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Afternoon Delight - Football Hour - 1/10/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Bill Romanowski & Lorenzo Neal join Papa & Bonta for the Football Hour when news breaks that Bill Musgrave will not be returning as Raiders OC.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Warning the following our radio contains non stop testosterone filled conversations of hard hits kicking ass and references to testicles. He had spam ray's is far enough. Yeah I've dragged his balls have got to drop gag. That the lower revenue goals balls viewer discretion is advised you to talk with a football on our on 95 point seven a game. Squaring all these sports I'm Super Bowl champion linebacker Bill Romanowski and four time global pullback. Lorenzo you. Go. Your last full ball hours of the season Bill Romanowski tomorrow right Lorenzo Neal Zumaya left. Greg Bob you there. Celek as the rain there. And they give birth to Reuters it is absolutely. That was our loans that it can't. Well here applies to you lose and that's an advertisement there of course are really assistant. And really disappointment for the city today and tablets which have to witness again and said today. Dave they really didn't and and and I think that everyone's optimistic they pay they believe in miracles the miracle on ice in there just on the money the raiders still can win. I think we got to see a lot of different things feel kind of deceit ward this raider team really is as summits is perception and some say reality. Reality is they're not very good with scores of course heard reality is I assault in and gain nature to. Prime time receiver Crabtree in in Marc Cooper poke checked out. Said you know what the game's over and check out nine and played through injuries so when you lose you can crop up the balls they dropped in there was a different. I mean she actually now was play if they didn't show up now. Your right. Era in the Mark Cooper drops when it's his right in the bread basket and then that it did the first half poppy is seen the first coming down by seven. He hits he hits Crabtree and a post. And steam on a seam route in crafty gets up and pointed himself it's on me see you can't do that around those tab he dropped it hitting writing and so. This game Steele you have a young quarterback. And you play makers they got a slocum in place but here's a question I have for you guys if Matt a glowing. Was ready in could have played in a football game. How many. You. Should've had him in there. Yeah. Like you have these on this and the already had no. ID like celebrity side of the Atlantic records it. It's reportedly advocates say whatever they want he was he was lucky his left elbow. It was ribs he never opened up to two and that was early treatment of back to Africa and maybe that's. I think it was playable I haven't considered a match point and I think. Yeah he was to play. Ability in Atlanta so. It's a lot. I don't think he was trying to expect it back again they opposite bank now. Okay desire year you'll watch him on the sideline he's standing there with a ball it's lie okay AM are you would go with me or not that was the luck. He had asked face but may be made at 8 PM had to go to him it was just going to be to hand off that he was going to be and gain and couldn't throw the ball. They they couldn't win with my glowing with them going they did they could not not say now is the answer Murat. We know. Cook with via cook political rookie even as well it was a way overs that it forced sixteen the first half news is it was a bad performance is that. We have is the one thing where they got a little rhythm going is when it. Children charity that 37 yard punt return it. And taking about it and they jumped into adult model I don't want registered now. It was a quick pace at which what exactly don't read he mr. root a break all the pressures between four strapped down the field. They want quite adamant they scored they came back to that next drive big jump back into the don't know what you're talking about lower. Crabtree dropped its second seven what was right there to beautifully to it all. I would just go ahead and six as they really bad at all maybe you look at it where they scored later they cut rate cut to the it was an adult also probably why did not use that no huddle for the playoff game. But at a I don't know bill I I just don't know the young man could have all the plays is different. When you haven't suited up in its over eighteen week 1617. Weeks you've been the third guy. You don't get that you get no reps at all with the first or the second unit all you Lori is a scalp teen coming in your day a disservice to teens. So hell you don't even know some of the formation you Michael to the meeting during meaning Japan attention that. You're third string you're not expected to get in. And also in the last week he's in and now you gotta say okay can this guy armored ace right flies to 69 whose door wide you know left to right. It's a big goals on you know at that quarterback position and I distinct of one guy with one week. You're you're asking a lot for this guide to stand in the huddle and make it sustainable. Okay that's the offensive side of the ball but when your plane and in the playoffs you can be able to stop a team on defense. And had a turnover or two. Give yourself achievements. Yet to be over run the football on offense. In you had to be able to stop on Monday and we could do either of those so at the quarterback even having to throw throw the football. We couldn't run the football. Is they they showed up and set okay were gonna stop the run in abortion forces young. Rookie to beat us drone of football if he couldn't do it. So it played right into their game plan. Then he got to go to the other side of the football that brought us dollar played a heck of a football game. And I know that was Symbian good are we just were not that good it. But I think early in the game poppy song would only do we went to the quarterback he wanted tight end. Tied in on third and couple third and short third and five they when he repeatedly went to the tide in in Chile got his confidence up don't want his confidence he showed that the raiders. We're going to be lackluster performance then you sir take any shots some Phil. He started with the quarterback in the raiders had no answer you had man to man coverage with a lime acronym on a tight end. It was just a bad matchup surprising Hambrecht the tide in in the game don't take away that in and out go game at two ego any absolutely shredded our linebackers Stratton. End it doesn't it tell you this car. Was covering up. A lot of problems. During the season. For us. Yeah I think we thought. In. Invaluable it was a Milosevic has little thing just collapse that is completely fell apart. The last was in nine quarters after he got hurt. But. Editor of the onslaught it was able to steadily and we talked about this last week not to expand based wanted to turn out to him if the raiders could have gotten off to a good start. And I think defensively they had a great plan they were blitzing like. They learn. And they got away from a good. I'd like what mark. Act connect slot corner and safety blitzes to the music and actually it's really. I know I was like this come from and it was working and yet Iran. Yeah I do I'm sitting watching Amy Green Zone mean guru who's got the ability to annoy and blitz it equal crazy and in fit and they got away from it yeah. Now I hope they can hold up. The raiders were both blitzer that you were getting blitzed Ellis. But they're not I don't know if you don't pump but I can't when the NC is renewed on guiding me I can at least look like yeah. And I'll Google doesn't look for those who don't wanna find out and if nothing. 67. Year old right here in the many. Definitely do it only had 12 that was responsible for the. That I thought was the single biggest play. As they game and let it happen I just couldn't understand it in and I'm watching a playoff in the next day NIC is similar play but it's not backed up logical line. What they rolled daughter cook they roll on to the right it would go back 35 years ago on the sprint right option that jump much and yet so. The daughter caucus wrong league right but it's a fullback screen it. To the left but you're not throwing it with captain on the field the race not a great screeching to start with its Murray. Who steps in this terrain not return to Washington or better in space. Catchers I think they were trying to get their cloudy today I think cloudy to bite. And come down a life change like he normally does but he took Wannstedt and got back it. He tips the quality and an interception and metal like dives out on the Eldorado four yard line so what to lord that tanking. And they had done it rolled right throwback let straight up gangster goal line. I mean the fact that they were playing horizontal. Football. Early in the game I was like. They're wrong thing you could possibly do that that play made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It's actually against an athletic defense event. Yeah I went out very athletic defense around the egg clowns and I knew that he was going to pad his stats munching on Donna pins down. That thing in this guy's gonna become. One Connor should never threw the ball you go the ball down to a totally. To. Run him baton. When he ate or what jobs element that pop I watched the plane there was too quick even when it really did its flash. I can get my whole bush out there right now and align the run him back this act like you don't block are you know he's running screen so Connie did it wasn't anything Greek army did. The tape is did not sell the screen peoples are going there and hit him in the game when you hit him home. You don't you make sure you hit a new riding in May he'll beat you may let him be big daddies. Actually I've played this guy's actually blocking me yet jumped in and tactical part and sidestepped them and speed as he's always mean you leaving yeah yeah try to preempt. Holding him pushing just Lebanese slip out. He told Lee told he went way too fast and if anybody can read that. Funny we're talking about offense Greg breaking news from Ian Rapoport an NFL networker raiders. Seems like bill musgrave is not expected to return to the team for that team they had a six rake off pencil looks like the raiders will be searching for a new offensive coordinator. Yeah well I'll bet that doesn't stay on the plate flat I'm not agree with that but I think we kind of felt it. Throughout the year first of all be able to him on the field. Last year up to the press box and you ought to do it he would only call plays a couple of times the press box heavily lost a little bit of the the quarterback coaching ability to cut out to do would more. But I think this this state back object fired bill back to urge action is an accurate ever attached to about in the and a couple of times. The Kansas City in the third want to play in which we wanted to check questioned them publicly. And then the game in Denver and New Year's Day out is the only site touches which runs the Batavia sport. Which act quote so and you guys are about to a couple of weeks ago what you thought there would be change I have failed to. But that was open that was wrong and it would happen so why why did they do it is today while the Austria against. That I honestly. Car hides a multitude of thoughts and I'm not in this because then he doesn't like to get on because they say Fresno state rules and a tejada dominant quarterback is. But honestly. When you look at what car was able to do in certain situations. Meaning that that's why I thought Ken Norton was more examples bode and bill must grade because. Car you could call a bad play because he's such a student of the game deal he would Arnold would out of it get guys in position to be successful against any defense Norv Turner. Yes and and that's what Norv Turner bring in north. Rule hooked Norv Turner. Network first. First place and I am I mean you saw what happened in Minnesota one after you left town that team went right down hill. Quarterback went downhill. When they fired or I don't know if whose mutual and that is he just laughed as McCoy in there's mccoys. Did back so it was a but they don't support this. Ian Rapoport any Ian Rapoport NFL network to spread all over Twitter. This is a real in route to port who reported decide to make sure. Was like here's here's a question I have if they're doing this on offense. How could you not. Think about doing this on defense. And the reports are they're gonna bring back Norton junior. You know. I think this is. Idea. Think bill is the perfect guy for dinner because of his demeanor his cerebral demeanor I think you know nor would be fine or little older. They just got out as a quarterback coach and let him. Run the offense I don't make a lot of changes to I think the continuity. And the opposite is important but eight academy. You know I think we're way in which Jack wants to do it you know items talking about Kindle model. There are times they wanted to go to an all huddled earlier this year and Jack he's a defensive coach he doesn't want. Didn't want to run and publicly want to control the game the tip of the game as a defense approach and I think his major problem. With dale is the lack of runs now. I would like that could be the beginning of the year with labels that we run talk at all about Iran it would put it bluntly here. Well you could at least a year and he gets don't want your help you at her. Nobody was an act and secret but against Edberg and Internet game late in the game you know playoff game he could run it so you think it just boils down to check lobster on the defense of guys. And really I think the identity of this team is Erika goes to our receivers. Built so. The operative lines great but the only quarterback and those two receivers which just. Jack wanted simply more runs that would. We won twelve games because of our passing game not because of our running game. I am in those plays it cards sent data to get to the offense in a better position. In Norv Turner I don't think he's the answer as they'll team LaDainian Thompson recalled on the first ballot hall of Famer. Norv Turner wants to throw the ball he's more vertical guy then in didn't deal in by far so viewed Jack wants a running guy and this is going to be the cordoning. What do you think. If he doesn't elevate from what and Scott downing witty. Who'd you know we care to their he would move you know from Stanford days and expect you expect probably a lot of trust that we would do. It's it's the interest and I think he's gonna bring in some a couple of guys and try to but he he's got to make this this this process has to be quick as you know the old tees around the corner difference that. And you wanna Michigan you're coaching staff together. And make sure what they're going to do you think McCoy would come here. Being a little boy he knows my idea are well I mean he kept I would comment. On any other coach can gather them they know let's. That may actually be. Not a good thing that they coached together and that you know maybe there's some bad blood there I don't know. While shocking shocking shocking stuff like indoor junior looks like he's gonna stay raiders needed new offered to corridor. Whilst Cummins brought everything into the rhetoric they were about the talk about the season and put it. But Devin is what you're doing today urged Tuesday in Austin Saturday and your ticket inventory and I again I I think there was an underlying. Issue that. Head coach publicly calls about the offensive coordinator that wants which quite dramatic event of on time early in the year he denied no lately here again after it had lost again is that it lost. He just. He was up and not sure exactly what it was I'd again I'd like bill I think it is is demeanor you know that not every guy. Is still work there because you know there is a great great guy he can't have a guy coveted Robinette dobbs. It's not gonna work I think bill it is cerebral. Understated. Can't think in that it attracts that would be a guy that would work well with your carry a witty. We've got called that way we'll see how much is Kelly which you ever cared to Chip Kelly if you have kept at it like. And now velocity docket like Chip Kelly but there a couple of good head coach Mike authority disagree called village of the. You could be amazing. You'd be amazed. At. EI I've talked to him a couple times. You know I mean you instantly when you talked to him it's like you've known him. Like you've known him for ten years he's just so easy to talk to. Are just as silly just talking football right away. In house so he he would be amazing. Any is it is a good man and that's sensed talk him dancing nude couple times gone down there and he's good person and he's got a demeanor in the thing about it is. He's player coached guys liking because like you salute to bill he's not really he's going to ease the hold guys accountable in the little please himself he got a hard. At a court quotes I can Jack. In knowing that you know you want a guy and he taught them on a guy whose philosophical you don't money guy who could get along with car he he would he would fit demo. Not particularly what is right east is Ron in San Diego started well and when they get frank Reich there they really did a lot yielded a check with me and they cleaned up a lot of Philip Rivers interceptions. And it last year with a try to get the rookie the gun back in his second year out of an Gordon go on they put rivers understand her more and let about it that way so. I don't know what Jack's looking forward but there are a couple of guys you don't you want another of former head coach understaffed. You know sometimes coaches your little leery about to a medication goes sideways and obviously good stead after season and some coaches don't like former head coaches wicket taker job. It'll speak with his comfort level of security. Threat right you know just how he wants just seem to play I'll be tricky issue but he just. Faced the press to explain why he's making this call I I you know it's just watching the whole system. I think you're you're you're building up to think tomorrow he spent here Crabtree he's been here. Pills and hear the head coach you would go to your third year. Incorrectly thought ma pleasant and Iceland teams in the league. Quarterback counter sorry trip to explain why didn't call you don't. I guess I'm maybe being cheap bill musgrave is contract expiring keep going counsel Todd downing or Mike Tice. Like you step pop when he ripped. Musgrave at the Kansas City games and we should Iran involved and he did it again. San military it is only have five cares at the Denver game writing was come on Walter Montgomery. Well you know I say there was a job which what was open. What I heard like Tony Gonzales was pomp and about for one job and I think that was just as a friend. Now I don't I don't think he's considered. In that regard. So built built contract is not the only year deal here usually. So maybe two but my height is a good call and I might did a great job with the offensive line. Penalties called plays before he's back coach all the technical played hard. I think the most important guy in the building. At least I have a coaching staff is the office of like cult when the head coach doesn't or somebody else that the guy. There's make it the most critical decisions on game day preparing to that that's a huge gap. I kind of thought it was coming at you guys you know that we believe in my equipment for previous shows but I. I'm surprised that I don't think it's a good call it ostrich and a little football coach Galactica. Now now Greg when you say you know I hear you what you say as far as. A form a guy being a former head coach but to me you want the best guy. Of course it. But I'll put a Mark Jackson talks the warriors got a pretty good coaches around and take his job seekers are secure without I think jacket secured but that. But some coaches don't don't wanna do that they don't want a guy at a building. Let's look at over the shoulder of the order could say a public Everett and as you do you look pitchers that is if I have to make a little understaffed could run the team. My site is already on the staff and he'd probably be the first call. So maybe just simply elevate like. You know 22 offensive coordinator Ron Paul or is that just mentality watts I think they're probably anchored. Then when the quarterback went down ecologist just collapsed. That they could grab the ball so everything they boasted they wanted to be ultimately in the end they couldn't and they know that I opted and they were hurt but to regain. Welled up that's supply was completely healthy and when they needed on the ball like they wanted late a year cold weather everybody doesn't it rocket. They could rabbit so maybe it's just simply the coach wants to be you know the rub it in under all circumstances and at all the guys in the box. I mean you know and that's why guys like Tim McCoy also got a church and its key who's you know always do as a head coach also OC OC. He runs a two back and they probably known that's common Jack's. MO bomb you did I think did you know you look at this team and they under achieved at times and in a bombing wasn't likely every week it wasn't like. You know if eight weeks or ten weeks at they have had a honey yards rushing I mean combines so when you look at it. Not one bad did only what do pay as little Underwood once or twice. It gave the game against debt related to order here they're rushing performance against against India Iran and Al over all. It just wasn't there when needed to be there when their heads when the quarterback got hurt but that's well are you surprised to get kind of let the let me. To believe this was distraught desperate last couple which you guys surprised they didn't. I'm very surprised I thought for sure I thought for sure Billy would be back even though. You know Jack made his comments in the and a couple times in this press conferences. You know but I was lie can I hear what he's saying and I'm lie to step up and say something about your defense. That did not just a drop rather than get turnovers. That's what the one thing that. It was a saving grace for our defense was it was all that they got turnovers. That's the one thing they. Couldn't they couldn't stop the run nick couldn't stop us but they can to get turnovers. And that's why I thought that they would. Poem that the McCain Norton would be gone incident incident that OC because. When you look at the captain and had to give car a lot of money in order of ten million but they might public's Eckstein car probably this offseason. So you can be stretched first cap so you can't be don't have the monies from the agency would have to gin genachowski because of the bags make almost four million. Not that he's not a good kicker but now you have to be more creative because. You can only have a certain amount disposal income so that's why or do you wait another year you wait to get car next to you do it next heading into it they're gonna. And what looks a little that's. We'll have to figure out and check out at credit cards around the Mac it's a fifty or so earlier is that time low. Out of they're gonna stagger one these next here in the men and the other sorts can be just interest since he would have and that's why I thought you go out to Wade Phillips. But he made a lefty John McDonnell to deeds it's reminding guys. That really you know they're really pretty good and at 34 is right now I don't I don't I don't know of you know I've never seen have you ever seen head coach take over the play calling for their doce or did did the it doesn't happen a lot the National Football League. You know we'll discuss. It happens it happens more on offense to warm up is not to do indeed its weekly net interest and there will discuss the essence of bill musgrave. And the forty tiger still look at Ford general manager and head coach. All are right here army after me like I'm 57 game. Now back to the football hour with Bill Romanowski and Lorenzo Neal hunt nagging five point shed in the game. There gets it back to the slightest hint that he's that he's got a lot of sitting here it took it up. Do you would go down during homes here's your game now pistol formation. This really behind me. Port eighty yard. Care. They move out of the front the tigers will start. The it was. Outscored the sixth he's going to. That's shoulder who. The kings take over on downs this ride them. I would have liked to have seen us play a little more big boy ball. And in the game cut that people like shoes and a ball off a few more times and that line called back up there once we get. Know 33 once during the game the first two we ran it got it. That would mean losses. To run it right there is so you know as we look and his staff geez. And in fact during during that moment. We have previously taken a timeout when that call came across the airwaves by actually. Started making it what we've done other call and we have one little plane ride and thought we would you know we don't get it on the next now totals sanction only played again to get these opportunities and and you look back to a twenty at the end of the day that was one of those staff we say. We've really liked him the ball. That was Jack Del Rio right here to Kansas City game where he questioned bill musgrave. Passing the ball on that third one and also left fourth and one he also threw a Moscow even heard of a second ever game and take his burial at five carries welcome back to the football our bill wrong announce the Marines on the hill. We got Greg pop and Greg pop. Todd Downey has been named the offer to coordinator in Alameda your thoughts. Having this is Japanese press. Music. Bill. What I am worried about is account with equipment is again this is all. Working. And he eighty it's keeping you know three weeks. Ago people around him but he's comfortable with it and it. That's almost certainly somebody outside. What is the guy who stood most closely with the do like to compete the way they purport to. Get ready physically you know and he thought it looks like. That in itself that sixty years. So organization working. For a ticket turner. A systems analyst each. We have to point to doing sort of a consensus on the ball also special teams quality control. We may gain Internet you know what alliance have. And worked with you know. At least and it really can't. He went on to buffalo. And material. Strategic alternatives. At this. Course east. Came together so he could close now. Mr. Operating it would have been yeah. And it will be that ultimately it's this is. Taking place. But I can seriously as a coordinator it was. And you know council with. Yeah. That's really. I respect dollars a week about the way you can do it right now and so. I know tournaments to become a kind of building that I greatly concerned that it. Felt. You know it's it's also another thing to be light. And respected. In that room it's the way you hold yourself in the way you command. You know that group a man. You know that's that's if that's a different job. And like you say Greg. You know he isn't he hasn't. Called plays before so we don't know. If you if you had a place where you can go back to and say OK he called plays here and look how they did. But. Not the case it's it's a little scary to me. Just don't agree when you listen to when you listen to you know an interview the head coach and easy head coach and he can do whatever in UK and you gotta give object credit he's done a good job and he's brought you know put to help put together Reggie McKenzie pretty good team. But you still wanna be treated like me and players wanna be treated like me and coach is going to be treated like in and when you have a guy Alan Arnold Jack probably hasn't relations who musgrave bit. Coach call Asia like that publicly and continues to back issue. You want you to you don't wanna be proud that as a man I wouldn't know you can't do is. Talk about meeting in name publicly new clothes and be my leader in you wanna talk like that. It's wrong I don't care you guys look at it it's wrong you don't do that to a man publicly social. We write more guys that. Marcus Roberts and a defensive back culture or Oakland Raiders has been fired as well so we'll trachsel who reshuffling is going on and Alan. I sent a surprise attack and restore the technique that would be taught to. Was probably a bigger problem but it's. Make it yeah. I'm not surprised that dynamic. In a market is little more hardcore. Who are you openly challenged guy he challenged it was a. A lot Charles writes. Well maybe it was younger who came back later sought out. I've got all that surprised. Bad you know. Imbalance obviously reasons. That we do they get the daily clips and here coat collar about it. Now look back at the last interaction. With an ice that's seen him before. A playoff game in Houston but it was in Denver. Where you know we speak for the game he has so there was still gotta get me an idea what you're going to do that day and. Today we started out I'd say the man that it was really weird. That he wouldn't and now looking back about it he must've known that at the end of the year. This affliction of the building was such a level that heatedly told flat out. Contagious sense that he would that he was back in a comeback that they are going to be final games coach of the raiders so. It was the if you lose the quarterback and that. Offensive coordinators. In the deal with a well cornerback at their quarterback is that why it's meanwhile you know usually the particularly his duty to cat knows that he would be like that going to be protect. While about this hunger if you asked Maine mean Allen bill musgrave and I know him pretty well. I've that he made that decision. Yeah I bet that was his decision. You know he's been around enough to where he is and act as slowed just a little bit ago. You need to be treated like he get a job anywhere and now. There's plenty there's going to be plenty of offensive coordinator jobs open up here and you know once some of these head coaches. Jobs get filled. A bill musgrave we'll have a job in that country second so I that he made that decision. Yeah back again and I go back to beginning the year when he was sent upstairs I'll a lot of it was which should the rules. Where you can kick. You know from the period the press box directly call place like a lot of it was that. But I think that it wasn't really comfortable that he's always called place of the sidelined. Because they teach the rules this year we could do it from the press box level not doubt the type out an editor. That it would start that way so. I just wonder there was you know 88 disconnect between bill. And that approach you know even back the last Nazis it. But you know quietly. Confident about the problem. What do believe the offense is one of the best in the in Italy were expelled throwing it. Running the ball so assistance team. I don't think the opposite of play policy Eddie plays is kind of the opposite suggest that the public. Copilot look here from the first two games. Let's be real the defense gave a more booted in a dump truck over a thousand yards. For a thousand yards in two games. In India wasn't getting better. So we knew in May still want we will win that game right to kill her her you know car the fade route to who wanted to to Crabtree. You know in the end zone to beat the saints 35 cent in just. So when you look at defense of the wise you look at offense. If instant defense using. Starts off better and offense because they are he had been absolutely. Got off and using doesn't have their hands down. Yeah I played this game to do you offense using starts but certainly he's come a long blizzard defense using your head of the game because reaction and I did sit. So. Thought that they. These changes in May from the previous year. Work on that stated. That they they try to achieve obviously but the odd couple packs but he. Personnel changes to do this was on the defensive side of the ball so but you know. In particular simply. You know what these guys play clock on Sunday but at the live together. In a 24 hours a day seven days a week to get ready for these games in which just. A lot of times these these decisions are made based on personality just because the guys that were together before Jackson's village part of the war on Ambac supporters there was a personality cannot lecter or second you're really. Fancy really dissatisfied with what the opposite this year. Boy fired more. Coaches than any head coach in NFL history 27. So it goes is he so. I was also died years there was only three division. Youngest coach to most of all the guys Torchmark games in the history of football orbit Brockman. Is really got a coach more than ever wanna division. So outrageous and you know he's the co the order. So wait we've interjected before you know make a change of players these coaches you can take your job he was there almost ten years did what division so. There are yeah you're right accountable is everywhere he he C December he was Decourt phenomena away. I mean he had he had all those processors and and it necessarily get the defense overconfident Wade Phillips come in and OL Wayne on billiard tournament they didn't necessarily see and a lot of things as well. Yeah but. When you have the year you have now. You know you're you can you call bush you know what you want. He's earned it. And they have his philosophy on offense is to go a different way. Yeah hey that's. OK he's head coach and he won twelve games here and he did so that's really hard to do in the NFL. He's changed the culture this team. This team's back. You know hopefully it stays. Back at their back. Before we talk about the conference there to divisional round in the NFL playoffs will quickly forgot to the other side. You guys speak the factor of their core getting hurt and that play where they are up nineteen had anything to do with the firing of Margaret. Now now. To. Why typical test White House but it was a reply to an unsigned letter. I blocker on your plate putt well. I was actually got. An important that they don't occupy the back to understand I edit catches. That's just you know second guess it was a culture play football would know about it. Agree with all the guys I know how but I do sometimes think. When it teams up by quite a few points in there's absolutely no way they can come back I'm like east the second quarterback. And I had to you add to our. It's called game that has. Not a template. Are you know we want you August same in general when I see. Games you know especially like you know games that new England's and in her blowing teams it's like. Brady it's like he won't come out of my game. Which you. Sit there and it. It isn't it just don't want lead. And kept pleasure. What did you do it quite a story out this game was recently Roethlisberger he. No more on a footballer come up who's going to the conference championship triggerman in parts of Lincoln. I. Yeah. Now back to the football hour with bill Roman ASCII and Lorenzo near I 95 points ahead in the game. Yeah. Is it. And that was Aaron Rodgers who took the pocket for like nine seconds before it George says they'll pass Dovonte Adams about best Procter presence you'll see an NFL today Bill Romanowski tomorrow right until nailed to my left. Greg Papa. Divisional time and unfortunately is what about the raiders but we just go once this weekend Seattle Atlanta and Houston majors and they get a little ugly Pittsburg Kansas City. And Uribe at Dallas your favorite game at a weaker crop. Cities is it grew into Sunday morning I don't like we. Preeminent historians always agree matchup obviously it was literally else an injury that. It sounds matters little. I'm seeing this it's important. Atlanta got. Suspended and play it editorial. He's just so good it's a big toll to capacity and give it solely via we can at least play with a tendency to run the clock out. Obviously that historic decision again about it. Look at that game it's really tight game still I'm not nestled Pittsburgh defense. I think that I think the candidacies will step against the run. And then in Miami. I think they're more get control me deeply better meet. And kids you don't make a lot of mistakes. And then when you get there and they do in the home of the chiefs and that placed rock and pick up on TV and aren't aren't. You know. I the other cold. Does not affect the Steelers. In the offensive firepower. You. I I just don't think the chiefs. Can score. Is much is the Steelers. Now is they always look at the two quarterbacks in the big band is RI. In no way that. It's booed and he's fine I just look at the two quarterbacks in who would you rather have and I'd rather have banned. Yeah Smith yeah. Trust should help some club. I finished my tablet slate and send us. Can I do this. I think that the way you look here's a deal in Rogers to me he's been assembly while I was owning because. It was an old heat you're gonna fire their coach OB GM hasn't brought enough talent around Iraq it was a day here Rodgers is one plant well you want to let it will ultimately what does it and it was upon. Us they always get and now. Yes he heard it all turned it on the last he's in a car where the American as a young. All sides and this boy starter plan Bol. Ball and so. It has been chapped lips so. Hopeful. Yeah statement sent today you know this matchup cable with Seattle. Area Oceanic and. Oh man it's. They'll and a I Atlanta like you're allowed to know Earl Thomas scares me pop this defense Seattle's defense hasn't looked that great and alas he gives teach right and the lions went up there and zoos they moved all over the place a century link field. It has come off sick of the autopsy Seattle based idea here's what I won't say. That after you can figure out and Wilson. Would accomplish slot cheats. It is you have Smith he's legit our marriage. Heard me what he was just not that good but here's what I will say are we gonna get. The Matty ice. Who kicked ass all season long. Or we get the guy who shows up in the playoffs. And drops a brick me. Well I don't cabinet that I use in Seattle defense seeks just keeps getting it done about it and the defense that in the middle. And then. And it just didn't. Hate it either way it is ultimate Saturday. To the I got Peter my fifth they could start to Coca set makers beat them by fifty points. We had to this morning hand on what Heath Evans on. And he believed this a touchstone of fogel the game he believed it. Yeah he thinks it Houston's a lot better than what we've seen he he was on Eagles. It was just think this is going to be cakewalk. He says it's heated this defense is way better what people expect. There and their lack different in the early in the early in the early in the season and he thinks this is this game is gonna be as seven is he between 73 points and he thinks it is the better team. Belichick and that's that's correct yeah. Mercury can go to Moscow's hands that's senator you have to do that and that just spectacular profits Saturday night. Don't know what your Q what is it about the urgent. Yeah I I think they want. Pile for share I just wonder if it's I just haven't heard it mikes in the odd. And you know I'm a I may reach out to my cure later after the show NC. Little. Abacha to those who don't. Oh it was. Here today. I'll I'll just Daniels because he's tougher. Yeah I think he's in discipline of the needs of the more buttoned up and he's been here before and I think that he's learned something and I think the ease. I really believe he's beaches has little bit more grab it's not no disrespect to ship named because he and his father and he's a great coach. But I just look at a proven track record and seeing what these guys. You have that we saw he couldn't do it in Denver. When he was there now you know it was Atlanta quarterback Loughner Gregg Cutler off we've seen. He also on this man game back in history is totally mismanaged clock in the patent holder now that the talks and other their old. Hispanic vote for trials ever been produced for the group stage as a if you count down due to the browser does not name out there. I'd I think that's the that's the two leaves it but I will say this. If they interview both. I'd better make damn rules is a better interview. And I love Kyle chair is a great kid great kid and he's not a kid anymore but he wasn't. Kid back in the day when I was around him alive to calm. Two you know it can noses. He's impressive. It happens in. I I think we're all good I mean I Don has come in and grab yet sought to grow the pop through the fifth a fifth sat in my locker room covet what do. This. Power yeah and I don't excellence. Is that that we. Might be able bring him back next week why not. Well I guess I'll be there. But I am. Oh. Like out back to apps that straddles the yeah yeah yeah you could tell us. You could get crazy. Actually count. About it and. The Dalai if you hit it could be hit QB epic pop out of all we may be fired after that trip for sure Loko it's. Our guys. Good stuff. On the others are we to talk to step carries personal trainer Brandon pain that was a football hour right here on the on the afternoon delight in parts of again.

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