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Jim Barnett

Jan 10, 2017|

Warriors color analyst for CSN Bay Area, Jim Barnett, talks Warriors hoops with Bonta Hill.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now to talk about that would see listed Bay Area color analyst Jim Barnett. Was going on Jim stand dried up there. Well look it like it's. It terrain and that was ousted editors. Man it is ugly out there the rain just keeps common common driving gets that bad so stay safe if you beach kid over what not let's do that but it. Tonight the Miami Heat jammed this is struggling team their eleven to 28. And these are tied to gains at. We wanna see the ways really put their foot down and his wall somebody out now these targets they also come out and complacent a bit. There'll be no clay Thompson and I would you wanna see from this lawyers heat tonight he gets a struggling Miami Heat team. You know but elegant. A little differently and maybe other people. You can't just blow people out all the time. Even though you gonna have those games. But. There can be eighteen and there in the players and all the sudden somebody else like I felt so that we were blocked eight shots and and and doing things like that are blockages hitting streak and so. Yet the warriors should dominate this team. We should control team that now it happens you know like it would again. Gain. You know last week ago whenever it. Everything you run into each other but Sacramento ordered out by separate points. In Sacramento gets hit in the interior and cousins were sitting on the lot at the cultural. It's just it's just the way it is and that came at getting a lot of scrutiny. For a lot of reasons number one. This is the age we live again but today and every name they're so much information and everybody is competing. With each other in different media outlets and what have you and so. Their you've got to create situations. You know does teacher who recently with the lakers won. There championships with the Boston and LA and eighties those two Greek team that. You know when they went what their first 11980. Last 22 games. During that stretch too they wanted to 85 you know they're losing twenty games in they'd get what they want them back to back titles. I believe a word that that first year 67. Change. There is 6517. Maybe I've hardly. An and then they lost that game the next year they'll. The war the 3530. What's her record out there are there. 32 okay it would double that 6412. So ever talked about the great lakers with Kareem and magic Michael Cooper. And and that crew. So Europe saying. It's CN BA and so. That makes it competitive and it just too much there's just too much screwed what's going sure it's not perfect. It's not perfect but that erupted this is a super team I don't you're playing extremely well right now and incredible that the warriors lost to him are more concerned with when they play Cleveland coming up. Because they'll optic Christmas Day game and gave that weight shall meet next Monday. Expertise six days now is a big game and concern about the bet a lot it was a good. That dissipated but maybe that was such a bizarre. Wait a day. Had a meltdown. Losing a 24 point lead and losing her nineteen point lead in the fourth quarter. So it made it. But greens that that could order at this election challenge so. You know there are. Almost up about that bunker and about a year and and I think that got your attention you know almost Robbins because. The last three games I think it would stepped it up and that our citizens you know at the subplot to all. Sure they're going to win they would bite I'd point to the back forty. In that respect doesn't make any difference to me because that's that's just waiting in the rules. But you know curry Ellis. Decided to put the hammer down and he's been tried or tried it never tried it to work things out and and perhaps. Kevin Durant the first month currencies were deferring a little practically to opt in and stripped and curry. And an anchor was trying to make things work because they're the two got him beat or thirty point last year. And he's he's pretty trying to take back a little bit not worry about so. I like what he's doing lately protect come hell or high water is going to put. His imprint on the gains and you know came back 35 or he gets the Sacramento thirty so you don't a couple of forty point game this year he had. 1130 point canes. At least that I read somewhere yesterday. That this is a sub par copier from optic. No absolutely one Western Conference player of the week last last week. Average of over 32 points a game at five and a half rebounds for a half the says so he's he's stepping got that is what I wanted to back Tibetan at this game Jim but we haven't talked to you since then. Loser tossed journal last played a game did you agree with isolation and did you agree what Jerry Mark Green being demonstrative out there what did you take from that. I know what Raymond wanted I don't vote that it would Steve Kerr wanna I haven't talked about that specifically but I'll say that I had no problem. Wit. Given direct going Zach Randolph except I would not by the Zach Randolph. And he takes a three pointer jump shot or the known at this field goal that probably would seal the victory. I'd say thank you very much and James are does that logic was part. Has done that against the warriors takes a shot it cannot win the game four and he's an outside shot. He took a bad shot this year ability and this one game that. You know that's a bad decision I would love for Kevin Durant in the Atlantic domestic load. He should drive the basketball on Akron not to get around him and ineptitude preacher goes bad habit of and so they knew in the game that way that that I would ever thought that was wrong ticket jump shot. It's hard to pick and roll that that they want to run and they got miscommunication that editors and a but I have no problem with Kevin directly involved last shot. Like that to especially against Zach Randolph whose that he got killed in the league you know to 788 years. That was the take a look at pupil I think you just go up deep and that'll likely eaten up people. I don't want to beat me to the ramp. And and create mismatch inside to conduct an opt to somebody for easier shot are. Without want to buddy wanna keep an army. They can shoot challenged jump shot. Hey Jim I got the staff and bill and caliber of Sports Illustrated this is before Sacramento the Sacramento game of clutch shooting and last five minutes what that five points either way. Kevin Durant at shooting seven for 2520%. And one for eleven from read 9%. This is a career low now stepped curry sixteen of 3447%. Six for eighteen from 333%. Why is it that Kevin the ranch to Robles and current time is he just who. Did you lean on isolation ball too much or do you still trying to get involved in this office in the malls and office why do you Kiki struggles so much in the in the fourth quarter games. You know I'd had not that stats but stats don't lie and so. I bet devices that are at camp. I don't know. So I'd I'd like to look at it is your dad. Since you know been in the league now tenure back to see where they are all that interest in stat. So and they are being produced between may be low pressure it would it would be odd ability to move at a pressure. That almost certain relying on him at times. It was. Very strange situation. In Cleveland worry trip by Richard Jefferson. Mutual that amount that would have been you know that would have been an acceptance and my appetite problems. I do I noticed. When you need to get shot. He can handle the ball as well. So he's 611 he can jump and you go yet he's going to Korea shot. But occupant I'll I don't know I can't I mean I don't at. You know it's funny. I would say there are a lot of people in this league. Been used to be more likely to add that that played on that needs. That a lot of players that are their star players don't want to take the last shot. And they're particular Russia. Is producing because I was one particular shot that bother me at all. And I have to say most of what. I've made and changed outside of about I never missed a lot of shots would have won games are especially early in my career plans and but. That's an interesting thing in it and I've public record that. In Gulliver Sports Illustrated dot com and act and we can send you this information that's how much. Public debt up. So I don't know I'll talk to secret about them to. Maybe so we'll we'll address that. You know and if you if you covered major game go to the press copper to go to. Yeah absolutely. Right I don't know if you you'll dvd add to slow up a so loose about here is what everybody else it's just. Hopefully we'll play that not a trend. Not a trip but. There's you know that there's a lot a lot of psychological things to go about still. You know with this game with that with the firepower they have so. It's as speakers and don't try to diminish what's going on it to process it's gonna take time. I backed debt in the you know when they melt down and met besides you know he's got your show blockade with. You would break and everybody. It was a dangerous wrote were going to and I thought for a lot of games. They're relying on they're opting to dale about their defense wasn't eureka. It at different times you know letting Robert get back in the game listening. The other team yeah Denver exactly at times even not very good defense against Yugoslav parking there. And they try to rely on their op and that's a dangerous road out because. It pit them against that particular. I believe curry got to deal goes in the fourth quarter to Google's. For the warrior in the fourth quarter and the quarter missed seven creature missed by the row. So when you bank failure rocket carrying out of it it's it's a dangerous. Game play particularly when you get to the playoffs. Right and to see stretch coming up for lawyers Miami tonight. Detroit Thursday of course the big one on Monday night quickly before we let you go jammed to Kyle Korver trade clearly awards for initial thoughts and DT the wires were react to that move. Well what can they do to react. It is not as secretive manner talked about treatment I can be when you get out they've. A three point shooter believing shooting position 43% sure. That the law at a. He's been all put that we know he's gonna see a lot of open jumpers in Cleveland LeBron James Alan Ball. Well he's endorsing a lot of junk shot that is over the struggling actor should result or bad about what has three point percentages this year. But if he can come back to form. He's you know one of the great three point shooters in the game so there's no question about that. Would. JR Smith being out I think it's a good move to have and it's going to help them and and given a book comeback he's got to I think she street I don't know whether. Playbook at the same time about what he. Generate anything now but I think a good move. All right JB I know use have been my ties last week in your day off that's a little wet he probably wanna stay away from that today it's so we could drive clear on those roads JB thanks a lot for coming on after delights we'll see out there oracle. And thank you very much but these things are coming up. Absolutely Jim Barnett the one and only see a sandy hair color analyst he could hear him tonight on C a sim Bay Area call on them he. And lawyers came at ORACLE Arena.

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