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Joe, Lo, and Dibs - Full Show - January 10th, 2017

Jan 10, 2017|

On today's show, the guys kick it off discussing the CFP National Championship between Clemson and Alabama. Should the 49ers think about drafting DeShaun Watson? They also give a preview of tonight's Warriors/Heat matchup. Matthew Steinmetz, Heath Evans, Mary Babers-Green, Scott Bair and Chris Broussard join the program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two years in a row to differing champions. Who thrilling. Exhilarating. Fascinating finish is an a grand. Total score of 76. Has 75. Lazy Java when it comes to college football and when it comes to the biggest stage and the national championship you really. Could not have asked for anything better. Hundred and Taiwanese passing yards from quarterback is Shawn Watson. Behind eight unbelievable. Grabs for 94 yards and a touchdown from Mike Williams. Future top ten tech beat Clemson Tigers defeat the juggernaut that is the Alabama Crimson Tide 35. 31 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay last night in game that was just. Eyes glued to the TV for all. I think that thing ended up being about five hours what's up everybody. Welcome to the program Joseph affordable the red zone yield candidly we get to govern for the next four hours and were loaded Heath Evans is gonna swing by eight they teen. Chris Broussard at 930. What was going on in Madison Square Garden last night Derrick Rose goes M I eight. Nobody knows where the guys that and oh by the way Carmelo Anthony gets thrown out of the game in the process but. We begin with last night gentlemen we look at that talk about college football all that often but this last night how good was that it was soon. Forget that it was an instant classic back and forth affair it looked like on two or three occasions that. Alabama was gonna deliver the knock out blow clubs and hung in there made plays late and all that walked off. The team that was supposed to be the greatest team ever what do finished. Well how much pro talent did you see on the field last night. Oh. They are welcome and sorry we got a little technical issue but your yogurt cup and humble side that feel you saw talent on defense aside the ball off and decided ball both teams. Had talent on defense and offense using his seat talent markets in the they may mean having one on defense but. These both sides of the ball both these teams. And it's so much talent the speed to gain the heating of the game the attention to detail it was a heavyweight fight. Phil does it tell that I was at buffalo wings and when the president Whisenhunt but I guess. The only time buddy and write the overtime but I want this in you know he sought six seconds slap you're like okay. Maybe that goodness maybe there's Google kicked a field goal we go overtime it was just that exciting of the game smash yet in and again. Saban blew it he had the opportunity late and for one of the greatest coaches in all of sports professional amateur whatever you wanna call it. He blew it at the end because he missed what could have been the biggest call of the game more on that so much more niner fans. What's up with your number one draft pick playing in that game last night that's coming up in a few minutes before right now he's your update our. Up came down to one play Du'Shon Watson inside the five yard line trailing 31 the. Just 28 and is John Watson did this. And that was football game 3530. Wanted to show lots of three touchdown passes to. John Hunter renfro. And Joseph this sets up a possible third meeting between these two schools as they can do it next. Here you know savings going to be back Jalen hurts the freshman quarterback will only get better statements are gonna come back with a vengeance the question is who's steps in for just on Watson. Who officially declared the NFL draft after the game last night. Hotter renfro you mentioned ten catches 92 yards two touchdowns he's gonna look real good the patriots uniform I like yeah he fit. He the gimmick del global announced all the other guys and over and only a little later tonight and yeah that's all the little white guys the Bill Belichick love story never too low. Warner's back on the floor tonight with Miami in town it is Andre Iguodala Bobble head night the ball ahead of the first 101000 fans. In attendance they leave the west Y one and a half games over San Antonio any concerns low about where the lawyers are right now with Cleveland coming on Monday. Now I think that hopefully they won't they're not gonna overlook this game this team is eighteen pound expressing. And you like that you like it I interprets our elected indeed certain guys are called out when another coaching staff is get involved they want to show they want to get better and more Chris so you like that here would three months doing so I don't think look for this team to slide look for this team you start getting better. Sort of three guys and about coaching carousel makes a stop Jacksonville hires. Dogma role they also bring in Tom Coughlin. Here's an idea bring someone in to oversee football operations go as executive vice president and others coaching search in GM surged. Notes it continues these guys do it we'll talk about innovators in Jacksonville with this concept of of a structure where they get this Coughlin and Maroney get three year deals and David Caldwell the general manager gets a two year extension that also makes his three year dealer you've got all three guys on the same plane and dare I say accountability to one another. Wow Jacksonville talk about the outside of my mind blown anxiety executives worked together and that's the Delaware by the NFL moving forward bullets into the classic. Shot got big Celtics are on the winning track the update brought you by big O tires. Big O tires the team with you just I'm Dan diddley and hold of the war years. Our coverage starts at six tonight. Right here on 957. Game thank you did warriors warmup tonight like you said at six Damon Bruce and Kerry Keating. Two time 730. Golden State casual fifteen and a half point favorite the Miami Heat tonight at least get a look at some whites. Miami isn't what we remember from last few now the star power is gone but Whiteside crystal ball out a little bit. Sell last night there is so much to it on here Britney get into DeShawn Watson and what he could mean in the NFL draft her. Or I say the niners a number to about 615 buffer right now Lorenzo Neal. Alabama how big of a mistake was it to let go of Lane Kiffin. You look at all the means it's gonna cost her last night in and to then you've seen out there reducing you know they shall give been. Given waned given what does she leads on who looks better now. You know I don't think it was a bad move I don't think they're gonna miss seem at all I just think that they ran into a buzz saw mean that was a hell of a game Alabama had its chances. Everyone talked about the rookie quarterback Joseph you say hate you told me you told everyone. This young working quarterback from Alabama has talent and so much outside. The greatest thing about it what I liked about last night Lisa wasn't on him it was on number three minutes left he did his job every once it OK the game may be over. Because Alabama had the rookie quarterback he drove the lip of the Phil at some big plays some big scramble plays ran into the thirty yards they went ahead. So now was on big bad Alabama's defense which that is this strong point in the focal point in their teen. In their defense could hold up against who want to. Jonathan Allen Ruben Foster. Tim Williams Shawn Watson and Mike Williams camp Robinson and these are all just a few. The NFL prospects and I'm not just talking prospects have played that game less than half underground first round leaders. I mean that was an NFL junior varsity game last night you see some of these bowl games. They look like college football kits right you watch the big twelve it's Ron it's gone it's pass happy it's a lot of fun. Last night. The FISA county. The coaching the resiliency the experience the toughness I mean did that game was on another level. Any doubt that the committee got it right the the two best teams in the country were playing for the ultimate prize. No not a doubt and I think as you looked further down the playoff rankings you could make arguments about. Number four should Michigan have been injured Penn State have been in if we expanded it to eight what would happen if we scale of the sixteen. Who would've gotten in the I think no matter how far back out you win it. You still would arrive at the variant of these two teams facing off the two best in the country. In the championship game. Yeah we've gone to the BCS error. To the now the college football playoff era were getting closer to getting it writing you're seeing the results when you have the two best teams meet that ship reaches. To throw this out there too because this is important to note new meaning to me said this a lot over the next couple years assuming you know they don't generally fire me which actually we don't know what's coming at some point. Two years from now. Levi stadium is hosting the college football championship game. Even if you can't afford the tickets which. Very few can last night I believe the cheapest ticket in was about 16100 bucks more than the Super Bowl now that tailgate in the pageantry that goes on I went to the USC Oklahoma national title game at around 05 I believe it was. When the trojans just blew the doors off the sooners. The pageantry that goes on to those tailgate and everything for the game absolutely worth attending just to go down in paper park and hang out in that environment is a blast. Quickly I need some help from the text line the Penske auto sales that context and the 707. Somebody just started listening to us loves the show can't figure out all the lyrics to the song. Well can anyone ripped those off you don't have to sing it. What are the actual lyrics to the song that leads to show and I'm gonna jinx. My heart and hope pump up the volume it's when it's time to play ball it's Jolo in dibs turn the game on. And then the grunt is you know it's extra few one of the ordinary campaign. And some do some doubt it's the crucial moll yes to a Florida who garnish parsley. I better fans you're are you wanna call in Tripoli 9579570. Here's the question you saw him play last night he seen what he's done two years in a row on the biggest of stages. Shawn Watson Clemson quarterback do you want him in the red and gold next season with a number two overall OPEC. That's coming up next Jolo and adds that if I points in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. I think we can all agree. That Alabama's defense this season was the best defense in the country. Don't take what you just saw last night and put that up against everything else that's happened. This season picked the full body of work that is that unit is going to produce four or 51 round hours over the next few years here. They have made good quarterbacks around the SEC. USC at the beginning of the season all over the place look. Idiots. And yet in two games against Alabama. On the biggest of stages under the brightest of lights. The Shawn Watson is now 66. Of a 103 passes. 825. Yards seven touchdowns. One interception. 116. Rushing yards one TD. You combine those two games over the last two years. Alabama 76. Clemson 75. You cannot get any closer than that. This kid no matter what you wanna say is a gamer. Because against the NASA news team in the country he showed up not once but twice so low here's the big question. After what you saw last night and what you've seen over the past few years. Number two the San Francisco 49ers and eight. Is Watson available because Cleveland needs a quarterback you want and be if he is should they take them. He's can be available. Alexei eat I would take him because he can do so I would I would want love to take him because of the way he can do athletically. There won't talk to and Paloma ball last night he shown he can pull the ball in tight coverage against the a good good a formidable defense that can run like you say it was a JV NFL so we shown that he's a second round Mary. NFL quarterback I think so I was going to try to move up in San Francisco 49ers got it to joke. To give him because of 49ers they are so far away that I don't believe a quarterback is going to be quick stop. They need more weapons I would not keep the issue unmanned. I would look to trade back to get more picks if I'm the San Cisco 49 is not that Watson. It's not mirrored the second Olympic. Now coming in the last night's game. Based on what people had seen this season a lot felt that after lashes gaming and drama that's the first quarterback off the board even before golf in Wentz last year. Well. This season has raison Questar and some feel late first round may be sliding out of the first round altogether. You now think that he has done enough on the stage a war being that I have a drastic do you think the momentum should I say or the perception is gonna swing back to Watson being one of the best. Available prospects in the country without a doubt. I take mower deck press cut tomorrow. That's a bets big endorsement right there woody does. That decades to. Peace adding he makes you saw this guy should insect wing thirty yours back. He's more elusive those sacks cost me on the over under for rushing yards by the way he had thirty yards Saxony finish would like 43 rushing as we missed it by about seven yard off and he could've got sacked ten more time to stop the run and Mike linebacker routed the middle he'd still it would dilute dilute guys. I think he showed his toughness. He shall charisma he showed poise. In the pocket I think he until he can pull the ball down the field he can drop the ball long and he's just more deadly more political would his legs right now. I think this guy's now with out doubt first round he's a top ten pick if there is there is when you look at. Cleveland you look at the bears you look at the teams around the league. Arizona all of these different teams around only did we talk about a quarterback driven league. This guy gives you the flash. Give shoot the stability. When you look at the interception racial that you talked about to a gets a formidable which weren't there won't talk about one of the greatest defense and Alabama in only one pick. You can't teach that coach that's that it affected him he knew that you were talking about this morning gives Watson and number two. I wouldn't do it is far the 49ers for the exact reason that Lowe said because you need it of the starting 22. I don't know special teams doesn't either but this offense defense in front row for the sake of this argument are you starting 22 you probably need. Seventeen new starters roughly I mean not to be. Ice cold maybe twelve with the fewest so one guy is not gonna help you to lowest point though he probably knows the first quarterback. Off the board jumping ahead of this John Kaiser and made sure BST I just don't think the niners are a position. To where you make depict on the quarterback but somebody I think lows right somebody's gonna wanna get into that number two spot and maybe grab them. That would be the best possible thing for the niners has look at last year due to trades that took place the rams coming up to one at. And Philadelphia coming up to two bounties. Major bounties were given up Tennessee's got two picks in the first eighteen this year I believe that Cleveland's got two picks in the first twelve or thirteen. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for what they received in those deals the copper Watson right now is teams Winston. Very similar to James Winston Paul is a goal mobile. Good arm strength but a bit erratic with the decision making and a lot of turnovers Winston threw a ton interceptions at Florida State but he's got a little gunslinger. I would caution everyone who's falling in love with Watson. Today to think of one thing and did tonight talked about this before the show. Recent C buys. Letting what happened most recent dictate your logic rather than seeing the big picture. We said something very. Very similar. Back in January of 2006 about a guy named Vince Young. We said something very similar when you saw Vince Young shred USC. In the national championship. Down in Pasadena. 267. Passing yards 200 rushing yards on just nineteen carries with three touchdowns. Every one. Love Vince Young did they not. Game it'd physical. Gamer. It factor arm strength I mean it came down at him Reggie Bush and Mario Williams to those top three picks Houston ends up going with Mario Williams. Not to say the mental make up is the same but don't look what happened five minutes ago. Ultimately dictate your opinion of this player he has problems throwing the comeback route his problems throwing out route he is erratic attacks. Keep that in mind because we all felt the same way about Vince Young just a few years. Recent C biased you know yeah is what what it's called out as fantastic in that aids you think about that in your own life and how often. You yourself are affected by that this recent C bias especially. On a grand stage like dat UEC the national champs you game you beat Alabama. You see disappointed Sabin all these images that burning your mind and he's offensive player of the game in and all that. Ultimately. If you look back at the start of this year though he was a guy you thought of as a a top ten pick a great quarterback. Maybe he suffered a little bit through the course of the season but. Overall body were still pretty impressive. What about the guns on the arrest re last night wow he. School forget about it popular it's in trouble I mean I don't. I'm SharePoint that guys work out schedule Monday biceps Tuesday biceps when days triceps Thursday biceps Friday triceps Saturday. Hi sets Sunday biceps. Matt's exit. Who's worked for this moment he knows lead that he's a good did train and get ready them probably than actually you know. He is d.s but that's an endorsement now he's he said. You know the Alabama defense late in the fourth quarter that wasn't the only thing that disappeared last night what in the heck. Happened at the Big Apple. That in so much more next Jolo and it's like five points of the game now backed it show lowered its on 95 point seven game. You know Phil Jackson's legacy you can debate all you want. As a head coach. Phenomenal what he achieved both in Chicago and Los Angeles. Course he did have Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal. But as an executive with the New York Knicks it's been nothing short of disastrous. James stole and is paying him around twelve million a year. For one. And then this season while it got off to a slightly better start than normal. The triumvirate of Carmelo Anthony ball Derrick Rose ball joint team Noah doesn't produce anymore. I started to over shine the looks that Chris that's forcing this should be taking and the knicks have predictably fallen into a rut. And now the off the court drama is beginning last night. At home Madison Square Garden the knicks lose 110 to 96 Anthony Davis and the pelicans but did that was not the story what happened with Derrick Rose he apparent. Lee went missing from the team without permission but later he did reach team officials telling them that he had a family situation. And that he would return home to Chicago this is a according to sources who told this to ESPN joking Noah himself. Apparently talked to Derrick Rose and and he said he didn't really want to talk too much about it because he says he didn't really know what the situation. Was obviously Derrick one of our better players when he's not eerie it's tough he's happy everything is okay within so it doesn't seem to be. Any emergency situation was Derrick Rose himself but he did have to go back to Chicago to deal with at a family issue that was not outlined here. Low you're at the stadium you warm it up you get ready for game. Turns out one of the highest paid players on your team one of the guys supposed to lean on just doesn't bother showing up by all accounts. This is an on excuse that since this wasn't one of these. Hey last minute I'm not going to be able to make it the in the emergency I'll explain later. It was one of these the game has started no one knows were roses and then after the fact may have some sort of rationale slash excuse what do you what's going on and a lot from the moment. Not I don't know on this service Cuomo locker room I just think it's about the management but you took months Phil Jackson. You you have phoned C in minutes a cell phones in you can travel and you can even had David there even phones on the plane June on the you can just huge tractor credit card. Your phone still works you know on the on the on the plane as well. So I think that rose good phone call Phil you call somebody in management called the coach in his say look at a federal emergency Amanda Miller make it today. And I think you do that we don't have this problem so I think this is a management issue I think the players in and play ball. You know you've you know but I just a distinctive that this is not a good sign it is not a good sign for Phil Jackson. He brought this guy and this is a fills watched. Mixer to an eight or their last ten they are now seventeen and 21 on the season. And they are three games. Oh way irks you meet three spots the wizards hold the eight spot. The box nine the pistons tent and then there's the next two games out of that eighth spot. They've got the counter ads they've got the players but you got Derrick Rose clearly whatever is going on in his life it was it. Worth it to him to alert his employer who's paying him a fortune hey I'm not gonna make it in the night. Just leave it like that. I did the baby due to being a February yeah in that quarter were to break sometime around 4:30 in the morning you guys again attacks that just says baby coming and then that's it. You'll know what that means you can respond with a whatever you like you won't hear from me but at least you'll understand the situation what's taking place. You understand her right here you can't even send the text. Emergency. I'm fine can't make it. Is it that hard. It's not that hard and and I know that Derrick Rose is not had a seamless transition to New York there's been the questions about him you know getting enough playing time and only got pulled out of the game over the weekend and he wasn't too thrilled about that. And you know family ultimately comes first but you do oh. Your employers and more importantly yell your teammates. A certain courtesy Chris steps toward zinc is quoted from last night's game Joe's saying quote we don't know what's going on hopefully years Stanley. Are good to Courtney Lee said he was quote praying that everything is all right. With rose again these are teammates. Who were in the dark in and that would be it would be unfortunate if huge is also didn't show up. And we had to find out thirty handed home you're about to be a father for the first time. In any Mattel sin that's just basic. Common courtesy you may not like us and it's evident in fact you don't show. Up under domestic courteous professional right and I. I believe so cute and could lead to expand that you now please explain Carmelo Anthony trial Quinn both got thrown at a game last night the third quarter one of them. Tried to shock anti Davis and his stance it got ugly in there hurried which leads to the point about tonight's warriors Miami game or what we criticizes warrior team for all. At the end of the game. Friday against Memphis they played a little too much isolation basketball I'll. There's still thirty plus victories this season number one in the west at 32 and six like. Things aren't that bad right right a little bit of perspective here in New York complete dysfunction in an Eastern Conference where grabbing an eight seed with those players. Shouldn't be that much of a challenge say beat LeBron and cavs no one's saying finish at the Celtics and the raptors. At some point. Just get in the post season so it really does highlights tonight's game against the Miami Heat at sixteen point favorite did really not all that Matt. It really isn't in you know the knicks have so much talent you forget they have Brandon Jennings coming off the bench he had to money last night. Starting in place Rosie CO that talent and you figured Jeff Porter sect. Should be able to get it to work. Then you look out here Steve Kerr similar players sort of sank when he played and what he's been able to deal with this collection. Our superstars would be able to get him to play. Selflessly. For the most part be able to get him to execute efficiently. Almost all the time and 32 and six. Though it is our job and had to find things to nitpick about that Joe's right sometimes we do have to step back and realize that 32 and six is pretty impressed. And ruling is in in just that it's this is the makeup of the guys to eat meat 32 and six. In have guys out you know party scene in natural on upn had their shirts off and and you know and then our the Florida outfielder bullets employed element out days in. A do is go to get in trouble least these guys when you hear the argument to hear that grumbling it's about what it. Getting better it's about how do we make this team better had we get to the next level. How do we get ready for the caps we ordered crash course how we think about make sure that we can make sure we take care of you know that team in San Antonio. Only thing you hear about this team is positive gains in when he is disheartening and stuff it's about. How do we get better why are we stagnant while we're moving the ball this doesn't work this is not worry basketball. Those those are good problems that hat. When you look over in Miami what's going on there when you look over which dogma the you know the heat don't have any guys anymore you quit school which is talking about all the teams are around the league what's going on. We don't have any problems commute look at that. Miami tonight tip time 730 right here on 95 point seven the game warriors warmup kicks off at six would Damon Bruce and Kerry Keating Miami tonight. The pistons and Andre Drummond at home Thursday. Any golf Friday Saturday Sunday. MLK day Monday 5 Pacific LeBron and Cleveland are in town. Two days later Russell Westbrook in the thunder are in town two days after that the warriors are at. Houston against James Harden and the rockets what is stretch we have coming up. Impressive three gamer knows her you know potential playoff opponents especially when you talk about Houston team that has been rising in the Western Conference first up. Obviously. Haley business tonight in Detroit is no slouch but then you look at that Monday gaming it's Cleveland room. Big time pay back in order if you'll lose that game of the cavs gel that would be five straight overall to Cleveland you'd lost. Big about tailgate and game 505 PM tip time over oracle MLK day finish to show big about going over and tell gain that thing and it had to be called sort I think is a tailgate situation in player in cubs Tuesday morning. Mail it in on the radio telco Derrick Rose on the radio show Tuesday morning and bratwurst Jody if you like Chicago. At least she's the right way to I was is Marley the decaying Davis who just so it would must do and I'll bring my rain slicker in my TARP in my. I think in remote. It's crazy out there alone some ribs a dual rob I'll do when my special little rugs I've heard quite a bit about this and I'm never gonna change disable it plus I'll tell you what we pull this off. I can't Cuban cornea just had him flown in from Canada offers another self. I saw audience to grant cigars night out I have my smokes others that might have well. So it's got it's got out of its raider fans. The whole argument you. Really really. Hope that your first round draft pick was playing last night I'll explain that next it's time to look ahead to how this team is get off addressed some of their concerns is offseason Jolo danced that if I was in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. That was an interesting off air conversation. Caught anything like I think it's about 0% is allowed to be brought on what's up Joseph though they have got a five point seven game. A share 0% low. Media mr. Robertson and I'm confident saying I don't doubt any of what would you say I'm going on it but maybe one day it will take this thing on air FaceBook liable for the fact that the cameras are rolling out and you get to hear all the behind the scenes stuff. Steve Evans tenure at home that Super Bowl champ fullback globe O'Neal 8:15. AM today Chris Broussard NBA analyst what is going on with Derrick Rose. He's coming up at 930 we've got Green Day tickets to giveaway. At 845. All right. Greater offseason we had 24 hours to digest actually is a Saturday games we've had 48 hours to digest what happened in Houston. Not to say it was unpredictable what was coming illusion franchise quarterback you start to reassess. Your expectations self. As we begin to look ahead and we're gonna just dip our toes in the water here but as we look at this lost forget about the coaching staff. We look at this roster moving forward low. What areas of concern pop up to you his additional groups let's begin with those weird do you think the raiders need to address their personnel. Linebacker you've got to be able to guard Italian. You gotta have a better lime maggert can run with the tide in the can guard tied it. Also need a better run defender and linebacker thank you need my American Aussie got a look at the second year. You've got to look at same Gary and I don't think you have a do you have some good pass rushers I don't think you have a dominant. Inside in that new three technique for take me up but I don't think you have a dominant big man or haven't got it can take over take over the game in the middle. So I think that this defense you know you've built from the middle you need a middle linebacker in like we you know you talk about safety guy who's in the. Thirteen fourteen year. Was a great remained Pro Bowl this year from Cincinnati. Ricky Nelson Richmond is he's not yet. You gotta think about OK I'm gonna do this. Can do to free agency anymore Joseph why because you know the numbers guard spent a lot of money they'll have some but. You're not gonna be able to do the KO deal like last year Jack you've got car. Mac in coop coming up you add your eyes on the prize and that's why very impaired and now that you had your staple you get the Charlotte Smith hopefully this guy pinned up you got your running that's and you got Takeo you've got he got Crabtree you've got your solid nucleus guys. Veteran type leaders. Now I gotta build do you feel between free agency in the draft. That let's say just roughly 75%. May be more of the attention is gonna be focused on the defense this side of the football offensively you've got your receivers. You've got a running back depth chart I know allow the tape is his deal is coming up the start and and Washington yet he got most of it good you lie looks good quarterback looks good Iraq. So for the most part you see much being addressed on the opposite side of the ball. I still think you might got to run him back in and you know in the later rounds a bigger back where that big physical back gives you got two guys like you said they shall they can catch the ball they're quick they're doing elusive they do a lot of great things. But still need to have bumper I think they'll be looking for that. Offensively you still might signal a back in Stillman tied in because I'm not necessary missile quite lawful yet easy to leak in a bushel may Rivera you'll veteran got. He say and look at that you know export that as well so you look at you look at what you have you do you say there's about 45 positions out there that they need. Stewart three that's really pressing. Inside backer never score another corner or singer but also to present that you need. Now Penske auto sales dot com tax line floating a lot of different ideas right now lot of great stuff out there from the 95. The first thing being thrown out DeSean Jackson the wide receiver formerly the Eagles in the Redskins he'll be a free agent. People liking the idea of trying to sign him in the slots to take over for set Roberts that's going to be eight Tracy debt don't you believe I. I would imagine I mean a team that needs number one receiver or number two good shots probably more of a number two receiver on a good team at. To bring him here as ostensibly the number three as it cost you more than you could probably afford. Plus the wide receiver corps pretty solid and in ahead issues with dropped split. Your top two or as good as any other top two in the league and you're 34 or five guys not bad either I don't think that's a position of need for the raiders. Also from the nine to five Jason Pierre Paul had a great quote yesterday when asked about. Pending free agency will kinda deal he wanted quote. Ain't nobody in the game seven and a half fingers don't like me who I got a pretty good point I mean he's gonna get the richest deal for any defensive end with seven and half fingers. The question is how much is had to debate that's probably too pricey is well for the raiders taste on you believe. Yet even though he's got enough that one little knob he still is pretty impressive also I get in a sections. Couple balls gets to give by the finger because you know we can't known that they news of its air space near. But you know he get put a strain and debt two absolutely bet that you can set a better in death. I love Strahan on the ever sought out here and I. Santa Strahan I mean I think he's good on TV yet another thing hated hated have in the play against them all those years when I was over Philadelphia got an east. We digress but anyway I guess it's into an actress and activist I like to digest that thank you yes so I. Think the yes he's too pricey imaging do need someone in inside don't know you know can you peaking or you really soul only material line I think they're good. But due to having wind it can take them over the next say that you know he got past threshers are McKenna linebacker in secondary. Well you wanna look to the draft in the first round the first thing that's gonna come up when you talk inside linebackers. You saw last night in red in crimson I should say number ten. Rubin Foster from Alabama 61236. He's a senior had twelve tackles last night with a sack. Led the Crimson Tide he's the guy that early in the game if you were watching had that vicious. Helmet to helmet slash clothes line on the Shawn Watson added lane on the ground for a little while that could have warranted it targeting call it didn't. That you can play. Problem for the raiders is. You're victims are your own success drafting at pick number 24. Which is the highest pick for the raiders since 2003. When they had not be awesome what 31. And came back with pick 32 Tyler Brayton the defensive end out of Colorado if you remember that track Dan says the highest since 03 they'll be drafting highest. One mean for. Vause thank going to be there so you wanna look at some other linebackers in this draft one of the places you might start re Kwan McMillan. Gotta love first name. Out of Ohio State 6240 he's a junior. He might be available down around 24 you wanna talk defensive tackles there's Molly McDowell from Michigan State. There's Caleb Brantley from Florida there's Charles walker from Oklahoma and that we talk about the quarterback position Marchand Lattimore out of Ohio State. Has tabor out of Florida. And jordin Lewis playing under horrible and Michigan those are some of the names out there right now but again. The process is so early remember Carl Joseph was a name no one had heard. Until about two picks before the raiders were up. Pop asserts thrown it out of the draft shell saved his best ammunition for right before that pick and did a nailing it are you saying there. Would now a seed tipped off to that or was it just his unbelievable research coming out of just the right time we just pop the B and pop that we were doing a draft show we're working our way through it we're talking about the niners. Pop his favorite thing about that gesture this is the best thing about an over the last year. Via Laramie console if you remember from last and the belong masked man up how can get off that. I think I loved it was it was a Larry isn't he I just don't understand why these pictures would be leaking Joseph he's Steve's I don't understand how to not I don't know the active Italian. But about 23 picks for the raiders. Guys I wanna talk about some real quick. Don't talk about Carl Joseph safety bumper at West Virginia. They'll pop talked about having this guy's name all that all of a sudden two picks later. On the raiders select coral Joseph safety out of West Virginia look at public you call it just give me a little wink. Half how much greatness this is what it's like to be among scrape those are some of the guys out there. Typing so. The guy mentioned commission universe emission tar balls guy Jordan Lewis Jordan knows. I don't think he'll be there here's what the lot NFL teams do Jolie look at the cadence and words from the look in his pedigree and you say okay. Who's who's coaching hardball if you look at his DB coach played the league also was a DB coach consensus that they say NFL rating. Those are guys that you look at he's can be like I picked because it affects they know the tar balls already got these guys in a coloring. This week and you get the cowboys hosting the Green Bay Packers. We're came out yesterday Jordy Nelson at least two fractured ribs to catch on that big time shot he took courtesy of who evidently the wood on him from the giants. With Tony I'm blanking on how one knows exactly and Collins because he's the player and I won exceeds flying all over for the giants. He's gonna pan out well whatever whatever he ain't. With that being well she's put right out of the game. I got to thinking about this Dallas is gonna be about four and a half point favorite this week and against that Aaron Rodgers led team that is red hot it got it to cowboys lose this game. These Jason Garrett safe Darren has been around a long time you are a number one seed that many feel should at the very least make it to the Super Bowl. Could Derrick be on the hot seat if he doesn't win at least one playoff game. Our Jeanne Giles takes I mean I don't know why. Just as I was about to say it I don't know how you can fire coach he goes fourteen into. And yeah you're blessed that things are material left I headed up the bridge is responsible. I had to put it harshly. Saying yeah what'd you tell us there can combine to be naked. And do you have any yours yet ready to other patriot game I thought you heard over eighty some yards on my team cares and go look we were leaving worked rational in the and we wanna start. On a ball around sometimes called to mask it doesn't Marty too that was canned game is that Marty went forward on fourth down against the patriots at home is the divisional round. The action this fall more people well. Hearing you tell story. We'll love you when you tell stories that humanize you may like cute about the greatness but they also like hearing about highly how you needed to try to overcome tragedy and overcome. The boys right now coach would talk about how the cowboys could face of tragedy took out Jack. Line I mean not let it digests yes you're looking at me like digesting. Look you know I you mean my homey set you up to failures. Yet flames out in the post season I can't see Gerald Jerry 02 and a half after Jason Caron but then again it has happened before. You low for a sad story about Marty low as you go out. Is gaming me they don't look good save Rogers and Rogers they come and they win the game let's say maybe 2817. They control most of the way and douse flames right out. These Jason Garrett in trouble she's be Garrett Jason Gere will be in trouble. It's crazy you say that it even think about that but I actually could trust me he's thinking about it because you have do you plan Aaron Rodgers. He's probably the highest quarterback in the playoffs right now if you watch a disguised been able to do he's made me a believer I mean you look at Dallas this is the best team to me in football the offensive line the running game. Heidi ends receivers everything that they are able to do the defense didn't get enough credit their defense has him playing pretty well the last six or seven weeks was one of the worst defense but now you're really watching statistically. A lot that I'm back until the guy's got a nose for the ball underbrush on late. He stayed maybe Shaquille while Penn State's fight terror I don't Beckett. It can play this is all pro to meet you watch snuffed probable snub led the league and career high tackles. Absolutely what he does Penn state of course you're gonna have all those numbers realm Friday cut up the guy really plays good ball Joseph he's he's captain out here he's got a nose for the ball he's all would have feel yet you're right Jason cared he could be in trouble they don't play well this game market down. One week from today you're gonna head to 957. The game dot com to check out the initial listings. For our dream sports experiences where you're going to be opportunity dipped to bid. What unforgettable. Awesome life sports and entertainment experiences and Natalie at all proceeds are going directly. To the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in need. I've gotten a look. At some of the options you'll get the bit on eighties packages multiple giants packages the warriors again involved some of this stuff is really cool and they're gonna be so many more. Rolling out over the next few weeks but starting next Tuesday. 957 game dot com. Niner fans triple 895795. Said that he picked number two or Shawn Watson is he your guy. Do you want him in red and gold next season triple 89579570. We are back in one minute don't go anywhere Jolo and its 95 points of the game. Well I'll tell you what two years in a row. Same two teams. Combined the final score 76. To 75 you could not have asked for more. On the biggest of stages under the brightest of lights from the best two teams in the country it's Alabama it's Clemson. It's the rematch and it lived up to every expectation imaginable. There. 3531. Easier final this on Watson in the Clemson Tigers. As six and a half point underdogs upset the Alabama Crimson Tide at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida that. Was one for the ages what's up everybody Joseph affordable all the reds O'Neill and diddley thanks so much rang out this today. Action packed Heath Evans is gonna join us at 815 he's Super Bowl champ. We ask him what he thinks about this on Watson's chances. Once he jumps to the NFL Matt Stein Mets is coming up in about 27 minutes at 730 Chris Broussard NBA insider what. Happened with Derrick Rose last night. He's at 930 gentlemen it's great to see about a four and a half to five hour national championship game last night. Did as great as that game was was it too long or you cool with how long that game took the plan out it was too long. It's been too long I went to the text sane and Tennessee game earlier this year it was doubling time five dollars. And I know double overtime it's going to be longer than normal but. Five hours for a football game last night was I think four and a half it's just too long too many timeouts too long at halftime. Let's turn this thing down people. Well what do you think does something need to change because that was. Compelling theater from start to finish but again if you're on the East Coast that the in my past midnight is did you know you're right something has to happen. It's you guys got to let's see who is an experience. It's experience and those people in that stand do you think any of those guys say hello this game's over we go party they are like there in that moment. You saw the emotions in the end you know when the size and in the stands he saw the people's faces. It's crazy in that last prime minister you saw the Alabama's fans just. Owner crying need solemn cheering these some crying I mean the emotions in that stance so you talk about the fourth half hours is a long. Yet it's long for the common guys like us to watch and if there really aren't. You know Alabama are Clemson fans were just football fans but the people better die hard to dump. They're fine with their plywood does but I think where the masses. It's a little long and indeed tuchman forgot to ways that. To cut down to. I'm good with it it's just that if you what do appeal to a younger audience playing the game on a Monday coming off Christmas and New Year's break. Any kids on the East Coast are gonna be up past midnight watching that game back at her Chu a little bit I'll say this if you wanna speed the game up. Keep the clock running on first downs just like in the NFL and there are too many stoppages all these college teams now they'd run tempo they're throwing the ball everywhere the clock is stopping. Every eight seconds and that's what drags this thing out bowl games are always going to be longer because both bands get to perform at halftime they loved the ceremony. But if you want to speed the game up just keep the clock rolling on first down I'm Tonya yeah Mac half an hour off this thing more on this in a minute here comes your updates. We'll that is our top story gentlemen of the national championship. That goes to clubs and a rematch of last year's title game that Alabama won the sequel. Do shots and Watson was dominant. Want to see them. Fowler and herb street to call on ESPN's John walks and threw for 420. Yards. Three touchdowns and Joseph how much did he improve his draft stock last night dramatic. Because all it takes is one. One team the fall in love I have to imagine that what you saw last night at least one team fell in love with what they saw a lot of Shawn Watson is slot stock had taken a hit. This season and he still had a good season but on the big stage against stand up for the second year in a row he came up huge to kids a gamer and more importantly he has that it factor that teams look for. You can work on some of these dissecting of defense is you can work on the comeback routes that he isn't great at throwing but he's got that it factor that's a kid you could build. Round playmaker over 800 yards that you title game's first title since 1981 for Clinton story number two lawyers back on the floor tonight Miami in town it's Andre Iguodala Bobble head night for the first. 101000. In attendance low they leave the west biased one and a half games. Over San Antonio are you at all concerned about them holding this top spot in the last none. Concerned they know what's at stake this is not a game he was so they got to get ready for MLK day because we know who that is that adds a dominant down the big bad LeBron but don't you know what they understand who's right behind him in their in in the conference penal San until must read breathing down their neck so this is not let downs but look where this team to continue to get better. Story number three in the NFL coaching carousel has been spinning but it. Made a stop as Jackson Ellis hired. Dog Maroney went fifteen and seventeen in two years in buffalo he finished the year as the jags interim coach this season they also hope. Hired Tom Coughlin to oversee football operations as executive. Vice president Joseph overseeing football operations. Please explain Jacksonville really going outside the box nearby high. Hiring a leadership structure and an empowering them to make decisions think about what Jacksonville just did Tom Coughlin three year deal. Doug Maroney had coached three year deal David Caldwell current general manager two year extension giving him what 83 year deal. Everybody has the same length of deal. Everybody's on the same page every once invested in everyone else's success let me tell you something Jacksonville is a very appealing job top five draft pick. Top three salary cap space and odor that doesn't metal assault division you can get rid of lake portals in the very near future and yet a defense that was top ten in total defense this past year that's a very appealing job meanwhile Jed York abroad Marat they continue to interview candidates for their head coaching vacancy. And the general manager position I held an immune meaningfully cut back I don't think a lot of people that would love to see who coach and we get that every day there are people that what you expect. Coach Jamie you're adios amigos go to I would never leave jail the update I wasn't suggesting you. I talked and he is guys. The update brought to you by bail armed with dialogue you protected 24 sevenths by local security experts and the you can manage your system wherever you go go to the alarm dot com for a free review. Very alarmed what have you got to lose I'm candidly on your home of the warriors our coverage starts at six tonight. Right here on 95 point seven negate. Good stuff they're did spank you very much 3531. Is your final Clemson over Alabama in a thriller. Was it better and Vince Young over USC in January of 2006 I think those games are right there will honor those two games because you got to see. Vinci on. Just drive them down the field in in the game for the game winner last night you got to see too. Quarterbacks drive their teen down to feel or apparent game winner for Alabama but it wasn't look like it was going to be any songs chart wanton. They want talked about was going to beat ties mean first pick in the draft. You saw his greatness come out last night on the biggest stage against one of the greatest defense that's been assembled. Guys that hit all the different affix a pro at exit NFL ready. Tell Joseph that for me kid from is the sport's true freshman. The guy and Middleby and run my old Lawrence for glimpses of clips that you can't come out until 2019 that is probably your number one overall pick in 2019 this kid is it true freshman. Dexter Lawrence who was a piece last night. If he keeps his head straight and don't get caught opening he jumped. That he would was plain dips. Strong fiscal alto admit. And whole and is on and I think so yeah I thought that was a great that thought that was a freaking phenomenal. National championship game one of the top games that we've ever seen. Dibs how much. Did Nick Saban is decision to dump Lane Kiffin. One week before the national championship game and insert Steve's RTZ and his offensive coordinator when he true freshman quarterback going into the game against Clemson. Do you think that blew up in his face how big a ruled that play in this game I don't think you played any role you still look at this team has scored 31 points when he got the best defense college football and one of the best defense is ever there were talent us that should be enough idle there ain't. I don't think Lane Kiffin departure was the reason that Shawn Watson threw for 420 yards and three touchdowns. I don't think you can put down on Lane Kiffin Steve's are key agent or the offense I don't think it played any role on the games while each year Lane Kiffin. It's now all Odyssey you know rooting for ban to lose that game you you work or kids he's back here he's probably have a cigar. He thinks seat. You don't that you don't recruits. I left Alabama last year we won national title. I'm not there you see what happened offer instant score it honestly. Blame one last night hit me and give me baby one last night and you have been able to say that about him never. He's never won and never. Well I mean he hit the lottery ticket and life re just keeps getting opportunity after opportunity seemingly without having any success at Eddie. Let's collaborator. But that's gotta look good because that's IBC today hey world. Alabama has never won closely Kiffin. So much for your juggernaut when I'm the man I'm not mixing every one of the world's animal wing get Osama everyone. Well Lane Kiffin maybe now Wayne cancer and that's going to Alter ego yet you don't let her get. Lol way and you tell Wayne and good luck at Florida Atlantic up here is Clemson head coach dabbled Sweeney after the game this was an emotional speech and this is the guy who eight years ago promised to restore Clemson to a national power. This would it can be good that they're that good men who. Go to Alabama. When it hasn't been that commitment that that Tennessee win and assistance that the system but I think and it cuts. I think in this day and think about I think that's. The ultimate goal would do that for the day with the blue. But we'll. But that there. Because we loved it looked very open so. The on the definitely it again. I don't know. We'll get committed and fitness. And I've been at the thought that it was. The president of the little. And I think that's the real. Love. That's all takes not. Michael access profound delisting Jeddah you'd listen not a tough. You'll have dipped below one game. See that's a different look like love out there look like a lot of hate not behaved he's talking about because they're sold to get. Because this team is so unified because they won the gold do things together ups and good depth it's a brotherhood. In view love guys in new web your brother. I'll let you lose a slew of showed up last night and that's difficult to stop him. It's great and it's in prison I I bristled this a bit down low at the notion that. The Alabama players didn't love each other or did you love each other more than Alabama love each other a little bit too cliche for me. I know he had ever unity Alabama's the machine. And guys are there in the league is you don't feel love and it's sometimes it's just like you got ST that Saban who's just dictatorship. That. This is what we do in guys when when NASA to own and asked them. So was not about NASA go about love it's about hey if you come here sent. One and in a national championship you wanna be here come to Alabama so they did it's the love of winning a national championship but it ain't dead bond. They are dictator should get when you look at dabble. Doubt we'll say god I don't go down on them for example one of these. Would do this level prevail. It is going to eat is going to be infectious in this locker room and we we stick together. And we love one another some kind of wait we're gonna be victorious. Speed and. Needed Allen the punctuation. I think it's all up a load of crap. That sounds great after the game yet to Shawn Watson making plays whether it's love or whether it's precision from the quarterback and Mike Williams a decent lie. This is America it sounds nice and you know adapt well. I bet when he comes in your counsel to recruit you. Talks your mom talks you dad talks to you. I bet he can sell no doubt that's a guy right there you wanna play for Clemson this is this is the next generation this is Bobby Bowden to point out. Don't sleep on it. Clemson is now a national power and they're in the ACC. Who's gonna challenge him. Florida State and they're good they can recruit Jindal Fisher ain't that great doubt Mark Richt at Miami's gonna Nina and I a couple of years to get that program rebuild. Clemson man they're gonna be a final four team. Possibly. On a consistent basis I'm not necessarily sure how the replacing just on Watson but they got them some boys that you eat in the trenches and that's where it matters you saw last night. Which is more likely to happen Joseph as far as trilogy is go 'cause we have the warriors and cavs back to back years. In the NBA finals and you had clans and Alabama back to back years the national championship game. Might we see clans in Panama. Third Damon or might we see cavs lawyers in the NBA final. More likely cans warriors and it's really tough to go and stagnant. Ohio State is gonna be much better next year Michigan will be better next year. Penn State can play USC was seeing Arnold is going to be a freak show next season. Clemson will be good Alabama I Amazon probably be it's got to be very difficult for. Either of those two teams get back to the competition level warriors and cats cats there it. That's very codes on LBJ's LT fan that comes out of the warriors and I really don't see anyone get in their way. Yet although I do you think Houston has got some token but I MI on a suburb with a parallel between these kinds of we had two classic the cavs Reuters. Series the tube you know Estes seven were both classic did you talk about. Hurry you know this is this yeah it's gonna be you know trifecta but I think Graham just talk about the two to two years as one of personal cavs lost the first year. Came back going to syncing your just it's I think the two girls have a lot in common. Both these teams are there match up evenly it's nip and tuck and you saw that last night in national titles so acting could Alabama's going to be teamed a problem and the final four in each city. Make debit now how would be blown a bit the big Ambien file. Four already the favorite to win the title. Got started to. Putting it was walking on a limb right right equipment that's IC we sank Jalen hurts at quarterback his true freshman. You can't put a price on the experience he just went through what she learns to throw the ball forget about this offense is gonna jump light years Scarborough is coming back he'll be your featured running back next year. You got talent all over the offense. They are operating. That was a bootleg offense is let's be honest bootleg that they ran bootlegs I was bootleg is in you know what bootleg. They couldn't throw the ball down the field at any sort of consistency Hertz is going to be a heck of a lot better. In your right Joseph here's thing about Alabama would save it has huge advantage to a lot of universities joke. In did he go on kitchen that take kids from six or the guys in front of me he's a junior he's a sophomore. Coach say looks on you and Richard this year that you gonna play you know why are we using get guys out in three years. So they may have let you know forested juniors and just because they're such a dominant cause I'm such a dominant machine. You got some innings pitching is so many selling pitches for Alabama. You know one of the reasons why he has so much success recruiting. When he he became a master. Act interior design. Every time he walks in new recruits house when he greets the mother and father. The first thing he does is address the mother and he picks out something in the house he compliments on it. Before he talks to recruit for talks the father he shakes hands and pick out the draperies. Or something with the furniture the rug and help comment on something about its history or its style wow something about that and right there. The mother is has been won over by Saban. So now he's got to talk to the father and sell him. On how it's about building mad and it's about getting him through school but also giving him an opportunity become a better person and go pro. And obviously the kid's gonna be sold because as a kid you want to go to Alabama you wanted to be churned out by the factory. And end up in the pros that's one of the reasons even has so much success on the recruiting trail. He. Pays attention to detail gives he's got to be genius because it for him to be able to do that and no interior design in that and it in to be able to speak it. That's tough to do that been in some of these kids house gets in and out. Notes that some of the designs in the house the other has about you eat humans are among yeah I mean I would want to use our running material is that good Willard saved a ball. Yeah you get that second hand it was a third hand as you end up. Not a title and now you know I tried a material in the bomb and it looks like Yemen got a new dress in a second term ray yeah. He now. A I probably wouldn't work in the recruiting your. Emphatic statement you know fit what you said though. Though about him you know they can do it tell yeah diddley is available series to get me out of the recruiting trail and you know those homes probably looked different so you could probably. And work a little bit you guys carbon LA lawyer. They think you're good good I'm I'm. It gives us financially sound on it and I'm not getting any forced our recruiting here because you can leave it blank but our roles beat me up for all these guys. Look at all like guys. All I will say one thing about say that you saw him slip up late night game last night the final play of the game Clemson is down on the goal line. You seconds remaining just a handful every defensive player. At the snap should have grabbed a Clemson offensive player and tackled him to the ground. Flags all around we saw this happen in uniter he earlier this season flags all the way around but guess what you're not putting time back on the clock. Clemson is forced to kick the game tying field goal and go to overtime. You saw the ravens they were Smart the Super Bowl against the niners not to pick and no I'm an old wound but to bring it up. Running the safety where they had the putter run through the end zone wait wait wait and then step out take the safety everyone was holding on that play. Saban didn't realize why he's never in that position. Late in the game he never needs to get creative like that those defenders went out there and lined up like they were just gonna try to stop the play Clemson ran another pick route. Wide receivers wide open touchdown game over. At the snap grab them by the Jersey tackled to the ground have a eleven pass interference slash defensive holding calls The Who cares. At a time. 12 back on the clock Clinton goes up there and kicks. You've gone over time you've been on time downy than in that would be the ultimate gut check moment for doubles we need to decide whether or not he wants to go for the win. We know time on the clock as it was here. Yet what six or seven or eight seconds left it was obvious to me try one more time for the end zone and it seemed like low on the previous play. They did what Joseph was saying they they basically mugged at receiver in the end zone. Well I'm falling down they didn't do that. ET needed to do that and enjoy it we saw it mean you both we saw in the Super Bowl. We talked about a couple of years ago in Seattle and in New England Patriots right there right before halftime politics blinked. He could grab in Seattle on scorn to make that game do you actually right you'd get in situations even know these guys are Smart that's where they got to have someone an insect rattle coach have a defense got your absolutely right joke is if you do that. Now devils in a situation. I kicked at three to go and overtime are to be selfish and try to go for the win. Now time for the take your pick poll question brought to buy at H Daly and Amato Chevrolet good morning and a. Good morning tell us today quiet today's question should the forty niners take dish on a Watson with the second pick. He does know you think but I ignited by seven the game dot com also their Twitter at manned by seven game using hash tag take your pick. Honestly think. Well he's gonna sell jerseys he's gonna sell tickets most importantly he's gonna sell Hulk should the niners takes on Watson number two overall. Am doing next that's a tough decision but I'm gonna pass on the empire Imus say no don't do. Dips Watson number two to the niners. I'm get a say yes based on what you say about jerseys in the fact that he's a charismatic. Face of the franchise type guy and I and I know you've got a ton of holes we are talking about it earlier all the holes Evan your roster. What you have to get a quarterback at some point. In this guy might be. Just the antiseptic to try to help you get through. What has been too miserable years and a. What do you thank you need to build the trenches and I look at deck press got he's done great this year at the tabloids that he didn't have that offensive line what he did and played as well this year. Terrific point. Terrific point. Who's to say Cleveland doesn't take a number one overall I think that's a mistake as I've talked about this before it's the AFC nor Unita certain build certain mindset from your quarterback. Don't pay the southern guys the Colt McCoy is the Brandon wheat is the RG three's and put him in Cleveland. You need a big Joseph Flacco from Delaware's last Pittsburgh he had Big Ben Roethlisberger from Miami of Ohio you should've taken a guy like Carson went at a North Dakota. Think about the stadium you play in the whether you play in the opponent's you face the environment you will call home. Wrapped accordingly. Watson does not fit Cleveland in my opinion and I will say this. Don't let recent C bias swing it too much year last night's game is fresh in everybody's mind. Just like in January of 2006. Vince Young Tarrant up USC was fresh in everybody's mind go to the full body of work get to know the player rather than just let one game dictate your decision. I have a question for you HO. Okay and and view and brought back a lot of luck for you to dips. How much has Colin hurt his chances of coming here and how much has RG three hurt his chances. On nuclear. And what I mean by that we're all what's going on what Colin cabernet black sometimes is that kneeling all the stuff that's gone wrong. Can the 49ers fans people who say god. May we got a morally just perception in the looking Cleveland can hue Jackson afford to bring in another black quarterback when he looked at RG three brought him in. Plus the team up already frail fragile. That he hurt his Stu what boost its Tom Watson chance of going there another way he's got to look at it it is what it is in both these two teams in some situations. A lot heavier than I was expecting but you know he can on the way out there tells it. I think guy I was gonna have a salad so high that the prime rib I think it hurts the cleanup situation more. Because I think RG three and John Watson may be more similar write that column capita income cap and it has a much. Bigger deeper file of what he can do. On the positive front he's shown you that he day is suitable. Niner fans just want a fresh start they want a fresh start they want a new GM they want a new head coach they want a new quarterback doesn't necessarily need to be Watson in the kid doesn't need to start game one. Niner fans just one changed the country wanted change eight years ago they wanna change in this past election. Niner fans want change we'll have more on this throughout the show Stein matches up next what the heck happened at Madison Square Garden last night. That more Jolo did not fine points of the game real now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. NB a insider and co host of warriors wrap up as well as NBA this week. Which you can catch right here on 95 points of the game every Saturday from 9 AM to noon. Matt's nine Mets joining Joseph lo and heads on 95 point seven to gain good mornings I need to get it's it's a watch that game last night. Are you out with which give me. I want the. What are you gonna talk about the Milwaukee box. I'm talking about the national championship game. Are you actually ended it nice to created great ending. And I like that I like that quarterback alike saw lots. Like commit the niners a number till. You know he looks like he's got to you know are you know a lot of those guys you really road or you're running you know and they can. The other good. I actually thought yeah. Anyway what you mean those guys tiny what do you mean the guys. Ordered them please thank you please explain. You're welcome move now and go get a clarification nets as Tim Roy would call that's Diana would be any clarification sensation I. Up here yet now like other guys the kid at Rhode. Those running quarterbacks he look like he got a good on our side spewed. Good accuracy out like you. Over 800 yards in the two national champs you games that combined that's nine Mets are college football insider joining us here on. 957 the game also covers the warriors every now and again it's tiny. The warriors a little bit of a slow starting at Sacramento after a dreadful. Collapse. Against Memphis wording is seen as team right now heading in this four game homestand. I seen him ICM desperately. Waiting for. March and papal cover around you know they've been here before. They know little of the policies in the notre probably going deep into the playoffs. I think is the case of the date as we get the important gauge. Of the utility sectors of the board and you know an awful lot of work try to stay at a spirit Tokyo's first. They're better than. You know 25 thirty pin in the NBA so they're not getting. So. A lot of they have just figure out what's gonna motivate them ought to do it today. And it gets. Get kidding you know woods it was a third quarter well the record what's right take care of the game as well first and they're good enough. I look at a look at the week like this week they got Miami Detroit terminator and you know how much of the real would be a better public and they really didn't hoop when they're ordered it (%expletive) Actually the complaint quarter quarter airport get in and couldn't. Yeah almost stunning when you when you talk about that in you see what happened kind of collapsing into Memphis. Who you know on them balls being stagnant not move when the ball. So you think issues because of boredom or do you think to sometimes you know even with the cavs when they lost the game. You know the ball doesn't move was well in the fourth quarter. Is that just attention to details is that border Morissette to save hate Steve Kerr needs a better job of getting these guys move the ball in the fourth. Yeah I think I think their commitment they watered the boredom. Yet have been there by which could career by a minute ago who happened yet meant that. And I think they don't have a lot of practice they'll have a lot of experience. I'll play that quite content with it he. They haven't figured out of the current. And try to bring it could be aware there are worried whether could be quite confident. In the end of figured that well well look you kind of blow out a lot of console they don't advocate the production or order gain. I think. Going to be in the I don't work itself out over the you'd like you are. Or not very good about was. With all of it is quite cop and a cup shop late in the it reduction because. One game the warriors have a dispute year. At the opera today and outskirts of the quote it would get into our Olympic Games before the Cleveland Cavaliers occurred that. And it didn't quite competent cup and shopped and they kept it very simple. It rarely walk couple screen popped upward swing jumper to knock knock a couple of their own little Cory Coco apparently near Kabul or blatant me. You know latent a vocal group in. Front of Tripoli it will be quite constant shop. What happened there bunkers and it. What they're trying to it could be prayers and Hillary is in a hurry. You know you can't have these. Water the other being the it looked pretty well may. On the net play cops and a couple of shut against Detroit so big big might not be apparently. Matt's nine Mets NBA insider we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game what do you say to those who feel or believe that staff curry is in a slump this season. I think here and here it's in the big picture and a big way. I actually have a great year I really do B it's. You know the the question is no about curry you wrote your point guard shooting guard and point guard. He. Great thinking and point guard caps or point guard put. I think it this year at the point party in gritty and the reason I say that goes. You know at Kevin Durant and his team. He's a thirty point score step curry was last year obviously great score I do think that Jeff curry is legally you little law. To his role. How did you via the shop. How to get. Kevin Correia involved without losing quite cops and I think a lot of Todd thank you we'll might get in the shop yeah eat curry might be aggressive and up. I think our SharePoint Eden what happened in the last brigade steps are taken emotion out on me. And what I'm getting. That's the role the point guard you know if you take a point guard and break it down into an individual game arts. What he goes and he comes out early in the game access situation tried again great involvement. But the game goes on he got tickets go on now well that he try to maybe do a little more become a little more grass like yeah. Dynamic playing out over the course since he's an article La airport C are now current look at it and saying you know what. Maybe I need to you know more involvement I need to be more grassroots. To me. He knew exactly at point guard should be no but also wrote. They can about the game in a very positive way today by the end of the season. I wore entered that are floor. Stunning is there a fear that over the course of these 82 games that dream on green might Wear out his teammates with it is. Hold your feet to the fire on every possession attitude. It. I think that's great questions and not think that the one thing we really don't know the answer should do is what. The teammates feel about trade mongering. I'm sure they love it and I'm sure they realize how important he is and every once in awhile dated you know you're you're watching him. Row Wanda they're troops. You watch that I about it meant that's what he's walking over to huddle like the court. Just speculating. Shake it had no bearing. In OK what can get it do what you gotta do. And you know the other but again Sacramento. Saw it and at a place on the clay Thompson I'd like white outs and didn't make the right or. So like clay it would begin. Okay he would slug alone. And that is the firing line where it would would what do Geico real leader and listened to. Two way and god it's part of older guys there are certain player I don't about saint there probably is any doubt that. At times straight line green in nah you're definitely aware team mate well we're. Actually you know what especially. Where in the door the last could actually get their risk game. He. Throws tantrum goes over the quarterback and so hold on short and doesn't participate why. That's different level that you're going to be guys get to states which you're not in Munich. Who. Ooh La goes hard on the game's biggest possession I think that's where he belittled the actually. Matt Stein Mets NBA insider we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game thank you so much fear times tiny catch up with the next week. Thy name. Signing with just tricked me with a pregnant pause could pump fake I study was done with his analysis I tried to jump then this to send the whole thing off and haven't did you bring back there with more more analysis ever leave your feet Joseph in your defendants shiny and down on the low block to get to the pump fake into popcorn machine stay low. Stayed out you know that that's on main. Communist is bad defense. I will try to rebound next I'll tell you who could be in some interest in trouble this weekend. Dallas Green bag. Changes would they be made it something broke the wrong way in big. We're digging into this raider report that just surfaced we might have something on that next Jolo and his 95 points and the game. And. Real. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Dallas posting green bag if that's the game to focus on this week in the divisional round were hoping. Praying actually that they show what with at least a couple better games symbol we got this past weekend. As a pertain to the wild card round for home team's four victories for against the spread covers four blowouts the raiders with Connor cut. Actually played the most tightly contested game. And any of the four welcome back Jolo and did 95 point seven a game Heath Evans Super Bowl champion right around the corner at 815. Shawn Watson the niners what does he think about that move plus one hour from now Green Day tickets. They're playing the coliseum in August will be giving those away when the ticket window opens. Dallas is a four and a half point favorite Sunday afternoon. Gets a Green Bay Packers that's always the marquee spot when it comes to the playoffs. Jason Garrett the boys and had a remarkable season bought. I sort of thing about this last night. You can't do what Dallas did this year. And come away with squad deuce in the playoffs Ikeda did the raiders could you lost your franchise quarterback. He canopy of the lions because no one ever expects she'll win in the post season. You can get away with that stuff giants as well because quite frankly they were going up against Aaron Rodgers but. If you Dallas and you lose this game. Jason Garrett how safe is he com Monday morning. That's I think it's that I think it's a two part question Joan Kennedy compound question in effect that if they win if they lose. In Green Bay flames out the next week I think he's not safe. Now if they lose in Green Bay goes and runs the table and dominate like they've been to once seemed like in the playoffs and then when the Super Bowl. And I think that he'd be I think that you would say did seek got a little coal cooler weather. The hotter. Dips Jason Garrett can he do no wrong even if they play mountainous gaming get beat up by the Packers do you think he's coming back I think he's saying if you I think it the end of the day Jerry Jones want somebody there that's his dies somebody that. Jerry can. IRobot control that might be a little bit too strong a term but definitely somebody that his guy somebody who's not going to. Go against any of Jerry's wishes and that's from The Who plays what position to what the first fifteen plays are. You get the dissent that Jerry Jones has his hand in all parts of the football operation so I don't think that jarrah would wanna bring in. Our strong minded independent individual let's say Nick Saban for example he wouldn't Leuer Nick Saban become be the Dallas had coach because nick. Is too powerful and he would go against what Jerry wants a because of that reason. And I'm not saying that Jason Garrett is a toady or stool but he's deftly guided Jerry like that positioning safe. Could you imagine Jim horrible as head coach the cowboys. Yeah I mean no jets. Couldn't even handle. Jets lightweight Natalie can you let alone I doubt ironic thing is right in and Gerri just coming out just mr. oil. So Jim Doleac bracken at at this sorry this is player's budget to send me gem you know this is an open carry state outside. I don't think about. Kirk. Because Jazeera in gym people would respect you've got to let I. Now those are two massive egos and as big scary world is it's still called Jerry world not horrible. You don't you think that Jim respect morning's respect. This guy that we have here I don't know Jimmy's live in the Bay Area doesn't respect oil and fossil fuels or does he respect renewable energy dinosaurs it didn't work here with renewable energy so who knows maybe he would get along well. Orange error at the oil tang. Now my dad. Comment the Steelers what do you do about Joey Porter you don't Joey Porter but apparently he's not emotionally ready to handle being an assistant head coach. We saw last year what happened late in that game in the playoffs in Cincinnati he's out on the full field. Slaton Pacman Jones fight Vontae is perfect now that worked out for the Steelers because he ended up trawling a big time penalty that moved Pittsburgh in the field goal range where they were able to win it. But now. After the win against Miami over the weekend. Porter has been placed on leave following his arrest Sunday night outside a Pittsburg bar. Porter was a outside linebacker and former pro bowler had a big time career but he's charged early Monday morning with the salting a doorman. At a bar and a police officer who intervened hours after the team's. Wild card win over the Miami Dolphins is your Mike Tomlin. This is the distraction you don't need heading into we major showdown with Kansas City. Porter was a great player but he strikes me as a guy who still has that mindset of player he has in transition management what are you doing here you might come well. Well I saw yesterday morning and I'm just thinking god as a going to hopefully he's not gonna go here but as they don't leave it Loney exit came up yesterday morning what the story yet. Hadn't touched on this as a top line down and how often are you dealing with the assistant coach issue in the playoffs likeness. Joseph is an emotional person make it took California show at the big so BK. Norm very well. And Joyce again and he gets gobbled you know start having a good time get a couple pops. Not gonna hold back someone. Pops off. He still going to be you know he he. You know he's got that in east that's just that type of guy and it's not all it's not all ballplayers it's not. But Joey you know Joel EC's tees and he's he's go get it now so. I think it. He's got a suspicion in an eight probably than firing you got you you have to I think right now under Helen Wright is okay administrative leave. You know you because you keep the guys a joy might come back. Right now you got a lead Julie go you gotta think about the team right now Joey put this team in harm's way his linebackers. You gotta realize he goes and meaning they're used to seeing a familiar face. He couldn't handle it. He chose to go out in now the team is suffering and specially to line back in court we as playing pretty well. And now they don't have their coach so you don't. Unfortunately. Too is in a tough there's been tough situation enjoy won't be a coach for the experts goes after the year did you agree. That assessment this is an assistant coach he's got a great opportunity work with the Steelers but. At some point you have to go from player coach. Players they're out at night may become targets coaches. You have to be more presidential you're in a leadership the managerial role is this the type of thing where you could put him on leave and bring them back next year or did Steelers had to say you know what. We tried the incident last year in the Cincinnati game was one thing now we've got this after the Miami game we can't have our assistant coaches getting. Into trouble on the play you can't actually unit I think it fits with the Mike Tomlin it. Image in the toughness he's trying to portray and certainly this is a bad luck. And he's charged with. Aggravated assault simple assault. I'd drunkenness public drunkenness and it's a series of things and he's had previous run ins with the law life and the yet do you why in Bakersfield Bakken 2010. He's had legal troubles yet if you think about the Pittsburgh Steelers they are a tough. Physical knock you in the mouth kind of team that's what Mike Tomlin portrays as head coach that's we Joey Porter portrays. As an assistant coach. And I think that that's really going for what you want into Pittsburgh organization. It's tough though because there. The front office is always carry themselves with such class that this is an embarrassment and they don't want this to be. Related to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization so a year and a little bit of a crossroads. Or any family bright day they love him. They love to report they love their their former players they take care home that's just how the ruling family does duo does a lot of things this way they have on the business. And thousands Cincinnati deal in. Paid for a coach is DUI he got a DUI L week seven a couple of puffs and I didn't drive it you don't get a cab whatever and he just drove back. Daddy you I felt bad and it paid for four I just got so bad his coach was Al would mean. It also thing guys don't make some bad decisions are still human but be it happens and now we live in social network promised at that it's still. You gotta you gotta understand. Its count ability enjoy Knowles I love name you know we talk. Got you gotta be terrible. That's all civilian and accountability. You played sixteen years he took a lot of flights you travel and a lot of planes across the country to play big time games. When the team would get off the plane after coming home. What was the condition of that airplane what would it looks like on the interior left could of course when you're you're it's it's gonna beat. Adam dirty of course but I think it'd be messy when it when I game when we're talk about what's gone. Even if I would have does that how long lie. That's in pops on the way home on the plane and you know mountains here and say that we didn't. And bring a bottle or pay wanted to stewardess to bring us some would sit there will be responsible. Course afterwards a two man you know I grabbed the bottle of course and put in my bag and it won a leave it all with a plane you don't want to do that say the evidence is is you'd like to say but. He you know at the plane would. The planes wouldn't be in great shape Joseph but the way that I'm hearing or bushy yet the New York Giants took their fry. Straw rationed out after the Green Bay loss on meet flight flight 934. United Airlines 934. At a New York. That was what people were waiting to board that was the plane. The giants brought back into northern Jersey now and that normal people we're gonna be getting on the fly to whatever their destination. As you're waiting to board the pilot of the giant flight came out and ask for everybody's patience. And shared that the plane team where it came from an edit needed extra help repairing and cleaning the interior. Another thirty minutes passes in the gate agent tells the people waiting to board that it was the giants that destroyed the business class cabin. They saw service personnel walking countless seat cushions off the plane. And now upon entering the business class cabin cleaning sent only partially masked the alcohol smell popcorn chewing tobacco. Food from booze all over the flights of the giants get this. Not only can they not handle themselves emotionally during the week in the buildup to the game not only do you have a star wide receiver who's quickly becoming Terrell Owens without the numbers punching holes in the wall and had budding the wall after he plays a dud of a performance but now these guys to get on the plane and trashing on the way home. Ben back into his head coach you've got to get control listening Eli Manning is the leader in the quarterback he do you control over this thing dodger I would it seems like the young guys you just Robin why don't for the giant. They are if if if even if Philip Bard drew new thing guys are doing that like a guy's been responsible. Thank you John you don't and you gotta have that type of deal guys have a good time that you don't you don't you you don't do then your right Jolie head coach and different things. They got to stand up taken out seats that make injury taken out deceit because of the cushions all Malek out all that never that's that's terrible. In worse soda Beckham he punches holes and also figure if. I don't want to pendulum window of the plane and up to stabilize the play out. I'd been no reporter whether or not it was Beckham but again Beckham is now built the the reputation that when you read something like this she think Beckham was probably involved. Unfortunately that's the reputation he has developed and prevent MacKey did this is his first time being ahead coach he's that it knows the quarterbacks coach tight ends coach ex set her up. First time in the big seat low so he's having to learn some lessons about. General leadership of the team not only and we devising game plans to win. But how do you leave these men on and off the field he's got a good 365 days a's got to get right. Gonna get good and I'm Tanya. Beckham he's an XTO he's gonna tell it it's gonna get to a point where the giants in Hamburg and at the par ways and that it's gonna be the big story. Who is gonna sign this guy because unless he gets himself emotionally and check at some point that's gonna tell the locker room part party hats like Manning has no control over that team. Two time Super Bowl winner 36 year NFL veteran quarterback 36 years old. And no one's listening to him that's not a good sign for the New York Giants moving full freight and I tell you what is a good sign one week from today. Mark it down. You're gonna go to 957 the game dot com our website. And you can check out the initial listings were put up for the dream sports experience is where you can have the opportunity to bid on unforgettable. Awesome light sports and entertainment experience is a chance to hang out behind the scenes with the cast from modern family. Giants packages these packages warriors packages there's a lot of cool stuff ardea they're not only that. All proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in need it doesn't get me better than that. One of the big ones Joseph ride on the warriors chartered to an away game you wanna hang out with staff now. You wanna see what Ian Clark what magazine he reads on a road trip I know I do. And I don't let out a Q and did I dog fancy hit back to our fifth. Tyrod with the giants trash the airplane I don't want to ride with the war and I ask you to clean LC we have that experience jutting I went. How about giving earlier got a boat no reason whatsoever in my can't bring your own to. Disarm watt. It number two overall niner fans were waiting to hear from you AAA 9579570. Last night did he sell you. On being your franchise's next quarterback or would you rather go in another direction Joseph blow dips 95 points and get back in one minute wow all. The only three letters you can use to describe last night's national championship game in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium. As a Clemson Tigers get revenge. Her lashes defeat on the same stage to the Alabama Crimson Tide by taking him down this time around. Would they walk off touchdown 3531. We are absolutely. Thrilled to have you win today because they show is gonna move. And it's got to move and buried Jolo in bids 95 point seven a game no time to screw around we've got a big time conversation to get into. Dish on Watson number two San Francisco 49ers deal one of our not AAA 9579570. That in a minute here comes your update well. On the heels of last night you know a lot niners fans may be by any effort to Shawn Watson 420 yards three touchdowns clemson's stunning. Alabama 3530 want to win. The national championship blow Watson was terrific threw three touchdowns how far out. The draft board that he moved last night. This young men made a lot of money millions of dollars did millions of three men who lives of millions it's amazing what this guy I was able to do win against Alabama the best football best football team best defense in the country are to be of all time and see what he was able to shred of big time players make big time situations. Made a big head big a lot of big time plays he moved up big time at least I. Half dozen first round talent talented players on the field for last night's. National championship game north and number two quarters back on the floor tonight Miami it's out of Andre Iguodala Bobble head night the team then we'll host Detroit. Cleveland and OKC's Joseph pretty powerful. For game homestand they all start tonight in Miami. Tune it up with Miami couple nights now you got Detroit and Andrei drama that's going to be a good matchup on the glass to the warrior bigs and that we get to look at the Monday at Cleveland Cavaliers followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder followed by hit the road to -- James -- the rockets you want a little play -- test midway through the seasons he react little measuring stick opportunity here comes warriors lawyers at 32 and six leading the west by a game and a half I doubt I had -- Harrison Barnes who likes yesterday great sandwich hello how about that vote though I figured it's an update I wanted to give people an update is examined. Did you miss the corner threes portion of the sandwich. Waves in the bay there's an honest the corner of steroids story number three it's the NFL coaching carousel it's been spinning. It actually made a stop to. As Jacksonville has hired Doug Maroney had a losing record in buffalo he finished the year as the interim coach of the team. Also an Angel why can't do this Joseph the jaguars also hired and AM executive vice president until overseas. Football operations Tom Coughlin what is that I'm sorry speaking Mandarin I can understand that Mandarin is that Farsi as young as they are saying it happens are you know we have teams get organized. Yeah after the jaguars a step ahead of affording us the bringing in an executive Tom Coughlin of the seven year old hired by a team. That he helped to start the update brought to you by USF don's basketball it's loops on the Hilltop in the US have dogs take on university of Pacific. Saturday January 14 at 8 PM come root for the green and gold and waved. You're USF flags highs and buy tickets. At USA have dogs dot com I'm candidly on your home of the warriors the heat in town tonight our coverage starts at six on 95 cent. We get great stuff did he would be drawn that Harrison Barnes curve ball I just didn't handle that nicely appreciated. Relook at 20 fastball but you saw the curve comment laid off that it was a nice job right there might tip you pitched to about. Op for the jaguars briefly very attractive job pay attention to how they're organizing themselves because they're exactly that. Organized Tom Coughlin is an Edger executive VP of football ops three year deal. Doug Maroney is in your head coach he was the Enron used to coach in buffalo was Smart enough to opt out of his deal with the bills when he saw the ownership change coming. And realize how much dysfunction there would be. He's on a three year deal. David Caldwell the general manager because he's now reporting that Coughlin. They had to do something firearm or give them a token they gave them a token two year extension which gives him what. 83 year deal. Three years for Coughlin three years for Caldwell three years from around. They're married to one another they are invested enough in one another that is how you structure and organization. And oh by the way. You've got a top three salary cap space franchise would more than forty million dollars available the number four overall pick. You play in the AFC south which is one of the softer divisions. You have an owner that doesn't metal. Your media and fan base is it gonna be very demanding in Jacksonville. Read the sixth ranked total defense last year with Dante Fowler Jalen Ramsey and my heels Jack who's gonna be stepping into the China next season. And Blake portals is entering year four you can part ways with him in the very near future. Jacksonville is a very intriguing destination at the moment keep that team in the back your mind. 3531. That your final in Tampa last night is the Clemson Tigers take down the Alabama Crimson Tide the story today DeShawn Watson. Not once but twice he shared the biggest of stages with a bad as the defense is and not once but twice he's put up big time numbers in big time spots Loney. Do Shawn Watson number two to the niners does it make sense to you with Cleveland passes and he's available. No it doesn't joke is he a talent they cash to be married in the top ten picks capsule this kid's not Ginn had a top ten picks he's gonna get drafted topped him. For united to me should pass. I see it not because the talent. He went to a whip Dick horrific knee injury couple years back. Came back from that still the knee was that a 100%. In many just towards Achilles in its last year so we don't know is this guy gonna be coming back about a percent. You already had guys retire on this team don't know how many linebackers actually there you look at 55 he's getting older all the different guys around this team. Too many holes. Too many holes invests in a quarterback right now they need to go waiting continue either trade back get a net three picks in the first round or they're just continue to deal. Other ways besides besides the quarterback. Position Heath Evans Super Bowl champs have to join us in five minutes to answer that question a more dads. Do you feel the same way Watson could sell jerseys to sell tickets he can be the face your franchise and more importantly the face of your new era. And I think for that. No one likes omits from new UNC's don't love ya to the big so that's a big pass for me I watched play in North Carolina it's a big pass. You don't go up against high quality competition. And gimmicky system Lleyton games I'll tell you what they should've should've gotten Stanford nation we got Stanford got. I love with David Shaw does with that program but this was not Stanford's next year no he didn't have consisting quarterback play. Starting quarterback got injured in that game Christian McAfee didn't even play he had to go to the wire two disc he couldn't make the plays in the fourth quarter that's a big past. For me and it today's take your pick poll question. Was exactly this data. Fans wanna see Watson go number two the niners what are the results looking like at the moment. As of right now on the website 73% of the voters say no that the niners I if if the niners should take. And Shawn Watson with the number two pick also on tree can wane as well from Brent and he says he reminds you so much of Vince young and tapper. That brings up the point of recent C bias. Nobody. Was ring in this Shawn Watson bell this season nobody after last year Lotta people love them in that championship game. But the issue the accuracy was a little off the turnovers drop people watch them they thought you know what maybe not worth that high draft. Until he stepped on the field last night. And this morning you've got everyone talking about the Shawn Watson. Don't let recent C bias cloud your judgment used last night's tape has just one piece of the scouting puzzle. It cannot be what influence your decision not just one game. Because I tell you what everyone was seeing the same thing about Vince Young in 2006 January when he took down USC. If you wanna wait this out watching you got to wait on everything. He's not good at throwing the come back throw he does a lot of slant but the out routes the comeback routes he struggles and he's got a great receiver in Mike Williams who went up and wanna help a lot of passes from last night. On the no question Indian here's a guy that you look at Joseph when you go devaluation you say okay does hit on option checked any move check. Kenny stand in the pocket and deliver passes chizik he's doled out ball no probably doesn't vilify a ground combat but does he had the potential can we coached this guy. And things gone bigs a lot of things will happen Joseph you know I had you've been scouting mussina out works you've covered to the east west shrine all the different games they haven't. You know that the Senior Bowl the com buy it those are a lot of times where this guys don't make his money. They're gonna have those out Russell and seek had this guy deep Kenny. Com his critics gonna see if he's able to do these things. And everyone talks about of course okay last year to this year. You Derek it's it's still a process guys understand that. But who's out there when you look at this guy he played against three or four guys that are going to be plan on sending any shoulder he can dominate show that he can stand a pocket told he delivered the ball downfield. So I think that this guy is a talent. I just would about the niners I just think they have too many holes and I don't think this guy's not being. Nothing like Vince Vince was bigger inches taller into stronger. Vince didn't go on being different about bits. Vince didn't have the attitude this guy beds had an attitude Vince was about himself toll differ make up when the talk about these two kids. You won a better combating Jamison Winston is a more app. Apt comparison and Vince Young. Produce on Watson speaking of talent which you mentioned a few moments ago ten year NFL veteran Super Bowl champion he's now an analyst with the NFL network Heath Evans joining Jolo in bids on 95 point 7 game he's good morning we'll jump right to it to Shawn Watson had a monster performance against the ban last night what do you think his chances are being a high draft pick what do you think his chances are being a successful NFL quarterback. Who'll 22 would request that the people accuse. That count you know or below ultimately could come about as leader of the eighties. He's got a will try to attract that you. I actually these. College where that running quarterbacks missed Betty skater. The transition to our league what it takes to be true in L quarterback took the ability to win in eleven games not to. The competitive but it to beat the best defense is week in week out. It shifted the skills that we saw iron Rod Wheeler clinic the other night yes you can Major League mobile. But he's got. As sharp. Short middle and things that are Herbert quickly agree teachers and so. I think you can application that is all for one year's BP to this. The transition just hurt well for. That true college or true and a pro style quarterback playing the college game to get those reps also. Well street is that what is that which while best. If they can do two more that's slipping to citizen for Nash pass I think they have too many holes. When a team that lets talk about Enron has narrowed his inaugural sought and won a Stanley to do you know you talk about how. And Rodgers early in the year people say what happened don't have talent they're taught him off fire and McCarthy finding GM does account talent when there. But there's always been a kid from Fresno State Department atoms I think he's always been near. Aaron Rodgers was able to transcend his game what was the biggest holdup on Aaron Rodgers does I think was more Aaron Rodgers and the talent that was lining early. I agree about last year I don't know struggle weeks liberate them and things started to shift from that at all until they're certain shipped in the wrong direction and even earlier this year the other win games like Q what they started but in the based article pretty well. There was at air you know he'd get a touchdown pass and I pointed out the silverware well network Mike. He missed in Jordan saved or democracy before Randall's statement. And then you know that team goes on that three or four games so you don't slide. Mid season there was a lot of bat mobile. These last 67 weeks have just been you know there aren't that we've all grown though. I think he's good at. But aborted distractions listen to this game is the ultimate together you know one guy at all that that was job quarterback gets you know plastered deeper that is exactly the same way. Turned out into the wrong thing Clay Matthews and do the right that you respect reminders that you're so. I think I know. Be it boggles my mind every year. To listen to all be idiotic media news that because he's gonna give fired or even Billy O'Brien to use of text. I'm gonna get fired which is the dumbest. I need to replace and there's been misled by the other reporters. They're people oldest voters and to the congress some bogus agent trying to get the story credited and the people wrong but. They've gotten fixed it and that probably the most pristine with the Pepsi right now. Speaking of 88 media guys amassed in 88 media guy question because it's what we do we were taken around Heath. The idea of Jason Garrett in Dallas if they get. Crushed by Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay could he at all be in trouble in Dallas with them unable to progress past the playoff game if they lose. I don't think so discuss mr. guy you know I think I think that it's a great question good I think it should be considered. A well Jason you're the man. It was one of just the Braves beat all the stuff they do there city doubtful that. But they do the right way. But Bashir when Tony went dial. There there was no offense that refused orbit he couldn't adjust to. They knew quarterback out and with all the other count that they had a round that Oakmont was intact. Stiller Robert only adhesives. And still had a bad angle for over a thousand yards still spill that Beasley. Williams was there. It yet. The quarterback went down nick they couldn't improvise and just don't always be questioned. It is it is so simple minded it's just once team orders this coaching and it's coaching staff. Really capable coaching. Multiple different skill sets obviously different Tony. They've built up the special this year. But if bottom figure like Jerry Jones captured guy. And he would have moved on. Wait we're now. Or your bigger this year. Ten year NFL veteran Super Bowl champion and he's now a terrific analysts but the NFL network keep Evans we Jolo and did on 95 point seven the game. After watching the manner in which the Oakland Raiders comply. Lee leaf fell apart following Derek cars leg injury how much consideration does he deserve for the league MVP award. Ronald McDonald but of course you. No because. They might not. It's used to be one. You know. I don't know not I just it's all of the. I complain that he may have read. A lot of a lot of what they do that but. You were real quick. If you're subject beat. And I accept that agreement so people per carry that some people like to bullish just I actually agree. Aperture the outcome of that game winner loss would have been much or even with our the way that he's since. This scheme and how they. Click down on all that opponents. So the score by the and that closer. The game in Mexico was heightened when the raiders were able to win. I would argue that detection he just grown leaps and bounds since that week in week eleven. Lost there in Mexico. Car in order to quarterback boat long way to go in this and so. Heaven knows the game planning to be the only decent little machine with Kansas City likes. They hunkered down in down in it's it's really. It's not good what all those two films screen. There's just a lot of development for caller still to come I think you'll get better. He's well on his way. But the his troop quarterback is in geeky caliber yeah. He's when you thought about Ronald and LUC Romeo is compelled towards the defense coordinator Houston Texas no he brings to would he was a disciple of bill. So we're talking about peace in their in their defense is a top ten top three defense. Houses matchup when you do you know he's looking in New England your former team sixteen point favorite. LC this game orca. But I don't own it they're there a pretty special teams touchdown and Tom Brady herself and away from being hailed the bill Foxboro when I'm in people doing your crazy but that's held tight ball games. If you got tossed out the old one and they're two different teams. Brought it. Have a stellar performance by its urgent means but he was much more competently as. You know week three when they went to box Rwanda blight by nurturing quarterback. This statement to date Hitler when it was we Hillary. You'll barely number one B and not the number one scoring defense that you know New England switches. I think more important. Would you look at that costs were so guilty last year bill big Foxboro. She goes all the that would 170 yards total to Chincoteague wins because. The New England gave the game stretch things and so. Idol bill's original week. They are the better team to veterans on the Latino the better team by our top to bottom. But this wouldn't surprise in the game whatsoever Thomas you have experience will be initial order quarter app until he figures out what the Romeo Crennel Mike Vrabel gave latest. The ability those Gannett do a tremendous job applauded the way to get more illegal and otherwise rock unit struggled struggled big. Keep Evans tenure NFL met Super Bowl champion out his trip to work with the NFL network. We Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game Heath thank you so much for your time we always appreciate it hopefully we can catch up again in the future. It geragos to destroy or blow. Got a chance told Larry that's for sheer. Always love having you thought because he brings with the opinion he's not gonna sugar now like some do. But I gotta disagree on the Derek Carr situation and not because it's the raiders like ship you take Brady up the patriots to go three and one they click no prob Brady's had a huge year. But you remove Brady from the equation in the team still performs at a high level. Eric Carr's removed from the equation. This team was a bottom five NFL team. People might wanna hear that but lifeless in the last quarter against the colts lifeless would no pride against Denver. Lifeless with the very little pride against Houston that's a fact would you say not. This is controlling this is it looking to make people upset he went down and this team packed it. Absolutely Joseph and that's why they gonna have to make changes on the coaching staff burn the reason and you just say it. New England's more but not fundamentally. Coaching attention to details and they're able to steal hide the multitude default that they don't have when they don't have Brady. They would play better defense more ball control offense and they can still Muster wins. When car goes down for this team it shows you all the different things that this team can do defensively offensively in so many different things are exposed so you're actually right and I disagree we need Tillman. One week from today market down Tuesday January 17. You're gonna wanna go to 957. Game dot com our website. To check out the initial listings for our dream with. Sports experiences where you gonna have an opportunity to bid on unforgettable. Life sports and entertainment experiences. Opportunity to hang up behind the scenes of the cast the modern family. The giants have some great packages in there the he's had some great package is in there did the warriors had something you were talking about earlier yeah you get a chance to travel with them on the charter to an away game. You know maybe end up playing cards with the fellows who rang bring Iraq's place the boomerang back. Maybe do little thing along with the team as well as they are. Want to do. Imagine that being able to this role first class with the fellows as they go truck some random Eastern Conference team absolutely one week from today 95 cent in the game dot com. Check it out to dream sports experience all proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame. To help kids in need. By six MIK that could be short for Miami which means they heat in town tonight. To take on the warriors to talk about that but and I AA also speaks to one NBA superstar who didn't even bother showing up for his game last night. What was going on in New York lab that next Jolo Indians 95 points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. 730 tonight tip time right here on 95 point seven the game warriors hosting the Miami Heat. Warriors warmup. Commences at 6 o'clock with Damon Bruce and Kerry Keating now we're gonna get into that game in just a bit warriors are a very casual sixteen point favorite tonight it's like. What are they not. A sixteen point favorites there the last time they were a huge favorite in game. Sound fair but it's amazing really is amazing but. We begin with what happened at the guardian in New York City last night or actually more specifically what didn't happen at the garden last night dance. Yeah apparently there is some confusion about where Derrick Rose was he was missing. From the Nixon heading in that game there was no official word. On where he was an apparently he had according to sources returned to his hometown a of Chicago for quote family issues his teammate Joakim Noah. Who played them at Chicago and came to the knicks. With rose said he didn't really wanna talk too much about it because quote I don't really know the situation or what it is. And when he's not here it's tough on the team but he's happy that everything is okay. With Derrick Rose who apparently went back to Chicago for some miscellaneous family emergency. Well you've played in locker rooms before now grainy you guys once a week Sunday it's this is obviously baseball hockey basketball much more frequent prefer a guide to Natalie missing game. Just to not show law. You're talking about tracked this year like Allen Iverson just talk about or read an actual game a big time game. And I don't think he loves his sport. You have to question. When your grown men planning kid's game in the king's ransom. In you can't call. Are just you know picking the phone they feel bad family emergency I need to go. And tempted to not tell anyone in management where this owner where there's the coach could you tell the coach and a coach can deal with management SA coach man it's a Tom's going on I gotta get on coaches are pretty pretty really well they've been give either pretty lenient when it comes at things like that. I've been in situations were they deal with fan issues in a Marcia and I say look well don't be a practice get at here go take your kids. If something happens and coaches are pretty understanding. So it just interest in just goes to show you lack of respect. Lack of leadership. And Michael teach your teammates and you're in your organization when you do that. This from Ian Begley who writes for ESPN after determining that he was healthy and safe. People within the knicks organization were embarrassed that Derrick Rose was unreachable. According to sources. Regardless of the circumstances the team. Feels that wrote should have communicated the reasons for is that Nancy text message. I got a baby due February 9 that water breaks say for 35 AM in the morning when I'm supposed to be here meet would you guys. You get and probably a text message that says something like baby coming and then that's it you won't get anything else because obviously my focus will be elsewhere. But I would feel that that's enough. For you gentlemen being as intelligent as you are to process well. We've known for months a baby was due around this time. He's telling us he attacks Bibi coming we're probably gonna need to operate without him today would you be able to gather that information from that text I think we connect those dots let alone. We can put up I did it from there you go on and you have a great show you go on and you can handle your business but you would have had the heads up. You need to be to di tale I didn't need to send him flowers and communicate a personal message to each view. I just needed to in some way shape or form get the basic crux of what was happening to you. So that you could move on with your days that's it this guy who actually boarded a flight and flew to and others. That's what set all that time. And last I looked on the plane to get used a credit card whether it's an Amex or whether it's a visa and you slide it did and then there's a phony yeah I'd say yet you can still place calls when you're in the air and house so. At Dicky has a couple dollars a he could do that adds I just think it's rude and disrespectful for heroes and you know not to be able to call and if his. His leadership guys was hit coach turns into people man does this wrong. So does this get any better for the knicks because. Melo and another got thrown out the third quarter last night the teams come completely unglued if you get this young kid Chris that's forcing its low you've been a big fan of his since the day was drafted. Can't seem to get enough looks as he got ball explain iso ball you get egos taken over Phil Jackson looks like he's lost control of the situation. And well it's like what's next the next how is it this whole art to put together a competent product. Talking about win a title. What is the knicks played at the met you you can't find a way to grab the Eastern Conference eight seed. Right in even have a situation where you have cohesion in the locker room and yet everyone on the same page I mean forget the wins and losses and all you need is. 41 wins go 41 and 41 in the east and you probably going to be a for a five C a billion parade in New York to just right you don't have to go out there and wind 73 games to be a success New York has been so starved. For a winner they really just want a team that has the threat of being a winner in order to have that you've got to have a locker room with cohesion and you've got to have it. From the top to the bottom where everyone's on the same page and that's not the case in new. Bill's gone after new year thank cal then I know this like twelve 1000000 years that pan am and what is done. That exact anyone could delusional signings doormat right it's exactly Joseph hills on as a year. To not to this last this was his last for a he went out and sign these guys to say that past their prime guys it. Used to be flashed anywhere outside and he puts all his chips and a table all his chips in the the table each year. In this is gonna cause and now you got they guide you spend all overpaid for Derrick Rose. Won't even give you since you went out on the limb than Lotta people would even had picked him up you went out on the limb to bring him in. In just crafts and anything you face. I'm being. Murky gloom and like that to them and at mathematical. Tony these guys to the coming year crap brighten your face and keep that job. You did you go you can't be as. Allies whom I haven't moved came to me. And get overruled. I'm. Just in my leg and that's something Joseph apps. Good stuff it really is from the 415 in the Penske auto sales backup text like jell. Do you handle it the water breaks 3 PM Sunday February 6. I think he needs February fit these talking about the Super Bowl I don't know that's panic mode if you got advice let me know and does it take advice from anyone. AP police one obstacle. Between now and then he's just avoiding a Super Bowl birth. If only got the phone you'll be just you know irony on you glance at it until you've got to be so and a little man brother. And yet it's heating up and running like during this whole proceeding has all been through this yes I get a TV evidence into Canada. You get ready. Yet to see you my mind right as long as your pain attended to or not you know when she did give out your fun funny breathe it's funny you say. I know they got it right president out. I want her as I get a brought this guys and they're yeah and since. They don't even do anything over here or not not you honey I got the first half over sixty I don't know if the actual birth. I'm getting I'm talking about like the opening hour. Like an as the baby's coming over late in the fourth I'm trying to cure this spread no it's a witch Lady Gaga it's got the money from these games get paid to the burqa which. That is not get a guy you don't worry about a deal. Please unaware about this this is came across the desk a breaking news Philadelphia legend Alan Iverson publicly supports Dallas Cowboys. ESPN one. Iverson you're dead to me old joke you let the guy. What's wrong with him you you you can't do this this is like Chris Christie the governor of New Jersey hanging out we Jerry Jones era why do you think that Bob lost the election might think you thought it was too much cannot. Let's I cannot be the governor of New Jersey had root for the cowboys those are your constituents. They happen to be finance Iverson what do you do when. How is it bad move guy I ai who do you think based on my general mood right now do you think they're a good move. He's the only thing he's got. He's got regarding men feel sick at some of us. It was a terrible place couch this terrible place you never wanna live there. And the team's all stink but that doesn't mean you can be alleged they go root for the cowboys corrects your ingrained that's it. So he's out now he's out on the water on this and I where everything is bomb is currently I'm out. You don't hang out would gently is pictured him in genre and turning your filly card. That's it yet here's just wait hope my cowboys win this weekend we needed bad. I he didn't capitalize the seem cowboys and there's no period at the end of that quite frankly that is Blase attack at Swedish eleventh shutout work Iverson. Used. Yeah that's what we pay these Phillies intro exactly he's always been true with Carolina isn't here the Redskins are all true to their roots well. Is this guy in this in this dolls have come from no one ever saw this for years digital music public. No argument but you knew derail was a redskin fan for a long time from DC you've known stats minutes Charlotte Tampa long time. That's all acceptable cassettes were you grow up okay get control where you grow law. I grew up and Hampton Virginia coach OK on the studies and I would jet and bad luck club terrible luck. At least not. The only place welcome him with open if you're gonna behave like this well you can go down to Dallas and hang out with the wit ski and QB and then. Jarron. Mike Modano and whoever the hell is like I don't Tokyo because he's one of the last true great coach who else is bad that city lucky you think. You think you have a tough you just lost on Christmas Day you blew a three run lead in the finals I mean really you just won the title the year before. One baseball teams when a World Series left and right both football teams ones on the rise the other was just in the Super Bowl not too long ago you got Goodyear. Got a real good you just in the Stanley Cup finals. About people haven't other places. Put out he's a toilet for professional arts. A bus station toilet at that there's one other. And I Ritz Carlton and I'll. Be like if Mike I don't ever wanna hear that again gonna replace that again if Michael Jack Schmidt showed up a steal leaders to campaign did he like Michael Jack she's the next one of the great all all time third baseman Lyle. He he showed up with no mustache and suddenly he was personable Kish midi was never personable anybody that was his chart might belong in Philly that I hated everybody. His ball player he showed a steeler Jersey out Polly Bristol you like this does. It's did you consult thing it's like next thing them and find out. Donovan McNabb suddenly is this she's next Vietnam can bring it back to back pat the back shot back. Texas that's going to be you don't discuss any every time these stupid hall of fame ballots come out his name's on all the fame is this if it's the slain girl claimed that sure. Put on the ballot you he's not get in tip sheets of Joseph. Tried. You don't know this story now. Hi this is actually like your leg you know the jeopardy store idea we'll we'll just so awesome I told this a couple of years and it's been a long time. Will tell it. They've ruled out today I don't know. What we got Green Day tickets giveaway that's coming up next Hollande is not about points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Asking for you gonna get it Pat The Bat story ninth fifteen yeah asks. Everyone in this room knows it nice guy Stevens you know the Pat The Bat story you don't go to the producer does blow does and it does I do not did you would see an area in Florida. And a M and Iverson adamant do you favor guys. Yeah like you tong big boy. Bite your tongue. Comments you're thrown around that is some reckless radio you remarking upon the sorry about that just about Iverson is dead to me. He's gonna go ahead and root for the cowboys go ahead do that Iverson. But pat about you like the story. Absolutely. Love this story did you and Torre. Hell of a treatment gives a crap dog in this story that's I think my look likes someone coming up at 950 and your boys not gonna show up as the hero in this story just so you don't spoiler alert for the. Is it. The little teaser Pat The Bat story ninth fifteen. And you are talking about green there yet to Agassi away were you fan has been on love Green Day just reminds me of high school. Those bands that you don't realize how many the soldier actually know you go to the show in the new sing along every single song and I think any of buying a ticket for ex. Well we've got biggest giveaway right now thank you for the very easy segued there. Green Day is gonna be appearing at the Oakland coliseum Saturday August 5. Now tickets aren't even on sale yet so this is your chance to beat to occur they will be on sale Friday January 13 ticket master dot com. To win two tickets to see Green Day in August at the coliseum after the answer the following question correctly triple 89579570. When was the last time. Prior to last night the Clemson Tigers won the national title in football. Triple 89579570. The last time the Clemson Tigers won the national championship in football. Prior to last night. They would know that answer I dearly please don't share buybacks. Given in the top of the hour sports update into the three hours so you've been listening speed up they did you know it's sometimes speedy sometimes we drag it out. But I yes I did know and yeah I can even say that I was a lot of sports so yes they have it did did now has rare but. I got it and I see what you're doing you're saying weighing the same way something in this I'm not mistaken. Nicely done Lorenzo via. Rader insiders see as and Bay Area Scott Mayer joining Jolo in bids on 95 point seven again what's a Scott how aria. Wait I'm not need 957. Caller line that could create a ticket. The other wrong. And yeah man neighbor that was read in my wheeled out that was high school and college I think I know basically every albums and a lot of particular camera. Beautiful and it's an all is right in the middle of training camp but not when the season has started to you I get an opportunity goes into the coliseum. A I think that it's Greece some recent assignments for a band like that big stage show god yeah. We have a whole lot he's and they get there before we get to that I don't like it to be that a public. Good Segway enough for the for play let's get the business. Radar operator coaching staff twelve and four but the rumors are swirling do you think based on. The cryptic response Del Rio gave over the weekend that he plans on making any changes to his coordinators this offseason. I think you get. The IIR. Let's start over I think he's going to take a hard look at it is what I think I'll regaining. Is that instilled right now especially on the eaten besides I don't think there's a reason why you would. Explored as he wiped out there who has good ideas which right yeah keep you from. Just in talking to people and things like that Olympic medals saying. There's a lot of players that really like Ken Norton junior on now whether they don't find. And not create plays like winning more cows so I would say that would be. Kind of like Jack or it was going to look at over the course of the next few days in coming weeks on the opposite side bill and act at most raiders in all. And I think about it. I would expect so much pain to come back and I I really think it yet a very solid year and if you look at. The continuity of the opposite gene you saw tremendous growth at. Actually in which in the running game under bill musgrave obviously your cart took another step forward. I change that they did marriage on the opposite side of the ball. When you think about Scotty when you look at Ken Norton you look at his body work this guy was sought after people say that this guy may be the next position as a head coach. But you look at that often did defense rather in you see the money that they spent to bring an end to prove servants and different guys they brought in. Mike is good and I gonna be a premium this year you look at that that the happened work rate is gonna be and it up against it so it's gonna come down assert my new things that they're able to do who's gonna still be on the team. Bringing in better coaching because it affect you can go out necessary bogey guys that cover deficiencies. So you think about who's out there there's Wade Phillips here and guys like John O'Donnell at the San Diego been there for years at 34 type of guy. And the type of personnel they have is four port 34. It is stills got some names that you hand it's been floated out there. Yeah I had I think it was a cute very intriguing prospect obviously within the agent Jack Dario knows about attacked Doritos. And all of that easement in not only need to find. That it. If you are going to make change and I'm not saying that they are sure that he exploring all options here you'd find it great marriage with a guy. And it and it can head coach who has. Figures all of the tenth in the in the Arctic and walk eat any that should. So you'd be if buying the right personality. Personality matched as well obviously jacket and go lately and not actually trying to help so there's a lot of there's kind of weighing in this being about the make it change the market. Your twelve board and that is eaten out at age eight and I think that they will after upgrade. Probably at linebacker indeed at the tackle and up the middle where they may not be stronger and need depth. On the edge. Didn't like that many say they need and means slot quarterback that you just have to try to compare and tightly what you got. Com from last season and have an act at compared to what you might be able to get bringing maybe some doing here now. Not recording an inordinate Godard is definitely and think that all kind of would process and. At eagle or why not take a look it can't hurt. You bill shop doesn't mean yet despite some. What's likely timetable for these sort of decisions you know the exit interviews in the near the players clean out their locker rooms and start to head in DOS season mode. From a front office standpoint looking into coaching staff. How soon would you expect Scott did. Any of these decisions be made. I mean you don't wanna wait forever but apparently at the meantime I want you see how things shake out it's terrorists may be sound. Position coach that you might get as a coordinator picnic. You may want to wait for some playoff teams to come out. I don't think they're the major rush out little thing you want to wait forever because there's gonna be. Competition to sell lots to get these guys under contract to beat the coaches who are. I trained you know at anybody I mean these guys are all over the place and they definitely. Find out there live in a two out Alex they routed out. Against. Our it works raiders insiders see us at Bay Area Scott Mayer would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game. Last year this team was quite aggressive when he came to spending money in free agency how do you see them handling the offseason this time around. It's gonna be Adam. I would say a little bit different because they are ever closer. To happening. To get their quarterback that could come as soon as the top seed and make it operated sub an extension that may not directly impact. The salary cap. Four when he seventeenth undertaken elected over the cap back on the looks like they're gonna have we haven't seen OK well. They have a lot at stake. Next year and that's because. Jack. Reggie and indeed a great job. Paying guys up front with the roster bonuses they they are impacted by debt money down route. So that bit about cap space capped it up another ten box somewhere that. Here they'll the long awaited latest thing that I think they're gonna try to work out how much there is gonna cost and try to plan that now. And network guys around it I think we're gonna. Have room to spend in maybe they're not gonna go out yet you know five or six guys like it did that last he as the raiders slowly. Transition into more green bay Packers and I'll front office meeting that you deal that day. Draft well you bring or your vote at the supplement every now and then it free agency adding review at another couple pieces that well that recently. Again I think it. They need to. Better more permanent solution attack that inside linebacker spots of eight that we would really need to implement. Great inside is always raiders insiders CSN Bay Area Scott barely Jolo and heads on 95 point seven in Scott as always thank you so much for your time we appreciate it we'll catch up with the again next week. Oh. Scott Mayer ladies and gentlemen. Always has and Nina. Where is on his game. Congratulations beginning game jets in Martinez did you won the two tickets see Green Day in August the answer 1981. The last time Clemson won the national title in football. Prior to last night they defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In 1981. Jeff in Martinez. Didn't shell over there at the coliseum. Local lack those guys is still shredding you don't ever hear bad thing about any of their shows can be good acted out too nice a tail it out there as well. Imagine solid tailgate and down like you say local band that has had a huge following locally as well as nationally it's always popular show around here now he'll get more. General fund of the Green Day concert I would put the wall mad concert from 1983 golden gate mark and I can't get into it now but does that goes on the mound full. Sure maybe we'll get an of that in one event we've also got some heavy warriors conversation coming up don't go anywhere back in a minute Jolo and as I vibrant and again. You didn't need to be a fan of either team to enjoy what took place on the field. Last night in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium Clemson 35. Alabama 31 in one of the greatest college football national championship games of all time. Potter renfro. That is a New England patriot if I have ever seen one. Joseph although it did 95 point 7 a game good morning everybody. Thanks for spending some time with us today well you played in an outstanding at. Bowl game back in the day Fresno you guys vs USC. Willie McGinest what you saw on the field last night bring back any memories from that time. That was a man's game last night in Tampa. Il it showed now that I saw the amount of talent goes on and feel. Yeah you know they had to Curtis Conway Willie McGinest. You know those athletes gonna tell you Ron rivers derivatives and Trent dilfer's but. Mean when you watch last night the amount of talent that was on the field speed size that the way these guys from rain and how they hit. Me and skinny anyways is that it was a fascinating game to watch every time to Alabama looked as if there were during a runaway woody did. Clemson would come back with the you know the song Watson would do something spectacular. Throw the ball down the field run fourth 1015 yards. One play eating get the first down does elect 38. And it is hitting he helicopters in the air balls about a York short first thing he does is look over and sees sticks did he make it or not that game. Was what college for. All's well bow part hidden in Allen that placed on 540 degrees who should've been helmet to helmet by the way the Alabama defender put a hat. And on on the downloads I guess Marty hitting. Physical game needed gives them an implant more on this a little bit we got some warriors talk coming up would marry be retreat in a minute left for now you're conjure update. That's the top story gentlemen Clemson wins the thriller 35. 31 of the national championship they goes to Clemson in a rematch of the game against Alabama a year ago. Joseph the shot a lots and 420 yards passing three touchdowns should the niners used the number two pick overall and take him. Did not only that in his two games against Alabama over the last two years just on Watson's 66 completions on a 103 attempts. 825. Yards seven touchdowns one pick 116 rushing yards one of rushing touchdown those are two games against Alabama on the biggest stages under the brightest of lights somebody fell in love with the skip last night kids dress stocks through the roof is it the niners. Don't think it's the best fit don't wanna get Vince Young in this situation by falling in love based on one game we saw last night. But for Watson big step forward. For him moving into his NFL career Mano. Out of millions last year and Watson declaring for the NFL draft after the game story number two the lawyers back on the floor tonight Miami is in town it's Andre Iguodala. Bobble head night for the first 101000 fans in attendance blow up next is Detroit. And then the big one of Monday against the Cleveland Cavaliers do you expect him to be. Looking beyond Miami all the way to Monday and now they got a thing up by. Maimed in Detroit the motor city and then they got to look at it. Some live picking MLK day. No they're not and that's what I love about this teach you period of things it's Cuomo in that locker room on the court you see treat mild upset why. Guys are moving ball's not moving all the different things it won't won't be eleventh because they want to get better. I let what's going on with award by Joseph lo and gives tailgate. Rumored for that. Monday game against the cavs as well we're we're we're long overdue that situation and actually that game with respect as vice absolute command rather. In town story number three NFL coaching carousel has made a stop to Jacksonville Jaguars have hired. Doug morrow may also add any executive vice president of football operations. Tom Coughlin through the next. As well let your update on day and did leave on your home of the lawyers they heat in town tonight at 6 o'clock is when our coverage begins. Right here on 95 point seven game joke. Thank you did this the legendary Pat The Bat story coming up at about nine minutes. Jolo and in 95 point seven became very happy to go to the phones it's Tuesday so we get an opportunity as we did speak each and every week with the lovely Mary babies scream mother dream mine green here on 95 point 7 again good morning Mary how weren't. Omar are good good we're getting excited for Monday's game against the cavaliers. Obviously the rematch means a lot to us are you do you get as excited for games like that. Obviously it's your son knowing what's at stake with these two teams I mean you just kind of deal that pulsating sensation in the days leading up to those type the matchups. And it's playoff time now right now a lot. Turn and look at that it would do that you'd better you know it really. Mode as much for being right now. One of the things they need to improve upon his closing out games in your son dream on was noticeably angry Friday united the end of that Damon and he was vocal towards KD. About it what does that say about the warriors that. You're sound can go off flight dad and Katie Natalie takes it but he all but says yeah a dream on was right to to put milk glass like that. Part of bought everyone why it would streamline note in my literally on top at our action is lower the black and no right. Let's send it. Apollo deliberately I being given that we passed the ball and do you know war is at Indy unit and it shot not time yet. Arched. I and I think they're not among them. You know after the game dream on was talking about how he thinks this was Sunday's game against Sacramento he thinks bullied cousins is the best center in the game we've kicked that around on the show before we wanted to get your thoughts do you agree is big bogeyed the best center in the game. Yeah happy got their own album you know it would it portray actually it. Actually the best in the game but he can't add it in again you know wouldn't mind. It actually spoke to the scene and it's. Not bleed to. He's super tough but it I some would argue that the best defender of bogey. Is booking himself when you see him going over and given the 123 to the chair. And you'll slam and his body around again is Tennessee Mary is just doing too much and sacramental. Yes he really he. Too much Egypt you know on now and the technique and warming Connie some. Colony glam woman. And something that a younger Americana art out of where our crops Latin they go out of the stage. And gardening and guide. Do you think maybe he could benefit from a change of scenery he's been in Sacramento so long maybe just a fresh start somewhere could be beneficial to him. Maybe you go to the cockpit goes in not and a black. You leave your self portrait of where which are playing well you have changed my. Mary Nader's green joining us are not a 57 game dream Mann's mom follower on Twitter at. Neighbors green at the big news in the NBA since we've spoken was the cavs getting Kyle Korver. Do you think just a game changer for the playoffs and do you think the warriors need to make eight to counter move. Meanwhile. In my opening up and sign you know a lot of court. Quote that we each year and why it out like. Like a year a year ago out of acting we beat it back. Collection line and the car in the right now wait need to focus on that correction note board and pants you know Mac court back at. That. Act again. If you put your GM hat on and then you said the warriors need to. One more piece what would that piece of being your opinion in which player and are you don't have to. A beta tampering laws in the NBA as the mother of a player so which player would you like the warriors to go out and grab before the deadline. There are well it ran out of China and no I don't know what I know. About power coming up on being you know we need it one day there. Not afraid that we need then you know happened at an issue that perhaps. We need a player that you can't go out. Lack you know. Mary neighbors green with Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven in the game you know were a few days away the dubs will be taking on the Miami Heat tonight but in a few nights they'll be taking on the Detroit Pistons. Does a little piece do you secretly root for the pistons when you see them going up against warriors. No matter how delicate this. Net it's it's about dobbs right. Let about it a lot about the art about art. Mary one more before we let you know go out tonight is Andre Iguodala. Bobble head night are you much of a collector especially as it pertains seek to your son I I know he's got a Bobble head I've got on my mantle home. Right next to my staff next to my clay I got my Nate Thurman up there as well. Are you Bobble head collector. Yes let's try to give them every game sucked in and I will act. Internet and who collect them out to elect a marked up a little up on you know much out. You'd be Bob. Well its first 101000 fans tonight married if you don't get one I know people with the warriors liking Digisette. Are there and I got connections such gentlemen let's do Jody. Mary Davis Greenwood Jolo in bids on 95 point seven EA Mary always a pleasure catching up with the affect you freeze time we look for to catch over the next week. I amid times Tennessee catch up again like one segment has two and three cents. Father thought that I do have and I got decisions to make now low because. I got Andre Iguodala Bobble heads shout out to the warriors PR staff for supplying. Us with all these great trinkets from the team but brutal I've got my starting five right now Bob has laid out some. I got a KD KV I got the staff the drain the play in the Nate Thurmond what do I do with my good dollar not a right make in my six man Bobble head yet put him in a spot by self. I don't take Nate Thurmond out and go with a death lineup now. But minutes Bob myself and in every area of the game you just take someone else and moving and but he he back in line. Look at some amount of union and now I'm going for the Ian Clark in the Shaun Livingston Bobble heads like get a real deep management cement cart they're gonna Steve Kerr Bobble head. Now snakes number not yet by Jerry West here US nor has there been Iran Adams Ron Adams. Realizes that anything is gonna be repeating it. Let them come and already 913 attitude bailout from the 408. Is it the Penske auto sales dot com techs like you guys are ball scratch yours. That's pretty sweet banks we gave the police here in 95 points and the game. Is that a nominee. At a sugar can turn out Jason coats. I answer out at some the year was 2004. The young young lad and Angel foreign ball eyes wide by admiring the world. Leaving at San Diego had just completed his first year law school. And as a young Philly fan was excited to see the Phillies come to town to play the Padres they come in once a year for three game series not a team is very good at today's those of the Brian Giles days. And it was actually played football for the charges in those days they were very Getty. No it was went and I thank. So what I would do is I would buy it. The full the full package I go to on all three games against the Phillies and the first night. The Padres are playing the Phillies. Pet now I get irregularly. Total schmuck just wanna see batting practice wanna take it all land would root for the filled. Hadn't even threaten the divisional title in like fifteen you've got your team got out coached and at the time you're in nearly 21. 23 and a half. A my birthdays in December so it was the Euro is turning twenty ports to support your piccolo. But beautiful structure down. So I get early on hanging out of left field where a lot of the guys a warm enough stretch in the Phillies up there. Hey look who it is at the bad girl. Game extracting good look indeed is the guy you wannabe and fewer Major League Baseball and sit in my Phillies Jersey spring training Jersey no name on the back. At pearl. Don't have a lot on this team Chase Utley was just in the process to getting called up I believe the following season was all to get excited about April was that guy right there I traffic. Things didn't go well with Scott Rolen things didn't go well we J. D. Drew a that was going to be the guy at the U. Miami Hurricanes baby so I looked I take. And action iPad. Philadelphia loves you. You may be in San Diego but Philadelphia loves you to have a big game. Peprah looks up to me this wide guy optimistic 23 year old law school. If you know what did. Two home runs tonight trio and hit two home runs tonight that's just had been at a Manhattan and sit there and they get pat burly gentlemen. Get a load that confidence that swagger those good looks the chiseled body he's got a he recognizes. That he cheats and with respect and I thought to myself by knights made Phillies go ahead lose again the price it was a 110 this year. They can listen I've in my Knight has been made less than that two more games to watch after this one. As a basking in this moment having spoken with pat the bad girl. Gentlemen the my left nudges Meehan says. You know is not playing tonight right. As we talk about he goes he just pulled a hamstring like twenty minutes ago they were checking him out he late scratch you'll be playing tonight. Think to myself how did you do it. Did you do it to get cable yeah baseball. And I wanted to talk to he had you right in the you really just totally put an egg my issue and yet he's pulling your chain have always made. I shook it off I enjoyed the game came back the following night the night after have no idea played out who cares neither team was any good. AP yeah I believe it's for the Padres back then it. But they were an entertaining games so high shake it off kids that I move on the my life I move into your who have lost somehow I did not fail I believe and despite all the drinking I did. Night in and night out down there and eat great story you're sure it's a Pat The Bat girl and Phillies coming back the town. In August series like it always does. And they can myself. Back to go back different this time. Girls can get the best of me exit myself. And my girlfriend at the time knew how much I love this series she knew you know all things is because it'll be nice one of the three nights. She's gonna get the tickets are gonna be the third baseline. I usually am taken seats up top you know the law school can I don't have any money. This is such nice gift this thank you thank you so much reward her as we drive down the echo park my mission valley with a story every Gayle heard tales. A where all went wrong with pat Burl. How the year before. Try to speak a patent pact crap in my face so I lied to me in treating me like trash. I told her exactly what my game plan and one cent who he was I was gonna go down there that's gonna tackle. No more Philadelphia look pat are you target field the rats on your house California. She can't listen to this all the way down the ball park 2530 minute drive traffic map how I was going after pat Burl. He told you before I knew he was gonna remember me moment get a guy like I mean you treat me like trash like that. Skull. We get down there we park early is yet again it's wanna watch BP to get a pac ten early yeah tonight. The decline there and hamstring injuries tonight and get mad at them and get an early forget about my love Philadelphia at the time. So we show up. And it's regularly go down in the seat I mean there's like no one. Phillies are warming up and I look at it you know thank you so much of the tickets when you relax and joined the sun whatever you wanna do all the while all get. Whenever we year's super couple leaders she was out three or four different banks get some popcorn has Cracker Jacks a plea that we have a drop game problem is. It's like twelve different stance pentagon sought out there thirty minutes right course. I gotta go get the Beers that I got to go get the notches in the pop idol this stuff so we had does that thank you because she went and got me these tickets to do that she's gonna stay abide. My tackle pat girl that she knew what was comic she had listened to at all that so I am. She mop. Hiring an additional he is not shows I mean stuff we have all over the place but appealed that because she got me these tickets and a walk him on the icing. Right there on the wall. Third base. My girlfriend this girl I thought that's the special where. Talking pat bad girl. I think to myself she heckling pat for me. Is she down there are doing me a solid now I see a lot of laughing and afflicting of the hair and now what appears to be charming conversation and I. Now you look up the stands what you see some shoe mop with a couple of overpriced Beers and some nachos in his feel the Jersey typical Philly trash chutes that you be right. So working my way down the island. I sit there and put everything down and she comes walking up she's smiling and look at ago. You don't. She does well she goes. I wanted to get you an autograph while you were gone I had a ticket stub that guy down there I just got his autograph for you I know how much of the few weeks. Renee what do you do with a touch and pat Burl is all that's pat Burl you don't like him he didn't listen to this story on the way. A lot of I hate that guy he's my enemy. I can't get a heckling the frozen but I don't he's not just of popcorn. I'd be in his face right now what are you talking all night well you know I went down he signed the ticket and you know it's kind of funny he told me his. Room numbers are staying at omni all across yeah I hear he asked if I wanted to come back after the game I did it. Pat isn't relevant but I right okay so. And as of the building at the trying to set these notches down as a trying to put the Beers down she looks up and she goes. You don't want the autograph tinker. I don't want to act or. They're out on the spot. In Iraq pat Burl gets better and demand. TV guy we are out. Yeah did I go back for a third straight year and try your luck again and you just chalk it up I. But I was I was I was done with the whole situation at that point I think I I was their all three years. And I went all the games but but the following Yahoo! is I was devastated this emotionally I didn't have it in me for batting practice and marking. How many times can you shouldn't I and I how many times can just keep coming back. For a team that quite frankly stunk. Did she. Just puts a deer season Renee go back. Leon. From what I understand now it did go back to mission valley later I was fuming I never got to tackle him he would take it out she's all excited. It's like night home. You just ignore and now you just that you just ignore it upset you know me I just fumed over it about this whole elaborate plan it out to be the guy in the daily Jersey heckling the Phillies player to what we looks up what's this guy Dylan and I try to confuse and trip them up a little bit early as an awful knighted this. It didn't happen after a great story it's on the four Ole Joseph is this now your wife. Absolutely not yeah. And got married in my life hopefully she's no wonder why I. Yeah who knows what's going on there don't really care. But it should. Salt pat Burl. On the day we were flying down to Arizona. The Super Bowl yes two years ago almost two years ago as it FS FO guess YC pat Burl in the airport. Still look like a million bucks yeah how much is still as handsome as ever still holds the water he's got it all gone on to Jacqueline then condone. Just admire the man too much yeah I've I've heard stories about the marina. I read stories in Philadelphia. Man the legend who might again his way through that AM good career in San Francisco and he did pretty well the fields and amp. Next the all the stories so that the admiral story great stuff to get my producer the Phillies went 8676. And 2004. 88 and 74 and 2005 imagine at bats and local support. Down there in San Diego might have been the difference. That's not a Palestinians that story to tell you the whole way down the park this and I was just talent Arabs can get this guy's gonna get in the business how dare he try to regulate that the year before I was in the villagers. You're on the road 3000 miles away. And you gotta fans there to support in your crap on it like that get your the next mix yet hates us the ultimate. The ultimate kick in the in the doughnuts right there parents. So when you see on the hall of fame ballot don't shed tears when he does get it. Yeah I think he's already a hall of Famer in many respects right he doesn't need Cooperstown to justify it that that's a that's that your number ladies and gentlemen. All right Chris Broussard. Did take a break all worked up now Iverson is root for the cowboys they tell the barrel story. Tub and a disaster. Broussard that next what's the latest with Derrick Rose and how badly is this situation falling apart in are the warriors can account that Kyle Korver move. We'll find out next Joseph lo didn't 95 points in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Penske auto sales that context line from the 95 I feel free you with that story. Barry Zito hit on my now wife by saying she had quote. Guys like the ocean and what I. I can't believe that you got no shot against Barry Zito probably. I must admit it Barry Zito. Mean that sets it all call this whole thing off is decent looking guys in which includes gains are the evolved as saying in the intelligence feelings yet all the twelve to six curve ball if you didn't. Dylan is that it five point seven big game. Chris Broussard one of the best in the business NBA analyst with fox sports joining Jolo and did hear a 95 point 7 to gain good morning Chris aria. Number. We're doing real well probably a little bit better than the New York Knicks what's the story out of Madison Square Garden regarding Derrick Rose not showing up last night the did team know about this in advance. Don't know detained did not know they found out they talk to rose after the game I believe. And he'd share with him that he was in Chicago. Is like what it is you know don't believe it nobody knows everything for sure because. You know people have been being quiet about it buy it rove is supposed to be back in New York or in New York. Oddly he never left and ease that practice that. So I imagine after practice he's going to speak with reporters hopefully. Change at some light on what Gwendolyn their bid everything. There there's been. Or rumors. About it replaying herb in this in this summer and two. He'll be in a that he would you know binge I guess it didn't play in the fourth quarter against Milwaukee. When they won the other night. Or him being you know happen another reason so hopefully world shed light on eight respectively. Boy nom you know what the problem it is you know so. We'll find out but he aid is not a Ginsburg in minute it is real issues EG four. It is not a good and it's not you know it'd be viewed at ignoble war. I'm coach yet ordered that after the game was confused didn't seem middle volatile. None of that segregated so various are blown out there for sure. Chris you know move forward when you look at me you know under grows and you think about the things there was surround them before he even signed there if you look at Phil Jackson has been their for some years now and just. You know this seems like that move that he pushed all his chips and the table brain making Noah rose all the things he's done and it doesn't seem like it's working. Is how was how it was managed him in Phil Jackson. And is this a direct correlation with him to Sean and there's a lack of control and discipline destructive to throughout the organization. Well let he's the president we paid president twelve year. The buck stopped with you know. But it you know big east certainly our criticism. On each of the after the game cheered you know what school and all that respect out there. He missed the situation. Me you did do that out by it at all so you know. Get more people to blame it should you have you know look at dear world no matter what the situation news. There's no excuse to let that Sheen. No what is eagle eagle so that sort you know you know actually necessarily put or or bill. Although I always stops with the leaders met here. Black bear a lot of people deserter. Trigger. On this extreme now they've lost eight earning. And they do seem to be are in control. Oh lead in the play the extra shot me in the playoffs. And a good thing for is that if indeed there is a big problem here. Did you know. You know he's on the accurate and he and that was always the little girl I mean it's stating it wrong what is beer world street. Is only for a year you. Cap room to build my ideal. If you need to we'll see how it played out here oh lead you know increased chance of light or enlisted days went back up after practice way. It's certainly not a good sign problem intended do if you are you saw that you know Jackson tenure. We're starting a movement purging as a player where the team was that the bird seed in the east just a week ago. And now are probably down again in the like another big. Bash. NBA analyst Chris Broussard of fox sports joining us there are not 57 the game Monday a big one out here for Golden State. With Cleveland coming back to town how important is this game for the warriors to reassert some sense of confidence in this rivalry. Yeah it's a big game on a base where Cleveland in the regular season last year. Humbled him. At this current lack there of rough 34 points in Cleveland and didn't win the chambers and so you can't write them. If they don't win this game but what their psyches and you know our people appeared and they're still a bit. Very confident that they're better Brinkley should be but you know you don't like elude that you are sure. You know especially. When you beat everybody ultimately. You know soul I think it's important for bad stare and point out the important. Or camcorder ray camcorder written note. The warriors beat the cap last year twice and regulatory that you know that they were very close to beating him in the heart goes last year and probably would have. Injury and in the end it. And he himself. Problems that you all know will be the day. East war in nineteen now probably again today at their match. And soul I think where you know he need that car now and not he had a good game Kirk by. Actually get a weird against LeBron days over the change camp or I'd do a rare I think is important. And I think. This team needs to learn out of an old game. That's where they'd struggle Amin and they. Couldn't. Pulled it down the stretch they have problems with execution down district they don't even though. You know we don't do it a step in the good. Problem I have on these choices. By their execution Elaine you know Durant may be used to go 10. We are no rock the issue you know would streamer. Kabul and get mad at when he did he win one you know isolation 101. Trick oh. At how we've been used to plane and they app that figure out really not so much that first forty minutes but the last eight. And how big article about teams because they get big lead so there are going to be bigotry let Mike Ribeiro and game. That are really a litmus test for the warriors all these. It's either and it O'Neal or Cleveland period now if you wanted to throw it missed its. You don't that they beat him twice but you know nobody thinks that have been better then the warriors beat you throwing she's been. It there a role in the legal. EP. Pledged at the lawyers is don't treat clean and actually edit pro audio and obviously they're law though is pretty sold our soul. A bit in the being a bigger regulars each day as your way again. With the warriors this year. NBA analyst with fox sports Chris Broussard joining Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game with the cavaliers making the move to acquire Kyle Korver between now and the deadline do you see the warriors getting active in any way shape or form. What do shortly be. Room and they're always looking great though in the protection they'd love to get it you know center. Album in here who could give him some. Straight day increased the lead the league. They're deep into the efficiency of our round the top of the lead. Home you know at their stats their numbers are great big big need to give it. Lined up and media player Beckett helped it be able Morse is O. If you look at it seems that being in Cleveland at Cleveland sort which board you now the way ba. But they are albeit stupid what would Wear yours and they get into wished that. And their line in general met its same thing here is that what they need. To re trying to guard back grandma would keys you know I you know he's taller just not his game argued that. Bang and in the blocks down near with a gala exact read about. What baker used you know another player who could help him get physical by yeah. Take anything really awake from their off future heart in her. You know the at all in part about trying to get a Tyson Chandler. You know Phoenix should certainly be in the movie you know. Our home because there aren't winning where by how do you do. But they know what your opinion but just how do you get it done so. Until they if they make a move that oh they can't beat Cleveland you know courtroom would break. No brainer you know you didn't you've been using a great shooter. But luckily they ended in the lead. Put him ahead of gold they like the warriors can't beat him no way. It happened. Advocate. They did lead the trigger and being stretched. And continue to get acclimated to one another like that steps would be a very aggressive this past week he obviously born player of the week in the work their efforts. And you will regret it a little bit more like the old staff. I'll add that I thought where he talked the Euro two ESP back. This talk about moral is ridiculous which our group. Inning when it debuted in the market. All based. But he what is it like the stamp of last year now think that is all I think that yes. Didn't Larry would berate black. He would court records are being educated. In double layer may be some room. And Abbie great. But more so is just improving what you have which I think it would. NBA analyst with fox sports Chris Broussard would Jolo Indy ads on 95 point seven million Chris. Thank you so much for your time today we really appreciate it we look forward to catch up with the again on the road. Thanks Chris Chris Broussard ladies and gentlemen. One week from today market down. 957 game dot com that's where you're gonna wanna go one week from today 957 to gain back time to check out the initial listings for our. Dream sports experiences where you can bid on unforgettable. Light sports and entertainment experiences all types of crazy stuff up forbids all proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in the. You won a dream package Jonah I guess two tickets to the lawyers Houston game at ORACLE Arena and yet car service to the game at dinner before but that's not at all. I don't anymore after the game if you fly and the Warner warriors chartered a Phoenix you get to go to the suns warriors game but before that. Yeah lunch with him growing Jim Barnett. Yet to lower level tickets you stay in a five star hotel in Phoenix you live. Like an NBA player for 24 hours wow that is forget and believable pretty silly a pretty that is really sweet waiting to see anything. At apple app app after app on my cotton. JT the brick we're gonna chat with him next we're also gonna break down the idea dish on Watson. As he sold Jed York and prod Rattay and I'm sorry as he sold the new head coach general manager that he should be the next quarterback the San Francisco 49ers still wouldn't and development of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. A bigot and an anniversary today a special day in Bay Area sports lord had snapped. What do we got. 35 years ago today 35. Years ago Jodi you urges senate. A toddler you probably. We're too young to remember this. Detached Joseph 35 years ago today in fact I was at the first game those teams played at candlestick. Niners and cowboys when the niners motor boat at a Lowe's motor 45 to fourteen. And for the first time you thought it's not a team might outs of the. I watched that game on television MM Clark there in Montana rolls out to the to the right side and his buys time. It's almost like you lose the Balkans it's float Munich get itself and in this guy just comes out of nowhere Clark may ticket unbelievable at government are like yesterday. Some of the best stories you can read on that subject are from the cameraman TV and photographer who were standing right there when it happened and nobody had a better seat in the house those guys. They captured that iconic moments in the best possible angle at a Sports Illustrated and dead spin. Right now might have historian because it's been told before JT the brick ten the noon here on 95 point seven game Lincoln Kennedy's gonna join him. At 1030 JT 35 years ago the tech. Again a matter of 24 hours Joseph drew from the anniversary yesterday of the writers forty years from Super Bowl I eventually had the huge anniversary. Of the so burned black yesterday and then you have the anniversary for the nine or empire and one is probably one of them I think it's a mount Rushmore catch it's one may be the top two to three. Most important catches in the history. While pro football that was some comparisons to day about what happened we Clemson last tonight. When they ran that pick play and what Freddie Solomon initially was supposed to do on that route when he fell down and Dwight Clark kept the play alive going across the back of the end zone so compared it to college football last night was fun to break I'll handle the mount Rushmore is around here okay thank you you start taking my stuff start. Out I. Last night we fought we jumped on Twitter and I know Joseph wanted to congratulate me for saying it in the fourth quarter go to Williams go to williams' total Williams showed that he not make those big plays late in the game and a guy the niners. Would consider taken to a wide receiver number two pick overall book do you Joseph wouldn't. Lowell and Sean Walker should you. On that poised young man who beat Alabama for a national title you just throw in Mike Williams vicinity he will go up there and you'll make that catch. He's incredible that was epic last night border get into wood on the show today the niners the prize should 111. Round picks. On the field last night nine to eleven most people say it's all the niners are going number two overall first off if they trade out of the second deck they can move down and get more picks because the first round I think is loaded with a lot of good players what how do you passed on to Shawn Watson because he is the filet ever. Well that day in the day that few people. Alabama and one of the greatest games ever played last night could be the quarterback for the niners don't follow God's all actually all how do you pass up while you pass on because you have so many holes break I don't even know if you would make your mount Watson more the mount Rushmore block there. I know it's your big JT and Terry Watson. I just don't think that the niners have pressure on you want that number two pick to be easy you wanted to fall in your lap you don't wanna have to make a decision. Those sports talk radio can rally around that taken after last night you know you wanna go out on a limb and take Mitch. Drabinsky. Cotton corn take a guy who himself and develop. Who did sell some of those tickets at Levis. In the upper upper deck because he's got that national championship ranked. They go to break ladies and gentlemen ten the new Lincoln Kennedy at 1030 sand and make at 1115. And speed Rushmore at 11:4 o'clock. I'd get my stuff. Coming huge break fans. And I foam on Twitter to Atlanta last solve what you've done speed brick before you darn I don't see he's he's he's taken this. It's great. Sharing is caring these elements here is Tom Family Guy coming Diebler on this show fans and that's about it. Do you like this and I didn't watch it recently and that's nice guy Steven he appears to be seeing him about how watching here that I'm not a huge fan I'm familiar with what he did. Element in that heat fan but why nobody likes foul mouth toddlers more than me to know a lot. Talking dogs Zemin Newton and not terrific stuff well although the team and crazy is. Out mark. But boy yeah well Hudson and put it well let's see what goes on mark and it's like I just want to go ID cards you're not a hit. Well. Mike Lowell is right 100% on the on the great the great staff curry was all any recent episode of Family Guy here's the audio. The cries out it's Golden State Warriors star stepped it. Like I'd step on such a different banks is nice to meet him and know we just met but can I shoot on your lap during your next post game press conference. Sir I'm through or not this is exciting for the whole Bay Area to be just four games away from the championship ad I don't know the teams does is gonna go away and I'm gonna stay focused. You dole even don't fat lady had. Had a fat lady yeah a senior Peter acre golf that's not how we talked to people. Golf. Lean. And I'm learning deadly hazards. I I guess that's a play on the fact Ryan Reilly care yeah. On it's an unflattering impressed her that's a big comeuppance in the world some of the most famous people out there said they knew based truly mean it when he appeared on the Simpsons. When when you got that spot on the Simpsons that's when you kinda step back and were like well well I actually. I've achieved something here not sell an outer Arenas is a band not winning an award for a movie. Being on the Simpsons and Family Guy while not to the level of the Simpsons still very very popular Davos Sweeney after the game last night. How were fans Colin towered around here at least I am a listen to show I think it is a nice job Sweeney calls about head coach comes after last night's game take a listen to this from the press conference. We left no doubt tonight. Than it did today. We left no doubt tonight you know we wanted to play Alabama. Because now ya gotta change your stories she got to change the narrative. You're gonna mix it up. You know the got a cult is a fraud. Ask Alabama for a fraud. Was named Colin coward. Ask Allen never met him no no and ask him if Alex were Alabama for fraud Haskell I was stated we're fraud ask Oklahoma. If we're fraud. Only draw does that guy. Does he even do his homework oh don't print that. I looked out. The emphasis when you say at the end go ahead and print that plague belly check on Freddie Mitchell back in the day he's terrible you can print that. That's just that that's one of the ultimate insults right there that's like using the word son at the end of rant when you say you know sign up though. Sign the same kind of idea back to that well had it doesn't happen at highway and what you are doing it's it's it gets its wouldn't fifty governments you like it like. You had to go back to an opinion on wells played send this out on the high notes Lorenzo Neal ladies and gentlemen. Joined JT the brick nexus coming up in four minutes Lincoln Kennedy at 1030 Sammy made 1115 speed Rushmore at 1145 critical for kids until formal thanks Jeanne and never once we appreciate hang out or back tomorrow at 6 AM 95 points of the game or fraud is that guy. Oprah Oprah that.

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