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Brandon Payne

Jan 11, 2017|

Steph Curry's personal trainer, Brandon Payne, joins Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Personal trainer a step curry branded pain right here on you have to lighten pop on the ultimate price of the game right or Brandon told. Thanks for coming on the show today it is ugly I hear it's in North Carolina on the mistaken. The left little winter weather to come on here tonight whether or not the among the ball out. Yeah meant extra back as it is ugly out here are always bad. Keep it in North Carolina meant so I guess we're solving this as you educate connect to a step curry. You know up and I got connected about eight years ago. When he was going through actually being locked out occurring. We are going a little bit rehab process then and it does not. It just kind of grew and expanded from most where he worked out mr. to what it is now one I'm very thankful and grateful for. The opportunity gave me. Try to make sure Boone didn't job I can't form. Now sop he slashed last year on ESP with a it's you can share Rich Ross where he went out there and practice who's who or what not and also we he's very interesting drills that you had stepped carry practice out their North Carolina. You know. When when you when you've got players that are committed steps and plans to leave like the NBA where you know literally every player Lee is great. You have to look for small advantage. And we look for a every opportunity through technology we will hurt you learn more about how the brain and body indicate. You know that helps that and given him whatever as we can apply and only played them you know we've been able to pretty successfully integrate technologies and it worked out I think we know a lot that we. We do doesn't take away what you would normally dual wars that were able hat and without one work. This thing that did that enable us to look up the brain and body communicate more effectively. Make them more as a player and help make better decisions on the map he did over the past war but you wouldn't want that you've got a lot of that in the. It. Or technical issues. That aren't they. Acted out with her. I am. We haven't talked to thank you for your time since last year when he first suffered the knee injuries so. Update it's done this summer and he was Ebola physically go to Rio for. The Olympics and he would have been out of the appears teen USA. But just after the knee injury in what worked out specifically this summertime. More work on you know really the same thing but the but the work on the summit which would take what we learned through 82 games even the urgency and then. And make sure that we we're correcting. What what we were able to correct wanna make sure that we are looking at all those small lenders these including the need. And make sure that we heard directly vote and never there at all in the big men that need when McCain that he won't make it certainly not read between the final. And when we got our work and because what we hit the ground running and now he's. We pretty much stopped. So you know every April at the end of the regular season you know that had been lit the things that people who work on model of the thing about artwork on the barrel. Would put together pretty comfortable off the planet that one. You know we we of course we acting than on the play out we're really take. That 82 game. Are learning experience and couldn't go to them play. What we're doing all season but. You're the biggest thing that well you know one to address the different ways that he would be defendant is our haven't. A little bit that would change coverages and dingle ball and it. We want to add a couple of things that you have to what you and the late weeks in ovals and stock what you. The player will have won the batteries it will be newspaper maybe is back at bat apart and move and shot. You had to you know one I believe last week in Portland where it looked just like one of the drill that we work on some. But you know we had a very successful Walt news. You know two Summers ago I didn't think we can have all eaten much better than that that at all he's not they'll know more equity and more prepared for the peace initiative and the war. Come back up the first NDP. Yeah at Portland game and we had him on the day before and it came right up the next game me just looks like this step Corey we had seen where he was really aggressive to score the ball early. In the game it way to the third quarter did did it do it and it's his shot making his clever shot making was on display that just the long range shooting but his ability. To finisher on the go cleverly inside a big straight to overs back in front of them but. The beautiful thing about thing about Brandon is he knows the game so well accelerate basketball as the company's how many players does all the work you're doing which have reached out TO. So here in town now and your work which staff in the schedule. Is great for this week because the warriors were off yesterday they played at night they're off Wednesday play Thursday. And then have three straight days off before they play the Cleveland Cavaliers before we get a debt. To breaking down and in detail various elements of his game and we had a on the air last week bank. I did it was to office assessed at themselves brain but you you watch it now you come here. And you wanna work on some things so as you watched after he roughly halfway through this year 38 games in the 82 game season. What are you seeing and seeing specifically. About his game this year vs the last couple years. Well I think you know. This evening will be because it will be. And we Tug at a players great news is Kevin Durant. To attain that our people great players you know there's the the apartment prop up the goat thing. You know one peanut that is really good job he did he. Berrian ultimately they'll wait that that nature of the everybody. Has been a part of the off then then and now think that they cannot read comfort level everybody in the ball up eight that open them up be a little bit more grip the ball up when and I think that what you mean to regain. It is you've seen you know him continue to involve everybody make sure that that everybody in the thought they needed help or be used. I and the most effective and there's no way the warriors didn't and now he's now figuring out how do not like. Well what is scorned well back in the and I think I think that make them really dangerous conduct and much more difficult to our. And that he won that and would be very aggressive offensively. I think everything we invite the ball and I think it by more that. The more aggressively stable and we. They're brand as they got mechanic came up and all the work out you see when you watch stepped before the games warmup with a two ball drilled into the long range shooting a lot of that Bruce Frazier. IQ is that column on the warriors staff is taken from what you guys do in the offseason when he was on last week. They beat the game before against Denver on that and then Monday January the second Peter really long shot. And it out to 2830 feet and it just dawned on me that bouncy and taking that long shot. Is much this year as I solve due to years past so we should break down. His game because that in the greatness of last year was his ability issued a very high percentage that only 28 to 32 feet that. Thirty feet out to mid court are you noticing that he's taken that the three. A little less this year and what are some of the reasons that might be branded. You may signal that again you have player's Alan it is in Kevin Durant and another cute on the board does quite top. You know you don't not really happy that they that would because there's probably. Maybe a look that might feel better then. Later. I he certainly they'll have the ability to use that shot. And it it need to be taken. I'm bit not beat you know that early in the season you know that's gotten in the little bit left. Need to get things will be good teammate more than one ball. But certainly that's not available and people picked up an obvious shot they can make. I'll walk and not. You know it's not a huge concern meeting yet taken that you know a shot you know that those shot do you take a little bit out life. All the that that. You know I've been confirmed yet taken minute which is that they eat only good job. In terms of being very intelligent about chocolate as you so. I'm very pleased that from from how he plans but then one. So it is not a big concern. Yeah it's interesting though it does open the floor out because they have to go out art activated so many times the one made over Stephen Adams and Oklahoma City there's somebody wants very got to switch and a big and it is can't come out. To coverage so it does open up the floor a little more because he doesn't make that an incredibly high percentage. For such a long distance shot it wasn't very effective shots and his team last year. I agree yet but it certainly does stress of war. Thank you all those you know he's getting to the basket a little bit better this year Mountain View the past few games especially. In the round. One in the driving angle that may be quite have that maybe haven't been that at. But yeah I mean it means decide. How did they defend ball in the you know they'll always. All that arena retreated take that shot it is needed distressed more and not maybe your opinion of me a little bit more later these and it teams are orbit for coverages and I thought we go away. But right now you know I think I'm. I think he's he's taken a shot wouldn't take me take what what they're here. Yeah and overall he's having a magnificent New Year's soaring almost 25 points a game and he outage numbers are great for mere mortal but we've got a custom to make it a lot of these shots issued 47% overall from the floor and a little over 40% on threes and he was under 40% actually got hot. Recently but there are some shots I gotta tell you when I when I watch him. I just think they're gonna go ahead and I'm seeing him miss shots from the each corner first of all the right corner and the left corner. I think you're sharks just so used to him if he if he has an a clean open uncontested luck. He's gonna make those shots at a very high clip that I just seemed more open looks he's missed. Just overall she breakdown. Spots on the floor this year. Wary shooting vs last year I know you've taught me last year when he came on TV was saintly. Then he's deadly. To the left side on the three ball or not it's strong on the the right side and I think we sought of that game when he made at thirteen threes was nine for ten. On the left swing three. And only made we took one on the right wing so when you go around the floor in look at all the various areas where he shoots the ball where are you seeing where he's strongest last year in May be not as strong as last year. Well I think that some of the shot is different. Watch something in the shop last year were. And basically beam in the ball as part of possession and he would relocate and open spot do you really know what you can't catch in the rhythm. This year you know they've out them through this process of adding different players the roster. Yeah Douglas I mean I'm back OK he's still getting the shot that you need. The shot in the coming away. You know even yet gain from go look a look. That should be a few more shot this year that. Armed and he's had an acute and different problem you know the spot in the investment. And activate didn't use it up from mechanics spam point. I don't really see any problems with one in Europe and shooting can be handled well on you know these are prepped the world that it views that work low one. The election gone down market wrap around but you know I'm not really concerned. Mechanic and now. Yeah I've up. I had the pleasure of working with a lot of great players. Of my time when an MBA players and you know that there's one got not. It covered about on the candy in one on bmg the ball and ones that and then you got no votes on that note now. Those shot will eventually start all. You know on the can that the basic one again and again senate you know. Our request is numbers are really good at it. You know then then they did not quite simple and Cuba I guarantee. That with these that these. Well I don't really have a whole lot of concern is that bird. You know can be the best plan basketball they'll per Cuba also a calm you know there's there's not a lot of my aunt. While mapping that you know is it gonna take like the three game stretch he you were just really really isn't really brought the ball. Game and I think of that apartment here in mobile home on cherry in the even. You know with this will all all the was it make you out there again bill labeled them all. In. That was the key for the warriors team is being able to utilize everybody individual out. It took put you know that he's backward along. Check it. Branded pain accelerate basketball stuff Perry's personal coach action shooting coach for you guys forgot everything dribbling it. All the different things that are made of back to back league MVP. So I'm intrigued and obviously they got practice coming up in between these games but I thought they really take doctoring destruction this schedule because it's not a Santa. Hall only one on the road that was the game Sunday against Sacramento it's a great time. For that really locking in other games where your plane and you're off pure play you're off so but he does have. Practice and there is a game Thursday against the pistons so. What what this year how do you spend your time we're here in the Bay Area which to have how much do you work with them outside a practice how taxing did you get. With all the stuff you do in the off season I would imagine it would be hard to do in the middle of the season brain so which is what the schedule it'd be like why your job. World. You know when you have the opportunity to use them some work during the season you know. We really leaned a little bit more heavily on the technology. Aspect of trying. During the season because we do have the opportunity to work don't wanna quit in violence on the line we don't want taxes. The debt in the you know who does a lot of weight program. So what we really want to act. During the season in the brain and body connection would work what trapped about tactics are. Back. We'll make sure that that were doing things. That are a little bit different between does every book the fees and and I did a little bored and that but nobody is the fact that the law these that they need to gain flat out war between them. You know you keep having you know in the little bit over not mental rut so you know it. That option or that there in the sea than it is really about were it not that. That season. Kind of the database is it seemed to get repetitive and just give them something different you know use. You get in a few polite to you know go Bogle. You know do a lot of up with a tennis ball something like that detained that are a little bit in shock. And it won't make it work physically but we can still improvement. And I think in that he'd. Go to the week game you can't stop your player that can't operative on the opposite opinion. But only. He would be great. We have yet. Packed in a little bit differently. Making sure that he's people will be more stationary bike to work out they're short pop up there even would only want the bill all along that it went out and want these short quick to the point and make sure that we're getting up and out of law it doubled the in the and we do that consistently over a long period pop group think. And staff is that the only guy and you work with on this roster memory serves and you were competitors and arms a little bit let yours for instances in both those guys get paid in the offseason years. Players in the NBA this year. The sidestep by the current roster who else do you work with anybody else. A little that would during not not now while the little bit and questions here and there are all. LP bottom dropped. You know it helps that won one I'll call will be. Happy to help but I mean I believe them very proud out there on the air right now sure. In sync up with one. And we talk a lot and do some work here pretty soon. On the yum I'm extremely proud of the guys out playing them and glad he's got opportunity you have ballot I'm there. A little bit on the sort of the thing in terms of waiting game right now but. But for him personally. It's such an opportunity. That very. As I say right now he's my type candidate for most improved player in the NBA you've made him a twenty point game score even as you and yours is hard work is always so. I thank you my friend thanks for your insight as always send stay dry skin a little rainy here in the Bay Area this week. Yes sir I haven't. Pain it's that's that's neighboring plains again that.

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