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Mary Babers-Green

Jan 10, 2017|

The mother of Draymond Green, Mary Babers-Green joined Joe, Lo & Dibs for her weekly conversation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mary babies scream mother dream mine green here on 95 point 7 again good morning Mary how Lauren. Are are good good weird get excited for Monday's game against the cavaliers. Obviously the rematch means a lot to us are you do you get as excited for games like that. Obviously it's your son knowing what's at stake with these two teams I mean do you just kind of deal that whole savings sensation in the days leading up to those type the matchups. And it's playoff time now right now lack. Turn and look at that it was dude you'd better you know it really. It's most accurately right now. One of the things they need to improve upon his closing out games in your son dream on was noticeably angry Friday united the end of that game and. And he was vocal towards cagey about it what does that say about the warriors that. Your son can go off like dad and Katie Natalie takes it but he all but says yeah a dream on was right to to put milk glass like that. First of on everyone's play it would Braylon knows mine worker on hot ash is lower the black car. No right. Let's send it. Apollo do and I vote being given that we have to bought at the beauty of the war is at at ending you know extra time. Arts. I. And I've been at odds are amount. You know after the game dream on was talking about how he thinks this was Sunday's game against Sacramento he thinks boogie cousins is the best center in the game we've kicked that around on the show before we wanted to get your thoughts do you greens big bogeyed the best center in the game. Yeah Africa. I would it portray actually bad. Yeah actually the best in the game but he got it in you know wouldn't mind. Is actually spoke to de CNET. Believed to. He's super topic I some would argue that the best defender of boogie. Is booking himself when you see him going over and given the 123 to the chair. And you'll slam and his body around again is Tennessee Mary is just doing too much of sacramental. You February he'd done Olympics too much Egypt's young now. And it effect that he can't warning Connie some colony the glam woman. And so being number two younger Larry come right out of where our crops Latin. They go world that are being. Stage. And get me and guiding. Do you think maybe he could benefit from a change of scenery he's been in Sacramento so long maybe just a fresh start somewhere could be beneficial to him. Maybe you go to the cockpit goes you know and a black. You Eileen your self portrait of where which are saying though you have changed record. Mary neighbors green joining us are not a 57 game dream Mann's mom follower on Twitter at. Neighbors green at the big news in the NBA since we've spoken was the cavs getting Kyle Korver. Do you think just a game changer for the playoffs and do you think the warriors need to make a counter move. Meanwhile more enlightened. I have been chime in go to my court. I'll quote that we each year and let it out like they're playing like a year. Year ago oh in acting we will be written back. Election in line and the car in the bring it. Right now wait need to focus on that correction note board and can't you know there are back at. Let them. Act again. If you put your GM hat on then you said the warriors need to. One more piece what would that piece of being your opinion in which player and oh yeah you don't have to. Obey the tampering laws in the NBA as the mother of a player so which player would you like the warriors to go rotten grab before the deadline. Well well it ran out of trying to milk no but I know the. About Howard coming up I mean you know we need it one bit there. Not afraid that we need then you know happened and it the issue to perhaps. We need a player that you can't go a lot. My turn you know. Mary neighbors green with Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game. You know were a few days away the dobbs will be taking on the Miami Heat tonight but in a few nights they'll be taking on the Detroit Pistons. Does a little PC you secretly root for the pistons when you see them going up against warriors. No matter are. Delegate this means that perhaps that's just listen to the toilet it's all about the dobbs right. Let's about it bluntly. Talk about the you know let's not. Mary one more before we let you know go out tonight is Andre Iguodala. Bobble head night are you much of a collector especially as it pertains seek to your son I I know he's got a Bobble head I've got on my mantle home. Right next to my staff next to Mike clay I got my Nate Thurman up there as well. You'll Bobble head collector. Yes but try to give them every game something that I will lack of rain. Internet and it I'll get back to collect them how to elect a mark up a little problem you know Tata. Unit beat and beat them wildly. Well its first 101000 fans tonight married if you don't get one I know people would the lawyers liking Digisette. Oh. Are there and I got connections such gentlemen let's do Jody Mary Davis Greenwood Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven DA Mary always plays are catching up with you thank you freeze time we look for to catch over the next week. Aren't here.

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