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Best of Joe, Lo & Dibs: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Jan 10, 2017|

The guys discuss Clemson's upset win over Alabama and debate whether or not the 49ers should use the second overall pick on Deshaun Watson. How could Derrick Rose go MIA on the Knicks and Fortenbaugh loses his mind over Allen Iverson's support of the Dallas Cowboys. Super Bowl champion Heath Evans weighs in on Derek Carr's MVP chances and Chris Broussard swings by.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. I think we can all agree. That Alabama's defense this season was the best defense in the country. Older guys what you just saw last night and put that up against everything else that's happened. This season take the full body of work that is that you need is going to reduce four or 51 round hours over the next few years here. They have made good quarterbacks around the SEC. USC at the beginning of the season all over the place look. Hideous. And yet in two games against Alabama. On the biggest of stages under the brightest of lights. The Shawn Watson is now 66. Of a 103 passes. 825. Yards seven touchdowns. One interception. 116. Rushing yards one TD. You combine those two games over the last two years. Alabama 76. Clemson 75. You cannot get any closer than that. This kid no matter what you wanna say is a gamer. Because against a nasty is team in the country he showed up not once but twice so low here's the big question. After what you saw last night and what you've seen over the past few years. Hit number two the San Francisco 49ers and eight. Is Watson available because Cleveland needs a quarterback you want and be if he is should they take them. He's can be available. Alexei eat I would take him because he can do so I would I would want love to take him because of the way he can do athletically. There won't talk to and Paloma ball last night he shown he can pull the ball in tight coverage against the a good good a formidable defense that can run like you say it was a JV NFL so we shown that he's a second round Mary. NFL quarterback I think so I was going to try to move up in San Francisco's 49 a spot to joke. To give him because of 49ers they are so far away that I don't believe a quarterback is going to be quick stop. They need more weapons I would not keep the issue unmanned. I would look to trade back to get more picks if I'm the San Cisco 49 is not that Watson. Is not mirrored the second Olympic. Now coming in the last night's game. Based on what people had seen this season a lot felt that after lashes gaming and drama that's the first quarterback off the board even before coffin Wentz last year. This season has raison question your and some feel late first round may be sliding out of the first round altogether. You now think that he has done enough on the stage a war being that I've addressed that you think the momentum should I say or the perception is gonna swing back to Watson being one of the best available prospects in the country without a doubt. I take mower deck press cut tomorrow. That's about a big endorsement right there woody does. That decades to. Peace is being the case you saw this guy should insect wing thirty yours back. He's more elusive those sacks cost me on the over under for rushing yards by the way he had thirty yards of Saxony finish would like 43 rushing as we missed it by about seven yard off and he could've got sacked ten more times -- they run and Mike linebacker routed the middle and he was still it would dilute dilute guys. I think he showed his toughness. He shall charisma he showed poise. In the pocket I think people can pull the ball down the field he can drive the ball long and he's just more deadly more political would his legs right now. I think this guy's now with out a doubt first round he's a top ten pick if there is there is when you look at. Cleveland you look at the bears you look at the teams around the league. Arizona all of these different teams around only did we talk about a quarterback driven league. This guy gives you the flash. He gives you the stability. When you look at the interception racial that you talked about to a gets a formidable which one they want that's what one of the greatest defense and Alabama in only one pick. You can't teach that coach that's that affected him he knew that you were talking about this morning gives Watson a number two. I wouldn't do it is far the 49ers for the exact reason that Lowe said because you need it of the starting 22. I don't know special teams doesn't either but this offense defense in front row for the sake of this argument are you starting to what do you do you probably need. Seventeen new starters roughly I mean not to be. Ice cold maybe twelve with the fewest. So one guy is not gonna help you to lowest point though he probably knows the first quarterback. Off the board jumping ahead of this John Kaiser and made two biggest key I just don't like the niners are a position. To where you make to take on the quarterback but somebody I think lows right somebody's gonna wanna get into that number two spot and maybe grab them. That would be the best possible thing for the niners has look at last year due to trades that took place the rams coming up to one at. And Philadelphia coming up to two counties major bounties were given up Tennessee's got two picks in the first eighteen this year I believe there. Cleveland's got two picks in the first twelve or thirteen and that's just the tip of the iceberg for what they received in those deals the copper Watson right now is teams Winston. Very similar to James Winston Paul is a goal mobile. Good arm strength but a bit erratic with the decision making and a lot of turnovers Winston threw a ton interceptions at Florida State but he's got a little gunslinger. I would caution everyone who's falling in love with Watson. Today I think of one thing and did tonight talked about this before the show. Recent C buys. Letting what happened most recent dictate your logic rather than seeing the big picture. We said something very. Very similar. Back in January of 2006 about a guy named Vince Young. We said something very similar when you solve Vince Young shred USC. In the national championship. Down in Pasadena. 267. Passing yards 200 rushing yards on just nineteen carries with three touchdowns. Every one. Love Vince Young did they not. Yeah and I did physical. Gamer. It factor arm strength I mean it came down at him Reggie Bush and Mario Williams of those top three picks Houston ends up going. With Mario Williams. Not to say the mental make up is the same but don't look what happened five minutes ago. Ultimately dictate your opinion of this player he has problems throwing the comeback route his problems throwing out route he is erratic attacks. Keep that in mind because we all felt the same way about Vince Young just a few years. Recent C biased you know yeah is what what it's called out as fantastic in that aids you think about that in your own life and how often. You yourself are affected by that this recent C bias especially. On a grand stage like that you know EC the national champs you game you beat Alabama. You see disappointed Saban all these images that burning your mind and he's offensive player of the game in and all that. Ultimately. If you look back at the start of this year though he was a guy you thought of as a a top ten pick a great quarterback. Maybe he suffered a little bit through the course of the season but. Overall body were still pretty impressive. Well I'll tell you what two years in a row. Same two teams. Combined the final score 76. To 75 you could not have asked for more. On the biggest of stages under the brightest of lights from the best two teams in the country it's Alabama it's Clemson. It's the rematch and it lived up to every expectation imaginable. 3531. Easier final this on Watson in the Clemson Tigers. As six and a half point underdogs upset the Alabama Crimson Tide at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida that. Was won it for the ages what's up everybody Joseph affordable all the red zone yield Dan diddley thanks so much rang out this today. Action packed Heath Evans is gonna join us at 815 he's Super Bowl champ. We ask him what he thinks about this on Watson's chances. Once he jumps to the NFL Matt Stein Mets is coming up in about 27 minutes at 730 Chris Broussard NBA insider what happened with Derrick Rose last night. He's at 930 gentlemen it's great to see about a four and a half to five hour national championship game last night. Did as great as that game was was it too long or you cool with how long that game took the plan out it was too long. It's been too long I went to the text sane and Tennessee game earlier this year it was double time five dollars. And I know double overtime it's going to be longer than normal but. Five hours for a football game last night was I think four and a half it's just too long too many timeouts too long halftime. Let's turn this thing down. People but what do you think does something need to change because that was. Compelling theater from start to finish but again if you're on the East Coast that the in my past midnight in did you know you you're right something has to happen. It's you guys got to let's see who is an experience. It's experience that those people in that stand do you think any of those guys say hello this game's over we go party they are like there in that moment. You saw the emotions in the end you know when the sun and in the stands he saw the people's faces. It's crazy in that last prime minister you saw the Alabama's fans just. Owner crying need solemn cheering these some crying I mean the emotions in that stance so you talk about the for a half hours is along. Yet it's long for the common guys like us to watch and if there really aren't. You know Alabama are Clemson fans were just football fans but the people better die hard to dump. They're fine with their plywood does but I think where the masses. It's a little long and indeed tuchman for got two ways that. To cut down to. I'm good with it it's just that if you what do appeal to a younger audience playing the game on a Monday coming off Christmas and New Year's break. Any kids on the East Coast are gonna be up past midnight watching that game beckoned her Chu a little bit I'll say this if you wanna speed the game up. Keep the clock running on first downs just like in the NFL and there are too many stoppages all these college teams now they'd run tempo they're throwing the ball everywhere the clock is stopping. Every eight seconds and that's what drags this thing out bowl games are always going to be longer because both bands get to perform at halftime they love the ceremony. But if you want to speed the game up just keep the clock rolling on first down I'm Tonya yeah Mac half an hour off this thing more on this in a minute here comes your update. Well that is our job storage gentlemen of the national championship. That goes to clubs and a rematch of last year's title game that Alabama won the sequel. This shot or Watson was dominant. Want to see them. Fowler and herb street to call on ESPN as John Watson threw for 420. Yards. Three touchdowns and Joseph how much did he improve his draft stock last night dramatic. Because all it takes is one. One team the fall in love I have to imagine that what you saw last night at least one team fell in love with what they saw a lot of Shawn Watson is slot stock had taken. Eight hit. This season any he still had a good season put on the big stage against stand up for the second year in a row he came up huge. Think it's a gamer and more importantly he has that it factor that teams look for. You can work on some of these dissecting of defense is you can work on the comeback routes that he isn't great at throwing but he's got that it factor that's a kid you could build around. Playmaker over 800 yards in the two title game's first title since 1981 for Clinton story number two lawyers back on the floor tonight Miami. In town it's Andre Iguodala Bobble head night for the first. 101000. In attendance low they leave the west by one and a half games. Over San Antonio are you at all concerned about them holding this top spot in the last none. Concerned they know what's at stake this is not a game he was so they got to get ready for MLK day because we know that is that cats come and down the big bad LeBron but don't you know what they understand who's right behind him in their in in the conference penal San until most from breathing down their neck so this is not a letdown spot looks with this team to continue to get better. Story number three in the NFL coaching carousel has been spinning it. Made a stop at Jacksonville has hired. Dog Maroney went fifteen and 1718. Years in buffalo he finished the year as the jags interim coach this season they also hope. Hired Tom Coughlin to oversee football operations as executive. Vice president Joseph overseeing football operations. Please explain Jacksonville really going outside the box here by hiring a leadership structure and an empowering them to make decisions think about what Jacksonville just did. Tom Coughlin three year deal. Doug Maroney had coached three year deal David Caldwell current general manager two year extension giving him what a three year deal. Everybody has the same length of deal. Everybody's on the same page every once invested in everyone else's success let me tell you something Jacksonville is a very appealing job top five draft pick. Top three salary cap space and odor that doesn't metal assault division you can get rid of lake portals in the very near future and yet a defense that was top ten in total defense this patch here that's a very appealing job meanwhile Jed York abroad Marat they continue to interview candidates for their head coaching vacancy. And the general manager position I don't they and immune meaning we got there I don't think a lot of people that would love to see who coach and we get that every day there are people that what you expect. College community owes me goats go to I would never leave you know now the update I wasn't suggesting you know. I talked and he is guys. Yeah Dave brought you by bail armed with an alarm your protected 24 sevenths by local security experts and the you can manage your system wherever you go go to the alarm dot com for a free review. Very alarmed what have you got to lose I'm candidly on your home of the warriors our coverage starts at six tonight right here on 95 point seven a game. Good stuff they're did spank you very much 3531. Is your final Clemson over Alabama in a thriller. Was it better and Vince Young over USC in January of 2006 I think those games are right there will. Rather those two games because you got to see Vince Young. To strive on down the field in in the game for the game winner last night you got deceit to. Quarterbacks drive their team down the field or apparent game winner for Alabama but it wasn't look like it was going to be any assaults on Watson. They want talked about was going to be highs Meehan first pick in the draft. You saw his greatness come out last night on the biggest the state against one of the greatest defense that's been assembled. Guys that hit all the different affix a pro at the sitter NFL ready. Tell Joseph that bring kids from is the sport's true freshman. Duke got a Middleby and run like that all Lawrence for glimpses of clips that you can't come out until 2019 that is probably your number one overall pick in 2019 this kid is it true freshman. Dexter Lawrence it was a piece last night. If he keeps his head a stray known because opening he jumped. That Katie was plain dips. Strong fiscal alto admit. And whole and is on and and so yeah I thought that was a great that thought that was a freaking phenomenal. National championship game wanted to talk gains that we've ever seen. Dibs how much. Did Nick Saban is decision to dump Lane Kiffin. One week before the national championship game and insert Steve's are cheesy and his offensive coordinator when he true freshman quarterback going into the game against Clemson. Do you think that blew up in his face how big a role did that play in this game I. I don't think you played any role you still look at it seemed to scored 31 points when you've got the best defense college football and one of the best defense is ever there were talent us. That should be enough idle there ain't. I don't think Lane Kiffin departure was the reason that Shawn Watson threw for 420 yards and three touchdowns. I don't think you can put down on Lane Kiffin Steve's are key agent or the offense I don't think it played any role on the games below its year Lane Kiffin. It's now all Odyssey you know rooting for ban to lose that game you. You work or kids he's back here he's probably have a cigar. He thinks seat you don't that you still recruits. I left Alabama last year we won national title. I'm not there you see what happened off for instance score it honestly. Blame one last night Tiffany and give me baby one last night and you have been able to say that about him never. He's never one who never. Well I mean he hit the lottery ticket and life re just keeps getting opportunity after opportunity seemingly without having any success at any level. Let's collaborator. But that's gotta look good because that's IBC today hey world. Alabama has never won closely Kiffin. So much for your juggernaut when I'm the man I'm not mixing every one of the world's animal wing get Osama everyone. Well Lane Kiffin maybe now Wayne cancer and that's going to Alter ego yet you don't let her get blown way and you tell Wayne and good luck at Florida Atlantic op here is Clemson head coach dabbled Sweeney after the game this was an emotional speech and this is the guy who eight years ago promised to restore. Clemson to a national power. Well it hasn't been that commitment that it had tested within the system that the system but I think they look at. I think in this day and to think about I think that's. The ultimate goal the that would that would that would have been doing. A little. Bit that the because we love to put that it did so. The on the that would limit the oval. We'll get committed and fitness. And the middle of this thing was it just doesn't have that little. The goal of the the book got them back over that and I think that's the real. Love. That's all it takes not. My god access profound delisting Jeddah you'd listen not a top. You'll have dipped below one new game. See that's a different look like love out there look like a lot of hate not behaved he's talking about because they're sold again. Because this team is so unified because there were on the goal do things together ups and good depth it's a brotherhood. And if you love guys in new web your brother. How much you lose and slow and showed up last night and that's the cold to start Panama. It's great and it's it Prez I'd I'd Bristol just a bit down low at the notion that. The Alabama players didn't love each other or did you love each other more than Alabama love each other a little bit too cliche for me. I know you have unity. Alabama's the machine. And guys are there in the league is and I don't feel love and I think it's sometimes it's just like you got ST that Saban who's this dictatorship. That this is what we do in God's when when NASA to. Owner and has done. So was not about this talk about love it's about hey if you premieres on. One and in a national championship you wanna be here come to Alabama so they did it's the love of winning a national championship but I think that bond. They are dictators should get when you look at dabble. Doubt we'll say god I don't go down on them phone tab on him. Do this level prevail it is going to it is going to be in fact she is in the slot and we we stick together. And we all want to know there. Some kind of wait we're gonna be the Tories now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Ten year NFL veteran Super Bowl champion and he's now a terrific analysts. But the NFL network keep Evans we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game after watching the manner in which the Oakland Raiders completely. Fell apart. Following Derek cars leg injury. How much consideration does he deserve for the league MVP award. Of course you know and because. They've got an excuse to one. You know. I don't know. I just here's what at all that bought the a lot a lot of what they do. If you were real quick. It used to be. And I accept that agreement so people made it to people like to bullish just ups were great. A pressure on the game winner lost wouldn't do much for even with our belated secrets. The scheme that how they. Click down on all the local. So this warmup and closer. The game in Mexico. When the raiders were. I would argue that detection speaker has grown leaps and bounds since that we can that we. Lost there in Mexico. Our leader quarterback with a long way to go in this and so. Given those C game planning to be the only decent little machine which city likes. They hunkered down down in it's it's really it's not good football those two films screen. There's just a lot of development for caller still I think you'll get there. He's on his way. But but. His troop quarterback is MVP caliber yeah. Always love having you phone because he brings with the opinion he's not gonna sugar now like some do. But I gotta disagree on the Derek Carr situation not because it's the raiders flagship you take Brady up the patriots to go three and one they click no prop Brady's had a huge year. But you remove Brady from the equation in the team still performs at a high level. Eric Carr's removed from the equation this team was a bottom five NFL team. People might wanna hear that but lifeless in the last quarter against the colts lifeless would no pride against Denver. Lifeless with the very little pride against Houston that's a fact would you say not. This is controlling this isn't looking to make people upset he went down and this team packed it. Absolutely Joseph and that's why they gonna have to make changes on the coaching staff heard the reason you just say it. New England's more but not fundamentally. Coaching attention to details and they're able to steal hide the multitude default that they don't have when they don't have Brady. They would play better defense more ball control offense and they can still Muster a Marines went card goes down for this team it shows you all the different things that this team can and do. Defensively offensively in so many different things are exposed so you're actually right and I disagree we need to lament we begin with. What happened. The guardian in New York City last night or actually more specifically. What didn't happen at the garden last night dance yeah apparently there is some confusion about where Derrick Rose was he was missing. From the Nixon. Heading in that game there was no official word. On where he was an apparently he had according to sources returned to his hometown a of Chicago for quote family issues his teammate Joakim Noah who played them at Chicago and came to the knicks. With rose said he didn't really wanna talk too much about it because quote I don't really know the situation or what it is. And when he's not here it's tough on the team but he's happy that everything is okay. With Derrick Rose who apparently went back to Chicago for some miscellaneous family emergency. Well you've played in locker rooms before now grainy you guys once a week Sundays this is obviously baseball hockey basketball much more frequent prefer a guide to Natalie missing game. Just to not show law. You're talking about tracked this year like Allen Iverson just talk about or read an actual game a big time game. And I don't think he loves his sport. You have to question. When your grown men any kids came in the king's ransom. In you can't call. Or just you know pick the phone hey Phil I had a family emergency I need to go. Intimated to not tell anyone in management where this owner where there's the coach for you to tell the coach and coach can deal would Mandarin to say coast man its. Comes on I gotta get on coaches are pretty pretty we will they've been give either pretty lenient when it comes at things like that. I've been in situations where they Dylan fan issues in a Marcia and I say look well don't be a practice get out here go take your kids. If something happens and coaches are pretty understanding. So it's just interest in just goes to show you lack of respect. Lack of leadership. And Michael teach your teammates and you're in your organization when you do that. This from Ian Begley who writes for ESPN after determining that he was healthy and safe. People within the knicks organization were embarrassed that Derrick Rose was unreachable. According to sources. Regardless of the circumstances the team at. Feels that wrote should have communicated the reasons for his and then to text message. I got a baby due February 9. That water breaks say for 35 AM in the morning when I'm supposed to be here meet would you guys. You get and probably a text message that says something like baby coming and then that's it you won't get anything else because obviously my focus will be elsewhere. But I would feel that that's enough. For you gentlemen being as intelligent as you are to process well. We've known for months a baby was due around this time. He's telling us he attacks BB com and we're probably gonna need to operate without him today would you be able to gather that information from that tax I think we connect those dots let alone. We can put up I did today you're gonna need have a great show you go on and you can handle your business what you would have had the heads up. You need to be to detail I didn't need to send him flowers and communicate a personal message to each view. I just needed to in some way shape or form get the basic crux of what was happening to you. So that you could move on with your days that's it this guy who actually boarded a flight and flew to and others. That's what's that all that time. And last I looked on the plane to get used a credit card whether it's an Amex or whether it's a visa and you slide it did and then there's a phony yeah I'd say and yet you can still place calls when you and Aaron now so. At Dicky has a couple dollars a he can do that adds I just think it's prudent and disrespectful for. His leadership guys was hit coach trends in of people man does this wrong. So does this get any better for the knicks because. Melo and another got thrown out the third quarter last night the teams come completely unglued if you get this young kid Chris that's forcing its low you've been a big fan of his since the day was drafted. Can't seem to get enough looks as he got ball hogs plan iso ball you get egos taken over Phil Jackson looks like he's lost control of the situation. And well it's like what's next the next how is it this whole art to put together a competent product. Talking about win a title what is the knicks' plane at the Mac you you can't find a way to grab the Eastern Conference eight seed. Right in even have a situation where you have cohesion in the locker room and yet everyone on the same page I mean forget the wins and losses and all you need is. 41 wins go 41 and 41 in the east and you probably going to be a for a five C a billion parade in New York it just right you don't have to go out there and wind 73 games to be a success New York has been so starved. For a winner they really just want a team that has the threat of being a winner. In order to have that you've got to have a locker room with cohesion and you've got to have it from the top to the bottom where everyone's on the same page and that's not the case in new. Bill's gone after new year thank then I know this like twelve 1000000 years that pan am and what is done. That exact anyone could close to the signings are mad right it's exactly tell Phil's gone out the year. Tonight to this last this was his last for a he went out and sign these guys that you say that past their prime guys it. Used to be flashed anywhere outside and he puts all his chips and a table all the ships in the the table each year. In this is gonna cause and now you got they guided you spin all overpaid for under gross. Won't even give you since you went out on the limb than Lotta people would even had picked him up you went out on the limb to bring him in. And he describes stoning for in your face. And being. He gloom I like that to them and Atlanta with a Tony disguised in the coming year crap brighten your face you can keep that job. You can tell you cannot be as her. Allies who. Did he get roles and I'm. Just in my leg minidisc. Something Joseph asks. Good stuff it really is unaware about this this is came across the desk a breaking news. Philadelphia legend Alan Iverson publicly supports Dallas Cowboys. ESPN one. I've seen you dead to me a whole Joseph you let the guy. What's wrong with him you you you can't do this this is like Chris Christie the governor of New Jersey hanging out we Jerry Jones era why do you think that Bob lost the election might be Q well it was too much you cannot. I cannot be the governor of New Jersey had root for the cowboys those are your constituents. They happen to be finance Iverson what he'd do it. That is how it is a bad move by AI do you think based on my general mood right now do you think that a good move. He's the only thing he's got. He's got regarding men feel sits in a it was a terrible place coach this terrible place you never wanna live there on the team's all stink but that doesn't mean you can be alleged they go root for the cowboys correct your ingrained pets it. So he's out now he's out on there's a lot on this and I. Everything is bomb is currently I'm out you don't hang out would gently is pictured him in general manager turn in your filly card. That's it yet here's this tweet hope my cowboys win this weekend we needed bad. He didn't capitalize the scene cowboys and there's no period at the end of that quite frankly that's his blogs they attack at Wheaties eleventh shutout work Iverson took place. Yeah Beth and tape these Phillies intro exactly he's always been true with Carolina isn't here and skid they're all true to their style. This guy in this in this doubts have come from no one ever saw this for years digital music public. I deny what you knew the ring it was a redskin fan for a long time from DC you've known staff's been shot at him for a long time. That's all acceptable cassettes were you grow up OK okay control where you grow well. I grew up and Hampton Virginia coach OK on the study technology. And bad luck club terrible luck. You know at least not the only place welcome him with open if you're gonna behave like this well you can go down to Dallas and hang out with the wits he didn't cube in and Jarron. Mike Modano and whoever the hell is to let them know Tokyo because he's one of the last true great coach who else is bad that's it lucky you dig. You think you have a tough kid he's lost on Christmas Day new blew a three run lead the finals I mean really you just won the title the year before. One baseball teams when a World Series left and right both football teams ones on the rise the other was just in the Super Bowl not too long ago you got a good here. Got a real good you just in the Stanley Cup finals. About how people have another place. Philadelphia's a toilet for professional markets. A bus station toilet at bet there's one other. I Ritz Carlton tore into the low. Be like give Mike I don't ever wanna hear that again don't ever play that again if Michael Jack Schmidt showed up a steal leaders to actually did he like Michael Jack she's and it's one of the great all all time third baseman now you. He showed up would no mustache and suddenly he was personable kiss midi was never personable anybody that was his chart you might belong in Philly but I hated everybody. You ballplayer he showed a steeler Jersey out Polly bristle you like this does. B of sending him insulting it's like next to him and find out. Donovan McNabb suddenly is this huge knicks man Islam and attacked back pat the back shut out. Texas that's going to be you know what discuss me every time these stupid hall of fame ballots come out his name's on all of fame is this if it's less light bulb came ashore put on the value he's not dead and did she took Joseph. Tried. You don't know this story now the site this is actually like your leg you know the jeopardy store idea we'll we'll just so awesome. I told us a couple of years it has been a long time. We will tell it may ruled out today I don't know now back to show lowered its on 95 point seven to get dips in the year was 2004. The young young lad named Joseph foreign ball eyes wide by admiring the world. Leaving at San Diego had just completed his first year of law school. Hand. As a young Philly fan was excited to see the Phillies come to town to play the Padres they come in once a year for three game series not a team was very good at today's those of the Brian Giles days. And it was actually played football for the charges in those days they were very Getty. No I was with Hank thank. So what I would do is I would buy the full the full package to go to on all three games against the Phillies hand the first night. The Padres are playing the Phillies. Pat go get irregularly. Total schmuck just wanna see. Batting practice wanna take it only and would root for the bills. Hadn't even threaten to divisional title in like fifteen years and your team or bombs coach and at the time you're in your early twenties you still have this enthusiasm in this wide eyed view of the world 23 and a half. A my birthdays in December so it was the Euro is turning point ports to support your piccolo. But beautiful structure down. So I get early on hanging out of left field where a lot of the guys are warm enough stretch in the Phillies up there. Hey look who it is. Pat The Bat girl. Page strapping good look indeed is a guy you'd wannabe and fewer Major League Baseball and sit there and my Phillies Jersey spring training Jersey no name on the back. Earl don't have a lot on this team Chase Utley was just in the process to getting called up I believe the following season was all get excited about capital was that guy right there I draft pick. Things didn't go well with Scott Rolen things didn't go well we J. D. Drew a that was going to be the guy at the U. Miami Hurricanes baby so I looked I said. And action aipac. Philadelphia loves you. You may be in San Diego but Philadelphia loves you to have a big game at pearl looks up to me this wide eyed optimistic 23 year old law school. Did you what did. Two home runs tonight trio and hit two home runs tonight that's honest I've been at a Manhattan and sit there and they get pat burly gentlemen. Get a load that confidence that swagger those good looks the chiseled body he's got a do you recognize this vanity cheats and with respect and I thought to myself my nights made Phillies go ahead lose again the pride it was a 110 this year. They can listen I've in my Knight has been made less than that two more games to watch after this one. NASA basking in this moment having spoken with Pat The Bat Berle. Gentlemen. To my left nudges Meehan says. You know is not playing tonight right. As we talk about he goes he just pulled a hamstring like twenty minutes ago they were checking him out he late scratch you'll be playing tonight. To myself how did you do it. How did you do it to be accurate all the way out yeah baseball. And I wanted to talk to you and you type in the you really just totally put an egg my issue and yet he's pulling your chain have always tell me. I should get off I enjoyed the game I came back the following night the night after have no idea outplayed out who cares neither team was any good. DP yeah I believe it's for the Padres back then it. But they were an entertaining games so high shake it off did that I move on the my life I move into your to a loss will somehow I did not fail I believe and despite all the drinking I did. Night in night out down there and it's great story you're sure it's. Pat The Bat Merlin Phillies are coming back the town. In August series like it always does. And a big and myself fumbled back I'm going back different this time. Girls I can get the best of me exit myself. And my girlfriend at the time knew how much I love this series she knew you know bolting system because it'll be nice one of the three nights. She's gonna get good tickets are gonna be the third baseline. Usually am taken seats up top you know the law school can I don't have any money. This is such a nice gift this thank you thank you so much reward her as we drive down the echo park my mission valley with a story every Gayle heard tales. A where all went wrong what pat Burl. How the year before. Try to speak a patent pact crap in my face us lied to me in treating me like trash. I told her exactly what my game plan one sect who he was I was gonna go to and then as an heckled him. No more Philadelphia luck pat burrow you're gonna feel the wrath son sure oust California. She can't listen to this all the way down the ball park 2530 minute right traffic map how I was going after pat Burl. He told you before I knew he was gonna remember me do O'Meara got a guy like I mean you treat me like trash like that. So tell. We get down there we Parke were early is yet again it's only want BP to get a pac ten early yet tonight. The decline there are no hamstring injuries tonight and get that hand them to get in early forget about my love for Philadelphia at the time. So we show up. And it's regularly bone and a BC I mean there's like no one Phillies are out warming up and I look at mega you know thank you so much of the tickets. What are you relax and join the sun whatever you wanna do all the while all get. Whenever we years include add couple leaders she was out three or four different Danks and get some popcorn has Cracker Jacks a plea that we have a two game problem is. It's like twelve different stance I had to go to some up there thirty minutes right course. I gotta go get the Beers that I got to go get the notches in the pop idol this stuff so we had a visit thank you because she went on got me these tickets to do that she's gonna stay abiding. My tackle pat Burl had that he knew what was comic she'll listen to and all that so I'm. She mock. Hiring additional Mickey ears not shows I mean South Korea are all over to play but appealed that because she got me these tickets and I'm walking down the icing. Right there on the wall. Third base. The girlfriend this girl I thought that's the special where. Talking pat that girl. I think to myself she heckling pat for me. Is she down there doing me a solid now I see a lot of laughs saying enough afflicting of the hair and now what appears to be charming conversation. Now you look up the stands when you see some show mop with a couple of overpriced Beers and some not chosen is still the Jersey typical Philly trashy would say that you be right. So working my way down the island. I sit there and put everything dad and she comes walking or not she's smiling and look at I go. You don't. She does all she goes. I wanted to get Chu an autograph while you were gone I had a ticket stub that guy down there I just got his autograph for you I know how much you love the Phillies. Renee what do you do a tax cut girl is all that's pat Burl you don't like him. He didn't listen to this story on the way out of the water. I expect guy he's my enemy. I can't get a heckling the frozen I don't he's not doesn't popcorn. I'd be in his face right now what are you talking all night well you know I went down he signed the ticket and you know it's kind of funny he told me his. Room numbers are staying at the omni all across yeah I hear he asked if I wanted to come back after the game I did it. Pack two ears and around but I right. Okay apps and as of building as a trying to set these notches down as of trying to put the Beers down she looks up and she goes. You don't want the autograph tinker. Hot hot hot I don't want to take it or. There are out on the stock has been around. Burl gets the better make it NN. TV guide me Arianna. Big daddy trying go back for a third straight year dryer like again you just chalk it up I. But I was I was I was done with the whole situation at that point I think I I was there all three years. And I went all the games but but the following Yahoo! is I was devastated their emotionally I didn't have it in me for batting practice and marking. How many times can you should give guy how many times can just keep coming back. For a team that. Quite frankly stunk. Did she. Puts idea season Renee go back. Leon. From what I understand now did go back to mission valley later I was fuming I never got to tackle him he would take it out she's all excited. It's like marry Colin. You just ignore it now you just that you just ignore it upset you know me I just fumed over it and had this whole elaborate plan without threat to be the guy in the Billy Jersey. Heckling the Phillies player to what we looks up what's this guy doing right try to confuse and trip them up a little bit early as an awful knighted this. It didn't happen after a great story it's on the four Ole Joseph is this now your wife. Absolutely not yeah. And got married in my life hopefully she's no one's why. Yeah who knows what's going on there don't really care act but it should. Salt pat moral. On the day we were flying down to Arizona. The Super Bowl yes two years ago almost two years does it FS FO guess who I see pat Burl in the airport. Still the killing a million bucks and how much is still as handsome as ever still holds the water he's got it all gone on to Jacqueline then condone. Just admire the man too much yeah I've I've heard stories about the marina. Good stories in Philadelphia. Man the legend who might again his way through that and good careers ever does go and he did pretty wild feels that the NAFTA. That's the all the stories so that took admiral story gritty stuff and my producer the Phillies went 8676. In 2004. 88 and Sammy four and 2005 imagine that's local support. Now there in San Diego might have been the difference. That's the Palestinians that story to tell you the whole way down the park is an eye which is talent Arabs can get this guy's gonna get in the business how dare he try to treat you like that you're before I was in the villagers. You're on the road 3000 miles away. And you got a fan there to support in your crap on like the league pitcher the next mix yet hates us the ultimate. The ultimate kick in the in the doughnuts right there and I parents. So when you see the whole thing ballad don't shed tears when he does get it. Yeah I think he's already a hall of Famer in many respects right he doesn't need Cooperstown to justify it by accident that's that's a member lazy gentlemen now back to show low dips on 95 point seven game. Chris Broussard one of the best in the business NBA analyst with fox sports joining Jolo and did hear a 95 point 7 a game good morning Chris aria. Number. We're doing real well probably a little bit better than the New York Knicks what's the story out of Madison Square Garden regarding Derrick Rose not showing up last night did that team know about this in advance. Elbow betrayed did not know they found out they talk to rose. After the game I believe. And eat share within that he was in Chicago. It's like when it you know so believe it nobody knows everything for sure because. You know people have been been quiet about it. Road is supposedly back in New York or in New York. Obviously never laughed and eat that practiced so. So I imagine after practice he's going to speak with reporters hopefully. Change it some light on what colonial and their bid everything. There there's been. Or rumors. About everything in this in the sure and who. Him being up that he would. You know being in charge yet or didn't play in the fourth quarter against Milwaukee. When they won the other night. More MB in you know Africa another reason so hopefully world shed light or eight respectively. Boy Nam you know what the problem is you know so. We'll find out but he aid is not a good ebitda treated. Real issues he did back for. It is not a and it's not you know he would be seeded at no war. I'm coach yep port that after the game and she didn't seem to know volatile none of that ever it is so serious some are more there for sure. Chris you know move forward when you look at me you know under grows and you think about the things that were surround them before he even signed there you look at Phil Jackson has been their for some years now and just. You know this seems like that move that he pushed all the ships and the table training canola rose all the things he's done in the doesn't seem like it's working it. How was how was management and Phil Jackson and his sister direct correlation with the on the show and then there's a lack of control and discipline destructive do throughout the organization. He's the president and be paid president twelve year. It stopped with you know did you put it in the east certainly criticism. On each of the after the game cheer you know what school and all that are out there. He missed the situation. He didn't do that our blight at all so you know. Get more people to blame should you have to again look at here wrote no matter what the situation is. There's no excuse to let the scene. No what is goal legal sole battle you know you know actually necessarily put our oil spill. Although I always stopped would the leaders met here. Why now bear a lot of it is there a bit a bit extreme now they've lost eight marrying. Home seen do seem to be are in control. These late big step shot me in the playoffs. And the good thing for is that if indeed there is probably here. Did you know. Eagle eagle in the latter deal and that was always the real world I mean if stating it wrong what is beer world street. Only four a year you cap room to build ideal. If you need to we'll see how it played out and you know oh lead you know increased chance of light. Or listed day went back up after practice. It's certainly not a good sign whom he had made just you know you saw that you know Jackson ten year. We're starting a movement. For being a player well. The team was at the bird seed in the east just weeks ago. Now are tumbling down again in the look like another big. Bash. NBA analyst Chris Broussard of fox sports joining us are not a 57 the game Monday a big one out here for Golden State. With Cleveland coming back to town how important is this game for the warriors to reassert some sense of confidence in this rivalry. Yea at the big game a base where Cleveland in the regular season last year. Hobbled him. At this turn black humor brought 34 points in Cleveland and didn't win the chambers and so you can't write them. If they don't win this game but when their psyches and you know are the people there and you're still a bit. Very confident that they're better lately and it should be but you know you don't like Lou that you are straight. You know especially. When you beat everybody ultimately. You know so I think it's important from the taxpayer point out these important. Where Kevin ray camcorder ray knows. The warriors beat the cavs last year twice in the regular CEO. That they were very close to beating him in the heart goes last year it probably would have. Injury and in the end it. And he himself as problems as you all know will be the day. East war in nineteen now believe again today at their match. And soul I think where you know he needs that current now and not he had a good game Kurt buy. Actually you know we did against LeBron dates over the team camp or. I'd do a rare I think is important. And I think. This team needs to lower probably an old game. That's where date struggle Amin and they. Couldn't. Albeit down the stretch they have problems with their execution down district. They don't even though you know do we go out there ran it a step in the good. Problem have bought these choices. By their execution Elaine you know derail it may be used to go 10. We ought to know about the issue you know we streamer. Kabul and get mad at when he did he win one you know isolation one old one trick oh. At how we've been used to playing and they act that figure out really not so much that first forty minutes but the last eight. How regular close out teams because they get big lead so I'll be bigotry let's go get him. Game. That are really a litmus test for the warriors all these. It's either edit while O'Neal our league period now what you wanna throw it missed its. You don't debate beaten him twice by you know nobody thinks that have been better. Then the war you're throwing she's been there a role in the legal. EP. Pledge and are the warriors is that old concrete core and at San Antonio. And obviously their law though he's pretty sold our soul bid in the big bigger regulars each day. As your way again with the warriors this year. NBA analyst with fox sports Chris Broussard joining Jolo and it is on 95 point seven the game with the cavaliers making the move to acquire Kyle Korver between now and the deadline do you see the warriors getting active. In any way shape or form. Whatever league the dome and air outward looking made no you know audit. Protection they'd love to yet you know senator. In here who could give him some. Straight day increased the lead the league. They're deep into the efficiency of our around the top of the lead. You know at their stats their numbers are great big big need to give it. On our lineup and maybe a player Beckett helped it be a little Morse is. If you look at it seems that being in Cleveland Cleveland's mortgage Borg now the ball. But they also get physical with the warriors and they get in the wished that. And their line in general meant that same thing here is that we'll need you. To re trying to guard back were about Wiki you know I you know he's taller just not his game he's not used to. Peg it in the blocks down here with a guy like that read about what could Younes you know governor. Player who could help and it in the boldly yet. Take anything really wait for their off future heart in her. You know they're all agree talk about trying to get a Tyson Chandler. You know keep that should certainly be in the movie you know. Home because there in the morning whereby how do you do that but they know what you're the medium biggest. How do you get it done well. Arnold they if they make a move at all they can't beat Cleveland you know or break. No brainer you know you didn't get up in Beijing a great shooter. But do think that at this immediately. Put him ahead of gold they wouldn't it be that way. It happened. Advocates. They did need to figure out something arm stretched. And continue to get acclimated to warn him about like that steps. Would be a very aggressive this past week he obviously born player of the week in the worker or you will regret it a little bit more like the bowl staff. I'll add that I thought where he talked you know GE SP back harm. This talk about Laura is ridiculous which our group. Inning when they didn't in the sloppy about all based. But he what is it like this step of last year now being deaf is while I think that yes. Didn't light would berate black. He would morgue records are being EG an integral player may be some room and be great. But more so is just improve what you have which I think. NBA analyst with fox sports Chris Broussard would Jolo Indy ads on 95 point seven million Chris. Thank you so much for your time today we really appreciate it we look forward to catch up with the again down the road. And.

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