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Heath Evans

Jan 10, 2017|

Former NFL FB, SB Champion & NFL Network Analyst Heath Evans joined told Joe, Lo & Dibs that he doesn't believe the Raiders performance vs Houston helped Derek Carr's MVP case.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten year NFL veteran Super Bowl champion he's now an analyst with the NFL network Heath Evans joining Jolo in bids on 95 point seven to gain he's good morning we'll jump right to it to Shawn Watson had a monster performance against the ban last night what do you think his chances are being a high draft pick what do you think his chances are being a successful NFL quarterback. Cool two toed recourse that the people accuse. Count you know are low humidity could come about as leader of the Aggies. He's got a will try wreckage. I actually these. College where that running quarterbacks against big east year. The transition to our league what it takes to be true in L quarterback to a whistleblower to win two in eleven games not to. The competitive but it to beat the best sequences. Week in week out it shifted the skills that we saw there a little clinic the other night yes you can Major League mobile. But he's got. As sharp. Short middle and things that are Herbert quickly agree teachers and so. I think you can guys can look at this fall for one year BP to this. The transition just very super. That true college or through an uphill style quarterback playing the college game to get those reps also. Also gives what is that well which involved. If they can do two more as slipping to citizen for Nash pass I think they have too many holes. When a team that lets talk about Enron has narrowed his inaugural sought and won a Stanley to do you know you talk among health. And Rodgers early in the year people say what happened don't have talent they're taught a mile fire and McCarthy finding GM does account talent when there. But there's always been a kid from Fresno State Department at a I think he's always been near. Aaron Rodgers was able to transcend his game what was the biggest holdup on Aaron Rodgers does I think was more Aaron Rodgers in the talent that was lining early. I agree about last year almost by about seven or eight urban things started to shift from the at all until we certainly shipped in the wrong direction and even earlier this year the other winning games like your Olympics started and they start at all pretty well. Baird wasn't error you know he'd get a touchdown pass by without the silver within your own network Mike. He missed in Jordan saint toward democracy before rebels say the in the end you know that team goes on the three or four games so you don't slide. Midseason. With a lot of bad football. These last 67 weeks have just been you know there but we all know. I think he's good at. But aborted distractions listen this game is the ultimate team guy you know one guy I'll call them that there was job quarterback gives you know plastered deeper that is exactly the same way. Get guys into the wrong thing Clinton used to do the right that you sack for minus that you aren't so. I think I will be it boggles my mind every year. To listen to all be idiotic. Medianews because he's gonna get fired or even Billy O'Brien to use of text and the fire which is the dumbest up. I pay per play and there's been this led by the other reporters. They're the people all the voters that the time we're some bogus agent trying to get the story printed it that people wrong but. They've got it fixed it in the probably the most interesting with the Pepsi right now. Speaking of 88 media guys amassed in 88 media guy question because it's what we do that we were taken around Heath. The idea of Jason Garrett in Dallas if they get. Crushed by Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay could he end all be in trouble in Dallas with them unable to progress past the playoff game if they lose. I don't think so just good teachers guy. You know I think I think that it's a great question good I think it should be considered. A well Jason you're the man. It was like just the bodies into all the stuff they do better suited now to music but they do the right way. Well last year when Tony went down. There there was all that and that refused or but he couldn't adjust to. A new quarterback out. And with all the other child that they had a round that Oakmont was attacked. Stiller Robert only be sentenced. Shall let it bad angle broke for a thousand yards to spill that easily. Williams was there again. The quarterback went down they they couldn't it provides just that always makes me question. Is it is it's so simple minded it's just once he ignores this Cogent coaching staff. Really capable coaching. Multiple skills that obviously different Tony. They've built a special this year. But if bomb figure like Jerry Jones captured guy and he would have moved on. Wait we're now. After the carrier air this year. Ten year NFL veteran Super Bowl champion and he's now a terrific analysts but the NFL network keep Evans we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game. After watching the manner in which the Oakland Raiders completely. Fell apart following Derek cars leg injury. How much consideration does he deserve for the league MVP award. I don't know I don't. That question. No because. They. Accused in one. You know. I don't know not I just here's what at all on the the a lot of a lot of what they do. You were real quick. Reduce and to be. And I accept that agreement so people made that some people like to bullish just ups were great. Pressure the outcome of that game winner loss would have been much more even with our the way that he's since. This scheme that how they. Click down on all that local. So this and that closer. The game in Mexico was like when that the raiders were to win. Or detection the root has grown leaps and bounds since that week in week eleven. Lost there in Mexico. Of course in order to quarterback a long way to go in this and so. Heaven knows the game planning to beat the only decent double witching which city lights. They hunkered down in down in your kitchen really. It's not good football those two films screen. There's just a lot of development for Clark still to come I think you get there. These world way but the his troop quarterback is in geeky Calbert. He's when he died about. Ronald and LUC Romeo is canal to as far as defense coordinator Houston Texas no he brings to would he was a disciple of bill. So we're talking about peace in their their defense is a top ten top three defense. Houses matchup when you do you know he's looking at New England your former team sixteen point favorite. I don't see this game orca. There until it Baier Thursday but he a special teams touchdown and Tom Brady herself and away from being hailed Foxboro and win a million people going crazy but that's held tightly those games. Uga at all so no one and they're two different changed. Brought it have a stellar performance by extension means but he was much more complex that he has. You know week three when they went a box for him like but nurturing quarterback. This statement to date Hitler when it was we three. You know there would not want all these are not number one scoring defense that you know New England switches. I think more important. What you could that's what's so. Billy last year bill they don't Foxboro. Chipped a ball into the 170 yards total Chincoteague wind because. The New England gave the game stretched to its and so. I know bill's original week. They are the better team the veterans on that you know the better team by far from top to bottom. But this wouldn't surprise in the game whatsoever Thomas was thankful to the initial order cornered app until he figures out what the role of bill Mike Vrabel gateway and its. And the ability those gonna do a tremendous job applauded the way to go otherwise rock struggled struggled to. Heath Evans tenure NFL let Super Bowl champion out his trip to work with the NFL network. We Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game Heath thank you so much for your time we always appreciated hopefully we can catch up again in the future. They just goes to restrict flow.

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