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Afternoon Delight - Hour 3 - 1/10/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Papa & Bonta joined by Brandon Payne, Jennifer Johnson & the caboose pistol.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They does definitely those of certain American oppression defense as Houston. Through the show at a computer and two. Dre draw attention create space most of my teammates those that's would. Pretty well the last. 45 years so it continues to these there's a straight. There ranting at the very. Perry writes Nightline off the street goes all the way into the room they are. The real reason why has to have a pitiful that would have them in those situations and try to make him a vacant right decision. When it comes and you know where the ball's going which has been made on that particular possession so. One thing is though now or ever be afraid to shoot it coach he always wants muted to have that covers so where do assign or something that someone who is now. And that those those outlets for you and then that. Hurry stop that I did that story at all. Fourteen point Perry on the downstream might not done clearing debris. How sound a step curry obviously he was on the afternoon the light last week opium pop. And we do have had a pain as it was just mentioned in my ear Greg pop we have the personal trainer. A staff curry branded pain right here in the afternoon lightly pop on the ultimate price of the game Wright or Brendan. Yeah. Thanks for coming on the show today it is ugly I hear your base in North Carolina Obama mistaken. Let will be to win a weather to come out here tonight the weather the among the all out here. Yeah meant Danks threw back his it is ugly out here are well wave good bad. Keep it in North Carolina meant so I guess first all the disaster you educate connect to a step current. I you know Deb and I got connected about eight years ago. When he was going through actually get out occurring. We are going to a little bit rehab process than it does not. It is kind of grew and expanded from most where he worked out mr. the warden Allen. I'm very thankful and grateful that for. Opportunity gave me. Try to make sure do the job I can't form. Now sop he slashed last year on ESPN with you eat their share Rich Ross where he went out there and practice into or whatnot and also we he's very interesting drills that you had stepped Perry practice up their North Carolina. Or you know. When when you when you've got players that are cousins and plan or lead like the NBA where you know it literally every player Utley is great. You have to look for a small advantage you can spot and we look for. Every opportunity through technology we will record you're learning more about how the brain and body indicates. You know that helped and gave them didn't whatever as we can find. Only played them you know we've been able to increase successfully integrate technologies and it worked out I think we know a lot that we. We do doesn't take away what you would normally don't wars they were hat and without one work. This thing that does that enable us to look up the brain and body mutates more effectively. Making them more as a player and help make better decisions. On the not need it only at war but you wouldn't want that Ottawa set in the. Or technical issues. Are and they're. Back. With our. I am. Talk to thank you for your time since last year when he first suffered the knee injuries oh. Update his son somber way and he was able physically go to Rio for the Olympics in the bag out of the appears that team USA. Which is after the knee injury and what were specifically this summertime. More work on you know really the same thing but but who work on the summit with wanna take what we learned through 82 games even the pre season and and make sure that we we're correcting. What what we were able to correct wanna make sure we're looking at all those small lenders these including the need. And make sure that we are direct vote each and every day and all these in the big men would that mean when it came in this seat would make certainly not read between the final. And when we got our work because what we hit the ground running in the aisle we pretty much stopped stopped. So you know every April at the end of the regular season he notes that patent list of things that people who work on model of the war on our air on the would put together pretty comfortable off the planet that one. You know we we of course we acting then on the play out we're really take that 82 game. I'm learning experience and couldn't could have them play. But won't building all these about it. You're the biggest thing well you know one to address the different weight that he would be defended you know these are haven't. A little bit that would change coverages and bingo ball in it that. We want to add a couple of things than to have to what you and the way in which people. Would stop what they. Play a little bit one bit of rain it will be newspaper navy is back at her apartment and shot. You had a beautiful one I believe last week as Portland where it looked just like one of the drill that we worked on some assault. But you know we had a very successful Walt news. You know two Summers ago I didn't think we can have all beaten but better than that the app while he's not felt like no more equity more prepared for the season this year in the war. Coming back up the first NDP. Yeah at Portland game and we we had him on the day before and it came right out the next game me just looked like this step Corey we had seen where he was really aggressive to score the ball early. In the game that way to the third quarter it did it do it and it's his shot making his clever shot making was on display not just the long range shooting but his ability. To finisher on the goal cleverly inside a big draped over is back in front of them but. The beautiful thing about thing about Brandon is he knows the game so well accelerate basketball as the company's how many players because all the worker bill which step of reached out TO. So your town now and you worked as staff in the schedule. Is great for this week because the warriors were off yesterday they played at night they're off Wednesday play Thursday. And then have three straight days off before they play the Cleveland Cavaliers before we get a debt. To breaking down in in detail various elements of his game and we had a on the air last week and I. I did it was to office assessed at himself brain have a view you watch it now you come here and you wanna work on some things so as you watch stepped curry roughly. Halfway through this year 38 games in the 82 game season. What are you seeing and seeing specifically. About his game this year vs the last couple years. Well I think you know. This evening will depart because of the will feeling. And he got layered crater is Kevin Durant. To attain that our people great players you know the or are we go to they. You know one peanut that is really good job he has eaten variant ultimately felt the weight that that nature of the everybody. Has been a part of the Altman then and now it. They cannot read comfort level everybody in the ball up eight that open them up would be will be more grip the ball at the update that what you mean regained. It is used mean you know him continue to involve everybody make sure that that everybody in the budget they need him out to be used. I and the bulk of that there's an there's no way the warriors and and now he's now figured out how do not like. Well what is scorned well back in the one. And I think I think that make them really dangerous conduct and they're much more difficult to our. And that he won and would be very regrettable that the and everything we invite people think it by. That. The more aggressively he's stable and. They're brand as they got mechanic came up with a all the work out you see when you watch stepped before the games warmup with a two ball drilled in the long range shooting a lot of that Bruce Frazier. IQ is that column on a warrior staff is taken from what you guys do in the offseason when he was on last week. The dating game before against Denver on that and then Monday January the second Peter really long shot. And it turned out to 2830 feet and it just dawned on me that I actually am taking that long shot. Is much this year as I saw him do it in years past so if you break down. His game because that in the greatness of last year was his ability issued a very high percentage that only 28 to 32 feet that. Thirty feet out submit court. Are you noticing that he's taken that the three. A little less this year and what are some of the reasons that might be brain. Yeah a signal again you have player's Alan it is is Kevin Durant and another cute on the board does quite top. You know you don't really have to take that well because there's probably. Maybe a look that might do better and that bit later. I he certainly. They'll have the ability to achieve that shot not and it it need to be taken eat equal pay it and make it. I'm but not being you know this early in the season you know that job in the news a little bit left. He can get things will be your teammates more than one ball. But certainly that's not available and people picked him up. Going to be shot taken make. While not all of you know it is not a huge concern meeting yet taken that you know a shot that those shot do you take a little bit out leg. All the that that. You know have it doesn't confirming he had taken in it which. About the only good job. In terms of being very intelligent about chocolate machine so. I'm very pleased that from from from how he's playing but it won't. So it is not a big concern. Yet it used to though it does open the floor out because they have to go to art activated so many times the one he made over Stephen Adams and Oklahoma City there's somebody wants very got to switch on a big and they just can't come out. Dick coverage so it does open up the floor a little more because he doesn't make that an incredibly high percentage. For such a long distance shot it wasn't very effective shot for this team last year. Tiger yet and it certainly does stress of war. Thank you all so he knows he's getting into the basket a little bit better this year Oden he's the past few games especially against the run. One in the driving angle that may be quite have. Maybe haven't been met at. But yeah I mean it means. This side about it they depend ball in the you know they'll always. All that arena retreat and take that shot it it means distressed war. Not maybe you have but you feel the war later these and it teams are orbit for coverages are gonna get away. But right now you not think. I think he's he's taken the shot that you'd pick me pick what what they're getting. Yeah and overall he's having a magnificent New Year's story almost 25 points a game and he it's numbers are great for mere mortal. But we've got a custom to make it a lot of these shots issued 47% overall from the floor and a little over 40% on threes and he was under 40% actually got hot. Recently but there are some shots I gotta tell you when I when I watch him. I just think they're gonna go ahead and I'm seeing him miss shots from the each corner first of all the right corner and the left corner. I think your shots just so used to him if he if he has an a clean open uncontested luck. He's gonna make those shots at very high clip that I just seemed more open looks he's missed. Just overall issue breakdown. Spots on the floor this year. Wary shooting vs last year I know you've taught me last year when he came on TV was slightly guy. Then he's deadly. To the left side on the three ball or not it's strong on the the right side and I think we sought of that game but he made it thirteen threes what was it nine for ten. On the left swing three. And only made we took one on the right wing so when you go around the floor and look at all the various areas where he shoots the ball where are you seeing where he's strongest last year and maybe not as strong as last year. Well I think that some of the doctors in different. Why does something in the shop he made last year were all and basically being involved with our possession and he would relocate and open spot and get really ego alone and you can't get in the rhythm this year you know they've been out on through the process of adding different. Whether the roster. It wouldn't publicize. Them back a case of getting the shot that you need. The shot in the coming to await. You know even yet gain from go look at what. Should be a few more shot this year that. Com and he's had an acute than in different spot. Spot in the investment. Enacted they get used to from mechanic spam point. I don't really see any problems with one on. Shooting can be mental well I'm on. You know you start Pratt who will visit this work low one. The election gone down market wrap well but. You know I'm not really earned on mechanic and now. Yeah. The pleasure of working with a lot of great players. Of my time on an NBA players and you know that there's one guy not room. Any concerns about the mechanic in one on bmg the ball and ones that and then you got no votes document that now. Those shot will that would start all. You know on the can that the basic one minute and again. Our request is numbers are really good. You know been there they do not quite simple and that would Cuba. He guaranteed. That would be that he's told you I don't really have a whole lot of concern is that very. You know can be the best plan that ball though that person but also a calm you know there's there's now a lot of among them one on there think that. You know if you're gonna take the like the three game stretch he had here were. Really there really isn't really brought the ball and game and I think that an apartment here in mobile nobody cared about it that even. You know with the law all that the was he now and again still labeled them all. In. That's really key for the warriors team has. Being able to utilize everybody individual well. It took put you know that he backward along that in check it. And accelerate basketball's that Perry's personal coach actually shooting coach we were there dribbling it. All the different things that made him. Back to back league MVP. So I'm tree obviously they got practice coming up in between these games but I thought they really take doctoring distractions schedule because it's nine it's and it. All water on the road and it was the games Sunday against Sacramento it's a great time. For that really lock in other games your plane and your off if you play your office nobody does that. Practice there is a game Thursday against the pistons oh. What what this year he spent your time your debate area at how much do you work with them outside of practice are taxing kidney yet. When all the stuff you do on the Nazis out and be hard in the middle of this raid so which is what the schedule going to be like like your job well. You know when you have the opportunity to use them some work during the season you know. We've really leaned a little bit more heavily on technology aspect of trying. Daryn even because we do have the opportunity to work don't wanna put it in violence on the line we don't want taxes. The sudden Buchanan who does a lot of weight program. So what we really wanna act. During the season in the brain and body connection we want we want track. About tactics are not that would make sure that that we're doing things. That are a little bit different between that every day because the fees and a bit about. Can I get a little bored of that but nobody this is the fact that the law these that they need to gain flat out worked out between them. You know you be having given them a little bit over not mental rut so you know he got it. That document or that they're in the sea than it is really about worried now that. That season. Kind of the database is that seemed to get repetitive and just give them something different you know use. You get in a few of the lights is you know well goggle. You know do a lot of up with a tennis ball something like that if things that are a little bit in shock them. And that it won't make it work physically. But we can still improvement went up against that geeky ones. Go to week game you can't stop your player that can't soccer development partners continued. The only team to beat great. We have it packed in a little bit differently making sure that he people that want stationary bike to work out they're short the public is a even normally want to go whole lot longer than when it went out and won't be short quick to the point and make sure that we're giving up so we walked out double that in the and we do that consistently over a long period good things happen. And staff is that the only guy brain and you work with on this roster memory serves and are you working with Harrison Barnes a little bit let your first uses an alien both those guys get paid in the off season here's. Central players in the NBA this year will decide step by the current roster who else do you work with anybody else. A little bit it would during my now what was a little bit and you know. What you're an air ball. LP bottom dropped in the that the step 11. All that would be happy to help but I mean acting. Believe them very product out there on the right now sure. It is distinct with them and we talk a lot. And we're gonna do some work here pretty soon. On the yum I'm extremely proud of the guys out playing in them and glad that you got the opportunity you have ballot I'm there. A little bit on the sword in the league in terms of waiting game right now but. For him personally. With such as an opportunity. That very important. As I say right now he's my top candidate for most improved player in the NBA you've made him a twenty point against Korea and as you and yours is hard work is always so. I thank you my friend thanks for your insight is always send stay dry skin a little rainy here in the Bay Area this week. Yes sir I appreciate think what happened. There for a campaign that's that's bound to neighboring campaign as a guy that staff hooked up with the issue when you start the conversation with them a couple of Summers ago many Summers ago. In Charlotte and that show them together is get after the offseason and the improvement in steps game. And last year where it would step finished Lester won the MVP back to back years Bernanke also finished fourth or fifth the most improved player. And the MVP balloting at the little different we're we're obviously bring it during an Andy said to make some changes. To his game he's still playing great and he's been really strong aggressive the last three games but. As some tells me Macy is gain even sharpen up this week in and he had heading into the all star break having rated pain in town to work with them. I wanna go to when minerals drills manners are pretty impressed salt that's who bought through a show my core mission public. They're still got a shot to plan and B album. I you know I saw do the tube all drill this. Ella acting does it he's the only guy that I've seen do it as well as staff. And I think he may do it. And that's art Tyler Jackson it. I've seen him is ball handling he dribbles the two balls together. Like they're connected to his hand he has handled by its handles. Are really impressive and part of it is a sideways and it's but he does it. I'd ever see anybody doing as well as to have the talent Johnson does it equally as well he's one of the great stories. That I've run across in all my years covered sports he wrote a letter when he was eleven years of age to go to warrior. Summertime basketball camp and they took him and his mom. Military. One of five kids and he came a couple of years ago he played its first ever game. In the NBA gets the warriors it was January the fourteenth I think of 2015. And in the offseason about today he signed. 850. Million dollar contract on Wednesday 53. Million all started with his mom. And the upper hand as bomb in the letter he sent to the warriors basketball camp but look at it now he has amazing so. They have the mom of the decade. And mama and dedicate Jennifer Johnson will join us here on out they're like Papa bonds in 957. Game. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game. We see a lot of homecoming this year on warriors ground and one with Miami visiting extra special for the folks who run warriors basketball team. He rookie and Bay Area native Tyler Johnson who made his NBA debut at ORACLE Arena Wednesday night. Reached out to camp director Jeff I Diego a decade ago in a very memorable way. Tyler wrote us a letter when he was twelve years old asking for a scholarship to conduct two wars basketball camp. You know he'd love to you know basketball he knew his parents or go tight on funds at the time and realizes best way to get into the camp was sent us a letter and now once received and read it you know it's pretty much a no brainer to allow me come to camp. I just wanted to go to lawyers camp you know I've heard all about it and I had had the opportunity go in so mom also wants you right in the letter and see if you know maybe you can get in. So I wrote that letter and it's riddled with bill Stalin there's so this is hilarious the look out but. It's funny that they kept something like that concern us that young kid and I enjoyed best closer in my view now. Tyler played at Fresno state after graduating from Saint Francis high school and around. In this letter shows the drive he had had an early age to reach her dream now being realized. All I do is just kept my head down and and you know continue to do things the right way no I never got caught up in all of the the hype you know you're not ranging obviously not that I just you know I just love playing basketball and it's been able to take place I could never imagine. I think it just shows everyone that and they can have a dream they can have a goal and you know what there's an MBA whether something outside of basketball lessons too far fetched if you're willing to put in the time dedicate yourself. And really just consume yourself what's that goal you know anything can happen Tyler's a perfect example of that. Is that accurate story is one of the most fabulous stories. Ever. Known about it Raymond Ridder the warriors PR director present this to us a couple of years ago Tyler Jackson's first NBA game. Was almost exactly two years to the date January 14. 2015. And made a free throw right away as a member of the Miami Heat he's getting better and better and better now he's one of their young core four. In the summertime he signed a fifty million dollars SATA and Brooklyn initially and he. Miami Heat pat Bradley matched it so we can expect to ORACLE Arena not only fully entrenched in the NBA but a very wealthy. Young man and a look at it this of gonna put it on TV in a mortgage free game alive the red letter he wrote when he was. Just to kids trying to get in the warriors basketball camp and being a father of five my purchased goes out to his mom Jennifer in the family. And she got joins us sunny afternoons alight with delight with the profit about how are you about you must be beaming today. I'm angry that he's not much. Just tell tell the whole story. Your son. What it was like in in your era military moms a year away from home a lot you've got for the kids just what was the environment that it's rather grew up around the net in your son. I'm Wheldon. And we had that. There are cute around. Mikey. I want my mom. They get out hacked she lashed. Out. I'm the only. I can't I'm being. Independent and have right. This force was a big part of keep them all together the other siblings so explain to our audience exactly what your role was with the military still in the military you'll be gone. For months on end right. Act now aren't about John Kerry I'd. I'd hit again. Thank you Tyler I was able to retire. Mandela. 88 IndyCar or kill. Her. Yeah there. We are fortunate we want you got that she. We do you go. Out and a lot. But others Drayton has got a fifty million dollars country actual amount doesn't have to work anymore that is just fabulous. He loves sports growing up he played all sports but I I I heard. That the very first sentence or phrase he ever uttered was shoot the ball is with that is that right now. He batted actually track. Yes he would vote how can you bought it bought out in the. And now he doesn't for a limited during IP well. Well paid to do it. So tell me about the letter I'm looking at the letter annie's eleven or twelve years old remain active and managed English paper they are supposed Belichick cross outs but it just adorable. In his speech to to what you know he wanted to be a part of itself. Go back to when he was just a kid in your church meant for him to write this letter to be a part of the warrior camp a what would bet that camp experienced it for Jennifer. I'm well. I believe that one of the pebble. To encourage him immediately and keep without. I'm Margaret. That achieves that people there who let that encouraged and much. Came out of important would be sneaking was so proud that I. I really want out. How much encouragement. And don't need. Well rounded. Coaches who were able to help him get back in. What should let them. You know that writer. And I I think cannot afford to go you know maybe. We could have to contribute something to. What an hour. It's just amazing and you know he should you were gone a lot when he was in high school did make the call or go to college unique. Prostate was after and you want that to go to Utah State correct and children states though so he could see some obviously implies that like chose to stay in the state. It. I. Just let it wouldn't ballot you when he played his first game. And I thought it was a great story goes like that night when his first NBA game Dante. Was against the warriors at the Bay Area I know you were there and the whole family was there go back just two short years ago. And tell me what that moment was like when your son made it. The warrior basketball camper with a handwritten letter Daytona Netanyahu is now played against the warriors at an NBA game out. It would actually ordinary it's so exciting. I remember when he called me I can kind Heatley and he said. So mom either gonna come play in electric Heatley. Championship or. Complain that the war not like life. And he would like blown yet either on having a chance can. I broke my way. And he called. Hamdan I'm Angela. God can be contacted him. So he. Like real to all Arab. I I still been marketing. Culture entering all England. Finance what you read what they. Rhode Island on then. He hit her camp and I felt treaty change. That the actually happening. He went out and tend to counteract and then over the summer the Brooklyn nets gave them an offer sheet for four years. Fifty million. Now there's and he said I throw up a couple that's not an accurate number. Of these agents hello Bob what do you do what you heard your book with Beckett. Out. Orders. I know we do not practice it. Here. You're. Mercury. And I am so proud of him and out of all my kid I'll be. And they being. Your people into it not been aptly points to how exciting to see all of them be affected at all run well. Oh. I get where we're very. Should be proud of yourself mama got five and I take a little credit for what they do but this is. How what's what's tonight it'd be like if he comes back and he's no longer a they're calling him one of the core four he's not a pat Riley's killers for the future of this franchise what what does it mean to you and he may win a but a sixth man of the year and the only guy that scored more off the bench is Lou Williams that your son. And your son's a much better defensive player than Lou Williams he may get the sixth man of the year awards so just to hear from his first game the whole thing the letter. Or break down and cried and I'm not all over again. I feel like you're right. I'm not. Well. I mean what. About up. And everyone did all they spread all seen them and that fifteen minutes after the games are not high. Island at night. Apparently you can't talk to my part and why people. And now lap. Game going to be back on and be where I am not that I. Gone accidentally buy tickets to come watch and play important. Cry me a break here that is one of the great stories I've heard the guys that this and crafted letters that he would. Now make it fifty. In the world in May when major awards this year. Now I river pop art covered him these cover a lot of high school bass line here in the city. Saint Ignatius sicker are these are reared in wiggle plays Saint Francis and he played I'd never even on a news or god is that's going to be an MBA just. Didn't even hit me in an Osama summer league last summer and seeing them get fifty million dollars like that that's it's. And is. Congratulations. To you your whole family Jordan. I know you got a big part of the ticket take a lot of credit for. Thank you I appreciate it. My compartment and I. Leo thanks mom effort an actor and that's all that storage so. Nelson stories did you million dollars in South Beach man Tyler Johnson I live in the life. I love a lot and I throw up a couple of times I think I got a phone call it well. Yeah Brooklyn apartment that if you have an operation in Korea for fifty billion now urged both are open for. The deluge of neutrality at the minute he gets in order winter it's similar we'd call me say hey you wanna come over 95 cents that's what I flew. Op of four UCL. For fifty dollars. If the seller your kind of fluid. Of you know odd body gives you options and in control. I like living check to check in top Robin every night it's pretty good. A it is good to be considered loans the rate. Can tell look at their body's gonna affect us less safe there with the cars got it hey should fix it if I've well let's move on. Let's look ma. It's compulsory fields ever bad guys like that I don't result references. Lows you have last week's truth machine is himself six times try to boost just outside ready early afternoon delight puppet bunting and present again. And now it's time wound for the caboose is too with great polka in bone retain him. No 85 point seven the game. It's cool. We don't we'll have a few stories and almost slipped through the crowd. A so. That game. So as the comics refrigerant. Against the as the audience. That's a stiff so it was all. Someday oh studio. Responsibilities though a lot of shows from Allman dies DN line. And it whether at a craft out of things so Rowell is not here allegedly show. Crawl out the floor between might play and who. Sent it. Sounds like a row. So all's I stream not slept. But he did get it to work so we sound fine now but really I want that the whole show. The telephone. Because it reminds me right before Derek was born. Well we were bombing Baghdad. It was the initial George Bush four times were good January this scheme. 1990. Lawn. There is Ornette April I was in Boston users warriors Boston Celtic game. And we started I I'm not sure why we could use this analytically and they hurled down that accuses the muted for the war effort and pressure what was. But I did an entire year warrior. Vs Boston Celtics game from the field ghastly garden on the telephone. And at the end of the game by year. Because cauliflower year cauliflower and you're my year was I think he manages her end. The entire day announced that it has those two of the first two hours and sure of what they were you on the phone. I was thinking of being up in Boston guard Jonny most of looked like marketed to put it into the game. So it's just can careers that I did an entire NBA game telephone never done games as a follow like that it. We don't Austin three hours of radio which comparable. It's been amazing for how long the show's been current since you online and back in the day down that happened. Yet it's never happened before so everybody that in the studio in a barn take great job that is how the most hectic episode of the afternoon delight. Euro. Team of technical parade. It's effects that. Age Lewinsky. Mean our rights so. We I know both of you guys watch national championship game last night but did you watch the alternate version out sleep. PX but there's different. Audience did Q there was a different broadcast I watched them with Bill Walton Jay bill is Michelle beatle Rachel didn't media dresses Uncle Sam and of course we all know Bill Walton from our station from one of his greatest moments on receptionists. Here we go the championed the warriors up to Golden State. Our ordeal grateful that true let's get it done the ball would've true pressure that's real good. Which racing will be opposition and which I do should not meet all the way. Up obviously and actually read bowl or read the whole of the peninsula across the very aren't any good to be or. So any chance yeah so Bill Walton dressed up as Uncle Sam and did a national championship. Alternate version. Any had some Emeril moments last night. What the quarterback they don't want to market as good as poorly as. We've not bad for what your school C. And it doesn't matter who did who's favored to win this game Alabama six point four it was a rat's you know it broke so it was going to be close of their experts think it is great quality. Brent there. Let's in the cup alum of Asia and South Carolina I get tired tonight but I only I. Nice to you know we are unhealthy up when a living Bremer antioxidant. Stuck by my room later it got something for. I cannot aren't right it added yeah. Yeah. The most action I've gotten much faster if they get. I don't believe that's right on the show well cues and reporters at news what was the I saw. But they also had one channel which was the coach's film room. Yeah that I do not see who was part of that but I think Mike Bellotti was part of that may be the calls from Florida do the names kind of slipped in the year he's to be off its corn into with Alabama he also wasn't. Pay culture Colorado State about it watch too much of that late. They watched the game out of talks when he took him yet. And that's it was hard to watch the game that. First of all the camera angle they had an ESPN broadcast was just we years. It was so lol was so I was flip it around all these different things I would like him to do that coach's film. Room I had an NFL playoff game. Artist an NFL game and then go back and watching after the game is over it and wanna watch it live it's hard to see. What's going on he ought to what did you watch any length of time on the on the coach's film room. But I didn't run and watch anything else put them back from Bill Walton today actual game I should've went back to cultists don't see what they have to say I did last year but I thought it was pretty cool but this year I didn't get around to. It's kind of that you wanna watch after your record you watch the game alive and watch it after so. Who is better Waltz in beetle and bill answer follow her street. Lie got to go Walton high gaga I leave Walt eat Turkey it was a great of an accident it's a court. Like. I wouldn't say Eagles what city is Clemson and into the skulls Clemson. All of them Aardsma got. Their own just a GM Bill Walton aren't real quick guys. What are your thoughts are grilled cheese you love it off grilled cheese I've got water out of the ball well I think there's some blog I think there's someone that really likes grilled cheese more than you Greg. What the quarterback made the problem on. What's that rocked by. There's a lot of the quarterback made the show. The truth forget Bill Walton the cruelties that coach and massive excellence and with the uncertainties that apparently I think we recorded over the wrong things will do that real cheese thing tomorrow if this goes but the rest of this cluster you know what it's coated and get back up yeah let's let's let's do that honestly analyze it would have been born at the valued at great stuff none Annan and I'll let you know and out. Had this problem. All of them out of a game on. That. Are there for decade. After it's hard to. Prove who suggested with a thousand dollars or the old word Holtz. Polls is to forward to 72881. Methods and data rates dual applies. Pop will talk to you on IUD year highs dealers are in every office. Of our role models are happy. Oh. Rooms its side at oracle real it would below we Giamatti right here 257 there.

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