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Carl Steward 1-10-17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well Stewart got an up to join us. From the Bay Area news group and call I really enjoyed your column on Steve Kerr. Navigating the journey morning abbey on to talk about this journey because. It really seems to be a work in progress from winning one losing one dramatically bringing in the dueling and sitting down and talking to him how did you put in perspective that he looked at this as a long journey and it's still work in progress. Look on during the it could even put in 32. That noticing that. They don't more than double digit lead. Cleveland meant that the important one story. So who's or ideas that they have made excuses. Is out of a created. A little bit by it is. It's been so good little group or it's like looking at orient. You know that's a little scratched on the air under the back bumper. It's. It. This is a whole lot of their. Analog and put them together but there are still some things they need to work the biggest. It's. What everybody focused on this one it and coming up. What are they took him in the fourth quarter when they have these big lead and I'm not putting people say yeah well a yeah glad. No I agree with the call that's a key here because. As you cover this team and riding you have this great track record there are some days where they're very boring to cover their beaten teams. By four to sixteen they're healthy they're moving the ball well there's stat sheet is. Off the charts in there really isn't much too tight or talked about other than the obvious of how great they looked when they lose these games dramatically. And you talked to Steve cars and teaching experience for him. Is he really concerned and not letting on and does he believe he can fix this once the playoffs come around. For a good court it is. And the work out. In the fourth quarter which withdrew all all the all mark called multiple little good as the I believe that oh in the fourth quarter. And reported to all of Oklahoma City. I partly important. Yeah McCain to let you know spotlight on group and they should one dimensional way. It's. From the heat though don't you do. Being in the go to in the game you know it and it it in the water out of their regular offense and they are not. And not move the ball what they do reporters. Other than just going. It's not moving more give up the ball and more toward go to another department. These. If the ball and we're looking at stepped Korean the last two treatments there. Nabil. Sort of opt out it would the complete situation room. Differently or the last regain its order a certain part won't even thirty. And a lot for and what they'll step back. We will know more about. And you don't networking and I'm supposed to be it's either the Vietnam War. Or. The hit the ball wonder what matter. Stewards are gas sport try to Bay Area news group Karl. I think there's more to this Kevin Doran story and being on the radio throughout my career and Oklahoma City when he was there I know. I know better than the people who cover on here. How should he can get I've seen it I've played the sound. We've seen the facial expressions when he played with Russell Westbrook in the media which is much smaller in Oklahoma City than it is in the Bay Area when they start to question him. Well the rant was questioned by Dre mongering in the media is gonna question on how do you think Dorian handles system what this car need to do to make sure that everything's happy moving forward if people start getting comfortable. Questioning door lamp Lleyton games. That will play. But after the heat I mean there are stretched outward it's pretty content that well let's look at seven. Well on the a million dollar economic. Outlook sacramental but it kept them. Really nasty nasty corrupt in the second half eaten a need there and pat them on the lights on the back in the back to backs them one of those. That was used in the first minute in the in the liquid. I don't know though. They haven't really had those big tests and some of the they haven't had a lot in tests. A little upset with that that's the orbit. Without the mud and they lost hope that it's not on you know. No they lost but what would hunting is a call on loan quote you know the block Koppel on the amount quotes. And they lost at Cleveland. So the par for the movies in. They have not. Portland all the well against them the bird that. And then they're they're being pain that don't have that now they're at they'll come quote the panel. Couldn't handle. Technical in the courtroom as to whether there was he away. Critically will be record at Cleveland's Santonio. The future hanging right with them and their neck out there out. The best record. They have politics. And they need more votes in the program. Craig Carl Greg connecting with you again thanks so much for the time would start again soon. It. Thank you Carl Stewart sportswriter for the Bay Area news group.

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