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Lincoln Kennedy 1-10-17

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They do it's a great day to have Lincoln Kennedy on the show because he was a brilliant legendary college football player. And a raiders legend in the NFL and late in the game last night from your perspective is not a mount Rushmore game Vince Young US CD you make that call us a better game or at least one of the top three. Big college football games ever played. You know it's funny that you mention that JP because I was I was hanging around for a week which about the game that's sort of but if you don't come and it is almanac in fact that you're. One novel well all in the right up there. You know we we had the privilege it is good Ol game most. Rolls O sighting. USC or Penn state courts and that's a championship gay and lesbian Monday night well it'll all. Was very very watch. Can let me ask you about the last play because when you're on the sidelines for the writers you're able to see formations. Nick Saban had two timeouts left a six seconds ago everyone from Tim Brown to Cris Carter today are debating was that a heck. Or not was battle legal play and either way the follow up question deal Lincoln would be what does Nick Saban call a timeout after seeing that formation. And getting his cornerbacks in line so they know what's coming. The first thing is is that you know there were to pick that night erratic ball sports such as what. What Utley illegal what they call it looked receiver went to tour and I did not go out Levin. Blows up. Next was too aggressive he's actually tackled the club and seeing Greg would point out at a news course. Or about the ground so. Union called the cut at the party ought not be at all and an NB a all well edged out I think the rest decide to keep their they're there like a rocket. Now I just checked in question it's anyone guess I mean. And so be on quote touchdown. Out to the type of thing way to beat last year and should be back bank clay at all or twice. It was definitely Judy knew each other they'd just seen. Here when he came down and of course two times there has been occasional Nick Saban has been out coached. Lincoln we often talk about distractions O'Dell Beckham junior the odd trip. Not saying he's not allowed to go but it could cause a distraction with the media the rest of the week. Looking back Lane Kiffin not being America's sharks are great play caller and he made some good calls in that game which still. A distraction win the egos of Nick Saban and former raider head coach Lane Kiffin causes Lane Kiffin that belief. I don't think so JQ Al march 15 pick on Washington I knew that Alabama strength was running the football. And special teams stingy defense that was their strike. I should of scored a touchdown the first test on the peach bowl out of senate passes the very next year. They rant about my place and made any regular high temple. Which although the back so they're very hard and got some beat years apart really accomplished people out. A picnic table trying to come to this sort of new age football with these schemes to beat West Coast coordinators but the thing is that Jim that person is not that type quarterback just. He doesn't have a good read or progression they try to supple thighs much of the opera that but he is running quarterback won the match court backward now still does call. Because he's such a young kid that they need to get back to the basics last night squabble would doubt that ankle injury. I'm lost a lot of the TP elbow like any big big problem sort of way to battle to replace the generate such out. Like it may that the decision because this corporate arts. Lincoln Kennedy is our guest like you what we're trying to do yesterday and today. His recap the raiders' season and and trying to describe how it feels and as a former player. For the organization. And if you get to the AFC championship game and you'll lose because Rich Gannon. Is hit by Sarah goes and Shannon Sharpe takes a slant rout the distance or you'll lose in the Super Bowl to Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at least you got there you want meaningful playoff games along the way. Describe this season where cars twelve and three at the Ford is broken and then the team doesn't win a game after that how raider fans. Don't talk about the season and come to grips look what happened. Or tore her apart almost all out but look at the last seven and out exodus 124. One game away from wholesome. Yet but there's. Which is probably arguably the most present as well. More importantly that one it would have bought me eight state took some huge strides. Raider nation should be Alda you should be cookie force action because. You hope for as a fan. Is that this team is rated take the next step back and honestly Tony. In the N history that we had this question mark. We will have it feature which are reflect back battling big week costly to act on the game at the top we will we will definitely outward we were raw. And protect the tuck rule game next all year and them at all year to that. We came all the budgets we told everybody Alger about arrest we ought to be not everybody in our way to Super Bowls so. You're hoping that this city's creates hunger in this team and gentry. Economic success in the you don't see that as a solid foundation and should have a bright future or a keeper attacked. We're nation problem clever person and role to change at all to ordered her to court or some sort of change when wanna. Will we also looked accurate word performance based business you're graded in judged or your performance. But bottom lines also and then all the dust settles treaty between twelve and four. So how many changes and it really necessary civic duty you'll have scar. Linking Kennedy joins us is it fair to be critical from your perspective. With play calling in what happened in the back to back losses. At Denver on that used. Anything and it shows that it should created workers must. Retain. Truth is that the raiders everyone knows when you have a new quarterback who's you know or some still what you try to do you give proper or shall approached. What plague the raiders this year as one they don't have a true screen. But that's what they have accurately judge bought back well maybe they created they don't screen yet and the plant in the short routes notoriously. Up to see you had the greatest Little League. And drop. The topic apps like them which is hard to get a steady quarterback cock up about going into float things we can't do it. Certainly in this class. In the last help in this wild card and objecting to everyone in the collar cook. Was better ought to be inside that he wants out so what did it used to Texans a quarters due. They sat on the inside routes they ran the route so talked a lot better than the greatest receiver unit which made it there are very difficult complete passes. Lincoln Kennedy is our guest so I don't need to remind everybody that you played the game idea and I'm not as tough on musgrave because I believe his overall body war and the stats and how enormous the stats Woolworth carded MVP year clearly. Is the reason I believe he should be retained but I'm also a big Ken Norton junior. I'm guy I love the principles of him as a player coming in under Pete Carroll and then trying to get this defense to be better. And I think the criticism needs to be there for Ken Norton junior more sold a bill musgrave how do you see. Mean I think you're right mechanical backed out. He'd be critical U coach either coordinator when you look at the result. In effect is that he's got progressively better street watcher. And all that as you mentioned was without Albert shortfalls and loss leader in bolster true identity. If you look at you look at rational. Except from the standpoint that just after what. It's all increased C code. Blue carpet at the raiders. I can't tell you what a clear cut scenes audio went back you know only cast out between now they had balance. They were incredibly balanced which is something that's really put the problem. They do have shortcomings that they need to pick the war and they've been pictures they've got a teacher got there what border right tackle got here want to look back. What is is looking forward to Derek was their act but the truth of the matter is that if he went on without true identity so what Sheen tried to call. But many people called muscle thought well you also want to cost at that level ball well they could run the ball it's a 29 where these shirts and a on an Internet need actual another of the court. Terry what do you know which we will pass the ball. You get short passes while they wanna it's not what each statistic we passed will only these attacks were able short while so. That's all that for its work but also done dirt car was inspirational leader that they really really cheap too. Lincoln in less than a minute what is now the blueprint for any football team for the next hundred years. When their star quarterback gets injured. Late in the season because the writers tried to rally didn't work what happens if this happens in Green Bay and oh yeah. It behavior that which you know let's all CP this year. What are the other. Was what brought. If you think about it chair of the city Pittsburgh doing what all of even at Miami. Had to win with the tobacco quarterback it's easier said the doctors don't want formula for it. I just think this team walks a whole lot of that. Forward. You have the best thank you so much Lincoln all the bass guitar Tikrit at Lincoln Kennedy.

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