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Sam Amick 1-10-17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

MMA joins us all the time he's our weekly contributor. I'm from USA today and stand you had the exclusive with drain on grain in the column drama and talks warriors season. And the relationship with Kevin Durant first let's talk does your on the inside you have to get access how did you reach out to join him on to talk about this after he got into it with the rants. Our agency to dictate the objection and after the game at Sacramento. We talked and always. Well once senator excuse me and in a body good I mean it's one of those things where. In the group setting after a game obviously the focus has to be. Pretty specific to that particular game. And you know and I wanted to take a step back and try to get perspective. Bigger picture. On the team and also which has situation. I would not a bad that this game size. Apple watch and the oldest music conversation in the days that followed terms of what is it being. Between during money Kevin. And I just terrible situation pretty bat any at about eight under on. Broken down pretty well in terms of just. Detailing the fact that you want that you can't sleep on ears that. You know we knew these articles could hear him talk about how well they are in the point they're in that you know could clearly you feel like they've got the relationship. Where they can communicate shoe product right away. You know I thought it break it now lose interest up. Yet fascinating do you think a lot of that had to do with the fact that they built that bond. Playing for the United States of America and the lamp and that's how that bond got closer and tighter. Yeah partly you know they'll learn about the bond responded you know I wanna keep it about it as you know it it's a little bit. Policy counter intuitive but I just like we were sleep on it. You know during free agency process where eventually the story came out that. The idiotic remark at a lot about it doc Kevin's girl might have been you know jealous of what what eloped in straight month reached out to Kevin they're create the and until you like the head the recruiting class. I attribute is part of it in and out what those guys over there Rio. But they can think it seemed like he goes back quite a bit farther back. And I you know outlook argue. United put this part of that the the question of and the human neighbor as it is it is in your wedding to bury panic well you know these are tell you got to break it down but. By the guy it's it's way beyond basketball so. I did all that instead. And this is just my two cents on it I do think it's worth monitoring going forward I think as passionate as streamline it is. What are the responses you might get from lawyers oaks. To his insight is perspective would be there's always going to be crucial here I'd like you can't say I'll be that guy right club or to publicly. You know put it on blast in front of people utterly routine basis I think that would that would certainly be a bad idea. MMX our gas from USA today you and I've talked about it on my other show for years. About to rant and how we can get chippy in the media huddle answered questions she's looking at social media. And all this how important was frame on getting in his face or at least giving his opinion. And for this thing then quickly go way you've got this big national column. If there was another loss and much faster for a week or ten days. And then Durant had answered these questions. I guess my question do you is when are they gonna be able to do this game and that. And again it was that different frame on questioning Kevin Doran Lleyton again. Probably not be the question everybody he doesn't have filters the ball. And that certainly occasionally gets him in trouble. So I don't think it'll be last car. I a said that that somebody yesterday I think this applies bulk which evidence that very. What do injury for the lawyers had these two guys not only because. On the talent that they bring to the table but if you ask me you know we had a special category in terms of personality. And guys who are willing to consistently take the high road. In situations that potentially. Could wind up having conflicts. Step tendency to be wired very similarly you know all of would've taken it for Kevin so look. And bring on a certain way in double for the whole world the sheet old and he's not feel that at all like Kevin Kevin stick. Or you know the next there at the game to make a comment about you know the whale went out instead qualities that he told reporters. That we can't have a distinct you to call disagreement. When I agree with the guy. And he sat there and be sure that you know this thing was defused but to prevent injury happened it ought to another part of what can bring the table. Wrapping up a Sammy and a check him out USA today. Finally I try to keep this show way from my passion towards the next it's not gonna help me. And the Nixon and that's what we could we talk about little bit more died but that was a big deal that's not my producer told me in the my year. Derrick Rose didn't show up. At the garden and start looking at Twitter and Phil doesn't talk to the press after the game and now they expect him for the 76ers game tomorrow no suspension or not how big of a potential story. Is this for Derrick Rose considering he had that really big off season trial which ended up winning it seems like he's been through a lot emotionally when. You don't show up for work in the number one media market get a lot of heat from the people who cover that to him. Yeah I mean that I think as far as my takeaways that right there is what we make it. William Terry from me as I understand like and I am trying to be. And pathetic on that front in what Felix. Media types are so quick it's Salem while it got the disaster. Well let's slowdown would know what happened. He's told reporters today in the he needed to be with his mother where there was any contact but a rumblings that he missed it's not so there's white but the part. It is the most Utley to be is it their whole the media today. He does in his state. And that wind and it will colonies oh city just the history because it's and call me. You know that the one where you can achieve like you know the situation creating yourself you know how that work to be donated that I call. And then mix like that could tell the media last night there not here. It excuse were in touch with it will let you know more later they could've at least avoided. All they were basically meatless and I'm glad the guys OK because we're about two hours. It was one of those deals where you were open needed Chela. Our police blotter and has some bad have been so that artists and I'll make you wonder what was going on Tuesday. You know on the one hand at personal. But when you let it. Lead into the professional side the oldest oh world beater as. Hey if we don't talk to you before the Martin Luther King. Day game at their earlier game with the warriors and the cavaliers. How big of a spot as did you get it you know it's not NBA finals game but it's a big one goes it would signify the sweep of the warriors by Cleveland. It's running neck and do you do you sense that that's gonna have the drama and the energy. As the warriors come out of the locker room and oracle that that feels like a must win the regular season game if there is one. Yeah I think it'll be pretty high it's funny as you know I did not go to Cleveland for Christmas Day you know deliberate choice in how. Focus on myself demoralized and I I wrote a column that felt like. I was trying to talk myself into why I didn't go I it written about how I ended it just doesn't matter because final matter. At all that matters and by largest you'll agree with that. But the way to Christians they went down effect you're now talking about it'll be up 31 whose entry irrelevant final another one great season. Oh by the way the cavs are reloading it Kyle Korver. Now you're on the lawyers more sure there's even more reason in the world to expect the quarters to win. The psychological Stuckey start to wonder about you know did we can't have the lawyer's number and chamber like your JT I'd done. An interview last week that we're gonna put up on our podcast on Thursday but quite constant. And he was really good out surprise. To the degree clay was willing flat out today yes it's a big time rivalry. You know yes at different times we shall we respected by them and I think you know the lawyers themselves are going to be pretty damn. Awesome Sam I'll see you Monday appreciated thanks a lot for coming on. Are. There areas and then it USA today.

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