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Jennifer Johnson

Jan 11, 2017|

Miami Heat guard, Tyler Johnson's mom, joins Papa & Bonta to talk about her son's amazing journey to the NBA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We see a lot of homecoming this year on warriors ground and one with Miami visiting extra special for the folks who run warriors basketball team. He rookie and Bay Area native Tyler Johnson who made his NBA debut at ORACLE Arena Wednesday night. Reached out to camp director Jeff I Diego a decade ago. In a very memorable way Tyler wrote us a letter when he was twelve years old. Asking for a scholarship come two warriors basketball camp you know he'd love to you know basketball he knew his parents we go tight on funds at the time and realizes best way to get into the camp was sent us a letter and balance received and read it you know it's pretty much a no brainer allow me come to camp. I just wanted to go to lawyers camp you know I've heard all about it and I had had the opportunity go in so mom also wants you right in the letter and see if you know maybe you can get in. So I wrote that letter and it's riddled with bill spelling there's so this is hilarious the look but. It's funny that they kept something like that concern us that young kid and I enjoyed best closer in my view now. Tyler played Fresno state after graduating from Saint Francis high school in Mountain View. In this letter shows the drive he had had an early age to reach her dream now being realized. All I do is just kept my head down and and you know continue to do things the right way no I never got caught up in all of the the hype you know you're not range or not this or not that I just you know I just love playing basketball and it's been able to take place I could never imagine. I think it just shows everyone that and they can have a dream they can have a goal and you know what there's an MBA whether something outside of basketball lessons too far fetched if you're willing to put in the time dedicate yourself. And really just consume yourself what's that goal you know anything can happen throws a perfect example of that. Is that accurate story is one of the most fabulous stories. Ever. Known about Raymond Ridder the warriors PR director presented this to us a couple of years ago Tyler Jackson's first NBA game. Was almost exactly two years to the day January 14. 2015. And made a free throw right away as a member of the Miami Heat he's getting better and better and better now he's one other young core four. In the summertime he signed a fifty million dollars side of Brooklyn initially in the Miami Heat pat Bradley matched it so we can expect to ORACLE Arena not only fully entrenched in the NBA but a very wealthy. Young man and I look at it this have got to put it on TV in Orange tree analyze the red letter he wrote when he was. Just to kids erratic get in the worst basketball camp and mean a father of five my purchased goes out to his mom Jennifer in the family. And she got joins us sunny afternoon to light with delight with the profit about how are you about you must be beaming today. I'm doing great. He's a much. Just tell tell the whole story. Your son. What it was like in in your era military moms a year away from home a lot you've got for the cute just what was the environment that it's rather grew up around the net yourself. I'm Wheldon or a buyer. We had that in. Our own kid around. I like my mom. And I get it out hacked que La stole other people out. I would like. So active and being. Independent and had gotten to. In sports was a big part of keeping them all together the other sibling so explain to our audience exactly what your role was with the military still in the military you'll be gone. For months on end right. I act now aren't out John and I. Can't tell her. Thank you Tyler Perry and Mercury tired. And yeah. Aviation record management or killed. Here or yeah there. We are fortunately it went you when he got that he. Are you can go. Out. On. Well that's great and I get a fifty million dollars contract some odd doesn't have to work anymore that is just fabulous. He loves sports growing up he played all sports but I I I heard. That the very first sentence or phrase he ever uttered we're shoot the ball is with that is the head right now. In Baghdad and track. He had he would vote Obama out and injured about Bob out in the. And now he doesn't for a limited is very IP well. Well paid to do it. So tell me about the letter I'm looking at the letter annie's eleven or twelve years old remain active and managed English paper they are supposed Belichick cross outs but it just adorable. In his speech to to what you know he wanted to be a part of itself. Go back to when he was just a kid in your church meant for him to write this letter. To be a part of the warrior camp a what would you bet that camp experienced it for Jennifer. I'm well. I believe that at least one piece of the puzzle. To encourage him immediately and keep it but without that. And where do Ellen and achieved that people there who might that encouraged and much. No matter important BP he was so proud you are right. I really went out. But how much encouragement. And only. Well rounded. Coaches who were able to help him get back in. The she'd written them. It. You know that Letterman. Is that I I think cannot afford to go but maybe. We can pay half neither can do something to. What kind of arc and get. Yeah it's just amazing and you know he since you were gone a lot when he was in high school he would make the call lower to go to college unique. Prostate was after and you want that to go to Utah State directed children don't states though so he could see some rockets and implies that like chose to stay in the state. Oh. I. Just let it what do you value when he played his first game. And I thought it was a great story. Like that night when his first NBA game Dante. Was against the warriors at the Bay Area I know you were there and the whole family was there go back just two short years ago. And tell me what that moment was like when your son made it. The warrior basketball camper with a handwritten letter Daytona but who is now played against the warriors at an NBA game out. It would actually ordinary in the start citing. I remember when he called me and I can find healing and he said. Oh mom I'm either gonna complain in secret that really. Championship or. Complain at the were not like life. And he looked like one yet figured on having a chance and I can. No way LA and he called me and told him I'm Angela. Government can be contacted him. So the bottom line there's real. To all. I I still being marketing culture then during all. And it. What you read that what they should. I dug in. Hit for camp and I I felt crane he can change. That this is actually happening. He went on a ten day catcher and then over the summer the Brooklyn nets gave them an offer sheet for four years. Fifty million. Dollars and he said I throw up a couple that I just record number. Of these agents hello Bob what do you do what you heard your well respected. Owners. You know we do not crack at. It. You're. Get an accurate and I am so proud of him and out of all my kid I'll be. And they being. Your people it's not been aptly points to how exciting to see all of them. At all Ron Cole he. Who wouldn't. I get where we're very good. You should be proud of yourself mama got five and I take a little credit for what they do but this is. So what's what's at night it'd be like if he comes back and he's no longer a they're calling him one of the core four he's not a pat Riley's killers for the future of this franchise what what does it mean that you and he may win a but a sixth man of the year and the only guy that scored more off the bench is Lou Williams that your son. And your son's a much better defensive player than Lou Williams they get the sixth man of the year award so just to hear from his first game the whole thing the letter. Or break down and cried and I'm not all over again. I feel like you're right. And not. Well. I mean I am one and about it. Everyone did all they spread 1 AM and that fifteen minutes after the game. And kind of a tight and I. I'm unhappy people apparently you can't talk to one part. You have people. And our lack. Game and I'm. Happy where I am on that. Gone accidentally buy tickets to come watch and play and support him. I I'm cry me a break here this is one of the great stories I've heard that guy that wrote this and crafted letters that kid is now make it fifty excuse me against the world united in May when major award this year. Now I remember pop art covered them these cover a lot of high school basketball here in the city and saint Ignatius is sicker you are reared in wiggle place Saint Francis and he played I'd never even on a news like god is that's going to be an MBA just didn't even hit me in an ounce on the summer league last summer and seeing them get fifty million dollars like that that's just. Minutes. Congratulations. To you when your whole family Jordan. I know you had a big part of the ticket take a lot of credit for. Thank you I appreciate it. Look at Barca and I. Leo thanks mom after an actor that that's all that story. It's Nelson stories did you million dollars in South Beach man Tyler Johnson and I live in the life.

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