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Jimmy Durkin

Jan 10, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One out joining us here raider nation live the final raider nation live of the season he does an unbelievable job covering the Oakland raiders of the Bay Area news group. Jimmy Durkin is whether it's Jimmy how aria. All I'm doing good. Redick democracies in that downtime now. Isn't it just kinda it's like audiences. It it just seems like. This wasn't the time the season was supposed to be over did you get that feeling in Houston. Yeah I mean for you when you. That report month of whatever to expect in that beam that can rise but. And in contention for division title look like a team that. Michael on a global Rodman and then it all came crashing down over the last week this season and you Yi kind of justice appealed emotions. Just get so much over the last couple weeks and not. It made it strange how quickly it just becomes due and that Alan. They come back on Sunday everyone Packard packed and they at all and they go out that way on next year. You can follow Jimmy on Twitter at Jimmy underscored Dirk can and I am looking at the picture on your Twitter account it's you and Derek Karr. And I think one of the toughest things for me. Was at the raiders you you know if you're gonna lose you'll lose it with your very best and it just seemed. Like the raiders stolen and without their quarterback to play a rookie Jimmie this is a historic paying. And then Donald and being out it's just like they went into the fight they just didn't have their best. Yeah I mean they really want and Carl down yet. You can try to kind of generate some hope that they need Batman walking to keep that Rijndael won by. You know he's been and you knew that no one of the ball properly out of the question that you been and the means Oprah. Quarterback and left tackle global quarterback opal left tackle play. Typical. The play out expecting that we how long it'd be in command without court. It didn't seem bear expert for raider fans at. You know finally get their way out scheme but then. Ian Mac and a petitions and you know on the hit that that kind of you you'll end up looking at that it was on right or allowance. He is really did have a whole lot of fun the last couple weeks that as it crashed out on. And I would had John right before the game I said Jimmie this rookie quarterback making his first ever start the post season. He's gonna have to throw the ball today 45 times what would you have said. But instead they're definitely lose in that. You know somebody that mean that you know I think to date the sport I had about thirty year answered probably what you want to meet you going to need to be able to run the ball well and it if you are one more dramatic you'd get in the forty you knew that that meant they fell behind early. And had no choice but grow it and not. That's exactly what happened. Did it act came out a little too conservative like me could they would even a big play that would be a conservative play caller screened. You know relieved and (%expletive) Saddam would cloud that. Incredible reception. The if they it would definitely and that being too much for being out Akaka. So they'd lose 27 to fourteen and if you look at the stats for cook you're not gonna say they were great yet the three interceptions in there. But I think I think for firm everything being said I can played pretty well don't jail. Yeah I mean he obviously would like that that green back. You know there was that there aren't there. Certainly. Like a rookie making his first start but you know he was. At eyeball level that make good road yet it indeed does that play better in the first app that. You know if you were able to generate a running game you know in my opinion to do not gonna Google walked certainly wasn't on his orders. You know. Quick to place that you know you can wanna play in order he can't walk on I mean you know I can keep it going in Erie. Being looked like he could be his cervical baca prepare car and and that's you know probably a good sign that. Yeah no doubt about it and and the drops just not this enemy when your drop balls for a quarterback like this shame on you but the raiders led the league in drops like an epidemic this year what what. Was anything said after the game there are some really bad drops in this one. Yeah I mean I united Jack Del Rio that is there but wait too many her for his liking yell all he. Michael craft normally normally sure handed. Thirteen dropped it into what was credited with that here some of that could be you know we don't need. I'm kind of right along wit when their car injured his finger you also dislocated finger at their two that might have contributed I mean it's. Obviously are not sometimes technical honestly you've got to. That it jacked up in your eye can see that nobody but. You know market for cleaned up from where he worked as a rookie and now there abruptly down the sideline where recoup we're a couple of double that the kind of commitment to recuperate a lot of play eat up all these are the top and one of those kind of place that need help ship them home and I haven't and he wasn't able to do it elements that Robert had a lot of issues. And you know and really haven't disappeared in the second year so it's it's frustrating you know dropped serve banging. They're hard to explain as sometimes that the ball is right there in these guys are paid to do that can't make that. As it could be that you may need it that important. So here talking to Reggie McKenzie. And he's saying I need to improve this football team this offseason. What do you think the area as you talked to Reggie about where he'd say we need to improve this. Well they definitely need to find an interior pass rush that was nonexistent and that's the reason why it would. You know calling a Mac eleven and serve yet set a grid collapsed in the balance in back. They're gonna have to upgrade the linebacker clay now Malcolm mr. Perry Riley junior both free agents and you know I think he would like. Open up an upgrade there I gonna have to find something click the plot cornerback and not you know DJ patent on how to. Having someone eat your. Either created any problem like that they get a little bit better there in time I think finding. I don't look to bird. Receiving target whether that. Somebody you know to play the slot receiver position. Now whether to more consistent part of the height and I think you'd start weapon really have there along with Cooper raptor. You know we've been talking tonight about moments the great moments of the season well what's the one moment you're gonna look back for this 2016. Team. I think it really at all look at that opener I mean that the two point conversion call and and the completion. Crabtree that it happened that we and our upgrade. If you knew right when it happened that that was pretty special moment. Is it at this he's one belonged in really continue to be Canada owns that are currently eager to meet that. It would it would literally with the opener but I doubt about the. Yeah I'm with you on that that was humble little Jimmy Gergen from the Bay Area news group joins us here on nine to five point seven a game that was a really special moment. And really started out Iran Jimmie you've called this team all around all the way to Mexico City. This team the way it played on the road this year talk about what you saw because. In the end that the road record and it should count Mexico City as a road game to do it it was really good. Yeah I mean they need it and I think that professional approach they you know they they were responsible and in. You know the the warrant out you know get themselves ready to play when there away all. Eight. You know a lot of some of you that there early on there that wrote. Get a little bit easier than their home schedule but. It's been able to go to that that week in order play two games and spend a week out on the road and get pain and on both ends of that I out Jack. But yet they it was it was pretty to watch that. At least five quarters since he'd been there at Raymond James Stadium. That lets look at the maturity of the team that you know these guys it we get them so Redick clay in Jack that we are really has. As kind of instilled in that you're the man that you know called world wherever you'd in Mexico they go win. The last two games truly showed you how valuable Derek cart is to this franchise and Jimmie when I think about his numbers. I think about his maturity on and off the football field. Fact that he is only to want me five years old it's crazy to think cal good and that the future our brightest young Derek Karr. Yeah I mean it's. That whatever you want I want a good young. Quarterback that they know they're going to be able to build around and not. He's gonna make a lot of money probably pretty soon is it rated expand the Nazis and you open that doesn't prevent them from. If you could and a good pieces around him that I used either whatever team and looking for and the raiders that there one of the the and happily those guys and at any given the chance that tremendous year in year out as on the ground and that's that a special on Korea Japan that it has seen how bad the franchise that. Was over you know the previous decades so let that the future remains pride even at this here and about it. Oh and when you think about free agency you think about the draft. You know all Smith is going to come back comply hopefully nothing happens in the off season with them but what will that be like for the defense to get him back out there. Yeah it'll be cute is that it allows them to a lot more with cool Mac you have brute urban I called it. As editor and you guys you can you can get a little bit of interior pass threat from colonial map kind of moved him around. To have all three guys out there and get along with you know finger crossed that a full healthy season at a Mario Edwards. It upon written into that problem in my whole. Is is that you cannot I'm marking that after that I don't have gotten spend that time and create. Give me that interior past Russia. Yeah he you can allow them out a whole lot more particularly I think the fact that they have been here. They get all of them back it it'll it'll allow that more would be a Mac and take advantage that you. We really appreciate the time tonight. Go finish watching the rest of the national championship game enjoy the off season and will be intact thank you so much for all your time this season. All right no problem. And only continuing your phone calls right here on raider nation lives.

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