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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fox sports trend seen. Live from Los Angeles until noted that slave and I'll wrap Michael Vaughn college football's national champion Jimmie in the third quarter in Tampa flow. In his left hand side fixes to this individual that's not want to repeat that gives up five could have a field. So what's now known Shawn Watson. Hold on monster with a call Clemson Tigers radio network bat I'm part of Clinton's 1714710. Left. In the third quarter New York next guard Derrick Rose. So for work tonight nobody knows why a lot of speculation he's pouting because as goes bench and use the pacers. Last Friday. These college basketball poll result Baylor is number one for the first time a school district rest of the top five or Kansas Villanova. UCL anger exact that's what's trending and I am lone day. Five point seven. Here's. I. And even outdoor active guys. As. Charlotte over so you don't so. Half. A vote regularly Gregory capital very successful. In. These where. I've greatest team is built a strong tendency is when. And the future to look forward to. Yet there's no doubt about that the raiders finishing twelve to five getting into the post season for the first time in a very long time. But the final was stopped when you lose to Texas to seven of fourteen. You know George we talked before the game and if I would have told you. That Connor cook making his first ever start it was a history for rookie does make its first starter in the post season if I told you Georgia for the game he's gonna have to throw 45 times in this thing what would use that. Are you crazy to expect a hold me back up QB I mean oriented app the road that mean. Oh north. You know cook with very those pre you figure you run the ball but that meant. But when you're behind you gotta grow and and that's what Apple's patent was rated O'Bryant. And Clinton and and put pressure on rookie action. And tell me my comment would be oh. I tell you when you look at cook and not to away. I really I'd like this kid like him a lot he was eighteen to 45 for a 161 yards on a touchdown. And interception. Now you had a handful the big east of drops. They did were were all thrown balls that were there were right on the numbers that were right there that should have been issued a big catches and embedded. Maybe even resulted in another score so. When I think when you're in in this thing is remember quotes during this past year. Even even there Corus said well you know I feel bad for further that we're going inferred Conner could. They don't get any reps because I I take a mall. And so this kid ever you he hasn't taken a snap all year. As I you know after the game I was saying I was proud of them I mean think they are really had to play. Yet played since pre season other than the last game for God's sakes guys for the first fifteen games you need in Sanaa. I know and it shows a quad news yeah. While it is liberated them back in rights and that position then to me you know when you look at. A chance to play. And you get that up the joint. And it says he gains. All who would be valuable to him from now all the route is. That it is good note forget about note that. What does it take to prepare. Four games coming up human it doesn't get a lot of snaps he will have to be there just in case some happened now he knows. What are you what are you gonna scare him with next all I directed at Europe right. Right right right. So NM when you look at them I mean the kid his composure out there. And indicated he even looked like he he knew what he was doing but then when you when you see a rundown of his bio. And know that their Michigan State and and the comeback wins that he had against Ohio State. Against Penn State against Michigan I mean this kid. This kid has got a pedigree. And and and and it once again. I always go back to Reggie McKenzie and you didn't begin Reggie you know. Here we go again so no I again Reggie McKenzie. Just shows is. That you can you can his. A remark per per preferred stock. Well if you look at the box or really tells you everything. Rock costs Weiler for the taxes going through it 25 times. And Miller rushed it 31 so basically the game plan that the raiders to have is actually the game plan that the Houston Texans George that they implemented in this one. Without a doubt I mean you're you're you're gonna average Rath. Yeah you read that important in the in the got a bit of everything. On me when you when you get. Would be at some back story and so would rot you can grow over the top. You got complain about because it's on. The running game at old. Played well and that's what use did they ran the law. Iran and expect. Rated at up currently in Iran where you are doubtful points on the board. In order to win and rated me. Over at the first down four point four. And Rupert I think it was simple way on the running game. A lot of pressure on. And that's the perfect scenario for a okay how do you lose a game well. Let's take away the role and let those pressures put pressure. On the on the rookie quarterback and and that's a table at this canal have worked out better for Houston. Yet and it's unfortunate Jack Del Rio say you know this team's not ready yet to stop client but unfortunately it's a one and done scenario and David not only do you not have your quarterback. The year arguably its. Linemen and Donald and just talk about the shuffling of the line for a playoff game is not easy to do. Well in they were even saying Donald Penn for the game he was crying and they you know that when they when they came and they may finally told him because they were. They were working so hard to know do an adult with physical therapy and rod Martin in the whole training staff. And the doctors try to get and ready. Just to go in the it was like oh by the way Donald you know playing today and I guess he just broke down. But until you look at this you know this this office of mine. Derek car that's sacked Donald Penn it was second and eighteen he slipped on the play. His his man is that is demand tick their car out so he's he feels responsible for their it and when you look at this raider offense. I mean this is the best offense no mind bailout eighteen sacks this year the most amount in the NFL. You figure Derek car there's hardly touched all season. And then we blues into to us slipped. On on our best one of our best offensive lineman. And you know it hard enough. To win in championship play at all you guys so and we news you have to you main. Players one on top line lot of back out. And you know we always say Jan you know it the body that. That's happened was rated it yet. Drop in the body in there and it was rooted in that. Or is kind of put a limit the other because now you get guys playing out of this aren't. To make up photo Donald. Who was injured were desperately UK control well you know a lot of guys. Who ran out of this than. Kind of play at a high level there had played well throughout to see you when you get your opponent. That is how we play well. I mean hey. You had a disadvantage when you have to bring nick guy yeah. And you look at this Texan defense Tony where you know what they're with their defense had been at linebacker crew that they I mean this this is the number one defense in the NFL. Amidst the atlas and there's no joke here. That. We we don't hear about Texans out here. But this this there that the quarterback problems they had but their defense was the best defense in the NFL. And class showed exactly how good tour you were absolutely why. There's pieces still produce well. And it took advantage. Of Marie's salary try to use the young quarterback and a lot of on net that look in nod yeah Iran though a lot of lot of dead please. On that and that I mean that's probable. Well I not to let it and I think that's that's what made even on our cook this rookie quarterback's performance. Even stand out that much more that this kid. Picked up some blitzes he picked up he picked up since a bridge that it could be made an image is just broke my heart. Where it with a couple of the drugs that he had and then you know it's tough enough that there. And and I think this kid really showed himself well and I think you remember the respected and straighter players. I mean you put that number drops this scene and I guarantee you that will view main well and training camp and back as. They protect and bombing at a quick group there there is some drops this year. 38 drop something you'll. And that a lot of drop. Oh and of course close these yeah I guarantee you that will be or me. When they come back training yeah. Raider nation live here on 957 game David Hunt George Jackson Chris downs of breaking down the 2016. Season. For the Oakland Raiders and their playoff loss and Georgie mentioned those drops mean. Your job as a wide receivers to catch the football that's what you do. And we saw Sony drops this year for Derek Carr and especially when you have a rookie quarterback in her drop in first down catches. That's is that that that's inexcusable. Hey you got to help the rookie quarterback in your daddy you got a leg or you know you've got to give make you feel comfortable. And no dropped passes that that is as frustration don't have an eight bit. And you know you're you know there's news drop in. That frustration. That you probably it is but again. What are receiving core it isn't true and last year. Bush do one thing to have to work on those ball concentration. And making sure that they get bought a lot of receiver Rosenblatt embargo on top. And not really catch in the bond and well. They try to get and that's that certain don't know. Union where you gotta get. Erratic stinging pain lot of to have used loveable all come up receivers Chet. To bode well. You know I tip here in this game Michael Crabtree had two receptions for 33 yards. Michael. Rivera had four receptions for 31. I mean these are the goat you guys. An important when Michael only has to be applicable drops I mean that that just kills a young quarterback and his development and his. You know any kind of momentum that he was developing. That that just does not say what you you come you come into a game knowing. You couldn't you're gonna averaged thirteen. You can get the ball thirteen different times usually six or seven times. A half and into it you're going three and now three and outs you're you're you're in you're limiting your opportunities to score. And down conversions. If you get it you're getting dropped on third down. More so. Well. You're epic bird back Hoover's. BC data over his best. And well you've got to have a boy Leo not at. It means they can't make mistakes and well. Analysts say about this stated during the game as you saw hundred homes come and make some plays and get that touchdown. You mentioned earlier Conor took never got reps with the first team but he did give a lot of reps in practice we'll Andre Hollins and you saw. That when the backup receivers Randy had a much better connection with them then the starters obviously because you brought it never works with the stars. Not to what decider homes honestly hit this kid looks like. It looks like a starter in the making and I mean you know me and you could tilt the work that those guys that they put in a lot of work. He's never got they knew what the teams and dissect it even the office of what we're saying oh well. We've ever heard cup we've never heard Connor talk we've never heard got a call you know any day. So I mean you talk about you know unknown. They opted to blind. That you're hearing decade Mysterium Paul. You know called other bowls in the whole thing I mean this this this was a tough situation for this raider opens to be again. And a birdie you know you look at the future of listing. All op at the Andy. The salt. They as these we saw him emerge from. I mean a whole change of culture. The whole bit and the attitude. We does he come together and they're Derek doesn't it hurt. I've only true within myself that there would be playing whoever edited the championship. Route or media agency up and they are there of that. And they have that much potential dispute saint. Recap. This is been wanted to bet these the rays I had and why. George since our Super Bowl run I think this is the best yearly tab. And I'll tell you what did you talk about the the improvement of dirt car will be his last three years. It is you know you're talking about OK we would have gone into the playoffs but I'll tell you what. We might have been playing games at home also went home with home field advantage and with a razor thin advantage. So you don't bright you know you talk about gore run deep. We're talking about running deeper hole and give give give us our raider fans go and Japanese teams and and you've got a real opportunity. And of course yes would Derek are things change by you know the thing about it guys is. For most teams you've got to get to the playoffs experience it. You may have a loss in there but you grow from just going and and doing it for these young kids had never been the playoffs before this was huge experience for them George. Go to top not to I mean an order. His old. Big game down for young players. He. War program is they'd been seen it out or at becoming broke out as really big game. And the experience lies in respect while a lot of young player. Because it's a lot yet you try not to. A lot of pressure because one. And down and the pressure of making plays not made they. So it is accurate or true trust me over this. In their maturity or re your way you don't see it here. As well bought team. Starting at the end game walk. He was competent team you posted determined team and you policy it seemed that will be back improved from this year as well. Imagine. It seemed improving but to look forward pretty ordinary here will be hard to view. Playoffs. Why are you. I mean you know an infant Tony when you talked about this we we talked I mean if it's hard to believe we've gone through 21 games. And then in the room that this season where it breaks my heart that championship game. You know did that this seasons are seasons are over. And we're getting rich for the offseason now corn into the draft and everything but we talked last summer about all these rookies they do you enter. The U training camp and how fast the the the NFL and in this professional game is. And then all of a sudden you go from training camp if you thought that was passed you go to the regular season and go. Oh my god this is fast then you go to the playoffs and forget about it is it's it's it's it's it's warp speed. And you can. All these young kids all you want about it. But until you actually walk on that field and you know that pressure of daily you know we we don't get it done today we're going home. I ain't that that's something that you can't teach that you can't explain uses after experienced. And in Tony you go from playing eleven and twelve and thirteen games in college to 20/20 1222324. I mean it's it's crazy how long this NFL season and in your rookie year. How eloquent words I knew that only physically but emotionally and I mean that that is they've all year taken a pounding that you today. That's something that you know Georgie I think about it when you look at these young kids as David said they go from point a college season where there is no pre season. And then I come to the pros and your plane pre season its regular season oh my god here in the policies and you're playing way more football than you've ever played war. Got to grow that I've become a man that. You pay if you make it seeing. And of course though is that you got to meet just yet you'd definitely yeah yeah attitude. News I mean you you go from playing what do budget is now it will oppression. And that's like going walking or running like in and one and once active. You know I mean you waste your cap cure hole what law. All football might change around him because now because you're not high schools colleges and am. You're in a row everything move along whip. And I you have to get our. And trying to keep well what oh La. This cup and when you look at the rook is two days ago do you liberty a bit out out people ball where. They're all Petro. You know just not me. On what bought team up thank this team picked up real. Group rookies. Luo who can provisions ever did this and you have tea in the hitter out. To. The scouting department and religions. Cannot say what George and the thing. When you when you get out here it is to this NFL game dislike my rookie year a locker across Georgia Atlanta Georgia it's 48. You know it can. It's like lot well you know and and I'll never forget I've super duper a field goal. And and that was against city gamer I just look at my ring bigger. In my hand slipped off the ball hit home to me and curse me and and and I mean imagine would discriminate me and I'm going. Oh my god but to and then and then when you're rookie. You you don't realize that that this guy's all got dale lynch and these guys are dependent on these paychecks and they're gonna kill you to keep there's they're they're they're slot. So forget about. OK on the nice guy hey yeah they don't go ahead stepping in here. But black had to. Did the attitude change about attitude change. Rose is cute on rages issues that animated change. Outside on the ever get a picture that a buddy sent me one time of a guy you guys played against. It was Lenny Dawson at halftime. He was he was on a metal folding chair smoking a cigarette and drink in Atlanta. I think. They gave us much different back and run deploy your reaction what you're doing what you. I. Right then used to say would you cigarettes in the sandbox yeah Annika and out of cigarettes and coffee at halftime and I yeah I've. You mentioned some of these kids and and I think about. The running backs and really what we saw this year guys that three headed monster with a Washington Borchard. And the tedious it was very impressive this rank in the raiders podium this year. Oh thank in the credit pat go to the office of mine I mean they came you know quick. When you look at that and outside look at you know. There are all real playing you know in. They came together nicely warmed up all Ortiz is an editor edit. And made them a good place yet he's a young young. Rookies. I've made a lot of Browning. Pretty good football player like is that that created monster running. Game you you definitely have it contributed. The fact that doppler and 00 these kids. Came around and they've played that well the raiders. I think that we're running game Quidel. George told me. Tony were word nuts that I mean when you when you look at. Now a little areas. Okay is that you got. OK but but but I do not like David Kay did it you know were desperate. To mature look at net you know. Now know Reggie in this scouting department and Mark Davis when you talk about free agency and now. Now I understand how do we get better in these areas not I knew how to ensure this area. Right and and you don't want an air is when you. It was inconsistent. And why it was definitely in second. And and especially on the outside. Dequan positioned to manage people all they. Per game. Who caught. They did they got challenge our. But it didn't need to challenge and operate that's one area. A live look at your news Hutu group like you say they got partly due back raw but I do rate on the rubber they. They're gonna improve. Richard that you look at county you look at this roster. As a whole and just you know at arm's length and you go. OK okay how are we there were okay. But I mean now now I think Reggie and he he he he gives Lou discount and department did their job to say. How do we how do we bring this disposition over the top how does how do we how do we make this decision whether to receiver. Whether it's a secondary whether if so I'd dominating linebacker. Whether it's another another receiver. You know how how do we how do we get this team over the top that we do go deep into the playoffs and have suggested it had to go to the Super Bowl. Yeah you went twelve games obviously you have a talented roster but you can always improve for the draft and and prove through free agency with a graduate kids you'll definitely do this. During the offseason by have a question for you guys that really came up after these last two games. We'll see what your answers going to be it's raider nation live right here on the home of the raiders that's nice five point seven game. Raider nation live here on 95 point seven game we have Super Bowl champion George Atkinson David come on Chris Townsend and our last raider nation lives of the year sad but. That's what happens in the playoffs when you lose there's a finale there but you're the last two games really showed disguised. Is when you look at in BP a lot of people always think in BP is about who has the best stats. But them if BP stands for most valuable player. And these last two games without your car really showed you how valuable this young man is at 25 years old to this organization dated. Well but anyway and you even Reggie as mentioned that you know what if he's not even. Can argue their comes up for for his salary review and when he gets is. Really his first Monday contract and that he's you know talk in these and they give. I'm the same money through as the colts did gave their quarterback so no dirt car out anyway. Do you look at this kid. Do you know ball in love with them as far as that aren't you glad we've got him on our team Dr. Phil solid don't you feel like. Worse we're in good hands we're safe wouldn't we've got a chance to win every game. And I mean. You look at his production oh. Query came from over the past three years of me he is animals I have well like it's it's our medical or is that. Yes and shows it is the MVP. For the Rio race I'll bet he is movies it is a guy he's the heart slows me. Is a motor out of me angle and and we're news strongly over there so that measures the last couple. You know Antonio a day when you look at this up as they finish sixth in the NFL in yards per game. With a 373 yards sixth in rushing with a 120 yards they only had fourteen turnovers. Which when you look at how few sacks they had a few turnovers. Which which turnovers turnovers to BR this if you're minus two. In turnovers if you're if you're that your club turned to blow over two times more than your opponent. You're gonna lose eight out attending your games so we knew we knew that fourteen turnovers that's and on. Believable number and they were for they're there which was fourth fewest in the NFL. I mean it this is saw output to go out in Seattle and nice nucleus. And they didn't learn. This season. Out two weeks. And that's important now they know how to away and leave that they went and come back yeah yeah. All the winning and things going into the season that I've read this year was very valuable what is organization. Abreu iGoogle for the players think this organization has turned a corner. And then now it's just a matter of people who local motor on the track. And I mean Nigeria were mostly group vocal. I think I think when you look at this coaching staff these guys have had shown you know in the time through this time they've been together. That they mesh so well I knew you don't see any tension on the sideline you you see these guys. All working together usually I mean it's fun to see them smiling Jack Del Rio space went when they make a big player when they score and you better believe these players. And these coaches the baseball body into to what mark Davis and Enbridge you have all built here socialists give credit to Mark Davis you're too. Here's our he he has contributed the money to improve the facility. I mean shot up he has given a ton of money it to improve I mean I registered we need to improve the weight room. You he threw what ten or twenty million and that so no pro Mark Davis deserves all the credit. And two and plus he has a vision of what you want you know view British jury get rid you have allowed in. When it on the players in the count where that they want to bring hand and visited he's done a good job as our. As our and the right idea writes quote. Thank coaches want things see now with this story. That you didn't see in the pac net pop and not on my own view but the competence of quote is that when you elect coaching that. You know see like it no panic. Is user Errol compliments. Compliment. Go with a win. Because there's this courting that as well as the front opera. Mark. They're great equipment manages never buy. Is real good job is yours are putting turn and sort. Tony I don't need to Maine what's going to be by next year and end well first of all the draft is April 26 point 728 right there. And then in silk and listening Reggie do his magic in the draft that we got free agency come and appear. And then let's she how the raiders. Going to training camp come out of training camp and into that today out to the pre season. And that's where I mean when we see really. Refugees magic cap and Jack Del Rio and these coaches magic and these players and I can't wait to see Dirk or have been here for. Yeah you gotta have pillars and right now they are strong owner Mark Davis has shown patience and allow Disney to develop. Reggie McKenzie he's done a terrific job putting the roster to gather than Jack Del Rio taking this clay and molding it into something beautiful that is. A playoff team so going forward they're strong in management they are strong at quarterback and George omelet to matter right now. Derek Karr in fifteen games through 218 touchdown passes or only six interceptions. And I know people want to compare him and we'll talk about Cam Newton and Andrew Luck and these guys but the big difference between Derek and those guys he's just one in five years old. I mean this kid has so many years left the blind. Only three years so an ability to me and already. Grow and go back in the day. Is to bring quarterback along slowly would would do would played book and and Japan on. Oh would cut lord. Say to you is pretty well quarterback. Does it came and you at least wrote. And picked up every day and this year we are blocked and out of his best. As best player isn't huge and we are we read privilege we see him you rob problem. Tom Brady what. And George you know you were talking about two years three years. Closer to four years and in like like you said. Derek took the first map. The blocks which is just unheard of for a for a rookie quarterback to take. The responsibility depression that he had in this guy has been a professional. Since day wants snapple line. The other moments never looked too big forum and the thing is he is so mature. For his age and the pressure of playing this game David and the pressure on and off the field it's like he's chest. He's watt the way he's wired of course it helps and his brother played the league and and he has someone who loves and whose gonna help them go through this journey. But for a kid that at 25 his maturity is off the chart. You know what when you see him work when you've seen him in his interviews. He just eats up. The end the quarterback of the raiders he eats up that you know I'll take the responsibility here I'll I'll take a leadership role here. He each any kind of pressure that you want to put on them you know I'll take this. Amid I I'd love this kid and not say what an until all our fans. Go to raiders' dot com and into the raiders do agree the best job of getting all these interviews were to cope with you would with coach to Coach Del Rio. And then and all the assistant coach Hughes show a few alarm about Ken Norton junior. Bill musgrave. Del Rio. And the players are more when US interviews with their car you're you're going to be impressed with the people that these guys are. And George you've got to realize probably two seasons definitely. And it and three years from now he's going to be the all time leader passengers right now it's your old team make the snake. The hall of Famer he's at 191000. And changed Eric's Ari over eleven so. Either in two years or three years this kid's gonna be the all time leader in yardage. So what are Tom Brady. Quarterback you have that well. Should you guys were you'll be out there. Today and it's been worked eighteen years. Data and then. Years is that as or that's outcomes there. Role being read you or ordinary. You know so I mean you're you're here to curb right. Madam. Keeping him around right with those supporting. And thank you Cuban boat ride out of that. Right and keep them up right. What are Reggie an illicit Reggie spent his biggest his biggest jump of money he's been on offensive line so. So you can you can see that Reggie knows where the building blocks start. And it's on both sides of the ball and who knows what their nose up into the deepest of lions. And though line has been such a great job upper deck Derek. He might be around twenty or 45 years. Jokes OK I said maybe maybe so fluke either way got hurt because as you said it was ridiculous oh well. Rid Dick kill us I knew what when this team gives up eighteen sacks on the year. I mean that's like you know you're you're bumping into people go down and Cabot Cabot as a sack to think that McDonnell pan slept. And and and let his guys in there in the door it was loose it was due and a second effort trying to develop the grass. And Pembroke is it's fractured his Kabila. It is just it just blows your mind breaks your heart just the timing of. I will blow your mind you more so that was down. Only. Bode who gave. Oh look what all. A little bit Brian I was quiet. We were all trying Buyoya. Or. Bottom line is broken bones heal he's gonna be back in its your Ford for their cars to be real special but I wanna go over our favorite moments of the season because we have one Orszag left. Raider nation live before we close up shop for the rest here our favorite moments were gonna have for you right here raider nation live on 95 point seven game. This is a greater need semi. Chris count him. Yeah raider nation live here on out five point seven game against George jackets and David Tom I'm Chris Townsend we're breaking down the 2016. Season for your Oakland Raiders who finished twelve and five in geysers. When you win twelve games. You have there's a lot of great moments when you look back at this season what worry we'll start with you George what were your favorite moments of this year. Man you know I'm I'm. My memories my short term and so shall. Oh. So I don't think Tony and. And I mean big moments that way. I would say. Early on and seasonal Marco who would do magic. In different gains that ring. Derek RO. You know putting game that's you I'm in the game we're rated where oral or down. And converted Lotto winning your game as. Early in the U. Tennessee Lou who was it Tennessee he has tenacity to me that was that was the turning point. Four or do organizations for the opposite. And or net. Picking it up and in turn around waiting there I mean that that's a competent. About four. And Jack Jack Del Rio step and out our news you know third or more on fourth downs. It's situations that you go oh you're crazy to even try that he. He did he didn't need to do that. Or you know a play they've done that that they made that turned the game around and watch that forum I mean there was there were there were two or three early in the year. Which totally turned this team's momentum around. I think at the very first game in New Orleans when Jack Del Rio went for two weeks and Jordan's. Hit a little bit there aren't you know and storage. You remember coming down to take six when he went for it when he got it I mean every he was jump on each I don't know now. That was like the start where you go and that's. Might be a special season right out of the. And then to do it Tennessee it was I suspect. And it may one call. Yeah game that was early in the season and that's what you say you know we have to recap who we see. Ways that would call. That a coach in U well that team. Two bit overrated and win over the rights and that those things the bill problem. Hillary relationship with a quote. You trust him trust. True you make waves and usually. We're jubilation and make. They just sit here and there are a million allies instrument. Does pick one out. Well and whoever. I mean Jack Del Rio came in here with a solid resume from Jacksonville immediately if you look at his teams that are in the playoffs a lot. And then the heat he's got a solid foundation as a coach. But who thought it was the gunslinger. Was some of these situations that you know. Did you go you gotta be the. Oh no no no oh my goodness what do I need to know I mean whoever thought checked would be bad guy. And you gotta think to they were absolute road warriors they I mean. You're noted oral instantly and then as George said Tennessee and right after that Baltimore and then you stay in Florida for two weeks beat Jacksonville and you beat Tampa between the way they played on the road this year David was just extraordinary. I mean extra people don't understand. How tough that road is when you when you're out there and the year. And especially especially for West Coast teams would go into the to the East Coast. Well when you when you would date when they have 11 o'clock bed check okay everybody 11 o'clock bed check no messing around. And when you get when you you're bit you're gonna look at 11 o'clock or no I didn't change my watch back. It's only 8 o'clock at home alone no I mean you know and that's in every every business road warrior. No doubt tough. Do in the eastern swing is with the time change and that it's just tough and when the raiders did that in Miami and spent the week back there. And hubbub Mark Davis spent in the body to tickle in my house to house the team and in a hotel for the week. Rather than flying home and and flying back amid an inept and how much that helped the raiders. To get settled in into debt and to him to win those those road trip games. And say let them guys at one point there are more weigh in on the road than they weren't home and when you talk about playing good football you'd get dementia amnesia or you got away and on the road does seem true. This season they're winning on the road no problem and hopefully this to carry over the next. And they hear that that's definitely out I'd. And Georgia to what we we've been talking and you know is in the course of the should vote even the last ten years we had more than a game in the eastern time zone. What used to how long was that timeframe that we that we had. All losses in the eastern time zone. We're now only two that we turn around and and we're like that the number one road warrior team in the league. And let's not forget Jack Del Rio said this when you get on a plane and you fly for hours. That's not a home game so they should get credit for another road win George for that game in Mexico City. Make Asia. Without a doubt be. Tuesday. Outlook outlook oh yeah I mean wrote. It counted as a road game all game. No I mean it's a game that we should have played in Oakland but more that the more they bought an end and they agreed with that with the league to play in Mexico City. So to carry over affect you wanna really see that next year for the road George mean I mean this mentality. About being able to apply anywhere that was pretty special. RO anywhere in Europe Mexico anywhere. Into Iran is corporate at all like you develop without ever go out when you have that copper and it. Right this year they've built their competence and I believe that they go win a row that we'll get real they Chia and especially at this nuclear. There's still there be bitter be the same horrible guy and trust me that competence that your yeah. But about the program around as quote. Management. And a player that look at Rio and days next year's should be injures currencies. Audio. I I think it's going to be a broad program for important as soon as the agency's structure pretty quick and then into the draft. And then let's go to training camp and then see who's gonna make this team because I mean that there's going to be a lot of competition for her for spots here. I'm amid. You talked about how much fun. What winning divers per team and for a fan base and and and bush are paying base. I mean all of our cern and or incidents in in your mind for a lot of fun. Well you know of the interest that you mention free agency. Or creative or you go out. I mean you've got to place erupt. Would you break and minute reagents are lounge. Or you know. The interest in the you have displays. You. See what. The rate of interest in the world. How big money is tragic and what that fork out. And now and let's not forget Al Smith will become active. Paul Palmer how much the who's who thought of that. To have three look at. Go ahead Jones. But there you go when you look at this drop or agents. Or you bring and how many are needed you know. When you look at the position. I mean creative. Is exaggerated or participate in it created. I think George and we look on the defense of the ball which are they about linebacker unions you mentioned earlier in the secondary. There can definitely be some upgrades and if they have the money and they have the cap room hopefully they will do that. Our final thoughts guys this is set for 2000 to 2016. Slash 2017. Season. Yeah and it was a great is. A good preview of what the calm and nick here. Eight onward and. Toys. And in military web when you look at this staff when you look at these players when you look at Mark Davis our front office. I mean how do you have been you feel any better when you look at our GM Reggie McKenzie. I mean we we are the end. Best hands we are. That we we have built a base that you talked about. You know word illegal premier blocked anyway I don't see any any way back up and I don't see anyway good. There were gonna go deeper we're gonna go into the playoffs we're gonna go deep into the playoffs and the thing is. Where do you get to those playoffs you never know injuries you never know momentum. You never know what's gonna make that run to the Super Bowl. Cannot tell you what it's just going to be a blast for every phase. The did you go through analyses and until we get into training camp next summer so it's brother's voice has been a blast. Well I've been stranded by Super Bowl champions all year long you know you'd George and Bill Romanowski raiders' opening drive in the to view here. Raider nation live it's an honor to work with you guys and honored to represented the the Oakland Raiders and what we do on Monday night breaking it down other militia guys like. You know you're in a way it won't eat up then that but and I look. Up our. Yeah. Until next year's show up. Before I know let the 2017. Seasonal beer B well boys that's gonna do a parade your dad love I love you don't love you guys do Fox News radio time to rest the plan. Say yeah. Did you birthday parties helped build confidence and head Tina did you know thinking cancellation of according to announcements from Petr both totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends everybody knows that hey guys did you know that most people think they're using their right car seats for their kids that they're not. I didn't know that good. Parents who really know it all know for sure that their child in the right car seat at the right age and size visits for cart dot gov slash the rates need to make sure your child is protected brought you by the national highway traffic safety administration and he had counsel.

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