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Afternoon Delight - Hour 1 - 1/10/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Papa & Bonta are joined by Jim Barnett & discuss Clemson's surprise victory over Alabama in the National Championship Game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And even when he pulled for Golden State and have a great track Randolph and the committee Hussein. Get out of our way to end the debate before re gonna bring new furious until the last brick wall. Sure it really bad. Memphis with a chance to tie or win it. Possession. I'm actually happened we lost today because there are some things that we need to correct in order to win a championship. That's our goal so. You don't son whenever Greg was seizing it's really don't matter I wanna see as your batteries and its own self on the floor. And I don't elect has been happening sort of things that we need to get better so. I'm coming through that we lost past. That's sort of samples so don't read it Kevin Durant doesn't always I've not been always around the block Hispanic numbers 700 cities MBA period for Kevin Durant. Hurry up and down great wife I've done Barry good great and the furious. FT three that damned good drive by shots under the and it. He's got a great country like Kate director of the otherwise there and great big there's a lot more comfortable with the rebound back. It doesn't come just desperate double the he just double doors down about. Live on very sweet for very much straight line goes down the lane. Fastest I think it's now up down Durant is debris and it money. The alarm bells always rings louder when you. I actually. Alarm bells were bringing out awesome game should. Trends that haven't been great fourth quarter loss in the finals last year it's all things then it's probably. Easier. I guess I can listen to that Al Green all day long why don't we just played ask why not welcome to the afternoon delight I'm Vontae hill will connect what Greg pop into its second hasn't happened. Technical difficulties here put. All that's on her was mostly from the warriors game on Friday where they blew that 24 point lead because in Memphis Grizzlies at us as everybody up and it's this I mean. Look it's game 37. You're still trying to figure out how to play with each other I know I know where privacy and iso ball whichever Durant Lleyton gains what they will figure it out. Brett coming up on after the white in about five minutes here Jim Barnett from CS and Bay Area we'll talk about that of course the lawyers played a Miami Heat tonight. Mighty leaderships were ugly and 1128. A block of only one who gains in their last thirteen. Course it is a homecoming for Tyler Johnson collapsed Tyler Johnson's mom mom Jennifer Johnson at 230 here and after in the light. Again the lawyers they're Roland you're trying to figure SATA Corsica bounced back to win against Sacramento on Sunday that it can a little lackadaisical. And that first half fell behind by sixteen points. A slow what turnovers. Of course and that's really bug and probably Steve Kerr. But they did Donald Specter upper quarter team in ought to flip the switch curry is starting to get that swagger back and it's funny when we had stepped carry out last week on the afternoon delight. We talked about that whether or not he you know he wants the ball in his hands more more picker roles or whatnot and goes out there and when source accomplished player week. Averaging nearly 32 point two gave so it is good to see the two time MVP. Start to get some of that swagger back merely take control of the offense and again it's gained 3738. They will figure out who. The ball will go to crush stark. Now meet personally I would like to see this Kerry state he's the MVP. We all knew that he had sacrificed little something didn't Kevin Durant here Kevin friend is a phenomenal basketball player I'm not telling you anything new here. When he crunch time. Staff curry than numbers show we see it with our eyes stepped curry is lethal and current Salmonella loved receivable are rather have to rent. Or drain much screening for curry as opposed to curry screening for direct. Keep the ball Curry's hands a little and go to work. Yeah we're gonna talk to Jim Barnett about all this and about two minutes here as a target Republican active technical differently difficulties do your rain and all that could still subject stayed dry out their folks. The lawyers what do you guys Hennessey from the worst. Would you want the ball in crunch time do you want an end around ten. Tense do you want and encourage hands just quick note this too is broke from a guy John Dickinson. Klay Thompson will sit tonight do arrests so will probably see action calmly to start a Kerr want to keep to second unit. Hits together so Ian Clark welcome what the dance had to call will probably start for Klay Thompson only three lawyers now. I've played every game that's Kevin Durant. The 36 year old David West stepped curry so I I expect as we get here earlier in the year. A lot more guys will get rest curry will get rest and preserve them for the playoffs because we expect to seem to be playing deep in the may. Deep in the June so you'll want big you wanna get these stars. A proper rest here Kevin Durant comic collect there's a lot of patsy cured it be you look at the schedule upcoming for the warriors. You have Oklahoma city's music Cleveland on that Monday don't forget Miami tonight into cats cover today camera here and I'm 57 game at 6 PM. What have Detroit Thursday night here at oracle then you got Cleveland Oklahoma's. Oklahoma City and in Houston had to be a tough maybe every treaty to regain stretcher now to talk about that would see listed pay area color analyst Jim Barnett. Was going on to understand dried up there. Well articulated. It terrain it never stops that enters. It man it is ugly out there the rain just keeps common common driving it's bad about so stay safe if you beach kid over what not let's do that but it. Tonight the Miami Heat jammed this is struggling team their eleven at 28. And these are tied to gains at. We wanna see the ways really put their foot down and as wall somebody out now these targets they also come out and complacent a bit. There'll be no Klay Thompson and I would you wanna see from this lawyers seem tonight he gets a struggling Miami Heat team. You know but and the a little differently and maybe other people. You can't just blow people out all the time. Even though you gonna have those games. There can be seen in there in the players and all the sudden somebody else like I don't have that game were blocked eight shots and and and doing things like better blockages hitting trees and so. Yet the warriors should dominate team. We should control game and now it happened like they like amber. You know last week you know whenever it. Everything in Iraq each other but Sacramento ordered out of time by separate points. In Sacramento gets it in the interior and cousins were sitting on the peninsula at the cultural. It's just it's just the way it is and this team is getting. A lot Oscar. For a lot of reasons number one. This is the age we live by today and every game they're so much in relation everybody's competing. With each other in different media outlets what have you and so. There's you've got to create situations. Now just looking through recently with the lakers won. They're championships in with the Boston and LA eighties those two great genes that. You know what what what their first 11980. Lost 22 games. During that stretch too they want an 85. You know they're losing twenty games we've they'd get what they want them back to back titles. I believe a word that that first year 67 and Cain. Where it's 6517. Maybe kick but Utley. And and then they lost that game the next year they'll. A quarter of 3530. What's her record out there are thirty. 32 it's okay it's double that sixty or twelve so the we're not that great lakers game with Kareem and magic and Michael Cooper. And it. And that crew. So Europe saying. It's CN BA and so. That makes it competitive and it just too much there's just too much scrutiny of what's going on sure it's not hurt me. It's not perfect but at this this is a super team. I know you're playing extremely well right out and incredible that on the warriors lost to him are more concerned with when they play Cleveland coming up. Because they'll optic Christmas Day game again that wait to meet next Monday. Next Monday's six days now is is a big game are concerned about the campus locked it was a good. Where it participated. But maybe that was such a bizarre. Wait a day. Had a meltdown. Losing a 24 point lead and losing nineteen point lead in the fourth quarter. So maybe. Agreement greens that that could order and this election challenge so. You know there are. I'll post up about. And carry element a year and and I think that got your attention you know almost rub because. The last three games and I think he's stepped it up and that that actresses she goes on the subplot to all day. Sure they're going to win that went by I ordered back forty. In that respect does that make their efforts to me because that that's just waiting in the rules. But you know curry Ellis. Has decided to put hammered out and he's been trying to trying to at least trying to work things out and perhaps. Kevin Durant. The first month currencies were deferring a little the decree tops and chip and Kerry. And a thinker who has tried to make things work because they're too cut and B or thirty point last year. And he's he's trying to take back but not worry about it so. I'd like what he's doing lately protect them hell war is going to put. His imprint on the game and you know came back 35 or he gets up and Sacramento are so you don't a couple of forty point games this year. 1130 came. I think that it. Yesterday. He said this is a sub par copier from optic. No I've slowly while Western Conference player of the week last last week. Average of over 32 points a game at five and a half rebounds for to have the says so he's he's definitely got its is what I wanna go back to admit this game Jan but we haven't talked to you since then. Looser toss there on the last play of the game did you agree with isolation and did you agree would Jerry Mark Green being demonstrative out there what did you take from that. I know what Raymond wanted I don't vote that it would Keith Kerr wanna I have talked about that specifically but I'll say that I had no problem. Wit. It Mandarin going at Zach Randolph except I would dot by the Zach Randolph. And he takes a three pointer jump shot or the known at this field goal that probably would seal the victory. I'd say thank you very much and James Harden does that lot James Harden has done that against the warriors takes a shot and winter games for. And he's an outside shot. He took a bad shot this year that it brings you won the game that. You know that a bad decision I would love for Kevin Durant in Atlantic domestic us. He should drive the basketball on background not to get around him and ineptitude preacher rose at a minimum. And so they knew in the game that way that that I would ever thought that was wrong ticket jump shot. It's our pick and roll that that they want to run and he got miscommunication that I understand that. But I had no problem with Kevin directly involved last shot. Like that to especially against Zach Randolph who's got killed in the league office 788 years. That optimistic note to pull up I think you just go up deep and that'll likely beat up people. I don't want to beat me to the ramp and and create mismatch inside re conduct an opposite somebody for easier shot. Our. The balanced somebody want to keep an army. They can shoot a challenge upshot. Did Jim I got the staff and don't caliber of Sports Illustrated in this is before Sacramento the Sacramento game of clutch shooting and last five minutes what that five points either way. Kevin Durant at shooting seven for 2520%. And one for eleven from the read 9%. This is a career low now stepped curry sixteen or 3447%. Six for eighteen from 333%. Why is it that Kevin Durant shall Robles and currents on busy to us who. Did you lean on isolation ball too much or do you still trying to get involved in his office in the most and often slightly geeky struggles so much in a in the fourth quarter games. You know I had a that's at the stats don't lie and so. I bet devices that are asking them. If if if I don't. I don't know JD you're out there let's go some. I'd I'd like to look at is. You know at least cast. Since you know in the recount came here I'd like to see where they are all interest in. So maybe hoping this new team may be pressure it would it would. Ability to move or added pressure. That also relying on hand at times. It was. Very strange situation. In Cleveland where he got tripped by Richard Jefferson. You enjoy that route that would have been yeah that would have been an interceptors that would happen at problems. I do is I notice. When you need to get shot. He can handle the ball as well. So he's 611 he can jump and you go yet he's going to create shot. But occupant I'll I don't know I can't I mean I don't at. You know it's funny I would say it. There are a lot of people in this league. And used to be more likely to that put on the aids. That a lot of players that are their star players don't want to take the last shot. And they're particular Russia is its citizen because I would take lashed out at bother me at all. And I have to say about us. What. They hadn't changed. That it never missed a lot of shots that would have won games are especially early in my career I was going to have. But. It at that and intersecting it and I'm I'm gonna record at that. In Gulliver Sports Illustrated dot com and acting we consider the this information that's how much. Public data up yeah. So I don't I'll I'll talk to secret about them tight and maybe so we'll address that. You don't if you if you covered major game go to the press copper duke what you. Yeah I'll see it right I don't know if you new dvd add to slow up a little about here is what everybody else it's just. Hopefully hopefully that's not a trend. Not a trip but. There you know that there's a lot a lot of psychological things to go about still. You know what this team with that with the firepower they have so. It's as speakers and don't try to diminish what's going on it to process and to take. I backed it in the you know when they melt down and met besides you know even on your show blockade with. You are great and everybody. That. It was a dangerous wrote and I thought for a lot of games. They're relying on there are opting to bail them out of their defense wasn't eureka. It at different times you know letting Robert get back in the game letting. The other team yeah Denver exactly that time he could not argue defense against Yugoslav parking there. And they try to rely on their op and that's the danger rode out because. It pit them against that but because they're I believe curry deal goes in the sport quote that you Google. For the warriors in the fourth quarter of course are missed seven preacher used by the row. So when you bank failure not caring about it it's it's a dangerous. Game to play particularly when you get to the playoffs. Right and to see stretch coming up for lawyers Miami tonight Detroit Thursday and course the big one on Monday night quickly before we let you go jammed. To Kyle portrayed clearly awards for initial thoughts and DT the lawyers will react to that move. Well what can they do to react. We did it they're not as secretive and talked about treatment. I can be when you get a personal and a three point shooter believing in addition 43% which. Is good law ought to. When he's been all but we know he's gonna see a lot of open jumpers in Cleveland. Well LeBron James and ball. Well he's endorsing a lot of jump shot but his ability struggle laughter should support out of orders report percentages this year. But if he can come back to form. Is you know one of the great three point shooters in the game so there's no question about that. With. JR Smith being out I think it's a good move and have and it's going to help them and and there was a book comeback he's got to I think she's street out of the weather. Playbook the same time about rules will see that. Generate anything now but I think a good move. RJB I know use have been my ties last week in your day off that's a little wet he probably wanna stay away from that today it's so we could drive clear on those roads JB thanks a lot for coming on after delights we'll see out there oracle. And thank you very much but these things are coming up. Absolutely Jim Barton that the one and only cius MB or color analyst he could hear him tonight on C is in Bay Area calling them he. And warriors game at ORACLE Arena but. Where to switch gears a little bit of talk about some that happened the year I was born well about eight months before rolls more 35 years ago today. History happened at Candlestick Park with the scores will discuss that and would join Greg huge that we expected the mystery continues right here. Absolute delight many parts of the game. Now back to grant pop and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. You talk about it. There was some pretty it would become news in the past would break in the huddle he's like Dwight be ready. Roy was so slow. To confer Africa. Place joke with you go to keep forever to get back there and slide since I started back across there was some walls right side. We cover I remember seeing the ball coming and they can. Wow that's pretty high. I spotted it. Magical. That's right when animals iconic. Touchdowns in NFL history what do the birthplace of a dynasty Dwight Clark. And that catch Joseph Montana Ornette passover Ed Too Tall Jones remembers events their first Super Bowl where they ended up beating the Cincinnati Bengals in Detroit. And here join me I want ask where he was. During this moment my bag Greg Koppel was up up. I actually against our mind to have been doing this show signs of life forever but the rain witnesses torturous political enemy international about. It's a and Italy later in the week that I had UD break that play and so he kidnapped at kiosks at the end. Slovakia that it might I actually went to the Super Bowl. When they made it to Pontiac Michigan a couple of weeks later but he all the raiders' games major accused that element it was a big sports writer for the first to make the transition from sports try to do keep it that test dissident BC message about the sideline I was 27 yard line. Right below Joseph Montana is grandmother and like Clark stove but at the time. Miss universe I believe and in the politically Kimberly would leave I've talked to liked. A doctor if I could go quietly. I got tiger wanted to break up there like three or four years earlier refusal. That's why I was taken. The crush of AT&T park you know you go to pizza and tomatoes go to pizza just look at the picture. They can catch that like maybe there's a point there were I think he tips the ball and respect your tips. And the ball leaves his fingertips and Esther reed can actually double. Double talk. The area there there are two. Catches of all time but the first one occurred 1950 pork. Willie amazement to catch against the courts in the World Series that Beverly. Catch I would I would say this particular play. Is this single greatest moment just war. Moment. History. Our Bay Area sports and go to Brian wells and punch it out Nelson Cruz to. When the giants their first World Series has sent insist on at the moment. Which can't quit because. I think that's what I'm sorry you're having people like this. Polls among monster on the top. We'll see you would even born yet I was born in September later that your. You're not eligible to run for presidency of the United States. Inauguration ten days from now I'm not happy with the choice as opus right UN let's get sent back to that very fact. 135 via pop not gonna happen meant Sartre. That it had an accident cowboys match. An NFC title game three straight years 1970. Through 1972. Out of big John Brody that John Brody it was so much a couple of fan. Tablet there was always those markets and a Bill Walsh came colossal overdo it and act white sweater. Any Atlanta over on the other side has talked to anybody with a bat. Asia into a different side of the islanders say the system which is cool but it's now. At this point right in the latest on that play with that would dare Iran is kind of different variations of the spread. Right but it is quite accurate yet at slot formation and it died and he wrote chores like Clark Freddie Solomon. Spectacular body like human a lot of players sportscaster it was a moment. Mike was supposed to be in the in the game I think it was supposed to be in a different. Order to white spot. But the primary on the play and it was pretty solid. It's just it's just too. You obviously we talk about work on that from my conversations that we talk about quarterback play. It's with coach Walsh because it does a job hunt and that makes suggested many things so it's desperate desperate ride as a quarterback split right to opt for the sideline. And he's going against the lightning warning out of little. There's no political atmosphere out here. Through Kabul immediately and tell him like six died. What are the biggest players of the times article it. It was about it so I expect this sixty into the city which argues that to Tokyo hugely but it was also have single line backer. Yeah it to be decided that into torture to huge. It was liquid he would look at it from the law and so on camera time he saw it's like like oh yeah supplies. I thought he was personally and throwing away. It was not possible to. That's why the play and human too like I would argue that it can accurately into the well to me it's. Podcast withdraw the right out he says now that we practiced and so in practice and as for the ball. Placement. At this particular throw. Typically just. Roethlisberger made Santonio Holmes to be yours it was but that it matters if you would like to hear about this swat. Considering to college student is outlined back. With him that way and leaned slightly behind. I hit it through to it. Pebble which made it. To do. Just that well. An. Important articles. About. Can explode. And just throw them back at the end zone and here comes Dwight. And we talked peppers walls plastered suitable about the play and why should never really gathered at the open make a play. It that constituent like maybe that's why it's probably catch. Question is just incredible reach what is your tips. You know we try to call back. Of the police's. I just think it's got the ball and kept in double times it was labeled and they care so. Next year after it forced. I spent five minutes or so I see something different. It is beautiful picture Michael declared that he had taken it actually degrades. And you just look at the amazing dexterity. I do like Clark and his ability to the ticket that. Not in the game the 49ers had to go back in defense in the senate and white. Two and again we think that was the last litigate and key because you heard about it when it was Scully an excellent football game and every. He was content with that summer begun and zephyr partner. Absolute certainty that C championship game this stupid game and it's up to its super ballistic student body activated to help. Simply the Bengals apartment building as the bird's. The guys Steve you said. Maybe it took to the NFL but American sports but it seems solid years. One of the greatest runs in the history. Culminating with their markets. Studio was the quarterback get to the back side here also coincide with the raiders leaving it. Going down dip to Los Angeles so they've really doubled in the marketplace. Today. Throw another moment here. What are Cingular. And talk about team gamer. Just wanted to market time. Is adaptable singing go light on. And jump shot. I can't they do rival trio would be like Clark we will pull off 35 years ago and it's it's simply an integrated in the history of players sports. Not absolutely when a pagan national moments big joke Carter walk off home run against Philadelphia Phillies give the blue jays a World Series but you're right many cats is one of the most iconic sports smoke sporting moments in American history you mentioned had a niners had to go back on defense and allow people on the tax around and it's what herb mention and butcher boy especially. More push the play was Eric Wright never made making saving tackle. Where Ellison was on his way to the ends on how devastating would that have been pat Eric Wright about bait and tackle. Well I remember talking. About it dating back on defense and make applied. To keep it three rookies in the secondary it was laid out what it was like to mr. crowded it was Friday but it turned out. But that just in Egypt this would kill anyway it got to a big game later. Obviously. It is not a ticket about it touchdown throw did you Taylor that he is what it would do. That. What is the table that was the plight Jerry Rice was so great soldier. Opposite field. And at the end against the bad angles attached to absorb most of it. Maybe the second best wide receiver has agreed to split the content branch and it just obviously. Where there's an element which was ordering. That is not catch. Then maybe it's the other podcast or touch it with as you look at the celebrity. Celebrity direct I can't believe. Years ago. Like top dirt there's we haven't advanced technologically oh inside thirty by Steve and I honestly why just broke it. For trick or tell you it's funny John Taylor what I remember about him is my grandmother and let you stay up past my bedtime to watch them Monday night game this LE rans or get a 1090. Plus yard touchdown for a quick slip out we said he's the most underrated receiver I've ever seen also. Return punts too at the airport returning energy Chevy to gain and loss in New York Giants the pot I know you lost a little of the game last night Clinton Alabama. It's not a candidate yeah it sets the law but now we're worried about Jordan sparks. He had met all of the. Thought about at all this quarter after they stopped the clock after readers out. Today it's been a little bit. I know it felt like you're about eleven reviews yesterday or reveal and everything I know I. Hillary was the lives. But here they get a lot of it has. It's a bike defeat Mike deaf ears like Teddy Jack. I'll simplest recover that's attributable figure out if anyone from last night's game can play from raiders or forty niners next season at the delight Vontae a pop or your nine by seven game. Now back to Greg pop it in Ponte hill on 95 point seven game. Please welcome Capitol Records Nashville recording artist little big town. Watson. It's. Another. Sounds of last night's marathon college football national championship where Clinton beat Alabama 3531. That right there you heard Charlie Watts and two yard touchdown pastor hunter ran for all the winning game 12 left. And pop I can't believe you stayed away pretty tired of this ball gave. Well today. National championship has been taught a course like the possible every year that issues just ridiculous excellence meticulously. Tackle that question national championship. Game between these teams is also just that. That's just digital content that. You know. Reminded me last night when it started anyway. Opening. Them and click the country music. It was a little bit tight. Like largely in the country music awards like I used correctly in the build towards and it's. The country music awards. Like what country and I don't have that same types is that these people. I don't know audio obligated music. And it's just so decidedly different. Don't want to ignite. Like last night is that rectory and so I like like huge error torque I love that actually. And it's not just that he did that spread open in the back left side by. Do my defeat Mike pithy he's in debt wealth. Incredibly tough but it ultimately there was a lot of stoppages. Would be news. And. In other places in the east I thought you would you support aspect. Command and every situation like Utley territory articulated it. Typically the nation he was that your game is particularly ago it was it was slow start was approximately. ST so he could have branded. We're probably the quarterback which again Davis won the higher over Lane Kiffin. To be that it but he did take its idiot go away. We also look at adjustment and that we can but that obviously so I was going to. The game and you know each land of they were they call offensive coordinators they were together USC. Please do would be somewhat similar. Pick started slowly. Alabama. Is still waiting to captain defense. It's just there's an awful lot of fun it's hard to run against them because they're historic. Whichever way to hold Kerry considered cute it's. Like that kids. And disagree using those and make tackles they were partly out there running game. That big sideline backer of that return atlases and I just like he reminds me so much of these long ago that the match. Nick Saban alliance it is defense and they actually get tactic that threat that my caddie is completely but there in Cleveland. When Belichick was coaching exceed it. Bourses defense recorded about it that I mean that is just basic and likely to hear your type of. It. Is coached one last it was tight Bear Bryant for national championships or whether. Which would have bet Belichick a two of the greatest defensive back to the six steps but they have been. The rape as a defense. Species act in the middle of the team that just. First and guy. And I you know I think a lot on the plane. This site out there as well that's. Hightower was it them yeah. Just itself disabled. Just waiting at the plate now that can happen again about snaps he's just. Tuesday but. That was when they look at this movement skill and I'd like to do is still quietly. And watch it without a job at Clemson. Player and it was it was powerful. Like some like the way he ran the games are confident that psychic energy again. Much better person in the Lane Kiffin genetically we changed the account differently it would not it. Al got Turkey can take that but in SR act out of lumpy. In appetite and on the sidelines. Let me take a little screen received. Sidelined but. It's hard and I. They've had you know plants that comes back down. And this quarterback Sean lots. Journalists are things about it I'm not and the fact that. You know to call play conventionally like the NFL requires. If you look at the sideline constantly and it's just it was billboard perplexed about this I'd like it's just weird. You can understand. Lot of work in the NFL as NFL's. List now with so much control coming from the side line. Whether it looked into the sideline and no one's. Looking at that so you know disguised at Jamaica manager major adjustment. And yet don't just play. That. Way so you you know you have to put it shocked about it. That's why should have been whistled the ball and I'm hearing this he's going to be. Hi addressed at all night I watched probably. IC Tyrod Taylor all over again and Tyrod Taylor's just good. He's just not good out and speak to the surgery went to the bills to its outlook spectacular not to get back to make a pro peace or war there. Watson to me is a writer he's constantly to leak out teammates and throw it like it didn't get it. The personal people who probably felt like this is slowing mechanics I just don't see him. Sell it throws into tight windows richest. I I don't see him as a guy that I would look at image certainly not for the writers to draft I would I would let that. Snotty and obviously with the draft and ethical rules allow more than a lot but I did not come away impressed with him as a thrower. And now he just can't deploy deploy this week. Many riot. Continuity. Icelanders who ever is bad. Alex Smith Aaron Rodgers now that you wanted to do it the ability to. So could make almost detect restaurant is impressed maybe his ability to speak with him and he'll read it make it easy for. It's a little tight window and obviously Russell Wilson has gotten so much better attic is movement skills. Him doing just that people do not covered so I'd that impressed with the plays and at the end of the game. The job appointments. The American League and I did attend the national championship in the you know said that god I want to trade at all students would that statute stability back to make light. When you're. Just like he go to a guy. And logistic you know when it breaks wide open it would be easy to catch red report today because you don't like Clark isn't clips and not take. Then it was similar to the catch with such attacks. In the podcast apparently. The guy just told them let the outside receiver. Can actually god it was inevitable tech. If you want to play that they can't because it's within an accurate 2000 college but to have a national championship and like it. Like this problem. And do it would make a great play and public entity they intersection. I don't. Capture. What you consider the border today. Brought over you know Belichick wanna Super Bowl because it is due to turn to a way to hijack a wanted to Debra brown or Nicholas. Remember around there and Fred brown and yeah. Malcolm but there. Let's get to the Q is terrible but it I ride to the great defensive minded pro football wanted to. Which is Super Bowl because she properly caucus just players' side and look like. And then David got younger guys they just traded off today get picked and want to lose at the national championship last night. Well partly it's that time a day re qualify somebody is tied for the four K day cast contest here's a chance and when that thousand dollars takes the cold word. It's this. Eight blood ticks Google were up to 72881. Matches and data rates do apply. On the other get the full all are Romo will O'Neal right Germany by seven again. Tough.

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