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Matthew Steinmetz

Jan 10, 2017|

Warriors Wrap-up host Matthew Steinmetz joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to recap the Warriors win over the Kings, The National Championship Game & if the Warriors are bored right now w/ the schedule.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NBA insider and co host of warriors wrap up as well as NBA this week which you can catch right here on 95 points of the game every Saturday from 9 AM to noon. Matt's nine Mets joining Joseph lo and bids on 95 point 7 the game good morning study did you get a chance to watch that game last night. Are you out with which gives it a lot. What do you think of talking about the Milwaukee blocks. I'm talking about the national championship game. Are you actually ended it bicycling and great ending. And I like that I like that quarterback Alex saw a lot certain. You recommend that nine is a number till. You don't he looks like he's got to do far you know a lot of those guys you know really wrote computer rotting you know and they can such. The other dude. Our options yeah. Any what do you mean those guys dining what do you mean the guys. Ordered him please thank you please explain. You're welcome move now in the glow got a clarification nets as Tim Roy would call that's Diana would be a clarification since they should I. Up here yet now like other got a kid throw the ball. Those running quarterbacks he would like you got a good. Over 800 yards in the two national champ two games that combined that's nine Mets are college football insider joining us here on. 957 the game also covers the warriors every now and again it's tiny. The warriors a little bit of a slow starting at Sacramento after a dreadful. Collapse. Against Memphis were do you see this team right now heading in this four game homestand. I seen him ICM desperately. Waiting for. March in Naples come around you know they've been here before. They know little of the policies in the notre. Probably go deep into the playoffs. I think she dictates of the date that we get the important gauge right. Com. Been speculating that there is a little bit worse and you know an awful lot of war are actually had a spare millions murders. They're better and 125 of the thirty pin in the NBA so they're not. A lot of. And I they have just figure out what's gonna motivate them given that he. And it gets. Get canes you know woods it was a third quarter well the circle of what's right take care of the game as well first and they're good enough. I look at a look at the week like this week and got Miami and Detroit terminate and you know how much of the real would be better and they really didn't whom when they're ordered a bigger. Actually that can play a quarter quarter airport in print and could. Yeah almost stunning when you when you talk about that and see what happened kind of collapsing into Memphis. Who you know than balls being stagnant not move when the ball so you think issues because of boredom or do you think to sometimes you know even with the cavs when they lost a game. You know the ball doesn't move was well in the fourth quarter. Is that just attention to details is that border Morissette to save hate Steve Kerr needs a better job of getting these guys move the ball in the fourth. Yeah I think there could put the water or. Yet have been there by which could read by that go what happened yet or that. And they don't have a lot of practice they'll have a lot of experience. I'll wired quite content with it. They haven't figured out of the current. And to try to break. Or should be aware curry. Whether it could be quite competent. We aired that. Figure that well who do it could be a blow out a lot of consulate building at the the production. Order gain. Either going to be in the I don't work itself out over the length retired. Or not think about was. Booed. All of it. Quite cup the cup shop late in the rate reduction because. The one game the warriors Amex that it year. At the opera but then they'll start to close they would get or eat it or a nickname before the Cleveland Cavaliers occurred at. And that didn't quite competent cup shop and accept the greater the old agrarian walk couple screen popped upward swing jumper to knock knock. Couple breaks along the Cory Coco apparently near Kabul courtly me. You know Lleyton. Oh recruitment. Can't count her Olympic record constant shop. What happened there recently. What they're trying to. Couldn't prayers and Hillary is in a hurry. You know you can't have these. Water the other on the need it looked pretty well may well exactly console a couple of chopped in Detroit so they've paid out might not be apparently. Matt's nine Mets NBA insider we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game what do you say to those who feel or believe that staff curry is in a slump this season. I think here and here it's in the big picture and a big way. I actually have a degree here I really do B. You know then there's the question has always been about Kirk you you point guard shooting guard point Carty not he. Great thinking and point guard caps or point guard it. I think it this year at the point guard he's been great and the reason I say that goes because. You know they act Kevin Correia and his team. He's a thirty point score stepped curry was last year obviously accurate score I do think it's that curry is real human a lot of his role. How did you via the shots. How to get. Kevin Correia in ball without them in quite cops and I think he spent a lot of time than you will I get production yeah eat curry might be aggressive and I think our would eat and what happened in the last you expect her take an emotion out on me. And what I'm getting now. That is that's the role the point guard you know pick a point guard and break it down into an individual game arts. What he does that he comes out early in the game kind of situation try to rate involved in the game goes on it go on now well then you try to maybe do a little more become a little more grass actually got. Dynamic. Laying out over the course and he's an article about airport C are now current look at it and saying you know what. Maybe I need you know morn ball I need to be more grassroots. To me. He knew exactly. Regard should be real winners are also wrote. They can about the game in a very positive way straight by the it and fees and I warn users that are war. Stunning is there a fear that over the course of these 82 games that dream on green might Wear out his teammates with it is. Hold your feet to the fire on every possession attitude. I think that's great question and I think that the one thing we really don't know the answer to is what. The team mate feel about rate mockery. I'm sure they love it and I'm sure they realize how important he is. And every once in awhile it is you know you're you're watching him roll want the interim. You watch that I about it it meant that's what he's walking over to huddle like the court. Just speculating. Shake it had no bears were in a at work together do what you gotta do. You know the other in Sacramento. Saw. I'd say that the the clay cops and I'd like that the white outs and didn't make the right way. So like clay lose again. Okay he would slip below. And that is a fine line. Well it would would weather guy goes BO leader and listened to. To learn guys start to roll there guys that are certain liar I don't I'm not saying there but I don't think there's any doubt that. At times straight line green in the you're definitely aware on teammate Albert. Actually you know what especially. Where and toward the last could actually get cement her skate. He. Throws it troop goes over the quarterback and so hold onto shore and doesn't participate why. That different level that you're going to be guys get to states which you're not the guy. Who. Who goes hard on the game's biggest production I think that's where are you a little bite. Matt Stein Mets NBA insider would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven game thank you so much for your times tiny catch over the next week.

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