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Scott Bair

Jan 10, 2017|

Raiders insider from CSN Scott Bair joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to discuss the Raiders off-season plans & also if changes could be coming to the coaching staff.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rainer insiders the S and Bay Area Scott Mayer joining Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven again what's a Scott how aria. Wait I'm not need 957. Caller line that it would create a ticket. The other wrong. You. You have men neighbor that was read in my Leo out. High school and college I think I don't basically every problems so odd stuff that are coming out. Beautiful and it's an August right in the middle of training camp but not when the season has started to you I get an opportunity to cement the coliseum. I think that it's Greece some squeeze in time intra band like that big stage show god yeah. We have a whole lot fees and they get there before we get to that we get to beat out of public. Good Segway and after the for play let's get the business radar operator coaching staff twelve and four but the rumors are swirling do you think based on. The cryptic response Del Rio gave over the weekend that he plans on making any changes to his coordinators this offseason. I think you get. The I think I hit let's start over I think he's going to take a hard look at it is what I think I don't negating. Is that in all right now especially on the explored as he wiped out there who has good ideas which make you eat you from. Just in talking to people and things like that Olympic medals saying. There's a lot of players that they like Ken Norton junior all now whether they don't find an upgrade players like winning more else. So I would think that would be kind of like Jack or it was going to look at over the course of the next few days and coming weeks on the opposite side bill and act. Most breeders in little mood and nothing about it that. I would expect much credit to come back I I really think it yet have very solid year and if you look at. The continuity of that opt in scheme you saw tremendous growth the. Actually in which in the running game under bill much create obviously your cart took another step forward. I ain't that the good marriage on the opposite side of the ball. When you think about Scotty when you look at Ken Norton you look at his body work this guy was sought after people say that this guy may be the next position as a head coach. But you look at that often did defense rather in you see the money that they spent spring and in the proves servants and different guys they brought in. Mike is good and I got to be a premium this year you look at that that the captain work rate is gonna be and in depth against it's so it's gonna come down a certain mind new things that they're able to do who's gonna still be on the team bringing in better coaching because it affect you can't go out necessary bogey guys that cover deficiencies. So you think about who's out there there's Wade Phillips here and guys like John O'Donnell at the same eagle been there for years at 34 type of guy. In the type of personnel they have is 4434. Is stills got some names that you hand it's been floated out there. You know I had I think it was a cute very intriguing prospects are obviously within the agent Jack Oreo note about the salary goes. Can't throw that defense in not only need to find. It if you are going to make change not saying that they are sure that he exploring all options here you'd find it good marriage with a guy. And it and it get a head coach who that angers all of so he could find the right personality. Personality bash. As well and obviously Jack and in goal lately and that actually trying to helps so there's a lot of they're kind of weighing into this being about the make it change the look at the fact that you're twelve or and that is eaten has deficiency and I think that they will address. It at probably at linebacker Andy at the tackle and up the middle where they simply got stronger and need depth on the edge. And things like that many ways they need to be slot quarterback and you just have to try to compare and rightly what she got. From last season and and it at compared to what you might be able to get bringing maybe some do it here now. That would not recording an inordinate gone or is definitely adding that all kind of would trot an eagle or why not take a look it can't hurt. Two go shop and the media to buy some. What's the likely timetable for these sort of decisions you know the exit interviews and Nina the players clean out their locker rooms and start to head in DOS season mode. From a front office standpoint looking into coaching staff. How soon would you expect Scott did any of these decisions be made. I mean you know wait forever but apparently at any time I want you know he thought things shake out it's terrorists may be some. Position coach that you might look at as a coordinator despite that you may want to wait for some playoff teams to come out and meet. I don't think their major acts out the opening day globally forever because there's gonna be. Competition. Although lots to get these guys under contract and the coaches who are. Trained you know as anybody I mean these guys are all over the place and they definitely want to find out there livid at loud would they. It. Didn't. Our it works raiders insiders see I said Bay Area Scott barely Jolo in bids on 95 point seven a game last year this team was quite aggressive when he came to spending money in free agency how do you see them handling the offseason this time around. They gonna be. I would say a little bit different because they are ever closer. To happening. Hit a quarterback that could come as soon as the top economic and operated sometime extension that may not directly impact. This salary cap. Or at least seventeen I'd just taken a look at over the cap back on the looks like they're gonna have. We haven't seen OK well have a lot of cap space. Next year and that's because. Jack. Reggie and indeed as the great job paying guys up front with the roster bonuses they they are impacted by that money down route. So that bit about cap space capped an up and candy box or some like that here. They'll. Along with the latest thing that I think they're gonna try to work out how much there is gonna cost. And try to plan that out and network guys around it I think we're gonna have room to stand and maybe they're not gonna go out yet. You know five or six guys like it did that last shot he'd been. As the raiders slowly transition in subordinate Green Bay Packers at dial up front office meeting that you don't that day you'd draft well you. Or you wrote that supplement every now and then it agency I think Reggie will add another couple pieces content well that recently. Again I think that. They need to. A better more permanent solution at bat and that intent linebacker spots of eight and that we would really need them for the. Crate inside is always raiders insiders CSN Bay Area Scott Mayer would Jolo Indy ads on 95 point seven Ian Scott has always thank you so much for your time we appreciate it we'll catch up to begin next week. Oh.

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