Tripoli 9579570. That your point 95795. Cent. There are still there are a lot of moments there whole Lotta special moments. Unfortunately. Houston I think we kind of knew you know when you're talking about pulling a rookie quarterback. For the first time ever starting in a playoff is first starts in the playoffs that never ever happened before in football. I think we all kinda knew who. How things were gonna go down like the raiders would had been so special in this game you go up against the Texans won the best defense is. And you know you've got a rookie quarterback on the ball 45 times that's one things I'm gonna bring up with everybody night voted told you before the game. That Connor coat is gonna sling at 45 times this game I think you know you're in trouble. He's used to looked at the box score and the game plan you wanted to execute is the one the Texans did. Rock gosh Weiler the 72 million dollar man only threw one in five times. For a 168. Yards one touchdown he also rushed for fifteen yards and another touchdown he had turned the ball. And that's one of the things we looked at going into this game is okay. I asked how has been benched manually he's not good any got cook who is a rookie. Whoever doesn't screw it up is gonna win this game. Now I give cook a lot of credit are proud of the key. They got to think this guy he has suited up except for two games this year. He never got snaps with the first in the last time he played was the pre season. Was he perfect no but I was impressed and I really I was impressed with how he was able to handle himself. So let's go over the best moments of 2016. Tripoli not 579570. Before we do that. I want you to year Coach Del Rio after this loss this is what coach had to say to the team after the game in the locker room rendered. Where does not back we'll be. Twelve games. Product you guys and older guys in here a lot of effort you look commitment votes are. Older have high. But forget spoils. They earned it outplayed us tonight. No excuses. When I was you know you don't all of you stick yeah. No excuses that you. Got a bright future. Just got to develop well part force last two weeks. Ago they usually do. Look at about a lot of things to assess. What we are heading. Into the which just began to get together. But not really committed to stop and everybody. It was just. Raiders operate want to do it right. I agree there are changes that right there. And by the number one thing. I'm not ready for it to end I don't think any of us are. This journey this season was so special. And to have it just dean railed. In the last couple weeks I've never seen anything like this. I'm not ready really for this to be the last raider nation I wish I I'm one. We've waited so long for this to happen to get this team back in the post season and just. I think the thing that irked me the most on Saturday night as we are doing raiders' opening raiders extra point taking your phone calls. I think the thing. Is if you're gonna lose in the post season. You wanna go but you wanna go out with your best foot forward right you wanna go out and we went out we played our you know what's off and it just wasn't enough. But without your quarterback. It's like. They didn't have a chance to really have their best effort. And I know Del Rio is not gonna make excuses and I don't wanna make excuses but when I was looking up. Watch in the other game on Saturday night rom want to in the games on Sunday you know. If you don't have your guy you don't have your guy. And that that was the tough thing yet to be out of this tournament without at least been able to have your best fight. That that's one thing that's at the disappointed boy what a season. I when I really think about it I think about this season and I think about what this team accomplished and where they are going forward. You realize how important this young cute Derek cars. And you think about what you at least one in five years old. You have Derek Carr play great football for you. For next fifteen years. In the next two seasons or at least the third season he will be the all time leader passing for this franchise. He's just over 111000 now. Stabler has the record just over 191000. They've got that. He's going to be the all time leader pretty quick. And this kid's going to be around for a long long time we talk about it all the time broken bones heal he's going to be fine. But the maturity of this 45 year old. On an off the field and where he's taking this franchise. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch. So triple A 957957. I want you to put a ball on the season to what was that moment for Yule in 2016. I know for me. And we're gonna get your calls I know for me. Starting the season out New Orleans the way they did is just gonna stick with me. It was the head coach showing confidence in his team balls he called on the road. Against the saints and Drew Brees and you'd go for 20. And it and it war. And it worked. And that really started the season off right is when you look at just yet to schedule you an almighty god. Look at all these road games and when they won that road game. And just keep win on the road win at Tennessee win at Baltimore. They go to Florida beach Jacksonville beat beat Tampa. They became road course they would lose a road game and until December 8 and Mexico City that was at a home game. As Jack del said when you've got to fly. Or hours that's not a home game. That that was the one moment for me that was the past. That that start not to seize the right we will party and it takes six were jumping up each other it was awesome. So that's the one moment from me I wanna hear from the Tripoli 9579578. Let's go to Chris in less openly is off tonight here on raider nation line. Baylor Debra. Public you know active. We're we work two weeks ago you know Saturday. It'll in the middle of their court that we had seen the plane now I get it great in the water. I its steel empty right now I'd get you know your people failed it would be a detective that they are at the. According to be plain text and yesterday we eat it your way. Or become. Saturday. In that it. It I would try to. Pot of what you like now at our at the 22 moments this year in the that I really knew he would get a because advocate. I I mean the car it's gonna take it at that. It ought to fight for tech quarterback. Well it probably. You know like Weller. Your book six into we. Liked what all. It'll be encrypted but like football where the NBC and we play our bet that we write a typical app whipping on the block those that night that. Raider the ride and it. Unfortunately. The third quarter net COLT game it was are blow out we at all on its peak yet. They were peaking everything well. They were up 37. Now that all came to it. Literally out. 55000 people that they felt the same way we were on our way they're not seen this year that will add up all white can't. In one place talking crap into it and vote my mom like you yet. We got the most important need to apply we've got a real franchise quarterback that are admirable. The debt guarantees you're all going to be competitive for at least the next year that they make there yet but. Unfortunately. It out but it this year at the tailgate at LA and maybe it went girl thought it. Thanks body you have the party before the game has really changed for me there's no question about that. IE Allen the other moment that I won't forget is win car comes off the field. And when they brought. They brought that little truck over. And they are gonna carting him out. That's what does my old my height houses possible. How is this possible. Neck and neck cart came up and they are taking him away. Uses new and then when you heard and his family was going down to locker and yet go to the locker room that's. You know happened. Tripoli not 57957. Let's go to Cedric in San Lorenzo your knighted by seven again. Hey advantage into the detection equipment at. The you know I do you agree with the architect and what we can actually. You know but it is what that very trust. The pigment. And it won't really. The channel and were now. You know he can't wait backing and a quarter of the college. Look at that and order now and can shorten up. In any case back into it. And took that picture Michael there we got a great quarterback that take terrible. That's fine with it and try to keep what they want but I would be there. The worst of it Google we'd do a pack and a great block out short disappointed. By it and it. The deductibles. And just in the state go right now. Now that you for the phone call how about buffalo. Member of the Buffalo Bills. At at a fifteen point lead fifteen. Unbelievable the they were on the sidelines. High five each other smiles all around the Buffalo Bills. And then all of a sudden that fifteen point lead was gone. And the raiders in the fourth quarter blanked them fifteen now and in the fourth quarter. Prevail in this 138. To 24. Acts was also great moment let's go to. I might be screwing this up LP EO in Dublin. Gonna take on a nice. Eric Koehler a lot on their part out there among ever. But it. I. Argued that they're car. At Karadzic and look how. That. But now I know Korea and Canada and aura. Sample was such an interest in game because they set the record for most penalties and they won the game. Adding I was crazy. It would not. If by the end up but not in my outlook report due out next year couldn't put back. Championship. And so on that here but it. Thank you thank you yeah I mean think about that. So we had to look that up and the record was actually old by the 49ers. The 49ers committed 22 penalties. Against the Buffalo Bills at it's they lost. Of course they lost. Not that the raiders committed to 13 penalties. On the road and won the game on a walk off touchdown. That was crazy let's go to Mel and Tracy Mel welcome a knighted by seven again. K let's go to that while in San Leandro glad dial. All the involvement got to be hurt and many years. I don't really know what it back long time and yellow I expectation but c'mon go forward on. He went numbers and I'll yell out Mikey watery thing and then you're gonna get stronger. Yeah that was early you know we started this year early and it happened a few times think about tennis do you mean there's this. Games were jacked Oreo was was like a riverboat gambler and his team kept coming through. Time after time after time for him and you saw that there's this relationship does bond between this head coach and his football team. And Jack Del Rio is a tough guy and you know it was it thrilled with the defense her for a lot of this season but they really started taken on his personality and Alex. That won twelve games when he could have been a much better could have been a much better year but they let. As he said the raiders are back they are back. All that back in that will help them what Eckhardt said campus Yang. You know I haven't felt that get these in the stadium. Sent a lot got Bechtel took note it whenever they would. Have felt that yet even idiot not to the come back. Backing and that is shut him up. Along. Sorry that there. Daddy daddy time by a game for 2012. Of the AL DS cocoa in the locked off. I'm inside out is on after that game this year kind of reminded me of 2012 with the case. Like you know you don't know. And then all of a sudden. They start stacking up win after win after win. And you look at the raiders needed new high atop the division was you know yet this defending Super Bowl champs Kansas city's got a good team. They seem to have the raiders number. But some wild Sweden's disarm all these comebacks and he started to realize. That might you know eldest Eric RQ it is going to be something really really special. And car. He basically made it. To where. No matter what you felt you had a chance could you got number four. And there are times when number four. He and his offense made up for a porous defense at times we look at the scores I am I got the scheduling problem me. These scored 353435282827. 34313316302432. What I mean it. I think Carolina was 3530 to the next week buffalo 38 point four. How about Indianapolis 3325. So was like the defense is out there really shut people out you had the belief in this team because of one guy. And that's Derek Carr let's go to Eric in Oakland good evening. What that I think are wrong or so ago. Canada. That part about it remote at this year's early. Cumulative fact that we learn how to you know last year or I feel like we are so close game. We didn't know what it was where. This year they learn how to. Is deeper club all the time it gave all our ultimate small ball. On ultimately that would happen last year we get it that you're. It almost better. Not a bailout for the raiders in at church that think that's what I wanted to say thank. Now big deal. You know. You need to learn how to play. Post season football. It's just the way it is so even though the raiders did lose and we're not happy about that. A lot of the young players gain the experience. And we've seen this throughout time you've got to learn how to win you gotta learn how to win your division. He's got to learn that play out football's different from regular season football. So this was a good learning experience. Decade really help this team going forward. You gotta learn how to win the big games you've got to learn how to win when your in the tournament it's a one and done. You can be one and done. No it's great when you have a team that just comes out of nowhere and they take all 8000 when the Super Bowl. But for most teams you've got to learn the process you've got to go through that process. To get to where you ultimately want to see. Where you wanna be Super Bowl champions. Sony next year. As bill Roman askew said the goal can't just be let's win the division because once you win the division you've accomplished your goal. The goal has to be the Super Bowl. And the division is just one of the hurdles on the way there. Let's go to Dan in Concord yarn raider nation line. A Catholic. Hey I'm you know that at that time. You became a block of try and chart op. There. That. We'll chat on. That. At that got. Away. The two. Year. The way it. Should. And it should should be. Op ERC. Car shouldn't mean there was no locker. Room. And the coaching. At it step by. Compensate. Now and the and wrote a book that way and I think most. You know. It is an impression. That he and not. Aware. That there. Edgar. It's not okay and are still in but coming up. At that. That. And get that part. I like the raiders that it'll look. Next year. Get back where we're at a time. That app and here it'll come out. L and it would that it would. Which of the tournament which explain that at all. Now I area mean. I'd do in the pregame show. On Saturday elect I shouldn't be here. That this should be an off week this should be a bye week wire we do in this show it just didn't feel right. But it's just you know it ended the way it ended. I don't know if you've got to hear this I don't know if you're with us on Saturday night as we heard oil and raiders extra point. But we put together this nice little piece of some of the great highlights from 2016. Take a listen. I was shocked yeah. There's yeah. 36 yard field. The jostling ball. Way to go stand. Raiders touchdown to fly to Florida after the I've begun to drive to your goals yeah. We're looking good good good good. We're. Hope lives. I think yeah. Cooper goes in the right slot. Right right. Laughter holy Cooper three. Slot right. Booker goes like. No word yet but it balls out. Dan Williams saying the raiders ball what is the Blake since they did this earlier verbal Kendrick got the ball back. We'll let that hold pockets I'm collapsed around the. We'll do everything. Brock doesn't go out there. Wow. There could take one board shotgun snap from Rodney Hudson what. Aren't nailed and there are editors. Well padded down. Like New Year's team and Dick Clark is here coach. Is sad sick. My. Bring to watch that they're rendered dinner at my house. How good it was act and let me tell you after that game. Against the chargers down in San Diego where raider nation completely took over the stadium. We did three hours of phone calls after the game people were so excited. I I'll never forget that broadcast three. Call after all after Cole. Ellie and some of the callers are in tears in their eyes and their colony in the raiders finally back in the post season I asked everybody. Where were you in 2002. That's how long ago 2002. And we thought this was going to be an interest in Iran we just didn't know that Derek Carr wouldn't break in delay in that would via a whole different deal. But once again. It was a spectacular year. They took us on a rollercoaster. Ride. I mean just a stroke back and look at the schedule. Right raiders dot com or go to And just look at the schedule. And look at the teams and it just brings back all these crazy memories of these is wild games that they. They played some real you why I mean it's out certain football teams are are boring to watch. This team was not dull not at all. So many fourth quarter comebacks Derek cart. Years old had more fourth quarter comebacks overtime in one season than any quarterback in history of football and that's crazy to think. But they were always coming back it was amazing to watch teams. Teams will be up on them. And in the raiders would seize that moment like. In the middle or late third quarter. And you exists in the fourth quarter the defense would come alive they start getting takeaways. And there was nothing the other team could do about it. I do you think about Carol what you think about buffalo that's exactly happened those games you think about it. What do wild seas we continue to break down the 2016. Raiders Jimmy Dirk and Bay Area news group wolf I don't what is favorite moment of the season as we roll on right here raiders nation life although all the raiders'. 95 point seven a game. You're listening to reader decent lie and 95 point seven big game now. Now joining us here raider nation live the final raider nation alive of this season he has an unbelievable job covering the Oakland raiders of the Bay Area news group. Jimmy Durkin is whether it's Jimmy how aria. Always doing good. Redick from off season that downtime now. Isn't it just kinda it's like ought to just it's it it just seems like. This wasn't the time this season was supposed to be over did you get that feeling in Houston. Yeah I mean for UNU. That report month of whatever to expect in the being at rise but. And in contention for division title look like a team that. Michael on a global Rodman and and it all came crashing down over the last week this season and you know he kind of justice appealed emotions. Just get so much over the last couple weeks and not. It's made it strange how quickly it just becomes dormant that Alan. They come back on Sunday everyone pats are packed and they at all and they go out to wait on next year. You can follow Jimmy on Twitter at Jimmy underscored Durkin and I am looking at the picture on your Twitter account it's you and Derek are. And I think one of the toughest things for me. Was at the raiders you you know if you're gonna lose you'll lose that with your very best and it just seemed. Like the raiders goal and and without their quarterback you're playing a rookie Amy this is a historic paying. And then Donald and being out it's just like they win into the fight they just didn't have their best. Yeah I mean they really want when cart down yet. You try to kind of generate some hope that maybe Batman walking to keep that thing going but. You know even then he knew that no one of the ball properly at a question and you've been and the mean they'll vote. Quarterback and left tackle global quarterback opal left tackle eight. Typical. The play out expecting that we how long it'd be in command without court. It didn't seem fair expert for raider fans after. You finally get their way out team but then. Ian Mac and a positions and you know on the hit that that kind of you how you'll end up looking at that it was on right for awhile and it really did have a whole lot on the last couple weeks is that it crashed out on. If I would have had John right before the game I said Jimmie this rookie quarterback making his first ever start the post season. He's gonna have to throw the ball today 45 times what would you set. But instead they're definitely lose that. You know somebody that mean that you know I think to date the sport I get about thirty year answered probably what you want to eat meat you going to need to be able to run the ball well and it if you Rowen warned that if you'd get in the forties he knew that that meant they fell behind early. And had no choice but grow it and that's exactly what happened. They act came out a little too conservative like me could they would be in a big play that would be a conservative play caller screen. You know relieved and ship to dock with cloud that. Incredible interception. CIA if they it would definitely ended up being too much for being out caca. So they'd lose 27 to fourteen and if you look at the stats for cook you're not gonna say they were great yet the three interceptions in there. But I think I think for firm everything being said I. Can played pretty well until. Yeah I mean you obviously would like that that green hat back on. No there was. Their time certainly looked like a rookie making his first start but you know he was. At eyeball level that make good road yet if the defense that played better in the first app that. You know if you were able to generate a running game them in my opinion. Do not gonna Google walked certainly wasn't on his orders. You know. Couldn't have placed that YouTube didn't want a place in the initial NC can't have a lot on I mean you know I think it is all the go in the net Kyrie being looked like he could be his cervical baca repair car and and that's. You know probably could sign that. Yeah no doubt about it and and the drops just not this enemy when your drop balls for a quarterback like this shame on you but the raiders led the league in drops like an epidemic this year what what. Was anything said after the game there are some really bad drops in the one. Yeah I mean I united Jack Del Rio that is there but wait too many her for his liking all all he. Michael craft normally normally sure handed thirteen dropped it into what was credited with this year. Some of that could be you know we don't need. But can a right along with the win their car injured his finger you also dislocated finger there too that might have contributed means it's. Are they art net sometimes technical honestly you gotta. Got a Jack that thing right I can see that contributed but. You know mark the queen's up from where he worked as a rookie but. Now there abruptly down the sideline where recoup we're a couple of double that the kind of put an Eric Cooper and I thought it looked like eat up all these are the top and one of those and I played that need help at the moment I haven't and he wasn't able to do it elements that Robert had a lot of issues. And you know and really kind of disappeared in the second year so it's it's kind of strange you know dropped their thing. They're hard to explain. As sometimes that the ball is right there in these guys are paid to do it debt and they beat that you at a pretty 880 depict that the foreign. So here talking to Reggie McKenzie. And he's saying I need to improve this football team this offseason. What do you think the area as you talked to Reggie about where he'd say we need to improve this. Well they definitely need to find an interior pass rush that was nonexistent and that's the reason why even with no colonial Mac eleven in Irvington seventh grade collapsed in the balance in back. That they have to upgrade the back. Play out at that Perry Riley junior both free agents and you know I think he would like. Open up an upgrade there we're gonna have to find somebody playing the slot cornerback position now. You know DJ and gone out at avenue went. Someone you're either created in and you probably would like to get a little bit better parent in time I think finding. I don't know bird. Receiving target whether that. Somebody you know the play in the slot receiver position. Now whether to more consistent part of the height and I think you'd start weapon really their to have there along with Cooper crap. We are talking tonight about moments the great moments of the season well what's the one moment you're gonna look back for the 2016. Team. I think it really at all look at that opener I mean that the two point conversion call and and the the completion. Crabtree that it happened that we and our upgrade. If you knew right when it happened that that was pretty special moment. It as a seed went along it really continued to be Canada phones that are currently eager to meet that. It would it would clearly it was the opener but I doubt about all the. Yeah I'm with you on that that was humble little Jimmy Gergen from the Bay Area news group joins us here on nine to five point seven a game that was a really special moment. And really started out Iran Jimmie you've called this team all around all the way to Mexico City. This team the way it played on the road this year talk about what you saw because. In the end that the road record and it should count Mexico City as a road game to do it it was really good. Yeah I mean they need it and I think that professional approach they you know they they were responsible and in. You know being the warrant out you know get themselves ready to play when there away all. It. Know a lot of some of the new that they there early on their their road. Get a little bit easier in the home schedule but it's being able to go to that that week in order play two games. And spend a week out on the road and get him and on both ends of that Jack or at they would that was pretty a lot that. Adequate five quarters and he'd been there at Raymond James Stadium. That special kind of maturity of the team that now these guys that we get them so Redick why it Jack that we are really has. As kind of instilled that you demand that you know called world wherever you'd in Mexico they go win. The last two games truly showed you how valuable Derek cart is to this franchise and Jimmy when I think about his numbers. I think about his maturity on and off the football field. And the fact that he is only to want me five years old it's crazy to think cal good and the the future our brightest young Derek Karr. Yeah I mean it's. That that whatever he wants it won a good young. Quarterback that they know they're going to be able to build around and not. He's gonna make a lot of money probably pretty soon it readers expand the Nazis and you open that doesn't prevent them from. If you could and a good pieces around him that I used either whatever team looking for and the raiders that there wouldn't the seems to have one of those guys and at any given the chance that pretty much year in year out as long round and and that's that was special on Korea Japan that have seen how bad this franchise that. Was over you know the previous decade so let. That future remains pride even at this here and about it. And when you think about free agency you think about the draft. You know all Smith is going to come back comply hopefully nothing happens in the offseason with them but what will that be like for the defense to get him back out there. Yeah it'll be cute is that it allows them to a lot more with cool Mac and you have Bruce Irvin caught. As editor and you guys. You can you can get a little bit of interior Castro from colonial map kind of move him around. Have all three guys out there packages along with you know finger crossed an awful I'll be eaten at a Mario Edwards. It if I'm written into that problem in my head. What it is is that the key to kind of I'm walking that after that I don't have anybody spend that time and create a union that interior past Russia. Yeah he you can allow them out a whole lot more particularly I think the fact that they have been here. It they can get all of them back it it'll it'll allow that more with Mac and take advantage unique. We really appreciate the time tonight. Go finish watching the rest of the national championship game enjoy the offseason and will be in touch thank you so much for all your time this season. Aren't a problem. And only continuing your phone calls right here on raider nation live. Seems. So sure I was a reader should not fight twice and Chris Cox. Coming up at the top of the hour my Super Bowl champions will be here George jackets and David on. As a break down Houston will break down the season. That's coming up here and 8 o'clock let's go to raider Paul in las Gaddis go at raider ball. A gone. I. You know carry it through. I call you after the greater lot last Saturday and I was devastated I cried in in my pillow and all Democrats and then after a couple days reflecting. I realize how good of the seas and we had you know what I started drop by we Myanmar girl went to New Orleans in September. Joined in on the raider nation took over via urban street walk to. This superdome without them I kid you not a raider fans join right in with the raider nation felt right at all. And when I got in this stadium there were you saying that I noted that made me feel that the raiders were on her way. And that one of them was when her car. First down ended that clip. It was Rashard made that touchdown I knew right then that the raiders Arctic and boys anymore and we're going to be bad. We are gonna continue to get better. Jack there Rios and it. Help without doing the right thing we will have a strong coaching staff and the raiders are underway we're not whipping boy anymore out aperture. Now that good call appreciate yeah that was. A lot of fun New Orleans I wasn't there have been in Warren's a lot but. I had and it's and a friend's horse meat pictures suburban street as raider nation did takeover. And that game was the start. That was the start of at all. Let's go to John in Fresno you're on raider nation line. Yes electorate vertical game Wednesday Carolina game. Only because our our own there obviously bird. There was just so much suspense. We're going into the war room. With a dislocated finger or which by the way art cardinal urged on an interview with proper. That he and hurling fracture. So. There was more to that story then what would actually go out there. But you know he can't back into the game you get a huge enormous war from the crowd. And that to me bird special. The you know backed into victory. That partners in America. You know. I've are seen dirt. Went back to back championships here for a while and he took snaps. From pistol. Hand shark and never took a snap under center so are you when that hasn't happened. I knew that he he felt comfortable second entry and so. And disperse special. And then you know broken leg. It was like. Man after electric captain of the ship stroll over board. No one else knew registered ship. I even go read your own you know the Titanic sank from where it. I look dispute and are about him because she parked our have. Three kids wife. And I never said anything about another man electors were called in which you Warren. Our cameraman crucial and mortar murdered but is this guy is special he's gonna bring different championships. Probably within 23 years are hard to. Very special. Thank you for the phone golly there's a reason. Why the patriots have been on this run. And a lot of employers. In different coaches. But Belichick got it let Tom Brady. No I mean you look at this run this modern day Iran would there's with the salary cap and everything they got Tom Brady. Generators. At their car. Their car's gonna be good. Really long long. Time and it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch. It's just that it ended this way. And the dirty little secret and they really didn't want anybody talking about it. But from what I've heard is that the paint he's broken into different spots. Socialism does this dislocation. And you saw the way that speaking was going. To bend in the wrong way. It he. Eight kids' stuff beneath plain old entries of course with a leg but yet that was out of the dirty little secret that the finger. Is actually broken let's hear from Jack Del Rio about his football team. All right so well. Kind of season wrap open Alicia and new questions about yesterday's. You know so I told the guys earlier so. Each year you don't lose the turnover and probably use polls point five options sources and a performance improvement in. We have good group we have we have good year. Went from seven wins and twelve wins and so a lot of lot of great moments rookie year I love to be proud of certainly you know. Our fans were awesome when you lose your home or on the road they were real nation showed up. And dumb. And that we had an abrupt ending and a bit. At least that taste in your mouth where Rome you know. As I told them I'm I'm not happy about it. We should expect more and I'm gonna demand more and will evaluate everything that's what you do is to army or whatever after action review will will love. And speak with you know. The stuff goes really conference of you know review what was some. What we can do better and will analyze our schemes. Make sure we're doing of this completed we have and then that I went on roster in the get on with. Building the team stronger than preparing for next year and if so that's kind of where we are. You go from you know get ready for the next phone each week to a shift in gears and then you know about him in the offseason mode like. Like the other twenty teams are rumored here and so let's that's how we're about a business. Good federal valuation. And and then move on to next you'll catch a little bit of a break here and after few days' work won't. Little bit of break and come decompress from the season and them look don't charge forward. Yeah it's it's you know wanting ended that you in this fast Jack Del Rio courtesy of our friends over Comcast sports net California. That's one thing or he's gonna go to the offseason not satisfied not happy that's fine you've gotta learn gotta learn how to win in the post seasons of the fact that they got in. Back they got a lot of experience. There will be some changes hopefully Alvin Smith was back. And we'll see with the raiders can do in 2017. But it was override this year. And who's been with me all time George jackets and David I'm we continue to break down his raiders season right here on raider nation line.

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