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Chris Broussard

Jan 10, 2017|

NBA Analyst from Fox Sports Chris Broussard joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to discuss the Derrick Rose situation in NY & if the Warriors need to make a move to counter the Cavs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris Broussard one of the best in the business NBA analyst with fox sports joining Jolo and it's here a 95 point 7 to gain good morning Chris aria. Number. We're doing real well probably a little bit better than the New York Knicks what's the story out of Madison Square Garden regarding Derrick Rose not showing up last night the did team know about this in advance. Elbow betrayed did not though they found out they talk to rose. After the game I believe. And each share with him that he was in Chicago. It's like what. It you know took the lead and nobody knows everything for sure because. You know people have been being quiet about it by. Well you're supposed to be back in New York or in New York. Obviously never left and eat that practiced so. So I imagine after practice he's going to speak with reporter hopefully. Change it some light on what although they have been everything. There there's been. Or rumors about everything from in this and sure and to. Yeah him being upset that he was you know didn't start yet it didn't play in the fourth quarter against Milwaukee. When they won the other night. More MBA in you know Africa another reason so hopefully world (%expletive) like eight speculate. Line com you know what the problem it is you know so we'll find out. It is not a good minutes it is real issues EG four. It is not a good sign in its you know it did he know war. I'm coach yet ordered that after the game and if you didn't seem middle volatile. None of that ever it is so there is some turmoil there for sure. Chris you know move for when you look at me you know your grows and you think about the things that were surround him before he even signed there you look at Phil Jackson has been their for some years now and just. You know this seems like that move that he pushed all the ships and the table training canola rose all the things he's done and it doesn't seem like it's working. Did it how was how it was managed him in Phil Jackson and his sister direct correlation with him the shot and then there's a lack of control and disciplined. Destructive to throughout the organization. I'll let he's the president ot be paid president well your. But stopped with you know did. It in the east certainly our criticism. On the issue that after the game chaired you know what school and or that are out there. List of the situation. Me he didn't do that blight at all so you know. Get more people to blame it should you have to again look at dear world no matter what the situation it is. There's no excuse not to let the scene. Know what is going to slow bat or you know you know actually necessarily put or or bill. Although I got in the buck always stops with the leader in that you know. But there are a lot of people deserve. A bit of a bit extreme now they've lost eight of nine. Home being do seem to be are in control. The play extra shot me in the playoffs. And the good thing for is that if indeed there is a big problem here. Did you know. Eagle eagle in the last year deal and that was always the silver lining things went wrong what is beer world street. Only four a year you cap room to build my ideal. If you need to we'll see how it played out again lead you know c.s shipped a light. Or listed day went back talked after practice play. It's certainly not a good sign whom he had made just you know you saw that Phil Jackson in year. We're starting a movement purging as a player where the team was that the birds' week. Ago. And now tumbling down again in the look like another big. Bad. NBA analyst Chris Broussard of fox sports Johnny is zero not a 57 the game Monday a big one out here for Golden State. With Cleveland coming back to town how important is this game for the warriors to reassert some sense of confidence in this rivalry. Yeah it's a big. A base where Cleveland in the regular season last year. Humbled him. At this term actually brought 34 points in Cleveland and didn't win the chambers and so you can't write them. If they don't win this game but when their psyche and you know are the people appeared and they're still a bit. Very confident that they're better Brinkley should be but you don't like to lose that you are. You know especially. We knew beat everybody ultimately. You know so I think it's important from the taxpayer point obvious that word and or camcorder rate kemba derail it knows. The warriors beat the cavs last year twice in the pregnancies ego that they were very close to beating him in the final last year and probably would have. Injury and in the end it. And he himself had problem as you all on the will be the day. East war in nineteen now probably wouldn't it ain't. And stole I think where you know he movies that come out and not he had a good game creek by. Actually get a win against LeBron days over the team am. I had a rare I think is important. And I think. This team needs to lower probably an old game. That's where they'd struggle Amin out of date. And they could. Albeit down the stretch they have probably there execution down district they don't even though. You know we don't do it we gotta step in the good. Problem I have on these choices. But there execution Elaine you know Durant may be used to go oh we ought to know about the issue you know we're streamer. Coupled aggregate meant that we need to eat one you know isolation 101. Trick oh. How he's being used a plane and they act that figure out really not so much that first forty minutes. But the last eight and how they're gonna blow out teams because they get big lead so. Be bigotry let their own you. Games. Bet are really a litmus test for the warriors all means it's either edit while O'Neal or Cleveland period. Now if you want to throw it missed its. You know that they beat him twice but you know nobody thinks that as it better. They know what you're doing is throwing you spin it their role and maybe those. Eight. Pledged that aired on the warriors is that old and pretty clear and it's pro audio and obviously they're law though he would consult our. Seoul a bit in the big big. Day. As you're going again. With the warriors this year. NBA analyst with fox sports Chris Broussard joining Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game with the cavaliers making the move to acquire Kyle Korver between now and the deadline do you see the warriors getting active in any way shape or form. Whatever league beat. Them and they're always looking they'd go in all the protections they'd love to get you know center. Alum in the air and could give him some. Straight big league east lead the league. They're deep into the efficiency of our around the top of the lead. Home you know at their stats their numbers are great big big need to give it. Lined up and maybe a player Beckett helped it be a little more is that oh. If you look at that tainted being in Cleveland Cleveland's mortgage or you now the ball. But they are visible with the warriors and eight it is the wish that. And bear line in general meant to it's same thing here is that what they need. To re trying to guard Zach Randolph was key you know I you know he's taller did not is getting used to. Thank you in the blocks down here with the outlet that ran about our acreage Younes you know governor. Player who could help him in the boldly yeah. Take anything really awake from their off that your heart in her. You know they're all agree talk about trying to get a Tyson Chandler. You know Phoenix should certainly be in the movie you know. Because there in the morning where why how do you do that but they know what good would it be the biggest how'd he get it done so. Until they if they make a move that old they can't beat Cleveland in. The break. No brainer you know you didn't give up in Beijing. The great shooter. But do they get it immediately. Puts him head of gold they like the warriors can't beat him no way. It happened. Advocate. They did need to figure out and they'd arms stretched. And continue to get acclimated to one of light steps. Would be a very aggressive this past week he obviously born player of the week in the where. He was regret in a little bit more like the bowl staff. I'll add that I thought where he thought the Euro two ESP back harm. This talk about Laura is ridiculous which our group. England wicket with the slope is all based. But he what is it like the step of last year and I don't think that is while I think it just. Didn't Larry would berate black. He would morgue records. They EG chair an illegal player may be room and be great. But pork so he's just improved which half which they did that. NBA analyst with fox sports Chris Broussard would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven million Chris. Thank you so much for your time today we really appreciate it we look forward to catch up with the again on the road.

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