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Podcast 1-10-17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live from Vick to yeah to do dot com. Comes to get some agency take the break. On the radio coming off the national championship college football and game put enormous pressure on the 49 or empire. What do you do put numbers to prove that we're not. Eleven post round they explain in that game for the niners straight down. They trade up. They stayed there intake to Shawn Watson who want. And ladies and gentlemen it's part two. Of our way to recap of missing an opportunity to win a playoff game so. We have two shows part news starts now. On 95 step in the game it's time we needed to win the conference here. Call from way. 9579570695795. I'm whichever day it was like today I was every day you would like today when it came to sports talk radio weather's just too much didn't. Literally too much. The talk about that's like to go fast I got. I get you on the radio quickly. Gotta get your opinions on the national championship the writers. And their fall from grace and winning in the post season. And what the nine or empire must do. What they must do with the number two pick. Overall great to have you busy show usually got lined up feel Lincoln Kennedy at the bottom of the hour Paul Stewart will join us on his recent column coming up here so I got a window to get yuppie in the first half hour the shelf you wanna get and dial now AAA 9579570. We like to interact live on the radio. We don't wait we don't need twenty minutes to warm up we're ready to roll AAA 957. 9570. You can hit me up directly we see it with the tweet deck at JT the brick. Internet assassins also welcomed and that 957. The game we could see our past interviews everything that's up there on demand on the app. We are ready for you today I'm thinking about yesterday and yesterday we decided to do a two part. Rader recapture ago and the way I like to do it is. Is when a team gets knocked out of the playoffs of the season and our wrap it up in two hours so we're gonna expanded into today after helping you exercise your demons. Yesterday if you're a fan of the silver and black if you didn't get through. Give us a shot today we'll talk to Lincoln Kennedy about. What he was able to see he does a brilliant job with an open microphone as a sideline reporter. Then what happened in a matter of three short weeks from Chris and receive. Where Derek Karr was twelve and Fleury. But then ended up breaking his foot and then this team just went downhill after that the lack of effort not for lack of effort they gave everything make good. But they need to be questioned. Coming off the loss at Denver and then the performance or Houston because even with out even without Derek Parr. I demand I thought I believe they would win at least one playoff game. I was talking to a friend of mine today about this show on my calendar always talk about I live out of a calendar on the out of very Smart guy need a calendar in front of me every day. This was the way that we were gonna build into raiders coming off the bye week and a home playoff game in Oakland. That was the plan. And it was realistic at twelve and three. And going into the game eleven and three and wondering what the raiders were gonna do. This was the week that Monday Tuesday Wednesday. We've been building up and I'd be interviewing the beat writers in the radio host on the other team. That was going to comment Oakland most likely Pittsburg and we be talking about the writers hosting the Steelers before they went back and I didn't I even picked and to win that game yeah I am not. And crazy but coming up the bio weight with Matt my glowing if he didn't get hurt. Think dates to around true winning at home and then get ready for a rematch of the top ball going back to doing that was what was supposed to happen it didn't happen that way. And it was biting it was intense it's something that I think every raider fan. Will remember the rest of their lots of good info rate has been a part of the immaculate reception lost the problem idol fall mobile lot of dramatic moments good moments the holy roller. The sea of hands all these great games Heidi game. When you look at the injury than what actually happened. To Derek Bard is something that every raider fan in their seventies down to their teams will remember. The rest of their lives the remember where they wore during an injury and what happened afterwards. And may be. Just maybe everybody gets a free pass. On the radio host that likes to hand out free passes at the studio of the show starts you professionals you're accountable. But maybe the coaching staff gets a free pass the offense the defense. It's a free pass because car went down. Everybody feels short for themselves. All. Ford Derek. I have a on the show he says he's blast his family's unbelievable we'll be back everyone I talked when the streets and on the radio show should it go to war and what would happen. Well Clark got injured in the season. Absolutely fell apart after that so that should be part of your analysis. And door critique of the writers after this season which at twelve and four highly successful in the regular season and snake bit. Unlucky bad luck and not winning a playoff game and again with Lincoln Kennedy. When he comes up the Lincoln Kennedy lost the Super Bowl lost the championship game big in big games before. So when you get to the playoffs and lose it's different it's different but 21 at least win a game. Or two or is it easier to just say we had no shot at all because Karr was hard. Let's look to next year still confused about it. I still don't know what I talked a lot raider fans dale and I get a different answer from all I wanna hear from you as we put the ball on it. We recap. And we put the season to rest and will be talking raider football every day. Got the draft coming up mock drafts offseason moves who's going to be interviewed all of us but today is really wanna talk about the Houston. Lost compounded by the Denver loss but why the writers are not playing this weekend in a home playoff game. That's what I wanna panic pay attention to in the mobile bond you two ready for the warriors. Martin Luther King Day with Cleveland coming accountants the big stories coming up triple like 957. 9570. But the biggest story in sports was that. College football national championship game last night and it was absolutely brilliant it's incredible. Ladies and gentlemen that when we get a chance to see something great happen. We got a one bright sitting continue to talk about it because. It happens frequently and sports at least in my career avenue that's twenty years. And every year I'm amazed that something great happens that is better than something that happened two years. Thirty years fifteen years ago last night's game I believe. Becomes one of the top three of four college football games ever played with something at stake. People are comparing Vince Young over USC and that great. National championship game on this one had a game winning touchdown on 12 to go and that's going to be tough. It knocked off the parts but the game to me it was just beautiful it was so good. To watch and just to see every play in the amount of aggressive play that went on throughout the coaching. The plays from the tight ends to the middle linebackers to the rub routes in the pick plays dabbled Sweeney burst Nick Saban no Lane Kiffin in the building that it's so much Mickey on the ball. From that game if you're college football fan I don't hear from you today. Because I'm probably not gonna hear from me for another six or seven months today's your day to get on the Radio One win that game stand with you in your life. From going to the big game. Maybe going to a national championship game may be remembering. Great moments in college football history where does last night's game. And with you because it was beautiful I thought it was amazing to watch and it was the ultimate competitive game and that's what. You expect when you see. These amateur athletes wink way. Playing games like this that they're playing. Because they're playing for their future either they're gonna go play in the NFL. What they have no chance in this is the last game that their ever gonna play in their life of about that you're really good player. Alabama are climbs and that you really have no chance no chance at all. To go to the next level that's the last game you ever put pads on. Is one that will be remembered forever I think that's really cool. Then there's a lot of chances in this game last night to second guess some of the decisions that were made on both sides of the ball on what happened throughout that game. Which football Scarborough was running the ball. Really aggressively on a 25 yard touchdown a 37 yard touchdown early in this game it looked like this guy was going to be the and they pay. It's. And a big deal because you got a guy early in this game which Scarborough and time just you guy. Before halftime of a 37 yard touchdown on 125 yard touchdown runs of the game was fourteen to nothing. A stop for a second call time out here and tell the score down and distance it's fourteen nothing when the giants just lost at Green Bay in the wild card game. They are going to be up this is not an opinion this is a fact. Fourteen to nothing at Green Bay. But O'Dell Beckham junior and the team had the drops. And they dropped a touchdown and they dropped a play that would have given another touchdown to go up fourteen not that once that didn't happen. They lost the game. They imploded. And the giants got boat raced in the second half of the game. So we'll look like Alabama was gonna run away from this point gift plants in credit for making adjustments and the Shawn Watson. The quarterback for Clemson did not give up stayed poised and got his team back in the game. Yeah. You want some season. It's. Slow. ESPN on all these calls them up 1714. In the third quarter this kid. On Iran pro looks like the next. Small wide receiver for the New England Patriots another guy that you just put in motion put them in the slot. And he goes out and makes big plays and then the game just got golf when it was just. One of those games we knew every play could've been a big play for Jalen hurts. On this big touchdown to OJ Howard this was the beginning of the ban a comeback. Yeah. Kurtz. Who did field. Hello Jay Howard is a first round pick who tied an oddly the guy's unbelievable that it if you think. You need a tide and go out and get that guy a guy just is Smart. He's played great in back to back national championship games and forget it hurts the quarterback. Yeah a lot of heat for Alabama because they claim he couldn't throw it well or he wasn't just a drop back passer. He's a true freshman quarterback at forty played at a high level and he's limited. He has limited in the passing game he's never gonna go to the NFL and play quarterback. Because he's just not a pocket passer but. His ability to see the field and run. But this touchdown this was supposed to be the dagger in the game winner. That was one of the most defining plays. In Alabama history Olympic why this really important this is why couldn't wait to get on the radio today. We are close to crowning at least I was Alabama's the greatest team of all time undefeated gonna win the national championship. All of this ready to go. After that touchdown that should be enough because. Alabama's got this unbelievable defense all they have to do after that touchdown when they take the lead. It's get off the field and they win. The national championship after hurts gets that thirty yard touchdown this tool seven left in the game but then Clemson. Because of their quarterback to Shawn Watson. They start. This march. Down the field and a couple of great catches I was tweet like a madman. And finally I was right I kept thinking this guy Mike Williams the ball that would get him the ball they were going downfield in the with the game on the line. With six seconds to go. Another pick play which some people think is illegal but it was better coaching for Clemson to run this play that they will really comfortable way. Watson. It's. Another. Will they be. Epic right there courtesy of ESPN and put Shaq game on the map as may be the greatest game ever played in college football because of the comeback drive. They throw a touchdown what 12 to go but here's where we should be critical. And a lot of the coaches are out they'll listen into the show you die hard football fans college or Pro Bowl here for me on this topic Nick Saban had two timeouts. With six seconds ago. In the NBA. In the NBA LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers with six seconds to go. Are coming out of a dead ball player a timeout and they set up their offense and they're about to try to win the game against the warriors and Steve Kerr. Past two timeouts left court calls a timeout. He looks a setup from Cleveland says okay interest in God's will Bronson battling the ball that means you're gonna get back to him or the bonds gonna set a screen at the top of the key to free up Kevin Love. Here's what we need to do that's the job of a coach a coach has to make adjustments alive. During a game away and the Pletcher was off and nick and not call a timeout and bring this quarterbacks all bring go here's the deal they've been dornin all night they're gonna run this play at the goal line. You got passed off on the pick the way that the patriots did it in the Super Bowl when they picked up or picked off Russell Wilson to win the the Super Bowl the patriots and Malcolm Butler. Read the play new practice remember why iconic play for the patriots Malcolm Butler jumped the route. Interception. Should Google over. And Russell Wilson and Richard general sit around going how the hell did we run the ball. On the ground to beast mode that we put the ball on the air and lost the Super Bowl hero Nick Saban sit with timeouts. Was gonna do. Get a timeout bring the defense told the sideline and say here's the deal they got two receivers to the right. We got either hit them smacked him right up front war Paul peck switch off and he shot that. Nick Saban doesn't do that. And they get paid and they lose the national championship. But what I love most about sports is what happens afterwards because. That was a moment were Alabama could walk away because they're a big medium machine. They're a monster media machine the report out on every program greatest team of all time. That would appointed T shirts on defeated. Greatest team of all time. And we couldn't argue we would have to deal wit that all Burton. Florida all the teams LSU in the SEC people their hair out don't almighty god will never be as good as the greatest team of all time. And two dead eight between Alabama and let me get this point and we know Alabama. Out of the top twenty teams of all time. Because they lost the game. With 12 to go. They knocked that ball down they get off the field a field goal stick it play for overtime and win that the greatest team arguably of all time. You lose the game with lead would 12 to go and now we just forget about them. On the finality of sports the finality of the raiders in part getting injured in going down. Lori is being up three games on. Greatest single season record in the history of the regular season up 31 they lose three in a row now we don't like that warrior team post season as anything other than the greatest regular season team of all time which really gets a banner that's about it. Go to last night as those watch it when my songs my wife my in laws. And that's what may. Was the fact that these young football players put everything on the line. I thought it was a more physical game. A lot of professional games watch these guys who don't sideline to sideline helmet to helmet they were hitting hallmark it was physical but the fact that they are. Amateur athletes. Who don't get paid. They get a free education. And they get to go on television. For the whole world to watch so I don't believe you should pay college football play players. Anything other than a little one monthly stipend while they're playing football for a couple hundred a month because last night like the Shawn Watson and all those Clemson players on national TV. With the whole country watching and they are getting a free education. They're getting a free scholarship. Roman boredom their meals and all that they don't need to get paid 20000. Dollars to. Football player and they don't deserve anything new on TV last night if the goal of the NFL believe it'll get paid for that. But here's the hook the last night all the 49ers. One of the niners do the niners have eight huge. Predicament in front of them there there are picking number two overall in the NFL draft. Fortified. Mock drafts him from Miami Cleveland brown most people think that Cleveland's gonna take miles Garrett that he is that he's told he'll Mac. He's the next Toledo Mac he's a defensive end outside linebacker for pain and he's just a beast so maybe he goes number one at the niners at number two. Mixture of ST the quarterback from what Carolina really. War do you take the Shawn Watson who will not fall. Any farther. Then probably Jacksonville at number four or the jets at number six because Blake portal uses a borderline boxed and the jets don't have a quarterback. So here's the deal with the niner fans in the good daddy get the faithful on the radio even though we're doing a writers recap if you're not interfere what do you do. You just saw last night before labor. Of the year to Shawn Watson he looks to be the next Vince Young or someone similar a national championship quarterback. Who played great with a Joseph Montana test drive. That will never forget. Even know Jerry dot played. Even know he won the big game or lost two I could care less parson was North Dakota State I don't know who we play what games you want and I'll never forget. I'll never forget. Shawn Watson last night I'll never forget that game that game winning drive was epic so do the niners pass on him. Would the the niners trade that pick and go own and try to get him in the fifth or sixth pick and still. Get a first round pick I think it puts so much pressure on the 49ers to decide what they're gonna do because they need a quarterback. And last night you saw a quarterback with a lot of poise. The moxie. I don't know he's gonna be a Boston he's gonna be great that's the experts. To figure out here you gotta admit it does put pressure on the 49ers. If they like that kid a lot. Or if they don't like if they'd like dumb. They gotta pretend that they like them. They got pretend that they love so someone else who's worked up and wants to Shawn Watson. Won't trade into the 49ers. Number two spot as the niners need like ten players. Right they need at least four to five really good draft picks and maybe they can secure another pick for doing so for the niner fans you just saw that game last night. Would you take him at number two. Would you trade out of the pick if he'll lock what are you still have questions triple A 9579570. Great sportsmanship. After that game last night from nick Sabin who approached this team and his team was undefeated and they just lost on a big play. And I told players that I was really proud of what they've been able to accomplish this year and one game doesn't define New York I think you know we have a team of winners they've represented themselves that way or you're long and I'm proud of their accomplishments and for our seniors. Another 13 SEC championships and drove in three straight playoff games or national championship and tough way for the team to lose. But we had our opportunities to supplement didn't do it they make some great plays down destruction some great catches and we didn't make plays we need to make. And I might have been the best sound bite ever from Nick Saban at least from his perspective that's nick saving you could tell he was boiling. It was pretty upset he took the high road that's the way head coach is supposed to act when he's dealing with college students. And amateur athletes and not blow its top an act that way Nick Saban. It will go down I believe is the greatest college coach of all time he's got more work to do because of the way they lost that game for Davos Cellini. Who got to start at Alabama his alma mater the comeback. And beat his old team that way that was special. Didn't figure that I'd made the well and has extensive commitments and in the fifth win and a half of them have the system. I think in this day. But the thing I think that's the ultimate. Probably that the for the that would have been doing a little. Bit about that in the because we loved it but then it is so. A government that that definitely in the day they got this thing was. Just nothing but little. I think years ago it goes in the book got them back over them and that the that the real. Tonight I want more sound byte because I work on fox Sports Radio at nite I'm on every night nationally five to 8 PM Colin towered. Is on now from nine to noon so he's a teammate of mine. On my national network that I work for but dabbled Sweeney wanted to go right after him for it's not some comments that Collins said earlier in the year. So we left no doubt tonight you know we wanted to play Alabama because. Now ya gotta change your stories she got to change the narrative you're gonna mix it up you know the guy that cold is a fraud ask Alabama for a fraud was named Colin cal were to ask your own never met him no no mask him if Alabama were fraud as though how stated we're fraud ask Oklahoma. If we're fraud. Don't draw does that guy because he even do his homework oh don't print that. So there we go by the Bay Area and I am giving a lot of credit did you deserve it I hope the Bay Area can talk national college football. After a game like that I hope we're not living in such a bubble in the Bay Area that we don't talk about this it's the biggest story in sports act like it. Again this isn't giants spring training. It's college football and the national championship nothing wrong with giant spring training I'll be there covering it but this is much bigger this is college football on the national championship. I tied it into the 49ers in the number two pick overall. I think we should be able to break down that game and talk about it AAA 9579570. Coming up Lincoln Kennedy I'll ask him directly. How devastating this is for the writers to not win. Even one playoff game when we continue on 957 again. Now back to JT the brick. On 95 point seven games. They don't it's a great day to have Lincoln Kennedy on the show because he was a brilliant legendary college football player and a raiders legend in the NFL. And late in the game last night from your perspective is not a mount Rushmore game Vince Young US CD you make that call is a better game or at least one of the top three. Big college football games ever played. You know it's funny that you met today urgency because I was I was hanging around for a week we talked about the game that's sort of they're young common it is element back in tech you're 01 novel all in the right up there. You know we we had the privileges is some good Balkans most up rolls O sighting. US field and state courts and that's a championship game will be in the bottle Monday night well in all it was very very watch. Can let me ask you about the last play because when you're on the sidelines for the writers you're able to see formations. Nick Saban had two timeouts left a six seconds ago. Everyone from Tim Brown to Cris Carter today are debating was that a heck. Or not was battle legal ploy and either way the follow up question to Lincoln would be why does the Nick Saban call a timeout after seeing that formation. And getting his cornerbacks in line so they know it's come. Well firstly is is that you know there were two picks that I'd be racquetball courts that first war. What's up legally what we call it looked receiver went spark or am I did not go out lemon TDs were actually where I work rest. The problem. Was too aggressive he actually tackled the club and receiver and what about you know at a news was. Or about the ground so you need to call eight of the past the thirty caught up at all and end and because all. Well edged out I think the rest decide to keep their their their plight of the pocket. Now IPSec and questioned anyone guess I mean. Clinton beat quote touchdown. To the side and think way to be lectured about should be back. That girl or twice. Anyone guessed the BJP knew each other they'd just not prepared when he came down and of course sometimes there has been accused of Nick Saban has been out coached. Lincoln we often talk about distractions O'Dell Beckham junior the odd trip saying he's not allowed to go but it could cause a distraction with the media the rest of the week. Looking back Lane Kiffin not being America's sharks a great play caller and he made some good calls in that game which still. A distraction where the egos of Nick Saban and former raider head coach Lane Kiffin calls is Lane Kiffin that belief. I don't think so let Jake in March 15 check on Washington I knew that Al about the strength was. Running the football playing special teams stingy defense that was airstrike. One watching the score that touchdown the first touchdown in the peach bowl out of sentiments as divert actuaries. They ramps up about an odd place and me anyway I temple. Which although the back though they are very hard and got can be yours for a really accomplished people out. I think makes sabres try to come to this sort of new age football with these schemes have to beat West Coast coordinators. But the thing is that Jalen hurt is not that type quarterback just. He doesn't have a good real progression they try to support by as much of the opera. But he has been running quarterback won the match court backward now still does called. Because he's such a young cute. They immediately back to the basics last night squabble without panic injury. That lost a lot of Petit to Al ballot in a big big problem sort of way to battle to replace regenerate touched up what like it may at the the decision because they work hard courts. Lincoln Kennedy is our gasoline to what we're trying to do yesterday and today. It is recap the raiders' season and and trying to describe how it feels and as a former player. For the organization. And if you get to the AFC championship game and you'll lose because Rich Gannon. Is hit by Sarah Goosen and Shannon Sharpe takes a slant rout the distance or you'll lose in the Super Bowl to Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at least you got there. You want meaningful playoff games along the way. Do you describe this season where cars twelve and three at the Ford is broken and then the team doesn't win a game after that how raider fans. Don't talk about the season and come to grips with what happened. Walt darker part bills well there's doubt we'll look at history last year except that. And now that is twelve for their one game away from wholesome. Yeah that the boos which is probably our most important as well. More importantly at one it would after the body I mean I think they took some huge strides. That greater nation should be proud Papa he should be cookie force action because. Which you all fours there. Is that this is rated take the next step back honestly Tony. That in the in the history that we had a slash mark. We lost your future which are reflect back probably the week obviously a step back on the game at the top so we will we will definitely not what we were raw. Attract the tuck rule game next fall year and then all year to that. We came out of gadgets we so sure about perhaps we're on the matter in Super Bowls so. You're hoping that this city's creates hunger in the street educate our excitement you know impede. As a solid foundation and should have people like teacher or a keeper are. Now we're nation problem clever twist and general public policy change at all that you ordered or court or some sort of changed when what will we also looked accurate word performance based business you're upgraded in judged your performance. But bottom line. Also that all the best strategy team was twelve and four. So how many changes of any kind equally necessary data should be you ask. Linking Kennedy joins us is it fair to be critical from your perspective. With play calling him what happened in the back to back losses. At Denver and at Houston. No if anything it shows you should create awareness about. Retain. Truth is that the raiders everyone knows when you have a new quarterback who's you know fresh on still what you try to do you get comfortable short broached. Well what played the raiders this year as one they don't have a true screen. But now they have accurately judge bought back so maybe they created they don't have spring game. And the slant in the short routes what notoriously dropped throughout the season you had the greatest Little League. And drop out so the topic apps like them which is hard to get a steady quarterback like car caught or about point into the flow of things when he can't do it. More shortly in this class. In the last while in the swat cord injury treat you know everyone knew the collar cook. Was better to be inside but he wants out so what it is used and Texans are quarters due. They sat on the inside routes they ran the route so tablets are better than the raiders receivers in which made it very are very difficult but we asked. Lincoln Kennedy is our guest so I don't need to remind everybody that you played the game idea and I'm not as tough on musgrave because I believe his overall body war and the stats and how enormous the stats Woolworth card and MVP year clearly. Is the reason I believe he should be retained but I'm also a big Ken Norton junior. Pom pom guy I love the principles of him as a player coming in under Pete Carroll and then trying to get this defense to be better and I think the criticism needs to be there for Ken Norton junior more sold a bill musgrave how do you see. Ought to mean I think you're right the pinnacle backed my. Heart beat. You coach either coordinator when you look at our result. In effect is that he's got progressively better. Watch. And all that as you mentioned was without cover shortfalls are we lost they lost their true identity. But if you look at you look at rational. Except from the SharePoint that just after 21 games she's so all play priest he called it. Somewhat tepid deputy raiders. I can't tell you. On the gut scene audio went back you know test out between now they have balance. They were incredibly balanced which is something that's really put the outlook. But they do have shortcomings that they need to pay the war and maybe answers they gossiping and Tutu got there what's popular right tackle we got here want to look back. All everyone is looking forward to Derrick will do their part but the truth of the matter is that this team went off without true identity so what change are too small. And many people quote myself thought well you also want to cost on the ball well they could run the ball it's a 29 ranked B charts and a anything that need actual another court accepted Terri. All of you know which we will pass the ball you get short cast as well they wanna get to know what each statistically us. Only the Houston Texas cable shorter so. That's all that's what it's worth it also has done dirt car was inspirational leader that they were really really meant what I checked out to just. Lincoln in less than a minute what is now the blueprint for any football team for the next hundred years. When their star quarterback gets injured. Late in the season because the writers tried to rally didn't work what happens if this happens in Green Bay. Yeah. It behaviors that which you know CP this year. Or other. What what oral. If you think about Kansas City Pittsburgh doing it all even at Miami at the weigh in with a backup quarterback. Easier said the doctors don't want formula for it I just think this team lost a whole lot of that. Forward. You're the best thank you so much like him all the best. Lincoln Kennedy. Absolutely. Outstanding analysis. From Lincoln Kennedy and when we come back we'll get into that a little bit more but Lincoln said something interesting at the end is a former gore offensive lineman when the raiders had a chance to be a run oriented team in those final two games just run the ball. They couldn't do it. And that wiccan but the key beauty and fashion he wasn't that critical but that was something that I thought was really interesting and I fell into that trap thinking that the right as we just gonna. Put the ball on the ground and running down everybody's throats but your defense is Romeo canal Wade Phillips said no we know you wanna do that we're gonna take it away. The next Steve Kerr says he's happy. The people are the warriors walk filled journey this year. Also stated that the team still work in progress Amanda spent forty years Dublin Bay Area sports Carl Stewart joins us next the shares thoughts. Now back to them for. 57. T want to be in a listen in 957 the game is like being a part of a celebrities. Athletes are entourage because the 957. The game dream sports. Experience gives you a shot to rub shoulders with celebrities sports heroes beginning Tuesday January 17. Go to 957 the game dot com and get on your dreams sports experience wait to see the list. Unforgettable life and sports experiences. That you when your friends will never forget all proceeds. Go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in need. While Stewart Don and up to join us. From the Bay Area news group and call I really enjoyed your column on Steve Kerr. Navigating the journey morning abbey on to talk about this journey because. It really seems to be a work in progress from winning one losing one dramatically bringing in. And sitting down and talking to him how did you put in perspective that it looked at this as the long journey and it's still work in progress. What more burden that the you could even put in 32. Have you noticed that. Not that. Doubled with the Cleveland and then as an important one street. So who's or India. Major excuses. Is kind of a created. A little bit by and those. It's been so good looking forward to what what are you concerned you know that's a little scratched out there on their back bumper. It's. There. There is a whole lot of their. Analog and becoming governor but there are still some things that he worked out that the delegates. It's. One of the focus on the one it and coming up what are these short circuiting in the fourth quarter when they have these big lead and I'm not putting in the way. Well a yeah glad. No I agree with the call that's the key here because. As you cover this team and writing you have this great track record there are some days whether very boring to cover their beaten teams. By four to sixteen they're healthy they're moving the ball well there are stat sheet is. All of the charts in there really isn't much too tight or talked about other than the obvious of how great they look what they lose these games dramatically. And you talked to Steve cars and teaching experience for him. Is he really concerned and not letting on and does he believe he can fix this once the playoffs come around. What did what it is and and the work out for ports it was cute at all. All the all the market prompted market though would it story. But with that oh in the fourth quarter is that I'm glad I don't Rupert all Oklahoma City IR collect important. In the game but you know spotlight on green kind of they feel that autumn and Sherlock. It was closed off from the news well you don't use too. Being the go to guy in the game. You know and it it in the water out of their regular offense and they're not. And not move the ball then do reporters. That's been going at estimate it's not. Moving a little bit more give up the ball quote from one dollar and other retirement community you'd. If the ball they. What would include step currently collapsed quickly in the are in the field so. Offensively. That would keep it away from them and Italy or Austria in its order the early part forty. Birdies. An all out for and what it'll the we will know more about. You don't networking and I'm supposed to be its either gonna Vietnam War or. The that the ball wonder what matters. Stewards are gas sport try to Bay Area news group Karl. I think there's more to this Kevin Durant story and being on the radio throughout my career in Oklahoma City when he was there I know. I know better than the people who cover on here. How chippy he can get. I've seen it. I've played the sound. We've seen in the facial expressions when he played with Russell Westbrook in the media which is much smaller in Oklahoma City than it is in the Bay Area when they start to question him. Well the rant was questioned by Dre mongering in the media is gonna question on. How do you think Doran handled system what this car need to do to make sure that everything's happy moving forward if people start getting comfortable. Questioning door lamp late games. What would that play them but out of the seat I mean they're stretch now word that popped it it what was the seven. Holding. I don't it make it a supplemental pick up some. Really nasty out because the second captaincy. On the but it went at them on the whites on the back in the back about. One of those that was used in the first month. In sin and they play. You know so. They haven't really had those tests of some of the they haven't had a lot in tests. A lot of guts to say that the orbit. Did happen up among the law of the tunnel. No they lost but what I'm doing it at all and of course but it lost. Couple it's amount quotes. And they lost at Cleveland. So apocalyptic movie in. They have. Applaud all that well against them the bird that name. And then they're going to be don't have the talent that it there'll come close to the panel that. Couldn't handle it. I think still in the courtroom as to whether. He only. Typically when you maker equivalents and Tokyo. But these are hanging right with them and have. The best record. They're important yeah. And they need more votes in the program. Craig Carl Greg connected with you again thanks so much for the time let's start again soon. Thank you Carl Stewart sportswriter for the Bay Area news group. His column on this journey warriors navigating the journey which Steve Kerr are really well written. And does a nice deep dive with what cars thinking and what this team has to look forward to salmon Mexican join us. Next and he's got a really interesting perspective on drain on. And given the random one happen in the Memphis. Collapse I use the C war. It was time I said collapse there but I say joke. When it happens when the warriors do lose games they lose and dramatically. When I look at this year I don't look at the back to back. The two game losses against Memphis and looked at the most recent 124 point leave what they had in the fourth quarter all that a look at San Antonio catching on. For the home opener and I look at the Cleveland lost. And now on Martin Luther King Day Cleveland comes in with the warriors. The win that game. I'm trade and on the radio I could care less what everybody else does I'm treating that game like amongst. Win game for the warriors because of you know. We're all just into this fluff heading into the blah if you don't think that it's important. For the warriors to put up a fight against Cleveland at home the one time a year. We're Cleveland guaranteed. To come to Oakland if you don't think that's a big game with a whole country's going to be Watson. Then you don't believe in big regular season games ideal I think that's a statement game the game that the warriors have to win because if they lose that one at Holm. And get swept by Cleveland after losing three in a row in the finals last year good luck. On the a lot of people once the playoffs in the NBA finals comes around think the warriors are just gonna carve up Cleveland in the NBA finals because we don't know. The the warriors are gonna have a much tougher road. Getting to the NBA finals and the cakewalk. At the Cleveland Cavaliers Iran and you see the story in New York with Derrick Rose didn't show up last night I covered that on my national show they're bros just in shell out. Split back to Chicago Phil Jackson wouldn't take questions. The natural like a four seed a couple of weeks ago it's so easy for LeBron. Just take days off and get ready for the warriors in the finals it's that easy for him because east has no competition it's time for the fort today. Catch contest here's your chance to win a thousand dollars. Tax the Cold War dime. DI Miami to 72881. Message and data rates apply the code is done deal Miami. The seven to. 88 want what we come back and second hour coming up Sammy and it stops by 1115 to discuss the possible turmoil. Between Doran didn't try him on Campbell also recap. The writers season with your calls I still haven't heard from one raider fan today. On recap in the season what it means to you was a fan. That you didn't get home playoff game we didn't see this team live to say goodbye after what happened on Christmas Day we recap the right season. Next hour on 957 again. Why didn't he didn't dot com. Cops yeah it's JT the brick and it's football. It's today. You saw. Brilliant game last night. I can tell you this much I don't know when Stanford or cal look at the plane again of that magnitude. Fair to say. We'll hear football fan you play high school pop Warner you play on your JV team or the load. In helmets playing a competitive game today's your day that was a brilliant experience on television last night. Was your take away on how that game affect two Bay Area college football and the upcoming NFL draft on 95 to seven lead. It's time we needed to win the conversation. Call triple A 95795706695795. Oh number two of the shows an Amex is gonna join us here in a bit from the USA today and you talk to join him on he's got the column he's got the inside. On Durant joining him on what happened in the men's. This collapse. And how the warriors go on from there. But this is part two of our two day recap of the waiters season. Come into one sentence would like to hear from you while we got a chance at the bottom of the hour we double montage that was something that my producer Bryan put together on. The year in review and highlights it's really good he put a lot of work into it. At the bottom of the hour the writer for Campbell come out of our bottom of the hour with that stick around also tweeted out. At 957 game I think it's up you're gonna wanna hear. A little football season in perspective of all of this long journey for the silver and black and what we have to look forward to. Next year as we waited out yesterday I'd like to talk raider football 365. Or every day at least and I'm on the radio will have something to talk about it and hopefully passionate raider fans original offseason is a major major market. With a big big powerful radio station that people should be talking about the raiders on 957 the games the world open for business year round especially now. As I'll be in Houston for the Super Bowl the entire week broadcasting there and we got big playoff games coming up this weekend we'll talk about Seattle and Atlanta. Richard Sherman virtual Leo Jones won a match up there in Houston. New England everybody thinks that new England's gonna just annihilate them patriots McCain is fifteen. In this game what a joke the patriots. Yup I weakened and there are a fifteen point favorite with out Rob Gronkowski playing. Pittsburg in Kansas City is the marquee game. Achieved through a slight favorite in Kansas City in Green Bay Dallas. That's a huge game cowboys or four point favorite. No Jordy Nelson as of now Kenny Aaron Rodgers stay on this role while we get into that last night's college. Football national championship was brilliant it came down to. Late in the fourth quarter with both these teams slugging it out with such physical game between these two defense is attacking the whole game but. Jail it hurts the freshman quarterback. For Alabama late look to put. The game away hurts now. Until that should have been the dagger in the game that should have been the dagger. Because you're talking on Alabama that on paper had one of the greatest defenses. Ever put together as a scoring indicates the focus was the second half. Plants and was it really trouble early in oh. And fourteen point 23 quarters Alabama allowed warning one points. During the fourth quarter including two touchdowns. During the final four minutes and 38 seconds here was a game winner. I. Watson. It's. Another. Yeah. Romania. That is ESPN on the call so here's the key to what happened in that game great column today at the Washington Post. Breaking down the amount of plays a one Alabama went through Alabama's defense. Hadn't faced more than 84 plays all season that was in Arkansas 84 and October. And only ran 66 plays on offense. But Clinton. Was able to win or out Alabama they ran ninety. Guy in place. 54 came in the second half to think about that at your football fan and you look at play count there. It was only the second time in the Nick Saban era in which Alabama faced ninety. Or more plays on defense that you gotta think. That they wore on I think about how tough those Alabama defenders war. Their offense Alabama's offense couldn't sustain any drives all the a couple of big plays and they're out on the field. The entire game Alabama converted just true. Of its 153. Down opportunities. The worst conversion rate of the season. And well below. The tides average of 46 point 1%. Until the final game the most important game. The take away Alabama's defense on the field. More often than they have been since any game that they played in the Saban era in all Alabama. And just. 32 half plays on op ranch walled defense faced nearly a full game. All games what the snaps in the second half alone that it. Physical game really punishing. And Alabama's defense just wore down at the end of the game and here's another really important point. Lane Kiffin former head coach of the raiders. Because of the size of his ego and Nick Saban ego. Lane Kiffin took the head coaching job at Florida Atlantic and was not the edit coach in the national championship and go in there but Nick Saban didn't want him there. Would you think. You think that if Lane Kiffin their call the plays that Alabama maybe gets more plays in the second half and gets her defense a little bit more rest ideal. But the egos he's a student athletes playing but the coaches to grown men in Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban basically couldn't get along. So Kiffin left Steve Sharkey aging came in and get a pretty good job Colin plays last night. But I think it was a major distraction for Alabama. After the game Nick Saban took the high road and looking at the game and how they lost light. And I told players that I was really proud of what they've been able to accomplish this year and one game doesn't define who you are I think you know we have a team of winners they've represented themselves that way or your long and I'm proud of their accomplishments and for our seniors. Another 13 SEC championships and drove in three straight playoff games on national championship and tough way for the team to lose. But we had our opportunities to supplement didn't do it they make some great plays down instruction some great catches and we didn't make plays we need to make. I really respect what Nick Saban had to say but it was a total spin job basically it's a spin job. He's furious the way they lost and I think Nick Saban had something to do that because of his massive ego and Lane Kiffin I mean these student athletes these kids to a plan. On offense he used to Lane Kiffin. Think different they're coach Lane Kiffin is an outstanding. Offensive coordinator play caller did that USC. Got a job in the NFL with the writers. I didn't criticize his play calling back and get all the problems is a head coach in Oakland. Eagle problems was a play call really go to and he was great and outstanding at times Alabama but Alabama. Thought that they were too big and the egos a blanket and a Nick Saban collided. I think you had something to do with the distraction and possibly costing them a national championship for dabbled Sweeney who got to start. An Alabama for him to win a game this way very emotional. I think it's that it made the well and has extensive commitments that we that Tennessee win and most of them have a system that. I think in this day. But the thing I think that's. The ultimate goal would. That would that would that would go into that little. Bit about that in the pit. Because we loved it and then it into the have to admit that that definitely in the day the middle of this thing boom listed as president of the little. I think years ago it goes through the book let them back over there and I think that's the real. Yeah he helped build that program into a power plants and is now power because the dabbled Sweeney. I hope the talked to a couple emotional forty niner fans today the faithful. Who wanna tell me what to do just today it is we'll do mock drafts in the next month the two would get into that when the time's right but your emotional niner fans after. That game last night would you take to Shawn Watson at number two as of this moment I would. The other quarterback is Mitch Robiskie the quarterback the you know nothing about from North Carolina. And he has only one season of starting experience but he's bigger he's stronger as a bigger arm than the Shawn Watson of your niner fan. What makes you excited. How about the Shawn Watson or do you trade down I think you probably take this John Watson and eleven be the franchise. Quarterback going forward you just get out you get rid of the quarterbacks in nine is a bad obviously Colin GAAP predict Blaine Gabbert and you go and you develop. Another quarterback behind the veteran. Who can stabilize the 49ers as they completely rebuild. If you're niner fan what do you do after that game last night are you emotional enough to call me and say yeah I think the Shawn Watson. Is the face of the 49ers don't fall would let's take him a number two let's get into academic niner fans care about that second pick. Triple A 9579570. And one more thing on the raiders before we have Sammy mic on I had Jason lock in for. From CBS on my national show last night and I asked him his opinion on how the raiders' season ended in what happened down the stretch. You know I don't know if they would make some moves there right now you know was kind of a tough yet to the mayor Edward Zander at injury in the process of injury. Will probably more significant than than people who aren't quite there in Oakland. I realize. You know they had all that kind of anger and might he come back and might give them a shot you are. I hope that the league did the raiders any favors with how they handle that thing. And as much as you know they're currently plays one position on the field. It just looked like that was soul crushing thing. You know like look at Teddy Bridgewater is not. In my estimation has the quarterback to their cars and with that they did that vikings' franchise and that injury happened in like August. Starting meat and it and it and it crushed them to an emotional level to the point it would not give up a warm up or Sam Bradford. You know this happened in real time during the season in week fifteen we're Derek Karr had been an MVP. In my estimation are I would give my MVP vote. If I had one across the board. And to have them where they were sitting with an inside track at the wants seed. And then protect. Flush like just all come crumbling down in the matter of weeks like it did that book war and getting hurt and not have to give this kid his first ever start. On a short week on the road. I I just feel like that affected everybody's mind body and soul. In that franchise. And it was is its start to be one of those things that's noble words like this is just. We're not gonna win another game like this is this is where historians this year doesn't mean they don't pick up and do great things in 1217 but. I think he goes deeper than defensive coordinator I think. Their mentality. And their attitude and their swagger. So such a colossal head. When they had a lot decade you know go out the way did. Actually that's another national media perspective of someone who said the raiders lost a swagger. When Derek Carr one now everybody's saying it's got to be true. Lincoln Kennedy came on first down everybody's saying that so can you win a game without Derek Karr as of now no. This is the raiders lost two games and one Obama thought they should have been able to win without Derek Karr Sammy nickel join us here and a few moments. Bob and shame Francisco thanks for waiting as we recap the raiders' season dead Bob. Yeah I'm disappointed I would go home for. You know for the fans here maybe get it done. Problem and a supporter it was a pretty quick chance for not having a better quarterback and the backup. In this day and age like term starter they. Low low low easy on that you traded up to get Connor cook and you had Matt McCoy and a proven. At least backed up in this league who knew the system would you want with hello what are you always available and Reggie missed out on re talking about. Blog at you've got me there. And disappointed period. And get back to the dog I'm disappointed everyone should be but the saying you know Reggie missed out on blank. Order regiments out. Who would you want Reggie to go get. Our car wasn't gonna get injured car looked healthy one of the better insurance policy. But Derek Carr you know hindsight it's Tony Tony a big deal when you look at the what Reggie did in the offseason and move in the cap money around in China. Secure contracts for the future and do all that. I'm good with my glowing and comic book I expected the glowing deployed that the take away after Carr's injury. Was that the glowing. In the first five throws in Denver. Wasn't sharp and now and that's unfortunate. Shanahan joins us all the time he's our weekly contributor. I'm from USA today and stand you had the exclusive with drain on grain in the column drama in talks warrior season. And the relationship with Kevin Durant first let's talk does your on the inside you have to get access. How did you reach out to join him on to talk about this after he got into it with the rants. Our magic he is the case of church and after the game at Sacramento. We talked and always. Well once senator and excuse me and in that Bobby has been I mean it's one of those things where. In the group setting after a game obviously the focus has to be. Pretty specific to that particular game and and and I wanted to take a step back and try to get perspective. Bigger picture. On the team and also whichever situation. I would not at that that the game lives. Apple watch in the oldest in the conversation in the days that followed in terms of what does it mean. Between during money Kevin. And I'd struggle situation pretty any apology on during ma. Broken down pretty well in terms of just. Detailing the fact that you want that you can't sleep on ears that. You know we knew of these articles could hear him talk about how close they are in the point they're in you know could clearly you feel like they've got the relationship. Where they can communicate that shoe product right away. You know iPod in breaking it now lose interest up. Yet fascinating do you think a lot of that had to do with the fact that they built that bond. Playing for the United States of America in the Olympics and that's how that bond got closer and tighter. Yeah partly you know still aren't about the bond responded you know I wanna keep it about Ike has. You know it it's a little bit policy counter intuitive but I just like we were legal. You know during free agency process where eventually this story came out that there. They're idiotic remark at a lied about it doc Kevin's girl might have been you know jealous of what we thought it straight month preach now pretender create CN. Until you like at a recruiting class at. Got a PUSA is part of it in and out with those guys over there Rio. But they did think it seemed like he goes back quite a bit farther now. And I said how old are you. United put this part of the the question of an accurate and that is it. It in your wedding did very well you know our tell you've got to break it down but by the guys that way beyond basketball so. I did all that instead. And this is just my two cents on it I do think it's worth monitoring going forward I think as passionate as prima it is. What ended responses you might get from lawyers folks. To his insight is perspective would be there's always going to be wrestled here right like you can't say I'll be that guy I'd love to publicly. You know put it on collapsed in front of people on a routine basis I think that would that would certainly be a bad idea. MM XR guests from USA today you and I've talked about a mile the show for years. About to rant and how we can get chippy in the media they'll answer questions she's looking at social media. And all that's how important was streamlined. Getting in his face or at least giving his opinion. And for this thing then quickly go way you've got this big national column if there was another loss in this faster for a week or ten days. And then Durant had answered these questions. I guess my question do you is when are they gonna be able to do this again and again always at different frame on questioning Kevin Doran late in the game. Probably not. The question everybody he doesn't have a filter it needs the ball. And that's certainly occasionally gets him in trouble. So I don't think it'll be last time. I a said that as somebody yesterday I think this applies both to Kevin in step Currie. What do injury for the lawyers had these two guys not only because. Talent that they bring to the table but. If you ask me you know we had a special category in terms of personality. And guys to. Are willing to consistently take high road. In situations that potentially. Could wind up having conflicts. Staff and cabin seem to be wired very similarly you also would have taken it for Kevin so look. And bring on a certain way in the apple for the whole world the she'd already popular at all like Kevin Kevin's tick. For you know the next there at the game and make a comment about you know the whale went out instead qualities that he told reporters. It we can't have a dissing you kick on disagreement. When I agree with the guy and he sat there and they should work that you know this thing was defused but to prevent injury have it ought to another part of but what Kevin Green in table. Wrapping up its enemy check him out USA today. Finally I try to keep this show away from my passion towards the next it's not gonna help me. And the Nixon yeah that's what we could we talk about little bit more at night but that was a big deal that's not my producer told me in the my year. Derrick Rose didn't show up. At the garden and I start looking at Twitter and Phil doesn't talk to the press after the game and now they expect him for the 76ers game tomorrow no suspension or not how big of a potential story. Is this for Derrick Rose considering he had that really big off season trial which ended up winning it seems like he's been through a lot emotionally when. You don't show up for work in the number one media market get a lot of heat from the people who cover that to him. Yeah I mean that I think as far as my takeaways that right there it is what. Make it William curious from me is that I understand life and I am trying to be. Apathetic on that front in what Felix. Media types are so quick to say it like it got the disaster. What slowdown would know what happened. He's told reporters today in the he needed to be with his mother wouldn't want any contact but the rumblings that he. Justice on so there's light so on but the part. That is the most partly to be is it they're old media today. It is in his state. And that win in the big twelve colonies oh. Then he just needed as we could get that call mean. Yup that's the one can achieve like you know the situation creating yourself you know how that work to be donated to that call. And the knicks like the knicks can tell the media last night. They're not here it excuse were in touch with it will let you know more later they could have been avoided. All they were basically I mean listen I'm glad the guys OK because for about two hours. It was one of those deals where you were open needed Chela. Our police blotter and has some bad have been so that part is something else that makes you wonder what was going on Tuesday. You know and on the one hand at personal. But when you let it. Lead in the professional side but all of this oh world beater does. Hey if we don't talk to you before the Martin Luther King. Day game at an earlier game with the warriors and the cavaliers. How big of a spot as did you get it you know it's not NBA finals game but it's a big one goes it would signify the sweep of the warriors by Cleveland. If throwing that game do you do you sense that that's gonna have the drama in the energy. As the warriors come out of a locker room and oracle that that feels like a must win the regular season game if there is one. Yet that it'll be pretty high it's funny as you know I did not go to Cleveland for Christmas Day and that was deliberate choice in Dallas. Focus on myself to my allies and I wrote a column that felt like. I was trying to talk myself into why I didn't go I it written about how that game did it just doesn't matter because final matter. At all that matters and by larger still agree with that. But the way to Christians they went down fact that you're now talking about you know being up 31. Losing three irrelevant final number one Greg seat and oh by the way the cavs are reloading big Al Korver. Now you're on the lawyers more sugar even more reason that the world to expect the warriors to win the the psychological silky start to wonder about. You know the cavs have the lawyer's number and she would like you're JT I'd done. An interview last week that we're gonna put up on our podcast on Thursday. But quite content. And he was really good out surprise. To the degree callais was willing flat out today yes it's a big time rivalry. Yell yes at different times we shall we respected by them and I think you know the lawyers themselves are going to be pretty damn. Awesome Sam I'll see you Monday appreciated thanks a lot for coming on are. There areas and naymick USA today looking forward to that. Podcasts and you'll have with play the content has been unbelievable today from these guest I have nothing to do with it. Lincoln Kennedy Carl Stewart and especially Sam Sam is always a home run there. I am what that my big takeaways on that in a Buick about drain on. And to rant does drain on gonna do it again. Gonna do it again Kevin Durant is gonna either eat the ball not passive and drug addicting game winning shot and his dream on gonna go up to him again and Seychelles. I don't know what you think is a warrior for and by eight nationally it has the ability to say well there could be a problem. Well there could be a problem America's most people living in the warrior bubble don't believe they'll be a problem with anything. That this is locked for them to win but fans in San Antonio and Cleveland. Los Angeles with the clippers their just looking for anything. All they want in those other markets is just a sliver. Oh hole that the warriors could have some personal issues in that locker room and give you talked about before I came in the state Bart. The you know this is a perfect team but they bring to rant and will that mix and match to chemistry will hurt the chemistry of the team. What are saying when they talk about the wars and other markets but this and while their brilliant their show good they're unbeatable aura maybe. May be they'll be a little dissension. Within the ranks and we can take advantage of that. I know they're saying that Cleveland every time on the warriors lose a game. What we come back we'll recap the writers write regular season. This audio montage before your phone calls really good prime burns my executive producer put this together if you're raider fan. Tweeted out read tweed and I think he gives you good recap of what the silver and black went through this year on 957 the game. Now back to JT the brick. On 95 point 72 games. We're here nor there. I don't care of business. With the player that's for whom did he did ball didn't sweep the was off its top in his blog there it sure recommendations. Won't work out we've. We tried it blew out one another look partner. And this won't go deep restaurant that playing field that doubles court. Now Jay would wish third straight ahead back of the head. That was shot it's. And move up in the fifth. Do. This course not but we're not playing ball. It's been. We'll match is going to have fun. Or holy hell. On the run the other Girl Scouts looking right out doctor Donald. You simply dragging a game plan upfront or political blogs about doctor say bad things were. He's this year on the Hollywood big game changing claim that bottle routinely did last year. Yeah I hold down. Well they actually do publish the data that will be. Lot of people don't notice his ten penalties for. It's. Round of Google we have moved first and go to your true lies. Donald fans got right they go right there. Hillary Clinton could have been better passing quarter oh mama thing. It's been the biggest game I think that we've played in the Super Bowl this all are being on top of them out there. Can back out at the rest of the decision saying common yet that now. Should go one yard line they get a burn off the last. Garrett gives the very first got a job. To make this happen again. Yeah I think the biggest thing for us is stuck in the points and get it taken handoff to hurry off the map. You're correct user rights and nobody. Foodstuff and of wins however we can't. Wouldn't there. Dad. So brought her back and win it. And debt markets here. Lot of their right. I like to smile and enjoy a little bit different. And super pleased that we know weighing in with a victory today in the division this tough opponent yes I'm very happy and proud about. Go down. Good how they broke him probably raiders win. A lot of respect this feels like the loss today with the injury to Derek kind of but they do win and they could get to twelve at three of the year. I dropped its debt. Why don't. With the raiders losing this game doubt about the ballpark time San Diego back to where it is good to be doing the watching. Kansas City institution she'd win the AFC west. Both confident in this group ms. feel like it's a really good compliment you really care about each other they care about this team. The pricing it will find a way to bounce back and be read ruled actually. What a special C. Visit you know we've come so close to winning the AFC west winning twelve game hitting back into the playoffs for the first time since 2002. And also. You have followed putting for years to come. Just look direction. That it's added it's just unfortunate. What has happened with dirt art but of course this is a model. Putted energy inside this stadium raiders are back in the policies and we'll kick it off from Houston Texas the raiders and the Texans we Lafayette. FL playoffs and their motives are. Back third down twelve year old daughter Ryder. Roll back left back after the Maria whatsoever. I'm happy about it yeah. The fans were awesome. We're on the road there were revisions showed up that we had an abrupt ending that should expect more. Under the command. Wow great job but Ryan and the staff to put that together that's a montage. Of the entire season. No really high. Hi this. Obviously the big low darts in jury. And the team getting back to the playoffs for the first time in fourteen years will re tweet that imploded out at 957 the game dot com lot of work went into that I think. Well that's what we wanted to accomplish here in the last two shows yesterday and today. But trying to come to grips with what happened with the silver and black take the highs. Talk about what happened to the injury what happened in the playoffs and then move on into the offseason and better days ahead for the silver and black and no doubt there will be much better. Days ahead we do not guaranteed anything you don't know exactly what's gonna happen. Next year with playoff positioning winning the division or not the raiders should be really hungry throughout the offseason Reggie McKenzie. Now who has this team on the right path now with more Davis and Reggie McKenzie and Jack del Leo and his staff. Have got to find a way to improve this team in the offseason via the draft. Free agency retaining the players and coaches that they want. And building a better team for next year and next year is gonna have some challenges. I think the competition level on the schedules going to be more difficult. Other teams are gonna know that the writers or comment. They're gonna know how good the raiders are and it's not going to be easy. I think the writers as we said today. Are clearly one of the top ten teams in all of football. During this past season I think there were ranked in the top four. May be top four at one point of the way. This season wrapped up to that because of guards injury it kind of pushed the raiders to a top ten team may be on the outside of the top ten. But we know next few with a healthy offseason that they'll be back. And ready to roll again while that was good catch. The Verizon warriors warmup with Damon Bruce ninety minutes before every warriors game. Verizon warriors warmup built by Dolan lumber doors and windows and only on your new home of the warriors 957. The game quickly we reset. We get ready for speed Brett did any get out let's wrap it up your conclusion. On the right or season as we gave it to show host. Exercise your demons get it off your cast AAA at 9579570. It 89579570. Speed. Is on deck now back to JT the bridge on 95 point seven again it's time. First lead brick. Nobody felt good. The fans who do you let. Today I'm. Your phone calls rapid five. Deadly over the field. Good just being bred dog Motorola's. The new head coach of the jaguars but they also live earth com golf. He also was executive vice president of football operations that's exactly the role like Saudi authorities should have with the 49ers. At that months ago that higher Koplan as a consultant. Within the 49 organization he didn't have any tightly once vice president whatever it is I mean he's going to be the true GN these are going to be the true president. Get them out begum a title and a big that it would Jacksonville made a lot more sense. Because of his successor as head coach back in the day staying on. The eastern side of the country I don't know he would have been interested in going out the Santa Clara but that's the type a job. That I once Ron Amadon dad now Steve young's tied to Eddie. But I which Ron Amadon would have because he's so sharpened John Elway can do this. John always been really good example have as one of the higher and executives and football. With all due respect to John Elway Ron Amadon in his law degree and what he's been through and his smarts a bought the Ron Amadon could be better than John Elway. Given the opportunity now the chemistry of get your compared daddy to Bartel and all that the drama again but still for Ron Amadon to be Puerto. Of that organization as a consultant paid properly for that job. To help rebuild this brand with a forty niner faithful. It sounds like a good idea but there's a lot more to and the national championship game last night was epic what do you rate that game all time. You gotta have at the top of the list it's going to be a mount Rushmore. Moment for college football last night at a college football on a lot of flaws this year put those games on New Year's Eve is wrong. Some of the problems that we see with the ranking system early not perfect. That game talk about sport going out on top. Our last memory of college football this year will be touched down. When 12 left on the clock to win a national championship game in a rematch. Rematch of two powers. That's really good. A Larry in San Francisco Europe next actor pulmonary. Want to another look good and wanna come check. Oh come all this you're welcome back or access to the outlook and prayers are experimental and what you're mr. manners. What else is wondering who look at the auction as you Freddie because there's always that. Always had a back I was completely immigrant women at all on account and all that stuff in the structured I would love to. Yeah molecular man. And the terms of the connection Dalembert great singer obstacle and I don't particularly in the recent week. All right thanks for the call first off is Ron Amadon was a backup that was an interest in unique scenario. Compared to map my point so let's pump the brakes on that for a second that you wanted to say that Steve Mona was that of the mountain blowing no problem that. Usually when you think you have a good backup quarterback you believe you do that you don't know everything we've heard about that we're going what we've seen with his preparation for the silver and black. The way that he was laser focus with this team when he got chances. At practice or and opportunity that he'd be okay. He got his chance in Denver when he was healthy eating get it. Didn't get it done. If those first three or four passes were on the marked it could be a different story would have won the game. Dominated pretty go to Denver I don't even know if he connected on those first few passes if they end up when in the game and I thought we're going. To give him credit I thought that he should have been brought back into the Houston game. I thought even though the raiders are getting beat in that game a glowing gave them a better chance in the second half. If they pulled the trigger quickly in the second half and got put him in an opportunity to win that game it didn't happen. But I'm not look at that and that would launching these abolished is a bad guy and all that he had his chance. He had a really good shot to do something special it didn't work out now that we should be second decimal point. As the number do going forward to camp going into that game now. I'm Mitch in New Jersey thanks for call for speed Brett dead match. I don't. It. It's. The first two. It's in connection to echo of the pack up and I didn't can't cook didn't really. I can achieve it is yours in that weapon. And an. Which could be technically. I think I don't think I'm Michael and Richard to call I think that they're gonna consider anybody apotheker quarterback. Because they have to do I got three mock draft and funny to global map the writers a 24 taken Jack Cunningham. The linebacker. Out of of Vanderbilt. Who they believe that he's that sideline to sideline impact. Linebacker but as I look at the mock drafts that I haven't for me. But the 49 or it's simple there's only two choices quarterback do you go it. That Stravinsky the quarterback in North Carolina doesn't have much experience but he just looks. May reminds me Blake portals same size same arm and got a look web portals came on everybody wanted to because of his size. And strike to be looked to be a franchise quarterback. But it took this he seems to be that guy that everybody's. Romping all over did you think she looks like him I would go with the Shonn wants. Saw him play last night at a very high level. Chicago picks number three. They need a quarterback. The bears have some talent on the roster. But they have nothing at the quarterback position so they need a quarterback at number three. Jacksonville depending on what they do a portals might go laughter. A quarterback but I doubt and they don't take Jonathan Allen the defense of linemen from Alabama who had a brilliant year. Was on the field too much yesterday and then Tennessee. The titans liberty pretty good year last year. They pick because of their deal with the Los Angeles they get the fifth pick overall. Before we see the jets and number six it's all of a lot that the jets will take. The Shawn Watson if he's still there. After all the mistakes they made with rice paddy geno Smith. Ryan Fitzpatrick the jets need guy. Like to Shawn Watson who played under pressure. Against Alabama twice in a national championship game and 11 album. So for the 49ers you know if you don't take if you don't go out there and take to Shawn Watson he's gonna be gone by the third or six back. And then the rest of the next five or six years every forty niner fans going to be watching Sean watts and on we could add act guy. Did we not get that guy it's risky as some people think that he's a questionable NFL quarterback I don't have to see in him last night I'd take him a number do. Mark in Novato speed Breck. There. Were attached you're they've put themselves. Look it was a bold treatment. It actually took over. Here and. Yeah I don't think the rams thanks for the call wanna trade Erin Donald was one of the best if not the best interior defensive tackle and all football and you give up that much for him. I like the fact that there and Donald is in his prime but I don't think he's gonna wanna leave the number two medium market a Los Angeles. In the situation that he has there. But again to trade Crabtree and the topic. No chance in hell Reggie. Blows that up. For a move like that really proud of the show today because of the guys who put it together Ryan and Brian great job if you missed any portion of the show find an on demand. At 957 the game dot com raider nation way to go today we give it to our shot of adrenaline we give everything we have some is love it may be don't. Get used to it because we're never ever let you down we go hard every day for two hours on 957 again.

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